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Gains quotes by Ben Carson
#1. If I speak in the tongues of men and of angles, but am note nice, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but am not nice, I am nothing. If I give all I posses to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but am not nice, I gain nothing. #Quote by Ben Carson
Gains quotes by George Herbert
#2. Play not for gain, but sport. Who plays for more
Than he can lose with pleasure, stakes his heart;
Perhaps his wife's too, and whom she hath bore. #Quote by George Herbert
Gains quotes by Robert Breault
#3. We gain no easier advantage than by relentlessly pursuing our goal while others pursue an advantage. #Quote by Robert Breault
Gains quotes by Camilla Luddington
#4. Running is what keeps my weight down. I have to stay active or I could easily gain weight. #Quote by Camilla Luddington
Gains quotes by Aiden Wilson Tozer
#5. The body becomes stronger as its members become healthier. The whole church of God gains when the members that compose it begin to seek a better and a higher life. #Quote by Aiden Wilson Tozer
Gains quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#6. A hobby is, of course, an abomination, as are all consuming interests and passions that do not lead directly to large, personal gain. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Gains quotes by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
#7. For it is only framed in space that beauty blooms. Only in space are events and objects and people unique and significant-and therefore beautiful. A tree has significance if one sees it against the empty face of sky. A note in music gains significance from the silences on either side. A candle flowers in the space of night. Even small and casual things take on significance if they are washed in space, like a few autumn grasses in one corner of an Oriental painting, the rest of the page bare. #Quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh
Gains quotes by James P. Hoffa
#8. Wage theft, worker rights and workplace discrimination should not be swept under the rug. The United States cannot have a functional economy where all the gains go to the corporate class while all the pain goes to regular workers. #Quote by James P. Hoffa
Gains quotes by Laura Mullen
#9. Complicated Grief was written in larger and more coherent (if disparate) shapes. The question was how they fit together. The mind is coherent, trust that was the best writing advice I ever got (I got it from Carole Maso and I pass it on). It's true, and clearer and clearer as one grows and gains an improved sense of who one actually is (as versus who one was supposed to be). #Quote by Laura Mullen
Gains quotes by Carl Von Clausewitz
#10. Our knowledge of circumstances has increased, but our uncertainty, instead of having diminished, has only increased. The reason of this is, that we do not gain all our experience at once, but by degrees; so our determinations continue to be assailed incessantly by fresh experience; and the mind, if we may use the expression, must always be under arms. #Quote by Carl Von Clausewitz
Gains quotes by John Muir
#11. But to gain a perfect view, one must go yet further, over a curving brow to a slight shelf on the extreme brink. #Quote by John Muir
Gains quotes by Max Gunther
#12. It is true that when we take chances, we stand to lose. But it is also true that we will never win anything if we never even enter the game. Lucky people are aware of the possibility of losing, and indeed they may lose often. But since the chances they take are small, the losses tend to be small. By being willing to accept small losses they put themselves in position to make large gains. #Quote by Max Gunther
Gains quotes by Frantz Fanon
#13. What I call middle-class society is any society that becomes rigidified in predetermined forms, forbidding all evolution, all gains, all progress, all discovery. I call middle-class a closed society in which life has no taste, in which the air is tainted, in which ideas and men are corrupt. And I think that a man who takes a stand against this death is in a sense a revolutionary. #Quote by Frantz Fanon
Gains quotes by Victor Davis Hanson
#14. The United States military is now evolving geometrically as it gains experience from near-constant fighting and grafts new technology daily. Indeed, it seems to be doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling its lethality every few years. And the result is that we are outdistancing not merely the capabilities of our enemies but our allies as well - many of whom who have not fought in decades - at such a dizzying pace that our sheer destructive power makes it hard to work with others in joint operations. #Quote by Victor Davis Hanson
Gains quotes by Michael Mandelbaum
#15. All policy is a matter of gains and losses, upsides and downsides. #Quote by Michael Mandelbaum
Gains quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#16. We gain freedom when we have paid the full price. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Gains quotes by Norman Mailer
#17. Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Gains quotes by George Crabbe
#18. From powerful causes spring the empiric's gains, Man's love of life, his weakness, and his pains; These first induce him the vile trash to try, Then lend his name, that other men may buy. #Quote by George Crabbe
Gains quotes by Argus Hamilton
#19. Chinese president Jiang Zemin met with former Bill Clinton in Hong Kong Wednesday. What a contrast. One is a ruthless communist who gains popularity by damaging the United States, while the other guy runs China. #Quote by Argus Hamilton
Gains quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#20. By finding the courage to be ourselves, we gain the power to make a difference. #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
Gains quotes by Neill Blomkamp
#21. It's just my maybe naive, optimistic view that whatever knowledge we gain, and if it comes to pass that we can somehow understand what consciousness is, if we can somehow create that, it will ultimately be used for the good. #Quote by Neill Blomkamp
Gains quotes by Horace
#22. He gains everyone's approval who mixes the pleasant with the useful. #Quote by Horace
Gains quotes by Abdul Kalam
#23. What is the secret of success? Right decisions. How do you make right decisions? Experience. How do you gain experience? Wrong decisions. #Quote by Abdul Kalam
Gains quotes by Lyndon B. Johnson
#24. So far are we generally from thinking what we often say of the shortness of life, that at the time when it is necessarily shortest we form projects which we delay to execute, indulge such expectations as nothing but along train of events can gratify, and suffer those passions to gain upon us which are only excusable in the prime of life. #Quote by Lyndon B. Johnson
Gains quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#25. When self-indulgence rules, then all the community loses, and in the end, those striving for personal gains are left with nothing of any real value. Because everything of value that we will know in this life comes from our relationships with those around us. Because there is nothing material that measures against the intangibles of love and friendship. Thus, we must overcome that selfishness and we must try; we must care. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Gains quotes by Anna C. Salter
#26. But in any case, validity, offender self-reports have dubious validity, especially when the offender's self-interest is at stake. The only rule for deception in sex offenders I have ever found is this: If it is in the offender's best interests to lie, and if he can do it and not get caught, he will lie.
Being victimized as a child has become a ready excuse for perpetrating child molestation. The offender who claims he himself was victimized gets seen as less of a "monster" than one who wasn't a victim, and he gains much more empathy and support. It is hard to trust self-reports of sex offenders about abuse in their past when such reports are in their best interest.
Only a few studies on this topic have used objective measures, and they have found very different results.[102] #Quote by Anna C. Salter
Gains quotes by Richard Le Gallienne
#27. All myths that are something more than fancies gain rather than lose in value with time, by reason of the accretions of human experience. #Quote by Richard Le Gallienne
Gains quotes by John C. Maxwell
#28. Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less. How do you gain influence from people? You invest in them. How do you invest in them? It starts with giving them time. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Gains quotes by Timothy Thomas Fortune
#29. We must learn to lean upon ourselves; we must learn to plan and execute business enterprises of our own; we must learn to venture our pennies if we would gain dollars. #Quote by Timothy Thomas Fortune
Gains quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#30. When one is young, one venerates and despises without that art of nuances which constitutes the best gain of life, and it is only fair that one has to pay dearly for having assaulted men and things in this manner with Yes and No. Everything is arranged so that the worst of tastes, the taste for the unconditional, should be cruelly fooled and abused until a man learns to put a little art into his feelings and rather to risk trying even what is artificial - as the real artists of life do. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Gains quotes by Al Gore
#31. The dominance of short-term perspectives has led to routine decisions in the markets that sacrifice the long-term buildup of genuine value in pursuit of artificial, short-term gains. #Quote by Al Gore
Gains quotes by Heidi Klum
#32. I don't want to be wondering about how skinny I am, wondering what I'm going to eat because I don't want to gain and I want to look hot and young, always and forever. #Quote by Heidi Klum
Gains quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#33. Exploring and colonizing Mars can bring us new scientific understanding of climate change, of how planet-wide processes can make a warm and wet world into a barren landscape. By exploring and understanding Mars, we may gain key insights into the past and future of our own world. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Gains quotes by Neil T. Anderson
#34. We don't serve God to gain His acceptance; we are accepted so we serve God. We don't follow Him in order to be loved; we are loved so we follow Him. #Quote by Neil T. Anderson
Gains quotes by Pat Tillman
#35. So use all that is called fortune. Most men gamble with her, and gain all and lose all, as her wheel rolls ... A political victory, a rise of rents, the recovery of your sick or the return of your absent friend, or some other favorable event raises your spirits, and you think good days are preparing for you. Do not believe it. Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles. #Quote by Pat Tillman
Gains quotes by Mas Oyama
#36. A human life gains lustre and strength only when it is polished and tempered. #Quote by Mas Oyama
Gains quotes by Plautus
#37. To make any gain some outlay is necessary. #Quote by Plautus
Gains quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#38. I am strong against everything, except against the death of those I love. He who dies gains; he who sees others die loses. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Gains quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
#39. Sincerely to aspire after virtue, is to gain her; and zealously to labour after her wages, is to receive them. #Quote by Charles Caleb Colton
Gains quotes by Tryon Edwards
#40. Any act often repeated soon forms a habit; and habit allowed, steady gains in strength, At first it may be but as a spider's web, easily broken through, but if not resisted it soon binds us with chains of steel. #Quote by Tryon Edwards
Gains quotes by David Letterman
#41. Political pundits are saying President George W. Bush has made gains in two key states: dazed and confused. #Quote by David Letterman
Gains quotes by Randolph M. Nesse
#42. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure that people gain a selective advantage from believing in things they can't prove. #Quote by Randolph M. Nesse
Gains quotes by Ben Tolosa
#43. Vote; it's the most important right granted to you as a citizen. But unless you are a politician, stay out of politics because your gains will not change anything and your losses will only make you waste your time and many friendships. #Quote by Ben Tolosa
Gains quotes by John Lennon
#44. I wanted to give five solid years of being there all the time (with Sean). I hadn't seen my first son Julian grow up, and now there's a 17-year-old man on the phone talking about motorbikes. No matter what artistic gains I get, or gold records, if I can't make a success out of my relationship with the people I love, then everything else is bullsh*t. #Quote by John Lennon
Gains quotes by Winston Churchill
#45. We must beware of trying to build a society in which nobody counts for anything except a politician or an official, a society where enterprise gains no reward and thrift no privileges #Quote by Winston Churchill
Gains quotes by Michael Hudson
#46. Europe is creating the flight of refugees that's tearing it apart politically, and leading rightwing nationalist parties to gain power to withdraw from the Eurozone. #Quote by Michael Hudson
Gains quotes by Michael Ashcroft
#47. In the 1990s, the Lib Dems won a string of byelections at the expense of struggling Conservative governments. Christchurch, Ribble Valley and Eastbourne went straight back to the Tories at the next general election, but the Lib Dems held their later byelection gains - Eastleigh, Newbury and Romsey - in at least two subsequent general elections. #Quote by Michael Ashcroft
Gains quotes by A.J. Darkholme
#48. Remain open-minded, even when you believe yourself to be a king among peasants. You never know what blessings can be gained or crises averted just by listening. #Quote by A.J. Darkholme
Gains quotes by Mark Twain
#49. In America, we hurry-which is well; but when the day's work is done, we go on thinking of losses and gains, we plan for the morrow, we even carry our business cares to bed with us ... we burn up our energies with these excitements, and either die early or drop into a lean and mean old age at a time of life which they call a man's prime in Europe ... What a robust people, what a nation of thinkers we might be, if we would only lay ourselves on the shelf occasionally and renew our edges! #Quote by Mark Twain
Gains quotes by Ignatius Of Loyola
#50. They who load us with insults and ignominies give us the means of acquiring treasures more precious than any that man can gain in this life. #Quote by Ignatius Of Loyola
Gains quotes by Angela Carter
#51. Excretion is his first concrete production and, through it, the child gains his first experience of labour relations. He may reserve the right to go on excremental strike or to engage in a form of faecal offensive. The excremental faculty is a manipulative device and to be baulked of the free control of it is to be deprived of the first, most elementary, expression of autonomy. #Quote by Angela Carter
Gains quotes by Jodi Rell
#52. I have kept a steady focus on restoring public faith in our state government since taking office July 1. Now it is time to make even bigger and bolder gains through legislative action. #Quote by Jodi Rell
Gains quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#53. Video games are the comic books of our time ... It's a medium that gains no respect among the intelligentsia. #Quote by Guillermo Del Toro
Gains quotes by Seth Godin
#54. You gain converts by winning at something the existing provider didn't think was so important. #Quote by Seth Godin
Gains quotes by Alexander Lowen
#55. The person senses what it feels like to be free from inhibitions. At the same time he feels connected and integrated – with his body and, through his body, with his environment. He has a sense of well-being and inner peace. He gains the knowledge that the life of the body resides in its involuntary aspect. […] Unfortunately these beautiful feelings do not always hold up under the stress of daily living in our modern culture. The pace, the pressure and the philosophy of our times are antithetical to life. #Quote by Alexander Lowen
Gains quotes by Dada Bhagwan
#56. When does one think of God? It is when he gains something from Him, when love for Him arises! #Quote by Dada Bhagwan
Gains quotes by Alexander MacLaren
#57. He who makes his needs known to God gains for immediate answer "the peace of God which passeth understanding," and can wait God's time for the rest. #Quote by Alexander MacLaren
Gains quotes by Solomon
#58. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding. For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold; She is more precious than rubies, and all the things that can be compared unto her. Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand riches and honour. Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. #Quote by Solomon
Gains quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#59. It is not a gain that guilt should be wholly forgotten. On the contrary, it is loss and perdition. But it is a gain to win an inner intensity of heart through a deeper and deeper inner sorrowing over guilt. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Gains quotes by Arabella Weir
#60. Statistically, if you have ever dieted you are extremely likely not only to regain any weight you lose, but to go on to gain even more. Dieting makes you fat. #Quote by Arabella Weir
Gains quotes by Robert De Niro
#61. There is only one way to gain access to the truth and that is to not expect anything. #Quote by Robert De Niro
Gains quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#62. The characteristics of this kind of reading are perhaps summed up in the word "orthodox," which is almost always applicable. The word comes from two Greek roots, meaning "right opinion." These are books for which there is one and only one right reading; any other reading or interpretation is fraught with peril, from the loss of an "A" to the damnation of one's soul. This characteristic carries with it an obligation. The faithful reader of a canonical book is obliged to make sense out of it and to find it true in one or another sense of "true." If he cannot do this by himself, he is obliged to go to someone who can. This may be a priest or a rabbi, or it may be his superior in the party hierarchy, or it may be his professor. In any case, he is obliged to accept the resolution of his problem that is offered him. He reads essentially without freedom; but in return for this he gains a kind of satisfaction that is possibly never obtained when reading other books. #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler
Gains quotes by Peter Thiel
#63. Technology is probably the single biggest driver of productivity gains for the developed countries. For example, I think it's much more important than free trade. #Quote by Peter Thiel
Gains quotes by Rick Heinrichs
#64. You gain wisdom and you don't make the same mistakes. #Quote by Rick Heinrichs
Gains quotes by Lord Kelvin
#65. Scientific wealth tends to accumulate according to the law of compound interest. Every addition to knowledge of the properties of matter supplies the physical scientist with new instrumental means for discovering and interpreting phenomena of nature, which in their turn afford foundations of fresh generalisations, bringing gains of permanent value into the great storehouse of natural philosophy. #Quote by Lord Kelvin
Gains quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#66. Ill gotten gains will be ill spent. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Gains quotes by Father Damien
#67. I make myself a leper with the lepers to gain all to Jesus Christ. #Quote by Father Damien
Gains quotes by Lee Min-ho
#68. Those who give up cannot gain victory. It's not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself. #Quote by Lee Min-ho
Gains quotes by Steven Yeun
#69. Many people, not just Asians, are more concerned with hustling and getting to meetings with contacts to gain success. #Quote by Steven Yeun
Gains quotes by Mary Roberts Rinehart
#70. Love sees clearly, and seeing, loves on. But infatuation is blind; when it gains sight, it dies. #Quote by Mary Roberts Rinehart
Gains quotes by Karl Rove
#71. We face a brutal enemy who will kill the innocent for one purpose and that is to gain control of the Middle East and to use the leverage of oil to bring down the West, and to attack us again. #Quote by Karl Rove
Gains quotes by Takeshi Uchiyamada
#72. Some people say hybrid vehicles such as the Prius are only a bridge to the future ... but we think it could be a long bridge and a very sturdy one. There are many more gains we can achieve with hybrids. #Quote by Takeshi Uchiyamada
Gains quotes by Janet Yellen
#73. The past few decades of widening inequality can be summed up as significant income and wealth gains for those at the very top and stagnant living standards for the majority #Quote by Janet Yellen
Gains quotes by Dane Cook
#74. Sometimes, when a person gains a lot of success at a very young age, they become targets, and it's really easy to follow the crowds and not make independent decisions based on truly how you feel. #Quote by Dane Cook
Gains quotes by William Penn
#75. Force may subdue, but love gains, and he that forgives first wins the laurel. #Quote by William Penn
Gains quotes by Katha Pollitt
#76. If a woman says, I am getting these breast implants to gain self confidence, then I have to ask, What kind of a society do we live in where a woman's self-confidence depends on having a dangerous, expensive and painful operation on a perfectly healthy body? #Quote by Katha Pollitt
Gains quotes by Rachel Vincent
#77. I'm dead, not impotent. Nasty rumors like that must be squashed before they gain momentum. Feel free to emphasize how very functional I am. #Quote by Rachel Vincent
Gains quotes by Emily Post
#78. To tell a lie in cowardice, to tell a lie for gain, or to avoid deserved punishment
are all the blackest of black lies. #Quote by Emily Post
Gains quotes by Roger Moore
#79. Over the next two years UNICEF will focus on improving access to and the quality of education to provide children who have dropped out of school or who work during school hours the opportunity to gain a formal education! #Quote by Roger Moore
Gains quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
#80. His constant fight is with the Nafs (self-interest), the root of all disharmony and the only enemy of man. By crushing this enemy man gains mastery over himself; this wins for him mastery over the whole universe, because the wall standing between the self and the Almighty has been broken down. Gentleness, mildness, respect, humility, modesty, self-denial, conscientiousness, tolerance and forgiveness are considered by the Sufi as the attributes which produce harmony within one's own soul as well as within that of another. #Quote by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Gains quotes by Elizabeth Prentiss
#81. If the loss of your earthly fortune gains Christ for you, it will be a beautiful loss. #Quote by Elizabeth Prentiss
Gains quotes by Claudia Goldin
#82. The three topics of this book - technological change, education, and inequality - are intricately related in a kind of 'race.' During the first three-quarters of the twentieth century, the rising supply of educated workers outstripped the increased demand caused by technological advances. Higher real incomes were accompanied by lower inequality. But during the last two decades of the century the reverse was the case, and there was sharply rising inequality. Put another way, in the first half of the century, education raced ahead of technology, but later in the century, technology raced ahead of educational gains. The skill bias of technology did not change much across the century, nor did its rate of change. Rather, the sharp rise in inequality was largely due to an educational slowdown. #Quote by Claudia Goldin
Gains quotes by Ivan Sutherland
#83. Knowledge is a rare thing
you gain by giving it away. #Quote by Ivan Sutherland
Gains quotes by Democritus
#84. Hope of ill gain is the beginning of loss. #Quote by Democritus
Gains quotes by Margaret Mead
#85. Chief among our gains must be reckoned this possibility of choice, the recognition of many possible ways of life, where other civilizations have recognized only one. Where other civilizations give a satisfactory outlet to only one temperamental type, be he mystic or soldier, business man or artist, a civilization in which there are many standards offers a possibility of satisfactory adjustment to individuals of many different temperamental types, of diverse gifts and varying interests. #Quote by Margaret Mead
Gains quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#86. The best formula for a prayer that gives J.O.Y:
J- 1st, Pray to JESUS
O- 2nd, Pray for OTHERS
Y- 3rd, Pray for YOURSELF
Most people distort the formula by praying selfish prayers for their own personal gains. JYO is not the spelling for joy. In JOY, O comes before Y. It means you pray for OTHERS before YOURSELF. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Gains quotes by Damir Dokic
#87. I have thought about dropping an atomic bomb on Sydney but I wouldn't gain anything from it. #Quote by Damir Dokic
Gains quotes by Eugenie Clark
#88. Not many appreciate the ultimate power and potential usefulness of basic knowledge accumulated by obscure, unseen investigators who, in a lifetime of intensive study, may never see any practical use for their findings but who go on seeking answers to the unknown without thought of financial or practical gain. #Quote by Eugenie Clark
Gains quotes by Lana Del Rey
#89. We have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, nothing we desired anymore- except to make our lives into a work of art. #Quote by Lana Del Rey
Gains quotes by Virginia H. Pearce
#90. Keep it small. Keep it simple. Give it time. An exercise program such as yoga is a slow process. It is slow by design. But, in order to secure the gains and add to them, you have to keep it up. And guess what, the more you do it, the more your desire to do it grows. It is the same with building core spiritual muscles. You may have a period of intense growth - perhaps some adversity that drives you to your knees and calls forth the blessings of heaven. But to secure those gains, we must continue to invite the Holy Ghost into our lives - daily. #Quote by Virginia H. Pearce
Gains quotes by Miyamoto Musashi
#91. Do not think dishonestly ... Distinguish between gain and loss in worldly matters. Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything. Perceive those things which cannot be seen. Pay attention even to trifles. Do nothing which is of no use. #Quote by Miyamoto Musashi
Gains quotes by Colin Wilson
#92. What, in fact, do we know about the peak experience? Well, to begin with, we know one thing that puts us several steps ahead of the most penetrating thinkers of the 19th century: that P.E'.s are not a matter of pure good luck or grace. They don't come and go as they please, leaving 'this dim, vast vale of tears vacant and desolate'. Like rainbows, peak experiences are governed by definite laws. They are 'intentional'.

And that statement suddenly gains in significance when we remember Thorndike's discovery that the effect of positive stimuli is far more powerful and far reaching than that of negative stimuli. His first statement of the law of effect was simply that situations that elicit positive reactions tend to produce continuance of positive reactions, while situations that elicit negative or avoidance reactions tend to produce continuance of these. It was later that he came to realise that positive reactions build-up stronger response patterns than negative ones. In other words, positive responses are more intentional than negative ones.

Which is another way of saying that if you want a positive reaction (or a peak experience), your best chance of obtaining it is by putting yourself into an active, purposive frame of mind. The opposite of the peak experience - sudden depression, fatigue, even the 'panic fear' that swept William James to the edge of insanity - is the outcome of passivity. This cannot be overemphasised. Depression - or neurosis - need #Quote by Colin Wilson
Gains quotes by Samuel Johnson
#93. As every one is pleased with imagining that he knows something not yet commonly divulged, secret history easily gains credit; but it is for the most part believed only while it circulates in whispers, and when once it is openly told, is openly refuted. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Gains quotes by Neil Clark Warren
#94. In the midst of conflict, there is absolutely nothing that produces gains as dramatically as listening. #Quote by Neil Clark Warren
Gains quotes by Andrew Tobias
#95. There were no jobs created in America from 1945, when the war ended, through 2003. How could there be? Taxes were too high. Preposterously so under Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan (who left office with a 28 percent rate on long-term capital gains) and Bush the Elder. #Quote by Andrew Tobias
Gains quotes by Colin Wilson
#96. But the greatest human problems are not social problems, but decisions that the individual has to make alone. The most important feelings of which man is capable emphasise his separateness from other people, not his kinship with them. The feelings of a mountaineer towards a mountain emphasise his kinship with the mountain rather than with the rest of mankind. The same goes for the leap of the heart experienced by a sailor when he smells the sea, or for the astronomer's feeling about the stars, or for the archaeologist's love of the past. My feeling of love for my fellowmen makes me aware of my humanness; but my feeling about a mountain gives me an oddly nonhuman sensation. It would be incorrect, perhaps, to call it 'superhuman'; but it nevertheless gives me a sense of transcending my everyday humanity.

Maslow's importance is that he has placed these experiences of 'transcendence' at the centre of his psychology. He sees them as the compass by which man gains a sense of the magnetic north of his existence. They bring a glimpse of 'the source of power, meaning and purpose' inside himself. This can be seen with great clarity in the matter of the cure of alcoholics. Alcoholism arises from what I have called 'generalised hypertension', a feeling of strain or anxiety about practically everything. It might be described as a 'passively negative' attitude towards existence. The negativity prevents proper relaxation; there is a perpetual excess of adrenalin in the bloodstrea #Quote by Colin Wilson
Gains quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#97. Society never advances. It recedes as fast on one side as it gains on the other. It undergoes continual changes; it is barbarous, it is civilized, it is christianized, it is rich, it is scientific; but this change is not amelioration. For every thing that is given, something is taken. Society acquires new arts, and loses old instincts. What a contrast between the well-clad, reading, writing, thinking American, with a watch, a pencil, and a bill of exchange in his pocket, and the naked New Zealander, whose property is a club, a spear, a mat, and an undivided twentieth of a shed to sleep under! But compare the health of the two men, and you shall see that the white man has lost his aboriginal strength. If the traveller tell us truly, strike the savage with a broad axe, and in a day or two the flesh shall unite and heal as if you struck the blow into soft pitch, and the same blow shall send the white to his grave.

The civilized man has built a coach, but has lost the use of his feet. He is supported on crutches, but lacks so much support of muscle. He has a fine Geneva watch, but he fails of the skill to tell the hour by the sun. A Greenwich nautical almanac he has, and so being sure of the information when he wants it, the man in the street does not know a star in the sky. The solstice he does not observe; the equinox he knows as little; and the whole bright calendar of the year is without a dial in his mind. His note-books impair his memory; his libraries overload h #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Gains quotes by John Christopher
#98. There is always something to lose. But maybe more to gain. #Quote by John Christopher
Gains quotes by Sandra Day O'Connor
#99. Despite the encouraging and wonderful gains and the changes for women which have occurred in my lifetime, there is still room to advance and to promote correction of the remaining deficiencies and imbalances. #Quote by Sandra Day O'Connor
Gains quotes by Gretchen Rubin
#100. He that stumbles, and does not quite fall, gains a step. #Quote by Gretchen Rubin
Gains quotes by Helen DeWitt
#101. His youngest sister, Linda, wanted to be a singer and she had now refused point-blank to go to secretarial college; his father had refused pointblank to let her study music. Linda had gone to the piano and begun to play Chopin's Prelude No. 24 in D minor, a bitter piece of music which gains in tragic intensity when played 40 times in a row. #Quote by Helen DeWitt
Gains quotes by Francis Spufford
#102. Taking the things people do wrong seriously is part of taking them seriously. It's part of letting their actions have weight. It's part of letting their actions be actions rather than just indifferent shopping choices; of letting their lives tell a life-story, with consequences, and losses, and gains, rather than just being a flurry of events. It's part of letting them be real enough to be worth loving, rather than just attractive or glamorous or pretty or charismatic or cool. #Quote by Francis Spufford
Gains quotes by Herman Melville
#103. Your statement ... tells a very fine story; but pray, was not your stock a little heavy a while ago? downward tendency? Sort of low spirits among holders on the subject of that stock?"
"Yes, there was a depression. But how came it? who devised it? The 'bears,' sir. The depression of our stock was solely owing to the growling, the hypocritical growling, of the bears."
"How hypocritical?"
""Why, the most montrous of all hypocrites are these bears: hypocrites by inversion; hypocrites in the simulation of things dark instead of bright; souls that thrive, less upon depression, than the fiction of depression; professors of the wicked art of manufacturing depressions; spurious Jeremiahs; sham Heraclituses, who, the lugubrious day done, return, like sham Lazaruses among the beggars, to make merry over the gains got by their pretended sore heads--scoundrelly bears!"
"You are warm against these bears?"
"If I am, it is less from the remembrance of their stratagems as to our stock, than from the persuasion that these same destroyers of confidence, and gloomy philosophers of the stock-market, though false in themselves, are yet true types of most destroyer of confidence and gloomy philosophers, the world over. Fellows who, whether in stocks, politics, bread-stuffs, morals, metaphysics, religion--be it what it may--trump up their black panics in the naturally-quiet brightness, solely with a view to some sort of covert advantage. That corpse of calamity which t #Quote by Herman Melville
Gains quotes by Julius Erving
#104. But you know, if you live an affluent lifestyle, there are all types of trappings that are there that you have to be cognizant of, and you've got to try and communicate freely and gain understanding about and then keep moving on, because you know, sometimes lifestyles are chosen for us as opposed to us choosing them. #Quote by Julius Erving
Gains quotes by Katherine Boo
#105. What was unfolding in Mumbai was unfolding elsewhere, too. In the age of global market capitalism, hopes and grievances were narrowly conceived, which blunted a sense of common predicament. Poor people didn't unite; they competed ferociously amongst themselves for gains as slender as they were provisional. And this undercity strife created only the faintest ripple in the fabric of the society at large. The gates of the rich, occasionally rattled, remained unbreached. The politicians held forth on the middle class. The poor took down one another, and the world's great, unequal cities soldiered on in relative peace. #Quote by Katherine Boo
Gains quotes by Hudson Taylor
#106. If we are faithful to God in little things, we shall gain experience and strength that will be helpful to us in the more serious trials of life. #Quote by Hudson Taylor
Gains quotes by Mary Watson
#107. We were always told: when something repeats, it gains significance. This is how a pattern is formed. And it felt like something was forming around me. Like I was being woven into something and couldn't work my way out. #Quote by Mary Watson
Gains quotes by Simon Sinek
#108. The bad leaders are the ones that push hard so they can gain, who brow beat us so that they can receive the benefit of our hard work, not so we can enjoy the success #Quote by Simon Sinek
Gains quotes by Suze Orman
#109. For all your long-term investments, such as retirement accounts that you won't touch for at least ten years, you need a mix of stocks and bonds. Stocks offer the best shot at inflation-beating gains. But stocks don't always go up. That's where bonds come into play: They have less upside potential, but they also do not pack the same risk. #Quote by Suze Orman
Gains quotes by Salman Rushdie
#110. Reason may catnap for a time, but the irrational is more often comatose. In the end it will be the irrational that is forever caged in dreams, while reason gains the day. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Gains quotes by Wayne Dyer
#111. Once you see a child's self-image begin to improve, you will see significant gains in achievement areas, but even more important, you will see a child who is beginning to enjoy life more. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Gains quotes by Jay Park
#112. Instead of an elegant warning, you need to bring a strong deal. That's the only way you'll gain what you want. #Quote by Jay Park
Gains quotes by Ben Carson
#113. Being a doctor at Johns Hopkins does not make me any better in God's sight than the individual who has not had the opportunity to gain such an education but who still works hard. #Quote by Ben Carson
Gains quotes by Lydia Davis
#114. One gains courage from the one in front of her and moves forward a few steps, passing her by just a little. Now the one farthest back gains courage from the one in front and moves forward until she, in turn, is the leader. And so in this way, taking courage from one another, they advance, as a group, towards the strange thing in front of them. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Gains quotes by Peter W. Huber
#115. Efficiency may curtail [energy] demand in the short term, for the specific task at hand. But its long-term impact is just the opposite ... efficiency fails to curb demand because it lets more people do more, and do it faster-and more/more/faster invariably swamps all the efficiency gains. #Quote by Peter W. Huber
Gains quotes by Samuel Beckett
#116. But he found it strange to think of these little changes of scene, the little gains, the little losses, the thing brought, the thing removed, the light given, the light taken, and all the vain offerings to the hour, #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Gains quotes by Shemar Moore
#117. I'm not a machine. I get really motivated, then I fall off the wagon and want to eat Chinese food and sit on my couch and gain five or 10 pounds! #Quote by Shemar Moore
Gains quotes by George W. Bush
#118. We will build new ships to carry man forward into the universe, to gain a new foothold on the moon and to prepare for new journeys to the worlds beyond our own. #Quote by George W. Bush
Gains quotes by Sheila Jackson Lee
#119. As Members of Congress, we should not be using public office for private gain. #Quote by Sheila Jackson Lee
Gains quotes by Wayne Dyer
#120. Well, your whole life is like a checkerboard and there's a sense that you get, especially looking back on it, that you begin to realize and gain awareness that there's something else moving all of these pieces around in your life, and that was really true for me right from the very beginning. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Gains quotes by Os Hillman
#121. Sin makes our armor vulnerable to attack from Satan, who then gains permission from God to attack us in the area where we have failed to uphold righteousness. If we break down in moral purity, Satan comes in and establishes a stronghold. If we give place to bitterness and unwillingness to forgive, we break fellowship with God and others. If we become money-focused, we fall into greed and deception. Sin is a vicious cycle that leaves us weak and vulnerable to ever more sin. #Quote by Os Hillman
Gains quotes by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
#122. Whatever the dictates of fashion, it seems that those who take the trouble to gain mastery over what happens in consciousness do lead a happier life. #Quote by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Gains quotes by Torae
#123. For me, when I do a show is to make sure that I gain some new people. #Quote by Torae
Gains quotes by Carl Sandburg
#124. When one has the right swing and enthusiasm, selling is not unlike hunting, a veritable sport. To scare up the game by preliminary talk and to know how long to follow it, to lose your gain through poorly directed argument, to hang on to game that finally eludes, to boldly confront, to quickly circle around, to keep on the trail, tireless and keen, till you have bagged some orders, there is some satisfaction in returning at night, tired of the trail, but proud of the days work done. #Quote by Carl Sandburg
Gains quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#125. A student who listens gains more than a sage who speaks. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Gains quotes by Michael Crichton
#126. You can answer your own question. You already know the answer, if you can just gain access to it. #Quote by Michael Crichton
Gains quotes by Amy Dickinson
#127. You must give and receive love only when doing so doesn't hurt others. That's the ethical path, and you should gain strength from walking it. #Quote by Amy Dickinson
Gains quotes by Mark Lawrence
#128. Brother Gains wasn't the cook because he was good at cooking. He was just bad at everything else. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Gains quotes by Susan L. Taylor
#129. We know that material things don't offer contentment, but we still buy more-more of the props and gadgets our culture tells us we must have in order to be happy and "happening." Our addiction to consumption distracts us from seeing that we are disconnected from ourselves, from our truth and from one another. Any euphoria we gain from our material gains is fleeting at best. #Quote by Susan L. Taylor
Gains quotes by Herodotus
#130. All men's gains are the fruit of venturing. #Quote by Herodotus
Gains quotes by Robert Harris
#131. One gains a double benefit in writing about the past, conjuring up how things might have been, and at the same time acquiring a different perspective on the present. #Quote by Robert Harris
Gains quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#132. When we give thanks in all things, we see hardships and adversities in the context of the purpose of life. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Gains quotes by Boonaa Mohammed
#133. You have to hurt in order to know. Fall in order to grow. Lose in order to gain. Because most of life's lessons are learned through pain #Quote by Boonaa Mohammed
Gains quotes by Brett Dennen
#134. Pain is part of how I get inspiration and part of how I gain wisdom on life. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I don't transform it, I just let it be. I kind of let it move through me, let it consume me and I let it take me over and hurt me, and I let it go away when it's ready to go away and I understand that it's just part of the process. #Quote by Brett Dennen
Gains quotes by LL Cool J
#135. Gain some knowledge. If not from the Bible or Koran, get a book from college. #Quote by LL Cool J
Gains quotes by Philip Sidney
#136. A churlish courtesy rarely comes but either for gain or falsehood. #Quote by Philip Sidney
Gains quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#137. You gain power by pretending to be weak. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Gains quotes by Paul Isaacs
#138. Accepting experiences is through the understanding that everybody was born equal, no labels, no social status, no preconceptions just born a little person preparing to grow-up on what ever path is grown from development, environment and/or otherwise everybody has the right to have a roof over their head, three meals a day, a wage/payment which can support themselves and their families, a benefit system that cares for the disabled and people with mental illnesses, a government that looks out for all it's people, wars quenched not and man made barriers be fallen so every person knows the commonality of being human is that everybody is all different and let people be novices to other peoples experiences so another person gains anew. People all deserve the right to be equal. #Quote by Paul Isaacs
Gains quotes by Louis Bacon
#139. When a profit-seeking company proposes to take citizens' private land away for its own gain, people should stand up for their rights. #Quote by Louis Bacon
Gains quotes by Myles Munroe
#140. Whatever you compromise to gain, you will lose. #Quote by Myles Munroe
Gains quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#141. No man should so act as to make a gain out of the ignorance of another. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Gains quotes by Hiromu Arakawa
#142. A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain anything without sacrificing something else in return, but once you have overcome it and made it your own ... you will gain an irreplaceable fullmetal heart. #Quote by Hiromu Arakawa
Gains quotes by Mata Amritanandamayi
#143. Today, our air, food, water-all are polluted. If we do not stop exploiting nature for our temporary selfish gains, we will destroy the world. #Quote by Mata Amritanandamayi
Gains quotes by Sylvia Thompson
#144. What has patriotism come to be but greed and false pride, when the only way it can show itself is by shedding blood to gain gold? More economic advantage, more territory, more power. #Quote by Sylvia Thompson
Gains quotes by Anthony Eden
#145. You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way. #Quote by Anthony Eden
Gains quotes by Chuck Noll
#146. As you gain experience, you mature as an individual, and along with that comes the confidence that you have the ability to solve problems. #Quote by Chuck Noll
Gains quotes by Joshua Waitzkin
#147. I tend not to dwell on the parallels between chess and business, chess and the martial arts, or any two things for that matter, because the truth is that all pursuits are connected if we gain an eye for the thematic links. #Quote by Joshua Waitzkin
Gains quotes by Ted Alexandro
#148. Certainly, you want to be liked, but as you gain confidence and experience you're more concerned with expressing yourself and what matters to you. #Quote by Ted Alexandro
Gains quotes by David Eddings
#149. Democratic Development is a process of political struggle in which democrats work gains the upper hand in the society over non-democrats which directs aid at core political processes and institutions especially elections, political parties and politically oriented civil groups. #Quote by David Eddings
Gains quotes by Joe Bageant
#150. Somewhere in between are the rest of us natives, in whom such change revives long-buried anger at those faraway people who seem to govern the world: city people, educated city people who win and control while the rest of us work and lose. Snort at the proposition if you want, but that was the view I grew up with, and it still is quite prevalent, though not so open as in those days. These are the sentiments the fearful rich and the Republicans capitalize on in order to kick liberal asses in elections.

The Democrats' 2006 midterm gains should not fool anyone into thinking that these feelings are not still out here in this heartland that has so rapidly become suburbanized. It is still politically profitable to cast matters as a battle between the slick people, liberals all, and the regular Joes, people who like white bread and Hamburger Helper and "normal" beer. When you are looking around you in the big cities at all those people, it's hard to understand that there are just as many out here who never will taste sushi or, in all likelihood, fly on an airplane other than when we are flown to boot camp, compliments of Uncle Sam. Only 20 percent of Americans have ever owned a passport. To the working people I grew up with, sophistication of any and all types, and especially urbanity, is suspect. Hell, those city people have never even fired a gun. Then again, who would ever trust Jerry Seinfeld or Dennis Kucinich or Hillary Clinton with a gun? At least Dick Cheney hunts, #Quote by Joe Bageant
Gains quotes by Lionel Trilling
#151. Man ... is an inextricable tangle of culture and biology. And not being simple, he is not simply good; he has ... a kind of hell within him from which rise everlastingly the impulses which threaten his civilization. He has the faculty of imagining for himself more in the way of pleasure and satisfaction than he can possibly achieve. Everything that he gains he pays for in more than equal coin; compromise and the compounding with defeat constitute his best way of getting through the world. His best qualities are the result of a struggle whose outcome is tragic. Yet he is a creature of love ... #Quote by Lionel Trilling
Gains quotes by Ziad K. Abdelnour
#152. Commerce is considered by classical economists to be a positive-sum
game. The act of selling and buying always benefits both the seller
and the buyer. It is unfortunate that popular culture has propagated
the Marxist myth that one person gains in business at the expense of
another, that capitalism is evil because it is a zero-sum game - somebody
wins while someone else loses. When liberals make the argument
that capitalism is the cause of all of our problems, they are either
speaking out of abject ignorance or being totally disingenuous to
protect their interests. We have not had true free-market capitalism
in this country on any wide scale. Where we have had economic
successes in this nation's history, it has been those times when people
have done something outside of the government's involvement. Every
time the federal government has been involved, it has created chaos,
waste, and corruption. #Quote by Ziad K. Abdelnour
Gains quotes by Democritus
#153. The man who is fortunate in his choice of son-in-law gains a son; the man unfortunate in his choice loses his daughter also. #Quote by Democritus
Gains quotes by William Faulkner
#154. Life is not interested in good and evil. Don Quixote was constantly choosing between good and evil, but then he was choosing in his dream state. He was mad. He entered reality only when he was so busy trying to cope with people that he had no time to distinguish between good and evil. Since people exist only in life, they must devote their time simply to being alive. Life is motion, and motion is concerned with what makes man move - which is ambition, power, pleasure. What time a man can devote to morality, he must take by force from the motion of which he is a part. He is compelled to make choices between good and evil sooner or later, because moral conscience demands that from him in order that he can live with himself tomorrow. His moral conscience is the curse he had to accept from the gods in order to gain from them the right to dream. #Quote by William Faulkner
Gains quotes by Laozi
#155. He who gains a victory over other men is strong; but he who gains a victory over himself is all powerful. #Quote by Laozi
Gains quotes by Roy O. Disney
#156. Management has failed miserably at creating increased value for shareholders. Indeed, despite some recent short-term gains, which actually only put us back where we were eight years ago, they have been devaluing our assets, turning a unique institution into just another entertainment company. #Quote by Roy O. Disney
Gains quotes by Haruki Murakami
#157. The part at the forefront is the Will, and the part that backs up the forefront is the Gains. When people talk about the Boss, they make an issue only out of his Gains. And after the Boss dies, it will be only his Gains that people will clamor for a share of. Nobody wants the Will, because no one understands it. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Gains quotes by David Lereah
#158. The continuing shortages of housing inventory are driving the price gains. There is no evidence of bubbles popping. #Quote by David Lereah
Gains quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
#159. My friends, I must say to you that we have not made a single gain in civil rights without determined legal and nonviolent pressure. #Quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Gains quotes by George Washington
#160. Without virtue, and without integrity, the finest talents and the most brilliant accomplishments can never gain the respect, and conciliate the esteem, of the truly valuable part of mankind. #Quote by George Washington
Gains quotes by Herman Cain
#161. The biggest - one of the biggest barriers to driving economic growth is the capital gains tax rate. I propose taking it to zero. #Quote by Herman Cain
Gains quotes by Brian Tracy
#162. Aristotle once said that wisdom (the ability to make good decisions) is a combination of experience plus reflection. The more time that you take to think about your experiences, the more vital lessons you will gain from them. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Gains quotes by Kodo Sawaki
#163. Gain is delusion; loss is enlightenment. #Quote by Kodo Sawaki
Gains quotes by Thomas L. Friedman
#164. As Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee point out in their book, the four key measures of an economy's health (per capita GDP, labor productivity, the number of jobs, and median household income) all rose together for most of the Cold War years. "For more than three decades after World War II, all four went up steadily and in almost perfect lockstep," Brynjolfsson noted in a June 2015 interview with the Harvard Business Review. "Job growth and wage growth, in other words, kept pace with gains in output and productivity. American workers not only created more wealth but also captured a proportional share of the gains." In #Quote by Thomas L. Friedman
Gains quotes by David Jeremiah
#165. The man who loves his wife above all else on earth gains the freedom and power to pursue other noble, but lesser, loves. #Quote by David Jeremiah
Gains quotes by Hesiod
#166. Gain not base gains; base gains are the same as losses. #Quote by Hesiod
Gains quotes by Taichi Yamada
#167. As I see it now, the perpetual stress I had been under since the age of twelve had rendered me woefully inept at accepting the goodwill of others. Those who go through healthy childhoods learn that exhibiting a suitable degree of dependence is how one gains others' love. #Quote by Taichi Yamada
Gains quotes by Diana Wynne Jones
#168. It does seem that a fantasy, working out in its own terms, stretching you beyond the normal concerns of your own life, gains you a peculiar charge of energy which inexplicably enriches you. At least, this is my ideal of a fantasy, and I am always trying to write it. #Quote by Diana Wynne Jones
Gains quotes by Chris Hayes
#169. One of the main points of the philosophy behind parkour is being able to help people ... To teach them they way themselves, to gain confidence in themselves, building up from simple moves to more complex things, to teach them that they are worthwhile people. #Quote by Chris Hayes
Gains quotes by Martin Luther
#170. For a man does not serve that he may put men under obligations. He does not distinguish between friends and enemies or anticipate their thankfulness or unthankfulness, but he most freely and most willingly spends himself and all that he has, whether he wastes all on the thankless or whether he gains a reward. #Quote by Martin Luther
Gains quotes by David V. Gaggin
#171. When we focus on winning the battle for material gains,we end up losing spiritual war.If we had a better self of ethics we would be better prepared to deal with the complicated world in which we find ourselves. #Quote by David V. Gaggin
Gains quotes by Gill Robb Wilson
#172. Not that one choose to draw aside in churlish mein or vein, From common lot of what life holds of pleasure, toil or pain But that the call-s to rise and cruise alone with dreams unshared Or plan alone for some far goal, for which none else has cared Or fight alone for what you hold is worth a warrior-s strife And ask no gain or fame or aught beyond the joy of life. #Quote by Gill Robb Wilson
Gains quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#173. The last statement reveals more than may appear at first glance: it indicates that Greenspan's mistake was to expect that the lending institutions' enlightened self-interest would make them act more responsibly, more ethically, in order to avoid short-term self-propelling cycles of wild speculation which, sooner or later, burst like a bubble. In other words, his mistake concerned not the facts, the objective economic data or mechanisms; it concerned rather the ethical attitudes generated by market speculation - in particular the premise that market processes will spontaneously generate responsibility and trust, since it is in the long-term self-interest of the participants themselves to act thusly. Clearly, Greenspan's error was not only and not simply one of overestimating the rationality of market agents - that is, their ability to resist the temptation of making wild speculative gains. What he forgot to include in the equation was the financial speculators' quite rational expectation that the risks would be worth taking, since, in the event of a financial collapse, they could count on the state to cover their losses. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Gains quotes by Ethan Hawke
#174. At every turn, when humanity is asked the question, 'Do you want temporary economic gain or long-term environmental loss, which one do you prefer,' we invariably choose the money. #Quote by Ethan Hawke
Gains quotes by Ciaran Lynch
#175. Celebrate Earth Day! A time to recognize the gains we have made. A time to create new actions to accelerate environmental progress. Protect our planet not only on Earth Day, but everyday! #Quote by Ciaran Lynch
Gains quotes by Ben Bernanke
#176. The Fed needs an approach that consolidates the gains of the Greenspan years and ensures that those successful policies will continue - even if future Fed chairmen are less skillful or less committed to price stability than Mr. Greenspan has been. #Quote by Ben Bernanke
Gains quotes by Gilbert N. Lewis
#177. It was not easy for a person brought up in the ways of classical thermodynamics to come around to the idea that gain of entropy eventually is nothing more nor less than loss of information. #Quote by Gilbert N. Lewis
Gains quotes by Mila Kunis
#178. It took me five months to lose twenty pounds and it took me hours to gain it back. I mean it was magical how quickly it all happened. Going back to my poor eating habits after having really good eating habits my stomach was a little unsettled. #Quote by Mila Kunis
Gains quotes by Reynolds Price
#179. Even now, after whatever gains feminism has made in involving fathers in the rearing of their children, I still think virtually all of us spend the most formative years of our lives very much in the presence of women. #Quote by Reynolds Price
Gains quotes by Amartya Sen
#180. The market economy succeeds not because some people's interests are suppressed and other people are kept out of the market, but because people gain individual advantage from it. #Quote by Amartya Sen
Gains quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#181. Although deceit is detestable in all other things, yet in the conduct of war it is laudable and honorable; and a commander who vanquishes an enemy by stratagem is equally praised with one who gains victory by force. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Gains quotes by Reg Park
#182. Far too many bodybuilders spend too much time exercising the smaller muscle groups such as the biceps at the expense of the larger muscle groups such as the thighs, and then they wonder why it is that they never make gains in overall size and strength. #Quote by Reg Park
Gains quotes by Roger Penrose
#183. At this point, the cautious reader might wish to read over the whole argument again, as presented above, just to make sure that I have not indulged in any 'sleight of hand'! Admittedly there is an air of the conjuring trick about the argument, but it is perfectly legitimate, and it only gains in strength the more minutely it is examined. We have found a computation Ck(k) that we know does not stop; yet the given computational procedure A is not powerful enough to ascertain that facet. This is the Godel(-Turing) theorem in the form that I require. It applies to any computational procedure A whatever for ascertaining that computations do not stop, so long as we know it to be sound. We deduce that no knowably sound set of computational rules (such as A) can ever suffice for ascertaining that computations do not stop, since there are some non-stopping computations (such as Ck(k)) that must elude these rules. Moreover, since from the knowledge of A and of its soundness, we can actually construct a computation Ck(k) that we can see does not ever stop, we deduce that A cannot be a formalization of the procedures available to mathematicians for ascertaining that computations do not stop, no matter what A is.


(G) Human mathematicians are not using a knowably sound algorithm in order to ascertain mathematical truth.

It seems to me that this conclusion is inescapable. However, many people have tried to argue against it-bringing in objections like #Quote by Roger Penrose
Gains quotes by Joseph E. Stiglitz
#184. we have a system that has been working overtime to move money from the bottom and middle to the top, but the system is so inefficient that the gains to the top are far less than the losses to the middle and bottom. #Quote by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Gains quotes by Gloria Steinem
#185. I would say that each of us has only one thing to gain from the feminist movement: Our whole humanity. Because gender has wrongly told us that some things are masculine and some things are feminine ... which is bullshit. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Gains quotes by George Bernard Shaw
#186. A man who loses his money gains, at the least, experience, and sometimes, something better. #Quote by George Bernard Shaw
Gains quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#187. You are free when you gain back yourself," Madame Wu said. "You can be as free within these walls as you could be in the whole world. And how could you be free if, however far you wander, you still carry inside yourself the constant thought of him? See where you belong in the stream of life. Let it flow through you, cool and strong. Do not dam it with your two hands, lest he break the dam and so escape you. Let him go free, and you will be free. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Gains quotes by Honore De Balzac
#188. The prodigality of millionaires is comparable only to their greed of gain. Let some whim or passion seize them and money is of no account. In fact these Croesuses find whims and passions harder to come by than gold. #Quote by Honore De Balzac
Gains quotes by Joseph McCabe
#189. The Rationalist case needs no straining of evidence and always gains by the severest self-criticism. #Quote by Joseph McCabe
Gains quotes by William Penn
#190. A private Life is to be preferrd; the Honour and Gain of publick Posts, bearing no proportion with the Comfort of it. #Quote by William Penn
Gains quotes by Thucydides
#191. For the love of gain would reconcile the weaker to the dominion of the stronger, and the possession of capital enabled the more powerful to reduce the smaller towns to subjection. #Quote by Thucydides
Gains quotes by H.G.Wells
#192. When the mind grapples with a great and intricate problem, it makes its advances step by step, with but little realization of the gains it has made, until suddenly, with an effect of abrupt illumination, it realizes its victory. So it happened to Gautama. #Quote by H.G.Wells
Gains quotes by Joseph E. Stiglitz
#193. Borrowers were told not to worry about paying the ever-mounting debt, because house prices would keep rising and they could refinance, taking out some of the capital gains to buy a car or pay for a vacation. #Quote by Joseph E. Stiglitz
Gains quotes by Ludwig Erhard
#194. Competition is the most promising means to achieve and secure prosperity. It alone enables people in their role of consumer to gain from economic progress. It ensures that all advantages which result from higher productivity may eventually be enjoyed. #Quote by Ludwig Erhard
Gains quotes by Shakieb Orgunwall
#195. My son, you are just an infant now, but on that day when the world disrobes of its alluring cloak, it is then that I pray this letter is in your hands.

Listen closely, my dear child, for I am more than that old man in the dusty portrait beside your bed. I was once a little boy in my mother's arms and a babbling toddler on my father's lap.

I played till the sun would set and climbed trees with ease and skill. Then I grew into a fine young man with shoulders broad and strong. My bones were firm and my limbs were straight; my hair was blacker than a raven's beak. I had a spring in my step and a lion's roar. I travelled the world, found love and married. Then off to war I bled in battle and danced with death.

But today, vigor and grace have forsaken me and left me crippled.

Listen closely, then, as I have lived not only all the years you have existed, but another forty more of my own.

My son, We take this world for a permanent place; we assume our gains and triumphs will always be; that all that is dear to us will last forever.

But my child, time is a patient hunter and a treacherous thief: it robs us of our loved ones and snatches up our glory. It crumbles mountains and turns stone to sand. So who are we to impede its path?

No, everything and everyone we love will vanish, one day.

So take time to appreciate the wee hours and seconds you have in this world. Your life is nothing but a sum of da #Quote by Shakieb Orgunwall
Gains quotes by W. Edwards Deming
#196. Anybody can achieve gains in quality by slowing down production. That is not what we are talking about. #Quote by W. Edwards Deming
Gains quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#197. By unrighteousness man prospers, gains what appears desirable, conquer enemies, but perishes a the root. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Gains quotes by Sigmund Freud
#198. We are so constituted that we can gain intense pleasure only from the contrast, and only very little from the condition itself. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Gains quotes by Ted Turner
#199. Every few seconds it changes - up an eighth, down an eighth - it's like playing a slot machine. I lose $20 million, I gain $20 million. #Quote by Ted Turner
Gains quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#200. The coolness of Buddhism isn't indifference but the distance one gains on emotions, the quiet place from which to regard the turbulence. From far away you see the pattern, the connections, and the thing as whole, see all the islands and the routes between them. Up close it all dissolves into texture and incoherence and immersion, like a face going out of focus just before a kiss. #Quote by Rebecca Solnit

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