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Getting Off quotes by Elizabeth O'Roark
#1. We went to Paris for our honey - " I trail off. God. I cannot believe I just said that out loud.
He stops. "You're telling me you dreamed about our honeymoon?"
I should be too upset by what this MRI might uncover to be capable of humiliation right now, but I'm not. I feel the heat in my face and there is no way to stop it. "No comment."
He raises a brow, holding the elevator door open and following me in. "Oh, you're not getting off that easily. If we had a honeymoon in Paris, I need to hear all about it. What did we do?"
I roll my eyes, trying hard not to smile. "It was December and cold as hell, and we were there on our honeymoon. What do you think we did?"
He laughs. "Wow. Any other glamorous trips where we never left the hotel? #Quote by Elizabeth O'Roark
Getting Off quotes by Cyrus Broacha
#2. I have a great desire to serve humanity without ever actually getting off my chair. #Quote by Cyrus Broacha
Getting Off quotes by Bijou Hunter
#3. Arriving at my apartment, Cooper not only parked, but turned off his bike. "Invite me in," he said softly while glancing around as if the place was beneath him.
"I'm not having sex with you," I said, getting off the Harley.
"Tonight? Oh, yeah, I know," he said, giving nearby voices a dark glare. "If you meant ever, we're not on the same page. #Quote by Bijou Hunter
Getting Off quotes by Neve Campbell
#4. There's a feeling of elation that comes after getting off stage and then there's a feeling of utter sadness that comes after getting off the stage. #Quote by Neve Campbell
Getting Off quotes by Christine Feehan
#5. Azami shuddered, her lips trembling, and then she consumed him as aggressively and as honestly as he did her. He felt her inside of his mind, running like lava through his veins, wrapping around his heart and filling his very bones with her.
"This is madness," she whispered against his mouth when they both came up for air. Her dark eyes searched his face.
Sam didn't have any answers. He knew she was right. They might be on opposite sides in a deadly war, yet he couldn't let her go. She fit with him. The world around them was out of sync, not the two of them.
"I know," he admitted as he rested his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes.
"What are we going to do now?"
A slow smile curved his mouth. "I really expected you to kill me so I wouldn't have to figure that part out."
She blinked, her black fan of thick silky lashes fluttering as wildly as her heart. She moistened her lips. "You're not getting off that easily."
Sam watched the dawning smile, the way her soft mouth curved and the warmth spread to her dark eyes with absolute fascination. "Well. Damn. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Getting Off quotes by Jim Gaffigan
#6. This city has so many beautiful women. I fall in love like every ten minutes, I'm sitting on the subway, I'm like, "There's my wife ... there she is - oh, she's getting off. All right, there's the woman - all right, that's a man." #Quote by Jim Gaffigan
Getting Off quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#7. I was very invested in love but it was just this long sex thing that could end at any moment because after all, it's about getting off. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Getting Off quotes by Lori Chapman
#8. I like nothing more in the world than sitting on my ass doing nothing. And it's not my fault I have this attitude, because I happen to have an amazingly comfortable ass. It may not look like much, but if you could sit on this baby for two minutes, you'd realize that getting off this ass would be a crime against nature. #Quote by Lori Chapman
Getting Off quotes by Joel Miller
#9. Every day Big Government heaps demands and restrictions upon businesses that sink some enterprises, cause others to direct resources away from serving customers and instead toward jumping through hoops of lawyers and regulators, and prevent other operations from ever getting off the ground. #Quote by Joel Miller
Getting Off quotes by Rosa Parks
#10. It was just a matter of survivalーlike getting off the roadーso we could exist form day to day. #Quote by Rosa Parks
Getting Off quotes by Jason Ellis
#11. It's about getting off your ass and maximizing all the opportunities that life has to offer. #Quote by Jason Ellis
Getting Off quotes by Sarah Crossan
#12. Authenticity!' Petra declares. 'We do not want it to look staged, do we? Anyway, they should count themselves lucky. Levi offered to break a couple of arms.'
'A couple of legs,' Levi corrects, Roxanne titters, though i have no idea why this is funny.
'So i'd say a punch and a scratch from a nine-year-old was getting off lightly,' Petra says. #Quote by Sarah Crossan
Getting Off quotes by Lorri Bagley
#13. I love lingerie and feminine things. It makes me feel nice look good and turn somebody on by doing so. It's an incredible rush. And when it turns a man on - fantastic. But no matter what, I'm getting off. #Quote by Lorri Bagley
Getting Off quotes by Bill Maher
#14. Ask your doctor if getting off your ass is right for you #Quote by Bill Maher
Getting Off quotes by Ian Rankin
#15. Rebus remembered that the premature withdrawal of the penis during intercourse for contraceptive reasons was often referred to as 'getting off at Haymarket. #Quote by Ian Rankin
Getting Off quotes by Srividya Srinivasan
#16. Life is a little like getting on a bus with loads of passengers who are already on when you get on. A bus to nowhere but going with absolute certainty to nowhere or so it seems to you. And, you somehow secure a seat and think as long as you sit quietly, you might be allowed to stay till the destination, whatever it may be. You wonder if you could buy a more secure seat if you become the life and soul of the bus, since then nobody will want you to get off. So, you try.

There are people you like on the bus, some you cannot bear to be around with. People keep getting on. The bus is overcrowded. You watch some who gracefully get down, some who literally jump off the running bus and others who are abruptly forced off the bus. You feel sorry for those who have been forced off, happy you are still there. You must be special then for that privilege.

You sit there thinking if you are quiet and decent, and minding your business or counting your beads, you should be ok, not realising that you could be the next. There is deep down a fear that you could be, but you hope that all what you had done since you got on would guarantee a longer passage to nowhere. Maybe, to a better destination?

Where could the bus be going? Who will be getting off next? Will it be you? What is this strange journey with passengers you cannot choose, stops you cannot decide and destination unknown. Suddenly you cannot bear this torture anymore. This meaningless journey with atroci #Quote by Srividya Srinivasan
Getting Off quotes by Larry McMurtry
#17. Pea Eye loped up and unfolded himself in the direction of the ground. "Your getting off a horse reminds me of an old crane landing in a mud puddle," Augustus said. #Quote by Larry McMurtry
Getting Off quotes by Akira From Togainu No Chi
#18. No matter how much you regret it, nothing will go back to the way it was before. If you die, you'll just be getting off easy. So much for atoning - all it would amount to is running away. #Quote by Akira From Togainu No Chi
Getting Off quotes by Taya Kyle
#19. March 28, 2005
I am so ready to be home I have already gone into autopilot mode. Just counting the days, waiting for that big bird to take me home. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling good. Hopefully getting off the pill will help. Hopefully when I get home I can help with your emotions. Whatever you need, just tell me. I want to make things easy for you when I am home. At least as easy as possible. I love you so much gorgeous. Glad to hear your dad has busted his ass to help us out so much. We are so lucky with our family, I couldn't have married into a better one. Not to mention couldn't have married a better woman, cause there is none better. I also got an email from your niece. It was a PowerPoint slide that was real cute. It had a green background with a frog, and said she missed me. Sweet, huh. If she didn't forward a copy to you, I can. Oh, about the birth control: You said you wanted ten kids anyway. Change your mind yet? What is Bubba doing that has changed? Is he being a fart or is he just full of energy? I'm sure when I get home you will be ready for a break. How about after I get to see you for a little while, you go to a spa for a weekend to be pampered? I REALLY think you deserve it. You've been going and going, kinda like the Energizer Bunny. Just like when I get home for sex, we keep going and going and going and going and, you get the point. Hopefully you at least smiled over that. I always want you to be happy, and want to do whatever it takes t #Quote by Taya Kyle
Getting Off quotes by Frederick Lenz
#20. Enlightenment is getting off the wheel. Enlightenment is to become pure awareness. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Getting Off quotes by Kirk Cameron
#21. The history of the world is the story of people getting off track. #Quote by Kirk Cameron
Getting Off quotes by James Lileks
#22. Yay Condi Rice. I want her to go to Saudi Arabia, and I want her first words upon getting off the plane to be 'I'll drive.' #Quote by James Lileks
Getting Off quotes by Frederick Lenz
#23. Every moment gives birth to the next moment and influences it. Getting out of that chain of perpetual being is getting off the wheel of birth and death. That is enlightenment. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Getting Off quotes by Emilia Fox
#24. Older men are wiser and that is much cooler to me. I've never been one for going out clubbing or getting off my head, so I always gravitated to men who were similar. They just tended to be older. I think you have more of an adventure with an older man. And a happier journey. #Quote by Emilia Fox
Getting Off quotes by Bryant McGill
#25. This life is like a roller-coaster; once you are strapped-in and the ride has started, you aren't getting off. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Getting Off quotes by Will Smith
#26. The only thing that I see that is distinctly different about me is I'm not afraid to die on a treadmill. I will not be out-worked, period. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there's two things: You're getting off first, or I'm going to die. It's really that simple, right?
You're not going to out-work me. It's such a simple, basic concept. The guy who is willing to hustle the most is going to be the guy that just gets that loose ball. The majority of people who aren't getting the places they want or aren't achieving the things that they want in this business is strictly based on hustle. It's strictly based on being out-worked; it's strictly based on missing crucial opportunities. I say all the time if you stay ready, you ain't gotta get ready. #Quote by Will Smith
Getting Off quotes by Amy Andrews
#27. You think I need an orgasm to enjoy sex?" she demanded. "What are you, like fifteen?" She eyed him in disgust. "I can get my own orgasms just fine. Last night was not about me getting off. It was about comfort and solace. About helping you to forget for a while."

Ethan blinked as the full magnitude of her words pelted him like shrapnel. "Oh my God. It was a pity fuck? #Quote by Amy Andrews
Getting Off quotes by Paul Westerberg
#28. The best I can say is that it's better for me to write about despair and darkness than to be incapable of getting off the sofa. It's better to write about suicide than to contemplate it too heavily. #Quote by Paul Westerberg
Getting Off quotes by Peter McWilliams
#29. For writing, getting off our buts means getting on our butts-putting it into a chair and not moving from the chair for a set period of time. #Quote by Peter McWilliams
Getting Off quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#30. I sit on a man's back, choking him and making him carry me, and yet assure myself and others that I am very sorry for him and wish to ease his lot by all possible means - except by getting off his back. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Getting Off quotes by Steve McHugh
#31. What happened?" I asked. "They shot you with a manticore spine. Who the fuck owns a manticore? Why would anyone actually decide they want to keep one of those ugly fuckers?" "I feel we're getting off topic here," I reminded him. "What. Happened?" "Right, well you went to sleep and they dragged us all down here, but Ellie here woke up. Tore some guy's arm off before they subdued her. By that point Alan and I had woken up, and they gave us all a kicking. Still, she tore some guy's arm off, which was pretty badass of her. If we find it, and then find him, can we beat him to death with it?" I stared at my fox friend for a moment. "I'd rather use something more . . . stable for bludgeoning someone to death, but sure, why not? #Quote by Steve McHugh
Getting Off quotes by Carlton Cuse
#32. 'Lost' is driving toward an ending, and that ending is: Are these people getting off this island? What is the nature of this island? What is going to happen to them? What is their ultimate fate? What is their ultimate destiny? Those questions need to get answered. #Quote by Carlton Cuse
Getting Off quotes by Cambria Hebert
#33. Everyone started to file toward the door, crowding each other in their attempt to get the hell out of this flying deathtrap. I stood and waited for my turn, hefting my purse over my shoulder, and turned my cell phone back on. The second it lit up and I was able, I shot out a text.
Landed. Getting off now.
Romeo's response was instant, and I smiled.
I'm waiting. #Quote by Cambria Hebert
Getting Off quotes by Nigel Cliff
#34. who wants to make it grand or fortify it for the coitus, must rub it before copulation with tepid water, until it gets red and extended by the blood flowing into it, in consequence of the heat; he must then anoint it with a mixture of honey and ginger, rubbing it in sedulously. Then let him join the woman; he will procure for her such pleasure that she objects to him getting off her again. #Quote by Nigel Cliff
Getting Off quotes by Jay McLean
#35. Brain: You have no problem getting off, shut your whore mouth. Body: Did you just call my mouth a whore? #Quote by Jay McLean
Getting Off quotes by Cate Holahan
#36. Sex is never about getting off. It's a physical form of communication, stripped of the linguistic armor inside of which people cloak their true feelings. A person cannot have a sarcastic orgasm. #Quote by Cate Holahan
Getting Off quotes by Carolyn Lee Adams
#37. Through the red haze of my blood I see a strange expression on his face. His eyes have come alive, and I don't like it at all. He's getting off on this now in a way he wasn't before. My first thought is that my honesty is feeding him in a bad, bad way and my second thought is not to question my gut.
"These are going to be very good days," he says to me. #Quote by Carolyn Lee Adams
Getting Off quotes by Scott Adams
#38. Recently I quit caffeine. My doctor seems to think that 17 Diet Cokes per day is too much. In case you ever consider getting off caffeine yourself, let me explain the process. You begin by sitting motionlessly in a desk chair. Then you just keep doing that forever because life has no meaning. #Quote by Scott Adams
Getting Off quotes by J.M. Darhower
#39. ​LORENZO :-)

So I've been told," Lorenzo says. "Word around town is you're a bit of a dick-tator."


"Honestly? I don't know. All of this, if you ask me, is total bullshit. You're just whacking yourselves off under the table, getting off on the theatrics, like we're on fucking Broadway. Dance, little soldier, dance. It's a joke. I'll never understand it. But Ignazio here requested a meeting, and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't show up? #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Getting Off quotes by Courtney Summers
#40. Because Tina and I have never conducted ourselves in such an unladylike manner before, Diaz says we're getting off easier than we would have otherwise. I want to ask her what unladylike means. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Getting Off quotes by Mindy Kaling
#41. IF OUR PHONE CONVERSATION GETS DISCONNECTED, THERE'S NO NEED TO CALL BACK I get it. You get it. We take forever getting off the phone anyway. This was a blessing. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Getting Off quotes by Matthew Desmond
#42. Arleen thanked Pana. Getting off the phone, she thanked Jesus. She smiled. When she smiled she looked like a different person. The press had loosened its grip. From landlords, she had heard eighty-nine nos but one yes.

Jori accepted his mother's high five. He and his brother would have to switch schools. Jori didn't care. He switched schools all the time. Between seventh and eighth grades, he had attended five different schools - when he went at all. At the domestic-violence shelter alone, Jori had racked up seventeen consecutive absences. Arleen saw school as a higher-order need, something to worry about after she found a house. #Quote by Matthew Desmond
Getting Off quotes by J.D. Robb
#43. He's not your type."
Peabody's face clouded exactly as it had when Eve had rejected the perfume. "How come - I like looking at his type."
"Sure, but try to have a conversation with him." Eve dipped her hands in her pockets and rocked back on her heels. "Guy's in love with himself and figures every woman who gets a load of him has to go moony eyed - just like you're doing. He'd bore you to death in ten minutes because all he'd talk about is himself - how he looks, what he does, what he likes. You'd just be his latest accessory."
Peabody considered, watching as the gold-tipped Adonis posed at the check-in counter. "Okay, so we won't bother to talk. We'll just have sex."
"He'd be a lousy lay - wouldn't give a damn if you got off or not."
"I'm getting off just looking at him." But she sighed when he took out a small silver-backed mirror and examined his face with obvious delight. "It's times like this I hate it when you're right. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Getting Off quotes by Hazel Hayes
#44. Don't be ridiculous,' said Maya, 'You can't fail at a relationship. That's like getting off of a roller coaster and saying you failed because the ride is over. Things end. That doesn't mean the experience wasn't worth it. #Quote by Hazel Hayes
Getting Off quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#45. Will gritted his teeth as Will Junior and Nellie continued their debate. He loved his son, but he found him
and many members of hisgeneration
ruthless in their pursuit of money and standing and harsh toward the less fortunate. He had reminded him on many occasions that both the McClanes and their mother's family
the Van der leydens
had at one time been immigrants. As had members of all the city's wealthy families. But Will's lectures made no difference to his son. He was an American. And those getting off the boat at Castle Garden were not. Italian, Irish, Chinese, Polish
nationality made no difference. They were lazy, stupid, and dirty. Their numbers spelled ruin for the country. p. 264 #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Getting Off quotes by Jim Rohn
#46. Average people look forward to "getting off." Successful people look forward to "getting on." #Quote by Jim Rohn
Getting Off quotes by Elizabeth McGovern
#47. Honestly, I am always shocked when I see myself in the mirror because I feel exactly the same as I did when I was 18 getting off the plane to go to Juilliard in New York. #Quote by Elizabeth McGovern
Getting Off quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#48. Only one in four has a chance at making it ... And right there, I knew that if one of us was getting off dope, and staying off dope, it was going to be me. I was going to live. I was the guy. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Getting Off quotes by Jim Rohn
#49. It doesn't matter which side of the fence you get off on sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Getting Off quotes by Garth Greenwell
#50. As we joined the line of people getting off at the last stop before Sofia, I looked once more at the little boy, whom I felt I would never forget, though maybe it wasn't exactly him I would remember, I thought, but the use I would make of him. I had my notes, I knew I would write a poem about him, and then it would be the poem I remembered, which would be both true and false at once, the image I made replacing the real image. Making poems was a way of loving things, I had always thought, of preserving them, of living moments twice; or more than that, it was a way of living more fully, of bestowing on experience a richer meaning. But that wasn't what it felt like when I looked back at the boy, wanting a last glimpse of him; it felt like a loss. Whatever I could make of him would diminish him, and I wondered whether I wasn't really turning my back on things in making them into poems, whether instead of preserving the world I was taking refuge from it. #Quote by Garth Greenwell
Getting Off quotes by Graham Joyce
#51. The sun was up and I want to say that it was golden, but it wasn't golden, it was the color of treacle. I want to say the grass was green, but it wasn't, it was turquoise, the color of a quarry pool. The rocks were lion-colored and glimmered with quartz, and the sky I wanted to call blue was in reality lilac. And the colors were moist. It was as much as I could do to prevent myself from getting off the horse and putting my hands into these colors, to see if they would come off on my fingers. #Quote by Graham Joyce
Getting Off quotes by Will Smith
#52. You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things you got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there are two things: You're getting off first, or I'm going to die. It's really that simple, right? #Quote by Will Smith
Getting Off quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#53. MacKensie, much as men don't like to share this fact, we rarely die from not getting off. #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Getting Off quotes by Meghan March
#54. When I reach the doorway, I stop and thank every higher power for putting this woman in my life.
Because, holy fucking Christ, there is nothing I did to deserve this.
Banner is spread out on top of my sheets like some kind of fantasy come to life, wearing nothing but a scrap of red lace that she might call a bra, but I can see her nipples through. Her legs are splayed wide, and there's a toy buried inside her pussy. Her eyes are closed as she throws her head back and lets out a moan.
She doesn't even realize I'm here, and she's already getting off. Naughty girl. #Quote by Meghan March
Getting Off quotes by Savannah Stuart
#55. On a construction site sabotage could be potentially deadly. Alarm jumped through her. "Is anyone hurt?"
"No, thankfully. But… I need to be there."
"Then go. I've got my communicator and everyone knows I'm yours now anyway." She liked saying that she was his. He liked it as well if the smoldering look he gave her was any indication.
As the elevator made a soft ding, she leaned up and kissed him, not caring about the public affection. He didn't seem to mind either as he deepened the kiss for a little longer than was probably publicly acceptable.
When the doors opened, there were two males inside who didn't appear to be getting off - until Con growled at them. Without pause, they politely stepped off and let her get on. Even though there was enough room for about twenty warriors, apparently Con was feeling extra protective today.
She bit back a smile and blew him a kiss goodbye in full view of the two males. To her surprise his ears tinged red.
It was the last thing she saw before the doors closed. A short laugh escaped as she pressed the correct floor. #Quote by Savannah Stuart
Getting Off quotes by Laura Antoniou
#56. Rules. Even as the world of phone and computer sex (and dominance) were full of their own rules, so was the new world of doing-it-for real. And some of these new rules, (OK, most of them, Robin admitted) were just as silly as the ones she had learned and followed before. Safe words, for example. Magic words that when said by the bottom, stopped a scene so that some kind of inconvenient or dangerous activity could be halted. Robin had nothing against the concept ...
Having a code to use so that you're free to pull against the bondage or whimper "no, no, no" seemed to be a great idea. But having all these possible ways to orchestrate what was happening seemed, well, contrary to the point ...
I want to feel that I can't stop it. I want to be really mastered, taken over by someone who isn't goin to stop doing things because I'm not getting off on it. Someone who knows enough not to endanger me, unless that was what was intended ... #Quote by Laura Antoniou
Getting Off quotes by Robin Bielman
#57. Tell me you're bare underneath the dress."
She gulped. "I'm bare underneath this dress."
Gently dropping her arms back to her sides, he slid his finger down the center of her chest. Tingles shot out from the tips of her breasts and gathered at the base of her spine, between her legs. "Tell me you want me as much as I want you," he said, his voice husky.
Never had she imagined doing something as reckless as sleeping with a guy for one night. But this wasn't any guy. And it wasn't just about her getting off
God, how she needed to do that. It was about closure. Saying goodbye on her terms. It might be a bad idea, but it was the best bad idea she'd ever had.
She dropped the panties and put her hands on his chest.
"I want you. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Getting Off quotes by Benny Bellamacina
#58. The quickest way to the top, is getting off your bottom #Quote by Benny Bellamacina
Getting Off quotes by Groucho Marx
#59. Would you mind getting off that fly paper and giving the flies a chance?"
"Ahhh, you can't trick me! Flies don't read papers! #Quote by Groucho Marx
Getting Off quotes by Charlie Brooker
#60. Must be frustrating being a scientist. There you are, incrementally discovering how the universe works via a series of complex tests and experiments, for the benefit of all mankind - and what thanks do you get? People call you "egghead" or "boffin" or "heretic", and they cave your face in with a rock and bury you out in the wilderness.
Not literally - not in this day and age - but you get the idea. Scientists are mistrusted by huge swathes of the general public, who see them as emotionless lab-coated meddlers-with-nature rather than, say, fellow human beings who've actually bothered getting off their arses to work this shit out. #Quote by Charlie Brooker
Getting Off quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#61. A hand touched my shoulder, shaking me. I was back on the bus. It was dark and warm and I just wanted to sleep, but Chloe kept shaking my shoulder.
"Tori?" she whispered. "We're at a truck stop. It's Derek. He ... he's not feeling good. It could be the Change again. He needs to get off the bus. I'm going with him."
"Are you awake? Did you hear what I said?"
"Yeah, yeah. Derek Changing. You going."
She said something else, but I was already drifting back to sleep. Then she was gone.
I bolted upright in the pool house. Chloe had told me they were getting off the bus. Damn it! I'd screwed up. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Getting Off quotes by Roger Kahn
#62. Dear Dad: After twenty-two years in the amusement park, this roller coaster isn't fun any more, so I'm getting off the ride. Roger #Quote by Roger Kahn
Getting Off quotes by Matt Mickiewicz
#63. The pace of change for entrepreneurs is rapidly accelerating, and the cost and risk of launching a new business and getting off the ground is just amazing. The ability to gain user feedback really quickly and adapt to what your consumers want is totally different with the web as it is now. But finding a new market, helping people and taking that original idea and turning it into a business is really exciting right now. #Quote by Matt Mickiewicz
Getting Off quotes by Timothy Ferriss
#64. There's an entire generation of male strength and endurance athletes, even recreational lifters, who have never gotten off the ephedrine-caffeine-aspirin stack. The process of getting off stimulants is really horrible. #Quote by Timothy Ferriss
Getting Off quotes by Ella Frank
#65. His eyes flame, and his breathing increases. Twisted as it is, I find that I'm getting off on his fury. The angrier he gets, the more aroused I become. #Quote by Ella Frank
Getting Off quotes by Frederick Woolverton
#66. 3762
Hence the necessity of getting off the merry-go-round too figure out what is really going on and let your sad feelings tell their own sometimes weird, complex, and long-winded story. #Quote by Frederick Woolverton
Getting Off quotes by Ryan Holmes
#67. When my company was first getting off the ground, we were completely lost in the shuffle, despite our best efforts. In 2012, however, we had a 28-foot-long, 15,000-pound secret weapon. To stand out amid the gala parties and blow-out bashes hosted by much bigger tech companies, HootSuite decided to take to the streets. #Quote by Ryan Holmes
Getting Off quotes by Criss Jami
#68. Usually without realizing it, our ultimate peace starts and ends in the authority of God alone, which means the solution to living in joy, peace, and harmony with our fellow men has been here for all since the beginning of mankind and throughout civilization. I have yet to feel the urge to argue politics: it reminds me of getting off the freeway to sit in raging traffic. #Quote by Criss Jami
Getting Off quotes by John Boyne
#69. The problem with today's young people', I said, 'isn't that they do things which are bad for them, as so much of the media likes to think. It's that they don't do these things right. You're all so intent on getting off your heads on drugs that you don't think about the fact that you could overdose and, to put it plainly, die. You drink until your liver explodes. You smoke until your lungs collapse beneath the rot. You create diseases which threaten to wipe you out. Have fun, by all means. Be debauched, it's your duty. But be wise about it. All things in excess, but just know how to cope with them, that's all I ask. #Quote by John Boyne
Getting Off quotes by Kevin Hearne
#70. That's it," Flanagan said, his thick hands gripping the bar and his eyes wide. "I'm getting back on the wagon and I'm never getting off again. Oh, Jesus, look at that."
"I'm looking," Jesus said. Flanagan flicked an annoyed glance at him #Quote by Kevin Hearne
Getting Off quotes by Kirsten Gillibrand
#71. For me, getting off the sidelines means women making a difference by letting their voices be heard on the issues they care about. #Quote by Kirsten Gillibrand
Getting Off quotes by Barbie Bohrman
#72. I still hadn't boarded the elevator. It was as if my feet were glued to the floor. There was already a tension in the air between us. It felt electric and dangerous. And for a moment I thought I might choose to take the stairs. He was very tempting; I'd give him that.
"Are you getting on?"
"Aren't you getting off?" I asked.
Max tilted his head to the side and smirked at me. "If you get on this thing, probably."
"You're disgusting." I rolled my eyes at his cock-sure response even though a part of me found his arrogance more than slightly amusing. Boarding the elevator, I decided to stand as far away as I would from Max. "Whatever, I'm going down."
"That's what she said. #Quote by Barbie Bohrman
Getting Off quotes by Jeane Manning
#73. It is more important to move on to positive actions without stopping to wallow in anger about injustices -- including the unjust suppression of inventors. Exposing the skeletons in the closet serves to enlighten, but getting off-message with retribution will be counter-productive. #Quote by Jeane Manning
Getting Off quotes by M.A. Church
#74. We're getting off track," Dolf said. "My point was that our goddess doesn't make mistakes, and she's not punishing you. Yes, the werewolves have a reputation of being assholes. Yes, they can be speciesist… and the same could be and has been said of us. Maybe it's time for them to make a change too."
"I'm supposed to be the instrument of that change? I'm not brave like Kirk or Lawson. Marshell can just about kick anybody's ass. Me? I'm a beta. I'm not even the strongest beta here." Aidric's voice rose.
"But you're steady," Brier said.
"And steady wins the race," Remi added.
"Oh, are you for real? This is not the turtle and the hare fairy tale the humans use to teach kids with," Aidric snapped.
"No, but I bet you can make that were cry wolf," Remi said quietly. "You are the most unrelenting of all of us. You never give up. Never. That's your strength."
Aidric laid his head on the table. "I'd have to leave here."
Dolf ran his hand over Aidric's hair. "Eventually, yes, you would. That kills me, but I want what's best for you."
"You think this is it?" Aidric sniffed.
"Bast doesn't make mistakes. What she does she does for a reason. We just might not be able to see it at first. As much as I'd hate losing you, this is your future and your decision. You'll always be welcome here, you know that," Dolf said.
Aidric sat up and hugged Dolf. "Thank you #Quote by M.A. Church
Getting Off quotes by Melissa Broder
#75. Here's why I'm afraid of life after death: What if there is no nicotine gum?

I must have access to my nicotine gum at all times. I kiss with the gum. I sleep with the gum. Anything you can do without the gum I must do with the gum. I am chewing the gum right now.

I chew the gum, because I don't trust the universe to fill me up on its own. I can't count on the universe to sate my many holes: physical, emotional, spiritual. So I take matters into my own hands. I give myself little "doggy treats" for being alive. Each time I unwrap a new piece of nicotine gum and put it in my mouth (roughly every thirty minutes), I generate a sense of synthetic hope and potentiality. I am self-soothing. I am "being my own mommy." I am saying, Here you go, my darling. I know life hurts. I know reality is itchy. But open your mouth. A fresh chance at happiness has arrived!

I've been chewing nicotine gum for twelve years. I haven't had a cigarette in ten years. So you might say the gum works, except now I have a gum problem. I am so addicted to the gum that I have to order it from special "dealers" in bulk on eBay. I get gum on all the bedding. There are many reasons why I don't think I will have children, but the necessity of getting off the gum during pregnancy is one of them. When it comes down to anything vs. the gum, I always choose the gum.

Now let me just say, before we go any further, that if you're thinking of using nicotine gum to quit smoking y #Quote by Melissa Broder
Getting Off quotes by Robert D. Hales
#76. I want to help you "fly right" in the gathering storms of the last days. You are the pilots. You are responsible to think about the consequences of every choice you make. Your righteous choices will keep you from getting off course. #Quote by Robert D. Hales
Getting Off quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#77. It's a little like being alone on a moving train for the first time. The excitement and wonder at the new experience slowly gives way to the creeping feeling that something isn't quite right. You check your ticket and see that you have made a mistake-- it's not the train that you have intended to be on. At first, you try and deny it. You watch the scenery slipping past and try to find a familiar landmark, and for awhile you take solace in denial.
But soon, the terrifyingly unfamiliar terrain outside the window causes you to panic. Crushing fear that you can't ignore makes you rush around, looking for a way off it. But, it's moving too fast that you know there is no getting off until it stops somewhere. So you creep back to your seat and try not to attract any attention to yourself because the strangers in the train have taken on a weird, plastic appearance. Any camaraderie that you may have shared with them before is gone since you're no longer one of them: you're a trespasser meant to be on a different train.
The knowledge begins to weigh on you as you slide farther and farther from where you wanted to go. You try to reign in on your fear and convince yourself that maybe this new destination will be better than the one you had planned for yourself.
Then, somewhere along the way you discover that all your baggage is wrong, too, and you find that you're ill equipped to survive on the trip you're on, but then... then you notice that the stranger sitting next to y #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
Getting Off quotes by Wayne Koestenbaum
#78. I am demonstrating to you how tasty I think words are. I'm having sex with words in front of you. I'm playing around with them. I'm getting off. I'm trying to titillate you. There's this magical substance, language, that I'm laying out for you. Then you're going to fondle it. #Quote by Wayne Koestenbaum
Getting Off quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#79. He pointed to another number, changing as rapidly as the first, but on a lower trajectory; it rose to a high of 8.79 rem per hour. Several lifetimes of dentists' X-rays, to be sure; but the radiation outside the storm shelter would have been a lethal dose, so they were getting off lightly. Still, the amount flying through the rest of the ship! Billions of particles were penetrating the ship and colliding with the atoms of water and metal they were huddled behind; hundreds of millions were flying between these atoms and then through the atoms of their bodies, touching nothing, as if they were no more than ghosts. Still, thousands were striking atoms of flesh and bone. Most of those collisions were harmless; but in all those thousands, there were in all probability one or two (or three?) in which a chromosome strand was taking a hit, and kinking in the wrong way: and there it was. Tumor initiation, begun with just that typo in the book of the self. And years later, unless the victim's DNA luckily repaired itself, the tumor promotion that was a more or less unavoidable part of living would have its effect, and there would appear a bloom of Something Else inside: cancer. Leukemia, most likely; and, most likely, death. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Getting Off quotes by Aphex Twin
#80. A lot of composers before me have been on this mission to change the world by getting off equal temperament, and I'm definitely one of those. #Quote by Aphex Twin
Getting Off quotes by Scott Lynch
#81. You have to be a dead-eyed dirty-souled maniac to want to spend your extended life trading punches with other maniacs. Once you've seized that power, there's no getting off the merry-go-round. You fight like hell just to hold on or you get shoved off. #Quote by Scott Lynch
Getting Off quotes by Brian Regan
#82. I hate getting off the elevator on the wrong floor? Anyone ever do that ... and then you have to turn around and face those people. I feel like I owe everyone in there an explanation. #Quote by Brian Regan
Getting Off quotes by Scroobius Pip
#83. I see small town syndrome growing in size,
There's not a lot to do, so the kids they decide,
To get drunk every night, a glazed eyes disguise,
Do drugs every night, tired from their lives,
People getting off their faces for a quiet night in,
Kids rolling around the streets rowing and fighting,
But it's all just because life ain't too exciting,
And it's easier than trying to do the right thing,
But there are other choices --- if you want them #Quote by Scroobius Pip
Getting Off quotes by Kyle Busch
#84. Practice for us went pretty well. It started out slow, but guys did a real nice job on the M&M's Camry today to get us to where we needed to be. Everybody back at the shop is building some great stuff and TRD (Toyota Racing Development) making some improvements for the Chase here this weekend and whatnot. Having a good time there in practice means a lot, but there's obviously a lot of things that need to happen in the race this weekend for us and getting off to a good start and being able to carry that into the next 10 weeks. #Quote by Kyle Busch
Getting Off quotes by Amanda Michalka
#85. Family matters. Family are the only people who will tell you when you're getting off the tracks a little. Surround yourself with people who love theLord, love themselves and love you, and you can't really fail. #Quote by Amanda Michalka
Getting Off quotes by Vash Young
#86. I know the joy of skating on a clear cold day. I know the joy of getting off a perfect drive in golf. I know the delight of a fine meal after a long walk. These are real and wholesome, but all of them put together can not approach the thrill of ridding yourself of fear! #Quote by Vash Young
Getting Off quotes by Michael J. Sullivan
#87. She regretted volunteering, as getting off the ship required wading in chest-deep water. It was very cold and took her breath away. Her robe billowed around her as she struggled to find traction in the ground below.

A strong wave struck her from behind and she started to fall face forward. Hadrian caught her by the elbow and held her up.

"Thank you. I thought I was going for a swim there," she told him.

"Bad form on the wave's part, sneaking up and attacking you from the back like that."

"Not very chivalrous, was it?"

"Not at all - I'd complain. #Quote by Michael J. Sullivan
Getting Off quotes by J.R. Ward
#88. Sorry, you're on the ride now, and there's no getting off in the middle. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Getting Off quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
#89. He let out a breath. "How old are you?" he asked, fearful of the answer.

"Twenty-five." She gave him a wry smile. "And since you yelled it at Heather, I know you're 'forty fucking years old'."

He would have laughed, but he couldn't breathe. Jesus, he'd known she was young, but hearing her actual age..."That's fifteen years."

"I can do the math, but you know what else? I'm legal. I can drink. I have decent car insurance since I hit the quarter century mark, and I own this house." she paused. "Well the bank owns most of it, but I qualified for a loan and everything since I have decent credit." Her nose wrinkled. "I'm getting off subject. If the age difference truly bothers you, then I will see you at the shop to finish your tattoo. No hard feelings."

He growled softly. Well, something was hard, and it wasn't his feelings. #Quote by Carrie Ann Ryan
Getting Off quotes by Ree Drummond
#90. He was just getting off the phone when I entered the room.
"Dammit," I heard him mumble as he plopped down onto the enormous king-size bed.
Oh no. Jil Sander had her work cut out for her.
I climbed on the bed and lay beside him, resting my head on his arm. He draped his arm across my waist. I draped my leg around his.
He sighed. "The markets are totally in the shitter."
I didn't know the details, but I did know the shitter wasn't a good place. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Getting Off quotes by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
#91. The dykes versus the fags, but every straight man in the U.S who watched porn wanted to see two women getting off together. Lesbians held a unique place in the intolerant American psyche: it was the men who lay with men who challenged the words of the Holy Bible #Quote by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
Getting Off quotes by Laura Bickle
#92. There is only one way to a man's heart. Through gentleness. Not by getting angry or jealous. #Quote by Laura Bickle
Getting Off quotes by Melissa Broder
#93. I also remember, having been fucked up every day for years, that the world seemed like such a novelty to me during my first few years sober. Like, I remember going through each of the seasons and the magic of rediscovering what it felt like to be in the world: going to a pumpkin patch on Halloween, getting a tree for Christmas, I felt excited by reality in a way that I never had before. I actually wanted to be alive. #Quote by Melissa Broder
Getting Off quotes by Noah Scalin
#94. A little action often spurs a lot of momentum. #Quote by Noah Scalin
Getting Off quotes by Anonymous
#95. You can be as miserable or angry about anything as much as you want, end of the day getting emotional will not solve any of your problems. The only thing you can do is keep moving forward because whether or not you are ready, life will always go on with or without you. #Quote by Anonymous
Getting Off quotes by John Flanagan
#96. He hesitated a moment, shifted the load to his left arm and mimed a sword stroke in the air. Crowley looked over his shoulder at the serving boy with some concern. "Planning on beheading me, are you?" he asked. Rafe smiled at him. "No sir, Ranger. Just getting the right side, like. Just shift yourself over while I put these down, before I forget which side is which, now." Crowley #Quote by John Flanagan
Getting Off quotes by Austin Channing Brown
#97. and I ask myself, "Where is your hope, Austin?" The answer: It is but a shadow.

It is working in the dark, not knowing if anything I do will ever make a difference. It is speaking anyway, writing anyway, loving anyway. It is enduring disappointment and then getting back to work. It is knowing this book may be read only by my Momma, and writing it anyway. It is pushing back, even though my words will never be big enough, powerful enough, weighty enough to change everything. It is knowing that God is God and I am not. #Quote by Austin Channing Brown
Getting Off quotes by Rutherford B. Hayes
#98. The melancholy thing in our public life is the insane desire to get higher. #Quote by Rutherford B. Hayes
Getting Off quotes by Bill Hicks
#99. The idea of getting a, you know, syringe full of heroin and shooting it in the vein under my cock right now seems like almost a productive act. #Quote by Bill Hicks
Getting Off quotes by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
#100. Acting and singing were just a hobby, but getting into drama school made me realise I could actually do it for a living. #Quote by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen
Getting Off quotes by Stacey Ballis
#101. Brian orders us both Grandpa's Turtle Sundaes, a classic with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, whipped cream and nuts, topped with a house-made turtle candy instead of a cherry. Sigh. So much for getting out of the elastic waistband pants anytime soon.
But the thing is, it works. Decadent, insane, over the top, but so freaking delicious. Cold ice cream, fluffy whipped cream, the mingling richness of fudge and caramel, perfectly tempered with the salt and crunch of toasted pecans and peanuts. A weirdly perfect food. #Quote by Stacey Ballis
Getting Off quotes by Scott Shane
#102. I have an interest in getting government officials to talk to me about National Security affairs. You know, that's my bread and butter; that's how I make my living. #Quote by Scott Shane
Getting Off quotes by Gerard Butler
#103. I think I get laid less now than I used to, because I'm way more paranoid now. #Quote by Gerard Butler
Getting Off quotes by Allison Burnett
#104. There are some things success is not. It's not fame. It's not money or power. Success is waking up in the morning so excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. It's getting to work with people you love. Success is connecting with the world and making people feel. It's finding a way to bind together who have nothing in common but a dream. It's falling asleep at night knowing you did the best job you could. Success is joy and freedom and friendship. And success is love. #Quote by Allison Burnett
Getting Off quotes by Joe Jamail
#105. If you are not emotionally involved, your client is not getting your best effort. #Quote by Joe Jamail
Getting Off quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#106. He said that permitting private judgments to turn my duty in the smallest matter would be just like getting a little bit pregnant
that the consequences would very soon get beyond me. #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Getting Off quotes by Carol Berg
#107. Write a million words before thinking about getting published. #Quote by Carol Berg
Getting Off quotes by David Gemmell
#108. Odysseus draped the towel over his shoulders and stretched his back. "You remember practicing with wooden swords? All the moves, the blocks, the counters, getting your footwork right, learning how to be in balance always?"
"Of course you were a hard master."
"And you recall the first time you went into a real fight, with blood being shed and the fear of death in the air?"
"I do"
"The moves are the same, but the difference is wider than the Great Green. Love is like that, Helikaon. You can spend time with a whore and laugh and know great pleasure. But when love strikes
ah, the difference is awesome. You will find more joy in the touch of a hand or the sight of a smile than you could ever experience in a hundred nights of passion with anyone else. The sky will be more blue, the sun more bright. Ah, I am missing my Penelope tonight #Quote by David Gemmell
Getting Off quotes by Jane Levy
#109. Costume is a huge part of getting into character. Your body soaks in what you're wearing, and you turn into someone else. #Quote by Jane Levy
Getting Off quotes by Laurie Perez
#110. Feel compassion for your own heart that was broken open by grief or confusion.

Then tune in to the other level of that experience. Some part of you was heroic inside that moment of your life.

Some part of you was looking out for you, wanting you to make it through, encouraging you to love and heal and be larger than the message you were getting. Access the hero inside your own story.... #Quote by Laurie Perez
Getting Off quotes by Meg Tilly
#111. I didn't plan to act, but I'm glad I'm doing it - and I just want to keep getting better. #Quote by Meg Tilly
Getting Off quotes by Kristen Day
#112. What-ifs are kind of like ex-boyfriends. The more attention you give them, the more likely they are to stalk you and show up in you bedroom closet when you are getting out of the shower. #Quote by Kristen Day
Getting Off quotes by Dave Barry
#113. Although it was constructed in 1536, the New York subway system boasts an annual maintenance budget of nearly $8, currently stolen, and it does a remarkable job of getting New Yorkers from Point A to an indeterminate location somewhere in the tunnel leading to point B. #Quote by Dave Barry
Getting Off quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#114. It was like falling into a dream, and she felt herself getting lost inside the lines, the simplicity of the page a safety net against the memory of the day it was made. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Getting Off quotes by Leo Rosten
#115. Dogs are getting bigger, according to a leading dog manufacturer. #Quote by Leo Rosten
Getting Off quotes by Lance Armstrong
#116. If you're trying to hide something, you wouldn't keep getting away with it for 10 years. Nobody is that clever. #Quote by Lance Armstrong
Getting Off quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#117. It is like a man standing for decades on the seashore, embracing certain 'good' waves and trying to prevent them from disintegrating, while simultaneously pushing back 'bad' waves to prevent them from getting near him. Day in, day out, the man stands on the beach, driving himself crazy with this fruitless exercise. Eventually, he sits down on the sand and just allows the waves to come and go as they please. How #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Getting Off quotes by Mia Storm
#118. I live life by my own terms. Otherwise, what's the point? I march to someone else's orders, than I'm living someone else's life. I'm not gonna waste my time worrying about what other people think. I do my thing, they do theirs, and everyone's happy. #Quote by Mia Storm
Getting Off quotes by Elizabeth   Hunter
#119. As you getting weird about the two of us again?" Cary crossed his arms over his chest. "Just give me a heads up if you're going to freak out, and I'll plan my response accordingly. #Quote by Elizabeth Hunter
Getting Off quotes by Ethan Hawke
#120. Nothing teaches you like getting leveled. And I got leveled in my early 30s. Nothing went exactly the way I thought it would. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
Getting Off quotes by Emma Nichols
#121. Kyle, its a toothbrush and some panties. Keep them. Wear them if you want. It's the only way you are getting back in my panties again. #Quote by Emma Nichols
Getting Off quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#122. Fairy tales have always been about getting through the worst of everything, the darkest and the deepest and the bloodiest of events. They are about surviving, and what you look like when you emerge from the trial. The reason we keep telling fairy tales over and over, that we need to keep telling them, is that the trials change. So the stories change too, and the heroines and villains and magical objects, to keep them true. Fairy tales are the closets where the world keeps its skeletons. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Getting Off quotes by Ludwig Wittgenstein
#123. Black seems to make a colour cloudy, but darkness doesn't. A ruby could thus keep getting darker without ever becoming cloudy; but if it became blackish red, it would become cloudy. #Quote by Ludwig Wittgenstein
Getting Off quotes by Rachel Cohn
#124. And escape?" "Escape, sure. But it wasn't so much about getting away, as going to. You can go anywhere in a book. Books #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Getting Off quotes by Bauvard
#125. Usually I am the only subject I care to discuss with company. But when I'm getting reacquainted with an old friend, I really enjoy just sitting back and listening to them talk about me for a while. #Quote by Bauvard
Getting Off quotes by James Baldwin
#126. Years ago, when he was around fourteen, he'd been all hipped on the idea of going to India. He read books about people sitting on rocks, naked, in all kinds of weather, but mostly bad, naturally, and walking barefoot through hot coals and arriving at wisdom. I used to say that it sounded to me as though they were getting away from wisdom as fast as they could. I think he sort of looked down on me for that. #Quote by James Baldwin
Getting Off quotes by Tana French
#127. She hears all the voices from when she was little, soothing, strengthening: Don't be scared, not of monsters, not of witches, not of big dogs. And now, snapping loud from every direction: Be scared, you have to be scared, ordering like this is your one absolute duty. Be scared you're fat, be scared your boobs are too big and be scared they're too small. Be scared to walk on your own, specially anywhere quiet enough that you can hear yourself think. Be scared of wearing the wrong stuff, saying the wrong thing, having a stupid laugh, being uncool. Be scared of guys not fancying you; be scared of guys, they're animals, rabid, can't stop themselves. Be scared of girls, they're all vicious, they'll cut you down before you can cut them. Be scared of strangers. Be scared you won't do well enough in your exams, be scared of getting in trouble. Be scared terrified petrified that everything you are is every kind of wrong. Good girl. #Quote by Tana French
Getting Off quotes by Rhonda Byrne
#128. Time is just an illusion. Einstein told us that. If this is the first time you have heard it, you may find it a hard concept to get your head around, because you see everything happening - one thing after the other. What quantum physicists and Einstein tell us is that everything is happening simultaneously. If you can understand that there is no time, and accept that concept, then you will see that whatever you want in the future already exists. If everything is happening at the one time, then the parallel version of you with what you want already exists! It takes no time for the Universe to manifest what you want. Any time delay you experience is due to your delay in getting to the place of believing, knowing, and feeling that you already have it. It is you getting yourself on the frequency of what you want. When you are on that frequency, then what you want will appear. #Quote by Rhonda Byrne
Getting Off quotes by Rajneesh
#129. There is an intrinsic law: thoughts don't have their own life. They are parasites; they live on your identifying with them. When you say, 'I am angry,' you are pouring life energy into anger, because you are getting identified with anger. But when you say, 'I am watching anger flashing on the screen of the mind within me,' you are not anymore giving any life, any energy to anger. #Quote by Rajneesh
Getting Off quotes by John Eldredge
#130. When it comes to helping another human being, you can treat the symptoms or you can treat the cause. Most people dabble in symptom management, and that is why most people don't seem to be getting better. #Quote by John Eldredge
Getting Off quotes by Alex Steffen
#131. We don't need more recycling, we need a completely different system of closed-loop manufacturing, and no matter how many cans I crush, my personal actions at the consumer level are of very little importance in getting us there. #Quote by Alex Steffen
Getting Off quotes by L.A. Casey
#132. You convinced me that you're a good kisser, that doesn't mean you like me."
"I'm here pretending to be your boyfriend with the possibility of getting zero benefits from you. Trust me kitten, I like you. I like you a whole lottle, remember? #Quote by L.A. Casey
Getting Off quotes by Graham Speechley
#133. I never fired anyone for telling me I was wrong. #Quote by Graham Speechley

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