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Get Some Headspace quotes by John Ringo
#1. Lieutenant Smith was asked by Mister Zumwald to get him a drink," Wilkes said. "She responded with physical violence. I counseled her on conduct unbecoming of an officer and, when she reacted with foul language, on disrespect to a superior officer, sir, and I'll stand by that position. Sir."

"I agree that her actions were unbecoming, Captain," Steve said, mildly. "She really should have resolved it with less force. Which I told her as well as a strong lecture on respect to a superior officer. On the other hand, Captain, Mister Zumwald physically accosted her, grabbing her arm and, when she protested, called her a bitch. Were you aware of that, Captain?"

"She did say something about it, sir," Wilkes said. "However… "

"I also understand that you spent some time with Mister Zumwald afterwards," Steve said. "Rather late. Did you at any time express to Mister Zumwald that accosting any woman, much less an officer of… what was it? 'The United States Naval services' was unacceptable behavior, Captain?"

"Sir," Wilkes said. "Mister Zumwald is a major Hollywood executive… "

"Was," Steve said.

"Excuse me, sir?" Wilkes said.

"Was a major Hollywood executive," Steve said. "Right now, Ernest Zumwald, Captain, is a fucking refugee off a fucking lifeboat. Period fucking dot. He's given a few days grace, like most refugees, to get his headspace and timing back, then he can decide if he wants to help out or go in with #Quote by John Ringo
Get Some Headspace quotes by Ryan Adams
#2. I can sort of will that stuff to happen to me if I put myself in the right headspace. Then I can actually get to a space where it won't just be one song that comes through, but a series of them. #Quote by Ryan Adams
Get Some Headspace quotes by Jonathan Lee
#3. I was the outsider in Fernhall House, but they were all outsiders really. Outside society. Outside time. You hear people say that those in asylums and care facilities are out of their minds. But in truth their minds are often the one thing they are not out of. Their whole being is sheltering behind walls of muscle and bone. Everything they are - and are not - exists within their sacrosanct headspace. #Quote by Jonathan Lee
Get Some Headspace quotes by Raine Miller
#4. I could never be with Winter the way I wanted to be. I could never have her. Not how I'd dreamed of having her when my innermost fantasies took over within my twisted headspace.
Winter was too good.
She was too sweet.
She was just too perfectly innocent…for the likes of me. #Quote by Raine Miller
Get Some Headspace quotes by Guy Pearce
#5. I'm able to lead my life as well as make a film. My wife and my friends and people around me know that I do tend to distance myself a little bit during the making of a film, but I have to, it's a natural part of the process for me because you are indulging in the headspace of somebody else, you are investing in the psychology of somebody else and you are becoming somebody else, and so there isn't enough room for you and that somebody else. #Quote by Guy Pearce
Get Some Headspace quotes by Sharon Van Etten
#6. I guess I usually write when I'm in a really intense headspace, because it's my form of self-therapy. #Quote by Sharon Van Etten
Get Some Headspace quotes by Val Emmich
#7. Why would he do this? I mean, i understand how low a person can get. I also know that when you're not in the best headspace, the trivial can turn into the insurmountable and all of sudden you're heading down a dark path and you can't find your way back. #Quote by Val Emmich
Get Some Headspace quotes by Jason Statham
#8. You only get one shot in your life and you might as well push yourself and try things. There's so many interesting aspects of making a movie; the costume department, the set design, the casting itself, the locations. It's a great, great thing to be involved in if you have the headspace for it, and I do. Try anything once. #Quote by Jason Statham
Get Some Headspace quotes by Chuck Wendig
#9. Writers and actors have some creative ground in common, and so when you're writing a scene and hoping to convey a mood it's not the worst idea to try to put that mood into your headspace -- feel it, if only a little. I'm not saying you have to kill a kitten or punch your mother to feel something -- I just mean, stir up the memory of certain emotions if not the emotion itself. Same way an actor might think about a sad moment to conjure tears on-camera. 23. #Quote by Chuck Wendig
Get Some Headspace quotes by Brett Dennen
#10. People really respond to the songs when I play them in concert. Every song comes from a different place emotionally or from a different headspace. #Quote by Brett Dennen

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