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Gio Home Insurance quotes by Warren Buffett
#1. Reliance Insurance and Home Insurance were run into the ground, for example, their promises proved to be worthless. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Gio Home Insurance quotes by David Mitchell
#2. Behold your future, Cavendish the Younger. You will not apply for membership, but the tribe of the elderly will claim you. Your present will not keep pace with the world's. This slippage will stretch your skin, sag your skeleton, erode your hair and memory, make your skin turn opaque so your twitching organs and blue-cheese veins will be semivisible. You will venture out only in daylight, avoiding weekends and school holidays. Language, too, will leave you behind, betraying your tribal affiliations whenever you speak. On escalators, on trunk roads, in supermarket aisles, the living will overtake you, incessantly. Elegant women will not see you. Store detectives will not see you. Salespeople will not see you, unless they sell stair lifts or fraudulent insurance policies. Only babies, cats, and drug addicts will acknowledge your existence. So do not fritter away your days. Sooner than you fear, you will stand before a mirror in a care home, look at your body, and think, E.T., locked in a ruddy cupboard for a fortnight. #Quote by David Mitchell
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Bob Black
#3. Forty percent of the workforce are white-collar workers, most of whom have some of the most tedious and idiotic jobs ever concocted. Entire industries, insurance and banking and real estate for instance, consist of nothing but useless paper-shuffling. It is no accident that the "tertiary sector," the service sector, is growing while the "secondary sector" (industry) stagnates and the "primary sector" (agriculture) nearly disappears. Because work is unnecessary except to those whose power it secures, workers are shifted from relatively useful to relatively useless occupations as a measure to assure public order. Anything is better than nothing. That's why you can't go home just because you finish early. They want your *time* #Quote by Bob Black
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Don Winslow
#4. Billions of dollars, trying unsuccessfully to keep drugs out of the world's most porous border? One-tenth of the anti-drug budget going into education and treatment, nine-tenths of those billions into interdiction? And not enough money from anywhere going into the root causes of the drug problem itself. And the billions spent keeping drug offenders locked up in prison, the cells now so crowded we have to give early release to murderers. Not to mention the fact that two-thirds of all the "non-drug" offenses in America are committed by people high on dope or alcohol. And our solutions are the same futile non-solutions - build more prisons, hire more police, spend more and more billions of dollars not curing the symptoms while we ignore the disease. Most people in my area who want to kick drugs can't afford to get into a treatment program unless they have blue-chip health insurance, which most of them don't. And there's a six-month-to-two-year waiting list to get a bed in a subsidized treatment program. We're spending almost $2 billion poisoning cocaine crops and kids over here, while there's no money at home to help someone who wants to get off drugs. It's insanity. #Quote by Don Winslow
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Annette Wise
#5. My Future Self

My future self and I become closer and closer as time goes by. I must admit that I neglected and ignored her until she punched me in the gut, grabbed me by the hair and turned my butt around to introduce herself.

Well, at least that's what it felt like every time I left the convalescent hospital after doing skills training for a certification I needed to help me start my residential care business. I was going to be providing specialized, 24/7 residential care and supervising direct care staff for non-verbal, non-ambulatory adult men in diapers! I ran to the Red Cross and took the certified nurse assistant class so I would at least know something about the job I would soon be hiring people to do and to make sure my clients received the best care.

The training facility was a Medicaid hospital. I would drive home in tears after seeing what happens when people are not able to afford long-term medical care and the government has to provide that care. But it was seeing all the "young" patients that brought me to tears.

And I had thought that only the elderly lived like this in convalescent hospitals….
I am fortunate to have good health but this experience showed me that there is the unexpected.

So I drove home each day in tears, promising God out loud, over and over again, that I would take care of my health and take care of my finances. That is how I met my future self. She was like, don't let this be us gi #Quote by Annette Wise
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#6. Health, social life, job, house, partners, finances; leisure use, leisure amount; working time, education, income, children; food, water, shelter, clothing, sex, health care; mobility; physical safety, social safety, job security, savings account, insurance, disability protection, family leave, vacation; place tenure, a commons; access to wilderness, mountains, ocean; peace, political stability, political input, political satisfaction; air, water, esteem; status, recognition; home, community, neighbors, civil society, sports, the arts; longevity treatments, gender choice; the opportunity to become more what you are
that's all you need #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Suze Orman
#7. While a reverse mortgage can indeed be a viable way to generate income, it is very important to understand that after you take out a reverse mortgage, you will still be responsible for paying the property tax, the insurance premium, and all the maintenance costs for your home. #Quote by Suze Orman
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Benjamin Walker
#8. The place I feel most at home is when I have health insurance. I really don't care how I get it, whether it's on film, or television or waiting tables, you know? #Quote by Benjamin Walker
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Ram Dass
#9. My colleagues and I were 9 to 5 psychologists: we came to work every day and we did our psychology, just like you would do insurance or auto mechanics, and then at 5 we went home and were just as neurotic as we were before we went to work. Somehow, it seemed to me, if all of this theory were right, it should play more intimately into my own life. #Quote by Ram Dass
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Josh Turner
#10. You have to make a lot of sacrifices, and the main thing you have to sacrifice is your privacy. It's funny because when I was growing up, my daddy was and still is an insurance agent in our home town. He couldn't go anywhere without somebody recognizing him or needing something from him. #Quote by Josh Turner
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Amelia Warren Tyagi
#11. The point is that families today are spending their money no more foolishly than their parents did. And yet they're five times more likely to go bankrupt, and three times more likely to lose their homes. Families are going broke on the basics - housing, health insurance, and education. These are the kind of bills that you can't just trim around the edges in the event of a downturn. #Quote by Amelia Warren Tyagi
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Graham Greene
#12. From eight-thirty in the morning until eleven he dealt with a case of petty larceny; there were six witnesses to examine, and he didn't believe a word that any of them said. In European cases there are words one believes and words one distrusts: it is possible to draw a speculative line between the truth and the lies; at least the cui bono principle to some extent operates, and it is usually safe to assume, if the accusation is theft and there is no question of insurance, that something has at least been stolen. But here one could make no such assumption; one could draw no lines. He had known police officers who nerves broke down in the effort to separate a single grain of incontestable truth; they ended, some of them, by striking a witness, they were pilloried in the local Creole papers and were invalided home or transferred. It woke in some men a virulent hatred of a black skin, but Scobie had long ago, during his fifteen years, passed through the dangerous stages; now lost in the tangle of lies he felt an extraordinary affection for these people who paralysed an alien form of justice by so simple a method. #Quote by Graham Greene
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Debbie Stabenow
#13. Five thousand people every day lose their home because of a medical bankruptcy. Most of them had insurance. #Quote by Debbie Stabenow
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Michael Lewis
#14. When the Goldman Sachs saleswoman called Mike Burry and told him that her firm would be happy to sell him credit default swaps in $100 million chunks, Burry guessed, rightly, that Goldman wasn't ultimately on the other side of his bets. Goldman would never be so stupid as to make huge naked bets that millions of insolvent Americans would repay their home loans. He didn't know who, or why, or how much, but he knew that some giant corporate entity with a triple-A rating was out there selling credit default swaps on subprime mortgage bonds. Only a triple-A-rated corporation could assume such risk, no money down, and no questions asked. Burry was right about this, too, but it would be three years before he knew it. The party on the other side of his bet against subprime mortgage bonds was the triple-A-rated insurance company AIG - American International Group, Inc. #Quote by Michael Lewis
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Kevin Sinclair
#15. There is a clear link between protecting your car and home and protecting your life. So life insurance was a logical addition to the AA's range. #Quote by Kevin Sinclair
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Chris Van Hollen
#16. Every day, families in the United States face the stark choice between a roof over their heads and food on the table. Buying health insurance, owning a home, and saving up for college are just too far out of their reach. #Quote by Chris Van Hollen
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Sarah Smarsh
#17. What was still preventable in the 1980s would, in a couple decades, become manifest; what once was treatable would become deadly. I'm not sure my immediate family's brushes with death when I was a kid-mom's hemorrhage in childbirth, Grandma's collapsed lung, Dad's chemical poisoning-would be survived today. Mom would have been less healthy going into labor, Grandma would have been sent home too soon for lack of insurance, Dad would have been given a cheaper and less effective treatment. The morality rate for poor rural women, in particular, has risen sharply over my lifetime. Health insurance had been around for a long time, of course, but the power of that industry had swelled up fast, transforming access to care and all the costs that come with it. #Quote by Sarah Smarsh
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Dennis Lehane
#18. You, you buy into all this stuff about good guys and bad guys in the world. A loan shark breaks a guy's leg for not paying his debt, a banker throws a guy out of his home for the same reason, and you think there's a difference, like the banker's just doing his job but the loan shark's a criminal. I like the loan shark better because he doesn't pretend to be anything else, and I think the banker should be where I am sitting right now. I'm not going to live some life where I pay my fucking taxes and fetch the boss a lemonade at the company picnic and buy life insurance. Get older, get fatter, so I can join a men's club in Back Bay, smoke cigars with a bunch of assholes in a back room somewhere, talk about my squash game and my kid's grades. Die at my desk, and they'll already have scraped my name off the office door before the dirt's hit the coffin. #Quote by Dennis Lehane
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Jerrold Nadler
#19. Let's drive the message home: we need health insurance reform, we need a strong public option, and we won't settle for less. #Quote by Jerrold Nadler
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Alice Boyes
#20. Know Yourself: Are You a Freezer, Flyer, or Fighter?

How avoidance coping manifests for you will depend on what your dominant response type is when you're facing something you'd rather avoid. There are three possible responses: freezing, fleeing, or fighting. We've evolved these reactions because they're useful for encounters with predators. Like other animals, when we encounter a predator, we're wired to freeze to avoid provoking attention, run away, or fight.
Most people are prone to one of the three responses more so than the other two. Therefore, you can think of yourself as having a "type," like a personality type. Identify your type using the descriptions in the paragraphs that follow. Bear in mind that your type is just your most dominant pattern. Sometimes you'll respond in one of the other two ways.
Freezers virtually freeze when they don't want to do something. They don't move forward or backward; they just stop in their tracks. If a coworker or loved one nags a freezer to do something the freezer doesn't want to do, the freezer will tend not to answer. Freezers may be prone to stonewalling in relationships, which is a term used to describe when people flat-out refuse to discuss certain topics that their partner wants to talk about, such as a decision to have another baby or move to a new home.
Flyers are people who are prone to fleeing when they don't want to do something. They might physically leave the house if a relationship argument ge #Quote by Alice Boyes
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Mark E. Petersen
#21. Do we understand the gravity of the sin of dishonesty? It is not only unchristian, it is anti-Christian ... it is anti-Christ! Whether it be lying, or cheating, or robbery or deception; whether it is in the home, in business, in sports, or in the classroom; dishonesty is completely foreign to the teachings of Jesus. #Quote by Mark E. Petersen
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Paula Hawkins
#22. On the train on the way home, as I dissect all the ways that today went wrong, I'm surprised by the fact that I don't feel as awful as I might. Thinking about it, I know why that is: I didn't have a drink last night, and I have no desire to have one now. I am interested, for the first time in ages, in something other than my own misery. I have purpose. Or at least, I have a distraction. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Azar Nafisi
#23. He is more rooted to the idea of home. He created this home...and established routines like watching the BBC and cooking barbecues for friends. It's much harder to dismantle that world and to rebuild it somewhere else. #Quote by Azar Nafisi
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
#24. Burma evoked the lost Kenyan soldiers who served in the war. You never hear about them. There were a significant number of casualties, men who never came back home. But they're never commemorated. #Quote by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Ismail Kadare
#25. A mountaineer's house, before being his home and the home of his family, is the home of God and of guests. #Quote by Ismail Kadare
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Richie Havens
#26. I must have played every college and university at least three times, and that goes for most of the clubs. I'd be on the road six days a week, go home and change bags, and then be gone for another six days. #Quote by Richie Havens
Gio Home Insurance quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#27. Banning paper and plastic and making shoppers carry their groceries home in their mouths like dogs is just the thing to make a little tin humanist in the Obama West Wing think he's admiral of the Uzbek Navy. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Mitch Albom
#28. I think what you notice most when you haven't been home in a while is how much the trees have grown around your memories. #Quote by Mitch Albom
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Liane Moriarty
#29. Nope, she didn't. So we grow up and leave home, and I hear from my mum that Madeline has married some wanker, said Ed. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Frazier Glenn Miller
#30. At around 6:00 a.m., April 30, 1987, we were awakened by a loud bull horn while inside our rented mobile home at an Ozark, Missouri trailer park.
"Glenn Miller, Jack Jackson, Douglas Sheets, Tony Wydra, this is a United States Marshal. You have three minutes to come out with your hands up, or we will commence firing."
The feds had flown in two SWAT teams; one from Kentucky, the other from Louisiana (40 in all, plus the Marshals and local authorities) to make the arrests.
We were surrounded.
I had a hang-over, couldn't find my pants, and had to pee, bad. #Quote by Frazier Glenn Miller
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Dan S. Kennedy
#31. Do not arrive as an interruption or disruption, attempting to divert your reader's attention from the object it is focused on, fighting to interest him in something different from what he is already, at this moment, interested in. Instead, align yourself with the subjects already possessing his attention, the matters already garnering his interest, the self-talk conversation already occurring in his mind, and the conversations he is already having around the water-cooler at work or at the kitchen table at home with peers, friends, and family. #Quote by Dan S. Kennedy
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Sylvia Brownrigg
#32. And how easy it was to leave this life, after all - this life that could feel so present and permanent that departing from it must seem to require a tear into a different dimension. There the bunch of them were, young hopefuls, decorating their annually purged dorm rooms with postcards and prints and favorite photographs of friends, filling them with hot pots and dried flowers, throw rugs and stereos. Houseplants, a lamp, maybe some furniture brought up by encouraging parents. They nested there like miniature grownups. As if this provisional student life - with its brushfire friendships and drink-addled intimacies, its gorging on knowledge and blind sexual indulgences - could possibly last. As if it were a home, of any kind at all: someplace to gather one's sense of self. Flannery had never felt for a minute that these months of shared living took place on anything other than quicksand, and it had given this whole year (these scant seven or eight months, into which an aging decade or so had been condensed) a sliding, wavery feel. She came from earthquake country and knew the dangers of building on landfill. That was, it seemed to Flannery, the best description of this willed group project of freshman year: construction on landfill. A collective confusion of impressions and tendencies, mostly castoffs with a few keepers. What was there to count on in any of it? What structure would remain, founded on that? #Quote by Sylvia Brownrigg
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Stella Gibbons
#33. Bookshelves stood against the four walls. They were shapely and well made, but were all second-hand; Hetty had picked them up on visits to Chesterbourne. She liked her shelves to have personality, as well as the books on them, and thought it would have been simpler to order shelves to be fitted around the room, or to buy those bookcases that grow with the growth of their library, she had stood firm against the amusement of Victor and the irritation of her aunt, and had the shelves she wanted. #Quote by Stella Gibbons
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Tim Conway
#34. I avoid all the language and nudity and violence and everything. I have enough of that at home. #Quote by Tim Conway
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Ashraf Siddiqui
#35. Love is the cage and the cage is closed and the door is locked and nobody's home. #Quote by Ashraf Siddiqui
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Colleen Hoover
#36. You talk to him about the fact that we haven't had sex?" Six says, completely embarrassed.
My father shakes his head. "No, he doesn't have to. I know because every night he comes home he goes straight to his bedroom and takes a thirty-minute shower. I was eighteen once."
Six covers her face with her hands. "Oh, my God." She peeks through her hands at my dad. "I guess I know who Daniel gets his personality from."
My father nods. "Tell me about it. His mother is terribly inappropriate. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Gio Home Insurance quotes by James Gandolfini
#37. I'm an actor ... I do a job and I go home. Why are you interested in me? You don't ask a truck driver about his job. #Quote by James Gandolfini
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Clyde F. Boyle
#38. Contention with all its variations is one of the most destructive forces in home and society. Lying and stealing are only extensions of basic problems in the home environment. Some psychologists of the day would label such malfunctions as 'normal.' 'Ignore it,'they say. 'It's a normal stage which children will outgrow.'
The fact is that quarreling, lying, and stealing are not necessary or normal to proper growth and development and are as much a menace to society as to the home and the individuals. Almost all children have some of these feelings in their makeup. Nut learning to control feelings rather than letting the feelings control the person is the secret to happiness. #Quote by Clyde F. Boyle
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#39. You called me Alec just now,' Guthrie said. 'If I have dispensation to do the same, let me say it. Francis Crawford, I wish you away from this country; and if I had the hearing of a friend, and not that of the Voevoda Bolshoia, I would tell you never to come back.'

Abandoned by artifice, Lymond's face exposed, for an instant, his astonishment. 'Of course you may speak,' he said. 'At this moment … but why? I cannot see why?'

'I know you cannot see why,' said Alec Guthrie. 'You saw it when you fought Graham Malett. You saw it in France and in Malta. You saw it clearest of all at home among your own people.'

Lymond said sharply, 'That will do. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Ella Henderson
#40. A piano in the house, when I came home from school and was able to play all these different notes with all theses different sounds, I really found that fascinating. #Quote by Ella Henderson
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Erik Wecks
#41. Step 1: Secure your basic needs: food, clothing and shelter. Step 2: Create a $1,000 emergency fund. Step 3: Pay off all debts as fast as possible, other than your home. Step 4: Increase your emergency fund until it reaches 6 to 10 months of your basic needs. Step 5: Begin saving 15 percent of your income for retirement. Step 6: If so desired, save for your child's college education. Step 7: Pay off your mortgage early. Step 8: Express your values with your money. Tactics That Bring Your Strategies to Life Live by a zero-balance budget, created at #Quote by Erik Wecks
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Florence Fabricant
#42. You don't need Tom Wolfe to tell you that the Buckhead section of Atlanta is the jewel of the city, an area of gracious homes, elegant hotels and shopping centers, as well as some of the best restaurants. #Quote by Florence Fabricant
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Andy Griffith
#43. I am proud of my connections to Carolina and pleased to know that some results from a lifetime of work on television, film, stage and recordings will have a permanent home in Chapel Hill. #Quote by Andy Griffith
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Barbara Demick
#44. In North Korea, you don't own your own home; you are merely awarded the right to live there. #Quote by Barbara Demick
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#45. Highwaymen?" she asked, and couldn't hide the hopeful note from her tone.
"In the middle of the day?"
"So they're desperate."
Being robbed wouldn't be pleasant, but it would actually be preferable compared to an angry criminal running them down from his stolen property.
"That would be the logical assumption, Becca,if we didn't just leave the house of a confirmed mass murderer."
"So you did find the evidence you were after?"
"It's in the book I asked you to smuggle out. Considering how quickly we left,my guess would be that Mary Pearson immediately mentioned to her husband that she'd put you in their bedroom, and that I entered it as well. Samuel would have gone straight upstairs in that case to check on the imcriminating ledger he'd carelessly left lying on the desk."
"And found it gone," she said with a resigned sigh.
"Don't sound so aggrieved. We'll be fine."
She could have screamed at him like a harpy for that ridiculous assessment. With two more shots fired at them, her fear was rising fast. It had been the same back at the Pearson house. The moment Rupert had warned that he'd disabled one of the servants,meaning they could be found out at any moment, her nausea had abruptly ended. Incredible. Did the sudden rush of fear do that? Not that she was going to seek out things to frighten her just to get through this pregnancy a little easier, but it as an interesting side effect. She could at least test the theory at home by having #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
Gio Home Insurance quotes by Patrick O'Donnell
#46. When you go home
Tell them of us, and say
For your tomorrow,
We gave our today. #Quote by Patrick O'Donnell

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