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Globe quotes by Kevin Kelly
#1. once we wrapped the globe in endless circles of wires crossing the deserts and beneath the oceans, decentralization was not only possible, but inevitable. #Quote by Kevin Kelly
Globe quotes by Kate DiCamillo
#2. Inside the magic globe that Florence Nightingale carries, there are wishes and hopes and love. And all of these things are very tiny and also very bright. And there are thousands of wishes and hopes and love things, and they move around in the magic globe, and that's what Florence uses to see by. That is how she sees soldiers who have fallen on the battlefield of life. #Quote by Kate DiCamillo
Globe quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#3. My Lolita had a way of raising her bent left knee at the ample and springy start of the service cycle when there would develop and hang in the sun for a second a vital web of balance between toed foot, pristine armpit, burnished arm and far back-flung racket, as she smiled up with gleaming teeth at the small globe suspended so high in the zenith of the powerful and graceful cosmos she had created for the express purpose of falling upon it with a clean resounding crack of her golden whip. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Globe quotes by Arthur Darvill
#4. 'The Globe' is one of the most terrifying theatres in London. It's that mob element - everyone packed in and staring up at you. #Quote by Arthur Darvill
Globe quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#5. There is a moon shaped rictus in the streetlamp's globe where a stone has gone and from this aperture there drifts down through the constant helix of aspiring insects a faint and steady rain of the same forms burnt and lifeless. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Globe quotes by Fred Singer
#6. I am persuaded to think that any climate change is bad because of the investments and adaptations that have been made by human beings and all of the things that support human existence upon this globe. Even minor fluctuations of climate could change the distribution of fish, ... upset agriculture, ... and inundate costal cities ... ... Such changes could occur at a faster rate perhaps than human society can evolve. #Quote by Fred Singer
Globe quotes by John Boyd Orr
#7. Measured in time of transport and communication, the whole round globe is now smaller than a small European country was a hundred years ago. #Quote by John Boyd Orr
Globe quotes by C.C. Wyatt
#8. Yearns creep upon the mandarin glow dipping into the horizon, bound to incarnate all the sleepy heads awakening around the globe. #Quote by C.C. Wyatt
Globe quotes by R.S. Grey
#9. I spun a globe in our estate's library and promised myself I'd travel to whichever country my finger landed on. The globe's colors had blended together in a mess of blue and green and then I'd dropped my finger, abruptly stopping its rotation.
Er, right. Minor hiccup.
I spun again and voila!
Italy! #Quote by R.S. Grey
Globe quotes by Marquis De Lafayette
#10. Whatever may be my feelings of personal gratitude to the Navy of the United States, I feel myself under still greater obligations to them for the honor they have done to the American name in every part of the globe. #Quote by Marquis De Lafayette
Globe quotes by Ridley Scott
#11. The Gulf of Mexico, they believe, is a huge asteroid. That was an impact zone, you know that? Yeah, for that big a thing to actually hit our globe, it would have had to adjusted the spin, the axis. #Quote by Ridley Scott
Globe quotes by Josh Fox
#12. Thousands upon thousands of people across America and many more across the globe are suffering at the hands of the oil and gas industry. #Quote by Josh Fox
Globe quotes by Robert Dallek
#13. The 1890s was an intensely patriotic decade for Americans. It was a time of neo-imperialism, when the European powers and the United States were establishing their flags around the globe. #Quote by Robert Dallek
Globe quotes by Susan Wiggs
#14. What a joy life is when you have made a close working partnership with Nature, helping her to produce for the benefit of mankind new forms, colors, and perfumes in flowers which were never known before; fruits in form, size, and flavor never before seen on this globe." -Luther Burbank. #Quote by Susan Wiggs
Globe quotes by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
#15. After having produced aquatic animals of all ranks and having caused extensive variations in them by the different environments provided by the waters, nature led them little by little to the habit of living in the air, first by the water's edge and afterwards on all the dry parts of the globe. These animals have in course of time been profoundly altered by such novel conditions; which so greatly influenced their habits and organs that the regular gradation which they should have exhibited in complexity of organisation is often scarcely recognisable. #Quote by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Globe quotes by Louis Bernacchi
#16. Behind us lay the great Antarctic Land; snow peaks rising beyond one another until by distance they dwindled away into insignificancy. The silence and immobility of the scene was impressive; not the slightest animation or vitality anywhere. It was like a mental image of our globe in its primitive state - a spectacle of Chaos. Around is ice and snow and the remnants of internal fires; above, a sinister sky; below the sombre sea; and over all, the silence of the sepulchre! #Quote by Louis Bernacchi
Globe quotes by Steven Pinker
#17. The enmeshing of polysemy with grammar is also visible in one of the ways that Americans and Britons are divided by their common language. When a product gives its name to an employer, the name is singular in the United States (The Globe is expanding its comics section) but plural in the United Kingdom (The Guardian are giving you the chance to win books). #Quote by Steven Pinker
Globe quotes by Jodi Picoult
#18. As a kid, his favorite toy had been a snow globe, that held a small town of gingerbread buildings and peppermint streets. He'd wanted so badly to live there that one day he'd smashed the glass ball - only to find out that the houses were made of plaster, the candy stripes painted on. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Globe quotes by Kiersten White
#19. There! I can't fix the whole country, and it will only last a few days, but I present you with the sun, on behalf of my dreadfully boring magic.
He bows low, holding out his hand. I reach out tentatively, afraid of being burned, but the globe merely hovers above my hand where I slide it on top of Finn's. It's golden and deliciously warm and instantly makes me happier and more at ease than I've been in weeks.
I laugh, delighted, and by the look on Finn's face you'd think I was the one who had given him an absurd and wonderful gift. #Quote by Kiersten White
Globe quotes by Brendon Burchard
#20. Too often we don't call out a wrong or expect ourselves or others to act with routine integrity, excellence, or love. There has been a worldwide failure in leadership, birthing an apathetic populace, unjustifiable poverty, unconscionable greed, and a globe ravaged and booby-trapped by war. #Quote by Brendon Burchard
Globe quotes by John Adams
#21. I will insist the Hebrews have [contributed] more to civilize men than any other nation. If I was an atheist and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations ... They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. The Romans and their empire were but a bubble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three-quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of mankind more and more happily than any other nation, ancient or modern. #Quote by John Adams
Globe quotes by Stephen Colbert
#22. Life is chaotic and unpredictable. If a butterfly flaps its wings in
one part of the world, it could cause people at the opposite end of the globe to watch a Discovery Channel special on butterflies #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Globe quotes by Jules Verne
#23. In spite of the opinions of certain narrow-minded people, who would shut up the human race upon this globe, as within some magic circle it must never outstep, we shall one day travel to the moon, the planets, and the stars, with the same facility, rapidity, and certainty as we now make the voyage from Liverpool to New York! #Quote by Jules Verne
Globe quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#24. At eighteen the true narrative of life is yet to be
commenced. Before that time we sit listening to a tale, a marvelous fiction, delightful sometimes, and sad sometimes, almost always unreal. Before that time our world is heroic, its inhabitants half-divine or semi-demon; its scenes are dreamscenes; darker woods and stranger hills, brighter skies, more dangerous waters, sweeter flowers, more tempting fruits, wider plains, drearier deserts, sunnier fields than are found in nature, overspread our enchanted globe. What a moon we gaze on before that time! How the trembling of our hearts at her aspect bears
witness to its unutterable beauty! #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Globe quotes by Denise Duhamel
#25. I just didn't get it -
even with the teacher holding an orange (the earth) in one hand
and a lemon (the moon) in the other,
her favorite student (the sun) standing behind her with a flashlight.
I just couldn't grasp it -
this whole citrus universe, these bumpy planets revolving so slowly
no one could even see themselves moving.
I used to think if I could only concentrate hard enough
I could be the one person to feel what no one else could,
sense a small tug from the ground, a sky shift, the earth changing gears.
Even though I was only one mini-speck on a speck,
even though I was merely a pinprick in one goosebump on the orange,
I was sure then I was the most specially perceptive, perceptively sensitive.
I was sure then my mother was the only mother to snap,
"The world doesn't revolve around you!"
The earth was fragile and mostly water,
just the way the orange was mostly water if you peeled it,
just the way I was mostly water if you peeled me.
Looking back on that third grade science demonstration,
I can understand why some people gave up on fame or religion or cures -
especially people who have an understanding
of the excruciating crawl of the world,
who have a well-developed sense of spatial reasoning
and the tininess that it is to be one of us.
But not me - even now I wouldn't mind being god, the force
who spins the planets the way I spin a globe, #Quote by Denise Duhamel
Globe quotes by Joseph Finder
#26. She smiled, nodded, and kept walking. She waved her badge at the proximity sensor, stepped into the revolving door, and entered the cavernous atrium. Right in the center, surrounded by tropical foliage, was a huge bronze globe, the continents sculpted in sharp relief. On the front of the globe, set at a jaunty angle, was the Gifford Industries logo, which couldn't have been more hokey: retro squared-off streamlined script that must have looked futuristic when it was designed in the 1930s. A couple more people waved at her, flashed sympathetic looks, and she ducked into the express elevator to the twenty-fourth floor. She slid her security card into the slot, and the elevator rose. The lights in the executive suite were already on, which surprised her. She was normally the first one in. She passed her prox badge against the sensor until it beeped, then pushed open the glass doors. When she rounded the corner, she saw someone sitting at her desk. Noreen Purvis. 23. #Quote by Joseph Finder
Globe quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#27. Exile is terrible to those who have, as it were, a circumscribed habitation; but not to those who look upon the whole globe but as one city. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Globe quotes by Tristan Tzara
#28. and on the other side for lack of sun there is death perhaps
waiting for you in the uproar of a dazzling whirlwind with a thousand explosive arms
stretched toward you man flower passing from the seller's hands to
those of the lover and the loved
passing from the hand of one event to the other passive and sad parakeet
the teeth of doors are chattering and everything is done with
impatience to make you leave quickly
man amiable merchandise eyes open but tightly sealed
cough of waterfall rhythm projected in meridians and slices
globe spotted with mud with leprosy and blood
winter mounted on its pedestal of night poor night weak and sterile
draws the drapery of cloud over the cold menagerie
and holds in its hands as if to throw a ball
luminous number your head full of poetry #Quote by Tristan Tzara
Globe quotes by Charles Halford
#29. Who doesn't want to be loved? That's the whole point. So, when you can get that from someone across the globe, for just telling a story, that's a special thing. #Quote by Charles Halford
Globe quotes by Bradley A. Smith
#30. Even leaving aside government policy, whole industries are already making expensive changes around the perceived need to 'go green.' Al Gore and countless other prophets of global catastrophe are making megamillions pushing these expensive solutions. Schoolchildren around the globe are being frightened by tales of impending calamity. #Quote by Bradley A. Smith
Globe quotes by Giles Milton
#31. He was the first to admit that he had been singularly ill-qualified for all his previous jobs. Just a few months earlier, he had accepted the editorship of Gardening Magazine. 'Nobody could know less about gardening than me,' he said. But it didn't stop him dispensing advice for his readers. 'I would solemnly give them my views on whether it were better to plant globe artichokes in September or March.'18 Now, at last, he had fallen into a job for which he was extremely well qualified, one in which the only seeds to be planted were those of wholescale destruction. #Quote by Giles Milton
Globe quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#32. You are like a global market. You can't hide yourself from global customers! Make a global exposure of your dreams and you will achieve global success! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Globe quotes by Neil Atkinson
#33. It is, as calls to arms go, straightforward. Crystal clear. And if you aren't looking forward to Spurs and Kazan, to Southampton and Bournemouth, if that just doesn't get you going, wanting to be emotional, unashamedly emotional, optimistic, passionate in a way that outsiders love to mock and our own meek minded souls call 'embarrassing' then you know what? There's the door. There is the door, and you can walk through it, and both you and us will be happier for that. Because, for ninety minutes every few days, this fella represents Liverpool, eleven lads wearing Red represent Liverpool and we represent Liverpool. Wherever we are on globe, with an even greater responsibility if we are in the stadium. #Quote by Neil Atkinson
Globe quotes by David Attenborough
#34. Birds were flying from continent to continent long before we were. They reached the coldest place on Earth, Antarctica, long before we did. They can survive in the hottest of deserts. Some can remain on the wing for years at a time. They can girdle the globe. Now, we have taken over the earth and the sea and the sky, but with skill and care and knowledge, we can ensure that there is still a place on Earth for birds in all their beauty and variety - if we want to ... And surely, we should. #Quote by David Attenborough
Globe quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#35. When the English adopted the institution of the jury, they were a half-barbaric people; they have since become one of the most enlightened nations of the globe, and their attachment to the jury has seemed to increase with their enlightenment. #Quote by Alexis De Tocqueville
Globe quotes by Albert Einstein
#36. When a blind beetle crawls over the surface of the globe, he doesn't realize that the track he has covered is curved. I was lucky enough to have spotted it. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Globe quotes by John Dolan
#37. Time. So much of our human experience is bound up in time, I muse. It reflects in our everyday colloquialisms, and drives so much of our activities. Yet this obsession with the passing of the hours is a relatively modern phenomenon; an inevitable product of the Industrial Revolution, and its fixation on efficiency. A new master exported by England across the globe, so that in the developed world at least everyone has one wrist on which is clamped the new and unforgiving shackle we call a watch. In less pressurised days, men observed the ageing of the universe through the more sedate changing of the seasons. But no more. Now the hour is king, or the minute and sometimes even the second. We are all people in a rush, where speed is of the essence, and slow is often deployed as a term of abuse. #Quote by John Dolan
Globe quotes by Gerald R. Ford
#38. I just don't think we should go hellfire damnation around the globe freeing people, unless it is directly related to our own national security. #Quote by Gerald R. Ford
Globe quotes by Clive Thompson
#39. Railing at scientists for massaging tree-ring statistics won't stop the globe from warming if the globe is actually, you know, warming. #Quote by Clive Thompson
Globe quotes by Andrew Jackson Downing
#40. Architecture, either practically considered or viewed as an art of taste, is a subject so important and comprehensive in itself, that volumes would be requisite to do it justice. Buildings of every description, from the humble cottage to the lofty temple, are objects of such constant recurrence in every habitable part of the globe, and are so strikingly indicative of the intelligence, character, and taste of the inhabitants, that they possess in themselves a great peculiar interest for the mind. #Quote by Andrew Jackson Downing
Globe quotes by Christine Zolendz
#41. I earned my strength when a sick psychotic man took the perfect world I built for myself, shook it like a snow globe, and smashed it up against a wall. I have earned every breath I've ever took, while being choked at the hands of a madman. #Quote by Christine Zolendz
Globe quotes by Karl Marx
#42. The need of a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the entire surface of the globe. #Quote by Karl Marx
Globe quotes by Charles Dickens
#43. The world is a lively place enough, in which we must accommodate ourselves to circumstances, sail with the stream as glibly as we can, be content to take froth for substance, the surface for the depth, the counterfeit for the real coin. I wonder no philosopher has ever established that our globe itself is hollow. It should be, if Nature is consistent in her works. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Globe quotes by Daniel Clowes
#44. In a movie, you have to be mindful that no budget is going to be able to deal with running around the globe at every whim of the writer. #Quote by Daniel Clowes
Globe quotes by John William Draper
#45. I have to deplore the systematic manner in which the literature of Europe has continued to put out of sight our obligations to the Muhammadans. Surely they cannot be much longer hidden. Injustice founded on religious rancour and national conceit cannot be perpetuated forever. The Arab has left his intellectual impress on Europe. He has indelibly written it on the heavens as any one may see who reads the names of the stars on a common celestial globe. #Quote by John William Draper
Globe quotes by Emma Hooper
#46. I am drawing a dotted line across our globe, starting from home here, out along what I imagine is your path. #Quote by Emma Hooper
Globe quotes by Susan Wojcicki
#47. The reason I like my job is that I have this desire to create. I have this desire to create things and build things, and Google has enabled me to build and create things and to build products that are used by people all over the globe. #Quote by Susan Wojcicki
Globe quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#48. more than 25 billion chickens. And they are all over the globe. The domesticated chicken is the most widespread fowl ever. Following Homo sapiens, domesticated #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Globe quotes by Arjun Rampal
#49. Who doesn't know about Bollywood? After all, we churn out movies in such great quantities every year! People across the globe know Shekhar Kapur. #Quote by Arjun Rampal
Globe quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#50. To watch this crystal globe just sent from heaven to associate with me. While these clouds and this somber drizzling weather shut all in, we two draw nearer and know one another. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Globe quotes by Matt Haig
#51. When I first traveled around the globe, it took over a year, on a boat full of men, who were lucky if they made it. Now, the world is just there. All of it. In an hour I will be on a flight to Sydney, and by lunchtime I will have arrived. It makes me feel claustrophobic, as if the world is literally shrinking, like a balloon losing air. #Quote by Matt Haig
Globe quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#52. You might think that, by now, people would have become accustomed to the idea of natural catastrophes. We live on a planet that is still cooling and which has fissures and faults in its crust; this much is accepted even by those who think that the globe is only six thousand years old, as well as by those who believe that the earth was "designed" to be this way. Even in such a case, it is to be expected that earthquakes will occur and that, if they occur under the seabed, tidal waves will occur also. Yet two sorts of error are still absolutely commonplace. The first of these is the idiotic belief that seismic events are somehow "timed" to express the will of God. Thus, reasoning back from the effect, people will seriously attempt to guess what sin or which profanity led to the verdict of the tectonic plates. The second error, common even among humanists, is to borrow the same fallacy for satirical purposes and to employ it to disprove a benign deity. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Globe quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#53. Every friend whom not thy fantastic will but the great and tender heart in thee craveth, shall lock thee in his embrace. And this because the heart in thee is the heart of all; not a valve, not a wall, not an intersection is there anywhere in nature, but one blood rolls uninterruptedly in endless circulation through all men, as the water of the globe is all one sea, and, truly seen, its tide is one. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Globe quotes by Louis Agassiz
#54. One naturally asks, what was the use of this great engine set at work ages ago to grind, furrow, and knead over, as it were, the surface of the earth? We have our answer in the fertile soil which spreads over the temperate regions of the globe. The glacier was God's great plough. #Quote by Louis Agassiz
Globe quotes by Antoine Lavoisier
#55. Vegetables are organized bodies that grow on the dry areas of the globe and within its waters. Their function is to combine immediately the four elements and to serve as food for animals. #Quote by Antoine Lavoisier
Globe quotes by Hugh Elliot
#56. Either the distances betweem the distant quarters of the globe are diminished, or you have extended the powers of human action. #Quote by Hugh Elliot
Globe quotes by James Young
#57. So, it's a matter of that I want to take our music around the globe. #Quote by James Young
Globe quotes by James Lee Burke
#58. Who can make sense of the roles we play? If I could draw any conclusion about the long, depressing slog of human progress, it's the possibility that unseen elements lie just on the other side of the physical universe and that somehow we're actors on the stage of the Globe, right across the Thames from a place called Pissing Alley, whether William Shakespeare or Christopher Marlowe are aware of our presence or not. #Quote by James Lee Burke
Globe quotes by Nancy Gideon
#59. Detective, any warm-blooded male with a pulse would have his hand on your glorious ass. May I?"
"Knock yourself out."
His fingertips sketched over that tight sheen of Lycra before cupping a taut globe for a squeeze. "What kind of workout do you do to get that kind of muscle tone?"
She put her face up close to his. "I beat the shit outta guys who grab my ass. #Quote by Nancy Gideon
Globe quotes by Alec J. Ross
#60. the next wave will challenge middle classes across the globe, threatening to return many to poverty. The previous wave saw entire countries and societies lifted up economically. The next wave will take frontier economies and bring them into the economic mainstream while challenging the middle classes in the most developed economies. #Quote by Alec J. Ross
Globe quotes by Dennis Prager
#61. American troops around the globe are the greatest preservers of liberty and peace in the world. #Quote by Dennis Prager
Globe quotes by David G. McAfee
#62. It's not a religion, it's a relationship!'
Without the religion, without the archaic and flawed holy texts, there wouldn't be anything for you to manufacture a 'relationship' with. Without the wars and forced conversions key to the religion's spread across the globe, it may have died out long ago like so many others have. If that were the case, you wouldn't know the characters of Jesus or God or Muhammad or any of the tales and myths associated with a particular faith. Religions concern themselves with preserving and worshiping these myths as realities, without regard to substantial evidence to the contrary. #Quote by David G. McAfee
Globe quotes by Hendrik Poinar
#63. Every outbreak across the globe today stems from a descendant of the medieval plague. #Quote by Hendrik Poinar
Globe quotes by Sophie Kinsella
#64. If I worked at White Globe Consulting, I wouldn't be able to do my job. I would spend all day texting the other people in the office, asking them what was going on today and had they heard anything new and what did they think was going to happen.
Hmm. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not in an office job. #Quote by Sophie Kinsella
Globe quotes by Various
Globe quotes by Various
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Globe quotes by Lee Kelly
#67. Our turn," Joan whispers.
She sparks to life a small sphere of light, maybe the size of a globe, right above the audience's heads. And then she breathes life into it, slowly expanding it, like she's blowing up the world's most brilliant, glimmering balloon.
I whisper beside her, "Incredible." Because despite how dangerous magic can be - how it's been used to hide murders, cover up robberies, send people spiraling into the throes of addiction - there's just no denying that it is. #Quote by Lee Kelly
Globe quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#68. First, there is the power of the Wind, constantly exerted over the globe ... Here is an almost incalculable power at our disposal, yet how trifling the use we make of it. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Globe quotes by Arundhati Roy
#69. Colorful demonstrations and weekend marches are vital but alone are not powerful enough to stop wars. Wars will be stopped only when soldiers refuse to fight, when workers refuse to load weapons onto ships and aircraft, when people boycott the economic outposts of Empire that are strung across the globe. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Globe quotes by Mariella Frostrup
#70. I used to go out with someone who was a really great diver, and we used to go to all the great dive spots all over the globe - although I would spend most of my time crying because I was often too scared to go into the water. But once I was in the water, I loved it. #Quote by Mariella Frostrup
Globe quotes by John Niven
#71. With the indie kids you have to remember this: they really think that what they do matters in some way. They reckon that history will care. (They don't know that history will have other shit to be getting on with.) The indie kids figure that they're passing on the torch or some fucking thing. That, just as they were influenced by someone - the Velvet Underground, Jonathan Richman, the Stooges, whoever - then, in the future, young bands will be influenced by them. Maybe so. Maybe a few thousand malnourished cockless freaks scattered around the globe will give a shit. So what? Real people don't.. #Quote by John Niven
Globe quotes by Nelson Mandela
#72. Isimangaliso must be the only place on the globe where the oldest land mammal (rhinoceros) and the world biggest terrestrial mammal (elephant) share an ecosystem with the world's oldest fish (coelacanth) and the world's biggest marine mammal (whale) #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Globe quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#73. At one time I say to myself: "Surely not! The little prince shuts his flower under her glass globe every night, and he watches over his sheep very carefully ... " Then I am happy. And there is sweetness in the laughter of all the stars. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Globe quotes by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
#74. In the era of globalization, everything is interconnected. A problem in one part of the world will definitely impact on other parts of the globe. Such phenomenon is also valid for defense and security context. A conflict in a state will bring implications in its neighboring countries or other countries extended in the same region. Therefore, collaborative efforts in tackling common defense and security problems are essentially required. #Quote by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
Globe quotes by Mark Twain
#75. For England must not fall: it would mean an inundation of Russian & German political degradations which would envelop the globe & steep it in a sort of Middle-Age night & slaverly which would last till Christ comes again - which I hope he will not do; he made trouble enough before. #Quote by Mark Twain
Globe quotes by Jim Talent
#76. If we hold true to our ideals and our commitment to freedom, this generation of servicemen and women will have extended liberty to the Iraqi people, just as previous generations of Americans have all across the globe. #Quote by Jim Talent
Globe quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
#77. As much as I hungered to learn more about my past, I was afraid of learning other things too
mostly about death and despair, and dark corners of the globe. I prayed that those memories wouldn't come back to me, because I felt in my bones that some things were too frightening to remember. #Quote by Courtney Allison Moulton
Globe quotes by Adam Sedgwick
#78. The world is not as it was when it came from its Maker's hands. It has been modified by many great revolutions, brought about by an inner mechanism of which we very imperfectly comprehend the movements; but of which we gain a glimpse by studying their effects: and their many causes still acting on the surface of our globe with undiminished power, which are changing, and will continue to change it, as long as it shall last. #Quote by Adam Sedgwick
Globe quotes by Don King
#79. Bonjour to all the beautiful people of Montreal because this is like home to me. We had Sugar Ray Leonard here who changed the globe and took on Roberto Duran right here in Montreal. How did we get to Montreal? Because it's one of the fairest cities in the world. We were looking for a neutral site and we picked Montreal. Sugar Ray Leonard came in and Roberto Duran beat him - because we got our fair shake in Montreal. #Quote by Don King
Globe quotes by Robert M. Sapolsky
#80. Why should people in one part of the globe have developed collectivist cultures, while others went individualist? The United States is the individualism poster child for at least two reasons. First there's immigration. Currently, 12 percent of Americans are immigrants, another 12 percent are children of immigrants, and everyone else except for the 0.9 percent pure Native Americans descend from people who emigrated within the last five hundred years. And who were the immigrants? Those in the settled world who were cranks, malcontents, restless, heretical, black sheep, hyperactive, hypomanic, misanthropic, itchy, unconventional, yearning to be rich, yearning to be out of their damn boring repressive little hamlet, yearning. Couple that with the second reason - for the majority of its colonial and independent history, America has had a moving frontier luring those whose extreme prickly optimism made merely booking passage to the New World insufficiently novel - and you've got America the individualistic.
Why has East Asia provided textbook examples of collectivism? The key is how culture is shaped by the way people traditionally made a living, which in turn is shaped by ecology. And in East Asia it's all about rice. Rice, which was domesticated there roughly ten thousand years ago, requires massive amounts of communal work. Not just backbreaking planting and harvesting, which are done in rotation because the entire village is needed to harvest each family's rice. The United #Quote by Robert M. Sapolsky
Globe quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#81. Kaffman (2009) described childhood victimization as a "silent epidemic", and Finkelhor, Turner, Ormrod, and Hamby (2010) reported that children are the most traumatized class of humans around the globe. The findings of these researchers are at odds with the view that children have protected status in most families, societies, and cultures. Instead, Finkelhor reports that children are prime targets and highly vulnerable, due principally to their small size, their physical and emotional immaturity with its associated lack of control, power and resources; and their related dependency on caregivers. They are subjected to many forms of exploitation on an ongoing basis, imposed on them by individuals with greater power, strength, knowledge, and resources, many of whom are, paradoxically and tragically, responsible for their care and welfare. These traumas are interpersonal in nature and involve personal transgression, violation and exploitation of the child by those who rely on the child's lesser physical abilities, innocence, and immaturity to intimidate, bully, confuse, blackmail, exploit, or otherwise coerce.

In the worst-case scenario, a parent or other significant caregiver directly and repeatedly abuses a child or does not respond to or protect a child or other vulnerable individual who is being abused and mistreated and isolates the child from others through threats or with direct violence. Consequently, such an abusive, nonprotective, or malevolently exploitative #Quote by Christine A. Courtois
Globe quotes by Robert G. Ingersoll
#82. Why should men in the name of religion try to harmonize the contradictions that exist between Nature and a book? Why should philosophers be denounced for placing more reliance upon what they know than upon what they have been told? If there is a God, it is reasonably certain that he made the world, but it is by no means certain that he is the author of the bible. Why then should we not place greater confidence in Nature than in a book? And even if this God made not only the world but the book besides, it does not follow that the book is the best part of Creation, and the only part that we will be eternally punished for denying. It seems to me that it is quite as important to know something of the solar system, something of the physical history of this globe, as it is to know the adventures of Jonah or the diet of Ezekiel. (...) It seems to me that a belief in the great truths of science are fully as essential to salvation, as the creed of any church. We are taught that a man may be perfectly acceptable to God even if he denies the rotundity of the earth,(...) and yet, for failing to believe in the „scheme of salvation" another may be eternally lost. #Quote by Robert G. Ingersoll
Globe quotes by Alexander Crummell
#83. Color is nothing, anywhere. Civilized condition differences men, all over the globe. #Quote by Alexander Crummell
Globe quotes by Marva J. Dawn
#84. Reality is what we notice on the surface – what we feel or see, what superficial perspectives we might gain, for example, from television's evening news. Truth is much larger. It encompasses everything that genuinely is going on. The reality might be that our world looks totally messed up, that war and economic chaos seem to control the globe. But the truth is much deeper – that Jesus Christ is still (since His ascension) Lord of the cosmos, and the Holy Spirit is empowering many people to work for peacemaking and justice building as part of the Trinity's purpose to bring the universe to its ultimate wholeness. The reality might be that you do not feel God, but the truth is that God is always present with you, perpetually forgiving you, and unceasingly caring for you with extravagant grace and abundant mercy. Not only that, but the very process of dealing with our lack of feelings and our resultant doubts about God is one of the ways by which our trust in the Trinity is deepened. #Quote by Marva J. Dawn
Globe quotes by John Redwood
#85. Most agree, whatever their party political position, that the West can and should open its agricultural markets more fully to the products of the poorer countries of the globe. They are agricultural societies that need our markets more than our charity. #Quote by John Redwood
Globe quotes by Dave Attell
#86. So, I travel a lot. I hate traveling, mostly 'cause my dad used to beat me with a globe. #Quote by Dave Attell
Globe quotes by Wayne Dyer
#87. I know that I came into the world with what I call 'big dharma' - with a blueprint to teach self-reliance and a positive loving approach to large numbers of people all over the globe. I am ever so grateful for the circumstances of my life that allowed me to be pretty much left alone and to develop as I was so intended in this incarnation. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Globe quotes by Jeffrey Tucker
#88. The world has changed to permit ever more people in all corners of the globe to cooperate to their mutual betterment. The very prospect is inspiring people to claim their freedom and use it to make their lives better. By comparison to this activity, the disgusting behavior of nation states appears like a ridiculous anachronism that will be steamrolled by the forces of history. #Quote by Jeffrey Tucker
Globe quotes by Rick Smolan
#89. The goal of 'Data Detectives' is to spark the imagination of students around the globe by making them think about new technologies that will impact humanity in ways similar to language and art. #Quote by Rick Smolan
Globe quotes by Ted Cruz
#90. President Obama fuels that perception. That will change when militants across the globe see that when you join ISIS that you are giving up your life, you are signing your death warrant. #Quote by Ted Cruz
Globe quotes by Edmund Waller
#91. The rising sun complies with our weak sight, First gilds the clouds, then shows his globe of light At such a distance from our eyes, as though He knew what harm his hasty beams would do. #Quote by Edmund Waller
Globe quotes by Bill Bryson
#92. Every second a hundred bolts of lightning streak to Earth across the globe as the electric charges that build up within storm clouds are attracted by the positively charged ground. Earth experiences about 40,000 thunderstorms a day. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Globe quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#93. Your argument is as specious as it is fallacious. I do not give a damn that we have crossed a sea to be here. By your logic, if one was to circumnavigate the globe before being given the option of jumping off a cliff or not jumping off a cliff, you would fling yourself off immediately because - oh, my goodness - you've gone all that way and it would be a shame not to do something memorably stupid at the end. Not memorable to you, of course: you'd be dead. But everyone for miles around will always remember the day the idiot from afar threw himself to his death because, well, it would have been a shame not to. #Quote by Jonathan L. Howard
Globe quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#94. We pray for one last landing
On the globe that gave us birth;
Let us rest our eyes on fleecy skies
And the cool, green hills of Earth. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Globe quotes by David Wilkerson
#95. God hates the LUKEWARM GOSPEL OF HALF-TRUTHS that is now spreading over the Globe. This gospel says, 'Just believe in Jesus and you'll be Saved. There's nothing more to it.' It ignores the Whole Counsel of God, which speaks of Repenting from former Sins, of Taking up your Cross, of being conformed to the Image of Christ by the refining work of the Holy Spirit. It is totally silent about the Reality of Hell and an After-Death Judgment. #Quote by David Wilkerson
Globe quotes by Carter Scholz
#96. So long for us to evolve. So long to walk out of Africa and around the globe. So long to build a human world. So quick to ruin it. #Quote by Carter Scholz
Globe quotes by Nikola Tesla
#97. Within a few years a simple and inexpensive device, readily carried about, will enable one to receive on land or sea the principal news, to hear a speech, a lecture, a song or play of a musical instrument, conveyed from any other region of the globe. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Globe quotes by Lauren F. Winner
#98. I suspect the next 10 years will be years of turmoil and hardship the globe over, and with that will come a surge in a certain kind of American patriotism. Therefore, American Christians will be challenged to remember where our true fealty lies. I'm not saying there's no place for patriotism. But Christians are people whose first allegiance cannot be to a nation-state, not to any nation-state. Increased geopolitical tension may tempt us to forget that. #Quote by Lauren F. Winner
Globe quotes by Neal Boortz
#99. Let me tell you something. You win life's lottery when you're born--especially if you're born in the United States, hands down the best place in the world to begin and live your life. You're an American, the envy of people around the globe. From that point on everything else is gravy--and it's all up to you. #Quote by Neal Boortz
Globe quotes by Globe Digests
#100. The Romans gave Venus, their goddess of love, many of the attributes of Bastet, and often depicted her with a cat. Some historians believe importing cats to England was the Romans' greatest contribution toward civilizing the British. #Quote by Globe Digests
Globe quotes by Carolina De Robertis
#101. The human story is one of continual branching movement, out of Africa to every corner of the globe. When people talk of blood and soil, as if their ancestors sprung fully formed from the earth of a particular place, it involves a kind of forgetting.
(Hari Kunzru) #Quote by Carolina De Robertis
Globe quotes by William Carey
#102. Our Lord Jesus Christ, a little before his departure, commissioned his apostles to Go, and teach all nations; or, as another evangelist expresses it, Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. This commission was as extensive as possible, and laid them under obligation to disperse themselves into every country of the habitable globe, and preach to all the inhabitants, without exception, or limitation. They accordingly went forth in obedience to the command, and the power of God evidently wrought with them. #Quote by William Carey
Globe quotes by Timothy Garton Ash
#103. Ordinary Americans, and especially the small minority active in Democrat and Republican primaries, must learn more of what people across the globe are thinking and saying about the US. For if you follow that, you realise that the erosion of American power is happening faster than most of us predicted
while the politicians in Washington behave like rutting stags with locked antlers. #Quote by Timothy Garton Ash
Globe quotes by Gina Greenlee
#104. Once back home I would adjust my lens to the resolution through which I perceived the people and provinces of the globe. My daily commute, the supermarket check out line, neighborhood walks, pedestrian tasks of any job would inspire me as much as the stir of white linen canopies in Venice's Piazza San Marco; the velvety dunes of the eastern Sahara; Bali's kaleidoscope of color; my Vietnamese sisters. #Quote by Gina Greenlee
Globe quotes by Gavin Hood
#105. Hany Abu-Assad was sitting next to me, and his film 'Paradise Now' had won the Golden Globe. He said to me at the Globes, 'Paradise now, talk to you later.' [laughs] I gave him a big hug for that. #Quote by Gavin Hood
Globe quotes by Sarah Price
#106. Even if they had to travel the globe, as long as she was with him, nothing else really mattered. After #Quote by Sarah Price
Globe quotes by Luis Carlos Montalvan
#107. [it] isn't something you just get over. You don't go back to being who you were. It's more like a snow globe. War shakes you up, and suddenly all those pieces of your life - muscles, bones, thoughts, beliefs, relationships, even your dreams - are floating in the air out of your grip. They'll come down. I'm here to tell you that, with hard work, you'll recover. But they'll never come down where they once were. You're a changed person after combat. Not better or worse, just different. #Quote by Luis Carlos Montalvan
Globe quotes by Jason Farman
#108. Similarly, the computers used to run the software on the ground for the mission were borrowed from a previous mission. These machines were so out of date that Bowman had to shop on eBay to find replacement parts to get the machines working. As systems have gone obsolete, JPL no longer uses the software, but Bowman told me that the people on her team continue to use software built by JPL in the 1990s, because they are familiar with it. She said, "Instead of upgrading to the next thing we decided that it was working just fine for us and we would stay on the platform." They have developed so much over such a long period of time with the old software that they don't want to switch to a newer system. They must adapt to using these outdated systems for the latest scientific work.
Working within these constraints may seem limiting. However, building tools with specific constraints - from outdated technologies and low bitrate radio antennas - can enlighten us. For example, as scientists started to explore what they could learn from the wait times while communicating with deep space probes, they discovered that the time lag was extraordinarily useful information. Wait times, they realized, constitute an essential component for locating a probe in space, calculating its trajectory, and accurately locating a target like Pluto in space. There is no GPS for spacecraft (they aren't on the globe, after all), so scientists had to find a way to locate the spacecraft in the vast expanse. #Quote by Jason Farman
Globe quotes by Owen   Johnson
#109. Dink, my boy, I'll be a millionaire in ten years. You know what I'm figuring out all this time? I'm going at this scientifically. I'm figuring out the number of fools there are on the top of this globe, classifying 'em, looking out what they want to be fooled on. I'm making an exact science of it."

"Go on," said Dink, amused and perplexed, for he was trying to distinguish the serious and the humorous.

"What's the principle of a patent medicine? - advertise first, then concoct your medicine. All the science of Foolology is: first, find something all the fools love and enjoy, tell them it's wrong, hammer it into them, give them a substitute and sit back, chuckle, and shovel away the ducats. Bread's wrong, coffee's wrong, beer's wrong. Why, Dink, in the next twenty years all the fools will be feeding on substitutes for everything they want; no salt - denatured sugar - anti-tea - oiloline - peanut butter - whale's milk - et cetera, et ceteray, and blessing the name of the fool-master who fooled them. #Quote by Owen Johnson
Globe quotes by Oliver Tambo
#110. Using the power you derive from the discovery of the truth about racism in South Africa, you will help us to remake our part of the world into a corner of the globe on which all - of which all of humanity can be proud. #Quote by Oliver Tambo
Globe quotes by Martin Walker
#111. History's long rhythm of challenges and response, of solutions that breed new crises, is not to be interrupted. But the Cold War left one shining example of human wisdom as a legacy for the future. Fifty years after the first use of atomic weapons, the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki remain unique and poignant shrines to the inspiring fact that they have no successor. The long confrontation of the Cold War, a struggle to the death between two systems for the mastery of human destiny, was managed and resolved without that nuclear war which lurked in the monstrous imminence in silos and submarines around the globe. That was the real victory. #Quote by Martin Walker
Globe quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#112. Snow flurries began to fall and they swirled around people's legs like house cats. It was magical, this snow globe world. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Globe quotes by Gottfried Leibniz
#113. It has long seemed ridiculous to me to suppose that the nature of things has been so poor and stingy that it provided souls only to such a trifling mass of bodies on our globe, like human bodies, when it could have given them to all, without interfering with its other ends. #Quote by Gottfried Leibniz
Globe quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#114. Some men think that the globe is a sponge that God puts into their hands to squeeze for their own garden or flower-pot. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher
Globe quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#115. It's like I'd been living on a map my whole life and have only now realized the world is actually a globe. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Globe quotes by Nicolaus Copernicus
#116. The two revolutions, I mean the annual revolutions of the declination and of the centre of the Earth, are not completely equal; that is the return of the declination to its original value is slightly ahead of the period of the centre. Hence it necessarily follows that the equinoxes and solstices seem to anticipate their timing, not because the sphere of the fixed stars moves to the east, but rather the equatorial circle moves to the west, being at an angle to the plane of the ecliptic in proportion to the declination of the axis of the terrestrial globe. #Quote by Nicolaus Copernicus
Globe quotes by Anonymous
#117. That is the paradoxical power of the scale model; a child holding a globe has a more direct, more intuitive grasp of the earth's scope and variety, of its local vastness and its cosmic tininess, than a man who spends a year in circumnavigation. #Quote by Anonymous
Globe quotes by Sam Houston
#118. Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has ever blessed my vision! #Quote by Sam Houston
Globe quotes by Dennis Cardoza
#119. If the United States were to cut and run from Iraq, we would send a message of weakness that would embolden our terrorist enemies across the globe. A failed Iraq would destabilize the entire region and undermine U.S. national security for decades to come. #Quote by Dennis Cardoza
Globe quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#120. It is sometimes argued that disbelief in a fearful and tempting heavenly despotism makes life into something arid and tedious and cynical: a mere existence without any consolation or any awareness of the numinous or the transcendent. What nonsense this is. In the first place, it commits an obvious error. It seems to say that we ought not to believe that we are an evolved animal species with faulty components and a short lifespan for ourselves and our globe, lest the consequences of the belief be unwelcome or discreditable to us. Could anything show more clearly the bad effects of wish-thinking? There can be no serious ethical position based on denial or a refusal to look the facts squarely in the face. But this does not mean that we must stare into the abyss all the time. (Only religion, oddly enough, has ever required that we obsessively do that.) #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Globe quotes by Brian Williams
#121. Lately even the harshest critics of President Bush have been forced to admit maybe he's right about freedom's march around the globe. What if we are watching an example of presidential leadership that will be taught in American schools for generations to come? It's an idea gaining more currency. #Quote by Brian Williams
Globe quotes by Nikola Tesla
#122. We may produce at will, from a sending station. an electrical effect in any particular region of the globe; we may determine the relative position or course of a moving object, such as a vessel at sea, the distance traversed by the same, or its speed. #Quote by Nikola Tesla
Globe quotes by U.S. Marine Corps
Globe quotes by John Ensign
#124. The act of voting by ordinary Iraqis in the face of extreme danger confirms President Bush's belief that people around the globe, when given a chance, will choose liberty and democracy over enslavement and tyranny. #Quote by John Ensign
Globe quotes by Charles B. Rangel
#125. America's legacy has been crafted by generations of hard-working men and women who moved to the United States from all over the globe to pursue their dreams. #Quote by Charles B. Rangel
Globe quotes by Various
Globe quotes by Keith Nixon
#127. Life. It's like a snow globe. From the outside it can look pretty, idyllic, calm. But in reality it's a sham. Look closely inside and you'll see everything is fake, plastic, very small and very, very meaningless. And then every now and again some bastard comes along and shakes the whole lot up. #Quote by Keith Nixon
Globe quotes by Eric Schmidt
#128. If you look at the history of technology over a couple hundred years, it's all about time compression and making the globe smaller. It's had positive effects, all the ones that we know. So we're much less likely to have the kind of terrible misunderstandings that led to World War I, for example. #Quote by Eric Schmidt
Globe quotes by Thomas Paine
#129. O ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but
the tyrant, stand forth! Every spot of the old world is overrun with oppression.
Freedom hath been hunted round the globe. Asia, and Africa,
have long expelled her.?Europe regards her like a stranger, and England
hath given her warning to depart. O! receive the fugitive, and prepare in
time an asylum for mankind. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Globe quotes by Donna Tartt
#130. Argentina. The word itself had lost little of its power to startle and had, due to my ignorance of the physical place it occupied on the globe, assumed a peculiar life of its own. There was the harsh Ar at the beginning, which called up gold, idols, lost cities in the jungle, which in turn led to the hushed and sinister chamber of Gen, with the bright, interrogative Tina at the end - all nonsense, of course, but then it seemed in some muddled way that name itself, one of the few concrete facts available to me, might itself be a cryptogram or clue. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Globe quotes by Adlai E. Stevenson
#131. On this shrunken globe, men can no longer live as strangers. #Quote by Adlai E. Stevenson
Globe quotes by Daniel Webster
#132. Philosophic argument, especially that drawn from the vastness of the universe, in comparison with the apparent insignificance of this globe, has sometimes shaken my reason for the faith that is in me; but my heart has always assured and reassured me that #Quote by Daniel Webster
Globe quotes by Joseph Wood Krutch
#133. It is not a sentimental, but a grimly literal fact that unless we share this terrestrial globe with creatures other than ourselves, we shall not be able to live on it for long. #Quote by Joseph Wood Krutch
Globe quotes by Victor Hugo
#134. The sores of the human race, those great sores which cover the globe, do not halt at the red or blue lines traced upon the map. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Globe quotes by Jack Reed
#135. We're in danger of breaking our army and preventing our national leaders from having the flexibility to confront not just Iraq and Afghanistan, but crises around the globe. #Quote by Jack Reed
Globe quotes by Virginia Woolf
#136. She held in her hands for one brief moment the globe which we spend our lives in trying to shape, round, whole, and entire from the confusion of chaos. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Globe quotes by Mitch Albom
#137. He mentioned a dear friend Morrie had, Maurie Stein, who had first sent Morrie's aphorisms to the Boston Globe. They had been together at Brandeis since the early sixties. Now Stein was going deaf. Koppel imagined the two men together one day, one unable to speak, the other unable to hear. What would that be like?
"We will hold hands," Morrie said. "And there'll be a lot of love passing between us. Ted, we've had thirty-five years of friendship. You don't need speech or hearing to feel that. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Globe quotes by Ayn Rand
#138. Toil, comrade," he said, "is the highest aim of our lives. Who does not toil, shall not eat." The book was filled. The official applied his rubber stamp to the last page. The stamp bore a globe overshadowed by a crossed sickle and hammer. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Globe quotes by John Galsworthy
#139. He went up to the globe and gave it a spin. It emitted a faint creak and moved about one inch, bringing into his purview a daddy long legs which had died on it in latitude 44. #Quote by John Galsworthy
Globe quotes by Bob Dole
#140. I have been uplifted by the extraordinary power of the American heart - by those armies of compassion, who are willing to cross town or cross the globe to minister to those they've never met and will never see again. #Quote by Bob Dole
Globe quotes by Lord Chesterfield
#141. The French manner of hunting is gentlemanlike; ours is only for bumpkins and bodies. The poor beasts here are pursued and run downby much greater beasts than themselves; and the true British fox-hunter is most undoubtedly a species appropriated and peculiar to this country, which no other part of the globe produces. #Quote by Lord Chesterfield
Globe quotes by Craig Venter
#142. The interpretation of medicine today is 'do your clinical values fall within a normal range?' Everything in the globe right now is in the law of averages, which mean absolutely nothing to individuals. #Quote by Craig Venter
Globe quotes by Diane Lane
#143. When I was about seven, I started touring the globe as part of New York's La MaMa theater company - without my parents! #Quote by Diane Lane
Globe quotes by John Muir
#144. When we contemplate the whole globe as one great dewdrop, striped and dotted with continents and islands, flying through space with other stars all singing and shining together as one, the whole universe appears as an infinite storm of beauty. #Quote by John Muir
Globe quotes by Jules Verne
#145. The sea is everything. It covers seven tenths of the terrestrial globe. Its breath is pure and healthy. It is an immense desert, where man is never lonely, for he feels life stirring on all sides. The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. It is nothing but love and emotion; it is the Living Infinite. #Quote by Jules Verne
Globe quotes by Mark Twain
#146. There are only two forces that can carry light to all the corners of the globe ... the sun in the heavens and the Associated Press down here. #Quote by Mark Twain
Globe quotes by Bill Bryson
#147. Look at a globe and what you are seeing really is a snapshot of the continents as they have been for just one-tenth of 1 per cent of the earths history. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Globe quotes by Anthony Murphy
#148. Out of the cold pit of darkness was fashioned a great flaming globe, the inferno of hope that breaks the dawn with its blaze of brilliance. And in the scattered dark places of the earth, the first ancestors beheld the magnificent rays of daybreak as if, in the wonderful coming of the morning, the earth and sun had only just been born. #Quote by Anthony Murphy
Globe quotes by John Conyers
#149. The presence of American troops is fueling the insurgency in Iraq, as acknowledged by General Casey and numerous other experts, and is helping terrorist recruiters build their numbers across the globe. #Quote by John Conyers
Globe quotes by Pope John Paul II
#150. Humanity, its dignity and its balance, will depend at every moment and on every place on the globe,on who man is for woman and who woman is for man. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Globe quotes by Don DeLillo
#151. watched the coffee bubble up through the center tube and perforated basket into the small pale globe. A marvelous and sad invention, so roundabout, ingenious, human. It was like a philosophical argument rendered in terms of the things of the world - water, metal, brown beans. I had never looked at coffee before. #Quote by Don DeLillo
Globe quotes by Carsten Jensen
#152. Look at the swell. You'll not find a bigger swell anywhere. It has half the globe for its run-up. You're young. You have the whole world. Don't bother yourself with the past. #Quote by Carsten Jensen
Globe quotes by Mark Twain
#153. Man is the only religious animal. In the Holy task of smoothing his brother's path to the happiness of heaven, he has turned the globe into a graveyard. #Quote by Mark Twain
Globe quotes by Jane Addams
#154. What after all, has maintained the human race on this old globe despite all the calamities of nature and all the tragic failings of mankind, if not faith in new possibilities, and courage to advocate them? #Quote by Jane Addams
Globe quotes by Edward Gibbon
#155. The savage nations of the globe are the common enemies of civilized society; and we may inquire, with anxious curiosity, whether Europe is still threatened with a repetition of those calamities, which formerly oppressed the arms and institutions of Rome. #Quote by Edward Gibbon
Globe quotes by Nora Roberts
#156. Fine, a Lithuanian couple gets lost because, like men across the globe, he values his penis - among other things - as a compass. So he's incapable of asking for directions and thereby disparaging the power of his penis. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Globe quotes by Various
Globe quotes by Giordano Bruno
#158. I cleave the heavens and soar to the infinite. And while I rise from my own globe to others and penetrate ever further through the eternal field. That which others saw from afar, I leave far behind me. #Quote by Giordano Bruno
Globe quotes by Bill Cosby
#159. It was the arts, those noble expressions of the human spirit that are communicated through literature, dance, song, film, drama, painting and sculpture, among the many other such creative means, that helped articulate the sufferings of [these] people that were heard around the globe. #Quote by Bill Cosby
Globe quotes by Minae Mizumura
#160. Writers are writing in every corner of the globe.
Writers are writing, moreover, in rich countries and poor countries alike. #Quote by Minae Mizumura
Globe quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#161. We go on dating from Cold Fridays and Great Snows; but a little colder Friday, or greater snow would put a period to man's existence on the globe. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Globe quotes by E. O. Wilson
#162. Humanity, in the desperate attempt to fit 8 billion or more people on the planet and give them a higher standard of living, is at risk of pushing the rest of life off the globe. #Quote by E. O. Wilson
Globe quotes by Nora Raleigh Baskin
#163. Because in the end it was just about people: mothers, fathers, friends, foes, sisters, brothers, children born and not yet born, sons, and daughters; people from all over the United States and then all over the globe, whose lives would never be the same. Because the world changed that day, slowly and then all at once. #Quote by Nora Raleigh Baskin
Globe quotes by Eduard Suess
#164. The breaking up of the terrestrial globe, this it is we witness. It doubtless began a long time ago, and the brevity of human life enables us to contemplate it without dismay. It is not only in the great mountain ranges that the traces of this process are found. Great segments of the earth's crust have sunk hundreds, in some cases, even thousands, of feet deep, and not the slightest inequality of the surface remains to indicate the fracture; the different nature of the rocks and the discoveries made in mining alone reveal its presence. Time has levelled all. #Quote by Eduard Suess
Globe quotes by Dean Haglund
#165. I am never a stranger anywhere I go, and it gives me the opportunity to choose my habitat by literally throwing a dart at a globe. The freedom that permits one to feel welcome where ever the hang their hat cannot be overstated. #Quote by Dean Haglund
Globe quotes by Bob Taft
#166. We live in a land like no other - a land of freedom and opportunity unparalleled on the face of the globe. #Quote by Bob Taft
Globe quotes by Humphry Davy
#167. Natural science is founded on minute critical views of the general order of events taking place upon our globe, corrected, enlarged, or exalted by experiments, in which the agents concerned are placed under new circumstances, and their diversified properties separately examined. The body of natural science, then, consists of facts; is analogy, - the relation of resemblance of facts by which its different parts are connected, arranged, and employed, either for popular use, or for new speculative improvements. #Quote by Humphry Davy
Globe quotes by William Buckland
#168. The field of the Geologist's inquiry is the Globe itself, ... [and] it is his study to decipher the monuments of the mighty revolutions and convulsions it has suffered. #Quote by William Buckland
Globe quotes by Bernard Le Bovier De Fontenelle
#169. Nothing can be more destructive to ambition, and the passion for conquest, than the true system of astronomy. What a poor thing is even the whole globe in comparison of the infinite extent of nature! #Quote by Bernard Le Bovier De Fontenelle
Globe quotes by Dfbgf
#170. The Biggest Property Rental In Amsterdam

Amsterdam has been ranked as the 13th best town to live in the globe according to Mercer contacting annual Good quality of Living Review, a place it's occupied given that 2006. Which means that the city involving Amsterdam is among the most livable spots you can be centered. Amsterdam apartments are equally quite highly sought after and it can regularly be advisable to enable a housing agency use their internet connections with the amsterdam parkinghousing network to help you look for a suitable apartment for rent Amsterdam.
#Quote by Dfbgf
Globe quotes by Rick Perry
#171. But it wasn't until I graduated from Texas A & M University and joined the United States Air Force, flying C-130's all around the globe, that I truly appreciated the blessings of freedom. #Quote by Rick Perry
Globe quotes by Sterling North
#172. We do not own the land we abuse, or the lakes and streams we pollute or the raccoons and the otters we persecute. Those who play God in destroying any form of life are tampering with a master plan too intricate for any of us to understand. All that we can do is to aid that great plan and to keep part of our planet habitable. The greatest predator on earth is man himself, and we must look inward to destroy the killer instinct which may yet atomize the human race. Our morality must be extended to every living thing upon our globe, and we must amend the Gold Rule to read: ' Do unto other creatures as you would have them do unto you! #Quote by Sterling North
Globe quotes by Amos Bronson Alcott
#173. Ourselves are cosmic and capacious beyond conjecture, and to experience some notion of the planetary perspective is the richest income from travelling. It takes all to inform and educate all. Sallies forth from our cramped firesides into other homes, other hearts, are wonderfully wholesome and enlarging. Travel opens prospects on all sides, widens our horizon, liberates the mind from geographical and conventional limitations, from local prejudices and national, showing the globe in its differing climates, zones, and latitudes of intelligence. #Quote by Amos Bronson Alcott
Globe quotes by Reginald Aldworth Daly
#174. Earthquakes traveling through the interior of the globe are like so many messengers sent out to explore a new land. The messages are constantly coming and seismologists are fast learning to read them. #Quote by Reginald Aldworth Daly
Globe quotes by James Wolcott
#175. I never accepted why there should be some invisible, wavy cutoff line separating Great Fiction from phosphorescent beauties and dollhouse miniatures, novels that contain a whole world in a snow globe. #Quote by James Wolcott
Globe quotes by Jeffrey Klein
#176. Because I'm technologically able to find a like-minded person on the other side of the globe, I'm also more interested in making friends with my next-door neighbor. #Quote by Jeffrey Klein
Globe quotes by Jon Ronson
#177. I have panicked unnecessarily in all four corners of the globe. #Quote by Jon Ronson
Globe quotes by Kapka Kassabova
#178. I chose to see emigration and globe-trotting as an escape, not as a loss. Nowhere to call home? No problem, the world is my oyster. Where are you from, they ask. Does it matter, I answer.
But it does. Because how can you truly know yourself, and how can you know other place and people, if you don't even know where you come from? #Quote by Kapka Kassabova
Globe quotes by Bob Barr
#179. In a single generation, the Internet has given to virtually every person on the face of the earth the ability to communicate with fellow human beings on virtually any topic, at any time, and in every nook and cranny on the globe. This magnificent invention has done this without succumbing to government control. #Quote by Bob Barr
Globe quotes by Sarah Parcak
#180. I predict that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of undiscovered ancient sites across the globe. The only way to map them and locate them quickly is from satellites. #Quote by Sarah Parcak
Globe quotes by Raquel Cepeda
#181. Individually, every grain of sand brushing against my hands represents a story, an experience, and a block for me to build upon for the next generation. #Quote by Raquel Cepeda
Globe quotes by Melody Carlson
#182. Mostly I think I've learned to trust God more. I mean, if I start getting worried or freaked, I just try to put it in God's hands. Sometimes I imagine God cradling the globe in his hands, and I tell myself that as long as I'm with God, the Creator of the universe, I can be comfortable and at home anyplace on the planet. #Quote by Melody Carlson
Globe quotes by Webdigitronix
#183. In the present time, Information Technology has emerged as one of the most promising Industries across the globe. Globally for the reduction of cost, time and efforts involved in the production and supply of the goods and services has made whole business world to adopt the technological support. And due to this reason only Software development have emerged as a important means of growth of IT Industry in India. Software Development Companies in India Have played a crucial role in rapid development of Software industry in India. These Companies Constantly improve and enhance the world of computers and technology. With the help of Software development all the complicated machines whether its computers, laptops, mobile phones or navigation devices all these machines are the way they are today performing various tasks successfully.

As Software Development is having a essential role in many industries, so organizations have realized their importance for improving themselves in various aspects of management. Software Development have increased the productivity of the businesses by reducing the human efforts and errors. This increased demand in the Software Development have also given rise to high demand of Software Development Companies everywhere. Even there is a huge demand of best Software Company in Lucknow as Lucknow being capital of U.P have become a growing market for various industries and now almost every offline brand has setup into online businesses of their p #Quote by Webdigitronix
Globe quotes by Luther Burbank
#184. I love humanity, which has been a constant delight to me during all my seventy-seven years of life; and I love flowers, trees, animals, and all the works of Nature as they pass before us in time and space. What a joy life is when you have made a close working partnership with Nature, helping her to produce for the benefit of mankind new forms, colors, and perfumes in flowers which were never known before; fruits in form, size, and flavor never before seen on this globe; and grains of enormously increased productiveness, whose fat kernels are filled with more and better nourishment, a veritable storehouse of perfect food - new food for all the world's untold millions for all time to come. #Quote by Luther Burbank
Globe quotes by J. Thomas LaMont
#185. In the past five years, C. diff has spread across the globe, helped in large part by air travel, the availability and frequent use of antibiotics, and the graying of the world's population. #Quote by J. Thomas LaMont
Globe quotes by Peter Heather
#186. Claiming to be a unique divinely guided state, destined by the Almighty to bring Christian civilization to the entire globe, lost most of its force after two-thirds of the empire had been conquered by the standard-bearers of a different religion. Fortunately, Judaeo-Christian texts offered another, now more apposite model. From divinely ordained world conquerors, emperors were able to use the Old Testament to morph themselves into the leaders of a Chosen People, riding the Constantinopolitan Ark of salvation through besetting tempests towards final Salvation and Triumph, with apocalypse a recurrently popular genre. #Quote by Peter Heather
Globe quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#187. A great thank you to my family, friends and to those who supported me through this year of 2016. I also want to give a massive thanks to all those who are diligently spreading my work like a wild fire all over the globe. May God continue to bless you and give you more ability to spread your wings like never before.
I love and I wish you all a great Christmas and a prosperous New Year. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Globe quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#188. Today, it isn't unusual for meat to travel almost halfway around the globe to reach your supermarket. The average distance our meat travels hovers arounf fifteen hundred miles. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Globe quotes by Francis Chan
#189. The Christian life is a process of better understanding what Jesus taught, learning to apply that teaching in our everyday lives, and then teaching others - people directly around us and people on the other side of the globe - to do the same. #Quote by Francis Chan
Globe quotes by William Gibson
#190. When we were only several hundred-thousand years old, we built stone circles, water clocks. Later, someone forged an iron spring, set clockwork running, imagined grid-lines on a globe. Cathedrals are like machines defining the soul; bells of clock towers stitch the sleeper's dreams together. You see? So we've always been on our way to this new place ― that is no place, really ― but is real. It's our nature to represent: we're the animal that represents, the sole and only maker of maps. And if our weakness has been to confuse the bright and bloody colors of our calendars with the true weather of days, and the parchment's territory of our maps with the lands spread out before us ― never mind. We've always been on our way to this new place ― that is no place, really ― but is real. #Quote by William Gibson
Globe quotes by Alice Hoffman
#191. I knew the power of a single wish, after all. Invisible and inevitable, like a butterfly that beats its wings in one corner of the globe and with that single action changes the weather halfway across the world. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Globe quotes by Voltaire
#192. Opinions have caused more ills than the plague or earthquakes on this little globe of ours. #Quote by Voltaire
Globe quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#193. The auditorium: an enormous half-globe of glass with the sun piercing through. The circular rows of noble, globe-like, closely shaven heads. With joy in my heart I looked around. I believe I was looking in the hope of seeing the rose-colored scythe, the dear lips of O- somewhere among the blue waves of the unifs. Then I saw extraordinarily white, sharp teeth like the ... But no! Tonight at twenty-one o'clock O- was to come to me; therefore my desire to see her was quite natural. #Quote by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Globe quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#194. All things are moral; and in their boundless changes have an unceasing reference to spiritual nature. Therefore is nature glorious with form, color, and motion, that every globe in the remotest heaven; every chemical change from the rudest crystal up to the laws of life; every change of vegetation from the first principle of growth in the eye of a leaf, to the tropical forest and antediluvian coal-mine; every animal function from the sponge up to Hercules, shall hint or thunder to man the laws of right and wrong, and echo the Ten Commandments. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Globe quotes by Donna Mull
#195. I once read a question that somone used to begin their self-assessment: who do you most admire and why? If you are an american and have a TV in your house, you'd probably be tempted to list some sports figure, actor, singer, artist, successful businessman, or influential leader. We have been led to equate greatness with success, talent, power and recognition. Would we include on our list a single mom or dad who has faithfully served their family, the person who volunteers at the soup kitchen or homeless shelter, the guy who shovels snow for the elderly couple down the street or the soldier serving somewhere around the globe? #Quote by Donna Mull
Globe quotes by Ellie Kendrick
#196. I'd been going up for things, but I hadn't got anything, and then 'Anne Frank' came out, and there was a sudden flurry. I got a call saying they wanted to see me at the Globe, which was incredible because I'd been coming here since I was 12. #Quote by Ellie Kendrick
Globe quotes by William Buckland
#197. The days of the Mosaic creation are not to be strictly construed as implying the same length of time which is at present occupied by a single revolution of our globe, but PERIODS of a much longer extent. #Quote by William Buckland
Globe quotes by James Baldwin
#198. In America, though, life seems to move faster than anywhere else on the globe and each generation is promised more than it will get: which creates, in each generation, a furious, bewildered rage, the rage of people who cannot find solid ground beneath their feet. Just #Quote by James Baldwin
Globe quotes by Margot Wallstrom
#199. In 1966 Rolf Edberg wrote "This is mankind's home", "in the narrow borderland between the deathly heat beneath our feet and the coldness of space above us". He describes the fragility of our existence in poetic terms: "the atmospheric layer is so thin that it cannot be represented on any globe with even the finest brushstroke. At its thickest, it is only a few fractions of a millionth of the Earth's radius. This thin layer is what makes the difference between our planet and the sterile landscape of the moon." After reading that, one does feel the need to take better care of this fragile layer. #Quote by Margot Wallstrom
Globe quotes by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha
#200. There is only one you on the globe today. You have been built to inspire and designed to dazzle. Live your uniqueness! #Quote by Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

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