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Funniest Sports quotes by Joe Garagiola
#1. I went through baseball as 'a player to be named later.' #Quote by Joe Garagiola
Funniest Sports quotes by Bill Belichick
#2. I don't think there's anybody in this organization not focused on the 49ers ... I mean Chargers. #Quote by Bill Belichick
Funniest Sports quotes by Rod Beck
#3. I've never seen anyone go on the DL with pulled fat. #Quote by Rod Beck
Funniest Sports quotes by Murray Walker
#5. The lead car is unique, except for the one behind it which is identical. #Quote by Murray Walker
Funniest Sports quotes by Murray Mexted
#6. You don't like to see hookers going down on players like that. #Quote by Murray Mexted
Funniest Sports quotes by Oscar Gamble
#7. They don't think it be like it is, but it do. #Quote by Oscar Gamble
Funniest Sports quotes by Shaquille O'Neal
#8. I made a 1,600 minus 800 minus 200 on the SAT, so I'm very intelligent when I speak. #Quote by Shaquille O'Neal
Funniest Sports quotes by Allen Iverson
#9. We talkin' about practice? #Quote by Allen Iverson
Funniest Sports quotes by Chuck LaMar
#10. The only thing that keeps this organization from being recognized as one of the finest in baseball is wins and losses at the major league level. #Quote by Chuck LaMar
Funniest Sports quotes by Antoine Walker
#11. Because there are no fours. #Quote by Antoine Walker
Funniest Sports quotes by Shannon Sharpe
#12. Ray Lewis is the type of guy, if he were in a fight with a bear I wouldn't help him, I'd pour honey on him because he likes to fight. That's the type of guy Ray Lewis is. #Quote by Shannon Sharpe
Funniest Sports quotes by Johnny Bench
#13. I was thinking about making a comeback, until I pulled a muscle vacuuming. #Quote by Johnny Bench
Funniest Sports quotes by Carl
#14. The only way to stop Jim Brown was to give him a movie contract. #Quote by Carl "Spider" Lockhart
Funniest Sports quotes by Robin Williams
#15. I thought lacrosse was what you find in la church. #Quote by Robin Williams
Funniest Sports quotes by Harry Caray
#16. Booze, broads and bullshit. If you got all that, what else do you need? #Quote by Harry Caray
Funniest Sports quotes by Muhammad Ali
#17. I've seen George Foreman shadow boxing, and the shadow won. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Funniest Sports quotes by Dennis Eckersley
#18. I'm proud of the fact that I pitched almost 3,300 innings. #Quote by Dennis Eckersley
Funniest Sports quotes by Ken Loeffler
#19. There are only two kinds of coaches - those who have been fired, and those who will be fired. #Quote by Ken Loeffler
Funniest Sports quotes by Lorraine Moller
#20. Running is my meditation, mind flush, cosmic telephone, mood elevator and spiritual communion. #Quote by Lorraine Moller
Funniest Sports quotes by Rafael Nadal
#21. Playing well or playing bad, I have to play aggressive. I must play aggressive. #Quote by Rafael Nadal
Funniest Sports quotes by Chris Crutcher
#22. Athletics carries its own set of truths, and those truths are diminished when manipulated by people with agendas. #Quote by Chris Crutcher
Funniest Sports quotes by Mark Leyner
#23. Bro, we're living in the Kali Yuga, a Dark Age of petite bourgeoisie ideology, a petite bourgeoisie ideology whose resources and ruses are infinite and which ubiquitously permeates the world
high culture, low culture, bienpensant media, prestige literature, pop music, commerce, sports, academia, you name it. The only reasonable response to this situation is to maintain an implacable antipathy toward everything. Denounce everyone. Make war against yourself. Guillotine all groveling intellectuals. That said, I think it's important to maintain a cheery disposition. This will hasten the restoration of Paradise. I've memorized this line from Andre Breton's magnificent homage to Antonin Artaud
"I salute Antonin Artaud for his passionate, heroic negation of everything that causes us to be dead while alive." Given the state of things, that's what we need to be doing, all the time
negating everything that causes us to be dead while alive. #Quote by Mark Leyner
Funniest Sports quotes by John Milton
#24. Alas! What boots it with uncessant care To tend the homely slighted Shepherd's trade, And strictly meditate the thankless muse; Were it not better done as others use, To sport with Amaryllis in the shade, Or with the tangles of Neaera's hair? Fame is the spur that the clear spirit doth raise (That last infirmity of noble mind) To scorn delights, and live laborious days; But the fair guerdon when we hope to find, And think to burst out into sudden blaze, Comes the blind Fury with th'abhorred shears, And slits the thin-spun life. #Quote by John Milton
Funniest Sports quotes by Prince Harry
#25. I have witnessed first-hand how the power of sport can positively impact the lives of wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women in their journey of recovery. The Invictus Games will focus on what they can achieve post injury and celebrate their fighting spirit, through an inclusive sporting competition that recognises the sacrifice they have made. I am extremely proud that we are bringing an event like this to the UK for the first time and believe it can have a long lasting impact on the well-being of those who have served their nations so bravely. #Quote by Prince Harry
Funniest Sports quotes by Gene Tunney
#26. As a West Side kid fooling around with boxing gloves, I had been, for some reason of temperament, more interested in dodging a blow than in striking one. #Quote by Gene Tunney
Funniest Sports quotes by David Foster Wallace
#27. Beauty is not the goal of competitive sports, but high-level sports are a prime venue for the expression of human beauty. The relation is roughly that of courage to war.
The human beauty we're talking about here is beauty of a particular type; it might be called kinetic beauty. Its power and appeal are universal. It has nothing to do with sex or cultural norms. What it seems to have to do with, really, is human beings' reconciliation with the fact of having a body. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Funniest Sports quotes by Andy Rooney
#28. The dullest Olympic sport is curling, whatever 'curling' means. #Quote by Andy Rooney
Funniest Sports quotes by Herman Edwards
#29. This is what's great about sports. This is what the greatest thing about sports is. You play to win the game. Hello? You play to win the game. You don't play it to just play it. That's the great thing about sports: you play to win, and I don't care if you don't have any wins. You go play to win. When you start tellin' me it doesn't matter, then retire. Get out! 'Cause it matters. #Quote by Herman Edwards
Funniest Sports quotes by GG Allin
#30. You are what you are. #Quote by GG Allin
Funniest Sports quotes by Jim Valvano
#31. A person really doesn't become whole, until he becomes a part of something that's bigger than himself. #Quote by Jim Valvano
Funniest Sports quotes by Sydney Banks
#32. Life is like any other contact sport; you're gonna get your knocks. But it's not the knocks that count, it's how you handle them. If you handle them with anger, distrust, jealousy, hate, this in return is what you're going to get. But if you handle these knocks with love and understanding, they don't mean much. They just dissipate. #Quote by Sydney Banks
Funniest Sports quotes by ASAP Rocky
#33. I love 'Robot Chicken,' 'The Boondocks' and 'America's Funniest Home Videos.' Then there's this show called 'The First 48.' It's a documentary about killings where they try and find murderers. They interrogate people and they tell on each other - it's hilarious. #Quote by ASAP Rocky
Funniest Sports quotes by Matt Groening
#34. English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England. #Quote by Matt Groening
Funniest Sports quotes by Yogi Berra
#35. If you ask me anything I don't know, I'm not going to answer. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Funniest Sports quotes by John Scalzi
#36. Listen, you have to understand something. In all of the history of professional sports, the Cubs are the ultimate symbol of complete failure. The championship of baseball is something called the World Series, and it's been so long since the Cubs have won it that no one who is alive could remember the last time they won it. It's so long that no one alive knew anyone who was alive when they won it. We're talking centuries of abject failure here. #Quote by John Scalzi
Funniest Sports quotes by Brandi Chastain
#37. I went to professional men's soccer games, the old North American soccer league at that time, and I used to be a ticket holder with my family and family friends. We would go every weekend and I thought it was great, but I just thought of it as recreation, as family fun. #Quote by Brandi Chastain
Funniest Sports quotes by Joe DiMaggio
#38. If anyone wants to know why three kids in one family made it to the big leagues they just had to know how we helped each other and how much we practiced back then. We did it every minute we could. #Quote by Joe DiMaggio
Funniest Sports quotes by Kelly Clark
#39. I've got to fight for that connection with God all the time no matter what you're going through in life. I'm growing up. I'm maturing. But I definitely think that the backbone of this is the freedom and creativity I have without the fear of failing. If I fail, what's going to happen? Nothing. I'm not looking for my self-worth in the sport. #Quote by Kelly Clark
Funniest Sports quotes by Vladimir Kramnik
#40. Chess is like body-building. If you train every day, you stay in top shape. It is the same with your brain - chess is a matter of daily training. #Quote by Vladimir Kramnik
Funniest Sports quotes by George Vecsey
#41. Some of the most inspiring moments in sports have come from players with physical defects. Tom Dempsey, born without toes on his right foot, kicked a 63-yard field goal in 1970, using a straighter, wider shoe. #Quote by George Vecsey
Funniest Sports quotes by Cristiano Ronaldo
#42. Scoring goals is a great feeling, but the most important thing to me is that the team is successful - it doesn't matter who scores the goals as long as we're winning. #Quote by Cristiano Ronaldo
Funniest Sports quotes by Mike Krzyzewski
#43. First of all, what happens is, when you're good at something, you spend a lot of time with it. People identify you with that sport, so it becomes part of your identity. #Quote by Mike Krzyzewski
Funniest Sports quotes by Rahul Dravid
#44. A career in sport is almost impossible to manage without the support, and guidance, and reassurance of family and friends. During tough times, and there always are, this is whom we go to. #Quote by Rahul Dravid
Funniest Sports quotes by Angela Ruggiero
#45. I look at myself, and how much I've gotten just because I play a sport well. #Quote by Angela Ruggiero
Funniest Sports quotes by Dave Winfield
#46. You know, heroes are ordinary people that have achieved extraordinary things in life. #Quote by Dave Winfield
Funniest Sports quotes by Nguyen Quyen
#47. Our society loves to romanticize the idea of the single, solo inventor who, working late in the lab one night, makes an earthshaking discovery, and voila, overnight everything's changed. That's a very appealing picture; however, it's just not true. Medicine today is a team sport. #Quote by Nguyen Quyen
Funniest Sports quotes by Mike May
#48. Sporting goods sales have suffered because Americans have become too sedentary. #Quote by Mike May
Funniest Sports quotes by Manny Ramirez
#49. Everywhere I go, people love me, so I'm just blessed. Do you blame them? #Quote by Manny Ramirez
Funniest Sports quotes by Garry Kasparov
#50. You cannot say, 'Go! Go! Rah! Rah! Good move!' People want some emotion. Chess is an art and not a spectator sport. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Funniest Sports quotes by Demetri Martin
#51. The question is, 'how bad at sports were you as a kid?' I grew up near where they film Jersey Shore. If you weren't tan, muscular, and book-averse, you were a dork and a nerd and a geek and stuff. I remember being into Gary Larsen, Stephen Wright, Peter Sellers ... #Quote by Demetri Martin
Funniest Sports quotes by Harry Beitzel
#52. When you are in the public eye you cannot afford to show doubts. I do my crying alone. #Quote by Harry Beitzel
Funniest Sports quotes by Amanda Ripley
#53. In many U.S. schools, sports instilled leadership and persistence in one group of kids while draining focus and resources from academics for everyone. The lesson wasn't that sports couldn't coexist with education; it was that sports had nothing to do with education. #Quote by Amanda Ripley
Funniest Sports quotes by Anne Frank
#54. must hand in their bicycles, Jews are banned from trams and are forbidden to drive. Jews are only allowed to do their shopping between three and five o'clock and then only in shops which bear the placard "Jewish shop". Jews must be indoors by eight o'clock and cannot even sit in their own gardens after that hour. Jews are forbidden to visit theatres, cinemas, and other places of entertainment. Jews may not take part in public sports. Swimming baths, tennis courts, hockey fields, and other sports grounds are all prohibited to them. Jews may not visit Christians. Jews must go to Jewish schools, and many more restrictions of a similar kind. #Quote by Anne Frank

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