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God About Life quotes by Therese De Lisieux
#1. One day, one of my teachers at the Abbey asked me what I did on my [5]free afternoons when I was alone. I told her I went behind my bed in an empty space which was there, and that it was easy to close myself in with my bed curtain and that "I thought." "But what do you think about?" she asked. "I think about God, about life, about ETERNITY ... I think!" The good religious laughed heartily at me, and later on she loved reminding me of the [10]time when I thought, asking me if I was still thinking. I understand now that I was making mental prayer without knowing it and that God was already instructing me in secret. #Quote by Therese De Lisieux
God About Life quotes by Timothy Pina
#2. The one thing we truly don't understand about God, about Life, and about Humanity is that we are ONE! #Quote by Timothy Pina
God About Life quotes by Penelope Cruz
#3. I am someone who worries a lot. I'm always worrying 'what if?' Now I'm a mum - there will be worries for the rest of my life, but they're not about me anymore. #Quote by Penelope Cruz
God About Life quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#4. The Word of God gives birth to thoughts about God and about the knowledge of God. #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
God About Life quotes by Art E. Berg
#5. The longer you continue the journey, the more exciting it becomes, because of the chance you have to learn about who you really are and what you can do. Not only do you get to live and learn, you get to learn and live. As the journey continues, you will find increased personal freedom because you will know how to beat back more of your fears.

You will find a greater sense of peace because you will no longer be as paralyzed by life's darker moments. And you will be able to relish whatever it is you are experiencing right now because you will no longer be worrying so deeply about what will happen tomorrow.

Think of your life as a good book. The further you get into it, the more it begins to come together and make sense. There is meaning in the incidents that you experience. With each new chapter, each new twist of the plot, your character becomes more fully developed. And in the end, there is a satisfying sense of completeness to the character and the story. #Quote by Art E. Berg
God About Life quotes by N. T. Wright
#6. [Christians] must become, must be known as, the people who don't hold grudges, who don't sulk. We must be the people who know how to say "Sorry," and who know how to respond when other people say it to us. It is remarkable, once more, how difficult this still seems, considering how much time the Christian church has had to think about it and how much energy has been spent on expounding the New Testament, where the advice is all so clear. Perhaps it's because we have tried, if at all, to do it as though it were just a matter of obeying an artificial command
and then, finding it difficult, have stopped trying because nobody else seems to be very good at it either. Perhaps it might be different if we reminded ourselves frequently that we are preparing for life in God's new world, and that the death and resurrection of Jesus, which by baptism constitute our own new identity, offer us both the motivation and the energy to try again in a new way. #Quote by N. T. Wright
God About Life quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#7. The writer does not dare dream of giving the best of his individuality. No, he must never express his anger. The vacillating demands of mediocrity must be satisfied. Amuse the people, be their clown, give them platitudes about which they can laugh, shadows of truth which they can hold as truths. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
God About Life quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#8. weren't we all the same as children?" eiko asked. "all of us, destined to become beautiful brides in fluffy white dresses!" she giggled to herself. "where did we go wrong?"

isn't that what keeps life interesting?" i replied. "and who knows? next year you could be somebody's wife. no one knows what will happen."

sometimes i think it would be wonderful just to stay the way i am forever, just kick back and space out during the afternoon thinking about all the exciting things that the night will bring, all the naughty things i might take part in." she snickered again.

well," i said, "aren't you the happy one."

she squinted her tiny nose and laughed.

dawn was breaking as we said good-bye. i saw her off by watching her small body disappear into the background, her high heels clapping along, echoing in the early morning city.

my drunkenness, the sunrise, the bright sky, and a friend who was leaving.

if i had died in my fall i would have missed that morning - that splendid sunrise over tokyo. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
God About Life quotes by Eric Liu
#9. America today is in danger of drifting from its best traditions. We have allowed false prophets of selfishness to obscure our vision. We have grown numb to a creeping cynicism about progress and public life. We crave human connection yet hide behind walls. We worship the money chase yet decry the toll it exacts on us. We allow the market to dominate our lives, relationships, yearnings and aspirations. We indulge in nostalgia and irony and addictive entertainment, then purge from our hearts any true idealism or passion, any notion that being American should mean something more than "everyday low prices" or "every man for himself." In the midst of this dislocation and disorientation, so many Americans today yearn for higher purpose, for calling
for some assurance that life matters. We wish to believe there is more to our days than is revealed on our screens. Make no mistake: this is a spiritual crisis. #Quote by Eric Liu
God About Life quotes by Kathy Reichs
#10. Shelton pushed Ben lightly. "Remember when you couldn't flare without losing your temper? So Hi kicked you from behind to get you mad, and you threw him in the ocean?"
Ben snorted. "He deserved it."
"I was providing a service," Hi protested. "I recall Tory once trying to eat a mouse."
I pinched my nose. "Ugh, don't remind me."
Ella giggled. "One time Cole lost his flare while carrying a boulder. It pinned his leg for an hour."
Then everyone had a story. Our funeral became a wake.
The mood lifted as we swapped flare stories. It was cathartic. A way to say good-bye.
I caught Ben smiling at me. "I remember when Tory sniffed that mound of bird crap in the old lighthouse. I thought she'd vomit on the spot."
Chance laughed. "I knew she was too clever. Always with a trick up her sleeve."
The boys glanced at each other. Their smiles faded.
Something passed between them.
Abruptly, both looked at me.
I could see a question in their eyes. A resolve to see something through.
They talked. Oh God, they talked about me.
They're going to make me choose.
In a flash of dread, I realized I could delay this no longer.
With another jolt, I realized I didn't need to.
There was no point putting it off.
There was also no decision to make.
My eyes met a dark, intense pair staring back earnestly. Longingly. Fearfully.
I smiled. Even as my heart pounded.
Before anyone spoke, I stepped forward, leg #Quote by Kathy Reichs
God About Life quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#11. To simplify your life, just think of yourself as a four-year-old child. Try to imagine the way he thinks of reality. If you have to talk to someone about a so-called complicated matter, see how you can simplify it.
No matter with whom you are talking, feel that you are a child and that person is also a child. When a childlike quality comes into your life, everything automatically becomes simple. #Quote by Sri Chinmoy
God About Life quotes by Alexander Lowen
#12. As one grows older, the sense of separateness is slowly reduced. Old people do not live on an ego level. Their concerns are not about their individuality but about the river of life, the family, the community, the nation, people, animals, nature, life. They can die easily if they are assured that life will continue positively, for they feel part of the river again, and soon they will be part of the ocean. When they are very old, they no longer belong to our time and space, but to all time and all space. #Quote by Alexander Lowen
God About Life quotes by Sarra Manning
#13. It was hard to understand how you could know someone all your life, think that you knew everything about them, then one Sunday they'd be standing in the kitchen of the flat that you both owned and seem like a total stranger #Quote by Sarra Manning
God About Life quotes by John L. Casti
#14. The World is currently facing a confluence of mounting shortages in three commodities essential to the continuance of human life on this planet: water, energy, and food. Those three elements combine into something much greater than the sum of its parts, a looming global disaster by 2030. By 2030 the demand for water will increase by 30 percent, while demands for both energy and food will shoot up 50 percent. All this will be driven by a global population increase to about 8 billion people, placing tremendous stress on our highly industrialized global food system. #Quote by John L. Casti
God About Life quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#15. There are many people who will give you the purpose of life; they will tell you what the sacred books say. Clever people will go on inventing what the purpose of life is. The political group will have one purpose, the religious group will have another purpose, and so on and on. So, what is the purpose of life when you yourself are confused? When I am confused, I ask you this question, "What is the purpose of life?" because I hope that through this confusion, I shall find an answer. How can I find a true answer when I am confused? If I am confused, I can only receive an answer which is also confused. If my mind is confused, if my mind is disturbed, if my mind is not beautiful, quiet, whatever answer I receive will be through this screen of confusion, anxiety, and fear; therefore, the answer will be perverted.

So, what is important is not to ask, "What is the purpose of life, of existence?" but to clear the confusion that is within you. It is like a blind man who asks, "What is light?" If I tell him what light is, he will listen according to his blindness, according to his darkness; but suppose he is able to see, then, he will never ask the question "what is light?" It is there.
Similarly, if you can clarify the confusion within yourself, then you will find what the purpose of life is; you will not have to ask, you will not have to look for it; all that you have to do is to be free from those causes which bring about confusion. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
God About Life quotes by Linda Holeman
#16. And now the thought came to me that I lived much of my life through the pages of books as well. That perhaps I, too, was only a paper figure. A cut-out, or silhouette. Flat.
I always thought I knew the shape of my life. Of course I thought I knew about life, thought I knew all I needed - or wanted - to know. And yet, like the opening left when a burning star falls from its perch, now an unexpected hole was left in what was once a solid curtain of understanding... ( )... Sitting under the cold stars, I understood that it was death that made me recognize life, and the existence, or pherhaps the non-existence of my own beeing. #Quote by Linda Holeman
God About Life quotes by Jonathan Eli Herrick
#17. If you must believe your thoughts, at least choose ones that elevate you, that set you free, that help you soar. Change your mind, change your reality. #Quote by Jonathan Eli Herrick
God About Life quotes by Denzel Washington
#18. We'll all retire from life at some point. The great thing about acting is you don't necessarily have to retire. #Quote by Denzel Washington
God About Life quotes by Talia Hibbert
#19. You think this is a big deal because, no offense, you've had a lot of people in your life who claimed to care about you but didn't act like it. That's not me. I can cook, and right now, you can't. So I'm doing it for you because that's how people should behave; they should fill in each other's gaps. Don't think about it too hard. #Quote by Talia Hibbert
God About Life quotes by Jean Shinoda Bolen
#20. When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life. #Quote by Jean Shinoda Bolen
God About Life quotes by David Harsanyi
#21. As with most people, my ideology and my attitudes about life were informed by parents and family. #Quote by David Harsanyi
God About Life quotes by Doug
#22. When a physical illness or other adverse circumstance arises, humans tend to add to the problem by worrying and increasing the mental anxiety in their situation. Let's take illness as an example. We have to face the fact that life is not always perfect and that disease occasionally happens. When you fall into a painful situation or get sick, the best thing to do is to think about the greater anguish being suffered by so many of our fellow creatures. This is more productive than being concerned about one's own suffering and compounding it with worry, giving too much attention to the pain #Quote by Doug "Ten" Rose
God About Life quotes by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
#23. If you want courage, kill fear and blindfold ignorance #Quote by Ernest Agyemang Yeboah
God About Life quotes by Christina Lauren
#24. Maybe the reason I can't write about fictional life is because I haven't actually lived. #Quote by Christina Lauren
God About Life quotes by John Carpenter
#25. As a filmmaker, it's about surviving and lasting. So many talented people that I've known in my life - directors and writers - just haven't made it and haven't had a chance. #Quote by John Carpenter
God About Life quotes by Marcel Proust
#26. A woman sees herself dying, in these cases not at the actual moment of death but months, sometimes years before, when death has hideously come to dwell in her. The sufferer makes the acquaintance of the stranger whom she hears coming and going in her brain. She does not know him by sight, it is true, but from the sounds which she hears him regularly make she can form an idea of his habits. Is he a criminal? One morning, she can no longer hear him. He has gone. Ah! If it were only for ever! In the evening he has returned. What are his plans? Her specialist, put to the question, like an adored mistress, replies with avowals that one day are believed, another day fail to convince her. Or rather it is not the mistress's part but that of the servants one interrogates that the doctor plays. They are only third parties. The person whom we press for an answer, whom we suspect of being about to play us false, is life itself, and although we feel her to be no longer the same we believe in her still or at least remain undecided until the day on which she finally abandons us. #Quote by Marcel Proust
God About Life quotes by Michelle Williams
#27. It's all so personal, isn't it? It's hard to talk about work without talking about things that are personal. Work is personal. I don't want to talk about my personal life, but it's on my mind, and it's in my work. #Quote by Michelle Williams
God About Life quotes by Tamora Pierce
#28. My dear, why send Aly to wait on us?" he wanted to know. "I know you were busy with your domestic arrangements, but surely one of the girls with experience waiting on the nobility would have served."He smiled kindly at Aly. "Though you did a creditable job."
"Aly isn't used to Bronau as we are, my dear," Winnamine explained. "She might see what would be hidden to us. And she has certain useful skills."
"Useful?"Mequen asked, raising his brows at Aly."I read lips, Your Grace," Aly said meekly. "And I can tell you that the prince is telling the truth about why he came."
"What? How could you possibly know that?" the
startled duke demanded.
"Liars blink more when they lie, or they look away while they answer," Aly explained. She did not want
anyone to know about her Sight if she could help it.
Only a fool told all of her secrets. "The prince is frightened." She looked at the duke. "Did you see he was sweating when he talked about the situation at court?"
Mequen raised his eyebrows. "All of us sweat when we think of the royal court," he said drily. "I am so accustomed to it that I didn't even notice. Truly, the
god blessed us when he sent you. #Quote by Tamora Pierce
God About Life quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#29. He might be older than hr, but her hormones didn't care. No, they screamed 'fuck yeah, let's ride.' Her nipples tightened and she thanked God she'd worn a bra that morning. Talk about embarrassing if that was the first thing he's see. #Quote by Carrie Ann Ryan
God About Life quotes by Christopher Titus
#30. I believe life is about balance. My mom was brilliant, yet manipulative. Beautiful, but had more voices in her head than the Wu-Tang Clan. Loves her kids, killed her last husband. I say last husband because you don't get another one after that. #Quote by Christopher Titus
God About Life quotes by Simone DaCosta
#31. God is the infinite and eternal judge
What others say or think about you is trivial pursuit #Quote by Simone DaCosta
God About Life quotes by James Dashner
#32. No. Just thinking about how much my life sucks." "Mine does, too. Sucks big-time. But I'm glad I'm with you. #Quote by James Dashner
God About Life quotes by Tessa Dare
#33. Gray harbored a slight preference for the stripes. Not only did the darker color suit her complexion, but the neckline plunged in an enticing manner, displaying a wedge of sheer chemise. The sprigged gown had a higher, square neckline, and only one flounce to this frock's two.
But then…The sprigged gown had tiny buttons down the side-fourteen buttons, to be exact, and though just mentally undoing them was enough to drive Gray mad with frustration, that mile-long stretch of miniscule pearl dots was some comfort. The fastenings of this striped gown, by contrast, were completely invisible. Were there little hooks, he wondered, under the sleeves? Hidden in the seams somewhere?
Miss Turner coughed and shifted in her seat.
Dear God. Gray shook himself, realizing he'd just spent the better part of a minute openly staring in the direction of her breasts. At a distance of no more than two feet. Worse-he'd wasted that blasted minute obsessing about hooks and buttons, when he could have been scanning for the shadow of an areola, or the crest of a nipple.
And now he had no choice but to drop his gaze and study the china.
It did look well, the porcelain. The acanthus pattern complemented the scrollwork on the silver quite nicely. Odd, to be drinking Madeira from teacups, but at least they were better than tin. The white drape beneath it all was nothing of quality, but the lighting was dim, and it would do.
Gray put out a hand to straighten his fork #Quote by Tessa Dare
God About Life quotes by John Corey Whaley
#34. Jealous of the crazy gay kid. That doesn't sound right."
"Hey, Sol," she said, her tone getting serious for a second.
"Those are two things about you out of a million. Don't box yourself in. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
God About Life quotes by Sahara Sanders
#35. An absolutely perfect world would be a deadly boring place. There's some kind of perfection in slight imperfection. #Quote by Sahara Sanders
God About Life quotes by Patricia A. McKillip
#36. You have a very peculiar expression on your face,' he commented drowsily.
'I was just thinking.'
'About what?'
'About how we know what's real. How we wake out of a timeless place and recognize time. How you know me here, now, even when nothing or anyone else in this place is familiar. I might have been wandering through your dream, but you knew immediately which of me will bring you paper.'
He was silent for so long, still clasping her wrist, that she thought he must have fallen asleep without knowing it. He said finally, 'Say that again.'
'I can't,' she answered helplessly. 'It was just a thought. I gave it to you.'
'Something about dreams coming to life--'
'That's not what I said. #Quote by Patricia A. McKillip
God About Life quotes by Julian Casablancas
#37. I guess the best thing about marriage is the fact you've got the coolest partner you can imagine by your side for all the things you're going to face in your life. So far, Juliet's been there for me. She's been good for my voice, good for my everything. #Quote by Julian Casablancas
God About Life quotes by Philip Roth
#38. You think you know what a man is? You have no idea what a man is. You think you know what a daughter is? You have no idea what a daughter is. You think you know what this country is? You have no idea what this country is. You have a false image of everything. All you know is what a fucking glove is. This country is frightening. Of course she was raped. What kind of company do you think she was keeping? Of course out there she was going to get raped. This isn't Old Rimrock, old buddy - she's out there, old buddy, in the USA. She enters that world, that loopy world out there, with whats going on out there - what do you expect? A kid from Rimrock, NJ, of course she didn't know how to behave out there, of course the shit hits the fan. What could she know? She's like a wild child out there in the world. She can't get enough of it - she's still acting up. A room off McCarter Highway. And why not? Who wouldn't? You prepare her for life milking the cows? For what kind of life? Unnatural, all artificial, all of it. Those assumptions you live with. You're still in your olf man's dream-world, Seymour, still up there with Lou Levov in glove heaven. A household tyrannized by gloves, bludgeoned by gloves, the only thing in life - ladies' gloves! Does he still tell the one about the woman who sells the gloves washing her hands in a sink between each color? Oh where oh where is that outmoded America, that decorous America where a woman had twenty-five pairs of gloves? Your kid blows your nor #Quote by Philip Roth
God About Life quotes by Billy Collins
#39. These days every morning begins like a joke
you think you have heard before,
but there is no one telling it
whom you can stop.
One day it's about a cow who walks into a bar,
then about a man with a big nose on his honeymoon,
then about a kangaroo who walks into a bar.
Each one takes up an entire day.
The sun looks like a prank Nathanael West
is pulling on the world; on the drive to work
cars are swinging comically from lane to lane.
The houses and lawns belong in cartoons.
The hours collapse into one another's arms.
The stories arc over noon and descend
like slow ferris wheels into the haze of evening.
You wish you could stop listening and get serious.
Trouble is you cannot remember the punch line
which never arrives till very late at night,
just as you are reaching for the bedside lamp,
just before you begin laughing in the dark. #Quote by Billy Collins

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