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Gabrialla Fox quotes by Michael J. Fox
#1. I got sick of turning on the TV and seeing my face. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Janie Chang
#2. It's easier not to love, Fox had said.
Yet Fox had loved her human friends, of this I was certain. She loved my mother, loved me. How long could anyone live, even an immortal, without giving in to love? #Quote by Janie Chang
Gabrialla Fox quotes by George Frazier
#3. ...there should be a few places where prairie dogs can just be prairie dogs, where they can kick back and fulfill their niches in the grand scheme of the shortgrass prairie, work on their whistles, try to dig to China or least to Amarillo. Sooner or later a hungry mother kit fox will strike blood, but until then there should be a few places where prairie dogs don't have to worry about two guys bumping chests behind a pickup truck after a single exploding bullet launches them heavenward for an extra eleven points. "Montana Mist!" If not on public lands like the Cimarron National Grassland, then where? #Quote by George Frazier
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Dana Fox
#4. My big philosophy is: Try and work with good people, because the process is your life. That's going to be really, really hard. I'm glad I learned the lesson, 'Failure is OK.' #Quote by Dana Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Megan Fox
#5. When you watch CNN and they're giving you news based on tweets that people are sending out, you realize that society is really changing. The collective public have a really big voice that they didn't previously have, and they're influencing the trajectory of how we are socially with one another. #Quote by Megan Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Eighty Twenty Publishing
#6. The Hedgehog Concept comes from the Greek fable about the fox and the hedgehog: while the wily fox knows many things, the simple hedgehog only knows one thing, but that one knowledge bite is highly impactful in protecting itself against danger. Discovering that simple but essential element is what created the success of the good-to-great companies. #Quote by Eighty Twenty Publishing
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Phoebe Fox
#7. My parents are actors as well, so I grew up around that world. It was always a very romantic, mythical world. They did a lot of theater, so to me an actor was getting to come backstage and dressing room mirrors with bulbs around them and trying on people's costumes. It was very exciting to me as a child. #Quote by Phoebe Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Paula Fox
#8. Labels not only free us from the obligation to think creatively; they numb our sensibilities, our power to feel. During the Vietnam War, the phrase body count entered our vocabulary. It is an ambiguous phrase, inorganic, even faintly sporty. It distanced us from the painful reality of corpses, of dead, mutilated people. #Quote by Paula Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Billy Ray Cyrus
#9. If you're going to stand up for Jesus, your life will be a battle between light and darkness. And for everything that God will bring into your life that represents the light, the devil-he's such a sly fox-will come at you with two times more attributes of evil. #Quote by Billy Ray Cyrus
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Mem Fox
#10. When I say to a parent, "read to a child", I don't want it to sound like medicine. I want it to sound like chocolate. #Quote by Mem Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Niccolo Machiavelli
#11. But since a Prince should know how to use the beast's nature wisely, he ought of beasts to choose both the lion and the fox; for the lion cannot guard himself from the toils, nor the fox from wolves. He must therefore be a fox to discern toils, and a lion to drive off wolves. #Quote by Niccolo Machiavelli
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Michael J. Fox
#12. Explaining how the two of them, up there in the Green Mountains, had managed to dial down life's urgencies and dial up its pleasures and richness, Gary put it beautifully and poetically: "We've discovered a way" he confided with a sense of gleeful wonderment, "to bend time." I imagined Tracy and me engaged in a similar conspiracy a dozen years or so from now. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Erin Hunter
#13. Never trust a fox. Looks like a dog, behaves like a cat. #Quote by Erin Hunter
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Nora Roberts
#14. Cybil pushed to her feet. "If he hurts her, I'll twist off his dick and feed it to his dog." With that, she stormed out of the room.
"She's a little scary," Fox decided.
"She's not the only one. I'm the one who'll be roasting his balls for dessert." Layla headed out behind Cybil. "I have to find something to make for dinner."
"Oddly, I don't have much of an appetite right now." Fox glanced at Gage. "How about you? #Quote by Nora Roberts
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Thomas Paine
#15. There are cases which cannot be overdone by language, and this is one. There are persons, too, who see not the full extent of the evil which threatens them; they solace themselves with hopes that the enemy, if he succeed, will be merciful. It is the madness of folly, to expect mercy from those who have refused to do justice; and even mercy, where conquest is the object, is only a trick of war; the cunning of the fox is as murderous as the violence of the wolf, and we ought to guard equally against both. #Quote by Thomas Paine
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Neil Gaiman
#16. I would have given my life for you," she whispered, sadly.
"Live," said the monk.
"You shall be revenged," said the fox. "The onmyoji who did this to you will learn what it means to take something from a fox. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Beth Kephart
#17. Fox-Trot
By the stream the fox and she-fox stood
Nose to nose beneath the stars
Dancing the music of the woods.
The deer rapped a beat with their hooves,
The ravens sang from raven hearts
As by the stream the fox and she-fox stood.
The great owl called as a great owl would,
The squirrels all shimmied in the dark,
Dancing the music of the woods.
Then from the north a fierce wind blew
And broke the starry dance apart
By the stream where the fox and she-fox stood. #Quote by Beth Kephart
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#18. The hounding of a dog pursuing a fox or other animal in the horizon may have first suggested the notes of the hunting-horn to alternate with and relieve the lungs of the dog. This natural bugle long resounded in the woods of the ancient world before the horn was invented. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Megan Fox
#19. Armani is a fashion house that I think is iconic and beautiful. #Quote by Megan Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Chris Hayes
#20. After starting a blood feud with Fox News, something no Republican presidential candidate has dared to do before, [Donald] Trump seems to have successfully undermine the network in the eyes of its core audience with perception of the Fox News brand among Republican adults hitting its lowest point in three years according to a new YouGov survey. #Quote by Chris Hayes
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Charles De Lint
#21. T.H. moved through the forest like the melody of a well-known song, in perfect harmony with his surroundings. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Emmet Fox
#22. Make friends with nature by working in harmony with her and she will make friends with you. #Quote by Emmet Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Charles James Fox
#23. Our Sovereign's Health, the Majesty of the People. #Quote by Charles James Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Kahlil Gibran
#24. Pity the nation whose statesman is a fox, whose philosopher is a juggler, and whose art is the art of patching and mimicking.
Pity the nation that welcomes its new ruler with trumpetings, and farewells him with hootings, only to welcome another ruler with trumpetings again.
Pity the nation whose sages are dumb with years and whose strong men are yet in the cradle.
Pity the nation divided into fragments, each fragment deeming itself a nation. #Quote by Kahlil Gibran
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Mercedes Fox
#25. So thirsty I could lick a monkey's balls. #Quote by Mercedes Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Poppy Adams
#26. People see the cleverness of nature and suppose it's the cleverness of the animal itself but it was obvious to me that each and every segment of the animal isn't aware. How much I'd hate to live totally unaware of myself, I thought. What would be the point of living, of existing, if you weren't ever to know about it? I looked at the Fox Moth and pitied it, poor unconscious creature. But then, I supposed, at least it wouldn't be disappointed. It would never find out. #Quote by Poppy Adams
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Michael J. Fox
#27. Don't spend a lot of time imagining the worst-case scenario. It rarely goes down as you imagine it will, and if by some fluke it does, you will have lived it twice. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Megan Fox
#28. I have a season pass to several of the VH1 shows, like 'Rock of Love' and Flavor Flav's show. It's kind of embarrassing because it's completely ignorant television - it's all totally fake and garbage - but I still love it. #Quote by Megan Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Stephen King
#29. The fox who end up living the life they expected are more often than not end up taking sleeping pills or taking the barrel of a gun and pulling the trigger. #Quote by Stephen King
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Jennifer Echols
#30. I'm dating Brandon," I told his bowed head.
"Really?" he asked without looking up.
"I'll print you a wallet card to whip out every time you need to say that, so you can save your voice."
"Could you laminate it? #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Susan Estrich
#31. Prior to working for Fox, I worked for ABC and NBC, spent a lot of time at CNN, and almost ended up at CBS. I worked for a bunch of local stations in Los Angeles and had a talk-radio show at KABC for six years. In other words, I'm fortunate enough to have been around, and Fox News is the best place I've ever worked. #Quote by Susan Estrich
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Emilia Fox
#32. I'm not very good at time off. I'm happier when I'm working. It's something to do with not knowing what the next job is, so you appreciate it while it's there. I thrive on it, actually. But now I do it to please myself. #Quote by Emilia Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Michael J. Fox
#33. Control is illusory. No matter what university you go to, no matter what degree you hold, if your goal is to becomes master of your own destiny, you have more to learn. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Michael J. Fox
#34. If I don't get food in my mouth, I'm still happy. If my pants are round my ankles, as long as I don't get arrested for indecent exposure, I'm happy. I'm worried about keeping my hair, not how it's combed. #Quote by Michael J. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Vann Chow
#35. Be quiet as a Hebi, a snake and quick as a Kitsune, a fox, the two cardinal rules of being a paparazzi. #Quote by Vann Chow
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Anna Howard Shaw
#36. Think of submitting our measure to the advice of politicians! I would as soon submit the subject of the equality of a goose to a fox. #Quote by Anna Howard Shaw
Gabrialla Fox quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#37. I will wait and watch till the day of David at last shall be finished, and wisdom no more fox-faced, and the blood gets back its flame. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Richelle Mead
#38. He cocked his head in an overly dramatic fashion. "Hey, I just got it: it was you, wasn't it?" He looked at Lissa, the back at me. "She got you to kill the fox, didn't she?Some weird kind of lesbian voo - ahhh!"
Ralf burst into flames.
I jumped up and pushed Lissa out of the way - not easy to do, since we were sitting at our desks. We both ended up on the floor as screams - Ralf's in particular - filled the classroom and Ms. Meissner sprinted for the fire extinguisher.
And then, just like that, the flames disappeared. Ralf was still screaming and patting himself down, but he didn't have a single singe mark on him. The only indication of what had happened was the lingering smell of smoke in the air.
For several seconds, the entire classroom froze. Then, slowly, everyone put the pieces together. Moroi magical specializations were well known, and after scanning the room, I deduced three fire users: Ralf, his friend Jacob, and -
Christian Ozera.
Since neither Jacob nor Ralf would have set Ralf on fire, it sort of made the culprit obvious. The fact that Christian was laughing hysterically sort of gave it away too. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Gabrialla Fox quotes by David Petersen
#39. On a long journey to Glen-Stone
Isailed into its shade
there before me she proudly shone
my decision was already made.
A lass who bore the light of the town
her fur of ivory thread
how she danced is stuck in my crown
and back to this glen my boat led.
Twenty some seasons have since passed
since her eyes and mine both met
through lands unnamed and wildly vast
my blade slaying every threat
Wolf, hawk, fox, and snake
can't stand in my way
my body is weak and it may break,
but not today.
Living in blackness wrought with fright
my steel shattered facing the foes
dusks and dawns darker than night
my fallen companions in rows
Life spilled past me staining the ground
mylimbs growing ever so cold
above villians let out a cackiling sound
telling me i'd never grow old
One dance and one mouse played in my mind
calling me back from the doom
the courage to carry on i did find
to raise me out of my tomb
Wolf, hawk, fox, and snake
can't stand in my way
my body is weak and it may break
though not today
Battered and bruised i stood to my paws
raised what little i owned
predators growled caring not for my cause
of the mouse that shone light off Glen-stone
Wolf, hawk, fox, and snake
can't tand in my way
my body is weak and it may break
though not today. -The Ballad Of The Ivory Lass #Quote by David Petersen
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Jay Leno
#40. Republican presidential hopeful Mike Hucka-BS is attacking actress Natalie Portman for getting pregnant without being married. It could get a little awkward if he runs into Sarah and Bristol Palin at Fox News. #Quote by Jay Leno
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Matthew Fox
#41. Creativity and imagination are not frosting on a cake: They are integral to our sustainability. They are survival mechanisms. They are of the essence of who we are. They constitute our deepest empowerment. #Quote by Matthew Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Toby Fox
#42. It is a beautiful day outside. Birds are singning, flowers are blooming.... On days like these, kids like you... should be burning in hell #Quote by Toby Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Dan  Fox
#43. Pretentiousness shares with sophistication a lingering sense of "unnaturalness"; something faked, pretending, tampered with. Litvak presses the idea that sophistication is linked to perversion in the sexual sense, and therefore carries with it a latent homophobic charge. The association of sophistication with a form of urbane and knowing behavior gets reinforced "every time advertising and journalism, loathing as they do the pretentious and the trendy, derisively dangle before their audience the perennially unpopular figure of the snooty (i.e., gay) salesman in the upscale boutique." Pretension implies affectation. People are not acting themselves; rather, their lying urbanity is trampling all over your plain-speaking - and presumably heterosexual - truth. #Quote by Dan Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by George Fox
#44. Why should any man have power over any other man's faith, seeing Christ Himself is the author of it? #Quote by George Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Charles M. Fox
#45. Which lawyer drafts the contract is often dictated by custom: financing agreements are drafted by lenders' counsel; acquisition agreements are drafted by purchaser's counsel; underwriting agreements are drafted by underwriter's counsel; employment contracts are drafted by employers' counsel; security agreements are drafted by secured party's counsel. The underlying principle is that the party with the most leverage or with the most to lose from an inadequately drafted contract will do the drafting. #Quote by Charles M. Fox
Gabrialla Fox quotes by Eve Golden
#46. Joan Blondell had it all: looks, talent, energy, humor. If she never became a top-flight superstar, the fault lies mostly with Warner Brothers. At MGM, Joan could have easily had Jean Harlow's career; at Paramount, Claudette Colbert's or Carole Lombard's; at Fox, Loretta Young's; at RKO, Ginger Rogers'. Some of the fault lies, too, with Blondell herself, who later admitted, "The instant they said 'cut!' I was whammo out of that studio and into the car . . . In order to be a top star and remain a top star and to get all the fantastic roles that you yearned for, you've got to fight for it and you've got to devote your twenty-four hours to just that; you've got to think of yourself as a star, operate as a star; do all the press that is necessary . . . What meant most to me was getting home, and that's the truth." But if Joan Blondell got slightly lost in the shuffle at Warners, she still managed to turn in some delightfully snappy performances and typify the warm-hearted, wisecracking Depression dame. And when she aged, she did so with grace and humor. #Quote by Eve Golden

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