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Funkytown Video quotes by Wesley Lowery
#1. There is nothing that can prepare a family for the heart-clenching shock of losing one of their own. And time and time again, those left behind described to me how so suddenly a normal, mundane weekday had become the worst day of their lives -- a black hole of time permanently etched in the video feed of their lives. #Quote by Wesley Lowery
Funkytown Video quotes by Ann Macbeth
#2. Video just accesses international information so much more readily. #Quote by Ann Macbeth
Funkytown Video quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#3. I'm such a huge sports video game fan. These games are getting so realistic, it's amazing. #Quote by Mehcad Brooks
Funkytown Video quotes by Justin Verlander
#4. I'm more of a feel pitcher. If something's wrong, I don't watch a video. I go throw in the bull pen until it feels right. #Quote by Justin Verlander
Funkytown Video quotes by Riki Lindhome
#5. Recording is just a lengthy process, so to have to record before every professional video, that's where a real time drain comes in. #Quote by Riki Lindhome
Funkytown Video quotes by Nolan Gould
#6. Probably the thing I use most in media is video games, but I have to limit myself. If I wake up super early in the morning, and I'm not tired, I'll play video games until everybody gets up. #Quote by Nolan Gould
Funkytown Video quotes by Bonnie Tyler
#7. When I did the video for 'Holding Out For A Hero,' we filmed that on top of the Grand Canyon, and that was quite frightening. I was close to the edge, and there was a helicopter hovering about, creating a lot of wind, and I was nervous I was going to fall off. #Quote by Bonnie Tyler
Funkytown Video quotes by Floyd Abrams
#8. I can tell you, having been in court today in New York, that the requests for the video outtakes have been dropped. #Quote by Floyd Abrams
Funkytown Video quotes by Abbas Kiarostami
#9. Despite the great advantages of digital video and the great ease of using the medium, still those who use it have first to understand the sensitivities of how to best use the medium. #Quote by Abbas Kiarostami
Funkytown Video quotes by Chris Hedges
#10. War, we have come to believe, is a spectator sport. The military and the press have turned war into a vast video arcade game. Its very essence-death-is hidden from public view. #Quote by Chris Hedges
Funkytown Video quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#11. He emptied all his handheld video games and Josh's remote control cars, and called his grandma to tell her that all he wanted for his birthday in November was AA batteries. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Funkytown Video quotes by Matt Groening
#12. If I have one technology tip of the day, it's this: No matter how good the video on YouTube is, don't read the comments, just don't, because it will make you hate all humans. #Quote by Matt Groening
Funkytown Video quotes by Christof Koch
#13. It was only as a mature man that I became mortal.
The visceral insight of my end came to me abruptly more than a dozen years ago. I had wasted an entire evening playing an addictive, firstperson shooter video game that belonged to my teenage son - running through eerily empty halls, flooded corridors, nightmarishly twisting tunnels, and empty plazas under a foreign sun, emptying my weapons at hordes of aliens pursuing me relentlessly. I went to bed late and, as always, fell asleep easily. I awoke abruptly a few hours later. Knowledge had turned to certainty
- I was going to die! Not right there and then, but someday.
My interpretation of this queer event is that all the killing in the video game triggered
unconscious thoughts about the annihilation of the self. These processes produced sufficient anxiety that my cortico-thalamic complex woke up on its own, without any external trigger. At that point, self-consciousness lit up and was confronted with its mortality. #Quote by Christof Koch
Funkytown Video quotes by Willie Robertson
#14. I cut a rap song once. It was a few years ago for my old show 'Buck Commander,' and it was a song called 'You're Short.' It was about my camera guy. We shot the video in Las Vegas, 'Ocean's Eleven' style! #Quote by Willie Robertson
Funkytown Video quotes by Paul F. Tompkins
#15. I famously stole tons of VHS tapes from a video store I worked in. It was detailed in my special, Laboring Under Delusions. I worked at Tower Video and stole a bunch of videotapes from them, and then got caught and had to return the videotapes. It was a mortifying experience. #Quote by Paul F. Tompkins
Funkytown Video quotes by Rickie Fowler
#16. It's pretty cool to see yourself on a video game. #Quote by Rickie Fowler
Funkytown Video quotes by Peter L. Bergen
#17. Bin Laden was 200 miles away from the area where all of these drone strikes were taking out his key leaders, he was able to indulge in his hobbies ... and he was making occasional video tapes and audio tapes to the wider world. #Quote by Peter L. Bergen
Funkytown Video quotes by Barack Obama
#18. Congress should fund research on the effects that violent video games have on young minds ... We don't benefit from ignorance. We don't benefit from not knowing the science. #Quote by Barack Obama
Funkytown Video quotes by Jon Oringer
#19. When a user signs up for Skillfeed, they get unlimited access to thousands of video courses and creative and technical skills, all as a part of one inexpensive monthly subscription. Instructors from around the world can apply to have their course from Skillfeed and earn money based on how much their courses are viewed. #Quote by Jon Oringer
Funkytown Video quotes by Kelly Hu
#20. I can kick your head off, but I can't, like, play a stupid little video game. #Quote by Kelly Hu
Funkytown Video quotes by Mihai Nadin
#21. The major accomplishment of analyzing illiteracy so far has been the listing of symptoms: the decrease in functional literacy; a general degradation of writing skills and reading comprehension; an alarming increase of packaged language (cliches used in speeches, canned messages); and a general tendency to substitute visual media (especially television and video) for written language. #Quote by Mihai Nadin
Funkytown Video quotes by Shigeru Miyamoto
#22. The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences. #Quote by Shigeru Miyamoto
Funkytown Video quotes by Jonas Mekas
#23. The nature of the video camera really makes you focus on the present. Since I have always been a diarist filmmaker, not one who stages scenes with actors, it has always been about the present moment. #Quote by Jonas Mekas
Funkytown Video quotes by Tara Gilesbie
#24. I got out of the bathtub and put on a black low-cut dress with lace all over it sandly. I put on black high heels with pink metal stuff on the ends and six pairs of skull earrings.
I couldn't fucking believe it. Then I looked out the window and screamed ... Snap was spying on me and he was taking a video tape of me! And Loopin was masticating to it! They were sitting on their broomsticks. #Quote by Tara Gilesbie
Funkytown Video quotes by Anna Torv
#25. I didn't know much about video games. #Quote by Anna Torv
Funkytown Video quotes by Ice Cube
#26. The creative process of making a movie really turned me on. I'd started getting behind the scenes with a camcorder and VHS tape when making music videos. #Quote by Ice Cube
Funkytown Video quotes by Christie Brinkley
#27. I photographed all kinds of sports - Formula 1, Formula Atlantic. And anybody who knows me knows that, from the day they invented video cameras, I used to lug them around when you had to carry the pack here and the big camera here, plus the diaper bag and a baby and the purse or whatever. #Quote by Christie Brinkley
Funkytown Video quotes by Henry Jenkins
#28. When politicians like Sen. Joseph Lieberman target video game violence, perhaps it is to distract attention from the material conditions that give rise to a culture of domestic violence, the economic policies that make it harder for most of us to own our own homes, and the development practices which pave over the old grasslands and forests. Video games did not make backyard play spaces disappear; rather, they offer children some way to respond to domestic confinement. #Quote by Henry Jenkins
Funkytown Video quotes by Donald Jeffries
#29. In a June 25, 2010, Washington Post article, the CIA acknowledged officially
discussing the creation of a video of a fake Saddam Hussein having sex with a
teenage boy in order to discredit him in the eyes of the Iraqi people. Evidently,
the Agency did create a video of a fake Osama Bin Laden drinking liquor
around a campfire with his cronies, bragging about their conquests of young
boys. The article quoted an anonymous former CIA officer "chuckling" at the
memory, and declaring that the actors used in the video were drawn from
"some of us darker-skinned employees." These ridiculous clandestine ideas
brought to mind the childish efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro forty years
earlier. #Quote by Donald Jeffries
Funkytown Video quotes by Janice Kaplan
#30. Gratitude isn't just a feeling, it's an action. Expressing gratitude by writing in a journal, taking a photo, or shooting a video creates a lasting impression that can bring more gratitude into the world-for children and adults. #Quote by Janice Kaplan
Funkytown Video quotes by David   Fisher
#31. Dotcom believes one of the reasons he was targeted was his support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. He says he was compelled to reach out to the site after US soldier Bradley Manning leaked documents to it. The infamous video recording of the Apache gunship gunning down a group of Iraqis (some of whom, despite widespread belief to the contrary, were later revealed to have been armed), including two Reuters journalists, was the trigger.

"Wow, this is really crazy," Dotcom recalls thinking, watching the black-and-white footage and hearing the operators of the helicopter chat about firing on the group. He made a €20,000 donation to Wikileaks through Megaupload's UK account. "That was one of the largest donations they got," he says. According to Dotcom, the US, at the time, was monitoring Wikileaks and trying better to understand its support base. "My name must have popped right up."

The combination of a leaking culture and a website dedicated to producing leaked material would horrify the US government, he says. A willing leaker and a platform on which to do it was "their biggest enemy and their biggest fear . . . If you are in a corrupt government and you know how much fishy stuff is going on in the background, to you, that is the biggest threat - to have a site where people can anonymously submit documents."

Neil MacBride was appointed to the Wikileaks case, meaning Dotcom shares prosecutors with Assange. "I think the Wikileaks connec #Quote by David Fisher
Funkytown Video quotes by Craig Alanson
#32. For entertainment, Skippy had downloaded the entire internet, and every movie, book and video game ever made. #Quote by Craig Alanson
Funkytown Video quotes by Lewis Howes
#33. Video can seem like just another challenge to overcome, but I see a major increase in my business and brand awareness, all from the power of video. #Quote by Lewis Howes
Funkytown Video quotes by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
#34. When I started editing on my home computer, I said to myself, 'Well, I could be at home studying for a class or I could be at home editing a video.' #Quote by Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Funkytown Video quotes by Mike Tucker
#35. Video games have become this really weird medium where it's not quite mainstream but it's not quite art either. #Quote by Mike Tucker
Funkytown Video quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#36. There aren't many crimes in my book. Not many sins either. But top on both of those lists is killing time. Have fun with it, make something cool, play video games, work hard if you feel like it, but do something. Killed time is an abortion, life that never gets lived, gone, just gone. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Funkytown Video quotes by Ken Block
#37. I absolutely love my daily driver Ford Raptor, especially since I live out here in the mountains of Park City, so to build out this mountain assault vehicle with a Raptor as the base platform made total sense to me. It's an absolute beast of a machine and I'm stoked with how it's turned out. Next up is for me to take it deep into the backcountry ASAP to help me and some friends slay some powder on our snowboards for a video project due out later this year. #Quote by Ken Block
Funkytown Video quotes by Christina Hendricks
#38. When you're doing voice work, you're in a bubble where you just think about the story and the words. They record you on video while you're doing the voice work, so they capture how your face is moving and the gestures you make. #Quote by Christina Hendricks
Funkytown Video quotes by Ronnie Dunn
#39. I carry my own film guys with me now. People think that's a huge expense, but with technology like it is these days, it's not. You can film videos and everything with a Canon Mark II, and shoot a movie. They're doing it for next to nothing, by comparison. I can do ten videos for a project for the price of one mainstream video in the past. #Quote by Ronnie Dunn

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