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Gerein Up Movie quotes by Denzel Washington
#1. When you make a movie it's always interesting, because you end up in places you never would as a normal visitor or tourist. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Taylor Swift
#2. I love the ending of a movie where two people end up together. Preferably if there's rain and an airport or running or a confession of love. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Les Brown
#3. Do something about your life now. You know you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Don't just think about it, look at it, and complain about it to whoever will listen. Stop conning yourself into being a volunteer victim, or telling the same old story. You are better than that. It's time to stand up for yourself and your dream. This is the one and only life that you have. Don't waste it watching someone's life - on tv, in a movie, a series or reality show. Take your power back and make a move. Live your life on your terms, and create something new in your life. You Deserve! #Quote by Les Brown
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Kenya Wright
#4. What made a movie buff different from others was the amount of freakish details they chose to fill their heads with. The typical movie-goer remembered the big lines, the ones that you could find on the film's shirts and posters. Just a bunch of tag-lines used for promotion. A true movie buff memorized the odd ones that said more about the story's theme or characters. A true buff read up on the movie's history. #Quote by Kenya Wright
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Claire Scovell LaZebnik
#5. I'm a novelist who read a lot as a kid. When you grow up on books and then grow up to write books, famous authors are a lot more meaningful to you than TV and movie stars. #Quote by Claire Scovell LaZebnik
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Joseph Gatt
#6. My favorite comic book growing up was 'Thor.' It was one of my three, favorite comic books. Obviously, Marvel is such a huge name, but for me, to book a role in a Marvel movie, and for it to be 'Thor.' When my manager told me I booked 'Thor,' I literally didn't know what to say. #Quote by Joseph Gatt
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Deepika Padukone
#7. I guess I learnt to appreciate old Hindi-movie music from my dad and somewhere down the line picked up jazz as well. #Quote by Deepika Padukone
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#8. My travels have always been of the same kind. No matter where I've gone or why I've gone there it ends up that I never see anything. Becoming a movie star is living on a merry-go-round. When you travel you take the merry-go-round with you. You don't see natives or new scenery. You see chiefly the same press agents, the same sort of interviewers, and the same picture layouts of yourself. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Gerein Up Movie quotes by David Nicholls
#9. When you're reading a book, you're always looking for the natural place to stop. With a movie, you can't really have that sense of it coming momentarily to a halt; there's pressure to keep the momentum up. #Quote by David Nicholls
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Michael Keaton
#10. Small movie, small role, giant movie, giant role. Work is work. You've got to tell the truth and show up. #Quote by Michael Keaton
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Ice Cube
#11. When I did 'Boyz N The Hood', I never thought how we grew up in South Central was interesting enough for a movie. #Quote by Ice Cube
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Peter Jackson
#12. It's all about his determination. You never, ever, give up once you start something, once you're on the trail of something you don't stop and that's what you have to go through when you're making a movie too. Once the train's rolling, you have to stick with it. #Quote by Peter Jackson
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Ang Lee
#13. So there was one point I thought I was gonna lose it, but once I get on something I have to finish it; I just kept persuading them and they turned around. One good thing was the international guys really stood behind this movie, they thought they could support this film. So these guys step up and that's really good, and then they turned around. #Quote by Ang Lee
Gerein Up Movie quotes by J.D. Salinger
#14. And I have one of those very loud, stupid laughs. I mean if I ever sat behind myself in a movie or something, I'd probably lean over and tell myself to please shut up. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Dwight Yoakam
#15. In addition, I'm finishing a track for the movie 'Waking Up In Reno', but there are numerous other singers I look forward to recording with in the near future. #Quote by Dwight Yoakam
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Jemima Kirke
#16. I don't have that drive to be in this field, climbing up, doing bit parts in movies to make a big movie. But I'm lucky I get to also do acting - it's fun. I should probably just take an acting class on the weekends - that would be enough for me. #Quote by Jemima Kirke
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Gurinder Chadha
#17. After 'Bhaji On The Beach', I didn't make a movie for six years. I couldn't get a movie off the ground for love nor money. It was a very tough time and I almost gave up. If I had been an Oxbridge bloke after 'Bhaji', my career would have been very different #Quote by Gurinder Chadha
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Marshall McLuhan
#18. The movie, by sheer speeding up of the mechanical, carried us from the world of sequence and connections into the world of creative configurations and structure. #Quote by Marshall McLuhan
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Natasha Lyonne
#19. When I was a young person working, everybody was older than me, so I had to kind of keep up. I'd see every movie and listen to everything played, and read all the relevant books. Being an actor, it's kind of your job to know what came before you and how big your feelings are allowed to be. #Quote by Natasha Lyonne
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Todd Phillips
#20. It's heartbreaking when you hear a kid buying a ticket for ... I don't know, whatever movie you're up against. And you see them sneaking into your film. It's just heartbreaking. But in the spirit of full disclosure, that is what I did as an 11-year-old sneaking into 'Stripes.' #Quote by Todd Phillips
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Mary Borsellino
#21. As soon as teenage girls start to profess love for something, everyone else becomes totally dismissive of it. Teenage girls are open season for the cruelest bullying that our society can dream up. Everyone's vicious to them. They're vicious to each other. Hell, they're even vicious to themselves. It's terrible.

So if teenage girls have something that they love, isn't that a good thing? Isn't it better for them to find some words they believe in, words like the 'fire-proof and fearless' lyrics that Jacqui wrote? Isn't it better for them to put those words on their arm in a tattoo than for them to cut gashes in that same skin? Shouldn't we be grateful when teenage girls love our work? Shouldn't that be a fucking honor?

It's used as the cheapest, easiest test of crap, isn't it? If teenage girls love a movie, a book, a band, then it's immediately classified as mediocre shit. Well, I'm not going to stand for that. Someone needs to treat them like they're precious, and if nobody else is ready to step up, I guess it's up to us to put them on the path to recognizing that about themselves. #Quote by Mary Borsellino
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Francesca Lia Block
#22. Same old boring boring story America can't stop telling itself. What is this sicko fascination? Every book and movie practically has to have a little, right? But why do you think all those runaways are on the streets tearing up their veins with junk and selling themselves so they can sleep in the gutter? What do you think the alternative was at home? #Quote by Francesca Lia Block
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Minnie Driver
#23. People go 'You look a lot like Minnie Driver.' Once I said, 'Thanks, Minnie is a great actress.' But, it blew up in my face. This person said, 'Nah, didn't like the last movie she did.' #Quote by Minnie Driver
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Lionel Shriver
#24. Okay, it's like this. You wake up, you watch TV, and you get in the car and you listen to the radio. You go to your little job or your little school, but you're not going to hear about that on the 6:00 news, since guess what. Nothing is really happening. You read the paper, or if you're into that sort of thing you read a book, which is just the same as watching only even more boring. You watch TV all night, or maybe you go out so you can watch a movie, and maybe you'll get a phone call so you can tell your friends what you've been watching. And you know, it's got so bad that I've started to notice, the people on TV? Inside the TV? Half the time they're watching TV. Or if you've got some romance in a movie? What to they do but go to a movie? All those people, Marlin," he invited the interviewer in with a nod. "What are they watching?"
After an awkward silence, Marlin filled in, "You tell us, Kevin."
"People like me. #Quote by Lionel Shriver
Gerein Up Movie quotes by James Woods
#25. We work in an environment where your options are to do, you know, Batman 10, so when you get to do a movie that's a really great film like this, people really step up to the plate and enjoy it. #Quote by James Woods
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Missi Pyle
#26. I grew up in Middle America and I don't think my family was very funny, but I watched 'The Princess Bride.' I always wanted to be an actor. I didn't know anything about it. I'd never seen any plays or anything and I watched that movie over and over and over again. #Quote by Missi Pyle
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Kiran Desai
#27. How could anything be the same? The red of blood lay over the market road in slick pools mingled with a yellow spread of dal someone must have brought in anticipation of a picnic after the parade, and there were flies on it, left behind odd slippers, and a sad pair of broken spectacles, even a tooth. It was rather like the government warning about safety that appeared in the cinema before the movie with the image of a man cycling to work, a poor man but with a wife who loved him, and she had sent his lunch with him in a tiffin container; then came a blowing of horns and small, desperate cycle tinkle, and a messy blur clearing into the silent still image of a spread of food mingled with blood. Those mismatched colors, domesticity shuffled with death, sureness running into the unexpected, kindness replaced by the image of violence, always made the cook feel like throwing up and weeping both together. #Quote by Kiran Desai
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Darren Aronofsky
#28. Classical scores go up and down; they're kind of hysterical in a way. And movie scores are much more - they just drive and move forward, and they build and can't go up and down at that same speed. It's a big job to turn that into something that pushes the movie along. #Quote by Darren Aronofsky
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Sinclair Lewis
#29. If a queen comes to America, crowds fill the station squares, and attendant British journalists rejoice, 'You see: the American Cousins are as respectful to Royalty as we are.'
But the Americans have read of queens since babyhood. they want to see one queen, once, and if another came to town next week, with twice as handsome a crown, she would not draw more than two small boys and an Anglophile.
Americans want to see one movie star, one giraffe, one jet plance, one murder, but only one. They run up a skyscraper or the fame of generals and evangelists and playwrights in one week and tear them all down in an hour, and the mark of excellence everywhere is 'under new management'. #Quote by Sinclair Lewis
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Alexa Riley
#30. Pink passes by me with a wicked look on his face. He walks over to where Elle is sitting, and before she can protest, he scoops her up out of her stool, dips her back dramatically like something from an old movie, and plants a kiss right on her lips.

After a moment, he breaks the kiss, sets her back down on the stool, and walks away.

"Asshole," Elle mumbles as she touches her lips, and her cheeks turn bright red.

"As much as you keep mentioning your ass, Prinzessin, I can see that's going to need attention first," Pink says, not looking back as he walks out the door.

I look over to see Elle's mouth drop open and her cheeks burn even brighter, so I leave her and a laughing Zoey alone in the apartment. When we get outside, I talk to my guys posted outside as a precaution, then Pink and I head to my truck.

"You sure you want to keep digging that grave?" I ask, looking over as Pink gets in the truck.

"As long as I end up buried inside her, I'm good. #Quote by Alexa Riley
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Giada De Laurentiis
#31. Food was always a big part of my life. My grandfather was one of 14 kids, and his parents had a pasta factory, so as a kid, he and his siblings would sell pasta door to door. After he became a movie producer, he opened up De Laurentiis Food Stores - one in Los Angeles and one in New York. #Quote by Giada De Laurentiis
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Charles Roven
#32. We live in a much more complicated time than when Superman was created 75 years ago. Or even when Superman The Movie was created in the 70s. There are great advances but with those come a great many complications.We felt that the character needed to grow up in that kind of environment and had to face those kinds of colossal choices that were not going to be easy. It's difficult to figure out the right path. And even if you do good there are causalities to your choices. We thought it would be compelling. #Quote by Charles Roven
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Denis Leary
#33. If you do good work, it tends to stick around. People still come up to me and say, 'The Ref' is my favorite Christmas movie.' #Quote by Denis Leary
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Jay Chiat
#34. We set up a beta site, a test site, with movie, music and book reviews. If you're reading them and you want to buy a book or a ticket for a movie that's reviewed on the site, you can do that without leaving our site. #Quote by Jay Chiat
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Erin Gray
#35. The comic is today's western, so many movies, and I think that if actors want to optimize their longevity, it's important for them to meet the fans because those fans are so loyal and will show up at any movie or tune in to any television show they're on. #Quote by Erin Gray
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Eoin Colfer
#36. That was horrible. Horrible. That poor little guy."
Pex was unrepentant. "Yeah, well, he asked for it. Calling us ... all those things."
buried alive! That's like in that horror movie. Y'know
the one with all the horror."
I think I saw that one. With all the words going up on the screen at the end?"
Yeah, that was it. Tell you the truth, those words kinda ruined it for me. #Quote by Eoin Colfer
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Bohdi Sanders
#37. Visualization is basically the process of making a movie in your mind. You want to see yourself in many different situations, using your martial arts skills or your de-escalation skills to walk away from specific conflicts victoriously. The key to successful visualization is that you always see yourself being victorious. You don't want to visualize yourself screwing up or making mistakes. Visualizing yourself losing or messing up, is like practicing your martial arts skills incorrectly, over and over again. #Quote by Bohdi Sanders
Gerein Up Movie quotes by John Riccitiello
#38. I can imagine [the government] trying to tell Steven Spielberg 'We need 50 different cuts of your movie for each state.' It will screw us up in a real way. #Quote by John Riccitiello
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Mary Potter Kenyon
#39. That evening I sat across from Jeremy Bulloch and Jacob at the dinner table. I watched as Jeremy, who seemed to speak Jacob's silent language fluently, drummed his fingers up and down on the edge of the table, as if playing a piano. A delighted Jacob mimicked the actor's actions. My throat filled with tears. I met Ben's eyes across the table, where he sat straight with pride next to his son. He was enjoying the show just as much as I was. Jacob was in his element, interacting with an actor from his favorite movie. The other men at the table were part of the set: Mike, the owner of the comic book store, who had made the entire thing possible, and the Mandalorin Mercs, new friends of the little boy who had
become one of their own, a comrade in distress. #Quote by Mary Potter Kenyon
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Chloe Thurlow
#40. Time neither flies nor sleeps. It is flexible, plastic, ever changing. Spend two hours watching a movie curled up with your lover and time ceases to exist. Spend two hours waiting for your lover to come and time is the iron bars of a prison #Quote by Chloe Thurlow
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Alejandro Amenabar
#41. I was brought up Christian, then I was agnostic and then I realized I was atheist ... This movie [Agora] is about fundamentalism and hate. #Quote by Alejandro Amenabar
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Lucas Till
#42. I'm not a big fan of guitar face. You know, when someone's playing guitar, and they make this really embarrassing face, like they smush their lips together and ... they look you in the eye and it's really humiliating. You know some people have that really embarrassing guitar face? I remember thinking about this when I was doing the DJing, because ... you do have to focus, and that's what happens, it's your focus face. But you're in a movie, so you should probably lock it up. #Quote by Lucas Till
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Bonnie Jo Campbell
#43. That's why I have to be a fiction writer, because I can't remember what just happened or where I went last week or what movie I just watched with my husband. I'm better off just making things up. #Quote by Bonnie Jo Campbell
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Qwana Reynolds-Frasier
#Quote by Qwana Reynolds-Frasier
Gerein Up Movie quotes by William Friedkin
#45. If you're a movie star, the studios don't want you to act. They just want you to show up and look good and chase girls and have a lot of laughs. #Quote by William Friedkin
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Jake Gyllenhaal
#46. I grew up on movie sets, so it was something I just found familiar. When I was growing up also, in high school, I would audition for things and my parents let me audition for things - with the thought that I wouldn't get them. And then I would get them ... sometimes, and it would surprise them. #Quote by Jake Gyllenhaal
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Martine McCutcheon
#47. When I was younger, I used to look at movie stars with pencil-thin noses and think about a nose job. I've got a grown-up baby nose; it's not chiseled and structured. Then I saw how beautiful Audrey Tatou was in 'Amelie' and thought, 'She's got a nose like mine, and if she can have a baby nose, so can I.' #Quote by Martine McCutcheon
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Joel Stein
#48. The best man day in the world would involve building a bridge and then blowing up that bridge. Which is why you can't make a better man movie than The Bridge on the River Kwai, unless you make Two Bridges on the River Kwai. #Quote by Joel Stein
Gerein Up Movie quotes by Dakota Johnson
#49. The idea of being at home and picking up kids from school and cooking dinner and then the husband comes home - there's something that seems really nice to me 'cause I never had that growing up. And it seems so enticing. But in my mind, I'm like, 'Well, I'll just play that in a movie and go about my own life, bizarre as it is.' #Quote by Dakota Johnson

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