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Gendry Waters quotes by George R R Martin
#1. I bet this is a brothel," she whispered to Gendry.
"You don't even know what a brothel is."
"I do so," she insisted. "It's like an inn, with girls. #Quote by George R R Martin
Gendry Waters quotes by George R.R. Martin
#2. An old man sat down beside her. "Well, aren't you a pretty little peach?" His breath smelled near as foul as the dead men in the cages, and his little pig eyes were crawling up and down her. "Does my sweet peach have a name?"
For half a heartbeat she forgot who she was supposed to be. She wasn't any peach, but she couldn't be Arya Stark either, not here with some smelly drunk she did not know. "I'm . . ."
"She's my sister." Gendry put a heavy hand on the old man's shoulder, and squeezed. "Leave her be."
The man turned, spoiling for a quarrel, but when he saw Gendry's size he thought better of it. "You sister, is she? What kind of brother are you? I'd never bring no sister of mine to the Peach, that I wouldn't." He got up from the bench and moved off muttering, in search of a new friend.
"Why did you say that?" Arya hopped to her feet, "You're not my brother."
"That's right," he said angrily. "I'm too bloody lowborn to be kin to m'lady high."
Arya was taken aback by the fury in his voice. "That's not the way I mean it."
"Yes it is." He sat down on the bench, cradling a cup of wine between his hands. "Go away. I want to drink this wine in peace. Then maybe I'll go find that black-haired girl and ring her bell for her."
"But . . ."
"I said, go away. M'lady."
Arya whirled and left him there. A stupid bullheaded bastard boy, that's all he is. He could ring all the bells he wanted, it was nothing to her. #Quote by George R.R. Martin
Gendry Waters quotes by Tory Burch
#3. When I started my company, many people said I shouldn't launch it as a retail concept because it was too big a risk. They told me to launch as a wholesaler to test the waters - because that was the traditional way. #Quote by Tory Burch
Gendry Waters quotes by Frances Beinecke
#4. NRDC has helped bring hope spots to more of our shared ocean waters. We helped draft and pass a California law creating a network of underwater parks stretching from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. #Quote by Frances Beinecke
Gendry Waters quotes by Robyn Carr
#5. It's usually the roughest waters that teach us the most. #Quote by Robyn Carr
Gendry Waters quotes by John Waters
#6. To me, bad taste is what entertainment is all about. If someone vomits watching one of my films, it's like getting a standing ovation. But one must remember that there is such a thing as good bad taste and bad bad taste. it's easy to disgust someone; I could make a ninety-minute film of people getting their limbs hacked off, but this would only be bad bad taste and not very stylish or original. To understand bad taste one must have very good taste. Good bad taste can be creatively nauseating but must, at the same time, appeal to the especially twisted sense of humor, which is anything but universal. #Quote by John Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Alice Waters
#7. I think health is the outcome of finding a balance and some satisfaction at the table. #Quote by Alice Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by John Waters
#8. Anytime you make someone laugh or satirize something, it's the best way to change someone's opinion because they're defenseless - they laugh, they listen. #Quote by John Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by William Arthur Ward
#9. Words, like tranquil waters behind a dam, can become reckless and uncontrollable torrents of destruction when released without caution and wisdom. #Quote by William Arthur Ward
Gendry Waters quotes by Dorotea Brandin
#10. The symbol of the Lotus flower gives a precious teaching that can inspire us to deal with life in the best possible way. Its roots take nourishment from muddy waters and yet bloom in full delicacy and beauty on the surface. Similarly, to have a positive mindset is a beautiful quality; nonetheless to be transformational it needs to be rooted firmly in reality to then blossom with the value which can be created from the muddy problem(s) #Quote by Dorotea Brandin
Gendry Waters quotes by Francisco Cantú
#11. As I swam toward a bend in the canyon, the river became increasingly shallow. In a patch of sunlight, two longnose gars, relics of the Paleozoic era, hovered in the silted waters. I stood to walk along the adjacent shorelines, crossing the river time and again as each bank came to an end, until finally, for one brief moment, I forgot in which country I stood. All around me the landscape trembled and breathed as one. #Quote by Francisco Cantú
Gendry Waters quotes by Beatrix Potter
#12. The place is changed now, and many familiar faces are gone, but the greatest change is myself. I was a child then, I had no idea what the world would be like. I wished to trust myself on the waters and the sea. Everything was romantic in my imagination. The woods were peopled by the mysterious good folk. The Lords and Ladies of the last century walked with me along the overgrown paths, and picked the old fashioned flowers among the box and rose hedges of the garden. #Quote by Beatrix Potter
Gendry Waters quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#13. The ocean's beauty is in its clear waters, but its strength lies in its dark depths. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Gendry Waters quotes by Lynne Hugo
#14. We suffer the threat of breathing in water; we fight the nightmares that would drown us. And just as we feel the deceptive joy of floating, we flex our muscles and learn to kick, propelling ourselves into deeper waters where we can't see the bottom or touch the side.

There, in the deep, we stroke.

Then, surprising ourselves, saving ourselves, we swim. #Quote by Lynne Hugo
Gendry Waters quotes by Cyndi Tefft
#15. And your green eyes are the color of the hills- the color of my home.' His voice dropped to a whisper. 'Aye, there's something about you, Lindsey Waters. #Quote by Cyndi Tefft
Gendry Waters quotes by Joseph Smith Jr.
#16. Alma baptizes in the Waters of Mormon #Quote by Joseph Smith Jr.
Gendry Waters quotes by John Waters
#17. When I started my goal was to make a successful underground movie. I started making movies in the mid-60s. Underground cinema then only lasted about two or three years. #Quote by John Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by William Shakespeare
#18. Alack, sir, no; her passions are made of nothing but the finest part of pure love. We cannot call her winds and waters sighs and tears; they are greater storms and tempests than almanacs can report: this cannot be cunning in her; if it be, she makes a shower of rain as well as Jove. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Gendry Waters quotes by John Waters
#19. JOHN WATERS: In Cry-Baby Traci played a sexpot-which is always the best way to rid yourself of an image, by playing it and making fun of it. That's what Johnny Deep did, too. He was on Jump Street, and he hated playing a teen idol, so I said, "stick with us; we'll kill that." And we did - in the right way, you know? #Quote by John Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by John Waters
#20. I built a career on negative reviews. I didn't get a good review ever until Fran Lebowitz gave me a good review in Interview. That was the first good review I got in 10 years. #Quote by John Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Ethel Waters
#21. Negroes are human beings with exactly the same faults and virtues as members of the other races. #Quote by Ethel Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Sarah Waters
#22. I must be better, she thought - realising it then, in that moment, for the first time. I must be OK. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by John Bunyan
#23. These troubles and distresses you are experiencing in these waters are no indication that God has abandoned you. Rather, they are sent to test you to see whether or not you will recall the evidences of his past goodness and rely upon him in your present distresses. #Quote by John Bunyan
Gendry Waters quotes by Mark Waters
#24. After 'Freaky Friday,' another teen movie was not on my playlist. #Quote by Mark Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Russell M. Stendal
#25. When the rain (of blessing) falls, it waters all the seeds in the garden. When fertilizer is applied, it fertilizes everything growing in the field. If thorns and briers are in our hearts, prosperity will cause them to prosper also. Everything will come up together. For this reason, the Lord starts us out in a desert (spiritual or otherwise). He wants to make sure no weeds are left in our hearts. Each time we receive something new and excellent from God, it will be accompanied by a test. We have not just received a new gift or talent or capacity from God; we have also received a test on how we will use it. We can use it according to the will of God for the kingdom of God and the good of others, or we can use it for personal gain and foment our own pride and arrogance. #Quote by Russell M. Stendal
Gendry Waters quotes by Richard J. Foster
#26. A farmer is helpless to grow grain; all he can do is provide the right conditions for the growing of grain. He cultivates the ground, he plants the seed, he waters the plants, and then the natural forces of the earth take over and up comes the grain ... This is the way it is with the Spiritual Disciplines - they are a way of sowing to the Spirit ... By themselves the Spiritual Disciplines can do nothing; they can only get us to the place where something can be done. #Quote by Richard J. Foster
Gendry Waters quotes by Matthieu Ricard
#27. Imagine a ship that is sinking and needs all the available power to run the pumps to drain out the rising waters. The first class passengers refuse to cooperate because they feel hot and want to use the air-conditioner and other electrical appliances. The second-class passengers spend all their time trying to be upgraded to first-class status. The boat sinks and the passengers all drown. That is where the present approach to climate change is leading. #Quote by Matthieu Ricard
Gendry Waters quotes by Walter Scott
#28. One hour of life, crowded to the full with glorious action, and filled with noble risks, is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum, in which men steal through existence, like sluggish waters through a marsh, without either honour or observation. #Quote by Walter Scott
Gendry Waters quotes by Constance Hale
#29. Writers dream of sentences that sail through the waters of thought. We try to control their shape and size, and we struggle to let them glide, rather than thrash at sea. #Quote by Constance Hale
Gendry Waters quotes by Bai Juyi

A strip of water's spread in the setting sun,
Half the river's emerald, half is red.
I love the third night of the ninth month,
The dew is like pearl; the moon like a bow. #Quote by Bai Juyi
Gendry Waters quotes by Alice Waters
#31. I do feel like food should cost more, because we aren't paying farmers a living wage. It has to cost more. #Quote by Alice Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Pablo Neruda
#32. But I love your feet only because they walked upon the earth and upon the wind and upon the waters, until they found me. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Gendry Waters quotes by Sarah Waters
#33. They had been patient, all this time. They'd lived in darkness. They'd lived without salt, without scent. They'd fed themselves little scraps of pleasure, like pairings of cheese. Now she became aware if the minutes as they passed: she felt them, suddenly, for what they were, as fragments of her life, her youth, that were rushing away like so many drops of water, never to return. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by Sophie B. Hawkins
#34. The Gulf Waterkeepers are our first line of defense against the BP oil disaster. Their incredible knowledge of the marshes, wetlands, beaches and inner-coastal waters make them invaluable first responders. Their commitment makes them critical and effective community leaders. #Quote by Sophie B. Hawkins
Gendry Waters quotes by Ethel Waters
#35. Though I was excited about the Sojourner Truth play, it was not reassuring to think that my entire future might depend on the success of that one show. #Quote by Ethel Waters
Gendry Waters quotes by John Crowley
#36. Daily Alice awoke, as she always did, when the sun broke in at her eastward windows with a noise like music. She kicked off the figured coverlet and lay naked in the long bars of sun for a time, touching herself awake, finding eyes, knees, breasts, red-gold hair all in place and where she had left them. Then she stood, stretched, brushed the last of sleep from her face, and knelt by the bed amid the squares of sun and said, as she had every morning since she could speak, her prayers:
O great wide beautiful wonderful World
With the wonderful waters around you curled
And the beautiful grass upon your breast
O World you are beautifully dressed. #Quote by John Crowley
Gendry Waters quotes by John Burnham Schwartz
#37. Beyond the terrace, a light breeze stirred the reeds at the edge of the pond. Looking out at this intimate vista, one could see the reeds and a stone lantern and the brightest of the evening's stars floating on the gloaming mirror of the pond. Then the breeze came again to crack the water's surface, and the picture was flooded. #Quote by John Burnham Schwartz
Gendry Waters quotes by William Shakespeare
#38. To unpathed waters, undreamed shores. #Quote by William Shakespeare
Gendry Waters quotes by Arlie Russell Hochschild
#39. Lee, who had borne the guilt of polluting public waters and been cheated by a dishonest official at a tax office, wanted to feel vindicated. The tax office was corrupt, and taxes themselves were connected to dishonesty, he felt.... At issue in politics was trust. It was hard enough to trust people close at hand, and very hard to trust those far away; to locally rooted people, Washington D.C, felt very very far away. ...[Everyone] felt like victims of a frightening loss--or was it theft?--of their cultural home, their place in the world, and their honor. #Quote by Arlie Russell Hochschild
Gendry Waters quotes by Wang Wei
#40. Watching wild landscapes I forget distance
and come to the water's edge. #Quote by Wang Wei

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