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Glamoured Album quotes by Shaun Fleming
#1. I didn't to be like, "I have to write a new album. I need to get creative." #Quote by Shaun Fleming
Glamoured Album quotes by Ice-T
#2. The best way to listen to the album is to put it on, get some Moet, lay back with your boys, and kick it. #Quote by Ice-T
Glamoured Album quotes by Ed Sheeran
#3. It's cool. One of the dudes who I made my album with who I'm a very good friend of for quite a while, I lived on his sofa for a while. And he's a professional guitar player, and he played for One Direction. And so I'd wake up on a sofa sometimes with Harry from One Direction on the other sofa, and I'd kind of be like 'you alright?' #Quote by Ed Sheeran
Glamoured Album quotes by Christina Aguilera
#4. You know what, I'm very interested in acting, but right now I'm busy promoting my album and going on tour because that's my first love, but I'm very interested in doing some parts that may come my way. I've been offered a few movie parts so far, but I have to really concentrate on singing. But it's something I'm interested in doing eventually. I haven't been offered a part that truly inspires me to take time off, though. #Quote by Christina Aguilera
Glamoured Album quotes by Rebecca St. James
#5. I'm very involved on a lot of levels in making of this album," "I wrote on 11 of the 12 tracks which is, creatively, really important to me. I want to be singing my music passionately and when I'm writing from a place where God has been teaching me something new-when I write from that place-it comes across when I'm singing. That's vital to the message and the reality of God that I want to impart with my music. #Quote by Rebecca St. James
Glamoured Album quotes by Jordan Buckley
#6. I feel the same way about every album. I think it's better than the one before. I have a strong feeling that you can't put out a record until you hate the last one you did because you have to make it better. #Quote by Jordan Buckley
Glamoured Album quotes by Guy Mankowski
#7. People like you are the reason this album needed to be written in the first place. When you've got your salary, and your cosy little ivory tower, you're dead happy to spout off about artistic integrity and us getting there together. But the minute you're asked to back your promises up with some strength of character, you come apart. You say you love good music, but you can't listen to it that carefully if you treat people like this. #Quote by Guy Mankowski
Glamoured Album quotes by Mark Kozelek
#8. I didn't want to put myself, or anyone else, asleep with another quintessential Mark Kozelek album. #Quote by Mark Kozelek
Glamoured Album quotes by James McCartney
#9. For my first album I wanted to make a record that would be intimate, deeply personal, and honest. #Quote by James McCartney
Glamoured Album quotes by Lukas Haas
#10. I'm remixing an R.E.M. track called 'I've Been High' from their last album, 'Reveal.' It's a beautiful song, but record execs didn't put it out as a single because it didn't sound like the R.E.M. we're used to. So I asked Michael Stipe if I could have the tapes to do a remix, and he agreed. #Quote by Lukas Haas
Glamoured Album quotes by Austin Mahone
#11. I think it's important to update my fans on what I'm doing and where I'm going next and when my next single is going to drop and my album. #Quote by Austin Mahone
Glamoured Album quotes by Kris Kristofferson
#12. I always had to wait until something hit me, and I could write it. But when I would cut an album, to me it represented the time that I spent since the last one. Just the way I was looking at the world. #Quote by Kris Kristofferson
Glamoured Album quotes by Dave Mustaine
#13. I let that swim around in my aching head for a few minutes - "the arsenal of megadeath ... the arsenal of megadeath" - and then, for some reason I can't quite explain, I began to write. Using a borrowed pencil and a cupcake wrapper, I wrote the first lyrics of my post-Metallica life. This song was called "Megadeth" (I dropped the second "a"), and though it would never find its way onto an album, it did serve as the basis for the song "Set the World Afire." It hadn't occured to me then that Megadeth-as used by Senator Cranston, megadeath referred to the loss of one million lives as a result of nuclear holocaust-might be a perfectly awesome name for a thrash metal band. #Quote by Dave Mustaine
Glamoured Album quotes by Grady Hendrix
#14. A song isn't a commercial for an album. It isn't a tool to build name awareness or reinforce your brand. A song is a bullet that can shatter your chains. #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Glamoured Album quotes by Dan Hawkins
#15. We still haven't played Madison Square Garden. That's a benchmark. Something will have gone seriously wrong if we don't play Madison Square Garden for this album. #Quote by Dan Hawkins
Glamoured Album quotes by Andrew Dost
#16. My dad bought a Beatles tape when I was in fifth grade, and that was the first time I ever really - I mean I was into music, but that was the first time it really blew my mind. When I heard the 'Red Compilation,' which wasn't like a proper album, I thought, 'music was more than I had ever thought it was before.' #Quote by Andrew Dost
Glamoured Album quotes by Anthony Marra
#17. We were so awkward, morning pimples in the mirror, hair where we never wanted it, and we thought of the lung cancer X-ray that was the album art for Surfin' Safari, considered the ways a body betrays its soul, and wondered if growing up was its own kind of pathology. We fell in and out of love with fevered frequency. We constantly became people we would later regret having been. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Glamoured Album quotes by Jamie Foxx
#18. Well, the album 'Intuition' is out and just went platinum officially. So I think to have the music doing what it's doing right now, man, it's the ultimate. Nobody is really selling records out there but we are at a million records and we dropped it at Christmas, so we are just trying to get that thing to like two million, you know. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
Glamoured Album quotes by Tom Curren
#19. I was in Australia in about 1996 when I played some acoustic guitar for some guys at a studio down there. They were pretty happy with it, and mentioned doing an album, so about a year later I met some people who were interested in recording. #Quote by Tom Curren
Glamoured Album quotes by Young Thug
#20. I know that everybody listens to me, but only my true fans will go and buy my album. #Quote by Young Thug
Glamoured Album quotes by Bob Marley
#21. In the abundance of water a fool is thirsty.
Rat Race, from the album Rastaman Vibration
When one door is closed, many more is open.
Coming in from the Cold, from the album Confrontation
It is better to live on the house top
than to live in a house full of confusion. #Quote by Bob Marley
Glamoured Album quotes by Mat McNerney
#22. Most every album - and especially metal albums these days - are made in a way that you can grow tired of them very easily: They're made to be dissected and played on radio, released as singles or stuck on at parties. #Quote by Mat McNerney
Glamoured Album quotes by Adam Rickitt
#23. I realised that the only time I really enjoyed music was when I was in the studio writing. So even though it was a six album deal, they saw quite early on that I wasn't enjoying it as I should be. I didn't feel there was anything behind it. #Quote by Adam Rickitt
Glamoured Album quotes by Gerald Scarfe
#24. And then I think they asked me to work on Wish You Were Here, which was the next album coming up. And I didn't do anything for a long time. I had other projects, and I didn't get around to doing anything for a bit. #Quote by Gerald Scarfe
Glamoured Album quotes by Bob Newhart
#25. I found the most difficult thing when you became successful - when I had the record album, it won Album of the Year - that you were cut off from the source of your material. Your material was everyday people, and you were kind of cut off from that, and you had to work at it. #Quote by Bob Newhart
Glamoured Album quotes by Prince
#26. Michael Jackson's album was only called Bad because there wasn't enough room on the sleeve for Pathetic. #Quote by Prince
Glamoured Album quotes by Max Tundra
#27. I love playing the drums - I really get a lot out of it - but I don't think I'm a good enough drummer to be playing live drums on all 10 tracks on my album. #Quote by Max Tundra
Glamoured Album quotes by Talib Kweli
#28. I tour whether I have album out or not. I tour more than any other hip-hop artist. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Glamoured Album quotes by Richard Roeper
#29. Living in the past is a Jethro Tull album, not a smart poker strategy. #Quote by Richard Roeper
Glamoured Album quotes by Dwayne Hickman
#30. If you had ever heard my album you would know that I could never consider the music business! #Quote by Dwayne Hickman
Glamoured Album quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#31. I'll remember you ... I remember everyone I've lost. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Glamoured Album quotes by DJ Quik
#32. I'm 14 years in the game, ... There's some kids that weren't even born when my first album came out. I wanted to draw a timeline between my old stuff and my new stuff and bridge it to where there's a level of continuity. #Quote by DJ Quik
Glamoured Album quotes by Tristan Perich
#33. To me, there's a difference between going to a concert and getting a recording. It's almost like a different release. The physical album itself is the more meaningful one for me, but I don't want to tell people how to listen to music. #Quote by Tristan Perich
Glamoured Album quotes by Shane Filan
#34. You know One Direction do a lot of up tempo songs, but when they did that Ed Sheeran song 'Little Things,' that was probably their biggest song off their last album, so it shows you that a ballad never goes out of fashion. #Quote by Shane Filan
Glamoured Album quotes by Dwight Yoakam
#35. It varies from song to song, although Buck Owens and I recently collaborated on writing a duet together and am looking forward with a great deal of anticipation to recording that track for the new studio album. #Quote by Dwight Yoakam
Glamoured Album quotes by Juicy J
#36. Sometimes with artists, I want to hear a few things before I buy the whole album. #Quote by Juicy J
Glamoured Album quotes by Ruben Blades
#37. And, he'd seen me in Panama, and he talked about maybe doing something in New York so I hooked it up when I came here and I recorded in 1969 my first album with Pete Rodriguez. #Quote by Ruben Blades
Glamoured Album quotes by Peter Hammill
#38. I continue to believe, contrary to the given wisdom, that it's more interesting to have an album - or, indeed, an individual song - which has variety rather than homogeneity. #Quote by Peter Hammill

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