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Give Everything Away quotes by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
#1. Those, then, who want to find themselves at the starting point of a truly free philosophy, have to depart even from God. Here the motto is: whoever wants to preserve it will lose it, and whoever abandons it will find it. Only those have reached the ground in themselves and have become aware of the depths of life, who have at one time abandoned everything and have themselves been abandoned by everything, for whom everything has been lost, and who have found themselves alone, face-to-face with the infinite: a decisive step which Plato compared with death. That which Dante saw written on the door of the inferno must be written in a different sense also at the entrance to philosophy: 'Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.' Those who look for true philosophy must be bereft of all hope, all desire, all longing. They must not wish anything, not know anything, must feel completely bare and impoverished, must give everything away in order to gain everything. It is a grim step to take, it is grim to have to depart from the final shore. #Quote by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
Give Everything Away quotes by Fred Rogers
#2. The real issue in life is not how many blessings we have, but what we do with our blessings. Some people have many blessings and hoard them. Some have few and give everything away. #Quote by Fred Rogers
Give Everything Away quotes by Eve Ensler
#3. I think for me, happiness is crucial, but I think we think that happiness comes from amassing goods and getting things and being loved and being successful, when in fact my experience of happiness comes when you give everything away, when you serve people, when you're watching something you do make somebody happy - that's when happiness happens. #Quote by Eve Ensler
Give Everything Away quotes by Terence McKenna
#4. We tend to disempower ourselves. We tend to believe that we don't matter. And in the act of taking that idea to ourselves we give everything away to somebody else, to something else. #Quote by Terence McKenna
Give Everything Away quotes by Pema Chodron
#5. We don't experience the world fully unless we are willing to give everything away. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Give Everything Away quotes by Alice Hoffman
#6. The frightened walk away when love is difficult. I know that now. You have to be willing to give everything away. You have to be willing to end up with nothing. Only then will your heart be whole. #Quote by Alice Hoffman
Give Everything Away quotes by Emma Cline
#7. Money is ego, and people won't give it up. Just want to protect themselves, hold on to it like a blanket. They don't realize it keeps them slaves. It's sick" "What's funny is that as soon as you give everything away, as soon as you say, Here, take it - that's when you really have everything". #Quote by Emma Cline
Give Everything Away quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#8. We've yet to comprehend the impervious reality that to gain 'life' we have to do the most scandalous thing imaginable, and that is to work 'against' the whole of our humanity and give everything away. And yet to give everything away is to work 'with' the whole of God's character. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Give Everything Away quotes by John Connolly
#9. It was human nature. You didn't give everything away; if you did, you would have nothing left.
There were those who took the view that there was a liberation in the act of confession, but mostly they tended to be the ones who were listening, and not the ones confessing. The only full confessions occur on deathbeds; all others are partial, modified. #Quote by John Connolly
Give Everything Away quotes by Ryan Sheckler
#10. I am a skateboarder, and to stay fit for skating I have to stay away from a lot of things. I go to parties and that's fun for me, but between skating and lifting and everything, I know what I have to do the next day, so I'm very conscious about my schedule and keeping it. #Quote by Ryan Sheckler
Give Everything Away quotes by Peter Craig
#11. Just for future reference, don't use words like "love" anymore. It's a very sensitive word and it wears out quickly. Romeo barely says it, but John Hinckley filled up a whole journal with it. To put it into your terms, it's a currency that's easily devalued. Pretty soon you're saying it whenever you hang up the phone or whenever you leave. It turns into an apology. Then it's an excuse. Some assholes want it to be a bulletproof vest: don't hate me; I love you. But mostly it just means--more. More, more--give me something more. A couple of years from now, when you're on your own completely, if you really fall in love, if it really comes to that--and I pity you if it does--you have to look right down into the black of her eyes, right down into the emptiness in there and feel everything, absolutely everything she needs and you have to be willing to drown in it, Kevin. You'd have to want to be crushed, buried alive. Because that's what real love feels like--choking. They used to bury some women in their wedding dresses, you know. I thought it was because all those husbands were too cheap to spring for another gown, but now it makes sense: love is your first foot in the grave. That's why the second most abused word is "forever". #Quote by Peter Craig
Give Everything Away quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
#12. The more consciousness there is in such a sufferer who in despair wills to be himself, the more his despair intensifies and becomes demonic. It usually originates as follows. A self that in despair wills to be itself is pained in some distress or other that does not allow itself to be taken away from or separated from his concrete self. So now he makes precisely this torment the object of all his passion, and finally it becomes a demonic age. By now, even if God in heaven and all the angels offered to help him out of it- no, he does not want that, now it is too late. Once he would gladly have given everything to be rid of this agony, but he was kept waiting; now it is too late, now he would rather rage against everything and be the wronged victim of the whole world and of all life, and it is of particular significance to him to make sure that he has his torment on hand and that no one takes it away from him- for then he would not be able to demonstrate and prove to himself that he is right. This eventually becomes such a fixation that for an extremely strange reason he is afraid of eternity, afraid that it will separate him from his, demonically understood, infinite superiority over other men, his justification, demonically understood, for being what he is. #Quote by Søren Kierkegaard
Give Everything Away quotes by Hal Elrod
#13. Experience G.R.A.T.I.T.U.D.E. at a deeper level ... Give it ... Receive it ... Affirm it ... Think it ... Inspire it in others ... Talk about it ... Understand it ... Dream it ... Experience it in everything you do ... #Quote by Hal Elrod
Give Everything Away quotes by Muriel Rukeyser
#14. Waiting for Icarus "

He said he would be back and we'd drink wine together
He said that everything would be better than before
He said we were on the edge of a new relation
He said he would never again cringe before his father
He said that he was going to invent full-time
He said he loved me that going into me
He said was going into the world and the sky
He said all the buckles were very firm
He said the wax was the best wax
He said Wait for me here on the beach
He said Just don't cry

I remember the gulls and the waves
I remember the islands going dark on the sea
I remember the girls laughing
I remember they said he only wanted to get away from me
I remember mother saying : Inventors are like poets,
a trashy lot
I remember she told me those who try out inventions are worse
I remember she added : Women who love such are the
Worst of all
I have been waiting all day, or perhaps longer.
I would have liked to try those wings myself.
It would have been better than this. #Quote by Muriel Rukeyser
Give Everything Away quotes by Barack Obama
#15. What we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages or working conditions ... These so-called right-to-work laws, they don't have to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics. What they're really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money. #Quote by Barack Obama
Give Everything Away quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#16. Give me today, for once, the worst throw of your dice, destiny. Today I transmute everything into gold. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Give Everything Away quotes by Joan Johnston
#17. I'm wondering what it would be like to be kissed by you."
"Let's not go there," he said. "I don't want to mess up our friendship."
"It wouldn't," she said, grinning suddenly. "I'd like to know how it feels. I mean, as an experiment."
"Put the wrong chemicals together, and they explode."
She frowned. "Are you saying you don't think I'd like it? Or that I would?"
"It doesn't matter, because I'm not going to kiss you."
She looked up at him shyly, from beneath lowered lashes, and gave him a cajoling smile. "Just one teeny, weeny little kiss?"
He laughed at her antics. Inside his stomach, about a million butterflies had taken flight. "Don't play games with me, Summer." He said it with a smile, but it was a warning.
One she ignored.
She crooked her finger and wiggled it, gesturing him toward her. "Come here, and give me a little kiss."
She was doing something sultry with her eyes, something she'd never done before. She'd turned on some kind of feminine heat, because he was burning up just looking at her. "Stop this," he said in a guttural voice.
She canted her hip and put her hand on it, drawing his attention in that direction, then slid her tongue along the seam of her lips to wet them. "I'm ready, bad boy. What are you waiting for?"
His heart was beating a hundred miles a minute. He was hot and hard and ready. And if he touched her, he was going to ruin everything.
"I'm not going to kiss you, Summer."
He saw th #Quote by Joan Johnston
Give Everything Away quotes by Dan Fletcher
#18. [On hipsters:] Everything about them is exactingly constructed to give off the vibe that they just don't care. #Quote by Dan Fletcher
Give Everything Away quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#19. City Ballet has to develop choreographers of stature and a new approach to coaching before everything we value about it fades away and, in the great tradition of the Cheshire Cat, there's nothing left but Peter Martins' smile. #Quote by Robert Gottlieb
Give Everything Away quotes by Euginia Herlihy
#20. Everything I do you are here to give me an assurance that I will succeed. What an awesome Father you are. #Quote by Euginia Herlihy
Give Everything Away quotes by John Mayer
#21. In a time when everything can be next day and ordered and put on credit and paid for, music to me is promise, all promise, very little realization. It's the promise of walking into a room with a guitar and not being sure you will leave with an idea that will take, not being sure it won't slip away from you. #Quote by John Mayer
Give Everything Away quotes by Elliot Ackerman
#22. There are these moments in the military where you're present at these enormous intersections of history and humanity. I came out of the end of that, and I just wanted to write. If you do it well, you know it will last. It can't get blown away like everything else. #Quote by Elliot Ackerman
Give Everything Away quotes by Keith Stuart
#23. Grief never really goes away. Time doesn't heal. Not fully. After a while - a few months, a few years maybe – grief retreats into the darkest corners of your mind, but it will lurk there indefinitely. It will leak into everything else you do or feel; it will lurch forward when you don't expect it. It will haunt you when you sleep.

Time doesn't heal, it cauterises. #Quote by Keith Stuart
Give Everything Away quotes by Huseyn Raza
#24. Nothing has changed, Claire. You're still as beautiful as you were when we met first and I am still in love with everything about you. We may be worlds apart but this doesn't keep our hearts at distance. I feel your breath in every breath of mine and I hear your heartbeat in every beat of my heart. I traveled to far away lands, rivers, forests, mountains, glaciers, deserts and skyscrapers but wherever I go I find you there. My dreams aren't illusions but visions of a beautiful yesterday; I play with your hair-locks, I kiss your eyes, I embrace your hands and you giggle in my arms blossoming like a flower. My love, you're my only reality, my only fantasy, my only celebration and my only refuge. I have waited a thousands suns and I can wait a thousand more to witness the moment you call out to me. That day you'll find me and even if I don't live up to see that day I will be with you forever, just remember me. #Quote by Huseyn Raza
Give Everything Away quotes by Cassia Leo
#25. I guess that's the way secrets are. They're only heavy when you're holding them. As soon as you let go, the significance of keeping those secrets hidden blows away and everything falls into place. #Quote by Cassia Leo
Give Everything Away quotes by Gena Showalter
#26. I didn't ask you to give up anything for me," she told him, "but I would have given up everything for you." The war is over, and I have lost. War. Ha! As if she could have fought a dead woman. The battle had been over before it began. "Until the end of forever, Layel." -DELILAH #Quote by Gena Showalter
Give Everything Away quotes by Alys Arden
#27. A sharp pain tugged in my chest. I wanted this all to go away. I wanted Nicco to be normal. I wanted to be normal. A part of me wanted to destroy him for everything he'd done, whatever his role...For following me. For not telling me everything. For letting me fall for him. I hated myself for wanting to cause harm to someone else. I wanted him to be stronger, to change, to want the same things as me. I wanted him. #Quote by Alys Arden
Give Everything Away quotes by Mateo Sol
#28. It's a sad reality, but in our relationships as a species, we treat each other as objects to be owned and possessed. But once we do manage to cage or "secure" our partners to "be our everything," we suffer horribly. Once we metaphorically capture that beautiful bird we were initially attracted to, we feel guilty every time the bird chirps: we are reminded that we've taken away the very thing that made the bird so beautiful in the first place. #Quote by Mateo Sol
Give Everything Away quotes by Ed Catmull
#29. Right away, we realized that we'd made a terrible mistake. Everything about the project ran counter to what we believed in. We didn't know how to aim low. We had nothing against the direct-to-video model, in theory; Disney was doing it and making heaps of money. We just couldn't figure out how to go about it without sacrificing quality. What's more, it soon became clear that scaling back our expectations to make a direct-to-video product was having a negative impact on our internal culture, in that it created an A-team (A Bug's Life) and a B-team (Toy Story 2). The crew assigned to work on Toy Story 2 was not interested in producing B-level work, and more than a few came into my office to say so. It would have been foolish to ignore their passion. #Quote by Ed Catmull
Give Everything Away quotes by George Clooney
#30. The truth is my development I hope is the same way as everything, which is, I succeed some, I fail some, and I keep slugging away at it. I really enjoy it. It's fun. #Quote by George Clooney
Give Everything Away quotes by Isabelle Ronin
#31. Everything that happens in your life is to prepare you, Veronica," she'd said. "Metal has to go through fire to melt and be turned into a sword. Be strong because this is just a test. You are being melted, being molded into a stronger person. This burning will pass, and you will find rest. Don't give up, honey. #Quote by Isabelle Ronin
Give Everything Away quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#32. We demand justice," Jeff says. "we don't have it, the world is a mess because of assholes who think they can steal everything and get away with it. So we have to overwhelm them and get back to justice."
"And conditions are ripe, is that what you're saying?"
"Very ripe. People are pissed off. They're scared for their kids. That's the moment things can tip. If it works like Chenoweth's law says it does, then you only need about fifteen percent of a population to engage in civil disobedience, and the rest see it and support it, and the oligarchy falls. You get a new legal regime. It doesn't have to get all bloody and lead to a thugocracy of violent revolutionaries. If can work. And conditions are ripe. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Give Everything Away quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#33. How embarrassing.
Give me needy emotional whining bullshit.
Give me self-absorbed egocentric twaddle.
Fuck me, I'm so tired of being me. Me beautiful. Me ugly, Blonde. Brunette. A million fucking fashion makeovers that only that only leave me trapped being me.
Who I was before the accident is just a story now. Everything before now, before now, before now, is just a story I carry around. I guess that would apply to anybody in the world. what i need is a new story about who I am.
what I need to do is to fuck up so bad I can't save myself. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Give Everything Away quotes by Twyla Tharp
#34. I've always found it necessity to strip away everything but the most fundamental ways to work - the rest is style. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
Give Everything Away quotes by Jandy Nelson
#35. Our eyes meet and hold, and the world starts to fall away, time does, years rolling up like rugs, until everything that's happened unhappens, and for a moment, it's us again, more one than two. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Give Everything Away quotes by Thea Harrison
#36. We can work it all out over time. Agreed?"
She might not know where they were going, but it was definitely a step to the right direction.
Taking a deep breath, she nodded. "Agreed."
His expression turned serious, and he eased away from the wall. Without his body weight pinning her into place, she had to force her own shaky limbs to support her.
Sliding his fingers lightly down her arm, he took her hand.
"Come make love with me," he said.
After all of that - after taking the time to create an understanding that was filled with respect and that gave her a sense of safety - how like him to make everything so classic and direct, and simple.
She tightened her hand in his. "Yes. #Quote by Thea Harrison
Give Everything Away quotes by Nikki Rowe
#37. Today,
I don't want to ask for anything
I just want to give thanks for
Everything I already have. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Give Everything Away quotes by Erich Maria Remarque
#38. I, too, am going to go away soon,' she says, 'I am weary and weary of my weariness. Everything is beginning to be a little empty and full of leave-taking and melancholy and waiting. #Quote by Erich Maria Remarque
Give Everything Away quotes by Leah Raeder
#39. I am falling in love with you, Laney Keating."
"Don't say that."
"It's true."
"Don't say it," I said miserably, looking away.
Falling for someone is like pulling a loose thread. It happens stitch by stitch. You feel whole most of the time even while the seams pop, the knots loosen, everything that holds you together coming undone. It feels incredible, this opening of yourself to the world. Not like the unraveling it is. Only afterward do you glance down at the tangle of string around your feet that used to be a person who was whole and self-contained and realize that love is not a thing that we create. It's an undoing.
"Because you deserve better," I whispered. #Quote by Leah Raeder
Give Everything Away quotes by Kailin Gow
#40. Don't worry ... three vampire meanies and a horse won't keep me away from you."
Kalina looked at Jaegar.
Jaegar shrugged. "If you don't get it, it's before your time."
"And what time is that?"
"The Dark Ages ... that's why you've never heard of it before. Everything was kept in the dark ... #Quote by Kailin Gow
Give Everything Away quotes by Nirmala Srivastava
#41. Now you are changed people. Your personality is different. It's shining through your spirit. In that spirit, you have to see everything. All your conditionings will drop out as soon as you start identifying your Self fully, fully with the spirit. Fully - again I say because we do not. We are still Christians. We are still Hindus. We are still Muslims. We are still Indians, English, this, that. We are still narrow-minded, small, little puddles. We have to be the ocean. Once you are identified with the ocean, you have to throw away everything and become absolutely clean and detached. #Quote by Nirmala Srivastava
Give Everything Away quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#42. Tear your heart away from everything else; then seek God and you will surely find him. #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
Give Everything Away quotes by Philippa Gregory
#43. Say yes,' he whispers. 'Marry me.'

I hesitate. I open my eyes. 'You will get my fortune,' I remark. 'When I marry you, everything I have becomes yours. Just as George has everything that belongs to Isabel.'

'That's why you can trust me to win it for you,' he says simply. 'When your interests and mine are the same, you can be certain that I will care for you as for myself. You will be my own. You will find that I care for my own.'

'You will be true to me?'

'Loyalty is my motto. When I give my word, you can trust me. #Quote by Philippa Gregory
Give Everything Away quotes by John Ajvide Lindqvist
#44. How do we imagine a great love?
Perhaps something along the lines of Gone with the Wind or Titanic is what comes to mind. But those aren't really about love itself, but about a situation. Everything becomes more grand when it takes place in the context of a civil war, a shipwreck, or natural catastrophe. But that is like judging the painting by the frame. That the Mona Lisa should be judged a masterpiece largely because of the carvings that surround it.
Love is love. In the dramatic stories, the people involved are physically willing to give up their lives for each other, but that is exactly what happens in the great but everyday love also. You give your lives to each other the whole way and every day, until death. #Quote by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Give Everything Away quotes by Beverly Engel
#45. When someone is unrelentingly critical of you, always finds fault, can never be pleased, and blames you for everything that goes wrong, it is the insidious nature and cumulative effects of the abuse that do the damage. Over time, this type of abuse eats away at your self-confidence and sense of self-worth, undermining any good feelings you have about yourself and about your accomplishments . #Quote by Beverly Engel
Give Everything Away quotes by Frances E. Willard
#46. That which caused the many failures I had in learning the bicycle had caused me failures in life; namely, a certain fearful looking for of judgment; a too vivid realization of the uncertainty of everything about me; an underlying doubt
at once, however (and this is all that saved me), matched and overcome by the determination not to give in to it. #Quote by Frances E. Willard
Give Everything Away quotes by Noah Munck
#47. I feel I should do everything I can to make a difference in Haiti. My main goal to help the people of Haiti is to give them homes, food, and jobs. It is heartbreaking to see little children sleeping on the ground in tents made of trash bags. I hope that we can put an end to this type of poverty not only in Haiti, but in the entire world. #Quote by Noah Munck
Give Everything Away quotes by Maria V. Snyder
#48. Janco stepped between us. "Let's see if I have this right," he said to Cahil. "Yelena beats you, so you want a rematch, but you think she'll use her magic instead of her fighting skills to win. That's quite the quandary." Janco pulled at his goatee. "Since I taught her everything she knows, and I don't have any magic, thank fate, how about you fight me? Your long sword against my bow."
" You taught her everything?" Ari asked.
Janco waved away his comment. "Details, details. I'm thinking big picture here, Ari. #Quote by Maria V. Snyder
Give Everything Away quotes by Sawm Rad
#49. With each day, each hour and every moment of life, no matter how small, I realize that I have found a way of bringing me straight to the one person that I would give everything for ... to you. I am living in a dream, in a dream I don't want to awake from. #Quote by Sawm Rad
Give Everything Away quotes by Shelly Crane
#50. I'm going to be in a better place. I'm going to see Daddy. But you are going to help people. You are the helper, Sophelia, the one who will take all the bad and ugly and make it what it was supposed to be in the first place. You will bring this world to its knees one day." I opened my mouth to say ... something. "I - " "One day you'll get to fly, Soph, just like Pan and Wendy. Fly away home to a better place where everything is brighter, boys are never lost, and mothers don't ever leave. But right now? Don't mourn me," she whispered. "I love you and I planned this. All is as it should be. One day, you will understand. #Quote by Shelly Crane
Give Everything Away quotes by Ayn Rand
#51. If you surrender everything to the government and give it total power to plan the whole economy, this will not guarantee your economic security, but it will guarantee the descent of the entire nation to a level of miserable poverty
as the practical results of every totalitarian economy, communist or fascist, have demonstrated. #Quote by Ayn Rand

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