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Go Go Dolls quotes by Goo Goo Dolls
#1. And I don't want the world to see me,
Cause I don't think that they'd understand.
When everything's made to be broken,
I just want you to know who I am. #Quote by Goo Goo Dolls
Go Go Dolls quotes by J.D. Estrada
#2. If you gotta go, go with a smile #Quote by J.D. Estrada
Go Go Dolls quotes by Paula Poundstone
#3. I think that's why they have so many religious freaks in the airports...they even keep the flowers behind the counter. 'Go, go my children...be fruitful and annoy. #Quote by Paula Poundstone
Go Go Dolls quotes by Clarice Lispector
#4. Putting my hand in someone else's has always been my definition of happiness. Before I fall asleep, often - in that small struggle not to lose consciousness and go into the greater world - often, before I get up the courage to go into the vastness of sleep, I pretend that someone has my hand in theirs, and then I go, go to that enormous absence of form that is sleep. And when even after that I don't have courage, I dream. #Quote by Clarice Lispector
Go Go Dolls quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#5. It all takes time and lessons and places, but I'm learning to listen to my restless heart, telling me to go, go, go! #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Go Go Dolls quotes by Jenny  Lawson
#6. Like, some people prescribe God for depression or self-harm, and I think that can be really helpful for some people who aren't me. Some claim that depression can be "prayed away" or is caused when you don't have enough God in your life. I tried God once but it didn't work well so I cut the dose by a third and just had "Go." Go where? I asked. No one answered. Probably because I didn't have enough God in my life. Someone else told me that capitulating to my depression made me seem ungrateful because Jesus died for that I wouldn't have to suffer, but frankly Jesus seemed to have more than his fair share of bullshit in his life too. That guy got nailed to death. I bet people walking past Jesus were like, "Wow. That guy should have had more God in his life." Or maybe they just sent him those e-mails that say, "Let Go and Let God," or "God listens to knee-mail." Probably not though because e-mail wasn't popular yet, but I think that's for the best because there is nothing more annoying than having someone tell you that everything would be fine if you were just a better pray-er. Or if you just smiled more, or stopped drinking Diet Coke. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Go Go Dolls quotes by Michael Richards
#7. Aerobics is a really whacked-out way to get going. The loud rock 'n' roll music and the teachers standing before you, doing the exercises and screaming into the microphone, "Go! Go! Go for the burn!" #Quote by Michael Richards
Go Go Dolls quotes by Margaret Sanger
#8. Towards orthodox religion, father's own attitude remained one of tolerance. He looked upon the New Testament as the noble story of a human being which, because of ignorance and the lack of printing presses, had become exaggerated. He maintained that religions served their purpose; some people depended on them all their lives to make them honest. Others did not need to be so held in line. But subjection to any church was a reflection on strength and character. You should be able to get from yourself what you had to go go church for. #Quote by Margaret Sanger
Go Go Dolls quotes by Sara Bareilles
#9. The kaleidoscope of experiences you have had this year are deeply meaningful and have enhanced your perspective on what actually matters. You have seen firsthand how fleeting and fragile life is and it has changed your DNA. Your tolerance for bullshit is lessening and although you are not always graceful with how you fight back, I love that you are a scrappy little lady. You are bored with the value system you see celebrated around you. Compromise is sometimes just manipulation and you are learning to identify that. You see a need for more people, women especially, to push back against the system that is in place and you've decided to do more of that. This experience will only turn up the volume on your voice the next time around. Hell yes to this and go go go. #Quote by Sara Bareilles
Go Go Dolls quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#10. Would you do something for me? Please? Would you just picture your life for me? Thirty years from now, forty years from now? What's it look like? If it's with that guy, go. Go! I lost you once, I think I could do it again, if I thought it's what you really wanted. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Go Go Dolls quotes by Riitta Klint
#11. We are all mysteries, to those who love us and also to ourselves. When you find someone who embraces you, loves and desires you every moment, accepts your mysteries and flaws without judgement, you've struck gold. How delicious is the thought that this mysterious complex creature, chooses to share a life with you?

Too many of us undervalue ourselves by digging too deep into the mistakes we have made or dwelling on when we failed at something like relationships, responsibilities, careers, whatever it might be. All those experiences make up the mystery and story of who we are. We are complex beings, all together in this fucked up but beautiful world.

Whatever the mistakes or failures of someone's murky past that leads them to your door should be experiences you are grateful for and that is cause for celebration. All of us have had experiences, good and bad, and those make up the intricate tapestry of who we are.

I often feel insecure in so many ways, fragile and easily broken even when I know that is only a self-defeating perception that sometimes rears its ugly head. I am doing what I love, and deeply in love with someone with whom I want to share my future and write our own magical mystery story.

I guess what I am trying to say is don't dig so deep that you end up cutting your roots and the lifeblood that feeds and makes you. Match your energy and vibration with what you envision. Believe. You deserve love and success, so go for i #Quote by Riitta Klint
Go Go Dolls quotes by Confucius
#12. Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart. #Quote by Confucius
Go Go Dolls quotes by Anne Bronte
#13. I did not put my request in words: she understood it instinctively, and this time she yielded too - or rather, there was nothing so deliberate as requesting or yielding in the matter: there was a sudden impulse that neither could resist. One moment I stood and looked into her face, the next I held her to my heart, and we seemed to grow together in a close embrace from which no physical or mental force could rend us. A whispered 'God bless you!' and 'Go - go!' was all she said; but while she spoke she held me so fast that, without violence, I could not have obeyed her. At length, however, by some heroic effort, we tore ourselves apart, and I rushed from the house. #Quote by Anne Bronte
Go Go Dolls quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#14. [from an entry by her daughter Camille] American culture doesn't allow much room for slow reflection. I watch the working people who are supposed to be my role models getting pushed to go, go, go and take as little vacation time as possible. And then, often, vacations are full of endless activity too, so you might come back from your "break" feeling exhausted ... Whether you prefer to sit on a rock in a peaceful place, or take a wooden spoon to a simmering pot, it does the body good to quiet down and tune in. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Go Go Dolls quotes by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel
#15. Jase took a step around the desk, moving closer, narrowing his eyes.
Rebecca placed her hands on her hips, defiance in her stance and voice. "My kids, too."
Two steps brought him in front of her. "You don't have a job if you leave. Your job is here working the ranch with me. If you want to go, go, but don't take off with my children. You can't even fix them dinner."
When she turned, he took hold of her arm, hating this deceit ... and loss. "Why, Rebecca? I've been a good husband to you. #Quote by Mary J. McCoy-Dressel
Go Go Dolls quotes by Magnus Scheving
#16. 'LazyTown' is basically about motivation. So what do I call motivation? I call it 'go.' The show is going to inspire kids to go. Go fishing. Go dancing. Go live. #Quote by Magnus Scheving
Go Go Dolls quotes by Jane Wiedlin
#17. I love being a Go-Go. It definitely has its ups and downs, and we have a very intense energy with each other. #Quote by Jane Wiedlin
Go Go Dolls quotes by Naomi Klein
#18. Our problem is that the climate crisis hatched in our laps at a moment in history when political and social conditions were uniquely hostile to a problem of this nature and magnitude-that moment being the tail end of the go-go '80s, the blastoff point for the crusade to spread deregulated capitalism around the world. Climate change is a collective problem demanding collective action the likes of which humanity has never actually accomplished. Yet it entered mainstream consciousness in the midst of an ideological war being waged on the very idea of the collective sphere. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Go Go Dolls quotes by E.D.E.N. Southworth
#19. Go! Go! Go! Go!' said that officer, with an expression as though he considered our Cap an individual of the animal kingdom whom neither Buffon nor any other natural philosopher had ever classified, and who, as a creature of unknown habits, might sometimes be dangerous. #Quote by E.D.E.N. Southworth
Go Go Dolls quotes by John Travolta
#20. I'd been on a road trip right out of college, with a buddy of mine. It was uneventful. We didn't get laid. Although one time it was about 800 degrees and we were in Texas. We had shorts on and nothing else and somehow a motorcycle cop pulls up beside me and says, 'Come on, get on it, get on, go, go, go!' So I speeded up and it turns out we're in a huge state funeral. There are about 40 black Cadillacs in a row and then a green van called Mr Greenjeans, with two guys with no clothes in it. #Quote by John Travolta
Go Go Dolls quotes by Debasish Mridha
#21. Wherever you go, go with love. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Go Go Dolls quotes by Nora Sakavic
#22. You're hopeless," Nicky said. "If you want to go, go. You've done more than enough for us this semester, Neil. At some point you've got to think about yourself. Watch," he said when Neil shook his head. "I'm going to go tell the others, and they'll all tell you to go home. You'll see. #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Go Go Dolls quotes by Debasish Mridha
#23. Wherever you go, go with love, but never leave hope behind. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Go Go Dolls quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#24. Don't go for good or better; the best is yours; go for it. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Go Go Dolls quotes by Annaleigh Ashford
#25. I made my performance debut in New York City downtown on the Lower East Side in college doing awkward performance art as a go-go dancer at Lady Starlight's Party. And I never thought that my love for mediocre performance art and bad mime would ever come to use in my career as an actor. But my fantasies came true and I got to play Maureen in Rent. #Quote by Annaleigh Ashford
Go Go Dolls quotes by Dana Hill
#26. People are never quiet. It's go, go, go. I'm a go-getter, but you need rest and silence, just to sit around and think about things. #Quote by Dana Hill
Go Go Dolls quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#27. But if you have to go, then go. Go if it hurts. Go if it's time. Just go knowing you were loved, that I will never forget you, that you will live in everything Connor and I do. Go knowing I love you purely, Harry, that you were an amazing father. Go knowing I told you all my secrets. Because you were my best friend. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Go Go Dolls quotes by Kristen Ashley
#28. <…>When I was done speaking I felt his body had gone still again, stone still.
And silent.
Then he asked quietly, "Nightmare?"
"Nightmare," I replied firmly.
Ty didn't move.
By a miracle, I held it together.
Then he moved but it was to rest his chin on my shoulder and I closed my eyes because I needed him to go, go, go so I could fall apart again on my own.
Then he said, "Your nightmare, mama, was my dream."
My heart clenched.
He kept going. "Never had a home until you gave me one."
My breath started sticking.
"Never had anyone give to me the way you gave to me."
My breath stopped sticking and clogged.
"Never thought of findin' a woman who I wanted to have my baby."
Oh God.
"Never had light in my life, never, not once, I lived wild but I didn't burn bright until you shined your light on me."
Oh God.
"Whacked, fuckin' insane, but, at night, you curled in front of me, didn't mind I did that time that wasn't mine 'cause it meant I walked out to you."
He had to stop. He had to.
He didn't.
"Your nightmare," he whispered, turned his head and against my neck he finished, "my dream."<…> #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Go Go Dolls quotes by Sara Quin
#29. Go, go, go if you want to, I can't stop you. Go, go, go if you want to, I can't stop you. #Quote by Sara Quin
Go Go Dolls quotes by Yukio Mishima
#30. go-go hall on my way home from school. #Quote by Yukio Mishima
Go Go Dolls quotes by Chiaki Kuriyama
#31. I loved playing Go Go, because the character's so extreme. And she's pretty close to my real character. Especially the fact that she liked her sword with a lot of accessories. #Quote by Chiaki Kuriyama
Go Go Dolls quotes by William Shakespeare
#32. Go, go, good countrymen, and, for this fault,
Assemble all the poor men of your sort;
Draw them to Tiber banks, and weep your tears
Into the channel, till the lowest stream
Do kiss the most exalted shores of all. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Go Go Dolls quotes by Garry Kasparov
#33. You cannot say, 'Go! Go! Rah! Rah! Good move!' People want some emotion. Chess is an art and not a spectator sport. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Go Go Dolls quotes by Emma Chase
#34. I glance around the set - everyone is buzzing like worker bees getting ready for the shot. Cordelia's getting primped and powdered by a makeup girl, Vanessa is speaking with a few of the cameramen, and the convertible I'm supposed to drive is just sitting there . . . all by its lonesome.

And look at that - someone left the keys in the ignition.

Stealthily, I sidle up to Sarah.

"Have you ever driven in a convertible?"

She looks up sharply, like she didn't see me approach. "Of course I have."

My hands slide into my pockets and I lean back on my heels.

"Have you ever been in a convertible driven by a prince?"

Her eyes are lighter in the sun, with a hint of gold. They crinkle as she smiles.


I nod. "Perfect. We do this in three."

Now she looks nervous. "Do what?"

I spot James across the way, eyes scanning the crowd - far enough away that he'll never get over here in time.

"Three . . ."

"I don't know what you mean."

"Two . . ."

"Henry . . ."


"I . . ."

"Go, go, go!"

"Go where?" she asks, loud enough to draw attention.

So I wrap my arm around her waist, lift her off her feet, carry her to the car, and swing her up and into the passenger seat. Then, I jump into the driver's side.

"Shit!" James curses. But then the engine is roaring to life. I ba #Quote by Emma Chase
Go Go Dolls quotes by Larry Ellison
#35. I saw that we needed to grow but our top line wasn't growing, so we had to find other ways to grow the business. We had to reshape our business and acquire share in a non conventional way. But most tech leaders don't come out of a business background. They really have a parochial point of view. All they know are the go-go years of Silicon Valley. That's the environment in which they were raised. #Quote by Larry Ellison
Go Go Dolls quotes by Tristan Prettyman
#36. On tour I feel like it's always so go go ... you're always just taking in and storing information and feelings and things. So for me I need time off to let all those things come out and settle. #Quote by Tristan Prettyman
Go Go Dolls quotes by David Graeber
#37. The International Monetary Fund basically acted as the world's debt enforcers - "You might say, the high-finance equivalent of the guys who come to break your legs." I launched into historical background, explaining how, during the '70s oil crisis, OPEC countries ended up pouring so much of their newfound riches into Western banks that the banks couldn't figure out where to invest the money; how Citibank and Chase therefore began sending agents around the world trying to convince Third World dictators and politicians to take out loans (at the time, this was called "go-go banking"); how they started out at extremely low rates of interest that almost immediately skyrocketed to 20 percent or so due to tight U.S. money policies in the early '80s; how, during the '80s and '90s, this led to the Third World debt crisis; how the IMF then stepped in to insist that, in order to obtain refinancing, poor countries would be obliged to abandon price supports on #Quote by David Graeber
Go Go Dolls quotes by Megan Fox
#38. When you're doing a film, you're on a set and you have retakes and you have time to get it right. And on 'SNL' it's just go, go, go. If you can't read the cue cards or miss your mark, you're just left to sort of screw up. So there's a lot more pressure doing a live TV show. #Quote by Megan Fox
Go Go Dolls quotes by Barney Hoskyns
#39. When LOVE played the still hipper Whisky A Go-Go, further west along Sunset, Arthur Lee claims they 'started the whole hippy thing' in tandem with an in-crowd of freaks led by aging beatnik sculptor Vito Paulekas. It was Vito, Carl Franzoni, Sue, Beatle Bob, Bryan Maclean and me ... people would come to Ben Frank's to hang out with us after we played shows. #Quote by Barney Hoskyns
Go Go Dolls quotes by A. J. Cook
#40. I like TV in the way that it moves quickly, I like the pace of TV because I'm that type of actor. I like to go-go-go. I don't have to do 50 million takes of something. I guess I'm not that patient. I really like the pace of it. #Quote by A. J. Cook
Go Go Dolls quotes by Jodi Picoult
#41. For God's sake, if I learned anything during this damn trial it's that the only way someone can leave you is if you let them. And I'm not doing that, Dee. It may look like that today, or tomorrow, or even a month from now, but one day you're going to wake up and see that this whole time you've been gone, you've only been headed back to where you started. And I'll be there, waiting." He leans forward and kisses me once, feather-light, on the lips. "It's not like I'm not letting you go," he murmurs. "I'm just trusting you enough to come back. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Go Go Dolls quotes by Julia Quinn
#42. Go, go," she urged. "Don't worry about me. I'll find some
other poor unsuspecting fool to torture. And yes, before you feel
the need to protest, I did just call you a fool."
"That, I think, may be the one privilege that consanguinity does
She cackled with delight. "You are a prince among nephews,"
she proclaimed.
"Your second favorite," he murmured.
"You'll rise to the top of the list if you find a way to destroy her
violin. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Go Go Dolls quotes by Bill Clegg
#43. And if the only thing you can do is show up, do it. Then do it again. And when it's the last thing you want to do and the last place you want to go, go. Just go. You have no idea who you might be helping just by sitting there or who might help you. #Quote by Bill Clegg

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