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Gabai Real Estate quotes by Peter Diamandis
#1. Drones photograph, prospect and advertise real estate from golf courses to skyscrapers; they also monitor construction in progress. #Quote by Peter Diamandis
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Shari Arison
#2. Shikun & Binui, our infrastructure and real estate company, implements sustainability by building their projects 100% sustainable while educating their employees worldwide. #Quote by Shari Arison
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Michael Hudson
#3. Most people think of the economy as producing goods and services and paying labor to buy what it produces. But a growing part of the economy in every country has been the Finance, Insurance and Real Estate (FIRE) sector, which comprises the rent and interest paid to the economy's balance sheet of assets by debtors and rent payers. #Quote by Michael Hudson
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Lisa Shearin
#4. You know a lot about spies, espionage, and strategic advantages for a billionaire playboy, real estate mogul, and owner of an exclusive sex club. #Quote by Lisa Shearin
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Jimmy Reed
#5. When you want to succeed in Real Estate, you have to breath have to want it as much as air #Quote by Jimmy Reed
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Celso Cukierkorn
#6. I'm not against real estate investments, but I'm against investing the bank's money. #Quote by Celso Cukierkorn
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Virginia Postrel
#7. Aesthetics has become too important to be left to the aesthetes. To succeed, hard-nosed engineers, real estate developers, and MBAs must take aesthetic communication, and aesthetic pleasure, seriously. We, their customers, demand it. #Quote by Virginia Postrel
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Adrienne Wilder
#8. Chase had looked at the apartment - online - talked to the real estate agent - online - obtained references - online.
Now, standing in the hallway, it was obvious he'd gotten fucked - online. #Quote by Adrienne Wilder
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Lachlan McPherson
#9. Having a coach or mentor is nothing more than sharing life's experiences, no amount of education can substitute true life experience #Quote by Lachlan McPherson
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Richard Rothstein
#10. De facto segregation, we tell ourselves, has various causes. when African Americans moved into a neighborhood like Ferguson, a few racially prejudiced white families decided to leave, and then as the number of black families grew, the neighborhood deteriorated, and "white flight" followed. Real estate agents steered whites away from black neighborhoods, and blacks away from white ones. Banks discriminated with "redlining," refusing to give mortgages to African Americans or extracting unusually severe terms from them with subprime loans. African Americans haven't generally gotten the educations that would enable them to earn sufficient incomes to live in white suburbs, and, as a result, many remain concentrated in urban neighborhoods. Besides, black families prefer to live with one another.

All this has some truth, but it remains a small part of the truth, submerged by a far more important one: until the last quarter of the twentieth century, racially explicit policies of federal, state, and local governments defined where whites and African Americans should live. Today's residential segregation in the North, South, Midwest, and West is not the unintended consequence of individual choices and of otherwise well-meaning law or regulation but of unhidden public policy that explicitly segregated every metropolitan area in the United States. The policy was so systematic and forceful that its effects endure to the present time. Without our government's purposeful impositi #Quote by Richard Rothstein
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Donald Trump
#11. Real estate is at the core of almost every business, and it's certainly at the core of most people's wealth. In order to build your wealth and improve your business smarts, you need to know about real estate. #Quote by Donald Trump
Gabai Real Estate quotes by W. Bruce Cameron
#12. Kansas is a piece of real estate that completely disproves the theory of roundness as a quality of the planet earth. #Quote by W. Bruce Cameron
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#13. Women who have it all should try having nothing: I have no husband, no children, no real estate, no stocks, no bonds, no investments, no 401(k), no CDs, no IRAs, no emergency fund - I don't even have a savings account. It's not that I have not planned for the future; I have not planned for the present. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
#14. I'm a real estate guy. #Quote by Robert Kiyosaki
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
#15. Our best hits are real-estate stories, going back to our first, JoJo in 1991. #Quote by Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Terry Tempest Williams
#16. [I]f you know wilderness in the way that you know love, you would be unwilling to let it go. We are talking about the body of the beloved, not real estate. #Quote by Terry Tempest Williams
Gabai Real Estate quotes by John Catsimatidis
#17. I started in the supermarket business in the early '70s. And by '75, '76, I realized you don't have a business unless you own the real estate. #Quote by John Catsimatidis
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Ivanka Trump
#18. I have always admired women that have a strong sense of self, complemented by femininity. I especially appreciate the presence of these women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as real estate. #Quote by Ivanka Trump
Gabai Real Estate quotes by W.Chan Kim
#19. The first involves streamlining operations and introducing cost innovations from manufacturing to distribution. Can the product's or service's raw materials be replaced by unconventional, less expensive ones - such as switching from metal to plastic or shifting a call center from the UK to Bangalore? Can high-cost, low-value-added activities in your value chain be significantly eliminated, reduced, or outsourced? Can the physical location of your product or service be shifted from prime real estate locations to lower-cost locations, as The Home Depot, IKEA, and Walmart have done in retail or Southwest Airlines has done by shifting from major to secondary airports? Can you truncate the number of parts or steps used in production by shifting the way things are made, as Ford did by introducing the assembly line? Can you digitize activities to reduce costs? By #Quote by W.Chan Kim
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Michael Hudson
#20. Almost all of the demand for oil that suddenly pushed prices up was speculative demand. People began to speculate not only in stocks and bonds and real estate, but also in commodities. The market went up for old tankers, which were used simply to store oil in. A lot of the oil was simply being stored for trading, not used. #Quote by Michael Hudson
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#21. She never discussed her past in detail, but a few tidbits she'd dropped here and there over the last few months they'd all been hanging together convinced Ronnie and Sissy that the woman hadn't merely lived on the wild side, but instead owned prime real estate there. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Charlie Munger
#22. If you take sales presentations and brokers of commercial real estate and businesses ... I'm 70 years old, I've never seen one I thought was even within hailing distance of objective truth ... 'incentive-caused bias,' causes this terrible abuse. And many of the people who are doing it you would be glad to have married into your family compared to what you're otherwise going to get ... #Quote by Charlie Munger
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Kate Meader
#23. Everywhere Gage looked, his fingers itched to touch and his brain raced to keep up. A snake coiled beneath his right pec, an eagle took flight over his left. Stars, numbers, and Celtic symbols fought for real estate. Gage would need weeks to explore the storied terrain of Brady's body.
Better put in for some vacation time now. #Quote by Kate Meader
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Barry Sternlicht
#24. I suppose I was a frustrated artist. I like fitting things together, and there are plenty of different ways to do that with real estate. #Quote by Barry Sternlicht
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Martin Feldstein
#25. To finance this trade deficit, the U.S. has to borrow from the rest of the world or sell American assets like stocks, businesses, and real estate to the rest of the world. #Quote by Martin Feldstein
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Dolores Hayden
#26. By the mid-1950s real estate promoters of the commercial strip were attaching it to the centerless residential suburb. Both strips and tracts expanded under the impact of federal subsidies to developers, but since these subsidies were indirect, it was hard for many citizens or local officials to know what was happening. #Quote by Dolores Hayden
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Sam Zell
#27. Interest rates are going to go up because employment is going to go up. If employment goes up, then our apartments get filled. And if employment goes up, our office buildings get filled. The reality is that increased economic activity combined with increased interest rates is basically bullish for real estate. #Quote by Sam Zell
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Gary Keller
#28. Successful real estate investing begins with identifying value. How do investors identify value? That's easy. They look at real estate. They look at a lot of real estate. They look very carefully at a lot of real estate. I wish I could tell you there was a shortcut, but there's not, and I caution you against trying to create one. When you are starting to learn the value of real estate in an area, you will need to look at a lot of real estate. And as you carefully begin to get a sense of what people are asking and what people are willing to pay, you gain a sense of market value - what's worth what. This applies to both sales prices and rental rates. These are the two big variables in the value equation. #Quote by Gary Keller
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Murray Bookchin
#29. Ecologically, bourgeois exploitation and manipulation are undermining the very capacity of the earth to sustain advanced forms of life. The crisis is being heightened by massive increases in air and water pollution; by a mounting accumulation of nondegradable wastes, lead residues, pesticide residues and toxic additives in food; by the expansion of cities into vast urban belts; by increasing stresses due to congestion, noise and mass living; and by the wanton scarring of the earth as a result of mining operations, lumbering, and real estate speculation. As a result, the earth has been despoiled in a few decades on a scale that is unprecedented in the entire history of human habitation of the planet. #Quote by Murray Bookchin
Gabai Real Estate quotes by Will Rogers
#30. A Realtor is an old fashioned Real Estate man with a neck tie. A Real Estate man sold you what you wanted, a Realtor sells you what you don't need. A Real Estate man showed you what you could raise on the land, a Realtor tells you what you can build on it. #Quote by Will Rogers

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