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Famous Quotes About God Love

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God Love quotes by Joseph Prince
#1. Anyone who doesn't focus on Jesus Christ and His finished work has neither the wisdom of God nor the power of God ... #Quote by Joseph Prince
God Love quotes by Gene Robinson
#2. What I love about believing in a living God is that I believe God is constantly revealing God's self to us over time, and with each succeeding generation, we come a little closer to understanding the mind of God. #Quote by Gene Robinson
God Love quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#3. She couldn't make him look just like any other man to her. He looked like the love thoughts of women. He could be a bee to a blossom – a pear tree blossom in the spring. He seemed to be crushing scent out of the world with his footsteps. Crushing aromatic herbs with every step he took. Spices hung above him. He was a glance from God. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
God Love quotes by Joyce Stewart
#4. God, Love and Romance are harmonious... #Quote by Joyce Stewart
God Love quotes by Sathya Sai Baba
#5. Love must express itself as service #Quote by Sathya Sai Baba
God Love quotes by Mother Teresa
#6. We may not be able to give much but we can always give the joy that springs in a heart that is in LOVE WITH GOD. #Quote by Mother Teresa
God Love quotes by Dan Skinner
#7. Men have sacrificed so much for their beliefs. Country. Kings. Queens. Political systems. God. Love . It doesn't seem very noble to simply let something you believe in, someone you love, just walk away. To give up without a fight. #Quote by Dan Skinner
God Love quotes by William Bernard Ullathorne
#8. The burden of life is from ourselves, its lightness from the grace of Christ and the love of God. #Quote by William Bernard Ullathorne
God Love quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#9. If you can really make a man believe you love him, you have won him; and if I could only make people really believe that God loves them, what a rush we would see for the kingdom of God! #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
God Love quotes by Chris Burkmenn
#10. Behind every dreamer stands an army full of true believers. #Quote by Chris Burkmenn
God Love quotes by Santonu Kumar Dhar
#11. Love is Beauty... Love is Divine... Love is God. #Quote by Santonu Kumar Dhar
God Love quotes by Mooji
#12. I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally, will find that place and know It's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering, from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own, divine Being.
I did not come here to give you decorative stories, to excite your imagination, or sign you up for some long program but to show you how available Truth is, and to remind you that you are never separate from It.
No person on this planet is apart from the Truth in the Heart and yet the world is so vast and varied in expression.
The greatest good and greatest evil is here.
In this forest of duality and complexity you must find your way Home.
You must win your Self back. Wisdom and trust will be your compass.
Many voices came to call us but we are here today because we are freshly called by the voice of God, Love, Truth.
Do not come half way home, but fully home.
I know the voice that called you is true and Truth and that where you are being called to is also Real.
It is inside your own Heart.
It is what gives me the strength to be here.
I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning; from fears, false projection and the grip of ego.
And I know that to be liberated is not difficult.
It requires only openness and the sincere desire to be free.
I don't need to hear anything about your past.
Your stories a #Quote by Mooji
God Love quotes by Criss Jami
#13. God loves atheists. The former ones make the most compelling theists because they're so empirically familiar with how atheists think. #Quote by Criss Jami
God Love quotes by Nicholas Wolterstorff
#14. But we all suffer. For we all prize and love; and in this present existence of ours, prizing and loving yield suffering. Love in our world is suffering love. Some do not suffer much, though, for they do not love much. Suffering is for the loving. This, said Jesus, is the command of the Holy One: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." In commanding us to love, God invites us to suffer. #Quote by Nicholas Wolterstorff
God Love quotes by John Geddes
#15. You are lovely - God has painted every feature of your soul ... #Quote by John Geddes
God Love quotes by Alphonsus Liguori
#16. The more a person loves God, the more reason he has to hope in Him. This hope produces in the Saints an unutterable peace, which they preserve even in adversity, because as they love God, and know how beautiful He is to those who love Him, they place all their confidence and find all their repose in Him alone. #Quote by Alphonsus Liguori
God Love quotes by Paulo Coelho
#17. To love is to be in communion with the other and to discover in that other the spark of God. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
God Love quotes by Leonid Andreyev
#18. Who strikes man with love
God or the Devil? #Quote by Leonid Andreyev
God Love quotes by Sam Harris
#19. This universe is shot through with mystery. The very fact of its being, and of our own, is a mystery absolute, and the only miracle worthy of the name. The consciousness that animates us is itself central to this mystery and the ground for any experience we might wish to call 'spiritual.' No myths need be embraced for us to commune with the profundity of our circumstance. No personal God need be worshiped for us to live in awe at the beauty and immensity of creation. No tribal fictions need be rehearsed for us to realize, one fine day, that we do, in fact, love our neighbors, that our happiness is inextricable from their own, and that our interdependence demands that people everywhere be given the opportunity to flourish. #Quote by Sam Harris
God Love quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
#20. Always remember, nothing can touch you if you inwardly love God. #Quote by Paramahansa Yogananda
God Love quotes by Kate McGahan
#21. You think it's me that you love, but it's really the God in me that you see. It's the God in me that you love. It's true. It's why we love you too. It's the God in you that looks at me and the God in me that looks back at you. It's just the Big Bang God in love with Himself. #Quote by Kate McGahan
God Love quotes by St. Clare Of Assisi
#22. Totally love Him who gave Himself totally out of love for you. #Quote by St. Clare Of Assisi
God Love quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#23. God loves us despite our shortcomings and sins, and his love gives meaning to our lives and to the life of the world. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
God Love quotes by Eberhard Jungel
#24. ...godly power and godly love are related to one another neither through subordination nor dialectically. Rather, God's mightiness is understood as the power of his love. Only love is almighty. Then God's lordship is to be understood as the rule of his mercy and God's law is accordingly the law of his grace. #Quote by Eberhard Jungel
God Love quotes by David Berg
#25. Those who love God never meet for the last time. #Quote by David Berg
God Love quotes by Erwin Raphael McManus
#26. This is perhaps why so many of us who know love fear love. We know that love is not the absence of pain. If anything, love is the promise of pain. No one has loved more deeply than God. Has anyone ever been more betrayed? God would not know suffering if He did not know love. But because He is Love, He chose to suffer on our behalf. Without love there is no glory in suffering. #Quote by Erwin Raphael McManus
God Love quotes by Maya Angelou
#27. It's true. I can do anything and do it well because God loves me. It still humbles me. #Quote by Maya Angelou
God Love quotes by Torquil Campbell
#28. We're going to talk about the big things that matter, which are the little things, really. For me, Stars has always had one overarching theme, which is, we're all bastards, but God loves us anyway, whatever God means to you. #Quote by Torquil Campbell
God Love quotes by Pope Francis
#29. We hear many offers from the world around us; but let us take up God's offer instead: his is a caress of love. For God, we are not numbers, we are important, indeed we are the most important thing to him; even if we are sinners, we are what is closest to his heart. #Quote by Pope Francis
God Love quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#30. Without holiness you cannot talk of God. #Quote by Nirmala Srivastava
God Love quotes by Oscar Wilde
#31. God is love, love is blind, Stevie Wonder is blind, therefore Stevie Wonder is God. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
God Love quotes by Aretha Franklin
#32. When God loves you, what can be better than that? #Quote by Aretha Franklin
God Love quotes by Gerald May
#33. Mysterious as it may be, there is something wonderful at the heart of our existence, and it is about nothing other than love; love for God, love for one another, love for creation, love for life itself. #Quote by Gerald May
God Love quotes by Manuel Newton-Management Consultant And Poet MA M.Com LLB ICWA FIBAM FIMM Etc Http Elsela-newtonsboo
#34. God created the earth and the moon,
The sun and star, bird and beast, and we all
No name of God embossed on them at all. #Quote by Manuel Newton-Management Consultant And Poet MA M.Com LLB ICWA FIBAM FIMM Etc Http Elsela-newtonsboo
God Love quotes by Janet Jackson
#35. The greatest achievement to any human being is to love God, yourself, and others. #Quote by Janet Jackson
God Love quotes by C.S. Lewis
#36. We were made not primarily that we may love God, but that God may love us. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
God Love quotes by Henri Nouwen
#37. The world is waiting for new saints, ecstatic men and women who are so deeply rooted in the love of God that they are free to imagine a new international order. #Quote by Henri Nouwen
God Love quotes by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman
#38. As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing (2 Corinthians 6:10).

Sorrow was beautiful, but her beauty was the beauty of the moonlight shining through the leafy branches of the trees in the wood, and making little pools of silver here and there on the soft green moss below. When Sorrow sang, her notes were like the low sweet call of the nightingale, and in her eyes was the unexpectant gaze of one who has ceased to look for coming gladness. She could weep in tender sympathy with those who weep, but to rejoice with those who rejoice was unknown to her.

Joy was beautiful, too, but his was the radiant beauty of the summer morning. His eyes still held the glad laughter of childhood, and his hair had the glint of the sunshine's kiss. When Joy sang his voice soared upward as the lark's, and his step was the step of a conqueror who has never known defeat. He could rejoice with all who rejoice, but to weep with those who weep was unknown to him.

"But we can never be united," said Sorrow wistfully. "No, never." And Joy's eyes shadowed as he spoke. "My path lies through the sunlit meadows, the sweetest roses bloom for my gathering, and the blackbirds and thrushes await my coming to pour forth their most joyous lays."

"My path," said Sorrow, turning slowly away, "leads through the darkening woods, with moon-flowers only shall my hands be filled. Yet the sweetest of all earth-songs--the love song of the night--shall be mine; farewell, Joy, farewell."
#Quote by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman
God Love quotes by Francis Chan
#39. Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people he has made? #Quote by Francis Chan
God Love quotes by Jim Elliot
#40. The will of God is sweet tonight, altogether 'good and acceptable and perfect.' The considerate love of the Lord Jesus for us seems such a kind thing now. I know it has always been so, but somehow I didn't see how wise it was when it didn't seem kind… Remind me of this when I cannot regard His love as considerate some time. #Quote by Jim Elliot
God Love quotes by Kristen Welch
#41. We aren't called to do big things; we are just called to do something that fulfills this command: Love God. Love others. #Quote by Kristen Welch
God Love quotes by Roger Zelazny
#42. The stars blazed like the love of God, cold and distant. #Quote by Roger Zelazny
God Love quotes by Mother Teresa
#43. I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God. #Quote by Mother Teresa
God Love quotes by Liz Liaw
#44. When troubles come into my life which burden my heart and my mind,

I know that God will guide me
by making his presence shine. #Quote by Liz Liaw
God Love quotes by Dillon Burroughs
#45. There is nothing we could ever do to make God love us more; there is nothing we can do to make Him love us less. #Quote by Dillon Burroughs
God Love quotes by Radhanath Swami
#46. Pure love of God is our nature, but we are so much diverted, so much distracted by the externals that we've forgotten that it's our essence. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
God Love quotes by Mabel Katz
#47. God (Love) can heal anything. Your job is to give permission. It takes a lot
of trust. #Quote by Mabel Katz
God Love quotes by Thiruman Archunan
#48. Love is a discovery, God is an invention. #Quote by Thiruman Archunan
God Love quotes by Heidi Baker
#49. Yes, God wants you to do signs and wonders. But the love of God manifested through you is what people really need. So you first must see His face. You must become so close to His very heartbeat that you can feel what others feel. #Quote by Heidi Baker
God Love quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#50. No man ever learned to love God with all his heart, and his neighbour as himself, in a day. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
God Love quotes by Brian Houston
#51. Love God. Live Called. It's not just devotional, it's vocational! #Quote by Brian Houston
God Love quotes by Kevin Gates
#52. I don't have a religion. I ain't nothing wrong with church as long as they selling chicken. Cause I read the Quran, I read the Kabalah, I read the Bible. They all got the same three basic principles: Love God, love your neighbor as yourself, and ... As far as me being, I live by those principles. #Quote by Kevin Gates
God Love quotes by Joseph Fielding Smith
#53. I feel most assuredly that our Father in heaven is far more interested in a soul-one of his children-than it is possible for an earthly father to be in one of his children. His love for us is greater than can be the love of an earthly parent for his offspring. #Quote by Joseph Fielding Smith
God Love quotes by Timothy Keller
#54. Christianity teaches that, contra fatalism, suffering is overwhelming; contra Buddhism, suffering is real; contra karma, suffering is often unfair; but contra secularism, suffering is meaningful. There is a purpose to it, and if faced rightly, it can drive us like a nail deep into the love of God and into more stability and spiritual power than you can imagine. #Quote by Timothy Keller
God Love quotes by Edgar Cayce
#55. He who understands nature walks close with God. #Quote by Edgar Cayce
God Love quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#56. I never knew up to that time that God loved us so much. This heart of mine began to thaw out; I could not keep back the tears. I just drank it in ... I tell you there is one thing that draws above everything else in the world and that is love. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
God Love quotes by Ellen G. White
#57. The things of nature are the Lord's silent ministers, given to us to teach us spiritual truths. They speak to us of the love of God and declare the wisdom of the great Master Artist. #Quote by Ellen G. White
God Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#58. You can love your neighbour, if you love God. For thy neighbour is part of brotherhood of the bond of love. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
God Love quotes by Deepak Chopra
#59. The spiritual meaning of love is measured by what it can do. Love is meant to heal. Love is meant to renew. Love is meant to bring us closer to God. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
God Love quotes by D.L. Moody
#60. A great many people are trying to make peace, but that has already been done. God has not left it for us to do; all we have to do is enter into it. #Quote by D.L. Moody
God Love quotes by Amy Carmichael
#61. I think of the love of God as a great river, pouring through us even as the waters pour through our ravine at floodtime. Nothing can keep this love from pouring through us, except of course our own blocking of the river. Do you sometimes feel that you have got to the end of your love for someone who refuses and repulses you? Such a thought is folly, for one cannot come to the end of what one has not got. We have no store of love at all. We are not jugs, we are riverbeds. #Quote by Amy Carmichael
God Love quotes by Bonnie L. Oscarson
#62. The love of God has been described as the highest, noblest, strongest kind of love and the most joyous to the soul. #Quote by Bonnie L. Oscarson
God Love quotes by Alfred Day Hershey
#63. Humans love truth and justice, and rejoice in ceremonies that honor those qualities. For that sentiment we should indeed thank God. #Quote by Alfred Day Hershey
God Love quotes by Saadi
#64. In the name of Him Who created and
sustains the world, the Sage Who
endowed tongue with speech.
He attains no honor who turns the face from the doer of His mercy.
The kings of the earth prostate themselves before Him in supplication.
He seizes not in haste the disobedient, nor drives away the penitent with
violence. The two worlds are as a drop of water in the ocean of His knowledge.
He withholds not His bounty though His
servants sin; upon
the surface of the earth has He spread a feast, in which both friend and foe may share.
Peerless He is, and His kingdom is eternal. Upon the head of one He placed a crown another he hurled from the throne to the ground.
The fire of His friend He turned into a
flower garden; through the water of the
Nile He sended His foes to perdition.
Behind the veil He sees all, and conceal
ed our faults with His own goodness.

He is near to them that are downcast,
and accepts the prayers of them that
He knows of the things that exist not, of secrets that are untold.
He causes the moon and the sun to revolve, and spreads water upon the
In the heart of a stone hath He placed
a jewel; from nothing had He created all that is.
Who can reveal the secret of His qualities; what eye can see the limits of His
The bird of thought cannot soar to the height of His presence, nor the hand #Quote by Saadi
God Love quotes by Jim George
#65. You can count on God's faithfulness even when you are unfaithful. #Quote by Jim George
God Love quotes by Henry Blackaby
#66. A test of your love for God is to examine your love for others. #Quote by Henry Blackaby
God Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#67. The love for God is the love to protect the environment. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
God Love quotes by Ramakrishna
#68. Those whose spiritual awareness has been awakened never make a false move. They don't have to avoid evil. They are so replete with love that whatever they do is a good action. They are fully conscious that they are not the doer of their actions, but only servants of God. #Quote by Ramakrishna
God Love quotes by Marie Corelli
#69. When one loves God better than the Church is one called a heretic? #Quote by Marie Corelli
God Love quotes by Holly Sprink
#70. While the opportunity to improve yourself and your situation is a great thing, our striving to build perfect lives seems to have morphed into perfectionism so focused on itself that we forget about others in the world. We work so hard to build the ultimate luxury sedan, to embody society's standard of beauty, and to achieve historical scientific breakthroughs that we conveniently forget our family members in other parts of the world who must walk miles each day in their only set of clothing for the opportunity to go to school. #Quote by Holly Sprink
God Love quotes by Brian Littrell
#71. You are the grace of my life
So tender, so undeserved
Hard to believe you're my wife
Even harder to put what I feel into words
If I need evidence God is good
Just looking at you is enough
You are the grace of my life
For you grace my life with your love #Quote by Brian Littrell
God Love quotes by Sheldon Vanauken
#72. But I was not obeying the first and greatest commandment - to love God first - nor is it clear that I was obeying the second - to love my neighbour. Hating the oppressors of my neighbour isn't perhaps quite what Christ had in mind. #Quote by Sheldon Vanauken
God Love quotes by Donald Miller
#73. If we knew how much God loved us and was for us, we'd talk to Him all day long. #Quote by Donald Miller
God Love quotes by Chris Marvel
#74. Something about seeking love through social media that leaves us feeling empty. Seeking an embrace that can only be made by God leaves us fetching for attention in weak people and desolate places. #Quote by Chris Marvel
God Love quotes by Sasheer Zamata
#75. My mom's response after seeing a sign that read 'Love God, People and Life': 'Well a lot of people don't like people.' #Quote by Sasheer Zamata
God Love quotes by Andrew Wommack
#76. Living holy doesn't make God love you more, but it does increase your love for Him. #Quote by Andrew Wommack
God Love quotes by J.I. Packer
#77. The measure of all love is its giving. The measure of the love of God is the cross of Christ. #Quote by J.I. Packer
God Love quotes by Robin Bertram
#78. Take away the pomp and circumstance, at the end of the day, only eternal things will be truly celebrated. #Quote by Robin Bertram
God Love quotes by Thomas Merton
#79. Business is not the supreme virtue, and sanctity is not measured by the amount of work we accomplish. Perfection is found in the purity of our love for God, and this pure love is a delicate plant that grows best where there is plenty of time for it to mature #Quote by Thomas Merton
God Love quotes by Scott Hahn
#80. To deny the force of divine judgment, then, is to make God less than God, and to make us less than His children. For every father must discipline His children, and paternal discipline is itself a mercy, a fatherly expression of love. #Quote by Scott Hahn
God Love quotes by Meher Baba
#81. To love God in the most practical way is to love our fellow beings. If we feel for others in the same way as we feel for our own dear ones, we love God. #Quote by Meher Baba
God Love quotes by Therese Of Lisieux
#82. We must do everything we are obliged to do; give without reckoning, practice virtue whenever opportunity offers, constantly overcome ourselves, prove our love by all the little acts of tenderness and consideration we can muster. In a word, we must produce all the good works that lie within our strength - out of love for God. #Quote by Therese Of Lisieux
God Love quotes by Andrea Gibson
#83. And I say,
I crash in to things in the dark
Even when the lights are on
And I am wrong more often than I am writing
And even then, I am often wrong
But when my friends are in the bathroom at the bar
Rolling dollar bills in to telescopes,
Claiming they can see God,
I will come to you #Quote by Andrea Gibson
God Love quotes by Curtis LeMay
#84. If we maintain our faith in God, love of freedom, and superior global air power, the future looks good. #Quote by Curtis LeMay
God Love quotes by Edward Norris Kirk
#85. A refusal to believe that God loves us is the unbelief which destroys the soul. #Quote by Edward Norris Kirk
God Love quotes by Jonathan Edwards
#86. Resolved, to examine carefully, and constantly, what that one thing in me is, which causes me in the least to doubt the love of God; and to direct all my forces against it. #Quote by Jonathan Edwards
God Love quotes by Munindra Misra
#87. God's Creation - fulfillment of love;
Man's creation - fulfillment of want #Quote by Munindra Misra
God Love quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#88. The love of one sole being is a barbarism; for it will be employed to the detriment of all the rest. So too the love of God. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
God Love quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
#89. She was silent; the great wings almost stopped moving; only a delicate stirring seemed to keep them aloft. "Listen, then," Mrs. Whatsit said. The resonant voice rose and the words seemed to be all around them so that Meg felt that she could almost reach out and touch them:
"Sing unto the Lord a new song, and His praise from the end of the earth, ye that go down to the sea, and all that there is therein; the isles, and the inhabitants thereof. Let the wilderness and the cities thereof lift their voice; let the inhabitants of the rock sing, let them shout from the top of the mountains. Let them give glory unto the Lord! #Quote by Madeleine L'Engle
God Love quotes by Michael Bassey Johnson
#90. God's anger is the toil and suffering of man. Man's anger is the love and worship of his enemy. #Quote by Michael Bassey Johnson
God Love quotes by John Piper
#91. Love is doing what will enthrall the beloved with the greatest and longest joy. What will enthrall the beloved this way is the glory of God. Love means doing all we can, at whatever cost to ourselves, to help people be enthralled with the glory of God. When they are, they are satisfied and God is glorified. Therefore loving people and glorifying God are one. #Quote by John Piper
God Love quotes by Lisa Sharon Harper
#92. Do I love God? To love God is to trust God, to choose God, and to choose God's way to peace and wholeness. #Quote by Lisa Sharon Harper
God Love quotes by Della Reese
#93. We have made people in the industry and the people that see us aware that God loves them. #Quote by Della Reese
God Love quotes by John Bunyan
#94. In times of affliction we commonly meet with the sweetest experiences of the love of God. #Quote by John Bunyan
God Love quotes by Vivian Amis
#95. To think is to have doubt ... yet even thinking will bring you to "no thought" ... eventually. #Quote by Vivian Amis
God Love quotes by Jen Stephens
#96. When you can see the love of God through your struggles and you don't need another person to fill a void, you're in a pretty good place. #Quote by Jen Stephens
God Love quotes by E'yen A. Gardner
#97. When I see God I see Beauty, I see Love, I see Joy, I see Peace and I see You. God loves us let us love one another. #Quote by E'yen A. Gardner
God Love quotes by Dannah Gresh
#98. When you truly love God, you obey Him. #Quote by Dannah Gresh
God Love quotes by Kevin Gates
#99. I love God, I love everybody else around me as myself, and I love my enemy. #Quote by Kevin Gates
God Love quotes by Carol Lynn Pearson
#100. When Heaven has an earthquake you fall to your knees and feel through the rubble to find the pieces of God. When my eternal, temple-blessed marriage shattered and everything that had been meaningful lay in jumbled shards around me, I had to slowly and carefully pick up every single piece and examine it, turning it over and over, to see if it was worthy to keep and to use in building a new house of meaning. As I gathered the broken pieces of God, I used only my own authority, only my own relationship with the divine, and the good, small voice that speaks inside me, to appraise them. I threw away many, and I kept many, assembling the bright pieces into One Great Thought. I asked only, "Do I see God's fingerprints on this? Does this little piece feel godly? Does it speak of love?" That made it easy. I was forever finished with the insane attempt to love a God who hurts me. When I picked up the little pieces of God-ordained polygamy, I smiled because there was no question. I thanked the God of Love, and threw that piece away. #Quote by Carol Lynn Pearson
God Love quotes by Max Lucado
#101. I choose love. No occasion justifies hatred; no injustice warrants bitterness, I choose love. Today I will love God and what God loves. #Quote by Max Lucado
God Love quotes by James Wetzel
#102. In practice, sin's counterfeit of God's love is impossible to perfect, for perfection here ends in the void, the undoing of the bonds of creation. The soul that falls away into sin continues to love mortal beloveds, but its attachments lack measure, and so its love goes begging. It wanders about aimlessly in a 'wasteland of need' (regio egestatis). #Quote by James Wetzel
God Love quotes by Saint Augustine
#103. Love God, and do what you like. #Quote by Saint Augustine
God Love quotes by Jerry Bridges
#104. Grace is the love of God shown to the unlovely. It is God reaching downward to people who are in rebellion against him. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
God Love quotes by Swami Ramdas
#105. God is an artist par excellence. He has painted the picturesque universe on the screen of His own immutable and glowing Spirit. So He is at once the painter and the painted. In the ultimate analysis, God and His lover, God and His devotee and servant, are He. The unmanifest--which is beyond all duality has become both. This secret few know. #Quote by Swami Ramdas
God Love quotes by E. Stanley Jones
#106. The love of God invades me, the peace of God pervades me, the will of God persuades me, and I am wholly His. #Quote by E. Stanley Jones
God Love quotes by Guy De Maupassant
#107. Every authentically loved being is a kind of god. #Quote by Guy De Maupassant
God Love quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#108. A person is great, not by the ferocity of his hatred of evil, but by the intensity of his love for God. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
God Love quotes by Julian Of Norwich
#109. God willeth that we endlessly hate the sin and endlessly love the soul, as God loveth it. #Quote by Julian Of Norwich
God Love quotes by Eric Samuel Timm
#110. We never realize the power of real love unless we witness or experience a transaction, because real love costs. #Quote by Eric Samuel Timm
God Love quotes by E. E. Cummings
#111. love is the every only god #Quote by E. E. Cummings
God Love quotes by M.Padua
#112. If you want to love God, love the less-fortunate one. If you want to see God, look through the eyes of a hungry child. #Quote by M.Padua
God Love quotes by Sharon Gless
#113. I'm not here to put down men, God love them and I'm married to one, but I do think they are more shallow. #Quote by Sharon Gless
God Love quotes by Gillian Dance
#114. All the 'God is your father and he loves you' twaddle that they constantly taught at St. Paul's. It was so wet it made me squirm sometimes #Quote by Gillian Dance
God Love quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#115. An identity based in the one-way love of God does not take into account public opinion or, thankfully, even personal opinion. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
God Love quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#116. The purposes of our God are great, His love unfathomable, His wisdom infinite, and His power unlimited; therefore, the Saints have cause to rejoice and be glad. #Quote by Joseph Smith Jr.
God Love quotes by Richard Bach
#117. Next to 'God', 'love' is the word most mangled in every language. #Quote by Richard Bach
God Love quotes by George Calleja
#118. The blessings of the Beatitudes are there… for me, for you… if we live our life through the love and will of God. #Quote by George Calleja
God Love quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#119. Come boldly, O believer, for despite the whisperings of Satan and the doubtings of thine own heart, thou art greatly beloved. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
God Love quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#120. Shaytan will tell you that you're not worthy, so give up. But his traps are based on lies. When was any of it because of *your* worth? It was all because of His mercy, His generosity, His love of giving, and forgiving. And those qualities don't change because you're messing up. Just seek them. Call Him by His mercy, not by your deeds. #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
God Love quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#121. We cannot be sure if we are loving God, although we may have good reasons for believing that we are, but we can know quite well if we are loving our neighbor. And be certain that, the farther advanced you find you are in this, the greater the love you will have for God ... #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
God Love quotes by Helen Steiner Rice
#122. This great God loves us still, He loved us since the world began and what's more, He always will. #Quote by Helen Steiner Rice
God Love quotes by Dorothy Day
#123. Maybe I was praying for him then, in my own way. Does God have a set way of prayer, a way that He expects each of us to follow? I doubt it. I believe some people
lots of people
pray through the witness of their lives, through the work they do, the friendships they have, the love they offer people and receive from people. Since when are words the only acceptable form of prayer? #Quote by Dorothy Day
God Love quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#124. The great lever by which to raise and save the world is the unbounded love and mercy of God. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
God Love quotes by Thomas R. Kelly
#125. Our surface potentialities are for selfishness and greed, for tooth and claw. But deep within, in the whispers of the heart, is the surging call of the Eternal Christ, hidden within us all. By an inner isthmus we are connected with the mainland of the Eternal Love. Surface living has brought on the world's tragedy. Deeper living leads us to the Eternal Christ, hidden in us all. Absolute loyalty to this inner Christ is the only hope of a new humanity. In the clamour and din of the day, the press of Eternity's warm love still whispers in each of us, as our truest selves. Attend to the Eternal that he may recreate you and sow you deep into the furrows of the world's suffering. #Quote by Thomas R. Kelly
God Love quotes by A.W. Tozer
#126. What God made, God loves, because it's inconceivable that God should make anything that He didn't love. #Quote by A.W. Tozer
God Love quotes by Nikephoros Of Chios
#127. Men will become poor because they will not have a love for trees ... If you don't love trees, you don't love God. #Quote by Nikephoros Of Chios
God Love quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#128. Love is the only bow on Life's dark cloud. It is the morning and the evening star. It shines upon the babe, and sheds its radiance on the quiet tomb. It is the mother of art, inspirer of poet, patriot and philosopher.

It is the air and light of every heart – builder of every home, kindler of every fire on every hearth. It was the first to dream of immortality. It fills the world with melody – for music is the voice of love.

Love is the magician, the enchanter, that changes worthless things to Joy, and makes royal kings and queens of common clay. It is the perfume of that wondrous flower, the heart, and without that sacred passion, that divine swoon, we are less than beasts; but with it, earth is heaven, and we are gods. #Quote by Robert G. Ingersoll
God Love quotes by Eric Hoffer
#129. When the Greeks said, Whom the gods love die young, they probably meant, as Lord Sankey suggested, that those favored by the gods stay young till the day they die; young and playful. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
God Love quotes by Sherry K. White
#130. You give because the love of God has been poured into your heart, not to satisfy the law. #Quote by Sherry K. White
God Love quotes by John Ortberg
#131. If we are serious about loving God, we must begin with people, all people. And especially we must learn to love those that the world generally discards. #Quote by John Ortberg
God Love quotes by Jeremy Taylor
#132. A pure mind in a chaste body is the mother of wisdom and deliberation; sober counsels and ingenuous actions; open deportment and sweet carriage; sincere principles and unprejudiced understanding; love of God and self-denial; peace and confidence; hol #Quote by Jeremy Taylor
God Love quotes by Brennan Manning
#133. We must go out into a desert of some kind (your backyard will do) and come into a personal experience of the awesome love of God. #Quote by Brennan Manning
God Love quotes by Jakob Bohme
#134. The virtue of Love is nothing and all, or that Nothing visible out of which All Things proceed. Its power is through All Things; its height is as high as God; its greatness is as great as God. #Quote by Jakob Bohme
God Love quotes by Jaime Manrique
#135. I thought of Bobby, of the last look he had given me, and at that moment I understood one of the differences between man and cat: man knows he's going to die, so he can get ready and be willing, even eager, to go. A cat knows the end is near, but that's all. He can't accept death: he can't trust in it; cats are perhaps too metaphysical an entity to need to believe in the idea of a beyond; a cat is his own god and man his creation. #Quote by Jaime Manrique
God Love quotes by Meister Eckhart
#136. The love by which we love God is the very same love with which God has first loved us. #Quote by Meister Eckhart
God Love quotes by Kirpal Singh
#137. To fill the human heart with compassion, mercy and universal love, which should radiate to all countries, nations and peoples of the world. To make a true religion of the heart as the ruling factor in one's life. To enable each one to love God, love all, serve all, and have respect for all, as God is immanent in all forms. My goal is that of oneness. I spread the message of oneness in life and living.This is the way to peace on earth. This is the mission of my life, and I pray that it may be fulfilled. #Quote by Kirpal Singh
God Love quotes by William Barclay
#138. The only victory love can enjoy is the day when its offer of love is answered by the return of love. The only possible final triumph is a universe loved by God and in love with God. #Quote by William Barclay
God Love quotes by Alberto Caeiro
#139. But if God is the trees and the flowers
And the hills and the moonlight and the sun,
Why should I call him God?
I call him flowers and trees and hills and sun and moonlight;
Because if he made himself for me to see
As the sun and moonlight and flowers and trees and hills,
If he appears to me as trees and hills
And moonlight and sun and flowers,
It's because he wants me to know him
As trees and hills and flowers and moonlight and sun.

And that's why I obey him,
(What more do I know about God than God knows about himself?),
I obey him by living, spontaneously,
Like someone opening his eyes and seeing,
And I call him moonlight and sun and flowers and trees and hills,
And I love him without thinking about him,
And I think him by seeing and hearing,
And I walk with him all the time. #Quote by Alberto Caeiro
God Love quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#140. There is no justice in love, no proportion in it, and there need not be, because in any specific instance it is only a glimpse or parable of an embracing, incomprehensible reality. It makes no sense at all because it is the eternal breaking in on the temporal. So how could it subordinate itself to cause or consequence? #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
God Love quotes by Ellen J. Barrier
#141. I know God love me, because my enemies don't triumph over me. #Quote by Ellen J. Barrier
God Love quotes by Richard Rohr
#142. If our love of God does not directly influence, and even change, how we engage in the issues of our time on this earth, I wonder what good religion is. #Quote by Richard Rohr
God Love quotes by Ramakrishna
#143. When the fruit appears the blossom drops off. Love of God is the fruit, and rituals are the blossom. #Quote by Ramakrishna
God Love quotes by Lacey Sturm
#144. If you don't know that God loves you, he does. He loves his creation. And you're his creation. #Quote by Lacey Sturm
God Love quotes by Wendell Berry
#145. Charity even for one person does not make sense except in terms of an effort to love all Creation in response to the Creator's love for it. #Quote by Wendell Berry
God Love quotes by Addie Zierman
#146. I think that Andrew and I both used to think that the first most important thing was to love God, and the second most important thing was to love others. But during those hard months, we learned that it was all bound up together. That figuring out how to love each other in the change and in the struggle gave us a new understanding and grasp on God's grace and faithfulness. #Quote by Addie Zierman
God Love quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#147. Love is the supreme unifying principle of life. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
God Love quotes by Jon Krakauer
#148. When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God's light shines upon you. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
God Love quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#149. The Steadfast Love of the Lord is not Seasonal; His Mercies do not have winter or summer days ... They are new every now and then. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
God Love quotes by Gregory Sherl
#150. Her love could stretch on unconditionally and endlessly, like
it's a universe within her. I'm drawn to the edge of that universe. I'd like to fall into a black hole of it somehow. I just whisper, "God. #Quote by Gregory Sherl
God Love quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#151. God loves us for ourselves. He values our love more than he values galaxies of new created worlds. #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
God Love quotes by George Herbert
#152. Those that God loves, do not live long. #Quote by George Herbert
God Love quotes by Ibn Ata Allah
#153. It is impossible that this gnosis resulting in the heart should be achieved by man for any other purpose than to obey God, love Him, and worship Him. This gnosis should be sought for the sake of God, not for any other reason whatsoever, unlike the remaining external acts of devotion, which can be performed for other worldly interests, such as hypocrisy, praise, and commendation. #Quote by Ibn Ata Allah
God Love quotes by Erich Fromm
#154. In the dominant Western religious system, the love of God is essentially the same as the belief in God, in God's existence, God's justice, God's love. The love of God is essentially a thought experience. In the Eastern religions and in mysticism, the love of God is an intense feeling experience of oneness, inseparably linked with the expression of this love in every act of living. #Quote by Erich Fromm
God Love quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#155. It is easy to love God when you do not even have a cent in your pocket and you are totally dependent on Him #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
God Love quotes by Nicholas Udall
#156. Gay love, God save it, so soone hotte, so soone colde. #Quote by Nicholas Udall
God Love quotes by Thomas Keating
#157. What I really wanted was to fall in love with God. It's amazing what obstacles there are within us, or at least in me, that seem to slow this process. #Quote by Thomas Keating
God Love quotes by Jim George
#158. God loves His people despite their sins and faults. #Quote by Jim George
God Love quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#159. Our earthly loves are but so many silver steps leading us up to the great golden love of God. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
God Love quotes by Nitya Prakash
#160. God: you're man's best friend.

Dog: ok.

God: and women's best friend.

Dog: yay.

God: and children's best friend.

Dog: aww.

God: and...and my best friend?

Dog: [puts paw on God's knee] always.

God: I'm gonna miss you.

Dog: I'll be back when they don't need me anymore. #Quote by Nitya Prakash
God Love quotes by Stormie O'martian
#161. Destructive behavior - or simply behavior that constantly annoys your spouse to the point of desperation - is not right, and there will always be a serious consequence for it in your marriage and personal life. But every attempt you make to rid yourself of that behavior and do what's right will bring reward.
Today, ask God to help break any bad habits that you or your spouse may have. #Quote by Stormie O'martian
God Love quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#162. I call [love to God] the motion of the soul toward the enjoyment of God for his own sake, and the enjoyment of one's self and of one's neighbor for the sake of God #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
God Love quotes by Christian Hunt
#163. Rationale still remains the greatest impediment to encountering God's mysteries. #Quote by Christian Hunt
God Love quotes by Eric Samuel Timm
#164. Our bodies are simply our shells, the package for the spirit and the soul. #Quote by Eric Samuel Timm
God Love quotes by April White
#165. And what about someone like Jack the Ripper? Does God love him too?" Archer stopped and held my gaze. "A man chooses what he becomes, and he must accept responsibility for his choices." "You didn't answer my question." "I don't know how to. #Quote by April White
God Love quotes by Amy Carmichael
#166. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because He laid down His life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. How often I think of that 'ought.' No sugary sentiment there. Just the stern, glorious trumpet call, OUGHT. But can words tell the joy buried deep within? Mine cannot. It laughs at words. #Quote by Amy Carmichael
God Love quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#167. Love is a shortcut to God. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
God Love quotes by Henri Nouwen
#168. Now I wonder whether I have sufficiently realized that during all this time God has been trying to find me, to know me, and to love me. The question is not 'How am I to find God?' but 'How am I to let myself be found by him?' The question is not 'How am I to love God?' but 'How am I to let myself be loved by God?' #Quote by Henri Nouwen
God Love quotes by John Templeton
#169. The air we breathe is necessary to keep us alive, but we must continually breathe it out so we can breathe fresh air back into our lungs. God gives us his love, which we can keep in action by breathing it out to others, thus making room in our hearts for a fresh supply of love. #Quote by John Templeton
God Love quotes by Christine Caine
#170. Our relationship with God flows out of our love for God. #Quote by Christine Caine
God Love quotes by Guru Nanak
#171. O my heart! Love God as the chatrik loves the rain drops,
Who even when fountains are full and the land green,
Is not satisfied as long as it cannot get a drop of rain ... #Quote by Guru Nanak
God Love quotes by William Barclay
#172. If we are to accept the teaching of Jesus at all, then the only test of the reality of a man's religion is his attitude to his fellow men. The only possible proof that a man loves God is the demonstrated fact that he loves his fellow men. #Quote by William Barclay
God Love quotes by Helmut Thielicke
#173. Man is not valuable because he loves God. Man is valuable because God loves him. #Quote by Helmut Thielicke
God Love quotes by Simon May
#174. This is how all love works. Like Israel's love for God, love does not need deep knowledge of the other to be evoked and sustained-- through, once inspired, it might seek such knowledge. Love is evoked not by beauty or moral goodness (in the sense of kindness) but by the mysterious promise of the loved one to anchor and sustain one's life, such that one can feel at home in the world. Love can never count on requital or justice- and it is perhaps most genuinely love if it doesn't. #Quote by Simon May
God Love quotes by Thomas Merton
#175. Surrender your own poverty and acknowledge your nothingness to the Lord. Whether you understand it or not, God loves you, is present in you, lives in you, dwells in you, calls you, saves you and offers you an understanding and compassion which are like nothing you have ever found in a book or heard in a sermon. #Quote by Thomas Merton
God Love quotes by Deepak Chopra
#176. Be content not with your lot in life but with being here in the flow of life. The glories of creation are in your very cells; you are made of the same mindstuff as the angels, the stars, and god himself. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
God Love quotes by Nunki Artura
#177. I believe in this march, You will still love me much, God #Quote by Nunki Artura
God Love quotes by Matt Chandler
#178. Heaven is not a place for those who are afraid of hell; it's a place for those who love God. You can scare people into coming to your church, you can scare people into trying to be good, you can scare people into giving money, you can even scare them into walking down an aisle and praying a certain prayer, but you cannot scare people into loving God. You just can't do it. #Quote by Matt Chandler
God Love quotes by W. Somerset Maugham
#179. What mean and cruel things men do for the love of God. #Quote by W. Somerset Maugham
God Love quotes by Christopher West
#180. Marital love is a reflection of how God loves. It is free, total, faithful and fruitful. #Quote by Christopher West
God Love quotes by Jerry Bridges
#181. God's unfailing love for us is an objective fact affirmed over and over in the Scriptures. It is true whether we believe it or not. Our doubts do not destroy God's love, nor does our faith create it. It originates in the very nature of God, who is love, and it flows to us through our union with His beloved Son. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
God Love quotes by Rod Parsley
#182. God has more for you in your future than you could ever dream of in your present and he's already seen you in it. #Quote by Rod Parsley
God Love quotes by Caleb Pradhan
#183. Romantic Soul Seeketh Love but a Loving heart finds God #Quote by Caleb Pradhan
God Love quotes by Lois Mowday Rabey
#184. If we have a relationship with Jesus Christ and believe the Bible to be the Word of God, then we have no room for wallowing in the swamp of self-pity. #Quote by Lois Mowday Rabey
God Love quotes by John G. Lake
#185. If the Church ever succeeds in doing that big thing, that great thing, that unspeakable thing that God purposes that we should do, it can only be when we enter into that Divine compassion of the Son of God. #Quote by John G. Lake
God Love quotes by Mother Teresa
#186. The problem with the world is that we draw the circle of our family too small. #Quote by Mother Teresa
God Love quotes by Martin Luther
#187. I felt that I had been born anew and that the gates of heaven had been opened. The whole of Scripture gained a new meaning. And from that point on the phrase, 'the justice of God' no longer filled me with hatred, but rather became unspeakable sweet by virtue of a great love. #Quote by Martin Luther
God Love quotes by Thomas Merton
#188. We are what we love. If we love God, in whose image we were created, we discover ourselves in him and we cannot help being happy: we have already achieved something of the fullness of being for which we were destined in our creation. If we love everything else but God, we contradict the image born in our very essence, and we cannot help being unhappy, because we are living a caricature of what we are meant to be. #Quote by Thomas Merton
God Love quotes by Ramakrishna
#189. If you must be mad, be it not for the things of the world. Be mad with the love of God. #Quote by Ramakrishna
God Love quotes by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
#190. The one who wants to love God has to take care about the purity of the soul, first of all. #Quote by Vladimir Aleksandrovich Antonov
God Love quotes by Elbert Hubbard
#191. Whom the Gods love die young no matter how long they live. #Quote by Elbert Hubbard
God Love quotes by Graham Greene
#192. If I stopped loving Him, I would cease to believe in His love. If I loved God, then I would believe in His love for me. It's not enough to need it. We have to love first, and I don't know how. But I need it, how I need it. #Quote by Graham Greene
God Love quotes by Pauline Reage
#193. Keep me rather in this cage, and feed me sparingly, if you dare. Anything that brings me closer to illness and the edge of death makes me more faithful. It is only when you make me suffer that I feel safe and secure. You should never have agreed to be a god for me if you were afraid to assume the duties of a god, and we know that they are not as tender as all that. You have already seen me cry. Now you must learn to relish my tears. #Quote by Pauline Reage
God Love quotes by George MacDonald
#194. We must remember that God is not occupied with a grand toy of worlds and suns and planets, of attractions and repulsions, of agglomerations and crystallizations, of forces and waves; that these but constitute a portion of his workshops and tools for the bringing out of righteous men and women to fill his house of love withal. #Quote by George MacDonald
God Love quotes by Dragos Bratasanu
#195. Faith is the bridge over the gap you have chosen. #Quote by Dragos Bratasanu
God Love quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#196. God is good. He is eager to forgive. He wants us to perfect ourselves and maintain control of ourselves. He does not want Satan and others to control our lives. We must learn that keeping our Heavenly Father's commandments represents the only path to total control of ourselves, the only way to find joy, truth, and fulfillment in this life and in eternity. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
God Love quotes by Esther Earl
#197. One day I realized, without God, nothing matters. So, I asked Him into my heart. #Quote by Esther Earl
God Love quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#198. Love God, love people. Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. Treat people as you want to be treated. If you want to be great, be a servant. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
God Love quotes by Miroslav Volf
#199. We lead our lives well when we love God with our whole being and when we love neighbors as we (properly) love ourselves. #Quote by Miroslav Volf
God Love quotes by John Wesley
#200. One of the greatest evidences of God's love to those that love him is, to send them afflictions, with grace to bear them. #Quote by John Wesley
God Love quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#201. The source of your mind is love and whatever you do to go to that source, is spiritual practice. #Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
God Love quotes by Danielle Steel
#202. I'm not the enemy, they are. I hear them. You're not good enough so no one could ever love you. Come here," he said, pulling her into his arms and looking into her huge blue eyes that were the same color as his own. "I love you. You are lovable. They're idiots. And I love everything about you, just the way you are. Now that's my message to you. It's not theirs. It's mine. You are the most lovable woman I've ever known." As he said it, he kissed her, and tears of relief slid down her cheeks, and she sobbed in his arms. He had just told her everything she had waited to hear all her life, and had never heard before. #Quote by Danielle Steel
God Love quotes by Maria Semple
#203. It rarely snows because Antarctica is a desert. An iceberg means it's tens of millions of years old and has calved from a glacier. (This is why you must love life: one day you're offering up your social security number to the Russia Mafia; two weeks later you're using the word calve as a verb.) I saw hundreds of them, cathedrals of ice, rubbed like salt licks; shipwrecks, polished from wear like marble steps at the Vatican; Lincoln Centers capsized and pockmarked; airplane hangars carved by Louise Nevelson; thirty-story buildings, impossibly arched like out of a world's fair; white, yes, but blue, too, every blue on the color wheel, deep like a navy blazer, incandescent like a neon sign, royal like a Frenchman's shirt, powder like Peter Rabbit's cloth coat, these icy monsters roaming the forbidding black. #Quote by Maria Semple
God Love quotes by Loretta Chase
#204. I love her,' he said. 'I've loved her since we were children. But you-'
'It's my fault, is it?' she said. 'I'm the demon destroying your happiness? Only look at yourself and listen to yourself. Like every other man, you want what you can't have. Like every other man, you'll stay interested - even obsessed - until you get it. You came here this evening because you can't think straight - because it drives you mad not to have something you want. #Quote by Loretta Chase
God Love quotes by William Shakespeare
#205. Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again. #Quote by William Shakespeare
God Love quotes by Frederick Douglass
#206. I have sometimes thought that the mere hearing of those songs would do more to impress some minds with the horrible character of slavery, than the reading of whole volumes of philosophy on the subject could do.

I did not, when a slave, understand the deep meaning of those rude and apparently incoherent songs. I was myself within the circle; so that I neither saw nor heard as those without might see and hear. They told a tale of woe which was then altogether beyond my feeble comprehension; they were tones loud, long, and deep; they breathed the prayer and complaint of souls boiling over with bitterest anguish. Every tone was a testimony against slavery, and a prayer to God for deliverance from chains. The hearing of those wild notes always depressed my spirit, and filled me with ineffable sadness. I have frequently found myself in tears while hearing them. The mere recurrence to those songs, even now, afflicts me; and while I am writing these lines, an expression of feeling has already found its way down my cheek. To those songs I trace my first glimmering conception of the dehumanizing character of slavery. I can never get rid of that conception. Those songs still follow me, to deepen my hatred of slavery, and quicken my sympathies for my brethren in bonds. If any one wishes to be impressed with the soul-killing effects of slavery, let him go to Colonel Lloyd's plantation, and, on allowance-day, place himself in the deep pine woods, and there let him, in silence, a #Quote by Frederick Douglass
God Love quotes by Maurice Merleau Ponty
#207. Lichtenberg ... held something of the following kind: one should neither affirm the existence of God nor deny it ... It is not that he wished to leave certain perspectives open, nor to please everyone. It is rather that he was identifying himself, for his part, with a consciousness of self, of the world, and of others that was "strange" (the word is his) in a sense which is equally well destroyed by the rival explanations. #Quote by Maurice Merleau Ponty
God Love quotes by Leslie Jamison
#208. The more important point is that the impulse to escape our lives is universe, and hardly worth vilifying. Inhabiting any life always involves reckoning with the urge to abandon it - through daydreaming; through storytelling; through the ecstasies of art and music, hard drugs, adultery, a smartphone screen. These forms of "leaving" aren't the opposite of authentic presence. They are simply one of its symptoms - the way love contains conflict, intimacy contains distance, and faith contains doubt. #Quote by Leslie Jamison
God Love quotes by Monica Burns
#209. You're wicked through and through."
He leaned into her, his nostrils picking up her musky scent. "Tell me the truth. You love it when I'm
being wicked. You like the danger and excitement of it all."
She opened her mouth quickly in an attempt to deny his statement, but he simply stared her into
admitting the truth. "Yes. Yes, I like it when you're being wicked. #Quote by Monica Burns
God Love quotes by William Shakespeare
#210. Prosperity's the very bond of love. #Quote by William Shakespeare
God Love quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
#211. Only a fool believes that nature's only purpose is to serve and obey. #Quote by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
God Love quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
#212. There is a love for the marvellous, a belief in the marvellous, interwined in all my projects, which hurries me out of the common pathways of men. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
God Love quotes by Sara Lindsey
#213. I can't help wanting. I want you to burn as I burn. I want you to lie awake at night thinking of me. If you sleep, I want you to dream of me. I want you to tell me that you can't stand the sight of me dancing with another woman. I want to know this last week has been as miserable for you as it has been for me. #Quote by Sara Lindsey
God Love quotes by Katie McGarry
#214. She revealed her pale face and sniffed again. One red curl clung to her tearstained cheek. My hand reached out to release it, but I hesitated a mere heartbeat away from her skin. I swear to God she quit breathing and even blinking, and for a second so did I. In a deliberate movement, I freed the curl.~Noah #Quote by Katie McGarry
God Love quotes by Symeon The New Theologian
#215. Provided they live a worthy life, both those who choose to dwell in the midst of noise and hubbub and those who dwell in monasteries, mountains and caves can achieve salvation. Solely because of their faith in Him God bestows great blessings on them. Hence those who because of their laziness have failed to attain salvation will have no excuse to offer on the day of judgment. For He who promised to grant us salvation simply on account of our faith in Him is not a liar. #Quote by Symeon The New Theologian
God Love quotes by John Steinbeck
#216. I always found in myself a dread of west and a love of east. #Quote by John Steinbeck
God Love quotes by Ellen G. White
#217. Sensual indulgence weakens the mind and debases the soul. The moral and intellectual powers are benumbed and paralyzed by the gratification of the animal propensities and it is impossible for the slave of passion to realize the sacred obligation of the Law of God, to appreciate the atonement, or to place right value upon the soul. #Quote by Ellen G. White
God Love quotes by Colleen Hoover
#218. Because it's easy to fall in love, Ben. The hard part comes when you want out." Makes sense. If you're the Tin Man. "You think you can actually control whether or not you fall in love with someone? #Quote by Colleen Hoover
God Love quotes by Mark Cuban
#219. It comes down to finding something you love to do and then just trying to be great at it #Quote by Mark Cuban
God Love quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#220. We shall never learn to know ourselves except by endeavoring to know God; for, beholding His greatness, we realize our own littleness; His purity shows us our foulness; and by meditating upon His humility we find how very far we are from being humble. #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
God Love quotes by Thomas Watson
#221. He that loves the world, how active is he! He will break his peace and sleep for it. He that loves honour, what hazards will he run! He will swim to the throne in blood ... Love heaven, and you cannot miss it; love breaks through all opposition-it takes heaven by storm. #Quote by Thomas Watson
God Love quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#222. Blood of my Blood," he whispered, "and bone of my bone. You carry me within ye, Claire, and ye canna leave me now, no matter what happens, You are mine, always, if ye will it or no, if ye want me or nay. Mine, and I wilna let ye go. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
God Love quotes by Neil Diamond
#223. The art of love is who you share it with. #Quote by Neil Diamond
God Love quotes by William Shakespeare
#224. What's done is done. The joy is in the doing. #Quote by William Shakespeare
God Love quotes by Debasish Mridha
#225. In the morning, celebrate the beauty and warmth of sun light,
in the evening, celebrate the song of silence and love of night. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
God Love quotes by Saint Augustine
#226. Love, and do what you like. #Quote by Saint Augustine
God Love quotes by Martin Luther
#227. When the Scripture speaks, God speaks #Quote by Martin Luther
God Love quotes by Debasish Mridha
#228. When you are in love, you have to be ready to suffer and find out the meaning of love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
God Love quotes by Arthur Miller
#229. You cannot catch a child's spirit by running after it; you must stand still and for love it will soon itself return. #Quote by Arthur Miller
God Love quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#230. What the hell was that action?"Syn asked him.
"I think it´s something called ´paternal concern.´"
Syn scowled at his bland explanation. "What...? You sure? I thought that crap was a myth." Nykyrian shrugged. "No, really. I watched it once in a documentary. It was fascinating. Belive it or not, there are people out there who actually have feelings for their progeny." "Get the f*ck out. No way. You´re screwing with my head again, aren´t you?" "No, I swear. You just saw it with your own eyes. I did not make this shit up." Syn shivered. "Yeah but it´s really messing with my concept of natural order of the universe. Paternal love? What´s next? Limp regrowth? Genetic splicing reversals? #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
God Love quotes by Aaron Ashmore
#231. Personally, I really enjoy sci-fi. I watch it, I read comic books, and I play video games. I love this kind of world, so to be able to work in it is a dream. I enjoy it. It's all good. #Quote by Aaron Ashmore
God Love quotes by Justin Cronin
#232. Maybe just being alive, and having someone to love who loved you back, was enough. #Quote by Justin Cronin

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