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Future Comestible quotes by John Dryden
#1. Seek not to know what must not be reveal, for joy only flows where fate is most concealed. A busy person would find their sorrows much more; if future fortunes were known before! #Quote by John Dryden
Future Comestible quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#2. When I consider the wonderful activity of the mind, so great a memory of what is past, and such a capacity of penetrating into the future: when I behold such a number of arts and sciences, and such a multitude of discoveries hence arising,
I believe and am firmly persuaded that a nature which contains so many things within itself cannot be mortal. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Future Comestible quotes by Jostein Gaarder
#3. We can't own each other's past. The question is whether we have a future together. #Quote by Jostein Gaarder
Future Comestible quotes by George Takei
#4. At the core of 'Star Trek' is Gene Roddenberry's vision of the future. So much of science-fiction is about a dystopian society with human civilization having crumbled. He had an affirmative, shining, positive view of the future. #Quote by George Takei
Future Comestible quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#5. prepared for the future as you could be. An odd feature of what happened is that your System 1 treated the mere conjunction of #Quote by Daniel Kahneman
Future Comestible quotes by David Puttnam
#6. A country that fails to value its teachers, fails to value its future. #Quote by David Puttnam
Future Comestible quotes by Jack Horner
#7. In the future, I'd like to see paleontology as a whole get a lot more quantitative. #Quote by Jack Horner
Future Comestible quotes by Joanna Faber
#8. As for logical consequences, the "logic" is highly debatable. If you continually arrive late for my workshop, despite my warning that lateness is unacceptable, I may find it "logical" to lock you out of my classroom. Or perhaps it would be more "logical" to keep you locked in after class for the same number of minutes you were late. Or maybe my "logic" demands that you miss out on the snacks. As you may be starting to suspect, these are not true exercises in logic. They're really more of a free association, where we try to think of a way to make the wrongdoer suffer. We hope that the suffering will motivate the offender to do better in the future. #Quote by Joanna Faber
Future Comestible quotes by Philip Sington
#9. The railway was part scalpel, part movie camera, slicing the city open, parading its inner workings at fifty frames per second. It was on the S-Bahn that she felt least abandoned, as if the act of travelling turned back the clock, and brought her nearer to the future she had lost. #Quote by Philip Sington
Future Comestible quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#10. Here," she said. She pulled the shirt over her head, revealing a black bra and ribs shadowed like the furrows of a tilled field. "Don't get Dawes."
Why was she so willing to put herself in his hands? Was she unafraid or just reckless? Neither trait boded well for her future at Lethe. But he had the sense it was neither of those things. It felt like she was testing him now, like she'd laid down another challenge.
"Some propriety wouldn't kill you," he said.
"Why take the chance?"
"Usually when a woman takes her clothes off in front of me I have some warning."
Alex shrugged, and the shadows moved over her skin. "Next time, I'll light the signal fires."
"That would be best. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Future Comestible quotes by George MacDonald
#11. [T]wo of you can be no match for the three giants, I will find you, if I can, a third brother, who will take on himself the third share of the fight, and the preparation ... I will show him to you in a glass, and, when he comes, you will know him at once. If he will share your endeavors, you must teach him all you know, and he will repay you well, in present song, and in future deeds.'
She opened the door of a curious old cabinet that stood in the room. On the inside of this door was an oval convex mirror ... we at length saw reflected the place where we stood, and the old dame seated in her chair ... at the feet of the dame lay a young man ... weeping.
'Surely this youth will not serve our ends,' said I, 'for he weeps.'
The old woman smiled. 'Past tears are present strength,'said she. #Quote by George MacDonald
Future Comestible quotes by Grace Gealey
#12. I don't have time to beat myself up over my fallible nature. Instead I use my energy to learn from my past and let it inform my future. It's time to own all of our glory, mistakes, mess and light and be gentle to ourselves. Let's be kind to our spirits and celebrate the truth of our hearts. #Quote by Grace Gealey
Future Comestible quotes by Rick Bass
#13. The future's so random, and so mobile, there's no way you're going to get to your vision of what you want your community to be just by chance alone. I really believe you have to let people know, to use your voice, to say, 'this is what I like about my place, I want to keep it this way, this is what I think can be improved, this is what I disapprove of.' That's the only way you can have a part in shaping the future. #Quote by Rick Bass
Future Comestible quotes by Blake Mycoskie
#14. Giving is what fuels us. Giving is our future. #Quote by Blake Mycoskie
Future Comestible quotes by Alan W. Watts
#15. For unless one is able to live fully in the present, the future is a hoax.
There is no point whatever in making plans for a future which you will
never be able to enjoy. When your plans mature, you will still be living
for some other future beyond. You will never, never be able to sit back
with full contentment and say, "Now, I've arrived!" Your entire
education has deprived you of this capacity because it was preparing
you for the future, instead of showing you how to be alive now. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Future Comestible quotes by Debbie Ford
#16. When a warrior is present and awake to all that she is, she is able to take on any challenge, any project, or any future that she desires. Her daily prayer is to have the strength to love all of herself, the courage to listen to what she is guided to do and the confidence to go out, stand tall and deliver her gifts to the world. #Quote by Debbie Ford
Future Comestible quotes by Sogyal Rinpoche
#17. Planning for the future is like going fishing in a dry gulch; Nothing ever works out as you wanted, so give up all your schemes and ambitions. If you have got to think about something - Make it the uncertainty of the hour of your death . #Quote by Sogyal Rinpoche
Future Comestible quotes by Hillary Clinton
#18. Most of the movies about the future show aliens descending from outer space determined to blow up the world, and somehow they always begin or end with Washington D.C. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Future Comestible quotes by Aldous Huxley
#19. He rubbed his hands. For, of course, they didn't content themselves with merely hatching out embryos: any cow could do that.
"We also predestine and condition. We decant our babies as socialized human beings, as Alphas or Epsilons, as future sewage workers or future ... " He was going to say "future World Controllers", but correcting himself, said "future Directors of Hatcheries" instead. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Future Comestible quotes by Helmut Schmid
#20. It is not coincidence that makes a designer but his continuity. And continuity means working and searching, working and fighting, working and finding, finding and seeing, seeing and communicating, and again working and searching. Designers must challenge the past, must challenge the present, must challenge the future; but first of all, designers must be true to themselves. Design is attitude. #Quote by Helmut Schmid
Future Comestible quotes by Saint Basil
#21. When a sunbeam falls on a transparent substance, the substance itself becomes brilliant, and radiates light from itself. So too Spirit bearing souls, illumined by Him, finally become spiritual themselves, and their grace is sent forth to others. From this comes knowledge of the future, understanding of mysteries, apprehension of hidden things, distribution of wonderful gifts, heavenly citizenship, a place in the choir of angels, endless joy in the presence of God, becoming like God, and, the highest of all desires, becoming God. #Quote by Saint Basil
Future Comestible quotes by Deepak Chopra
#22. The reason why life is a sleep & dream for most people is because their awareness is caught up with past or future & not with what is. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Future Comestible quotes by Susanna Kaysen
#23. And in the end, I lost him. I did it on purpose, the way Garance lost
Baptiste in the crowd. I needed to be alone, I felt. I wanted to be going on alone to my future. #Quote by Susanna Kaysen
Future Comestible quotes by Catherine Booth
#24. There is no improving the future without disturbing the present. #Quote by Catherine Booth
Future Comestible quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#25. So far as variations in the objective exchange-value of money are foreseen, they influence the terms of credit transactions. If a future fall in the purchasing power of the monetary unit has to be reckoned with, lenders must be prepared for the fact that the sum of money which a debtor repays at the conclusion of the transaction will have a smaller purchasing power than the sum originally lent. Lenders, in fact, would do better not to lend at all, but to buy other goods with their money. The contrary is true for debtors. If they buy commodities with the money they have borrowed and sell them again after a time, they will retain a surplus over and above the sum that they have to pay back. The credit transaction results in a gain for them. Consequently it is not difficult to understand that, so long as continued depreciation is to be reckoned with, those who lend money demand higher rates of interest and those who borrow money are willing to pay the higher rates. If, on the other hand, it is expected that the value of money will increase, then the rate of interest will be lower than it would otherwise have been. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Future Comestible quotes by Anne Carson
#26. Nighthawks

I wanted to run away with you tonight
but you are a difficult woman
the rules of you -

Past and future circle round us
now we know more now less
in the institute of shadows.

On a street black as widows
with nothing to confess
our distances found us

the rules of you -
so difficult a woman
I wanted to run away with you tonight. #Quote by Anne Carson
Future Comestible quotes by Dan Lipinski
#27. I hope that we can continue this cooperation on other critical issues related to America's future technological competitiveness. We must work together to encourage the creative talents that have made our country the world leader in technology. #Quote by Dan Lipinski
Future Comestible quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#28. No great difference at all, perhaps. Was my future any more certain than hers? And did I not depend for my life upon a man bound to me - at least in part - by desire of my body? A #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Future Comestible quotes by Derrick Jensen
#29. Let's be honest. The activities of our economic and social system are killing the planet. Even if we confine ourselves merely to humans, these activities are causing an unprecedented privation, as hundreds of millions of people-and today more than yesterday, with probably more tomorrow-go their entire lives with never enough to eat. Yet curiously, none of this seems to stir us to significant action. And when someone does too stridently point out these obvious injustices, the response by the mass of the people seems so often to be ... a figurative if not physical blow to the gut, leading inevitably to a destruction of our common future. Witness the enthusiasm with which those native nations that resisted their conquest by our culture have been subdued, and the eagerness with which this same end is today brought to those-native or not-who continue to resist too strongly. How does this come to happen, in both personal and social ways? #Quote by Derrick Jensen
Future Comestible quotes by Peter Schiff
#30. A federal bailout would spare California from having to make spending cuts needed to bring its budget into balance. The matter has become urgent since California voters rejected several tax-hiking ballot initiatives. Rather than taking the vote as a signal to dramatically curtail spending, the state turned to the feds. If they get a free pass, the politicians can avoid fixing any of their past mistakes or preparing California for the future. #Quote by Peter Schiff
Future Comestible quotes by Rob Woodall
#31. The House-passed FY2012 Budget Resolution does two very important things: it ensures that seniors 55 and older will continue to receive the same Medicare benefits they received in 2010, and it ensures Medicare for individuals under age 55 by saving Medicare from insolvency and providing, for the first time, a real choice for the future. #Quote by Rob Woodall
Future Comestible quotes by Loren Eiseley
#32. He was becoming something the world had never seen before - a dream animal - living at least partially within a secret universe of his own creation and sharing that secret universe in his head with other, similar heads. Symbolic communication had begun. Man had escaped out of the eternal present of the animal world into a knowledge of past and future. The unseen gods, the powers behind the world of phenomenal appearance, began to stalk through his dreams. #Quote by Loren Eiseley
Future Comestible quotes by Appius Claudius Caecus
#33. We each build our own future. We are the architects of our own fortune. #Quote by Appius Claudius Caecus
Future Comestible quotes by George Orwell
#34. How could you communicate with the future? It was impossible. Either the future would resemble the present in which case it would not listen to him, or it would be different from it, and his predicament would be meaningless. #Quote by George Orwell
Future Comestible quotes by James Pratt
#35. As McMasters raised the shotgun, the man removed his glasses. There were fields of stars where his eyes should have been. But they weren't reflections of the night sky. These stars were a glimpse of a dim and distant future where the very laws of physics had been reduced to relics of a forgotten age. Feeble as dying embers, they were the palsied mourners at time's wake.
McMasters could hear the ultimate silence and feel the biting cold of the one true void. The promise of the eternal nothing beckoned to him. There was a sort of peace in the death it represented, not the death of mind and body but of shape and form. It was the final revelation, the casting off of life's illusion in favor of the void's embrace.
from Riders of the Necronomicon #Quote by James Pratt
Future Comestible quotes by Sarah Hall
#36. For its speculations to be taken seriously, dystopian fiction must be part of a discussion of contemporary society, a projection of ongoing political failures perhaps, or the wringing of present jeopardy for future disaster. #Quote by Sarah Hall
Future Comestible quotes by Mohamed Khadra
#37. Show me your eyes and i should tell who you are and what would your future #Quote by Mohamed Khadra
Future Comestible quotes by Djibril Diop Mambety
#38. The word griot ... is the word for what I do and the role that the filmmaker has in society ... the griot is a messenger of one's time, a visionary and the creator of the future. #Quote by Djibril Diop Mambety
Future Comestible quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#39. When I came to men for the first time, then did I commit the hermit's folly, the great folly: I appeared in the market-place.

And when I spoke to all, I spoke to none. In the evening, however, rope-dancers were my companions, and corpses; and I myself almost a corpse.

With the new morning, however, there came to me a new truth: Then did I learn to say 'Of what account to me are market-place and crowd and crowd-noise and long crowd-ears!'

You higher men, learn this from me: In the market-place no one believes in higher men. But if you will speak there, very well! The crowd, however, sputters 'We are all equal.'

'You higher men,' - so sputters the crowd - 'there are no higher men, we are all equal; man is man, before God - we are all equal!'

Before God! - Now, however, this God has died. Before the crowd, however, we will not be equal. You higher men, go away from the market-place!

Before God! - Now however this God has died! You higher men, this God was your greatest danger.

Only since he lay in the grave have you again arisen. Only now comes the great noontide, only now does the higher man become - master!

Have you understood this word, O my brothers? You are frightened: Do your hearts turn giddy? Does the abyss here yawn for you? Does the hell-hound here yelp at you?

Well! Take heart, you higher men! Only now does the mountain of the human future begin to work #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Future Comestible quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#40. The future does not exist, because nobody has ever experienced it. You can only ever experience a present moment. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Future Comestible quotes by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
#41. Tracing the record of thousands of our missing countrymen is the very primitive and essential step for justice. That is the fundamental responsibility of anyone who breathes the air and steps the soil of this nation. It is indeed the first step of the preventive mechanism of future repression, mayhem, and bloodbath against our people. #Quote by Nilantha Ilangamuwa
Future Comestible quotes by Peter Van Inwagen
#42. Determinism is the thesis that is true at every moment that the way things then are determines a unique future, that only one of the alternative futures that may exist relative to a given moment is a physically possible continuation of the state of things at the moment. Or, if you like, we may say that determinism is the thesis that only one continuation of the state of things at a given moment is consistent with the laws of nature. #Quote by Peter Van Inwagen
Future Comestible quotes by William Gibson
#43. You're from the future, Mr Netherton?"
"Not exactly," he said. "I'm in the future that would result from my not being here. But since I am, it isn't your future. Here. #Quote by William Gibson
Future Comestible quotes by Cathy Lamb
#44. If Christ had wanted us to wallow in regret, he would have said so. If Christ had wanted us to let guilt rule our past and future, he would have told us. He did not." Father Mike clasped my hands again. "If Christ felt we were unforgiveable, he would not have offered forgiveness. God would not have sacrificed his son for us. #Quote by Cathy Lamb

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