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Globales Marches quotes by Thomas Carlyle
#1. One is hardly sensible of fatigue while he marches to music. #Quote by Thomas Carlyle
Globales Marches quotes by Milan Kundera
#2. Tereza keeps appearing before my eyes. I see her sitting on the stump petting Karenin's head and ruminating on mankind's debacles. Another image also comes to mind: Nietzsche leaving his hotel in Turin. Seeing a horse and a coachman beating it with a whip, Nietzsche went up to the horse and, before the coachman's very eyes, put his arms around the horse's neck and burst into tears.

That took place in 1889, when Nietzsche, too, had removed himself from the world of people. In other words, it was at the time when his mental illness had just erupted. But for that very reason I feel his gesture has broad implications: Nietzsche was trying to apologize to the horse for Descartes. His lunacy (that is, his final break with mankind) began at the very moment he burst into tears over the horse.

And that is the Nietzsche I love, just as I love Tereza with the mortally ill dog resting his head on her lap. I see them one next to the other: both stepping down from the road along which mankind, "the master and proprietor of nature," marches onward. #Quote by Milan Kundera
Globales Marches quotes by Veronica Roth
#3. I shield my eyes from the sun to see her cold look - the expression I saw in my mind even before I looked at her. She looks older to me than she ever has, stern and tough and worn by time. I feel that way, too.
"These people have no regard for human life," she says. "They're about to wipe the memories of all our friends and neighbors. They're responsible for the deaths of a large majority of our old faction." She sidesteps me and marches toward the door. "I think they're lucky I'm not going to kill them. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Globales Marches quotes by Nick Cave
#4. I was about 12 years old and I was sitting watching the television and it was some kind of talent show, you know, and on marches this monkey, this ape, in a pair of red-checked trousers with a little matching jacket holding a ukelele and it started jigging around playing it, and it was looking straight into the camera, straight at me, and I remember thinking, that's it, that'll be me, you know, that'll be me. #Quote by Nick Cave
Globales Marches quotes by Mark M. Bello
#5. I don't want any civil rights marches in our city - they are not good for our image."
"Neither is an officer-involved shooting of an innocent black man who was pulled over for no apparent reason. #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Globales Marches quotes by Friedrich Schiller
#6. As noble Art has survived noble nature, so too she marches ahead of it, fashioning and awakening by her inspiration. Before Truth sends her triumphant light into the depths of the heart, imagination catches its rays, and the peaks of humanity will be glowing when humid night still lingers in the valleys. #Quote by Friedrich Schiller
Globales Marches quotes by Emma Chase
#7. We end up at an outdoor paintball course in Jersey. A woodsy, rural kind of place that's probably brimming with mosquitos and Lyme disease. When I find out Logan has never played paintball before, I sign us both up.

There's really no other option.

And our timing is perfect - they're just about to start a new battle. The worker gathers all the players in a field and divides us into two teams, handing out thin blue and yellow vests to distinguish friend from foe.

Since Logan and I are the oldest players, we both become the team captains. The wide-eyed little faces of Logan's squad follow him as he marches back and forth in front of them, lecturing like a hot, modern-day Winston Churchill.

"We'll fight them from the hills, we'll fight them in the trees. We'll hunker down in the river and take them out, sniper-style. Save your ammo - fire only when you see the whites of their eyes. Use your heads."

I turn to my own ragtag crew.

"Use your hearts. We'll give them everything we've got - leave it all on the field. You know what wins battles? Desire! Guts! Today, we'll all be frigging Rudy!"

A blond boy whispers to his friend, "Who's Rudy?"

The kid shrugs.

And another raises his hand. "Can we start now? It's my birthday and I really want to have cake."

"It's my birthday too." I give him a high-five. "Twinning!"

I raise my gun. "And yes, birthday cake will be our spo #Quote by Emma Chase
Globales Marches quotes by Kathryn Alesandrini
#8. Time is a most versatile resource. It flies, marches on, works wonders, and will tell. It also runs out. #Quote by Kathryn Alesandrini
Globales Marches quotes by Wynton Marsalis
#9. Through first-class education, a generation marches down the long uncertain road of the future with confidence. #Quote by Wynton Marsalis
Globales Marches quotes by Sara Paretsky
#10. I have one vivid memory of one of the days that the marches were taking place. We were in a Catholic, predominantly Polish and Lithuanian neighborhood. Chicago is a place where people define themselves by their parish and by their ethnicity. #Quote by Sara Paretsky
Globales Marches quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#11. While everybody else marches to the beat of their own important drum. I constantly feel hungry, metaphorically and literally. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Globales Marches quotes by Norton Juster
#12. You see," he continued, beginning to feel better, "once there was no time at all, and people found it very inconvenient. They never knew wether they were eating lunch or dinner, and they were always missing trains. So time was invented to help them keep track of the day and get to places where they should. When they began to count all the time that was available, what with 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year, it seemed as if there was much more than could ever be used. 'If there's so much of it, it couldn't be very valuable,' was the general opinion, and it soon fell into dispute. People wasted it and even gave it away. Then we were giving the job of seeing that no one wasted time again," he said, sitting up proudly. "It's hard work but a noble calling. For you see"- and now he was standing on the seat, one foot on the windshield, shouting with his ams outstretched- "it is our most valuable possession, more precious than diamonds. It marches on, it and tide wait for no man, and-"
At that point in the speech the car hit a bump in the road and the watchdog collapsed in a heap on the front seat with his alarm ringing furiously. #Quote by Norton Juster
Globales Marches quotes by Albert Howard
#13. Our industries, our trade, and our way of life generally have been based first on the exploitation of the earth's surface and then on the oppression of one another--on banditry pure and simple. The inevitable result is now upon us. The unsuccessful bandits are trying to despoil their more successful competitors. The world is divided into two hostile camps: at the root of this vast conflict lies the evil of spoliation which has destroyed the moral integrity of our generation. While this contest marches to its inevitable conclusion, it will not be amiss to draw attention to a forgotten factor which may perhaps help to restore peace and harmony to a tortured world. We must in our future planning pay great attention to food--the product of sun, soil, plant, and livestock--in other words, to farming and gardening. #Quote by Albert Howard
Globales Marches quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
#14. The vigorous branching of life's tree, and not the accumulating valor of mythical marches to progress, lies behind the persistence and expansion of organic diversity in our tough and constantly stressful world. And if we do not grasp the fundamental nature of branching as the key to life's passage across the geological stage, we will never understand evolution aright. #Quote by Stephen Jay Gould
Globales Marches quotes by A.J. Liebling
#15. News is like the tilefish which appears in great schools off the Atlantic Coast some years and then vanishes, no one knows whither or for how long. Newspapers might employ these periods searching for the breeding grounds of news, but they prefer to fill up with stories about Kurdled Kurds or Calvin Coolidge, until the banks close or a Hitler marches, when they are as surprised as their readers. #Quote by A.J. Liebling
Globales Marches quotes by Neil Young
#16. Ben Young is out on the deck with his team, having breakfast through his tube. I wonder how that feels. He seems to be content with it, although I am having some trouble reconciling the fact that Ben does not get all the big tastes anymore. He used to love Milanos and milk after every evening dinner. It was a tradition. Sometimes we still give him a tiny taste just for old times' sake. He is so accepting. It's a marvel. He is the most accepting human being I have ever met, and he is very happy. Not all the time, mind you; he has a flair for impatience if he is going somewhere and there is a delay. He just yells! You know he is pissed. There is no stopping him. More power to you, Ben Young!

We had to stop feeding Ben Young by mouth because his lungs have become compromised by all the aspirating he does. It's a complex thing, eating. The body does a lot of work to protect itself and keep food out of the lungs. Ben's body is not working like a normal body does. Ben and Dustin and Uncle Tony are out on the deck listening to tunes on the computer and grooving. Ben's next support team is incoming for a shift. Uncle Marian and Ben Bourdon arrive in Hawaii today from the mainland, and the switch takes place around twelve-thirty. Time marches on. Because of the support, Ben has a very full life and keeps moving around, doing things, seeing people and going to events. I reflect on this. Life is good. #Quote by Neil Young
Globales Marches quotes by Peter Golenbock
#17. Michael Bohn provides a rare opportunity to experience the American sporting scene in the Roaring Twenties. A constant stream of legendary characters marches across these pages. You'll meet them all: The Babe, The Four Horsemen, The Manassa Manassas Mauler, The Wheaton Iceman, Bill Tilden, Gertrude Ederle, and Grantland Rice, the sportswriter whose purple prose made them all come alive. #Quote by Peter Golenbock
Globales Marches quotes by George R R Martin
#18. Can I dwell on what I scarce remember? I held a castle on the Marches once, and there was a woman I was pledged to marry, but I could not find that castle today, nor tell you the color of that woman's hair. Who knighted me, old friend? What were my favorite foods? It all fades. Sometimes I think I was born on the bloody grass in that grove of ash, with the taste of fire in my mouth and a hole in my chest. Are you my mother, Thoros? #Quote by George R R Martin
Globales Marches quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#19. In Africa, Asia, Amerindia, Oceania, Europe came and established its order of Analysis and Death. What it could not use, it killed or altered. In time the death-colonies grew strong enough to break away. But the impulse to empire, the mission to propagate death, the structure of it, kept on. Now we are in the last phase. American Death has come to occupy Europe. It has learned empire from its old metropolis. But now we have only the structure left us, none of the great rainbow plumes, no fittings of gold, no epic marches over alkali seas. The savages of other continents, corrupted but still resisting in the name of life, have gone on despite everything... while Death and Europe are separate as ever, their love still unconsummated. Death only rules here. #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Globales Marches quotes by Pharrell Williams
#20. Alber Elbaz is just a genius. He'll be in a dinner jacket and he doesn't care what time of day it is: I love that about him. He just marches to the beat of his own drum. #Quote by Pharrell Williams
Globales Marches quotes by Graham Bianco
#21. Time marches on regardless of our actions. We are powerless to influence how it moves, so all we can do in life is ensure that when at all possible we are making the most of our existence. #Quote by Graham Bianco
Globales Marches quotes by Dannielle Wicks
#22. For a brief, silly moment, I think he's going to kiss me, and then he turns and marches through the door. #Quote by Dannielle Wicks
Globales Marches quotes by Georg Brandes
#23. The crowd will follow a leader who marches twenty paces ahead of them, but if he is a thousand paces ahead of them, they will neither see nor follow him. #Quote by Georg Brandes
Globales Marches quotes by Thomas Dolby
#24. The hardware manufacturers, game designers, cable companies and computer companies and, in fact, film studios are going to ensure that this thing marches on. They know that they are going to make an enormous amount of money from it. #Quote by Thomas Dolby
Globales Marches quotes by L.E. Sissman
#25. 3. Alone
The long march up the fulvous ridgebacks to
The marches, the frontiers of difference --
Where flesh marches with bone, day marches with
His wife the night, and country marches with
Another country -- is accomplished best,
By paradox, alone. A world of twos,
Of yangs and yins, of lives and objects, of
Sound grasses and deaf stones, is best essayed
By sole infiltrators who have cast off
Their ties to living moorings, and stand out
Into the roads of noon approaching night
Casting a single shadow, earnest of
Their honorable intention to lay down
Their lives for their old country, humankind,
In the same selfish spirit that inspired
Their lifelong journey, largely and at last
Alone, across the passes that divide
A life from every other, the sheer crags
Of overweening will, the deepening scarps
Like brain fissures that cunningly cut off
Each outcrop from the main and make it one
While its luck lasts, while its bravura holds
Against all odds, until the final climb
Across the mountains to the farther shore
Of sundown on the watersheds, where self,
Propelled by its last rays, sways in the sway
Of the last grasses and falls headlong in
The darkness of the dust it is part of
Upon the passes where we are no more:
Where the recirculating shaft goes home
Into the breast that armed it for the air,
And, as we must expect, the #Quote by L.E. Sissman
Globales Marches quotes by Albert Einstein
#26. He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice. #Quote by Albert Einstein
Globales Marches quotes by Hugh Hefner
#27. People project their own dreams, fantasies, and prejudices onto my life. So people are either fans, or jealous, or disagree. Everybody marches to a different drummer. #Quote by Hugh Hefner
Globales Marches quotes by Hugh Masekela
#28. I just came from South Africa, a place that had been in a perpetual uprising since 1653, so the uprising had become a way of life in our culture and we grew up with rallies and strikes and marches and boycotts. #Quote by Hugh Masekela
Globales Marches quotes by Amy Plum
#29. The owner of the boom box marches over and turns the music down. He shrugs when he sees me staring. "Hey, noise pollution elicits fewer phone calls to the police than screaming and battle sounds. At least, that's the case in Berlin," he says. #Quote by Amy Plum
Globales Marches quotes by Bear Grylls
#30. I was soon discharged from the rehab center and sent back to the SAS. But the doctor's professional opinion was that I shouldn't military parachute again. It was too risky. One dodgy landing, at night, in full kit, and my patched-up spine could crumple.
He didn't even mention the long route marches carrying huge weights on our backs.
Every SF soldier knows that a weak back is not a good opener for life in an SAS squadron.
It is also a cliché just how many SAS soldiers' backs and knees are plated and pinned together, after years of marches and jumps. Deep down I knew the odds weren't looking great for me in the squadron, and that was a very hard pill to swallow.
But it was a decision that, sooner or later, I would have to face up to. The doctors could give me their strong recommendations, but ultimately I had to make the call.
A familiar story. Life is all about our decisions. And big decisions can often be hard to make.
So I thought I would buy myself some time before I made it.
In the meantime, at the squadron, I took on the role of teaching survival to other units. I also helped the intelligence guys while my old team were out on the ground training.
But it was agony for me. Not physically, but mentally: watching the guys go out, fired up, tight, together, doing the job and getting back excited and exhausted. That was what I should have been doing.
I hated sitting in an ops room making tea for intelligence officers.
I tried #Quote by Bear Grylls
Globales Marches quotes by Laura Kaplan
#31. Julia supposed that there was also a difference in perspective: 'The practical level was another level down [in 1960s social movements] and not so interesting. I don't know much about organizing, but I feel as though, if the reality of the situation doesn't change people's heads, then nothing's going to change their heads. Marches and those things are not the work of it. The work of it is whatever the work is. #Quote by Laura Kaplan
Globales Marches quotes by Jack Kerouac
#32. Once there was Louis Armstrong blowing his beautiful top in the muds of New Orleans; before him the mad musicians who had paraded on official days and broke up their Sousa marches into ragtime. Then there was swing, and Roy Eldridge, vigorous and virile, blasting the horn for everything it had in waves of power and logic and subtlety - leaning into it with glittering eyes and a lovely smile and sending it out broadcast to rock the jazz world. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Globales Marches quotes by Matthew Salesses
#33. Hell or high water, Cupid marches on. In which war, he didn't say. #Quote by Matthew Salesses
Globales Marches quotes by Deanna Raybourn
#34. Plum's handsome mouth curved into a smile. "Oh, yes. It's slipped your mind, dearest, but the year is 1889 - and that means Twelfth Night falls in 1890."

I buried my face in my hands. "No."

Brisbane stirred himself. "What is the significance of 1890?"

I peeped over my fingertips. "The Twelfth Night mummers' play. Every year the villagers put on a traditional mummers' play."

Brisbane groaned. "Not one of those absurdities with St. George and the dragon?"

"The very same." I exchanged glances with Plum. His smile sharpened as he picked up the story. "I am sure Julia told you Shakespeare once stayed as a guest of the Marches at Bellmont Abbey. There was apparently a quarrel that ended with the earl's wife throwing Shakespeare's only copy of the play he was writing into the fire. They patched things up, and - "

"And to demonstrate he bore no ill will, Shakespeare himself wrote our mummers' play," I finished. "Once every decade, instead of the villagers of Blessingstoke performing the traditional play, the family perform the Shakespearean version for the local folk."
"Every ten years," Brisbane said, his black brows arched thoughtfully.

"Yes. The men in the family act out the parts and the women are a sort of chorus, robed in white and singing in the background."

"It is great fun, really," Plum put in. "Father always plays the king who sends St. George to kill the dragon and the re #Quote by Deanna Raybourn
Globales Marches quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
#35. God trains His soldiers, not in tents of ease and luxury, but by turning them out and using them to forced marches and hard service. He makes them ford through streams, and swim through rivers, and climb mountains, and walk many a long mile with heavy knapsacks of sorrow on their backs. #Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon
Globales Marches quotes by Robert Graves
#36. Poets can't march in protest or do that sort of thing. I feel that's against the rules, and pointless. If mankind wants a great big final bang, that's what it'll get. One should never protest against anything unless it's going to have an effect. None of those marches do. One should either be silent or go straight to the top. #Quote by Robert Graves
Globales Marches quotes by George R R Martin
#37. Father asked if there were any knights in the hall who would do honor to their houses by taking the black, but no one came forward, so he gave this Yoren his pick of the king's dungeons and sent him on his way. And later these two brothers came before him, freeriders from the Dornish Marches, and pledged their swords to the service of the king. Father accepted their oaths ... '
Jeyne yawned. 'Are there any lemon cakes? #Quote by George R R Martin
Globales Marches quotes by Pierce Brown
#38. An army marches on its stomach. #Quote by Pierce Brown

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