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Ghosts quotes by Bob Dylan
#1. It rubs me the wrong way, a camera ... It's a frightening thing ... Cameras make ghosts out of people. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Ghosts quotes by Hannah Lillith Assadi
#2. Our past would dissolve. We would move on from each other and from the ghosts of our youth. #Quote by Hannah Lillith Assadi
Ghosts quotes by Mary Roach
#3. It's possible that the reason I've never experienced a ghostly presence is that my temporal lobes aren't wired for it. It could well be that the main difference between skeptics (Susan Blackmore notwithstanding) and believers is the neural structure they were born with. But the question still remains: Are these people whose EMF-influenced brains alert them to "presences" picking up something real that the rest of us can't pick up, or are they hallucinating? Here again, we must end with the Big Shrug, a statue of which is being erected on the lawn outside my office. #Quote by Mary Roach
Ghosts quotes by James Blish
#4. The boundary between the real and the unreal had been let down in Foote's mind, and between the comings and goings of the cloud-shadows and the dark errands of the ghosts there was no longer any way of making a selection. He had entered the cobwebby borderland between the human and the animal, where nothing is ever more than half true, and only as much as half true for the moment.

("There Shall Be No Darkness") #Quote by James Blish
Ghosts quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#5. They'd never scared him, really. When he was younger, he hadn't known that there was anything different about them. By the time he was old enough to figure out that no one else could see them, he was also old enough to realize that being dead didn't turn people into monsters. It just meant that most of them were lonely. #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Ghosts quotes by Jodi Picoult
#6. Suicides, almost by definition, are all ghosts - stuck earthbound because they are desperate to apologize to their loved ones or because they are so ashamed of themselves. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Ghosts quotes by John Larkin
#7. A train full of shadows. Of living ghosts. On a journey to nowhere. #Quote by John Larkin
Ghosts quotes by Elie Wiesel
#8. But the forces of evil have not abdicated. The malevolent ghosts of hatred are resurgent with a fury and a boldness that are as astounding as they are nauseating: ethnic conflicts, religious riots, anti-Semitic incidents here, there, and everywhere. What is wrong with these morally degenerate people that they abuse their freedom, so recently won? #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Ghosts quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#9. The words 'bad timing' came to be ghosts haunting our every move in Birmingham. Yet people who used this argument were ignorant of the background of our planning ... they did not realize that it was ridiculous to speak of timing when the clock of history showed that the Negro had already suffered one hundred years of delay. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Ghosts quotes by Laura Andersen
#10. I'm here for the library. Not for men, and not for ghosts. #Quote by Laura Andersen
Ghosts quotes by Rick Yancey
#11. Every face he saw was the face of a corpse-to-be. His world was peopled with living ghosts #Quote by Rick Yancey
Ghosts quotes by Emmanuelle De Maupassant
#12. Crook your finger;
they'll come closer.
Pull the covers tighter to your chin;
in beside you they'll creep. #Quote by Emmanuelle De Maupassant
Ghosts quotes by Toba Beta
#13. The presence of ghosts is only as close as your belief.
The existence of aliens is only as far as your rejection. #Quote by Toba Beta
Ghosts quotes by John Corey Whaley
#14. When I asked him the meaning of life, Dr. Webb got very quiet and then told me life has no one meaning, it only has whatever meaning each of us puts on our own life. I'll tell you now that I still don't know the meaning of mine. And Lucas Cader, with all his brains and talent, doesn't know the meaning of his, either. But I'll tell you the meaning of all this. The meaning of some bird showing up and some boy disappearing and you knowing all about it. The meaning of this was not to save you, but to warn you instead. To warn you of confusion and delusion and assumption. To warn you of psychics and zombies and ghosts of your lost brother. To warn you of Ada Taylor and her sympathy and mothers who wake you up with vacuums. To warn you of two-foot-tall birds that say they can help, but never do. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
Ghosts quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#15. They have no gods. They work magic, and think they are gods themselves. But they are not. And when they die, they (...) become dust and bone, and their ghosts whine on the wind a little while till the wind blows them away. They do not have immortal souls. #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Ghosts quotes by Roshani Chokshi
#16. She'd gathered every scrap of courage to speak these words. For the past two years, she thought that having a deadline on her life should make her pull back....
She didn't want to glide through life unfeeling. She wanted to know everything while she could. She didn't want the ghosts of thresholds not crossed hanging over her. She didn't want one night. She wanted a chance. #Quote by Roshani Chokshi
Ghosts quotes by Max Porter
#17. Perfect devices: doctors, ghosts and crows. We can do things other characters can't, like eat sorrow, un-birth secrets and have theatrical battles with language and God. #Quote by Max Porter
Ghosts quotes by Jennifer Egan
#18. Think about medieval times, Danny, like when this castle was built. People were constantly seeing ghosts, having visions - they thought Christ was sitting with them at the dinner table, they thought angels and devils were flying around. We don't see those things anymore. Why? Was all that stuff happening before and then it stopped? Unlikely. Was everyone nuts in medieval times? Doubtful. But their imaginations were more active. Their inner lives were rich and weird. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Ghosts quotes by J.M. Barrie
#19. Ghosts were created when the first man woke in the night #Quote by J.M. Barrie
Ghosts quotes by Wilbur Smith
#20. I was sitting in the Temple of Karnak on the Nile, as the sun was going down, and I was all alone, and the great Hypostyle Hall was full of shadows and ghosts of the past, and suddenly I heard this little voice saying "my name is Taita, write my story" ... and if you believe that you'll believe anything. #Quote by Wilbur Smith
Ghosts quotes by Anais Nin
#21. Once a month, the moonstorm. Dust in the eyes and ghosts in the veins. The blood of woman is spilling and all the strength ebbs away. #Quote by Anais Nin
Ghosts quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#22. I can't believe you're afraid of ghosts."
"Really? I'm afraid of everything: ghosts, germs, vulnerability, the dark, Slender Man, public speaking, earwigs... #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Ghosts quotes by James Caskey
#23. Descending south into St. Augustine's Historic District along A1A, visitors are immediately confronted by an edifice which serves as a stark reminder that the city was originally founded as a military outpost, deep in hostile territory. Jutting up like a molar from the defensive teeth of the Ancient City is the forbidding fortress of Castillo de San Marcos, a coquina fortification which has served many roles it its nearly three hundred fifty year history. #Quote by James Caskey
Ghosts quotes by Dodie Smith
#24. They call them the haunted shores, these stretches of Devonshire and Cornwall and Ireland which rear up against the westward ocean. Mists gather here, and sea fog, and eerie stories. That's not because there are more ghosts here than in other places, mind you. It's just that people who live hereabouts are strangely aware of them. #Quote by Dodie Smith
Ghosts quotes by Rhonda Hughe St. John
#25. A writer's journey may be tough, but never give up and enjoy every moment. #Quote by Rhonda Hughe St. John
Ghosts quotes by Eve Chase
#26. Ghosts are everywhere, not just the ghost of Momma in the woods, but ghosts of us too, what we used to be like in those long summers. #Quote by Eve Chase
Ghosts quotes by Josh Ritter
#27. At times throughout the night, they seemed to turn from real, living people into mere photographs of people, and then from photographs into memories, which are like photographs, and finally, as the ground blurred beneath them, whatever parts of them that could be seen from afar seemed to float like ghosts in the rippling air as they went about their work. #Quote by Josh Ritter
Ghosts quotes by Frances Hardinge
#28. Lord Fellmotte was not a man. He was an ancient committee. A parliament of deathly rooks in a dying tree. #Quote by Frances Hardinge
Ghosts quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#29. Changing from the ghosts of faith to the spectres of reason is just changing cells. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Ghosts quotes by Cassandra Clare
#30. Think of what it must have been like in the Scholomance for all those years it was closed," said Dru, her eyes gleaming with horror-movie delight. "All the way up in the mountains, totally abandoned and dark, full of spiders and ghosts and shadows ... "
"If you want to think about somewhere scary, think about the Bone City," said Livvy. The City of Bones was where the Silent Brothers lived: It was an underground place of networked tunnels built out of the ashes of dead Shadowhunters.
"I'd like to go to the Scholomance," interrupted Ty.
"I wouldn't," said Livvy. "Centurions aren't allowed to have parabatai."
"I'd like to go anyway," said Ty. "You could come too if you wanted."
"I don't want to go to the Scholomance," said Livvy. "It's in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. It's freezing there, and there are bears."
Ty's face lit up as it often did at the mention of animals. "There are bears?"
"Enough chatter," said Diana. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ghosts quotes by Sidney Dark
#31. I have met ghosts who attract me, and, following my habit in the material world, I have avoided the ghosts that bore me. #Quote by Sidney Dark
Ghosts quotes by Joseph Conrad
#32. We wander in our thousands over the
face of the earth, the illustrious and the obscure, earning beyond the
seas our fame, our money, or only a crust of bread; but it seems to me
that for each of us going home must be like going to render an account.
We return to face our superiors, our kindred, our friends
those whom we
obey, and those whom we love; but even they who have neither, the most
free, lonely, irresponsible and bereft of ties,
even those for whom
home holds no dear face, no familiar voice,
even they have to meet the
spirit that dwells within the land, under its sky, in its air, in its
valleys, and on its rises, in its fields, in its waters and its trees
mute friend, judge, and inspirer. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Ghosts quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#33. Let's just say that being able to contact ghosts makes for some very interesting ménages á trios… and ménages á quartre, and ménages á … whatever five is in French. ~Jaime Vegas #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Ghosts quotes by James Dashner
#34. But Thomas knew they were not, of course, ghosts. They were the people who'd sent them all to the Glade. The people who'd taken their lives away from them. The Creators. #Quote by James Dashner
Ghosts quotes by Kevin Wallis
#35. He wasn't sure why he felt so compelled to follow the singing, or why he needed to bring the foot with him, but he knew the two phenomena were connected. And in the midst of the mystery lay his father. His father's sanity. Nicholas was sure of this. #Quote by Kevin Wallis
Ghosts quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#36. We honor our parents by not accepting as the final equation the most troubling characteristics of our relationship. I decided between my father and me that the sum of our troubles would not be the summation of our lives together. In analysis, you work to turn the ghosts that haunt you into ancestors who accompany you. That takes hard work and a lot of love, but it's the way we lessen the burdens our children have to carry. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Ghosts quotes by Rick Riordan
#37. None of the campers paid the ghosts much attention, but as Percy's entourage walked by, with Reyna in the lead and Frank and Hazel on either side, all the spirits stopped what they were doing and stared at Percy. A few looked angry. The little boy ghost shrieked something like "Greggus!" and turned invisible. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ghosts quotes by Octavio Paz
#38. A Draft of Shadows'

desire turns us into ghosts.
We are vines of air on trees of wind,
a cape of flames
invented and devoured by flame.
The crack in the tree trunk:
sex, seal, serpentine passage
closed to the sun and to my eyes,
open to the ants.

That crack was the portico
of the furthest reaches of the seen and thought:
- there, inside, tides are green,
blood is green, fire green,
green stars burn in the black grass:
the green music of elytra
in the fig tree's pristine night;
- there, inside, fingertips are eyes,
to touch is to see, glances touch,
eyes hear smells;
- there, inside is outside,
it is everywhere and nowhere,
things are themselves and others,
imprisoned in an icosahedron
there is a music weaver beetle
and another insect unweaving
the syllogisms the spider weaves,
hanging from the threads of the moon;
- there, inside, space
is an open hand, a mind
that thinks shapes, not ideas,
shapes that breathe, walk, speak, transform
and silently evaporate;
- there, inside, land of woven echoes,
a slow cascade of light drops
between the lips of the crannies:
light is water; water, diaphanous time
where eyes wash their images;
- there, inside, cables of desire #Quote by Octavio Paz
Ghosts quotes by Stephen King
#39. I knew there were no ghosts in there, but on the other hand, what if there were? #Quote by Stephen King
Ghosts quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#40. Lockwood stepped aside, his boots crunching across the salt, to stand and study the paper beneath the light. No such luck with George; he came in close, his eyes bulging so much behind his spectacles, they almost pressed against the glass.
'I can't *believe* you did that, Lucy. You're crazy! *Purposefully* freeing a ghost!'
'It was an experiment,' I said. 'Why are you complaining? You're always messing about with that stupid jar of yours.'
'There's no comparison. I keep that ghost *in* in the jar. Anyway, it's scientific research. I do it under carefully controlled conditions.'
'Carefully controlled? I found it in the bathtub the other day!'
'That's right. I was testing the ghost's reaction to heat.'
'And to bubble bath? There were bubbles all over the jar. You put some nice soapy fragrance in that water, and...' I stared at him. 'Do you get in the tub with it, George?'
His face flushed. 'No, I do not. Not as a rule. I - I was saving time. I was just getting in myself when it occurred to me I could do a useful experiment about the resistance of ectoplasm to warmth. I wanted to see if it would contract...' He waved his hands wildly in the air. 'Wait! Why am I explaining myself to *you*? You just unleashed a ghost in our house! #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Ghosts quotes by Emmanuelle De Maupassant
#41. We who are beyond the mortal world see many things from the edges; we hear the subtle shifts of rhythm in the beat of a blackening heart. #Quote by Emmanuelle De Maupassant
Ghosts quotes by Priyanka Naik
#42. Memories are weird. They never really leave you alone, no matter how much you try, and the funny part is--the more you try, the more they haunt you. The more you want to run away, the faster they seem to catch up, and then there comes a time when you are convinced that you have finally managed to leave them behind and move on. You rejoice. You celebrate. You have exorcised the ghosts of the past--you feel liberated, UNTIL one fine day, some old memory creeps up slowly from behind and taps you on your shoulder just to say "Hi. How's it going so far?". That is when everything comes rushing in, and you realize that maybe, just maybe, it had never really gone away. #Quote by Priyanka Naik
Ghosts quotes by Annabeth Gish
#43. What scares me? I kind of believe in ghosts. I believe they can wander around, so that scares me. But the stuff that really scares me are the catastrophic events like my husband or children or my family being harmed, or something like that. #Quote by Annabeth Gish
Ghosts quotes by Brandy Nacole
#44. It seems I can go from elated, embarrassed, angry, and back to embarrassed in four comments flat. #Quote by Brandy Nacole
Ghosts quotes by David J. Schwartz
#45. Every day thousands of people bury good ideas because they are afraid to act on them.
And afterwards, the ghosts of these ideas come back to haunt them. #Quote by David J. Schwartz
Ghosts quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#46. We begin as children imagining and fearing ghosts. By degrees, through our long lives, we come to be the very ghosts inhabiting the lost landscapes of our childhood. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Ghosts quotes by Alex North
#47. The only ghosts that existed were in your head. They spoke through you, not to you. #Quote by Alex North
Ghosts quotes by Michelle Sagara West
#48. Death was silence, loss, guilt. And anger. But life led that way, anyway. From birth, it was a slow, long march to the grave. Who said that? She couldn't remember now. But it was true. They were born dying. If they were very lucky, the dying was called aging. They reached toward if as if they were satellites in unstable orbits. And then when they got there, they were just dead. One moment in time separated the living from the ghosts. #Quote by Michelle Sagara West
Ghosts quotes by Dennis Sharpe
#49. Inching into the room, it's clear something is wrong here. There's a tingling sensation up my legs and back before I can even really focus on the parlor's details. There are silhouettes of people, but I can see through them. It's like shadows were cast and left behind to do as they please. Lost in the surreal sight of them for a moment, I inch further into the room without noticing that some were now moving behind me.

There is no warning. I'm suddenly in the air, and moving backward rapidly toward the wall. It's almost a full second before my body registers the actual pain of the blow my stomach just took. Being hit by a car doesn't even compare to this, and I didn't even see it coming.

"For a shadow, you hit like a sledgehammer!" The words barely escape before something else slams into the base of my skull embedding most of my upper body in the wall and all but removing my head. These things are like Lucy; the disembodied dead who haven't moved on. I've never met others that can actually touch things physically, they must be fairly potent.

I pull my face out of the hole it had been planted in, letting plaster dust fall, coating my chest and legs like snow. Looking around quickly I try to gauge my surroundings. I can't see them, but I know they're there. Is one easy night, without a huge dry-cleaning bill, too much to ask for these days?

I only have time to dwell on it a moment before my head is bouncing off the hardwood floor; once #Quote by Dennis Sharpe
Ghosts quotes by Margaret Atwood
#50. I try to congure, to raise my own spirits, from wherever they are. I need to remember what they look like. I try to hold them still behind my eyes, their faces, like pictures in an album. But they won't stay still for me, they move, there's a smile and it's gone, their features curl and bend as if the paper's burning, blackness eats them. A glimpse, a pale shimmer on the air; a glow, aurora, dance of electrons, then a face again, faces. But they fade, though I stretch out my arms towards them, they slip away from me, ghosts at daybreak. Back to wherever they are. Stay with me, I want to say. But they won't.
It's my fault. I am forgetting too much. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Ghosts quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#51. Michael had learned the hard way that nothing good came from interfering in the affairs of the afterlife. #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Ghosts quotes by Buan Boonaca
#52. He thought he vomited out his soul. If ghosts were made of ectoplasm and ghosts were basically souls without bodies, then it was perfectly logical that the green mess all over the ground was his ectoplasmic essence. #Quote by Buan Boonaca
Ghosts quotes by Gerard Way
#53. I believe in ghosts because I had a paranormal expierience once that was very personal. Though, every fiber in my being tries to convince me they don't exist. #Quote by Gerard Way
Ghosts quotes by Ani Gonzalez
#54. I'm Norwegian and our ghosts don't care about nookie, just raiding, blood feuds, and herring recipes. #Quote by Ani Gonzalez
Ghosts quotes by E.E. Cummings
#55. alas we were chaste on earth we ghosts #Quote by E.E. Cummings
Ghosts quotes by Kristy Cunning
#56. Why are you driving?!" I shout at her. "How are you driving?!" "Because you can't have a fast getaway if you're doing the speed limit!" she snaps. "And I have ghost powers, eejit! #Quote by Kristy Cunning
Ghosts quotes by John Gardner
#57. Heidegger's parlamblings on 'Nothing' and 'Not' and 'the Nothing that Nothings' were the last supposedly respectable gasp of classical philosophy. #Quote by John Gardner
Ghosts quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#58. Ultimately, though, it's living people that frighten me the most. It's always seemed to me that nothing could be scarier than a person, because as dreadful places can be, they're still just places; and no matter how awful ghosts might seem, they're just dead people. I always thought that the most terrifying things anyone could ever think up were the things living people came up with. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Ghosts quotes by Nick Gordon
#59. On Halloween, witches come true;
Wild ghosts escape from dreams.
Each monster dances in the park ... #Quote by Nick Gordon
Ghosts quotes by Kim Harrison
#60. I sniffed, wiping my eyes. "Look at that," I muttered. "The bastard
made me cry."
Jenks' wings made a cool spot on my neck. "Want me to pixy him?"
"No. But now I don't have the chance of a ghost's fart in a windstorm
to get that Pandora charm." That's not really what was bothering me,
though. It was Trent. Why did I even care what he thought? #Quote by Kim Harrison
Ghosts quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#61. You don't have to be dead to enjoy Halloween.
You just have to have a liking for candy. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Ghosts quotes by Stephen King
#62. We need ghost stories because we, in fact, are the ghosts. #Quote by Stephen King
Ghosts quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#63. THALES. Maybe so. Still, I'll defend a life Lived worthily in its brief time on earth. PROTEUS. A life like yours, yes - it persists Well past the bounds of mortal days. Among the crowd of pale and drifting ghosts 8620 I've noticed you these many centuries. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Ghosts quotes by Jim Morrison
#64. Indians scattered on dawn's highway bleeding/Ghosts crowd the young child's fragile eggshell mind. #Quote by Jim Morrison
Ghosts quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#65. No ghosts need apply.
- Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Ghosts quotes by Xzibit
#66. I don't believe in aliens. I don't think aliens or ghosts like black people. We never get abducted; our houses never get haunted. It always happens in rural areas, where no ethnic people live. The day I see somebody from South Central Los Angeles say, 'Man, I got abducted yesterday,' then I'll believe it. #Quote by Xzibit
Ghosts quotes by Ruth Reichl
#67. Were unaware that the room was crowded with ghosts who were about to propel us into the present and force us to face the future. #Quote by Ruth Reichl
Ghosts quotes by Apryl Baker
#68. We all have that inner fear of the dark, no matter how old we get. It's an ingrained instinct to fear the velvety blackness of the night, of things you can't quite see, but know deep down in your bones is there, waiting. #Quote by Apryl Baker
Ghosts quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#69. The law of gravity and gravity itself did not exist before Isaac Newton." ...and what that means is that that law of gravity exists nowhere except in people's heads! It 's a ghost!"
Mind has no matter or energy but they can't escape its predominance over everything they do. Logic exists in the mind. numbers exist only in the mind. I don't get upset when scientists say that ghosts exist in the mind. it's that only that gets me. science is only in your mind too, it's just that that doesn't make it bad. or ghosts either."
Laws of nature are human inventions, like ghosts. Law of logic, of mathematics are also human inventions, like ghosts."
...we see what we see because these ghosts show it to us, ghosts of Moses and Christ and the Buddha, and Plato, and Descartes, and Rousseau and Jefferson and Lincoln, on and on and on. Isaac Newton is a very good ghost. One of the best. Your common sense is nothing more than the voices of thousands and thousands of these ghosts from the past. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Ghosts quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#70. Sometimes Geraldine feels like she can drive forever. Maybe that's partially why she took a job at Milo General Motors. Driving is the best means of escape that the human race has, at least, that's her opinion. She's never had the guts to try drugs before, both because her sister was a junkie in the last few months she knew her, and because she's heard the overdose horror stories, seen 'Requiem for a Dream', smelled the vapours of a meth lab that Julia's boyfriend built, heard the crunching glass of crack vials and heroine needles when they happen to break. Even this alone is too surreal, not to mention that if she were high or tripping on acid or whatever the drug of choice may be, this would give the ghosts more power to morph into something even more nightmarish than they already are. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Ghosts quotes by Robert Silverberg
#71. There are our ghosts,' Smithers said.
It was a word he liked to use, said Brewster. Like most of us Brewster had read a few ghost stories, and to him the word 'ghosts' summoned up the creaking floorboards of a haunted house, shrouded white figures gliding silently through darkness, fluttering robes moving of their own bodiless accord, strangely transparent coaches travelling swiftly down a midnight road, and other such images quite remote from the chanting and drumming of desert folk in gaudy garb, with jingling anklets and necklaces, under a hot fierce sun. But the sounds of the Thar came from some invisible source, and to Smithers they were sounds made by ghosts.
("Smithers And The Ghosts Of The Thar") #Quote by Robert Silverberg
Ghosts quotes by Eduardo Galeano
#72. The Stadium

Have you ever entered an empty stadium? Try it. Stand in the middle of the field and listen. There is nothing less empty than an empty stadium. There is nothing less mute than stands bereft of spectators.

At Wembley, shouts from the 1966 World Cup, which England won, still resound, and if you listen very closely you can hear groans from 1953 when England fell to the Hungarians. Montevideo's Centenario Stadium sighs with nostalgia for the glory days of Uruguayan soccer. Maracanã is still crying over Brazil's 1950 World Cup defeat. At Bombonera in Buenos Aires, drums boom from half a century ago. From the depths of Azteca Stadium, you can hear the ceremonial chants of the ancient Mexican ball game. The concrete terraces of Camp Nou in Barcelona speak Catalan, and the stands of San Mamés in Bilbao talk in Basque. In Milan, the ghosts of Giuseppe Meazza scores goals that shake the stadium bearing his name. The final match of the 1974 World Cup, won by Germany, is played day after day and night after night at Munich's Olympic Stadium. King Fahd Stadium in Saudi Arabia has marble and gold boxes and carpeted stands, but it has no memory or much of anything to say. #Quote by Eduardo Galeano
Ghosts quotes by Anne Sexton
#73. Rocks crumble, make new forms,
oceans move the continents,
mountains rise up and down like ghosts
yet all is natural, all is change. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Ghosts quotes by Andre Aciman
#74. We stood there for a few seconds where my father and I had spoken of Oliver once. Now he and I were speaking of my father. Tomorrow, I'll think back on this moment and let the ghosts of their absence maunder in the twilit hour of the day. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Ghosts quotes by Mladen Đorđević
#75. What is the present if not the graveyard of the past where, for each of our deeds we dig a grave. Everything we do today will be buried there. The good deeds rest in peace, while the bad ones rise from the graves to haunt us. #Quote by Mladen Đorđević
Ghosts quotes by Cressida Cowell
#76. Books are like dragons....if we do not believe in them, and read them, they will cease to exist. How, then, will we learn the language and understand the stories of the dear dead ghosts of the past? Save the Dragons. Speak Dragonese. Read a book. #Quote by Cressida Cowell
Ghosts quotes by Jandy Nelson
#77. The feet of ghosts never touch the ground. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Ghosts quotes by Sergio De La Pava
#78. I put on slight music I could ignore and started to write. The type of this music I most favored they no longer made. Turns out they asked around one day and I was the only one enjoying it so they decided to just stop making it. Most of the bands that were making the music when this decision was made simply disappeared and got real jobs, the ones that survived made different music that appealed to more people. The result was that when I listened to that music it felt a bit like travelling to the past or visiting ghosts, and this despite the undeniable fact that a very healthy portion of the music I listened to otherwise was created a far longer time ago, by people long-departed, yet produced no similar feelings. #Quote by Sergio De La Pava
Ghosts quotes by Kathy Bryson
#79. Elvis is in the kitchen and he's making eggs Benedict! #Quote by Kathy Bryson
Ghosts quotes by Carrie Ryan
#80. There's one detail I've always remembered: He told me how long it takes the light from the stars to reach through space to us.
How most of the points of light we see actually no longer exist. We're just seeing the remnants of what was
ghosts of what use to be. #Quote by Carrie Ryan
Ghosts quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#81. The ghosts, they never go away. They call to you in unexpected moments, their hands lacing with yours and pulling you down paths that lead nowhere. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Ghosts quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#82. Civility must be a natural thing; all the rest is considered etiquette. The path of moksha [ultimate liberation] means there must be simplicity. There should be no 'ghosts of etiquette' there. #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Ghosts quotes by Hunter Shea
#83. Yeah, I get it. I'll be cool as a well digger's ass."
He jumped when the front door slammed shut, the harsh bang echoing around the trees.
Mitch shook his head. "That well digger must be working in a hot spring. #Quote by Hunter Shea
Ghosts quotes by Alyson Larrabee
#84. A high-pitched sound, like steam escaping from a kettle whistles through the dark room. But nobody's making tea. We both turn toward the source of the eerie noise.
A weak stream of unearthly light seeps through the window near the corner of the room and pours onto the floor. Its consistency seems to lie somewhere between a liquid and a solid, like mercury, only blue. Out of the gleaming, wobbly puddle, a phosphorescent vapor rises up. The ghost we thought was Daniel materializes and looms over us for two seconds before he lunges and wraps his hands around Wyatt's neck. #Quote by Alyson Larrabee
Ghosts quotes by Clare Bohning
#85. I wasn't ready to be done. Emma's birthday was the next week. I was going to sit her on my knee and tell her about the time I went to Italy with Julia, long before we had kids. Long before we got married, for that matter. I saw a painting that looked just like Emma; the girl in the painting was a beautiful, regal queen. I wanted Emma to know she was a queen."
If ghosts could cry, Mr. Grumpy would be crying. He looked at Richard. "Do you think she knows she is a queen? #Quote by Clare Bohning
Ghosts quotes by Leland Hall
#86. There's a queer streak in human natures. Men come back to places for secret reasons, for feelings they cannot resist.'
More than men come back, I said. #Quote by Leland Hall
Ghosts quotes by Liza Palmer
#87. It's one thing to run from ghosts, it's quite another to let them catch you. #Quote by Liza Palmer
Ghosts quotes by Maria Dahvana Headley
#88. It's water from beneath the mountain, and its full of of the taste of bones and rocks. She's bought five cases of bottled to keep from having to serve this, even in ice-cube format. There's something awful about it. It feels full of ghosts #Quote by Maria Dahvana Headley
Ghosts quotes by Jonathan Stroud
#89. There was a profound silence, abruptly broken by an enormously loud rumble from George's stomach. Plaster didn't actually fall from the ceiling, but it was close. #Quote by Jonathan Stroud
Ghosts quotes by Alana Massey
#90. Boys often have permission to become men without the forfeiture of their desirability. And so these men write stories that grasp at girls who are ghosts twice over: first by being dead and second by being shallow shadows of actual girls, the assorted fragments of men's aging imaginations rather than the deep and dimensioned creatures that real girls are. #Quote by Alana Massey
Ghosts quotes by Edna St. Vincent Millay
#91. Under my head till morning; but the rain, Is full of ghosts tonight, that tap and sigh, Upon the glass and listen for reply ... #Quote by Edna St. Vincent Millay
Ghosts quotes by Adelaide Crapsey
#92. In your
Curled petals what ghosts
Of blue headlands and seas,
What perfumed immortal breath sighing
Of Greece. #Quote by Adelaide Crapsey
Ghosts quotes by Natalie Standiford
#93. I just wanted to say something about him, to shoot his spirit out over the airwaves and see what it will do. Maybe he'll come to one of you and give you something you need. Help you get rid of the blues, or keep the sun from catching you crying. A lot of you believe in ghosts. I've heard you say so. #Quote by Natalie Standiford
Ghosts quotes by Molly Ringle
#94. Did you look up 'incubus'?" Ren asked, in her ear. She heard a smile in his voice.

"Yes. Let's see, 'a lascivious spirit supposed to have sexual intercourse with women in their sleep,' if I remember right."

"There. And you thought it wasn't possible. It's common enough they actually had to make up a word for it."

"Well, if you've been doing that, then you must have been discreet, because I sure haven't noticed."

"It's not my preferred method," he said. "I always wake them up first. #Quote by Molly Ringle
Ghosts quotes by Lynda Barry
#95. Above me soft footsteps, the sound through the ceiling of a teenager haunted by a door to the night. My cousin Maybonne lights up a Salem, blows ghosts to the darkness, be it ever so humble, there's no place like home. #Quote by Lynda Barry
Ghosts quotes by Ashley Jeffery
#96. How do you weigh a soul?
Is it heavy with love or hate?
Does it deny the things it's done?
Does it even remember its own name?
Does it miss those it has loved?
Does it long for the life it's lost?
How do you weigh a soul?
After it has paid the highest cost,
Does it lose the will to live?
Without a physical shell
Does it sense without hands
That can touch and truly feel
Does it need sustenance to last?
A cold drink or warm meal
How do you weigh a soul?
Are souls even real? #Quote by Ashley Jeffery
Ghosts quotes by Jonathan LaPoma
#97. So I returned to the northern strip of Miami Beach, the valley just far enough north to muffle the piercing South Beach celebratory voices, and just far enough south to dull the glittering lights of the Sunny Isles high rises, and I went to sleep in the city where exhausted people lived exhausted lives, but never stopped once to even ponder sleep--to even dream sleep an option, in the country that breeds ghosts, where the people can't understand why everything real always passes right through their arms. There was so much life out there for all of us, but so few would ever touch it. God, how I wanted to feel. #Quote by Jonathan LaPoma
Ghosts quotes by Osamu Dazai
#98. I'm going to paint too. I'm going to paint pictures of ghosts and devils and horses out of hell. #Quote by Osamu Dazai
Ghosts quotes by Kristin Hannah
#99. Morning sunlight gave everything a golden, beautiful glow. "We were supposed to have time," she whispered, feeling tears start. How often had she imagined a new beginning for her and Papa, for all of them? They would come together after the war, Isabelle and Vianne and Papa, learn to laugh and talk and be a family again. Now it would never happen; she would never get to know her father, never feel the warmth of his hand in hers, never fall asleep on the divan beside him, never be able to say all that needed to be said between them. Those words were lost, turned into ghosts that would drift away, unsaid. They would never be the family maman had promised. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Ghosts quotes by Mikhail Gorbachev
#100. We are beginning to see practical support. And this is a very significant sign of the movement towards a new era, a new age ... We see both in our country and elsewhere ... ghosts of the old thinking ... When we rid ourselves of their presence, we will be better able to move toward a new world order ... relying on the relevent mechanisms of the United Nations. #Quote by Mikhail Gorbachev
Ghosts quotes by Henry Miller
#101. Now when he closes his eyes he can really look at himself. He no longer sees a mask. He sees without seeing, to be exact. Vision without sight, a fluid grasp of intangibles: the merging of sight and sound: the heart of the web. Here stream the different personalities which evade the crude contact of the senses; here the overtones of recognition discreetly lap against one another in bright, vibrant harmonies. There is no language employed, no outlines delineated. When a ship founders, it settles slowly; the spars, the masts, the rigging float away. On the ocean floor of death the bleeding hull bedecks itself with jewels; remorselessly the anatomic life begins. What was ship becomes the nameless indestructible. Like ships, men founder time and again. Only memory saves them from complete dispersion. Poets drop their stitches in the loom, straws for drowning men to grasp as they sink into extinction. Ghosts climb back on watery stairs, make imaginary ascents, vertiginous drops, memorize numbers, dates, events, in passing from gas to liquid and back again. There is no brain capable of registering the changing changes. Nothing happens in the brain, except the gradual rust and detrition of the cells. But in the minds, worlds unclassified, undenominated, unassimilated, form, break, unite, dissolve and harmonize ceaselessly. In the mind-world ideas are the indestructible elements which form the jewelled constellations of the interior life. We move within their orbits, freely if we fol #Quote by Henry Miller
Ghosts quotes by Stephen King
#102. Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win. #Quote by Stephen King
Ghosts quotes by Helen McCloy
#103. Nobody believes in ghosts, but everybody is afraid of them ... #Quote by Helen McCloy
Ghosts quotes by Michael Chabon
#104. He could not shake the feeling - reportedly common among ghosts - that it was not he but those he haunted whose lives were devoid of matter, sense, future. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Ghosts quotes by Rick Riordan
#105. Normally ghosts didn't scare him. (Assuming, of course, Gaea hadn't encased them in shells of stone and turned them into killing machines. That had been a new one for him.) #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ghosts quotes by Stewart Stafford
#106. Across a golden Autumn tapestry appear the spirits of our ancient selves demanding recognition and reward for one haunted night. Sated, they retreat from winter's onslaught and retire to subconscious hibernation for another twelvemonth. #Quote by Stewart Stafford
Ghosts quotes by Pamela K. Kinney
#107. Hauntingly active as they share space with the living, the dead refuse to give up their undead residency. #Quote by Pamela K. Kinney
Ghosts quotes by Cole McCade
#108. Maybe she wasn't on a path toward anything so dramatic as self-destruction, but hers was still a slow wasting, fading day by day, becoming more of a ghost with every breath she expelled and didn't draw in again. Ghosts only haunted people, powerless to do anything. She'd made herself powerless, and didn't know how to feel about that. #Quote by Cole McCade
Ghosts quotes by Nikita Gill
#109. The ghosts of all the women you used to be are all so proud of who you have become, storm child made of wild and flame. #Quote by Nikita Gill
Ghosts quotes by Libba Bray
#110. They're too tired for bathing, but they're not too tired for dreams. For dreams, too, are ghosts, desires chased in sleep, gone by morning. The longing of dreams draws the dead, and the city hall to many dreams. #Quote by Libba Bray
Ghosts quotes by John Updike
#111. Men emerge pale from the little printing plant at four sharp, ghosts for an instant, blinking, until the outdoor light overcomes the look of constant indoor light clinging to them. #Quote by John Updike
Ghosts quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#112. America was different. America was a river, roarng along, unmindful of the past. I could wade into this river, let my sins drown to the bottom, let the waters carry me someplace far. Someplace with no ghosts, no memories, and no sins. #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Ghosts quotes by J.A. Ironside
#113. This is m-me." I indicated the lonely track.

"Really? What's up there?" He peered over my shoulder in genuine curiosity. "Is there a house up there? You're not a sylph or something that really does live wild, are you? #Quote by J.A. Ironside
Ghosts quotes by Jack Henry Abbott
#114. When they talk of ghosts of the dead who wander in the night with things still undone in life, they approximate my subjective experience of this life. #Quote by Jack Henry Abbott
Ghosts quotes by Mike McCormack
#115. What no tourist bumf will tell you is that this inlet is suffused with an atmosphere of ineffable sadness. Partly a trick of the light and climatic factors, partly also the lingering residue of an historical tragedy which still resonates through rock and water down seven generations of fretful commemorative attempts and dissonant historical hermeneutics. Now think of grey shading towards gunmetal across an achromatic spectrum; think also of turbid cumulus clouds pouring down five centimeters of rainfall above the national average and you have some idea of the light reflected within the walls of this inlet. This is the type of light which lends itself to vitamin D deficiency, baseline serotonin levels, spluttering neurotransmitters and mild but by no means notional depression. It is the type of light wherein ghosts go their rounds at all hours of the day. #Quote by Mike McCormack
Ghosts quotes by Kelly Moran
#116. It took a pair of ghosts to open my eyes. #Quote by Kelly Moran
Ghosts quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#117. The whispers you hear in your ear that you fear
in the air everywhere,
they are ghosts.

The moans and the groans in the lowest of tones
no one owns or condones,
they are ghosts.

You might deem them gremlins or water or wind,
while others say shadows or rodents or sin.

But oh! I say no!
'Tis not so, child, for lo!
The chills that you feel in a thrill that proves goose
bumps are frightfully real,
they are ghosts! #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Ghosts quotes by Shannon Noelle Long
#118. Jesus Hollywood believed in a lot of things. He believed that stars were ghosts of family long since past and that he was more likely to die from an asteroid falling from the sky than another human being getting the better of him. He believed that children could see things when adults had already stopped believing.

Jesus Hollywood believed that you wrote your own story. He believed that anything could happen if you really set your mind to it. He believed that, in the end, everything would be ok; if it wasn't ok, it wasn't the end.

Jesus Hollywood believed that it wasn't really Jesus that raised Lazarus from the dead, but the other way around.

And Jesus Hollywood sure as fuck believed in love. #Quote by Shannon Noelle Long
Ghosts quotes by Zen Cho
#119. I brought seaweed snacks from home,' chimed in another kid. "Seaweed got iron, right?"
'I don't think the teachers meant that kind of iron,' said Hui Ann. #Quote by Zen Cho
Ghosts quotes by Lucinda Riley
#120. People have asked me why I seem to have no fear. It's apparently that which stops so many people from doing what they need to make their life happier. Well, I don't really have the answer, but maybe if one isn't afraid of ghosts or, if fact, death itself, which is the worst thing that can happen to a human being, there isn't much else left to be frightened of. #Quote by Lucinda Riley
Ghosts quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#121. Fear paints pictures of ghosts and hangs them in the gallery of ignorance. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Ghosts quotes by Amy Tan
#122. Precious Auntie, what is our name? I always meant to claim it as my own. Come help me remember. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm not afraid of ghosts. Are you still mad at me? Don't you recognize me? I am LuLing, your daughter. #Quote by Amy Tan
Ghosts quotes by Stacia Kane
#123. I'm not into danger, either." "Aw, Chess. You so into it you ain't climb out with a rope. Why else you do your job, live down here, buy from Bump?" "It's just - I mean - I just do, is all." Her cheeks burned. She shouldn't have let him come in here. She should have just sent him home and let him wash his stupid shirt himself. "No shame in it. Some of us needs an edge on things make us feel right, else we ain't like feeling at all, aye? #Quote by Stacia Kane
Ghosts quotes by Pat Barker
#124. Ghosts everywhere. Even the living were only ghosts in the making. You learned to ration your commitment to them. This moment in this tent already had the quality of remembered experience. Or perhaps he was simply getting old. But then, after all, in trench time he was old. A generation lasted six months, less than that on the Somme, barely twelve weeks. #Quote by Pat Barker
Ghosts quotes by Maya Angelou
#125. I said, "What do I think? That's what I'm asking you? What is there to think?" "Looks like he wants you to be his valentine." "Louise, I can read. But what does it mean?" "Oh, you know. His valentine. His love." There was that hateful word again. That treacherous word that yawned up at you like a volcano. "Well, I won't. Most decidedly I won't. Not ever again." "Have you been his valentine before? What do you mean never again?" I couldn't lie to my friend and I wasn't about to freshen old ghosts. "Well, don't answer him then, and that's the end of it." I was a little relieved that she thought it could be gotten rid of so quickly. I tore the note in half and gave her a part. Walking down the hill we minced the paper in a thousand shreds and gave it to the wind. #Quote by Maya Angelou
Ghosts quotes by Revilo P. Oliver
#126. American Conservatism is finished, and its remaining adherents are, whether they know it or not, merely ghosts wandering, mazed, in the daylight. #Quote by Revilo P. Oliver
Ghosts quotes by D.L. Koontz
#127. If you believe the Bible is true, you ought to know that demons are real. The Bible is filled with references of evil and demons, and Christ repeatedly cast out demons, so I believe the universe is much more complex and mysterious than it may appear to our senses. #Quote by D.L. Koontz
Ghosts quotes by Stacia Kane
#128. With magic almost anything was possible; all objects had energy, and energy could be manipulated. #Quote by Stacia Kane
Ghosts quotes by Anne Carson
#129. The instant of nature
forming between them drained every drop from the walls of   his life
leaving behind just ghosts
rustling like an old map. #Quote by Anne Carson
Ghosts quotes by Bud Harris
#130. When we can trust that it's we who think, feel, and act rather than the ghosts of our parents or well-trained robots, we learn that we can also love, be in relationships, and be in the world without losing ourselves. #Quote by Bud Harris
Ghosts quotes by Ross Macdonald
#131. Try listening to yourself sometime, alone in a transient room in a strange town. The worst is when you draw a blank, and the ash-blonde ghosts of the past carry on long twittering long-distance calls with your inner ear, and there's no way to hang up. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Ghosts quotes by Anthony Doerr
#132. The years passed as clouds do, ephemeral and vaporous, condensing, sliding along awhile, then dispersing like ghosts. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Ghosts quotes by Neil Gaiman
#133. It is not that I was credulous, simply that I belived in all things dark and dangerous. It was part of my young creed that the night was full of ghosts and witches, hungry and flapping and dressed completely in black. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Ghosts quotes by Howard Norman
#134. In The Highland Book of Platitudes, Marlais, there's an entry that reads, "Not all ghosts earn our memory in equal measure." I think about this sometimes. I think especially about the word "earn," because it implies an ongoing willful effort on the part of the dead, so that if you believe the platitude, you have to believe in the afterlife, don't you? Following that line of thought, there seem to be certain people - call them ghosts - with the ability to insinuate themselves into your life with more belligerence and exactitude than others - it's their employment and expertise. #Quote by Howard Norman
Ghosts quotes by Victoria Schwab
#135. It's hard to believe in ghosts, until you see one, and then it's hard not to. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Ghosts quotes by Youngha
#136. Growing up, I believed in all sorts of fantastic things. Ghosts and aliens, monsters that brought on nightmares and fed on fear. The fantasies materialized every time I closed my eyes, making me afraid to fall asleep. I'm still scared of sleeping alone. The yawn the sneeze, the breath of whoever's lying next to me retrieves me from the nightmares. Even though I'm all grown up. I say it like a joke, and it usually gives people a laugh. "You're still a little kid," they say. It's lonely being in a big bed all by myself. It's never hurt my feelings. They're only strangers. #Quote by Youngha
Ghosts quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#137. The wind kicks in stronger, branches clatter. Or maybe skeletons. Bones of abandonment. Ghosts that will never be. #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Ghosts quotes by Jodi Picoult
#138. There are two types of spirits. One makes the transition to the spirit realm and goes on to whatever comes next. They can still come back to connect with people who are alive, but it's like dropping by for a visit, and then they go back to whatever it is they were happily doing in the next life. On the other hand, earthbound spirits - ghosts - are folks who pass but still have unfinished business. They feel like they're going to be judged for something they did wrong; or they don't know they are dead; or they are angry about being dead and not getting to finish something. They have been cheated out of life. They stay on a plane that's closer to the plane of earth, and that's why they're always at the corners of our vision and the edges of our dreams. Once they complete the process and resign themselves to the fact that their time on earth is finished and they've done what they can do, they can move to the next level. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Ghosts quotes by Tim Gilmore
#139. If the creek predates the city deep in time, then is it right to identify the creek solely with the city? The city has forgotten the creek, as it's forgotten those who walk its side, but the creek didn't need to be known all that long time before the city ever was. Maybe now Hogan's Creek is too steeped in history to claim an independence grounded in prehistory, because the city has too deeply poisoned it for far too long. Then again, there was all that time the creek flowed and had no name. Without a name you belong solely to yourself. #Quote by Tim Gilmore
Ghosts quotes by J.A. Ironside
#140. How did you get so scratched up then, Emlynn?" He looked at me uncertainly again.

I felt wildly like laughing. Too many swooping highs and plummeting lows. What a weird few
days. Weird being a massive understatement.

"Cr-Crawling through gorse bushes." I took a perverse delight in answering his questions in a way that told him nothing at all. I'd never paid much attention to boys before. Maybe Grace was onto something after all.

"Crawling through gorse," he repeated. "Part of your action-girl antics, no doubt?"

"N-no doubt." I smirked again. #Quote by J.A. Ironside
Ghosts quotes by Riitta Klint
#141. Nothing like being woken up after only a few hours of sleep by workmen wanting to come into your sanctuary to check water lines to put life into perspective. Wine glasses, dishes, yesterday's ghosts, and a fucking mess everywhere. It's not all about me, is it? Life moves around out there and sometimes it wants to come in and mess with me when all I want to do is turn over and hide. I am a fragile being, sometimes it takes almost nothing to knock me off my feet and make me tired of living. Sometimes I am so tired that everything is a gargantuan effort. But I'm strong, I always hang on and hold on. My emotions run from being elated and looking up to the sky and seeing all the infinite possibilities, to looking straight into the eyes of Hades. But you know me, I always come through with all my scars, all the love I carry in my heart, and my crooked tiara. Every single diamond in that tiara reflects all the light within me and within you. Indestructible #Quote by Riitta Klint
Ghosts quotes by Remy De Gourmont
#142. Those who do not carry within them the soul of everything the world can show them, will do well to watch it: they will not recognize it, each thing being beautiful only according to the thought of him who gazes at it & reflects it in himself. Faith is essential in poetry as in religion, & faith has no need of seeing with corporeal eyes to contemplate that which it recognizes much better in itself.
Such ideas were many times, under multiple forms, always new, expressed by Villiers de L'Isle-Adam in his works. Without going as far as Berkley's pure negations, which nevertheless are but the extreme logic of subjective idealism, he admitted in his conception of life, on the same plan, the Interior & the Exterior, Spirit & Matter, with a very visible tendency to give the first term domination over the second. For him the idea of progress was never anything but a subject for jest, together with the nonsense of the humanitarian positivists who teach, reversed mythology, that terrestrial paradise, a superstition if we assign it the past, becomes the sole legitimate hope if we place it in the future.
On the contrary, he makes a protagonist (Edison doubtless) say in a short fragment of an old manuscript of l'Eve future: "We are in the ripe age of Humanity, that is all! Soon will come the senility & decrepitude of this strange polyp, & the evolution accomplished, his mortal return to the mysterious laboratory where all the Ghosts eternally work thei #Quote by Remy De Gourmont
Ghosts quotes by Robert M. Pirsig
#143. But what's "potential"? That's also in someone's mind! ... Ghosts. #Quote by Robert M. Pirsig
Ghosts quotes by Zen Cho
#144. The first time she saw the boy across the classroom, Ah Lee knew she was in love because she tasted durian on her tongue. #Quote by Zen Cho
Ghosts quotes by Foundation For Inner Peace
#145. Children perceive frightening ghosts and monsters and dragons and they are terrified. Yet if they ask someone they trust for the meaning of what they perceive, and are willing to let their own interpretations go in favor of reality, their fear goes with them. When a child is helped to translate his 'ghosts' into a courtain, his 'monster' into a shadow and his 'dragon' into a dream he is no longer afraid, and laughs happily at his own fear.
You, my child, are afraid of your brothers and of your Father and of yourself. But you are merely deceived in them. Ask what they are of the Teacher of reality, and hearing His answer, you too will laugh at your fears and replace them with peace. For fear lies not in reality, but in the minds of children who do not understand reality. It is only their lack of understanding that frightens them, and when they learn to perceive truly they are not afraid. #Quote by Foundation For Inner Peace
Ghosts quotes by Brian Christian
#146. Grandmaster games are said to begin with novelty, which is the first move of the game that exits the book. It could be the fifth, it could be the thirty-fifth. We think about a chess game as beginning with move one and ending with checkmate. But this is not the case. The games begins when it gets out of book, and it end when it goes into book..And this is why Game 6 [between Garry Kasparov and Deep Blue] didn't count ... Tripping and falling into a well on your way to the field of battle is not the same thing as dying in it ... Deep Blue is only itself out of book; prior to that it is nothing. Just the ghosts of the game itself. #Quote by Brian Christian
Ghosts quotes by Melissa Jennings
#147. I was haunting you, for so long, that I forgot that I became a ghost too. #Quote by Melissa Jennings
Ghosts quotes by Bee Wilson
#148. Our kitchens are filled with ghosts. You may not see them, but you could not cook as you do without their ingenuity: the potters who first enabled us to boil and stew; the knife forgers; the resourceful engineers who designed the first refrigerators; the pioneers of gas and electric ovens; the scale makers; the inventors of eggbeaters and peelers. #Quote by Bee Wilson
Ghosts quotes by Adam Slater
#149. Callum didn't need a lifetime's experience of seeing ghosts to know that the creature was not of this world.
For a long moment, he stared at the phantom. What was it? And why was it following him? #Quote by Adam Slater
Ghosts quotes by Bob Woodward
#150. For Carter, it was as if the ghosts of Watergate stalked the halls of the White House. As with most ghosts, he wasn't sure they existed, where they were or how to exorcise them. #Quote by Bob Woodward
Ghosts quotes by Tim O'Brien
#151. I carry the memories of the ghosts of a place called Vietnam - the people of Vietnam, my fellow soldiers. #Quote by Tim O'Brien
Ghosts quotes by Robyn Schneider
#152. There. You see? You're just figuring it out now, but I discovered a long time ago that the smarter you are, the more tempting it is to just let people imagine you. We move through each other's lives like ghosts, leaving behind haunting memories of people who never existed. The popular jock. The mysterious new girl. But we're the ones who choose, in the end, how people see us. And I'd rather be misremembered. Please, Ezra, misremember me. #Quote by Robyn Schneider
Ghosts quotes by Moby
#153. I can't think of any musician or producer who has influenced me more than Brian Eno. From when he was in Roxy Music, producing Devo, the Talking Heads and My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. #Quote by Moby
Ghosts quotes by Christopher Sword
#154. But ghosts aren't what you think they are. Ghosts are just the past, refusing to go away, making sure we never forget. #Quote by Christopher Sword
Ghosts quotes by Norman Doidge
#155. Psychoanalysis is often about turning our ghosts into ancestors, even for patients who have not lost loved ones to death. We are often haunted by important relationships from the past that influence us unconsciously in the present. As we work them through, they go from haunting us to becoming simply part of our history. (243) #Quote by Norman Doidge
Ghosts quotes by Tahir Shah
#156. The mere mention of the Farakka Express, which jerks its way eastward each day from Delhi to Calcutta, is enough to throw even a seasoned traveller into fits of apoplexy. At a desert encampment on Namibia's Skeleton Coast, a hard-bitten adventurer had downed a peg of local fire-water then told me the tale. Farakka was a ghost train, he said, haunted by ghouls, Thuggees, and thieves. Only a passenger with a death wish would go anywhere near it. #Quote by Tahir Shah
Ghosts quotes by Jeff Grubb
#157. Part of the story of 'Ghosts of Ascalon' is how they got to that tentative truce where you can find humans and charr working together. #Quote by Jeff Grubb
Ghosts quotes by Deborah Harkness
#158. Sorry, we've got ghosts. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Ghosts quotes by Bess Truman
#159. Now about those ghosts. I'm sure they're here and I'm not half so alarmed at meeting up with any of them as I am at having to meet the live nuts I have to see every day. #Quote by Bess Truman
Ghosts quotes by Claire Messud
#160. Just because something is invisible doesn't mean it isn't there. At any given time, there are a host of invisibles floating among us. There are clairvoyants to see ghosts; but who sees the invisible emotions, the unrecorded events? Who is that sees love, more evanescent than any ghost, let alone can catch it? Who are you tell me that I don't know what love is? #Quote by Claire Messud
Ghosts quotes by Ari Berk
#161. His own past kept flying up around him like moths; old fears back again, the ghosts' problems only serving to remind him of his own. Even the little anxieties that nipped at his heels as a boy were back now as sharp-toothed dogs, following him, barking loudly, drawing more and more attention to themselves. Now, as he looked for his dad, Silas felt like he had as a boy: left behind, alone, forgotten. And he could see, now, his personal feelings made his encounters with the dead and his travels through their lands dangerous and filled with the possibility of entrapment. #Quote by Ari Berk
Ghosts quotes by Hilary Mantel
#162. In Paris the swaying lanterns are lit in the streets; lights shine through water, fuzzy, diffuse. Saint-Just sits by an insufficient fire, in a poor light. He is a Spartan after all, and Spartans don't need home comforts. He has begun his report, his list of accusations; if Robespierre saw it now, he would tear it up, but in a few days' time it will be the very thing he needs. Sometimes he stops, half-glances over his shoulder. He feels someone has come into the room behind him; but when he allows himself to look, there is nothing to see. It is my destiny, he feels, forming in the shadows of the room. It is the guardian angel I had, long ago when I was a child. It is Camille Desmoulins, looking over my shoulder, laughing at my grammar. He pauses for a moment. He thinks, there are no living ghosts. He takes hold of himself. Bends his head over his task. His pen scratches. His strange letterforms incise the paper. His handwriting is minute. He gets a lot of words to the page. #Quote by Hilary Mantel
Ghosts quotes by Paul Harding
#163. Houses can be ghosts, too, just like people. #Quote by Paul Harding
Ghosts quotes by Mira Grant
#164. Everything that's loved lives. #Quote by Mira Grant
Ghosts quotes by Robinson Jeffers
#165. The ghosts . . . try to remember the sunlight. Light has died out of their skies. #Quote by Robinson Jeffers
Ghosts quotes by Dani Harper
#166. Magic is magic. It isn't good or bad in and of itself. It's the intent that matters. Ideally, you treat magic as a gift and you use it to influence natural forces to help and to heal. It's a positive act. #Quote by Dani Harper
Ghosts quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#167. Mercer looked around. There was no way anyone could hear. But the walls could, and the earth, and the ghosts of horses, and the state of Georgia. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
Ghosts quotes by Keira D. Skye
#168. His kiss was like no other! His kiss was enchanted and fairy-tale like. He applied pressure, but just enough to feel his tenderness and warmth. I could feel his heart beating wildly as he pressed his chest against my chest all the while his loving lips brushed up against mine with a care-filled affection. His tongue lightly licked the outer edges of my mouth, and then searched for my tongue. The pursuit allowed a marriage of both tongues to meet - inspiring a mingling tango of hot and heavy French kissing to manifest profusely. We kissed like two hot and horny teenagers, our mouths moving and craving each others lips, in animalistic desires! #Quote by Keira D. Skye
Ghosts quotes by Tabitha McGowan
#169. On balance, I'd say I prefer performing in front of a few thousand adoring women, but 'Security Guard at the Castle of the Damned' comes a pretty close second. I should be fine, as long as there are no ghosts. #Quote by Tabitha McGowan
Ghosts quotes by Tommy Orange
#170. When they first came for us with their bullets, we didn't stop moving even though the bullets moved twice as fast as the sound of our screams, and even when their heat and speed broke our skin, shattered our bones, skulls, pierced our hearts, we kept on, even when we saw the bullets send our bodies flailing through the air like flags, like the many flags and buildings that went up in place of everything we knew this land to be before. The bullets were premonitions, ghosts from dreams of a hard, fast future. The bullets moved on after moving through us, became the promise of what was to come, the speed and the killing, the hard, fast lines of borders and buildings. They took everything and ground it down to dust as fine as gunpowder, they fired their guns into the air in victory and the strays flew out into the nothingness of histories written wrong and meant to be forgotten. Stray bullets and consequences are landing on our unsuspecting bodies even now. (10) #Quote by Tommy Orange
Ghosts quotes by Peter James
#171. Happy Hauntings; and, pleasant dreams! #Quote by Peter James
Ghosts quotes by Pliny The Elder
#172. Many other means there be, that promise the foreknowledge of things to come: besides the raising up and conjuring of ghosts departed, the conference also with familiars and spirits infernal. And all these were found out in our days, to be no better than vanities and false illusions ... #Quote by Pliny The Elder
Ghosts quotes by Brooke Hayward
#173. I wrote in a bedroom crowded with ghosts," Brooke Hayward says. "My mother would disapprove, and my father would be horrified. The moral of my book is that you pay for everything. They were rich, accomplished, famous and beautiful. We were drowned in privilege, yet it ended in all this hideous tragedy." (interview from People magazine (May 23, 1977) #Quote by Brooke Hayward
Ghosts quotes by Kristi Ann Hunter
#174. I've learned a funny thing about the past," she finally said. "The ghosts that haunt you the most are the ones you refuse to acknowledge. The past you try to bury has the most power to hurt you. #Quote by Kristi Ann Hunter
Ghosts quotes by Richard Peck
#175. As I pen these words to leave a lasting record, I wonder myself where it all began. #Quote by Richard Peck
Ghosts quotes by Victoria Schwab
#176. People will die," he echoed, thinking of Ilsa. Ilsa in her room, surrounded by stars. Ilsa in the Barren, surrounded by ghosts. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Ghosts quotes by Penelope Lively
#177. Far as I'm concerned, they're all still here, like a lot of dear little ghosts. #Quote by Penelope Lively
Ghosts quotes by Jack Kerouac
#178. Great laughter rang from all sides. I wondered what the spirit of the Mountain was thinking; and looked up and saw jackpines in the moon, and saw ghosts of old miners, and wondered about it. In the whole eastern dark wall of the Divide this night there was silence and the whisper of the wind, except in the ravine where we roared; and on the other side of the Divide was the great western slope, and the big plateau that went to Steamboat Springs, and dropped, and led you to the eastern Colorado desert and the Utah desert; all in darkness now as we fumed and screamed in our mountain nook, mad drunken Americans in the mighty land. And beyond, beyond, over the Sierras the other side if Carson sink was bejeweled bay-encircled nightlike old Frisco of my dreams. We were situated on the roof of America and all we could do was yell, I guess - across the night, eastward over the plains where somewhere a man with white hair was probably walking toward us with the Word and would arrive any minute and make us silent. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Ghosts quotes by Jesmyn Ward
#179. Men's bodies litter my family history. The pain of the women they left behind pulls them from the beyond, makes them appear as ghosts. In death, they transcend he circumstances of this place that I love and hate all at once and become supernatural. #Quote by Jesmyn Ward
Ghosts quotes by Suzanne Finnamore
#180. I no longer blame Thing Woman or myself quite so much for N´s leaving us. I look at him sometimes for an unguarded moment and see a tall, crooked man with yellowing teeth and a leer. I see new N. Bad N. Vulnerable to anyone with a vagina. I also see Good N, just a glimpse, here and there. And Noncommittal N, an extra in his own life, just hitting his marks and looking well pressed. He´s become a whole group of people, a cache of ghosts tugging at my sleeve.

Good N was phenomenal. #Quote by Suzanne Finnamore
Ghosts quotes by Ingmar Bergman
#181. I want to confess as best I can, but my heart is void. The void is a mirror. I see my face and feel loathing and horror. My indifference to man has shut me out. I live now in a world of ghosts, a prisoner in my dreams. #Quote by Ingmar Bergman
Ghosts quotes by Myriam Gurba
#182. Guilt is a ghost. Guilt interrupts narratives. It does so impolitely. Ghosts have no etiquette. What do they need it for? There is no Emily Post for ghosts. #Quote by Myriam Gurba
Ghosts quotes by Dean F. Wilson
#183. Some criminals said fighting Nox was like fighting ghosts. He seemed to come from everywhere. Most criminals who fought Nox never said anything at all. #Quote by Dean F. Wilson
Ghosts quotes by Debi Chestnut
#184. It's all about the writing, and of course, the ghosts. #Quote by Debi Chestnut
Ghosts quotes by Anne Sexton
#185. It was built on air and ghosts…it was truly beautiful but it died…because it tried to get real and it was never real. #Quote by Anne Sexton
Ghosts quotes by Susan Crandall
#186. My daddy says that when you do somethin' to distract you from your worstest fears, it's like whistlin' past the graveyard. You know, making a racket to keep the scaredness and the ghosts away. He says that's how we get by sometimes. But it's not weak, like hidin' ... it's strong. It means you're able to go on. #Quote by Susan Crandall
Ghosts quotes by Warsan Shire
#187. all those nights with the phone warming the side of my face like the sun. you made jokes and sure, i may have even laughed a little but mostly you were not funny. mostly you were beautiful. mostly you were unremarkable, even your mediocrity was unremarkable. when friends would ask 'what do you like about him?" i would think of you holding a bouquet against the denim of your shirt. i mean, you had my face as your screensaver for gods sake, do you know what that does for the self-esteem of girl with an apparition for a father?

hey, do you remember the quiet between us in all those restaurants? all the other couples engrossed in deep conversation and us, as quiet as a closed mouth.

that one afternoon when i asked 'why do you love me?' and you replied as quick as a toin coss 'because you're mad, because you're crazy' and i said 'why else?' and you said 'that mouth, i love that mouth' and i collapsed into myself like a sheet right out of the dryer.

you clean, beautiful, unremarkable boy, raised by a pleasant mother, was i just a riot you loved to watch up close? there were times i picked arguments just so that we could have something to talk about.

last week, i walked through the part of the city i loved when i still loved you, our old haunts. you know, even the ghosts have moved on. #Quote by Warsan Shire
Ghosts quotes by Cassandra Clare
#188. And I am afraid that the span of time that we have together may not be long." "That has always been the case with us," Will said. "But let us be grateful to your terrifying friend, because however long we have, here we are together and I see no sign of yin fen on you, and we are in possession of the knowledge that there was never any curse on me. For however long, there is no shadow on us. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ghosts quotes by J.A. Ironside
#189. Maybe because I knew Haze and Kate so well by then the passage leapt out at me, clear and sharp as diamond.

"My love for Linton is like the foliage in the woods: time will change it, I'm well aware, as winter changes the trees. My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath…He's always,
always in my mind: not as a pleasure any more than I am always a pleasure to myself, but as my own being."

A love that was terrifying in its depth, but all the more enticing because of that. I thought I understood. Love could be just as destructive as hate if it became poisoned or twisted. #Quote by J.A. Ironside
Ghosts quotes by Stacey Kade
#190. She shrugged and flipped her glossy hair behind her shoulders. "What else do you have to do with your time besides think about stuff like this? It's not like you're real heavy into extracurriculars. Besides, you're all, like, goth and into the dead, right?"
Alona Dare, queen of the insult-compliment. "Wow. Thanks. Anyone ever tell you you're good with people?"
She frowned. "No."
"Good. I'm not goth."
"Your hair is black, you have piercings, you wear black all the time and act all freaky-"
"My hair is naturally this color. I have three earings in one ear, that's it. This shirt" -I tugged at the fabric across my chest- "is navy blue, and if I act weird all the time, it's because of ghosts like you. #Quote by Stacey Kade
Ghosts quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#191. I felt that I was leaving part of myself behind, and that wherever I went afterwards I should feel the lack of it, and search for it hopelessly, as ghosts are said to do, frequenting the spots where they buried material treasures without which they cannot pay their way to the nether world. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Ghosts quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#192. Anyone who clings to the historically untrue - and thoroughly immoral - doctrine that 'violence never settles anything' I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and of the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms. #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Ghosts quotes by Paolo Bacigalupi
#193. The problem with surviving was that you ended up with the ghosts of everyone you'd ever left behind riding on your shoulders. #Quote by Paolo Bacigalupi
Ghosts quotes by Mao Zedong
#194. Saying Good-bye to the God of Disease (1) Mauve waters and green mountains are nothing when the great ancient doctor Hua To could not defeat a tiny worm. A thousand villages collapsed, were choked with weeds, men were lost arrows. Ghosts sang in the doorway of a few desolate houses. Yet now in a day we leap around the earth or explore a thousand Milky Ways. And if the cowherd who lives on a star asks about the god of plagues, tell him, happy or sad, the god is gone, washed away in the waters. July 1, 1958 #Quote by Mao Zedong
Ghosts quotes by Peter Underwood
#195. 98% of reported hauntings have a natural and mundane explanation … it is the other 2% that have interested me for over 40 years. #Quote by Peter Underwood
Ghosts quotes by Moira Fowley Doyle
#196. There are no ghosts; only the dust in the light, our breath and the wind in the quiet, and the feeling that something, or a lot of somethings, are watching us. So maybe there are ghosts after all. #Quote by Moira Fowley Doyle
Ghosts quotes by Steven Pinker
#197. In culture after culture, people believe that the soul lives on after death, that rituals can change the physical world and divine the truth, and that illness and misfortune are caused and alleviated by spirits, ghosts, saints ... and gods. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Ghosts quotes by Iain S. Thomas
#198. You drive too slowly down the streets where you once lived but you roll up your windows when you stop at the lights (just in case any of the ghosts try to get in). #Quote by Iain S. Thomas
Ghosts quotes by Henrik Ibsen
#199. Ghosts! […] I almost think we are all of us ghosts. It is not only what we have inherited from our father and mother that 'walks' in us. It is all sorts of dead ideas, and lifeless old beliefs, and so forth. They have no vitality, but they cling to us all the same, and we cannot shake them off. Whenever I take up a newspaper, I seem to see ghosts gliding between the lines. There must be ghosts all the country over, as thick as the sands of the sea. And then we are, one and all, so pitifully afraid of the light. #Quote by Henrik Ibsen
Ghosts quotes by Kim Newman
#200. Defend Miss Haller from the Nazis. In the final chapter, the ghosts saw off the spies and word came through that Miss Haller's father had been smuggled out of Germany. Gillian #Quote by Kim Newman

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