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Gannen Mono quotes by Rachel Weisz
#1. The Pagan model of religion because, in the Pagan model, there were lots and lots of Gods and Goddesses. They were all incredibly beautiful and there were statues of them everywhere, which is the equivalent of magazines, or whatever, today. And they were fallible, which is different from being mono-, you know, Jewish or Islam (where) you have the infallible, monotheistic God. #Quote by Rachel Weisz
Gannen Mono quotes by Jaxy Mono
#2. Cuba is just a slave-prison. Our only crime is brith, but our sentence is life behind barbed wire and prison bars. #Quote by Jaxy Mono
Gannen Mono quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#3. If you marry an African, you will marry a man who takes his responsibility for the family seriously #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Gannen Mono quotes by Henry Doss
#4. a large-scale policy mandating a mono-cultural curriculum – focused on teaching to the job may very well create a society of trained workers; but it will fail at creating a learning society. If we want to maintain a position of being inventive and vibrant and robust, we need an inventive, vibrant and robust educational philosophy. Just as teaching to the test distorts the learning process in ways that are often directly in opposition to the desired outcomes of the test, a teaching policy aimed at jobs alone may very well end up destroying jobs, or at the very least compromising a truly innovative culture. #Quote by Henry Doss
Gannen Mono quotes by Sam Raimi
#5. I like a good mono track, it's right up front. I don't need all the surrounds telling me there are birds in the neighbourhood. #Quote by Sam Raimi
Gannen Mono quotes by Wayne McGregor
#6. Once I'm working on something, I don't do anything else. I'm mono-track. #Quote by Wayne McGregor
Gannen Mono quotes by Rachel Cohn
#7. What else could I be? If I were a mono-thinker, I probably wouldn't be an insomniac. How is a poly-thinker supposed to fall asleep, and more importantly, stay asleep, when thoughts just won't stop darting! darting! darting! through my head? #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Gannen Mono quotes by Jincy Willett
#8. Jenny Marzen is who again?" Amy knew perfectly well who she was. Jenny Marzen was hot, hotter than Amy had ever been, and Jenny Marzen would be washed up in ten years and didn't know it. "And Jenny is my number one fan?"
"No, but she likes you. She read your stories in grad school."
"What is she, twelve?"
"The point is, she really liked the article, and all that stuff about experience and news. Lex says she says you've got gravitas."
"That's a dirty lie. I never even had mono. #Quote by Jincy Willett
Gannen Mono quotes by Mango Wodzak
#9. Out in the field, sitting on the grass, the hard-core omnivores are hunched around and over the cadaver of a creature they've courageously downed, greedily feasting on its flesh, while furtively looking around in all directions.. one of them has thrown in a few wilted sprigs of asparagus and a bucketful of ketchup to sweeten the deal.

The vegetarians have caught an animal, chased her baby over to the omnivores, and are suckling from her nipples, while others feast on a basket of gathered birds eggs.

The vegans have just ploughed through a mono crop of wheat, and soy and are enjoying their tofu burgers.

Meanwhile those radical fruitarian extremists are in the cherry trees, looking on in wide-eyed bewilderment.. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Gannen Mono quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#10. It is a mistake to think Africans are not good husbands #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Gannen Mono quotes by Wayne Campbell
#11. I thought I had mono for a year ... Turns out I was just really bored. #Quote by Wayne Campbell
Gannen Mono quotes by Anonymous
#12. Human says time goes by -
Time says human goes by #Quote by Anonymous
Gannen Mono quotes by Ken Liu
#13. That feeling in your heart: it's called mono no aware. It is a sense of the transience of all things in life. The sun, the dandelion, the cicada, the Hammer, and all of us: we are all subject to the equations of James Clerk Maxwell, and we are all ephemeral patterns destined to eventually fade, whether in a second or an eon. #Quote by Ken Liu
Gannen Mono quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#14. In multicultural societies, there is a mutual enrichment of the cultures and the inter-penetration of certain cultural elements in the course of interaction #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Gannen Mono quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#15. Hatred of different people supersedes logic and obvious facts and truth #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Gannen Mono quotes by Robert Crumb
#16. When I go back to America, after a few days I am once again filled with this kind of angry alienation and disgust with this thing there that America has got - you have no idea how pervasive it is there. The public relations and propaganda put out by the corporate mono-culture there is so pervasive. #Quote by Robert Crumb
Gannen Mono quotes by Jaxy Mono
#17. Immortality doesn't last nearly as long as you think. Even our souls die in the end. #Quote by Jaxy Mono
Gannen Mono quotes by Bruno Dumont
#18. Sound creates an intimate effect: the sensation to feel the place. It makes the viewer enter. You have the liberty to hear what you want. #Quote by Bruno Dumont
Gannen Mono quotes by Margot Berwin
#19. The model stripped down naked and stood with her arms out to her sides while genderless cohorts sprayed her body with large silver canisters of foundation. They wore masks over there faces and sprayed her from head to toe like they were putting out a fire. They airbrushed her into a mono-toned six-foot-two column of a human being with no visible veins, nipples, nails, lips, or eyelashes. When every single thing that was real about the model was gone, the make up artist fug through a suite case of brushes and plowed through hundreds of tubes of flesh colored colors and began to draw human features onto her face. At the same time, the hair stylist meticulously sewed with a needle and thread strand after strand of long blond hairs onto her thin light brown locks, creating a thick full mane of shimmering gold. The model had brought her own chef, who cooked her spinach soup from scratch. The soup was fed to her by one of her lackeys, who existed solely for this purpose. The blond boy stood in front of her, blowing on the soup and then feeding it to her from a small silver child's spoon, just big enough to fit between her lips. the model's mouth was barely open, maybe a quarter of an inch wide, so that she would not crack the flesh colored paint. #Quote by Margot Berwin
Gannen Mono quotes by John Brunner
#20. Shit, I forgot. This time of the afternoon the bar's probably shut. Half the staff has gone sick again. Mono, I think. Well, let's go look anyway; we might be lucky. We can't go up to my room
it's full of bugs.'
Which kind?'
Both. #Quote by John Brunner
Gannen Mono quotes by Jaxy Mono
#21. Well, this is us, Jack. Cuban cane rum and yanqui Coca-Cola; Cuba Libre, 'free Cuba'. Only we call this cocktail 'ha-ha' now, because there's no Cuba and no freedom. Salad! #Quote by Jaxy Mono
Gannen Mono quotes by Nat Friedman
#22. As Mono matures, people will begin to use it to write desktop components that take advantage of all the hard work thats gone into some of the meatier GNOME libraries, as well as the nifty language features of C#. #Quote by Nat Friedman
Gannen Mono quotes by Bryant McGill
#23. Individuation is an attainment of spiritual maturity frighteningly seldom attained in today's mono-cultures. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Gannen Mono quotes by Daniel Lanois
#24. Yeah. I started using them [SDD-3000s] shortly after first working with Edge on The Unforgettable Fire. Basically, I stole his sound. It wasn't a complicated rig: just a guitar he liked through a Korg SDD-3000 digital delay into a Vox. Three components, mono - that's it. The great thing about the Korgs is its three-position level switch, which lets you hit the amp with about 10 extra dB. It's more overdriven than if you just plugged the guitar straight into the amp, even when it's on bypass. But a lot of the guitar sounds on Achtung Baby were recorded through a Korg A3 effects processor. #Quote by Daniel Lanois
Gannen Mono quotes by Michael Pollan
#25. Our ingenuity in feeding ourselves is prodigious, but at various points our technologies come into conflict with nature's ways of doing things, as when we seek to maximize efficiency by planting crops or raising animals in vast mono-cultures. This is something nature never does, always and for good reasons practicing diversity instead. A great many of the health and environmental problems created by our food system owe to our attempts to oversimplify nature's complexities, at both the growing and the eating ends of our food chain. #Quote by Michael Pollan
Gannen Mono quotes by Jaxy Mono
#26. See? I harvested your seed; I burnt your sperm. Now you can't help yourself. You're mine. #Quote by Jaxy Mono
Gannen Mono quotes by Robbie Robertson
#27. One of the greatest live recordings, I think, in the history of the world is Ray Charles in Atlanta ... And they didn't even have a big mobile recording thing set up. The word on the street was they only had like two microphones, one for the band and one for him. Perfect recordings. I think it's mono. #Quote by Robbie Robertson
Gannen Mono quotes by John Muir
#28. Over the summit, I saw the so-called Mono desert lying dreamily silent in the thick, purple light
a desert of heavy sun-glare beheld from a desert of ice-burnished granite. #Quote by John Muir
Gannen Mono quotes by Jared Taylor
#29. It is common to assume that multi-racialism is inevitable, and that racial identity will disappear as races mix. Americans prefer to think that the "tragic mulatto," welcome in neither community, was either a myth or a reflection of outmoded racist thinking. Research suggests things may not be so simple.
A 2003 study of 90,000 middle-school and high-school students found that black/white mixed-race children had more health and psychological problems than children who were either black or white. They were more likely to be depressed, sleep badly, skip school, smoke, drink, consider suicide, and have sex. White/Asian children showed similar symptoms. The principal author concluded that the cause was "the struggle with identity formation, leading to lack of self-esteem, social isolation and problems of family dynamics in biracial households."
The authors of a 2008 study reached the same conclusion: "When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior, however, mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites. . . . Mixed race adolescents - not having a natural peer group - need to engage in more risky behaviors to be accepted."
A study of white/Asian children found that they were twice as likely as mono-racial children - 34 percent vs. 17 percent - to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression or drug abuse.
Yoonsun Choi of the University of Chicago found that in Seattle middle schools, a clear r #Quote by Jared Taylor
Gannen Mono quotes by Nat Friedman
#30. We're not going to make Evolution or any of our other products depend on Mono anytime in the near future. #Quote by Nat Friedman

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