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Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Marisha Pessl
#1. When your child is seized by an idea with the zeal of a fundamentalist Bible salesman from Indiana, stand in his or her way at your own risk. #Quote by Marisha Pessl
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Ian Rankin
#2. Everything you do from waking till sleeping is against somebody's Bible, Cafferty. #Quote by Ian Rankin
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Peggy Noonan
#3. Novak was saying that the pope's message was in part: You are not nothing; you are a great deal. God made you in his image, and he calls you to be like him. And so you must walk forward in to the world each day with confidence and humility. This reminded me of what a woman in Bible study said once. Walk with pride, for you are the daughter of a king. #Quote by Peggy Noonan
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Charles W. Colson
#4. Genuine Christianity is more than a relationship with Jesus, as expressed in personal piety, church attendance, Bible
study, and works of charity. It is more than discipleship, more than believing a system of doctrines about God. Genuine Christianity is a way of seeing and comprehending all reality. It is a worldview. #Quote by Charles W. Colson
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Alain De Benoist
#5. For man to set himself up as man, means the adoption of a super-nature, a superior nature that is nothing other than culture whose effect is the emancipation of reflective consciousness from the repetitious constraints of the species. What this means especially is that man is given the possibility of going beyond himself and transforming. In other words, to ensure that each "super-nature" obtained is simply a step towards another "super-nature." Now this project is the equivalent of making man a kind of god - allowing him to participate in the Divine - a perspective the Bible depicts as an "abomination. #Quote by Alain De Benoist
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Edward McKendree Bounds
#6. There is neither encouragement nor room in Bible religion for feeble desires, listless efforts, lazy attitudes; all must be strenuous, urgent, ardent. Flamed desires, impassioned, unwearied insistence delight heaven. God would have His children incorrigibly in earnest and persistently bold in their efforts. Heaven is too busy to listen to half-hearted prayers or to respond to pop-calls. Our whole being must be in our praying. #Quote by Edward McKendree Bounds
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Arthur Hertzberg
#7. How can a rabbi not live with doubt? The Bible itself is a book of doubt. #Quote by Arthur Hertzberg
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Henry T. Blackaby
#8. We look to the Bible but not to get ideas from what people did for God. We look to see what God did in peoples' lives. #Quote by Henry T. Blackaby
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Russell Simmons
#9. Nowhere in the Bible, Koran, or Torah does it say, "If you curse, then you're going to hell." But everywhere it says that if you kill, you're going to wherever they send you, depending on the religion. #Quote by Russell Simmons
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#10. My mother is my pastor
She teaches me the Bible
I love her as my mentor
She tells me to be humble! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#11. The emphasis of the Bible is on the work of the Redeemer, not on the work of the redeemed. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Jerry Falwell
#12. God himself preserved the Bible, and brought it down through the ages. #Quote by Jerry Falwell
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Anonymous
#13. Trust in Him at all times, you people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah #Quote by Anonymous
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Bryan Islip
#14. The bible doesn't say Jesus had a power to command, only to recommend, which leaves each one of us with an individual freedom of choice. Maybe it's just that there are too many of us making too many bad choices for the good of the whole." He took a bite out of his apple. "Too many people and none of us wanting or able to hear the harmony. #Quote by Bryan Islip
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Billy Graham
#15. The Bible says there is a certain pleasure in sin.
However, it is short-lived and fatal. #Quote by Billy Graham
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Timothy J. Keller
#16. There are thousands of men and women who go to churches and chapels every Sunday, and call themselves Christians. Their names are in the baptismal register. They are reckoned Christians while they live. They are married with a Christian marriage-service. They are buried as Christians when they die. But you never see any "fight" about their religion! Of spiritual strife, and exertion, and conflict, and self-denial, and watching, and warring they know literally nothing at all. Such Christianity . . . is not the Christianity of the Bible. It is not the religion which the Lord Jesus founded, and His Apostles preached. True Christianity is "a fight."3 #Quote by Timothy J. Keller
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#17. Every thinking man, when he thinks, realizes that the teachings of the Bible are so interwoven and intertwined with our whole civic and social life that it would be literally, I do not mean figuratively, but literally impossible for us to figure what the loss would be if these teachings were removed. We would lose all the standards by which we now judge both public and private morals; all the standards toward which we, with more or less resolution, strive to raise ourselves. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Jen Wilkin
#18. Forgiving lavishly does not mean that we continue to place ourselves in harm's way. The Bible takes great pains to address the dangers of keeping company with those who perpetually harm others. Those who learn nothing from their past mistakes are termed fools. While we may forgive the fool for hurting us, we do not give the fool unlimited opportunity to hurt us again. To do so would be to act foolishly ourselves. When Jesus extends mercy in the Gospels, he always does so with an implicit or explicit, "Go and sin no more." When our offender persists in sinning against us, we are wise to put boundaries in place. Doing so is itself an act of mercy toward the offender. By limiting his opportunity to sin against us, we spare him further guilt before God. Mercy never requires submission to abuse, whether spiritual, verbal, emotional, or physical. #Quote by Jen Wilkin
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Isaac Asimov
#19. Bible: Various portions of it, when properly interpreted, contain a code of behaviour which many men consider best suited to the ultimate happiness of mankind. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Elizabeth George
#20. God's Word is the ultimate beauty treatment for every woman. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Margaret Atwood
#21. Charis herself gave up Christianity a long time ago. For one thing, the Bible is full of meat: animals being sacrificed, lambs, bullocks, doves. Cain was right to offer up the vegetables, God was wrong to refuse them. And there's too much blood: people in the Bible are always having their blood spilled, blood on their hands, their blood licked up by dogs. There are too many slaughters, too much suffering, too many tears.
She used to think some of the Eastern religions would be more serene; she was a Buddhist for a while, before she discovered how many hells they had. Most religions are so intent on punishment. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Leland Ryken
#22. There is no valid reason for the perennial Christian preference of biography, history, and the newspaper to fiction and poetry. The former tell us what happened, while literature tells us what happens. The example of the Bible, which is central to any attempt to formulate a Christian approach to literature, sanctions the imagination as a valid form of truth. The Bible is in large part a work of imagination. Its most customary way of expressing truth is not the sermon or the theological outline, but the story, the poem, and the vision
all of them literary forms and products of the imagination (though not necessarily the fictional imagination). Literary conventions are present in the Bible from start to finish, even in the most historically factual parts. #Quote by Leland Ryken
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Gangai Victor
#23. The Word is light and the Holy Spirit is oxygen; to pray is to see and breathe. #Quote by Gangai Victor
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by L.B. Taylor Jr.
#24. Grandmother's knee is a wonderful place to learn about the Bible, ghosts, and even Santa Claus, but a mighty poor place to learn about history. #Quote by L.B. Taylor Jr.
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Stephen Baldwin
#25. When I have the Bible memorised, then I'll be able to go and read a couple other books. #Quote by Stephen Baldwin
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Ray Comfort
#26. The Bible says that the earth is immovable. It cannot be moved. So now is your chance to prove your point. Run outside and move the earth. Perhaps you and your friends could jump on it, or find a rocky outcrop and push it together. Maybe after that little experiment you will concede that the earth is immovable. #Quote by Ray Comfort
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Karla Perry
#27. America's foundational philosophy is what sets her apart from the troubles and tribulations of the other nations around the globe. If we continue to move away from a biblical foundation, we will find ourselves facing troubles we will be ill equipped to overcome. #Quote by Karla Perry
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Macrina Wiederkehr
#28. My God is not imprisoned anywhere, not in the Bible nor the tabernacle. Real Presence is everywhere, and those with the hearts of children revel in it. #Quote by Macrina Wiederkehr
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Anonymous
#29. Calvin was able to assert "All truth is God's truth" while also asserting the doctrine of sola Scriptura, because the doctrine of sola Scriptura does not say that all truths are found in the Bible.5 The doctrine of sola Scriptura, in a nutshell, asserts that Scripture is our sole source of normative, infallible apostolic revelation, and that "all things necessary for salvation and concerning faith and life are taught in the Bible with enough clarity that the ordinary believer can find them there and understand. #Quote by Anonymous
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by John Piper
#30. The lovers of God's Word praise the preciousness of the Bible and the pleasures it brings. They #Quote by John Piper
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by D. A. Carson
#31. Effectiveness in teaching the Bible is purchased at the price of much study, some of it lonely, all of it tiring. #Quote by D. A. Carson
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by James Purefoy
#32. If you look around us, there are an awful lot of men out there, and women, but mostly men, who believe that they have got a fast-track path to Heaven, if they do the things that they believe God is telling them to do, and I don't just mean Islamic people. I mean Fundamentalist Christians. #Quote by James Purefoy
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Moby
#33. There's nothing in the actual Bible that limits a Christian in their appreciation of or interest in science. Anti-science is purely a function of ignorant fundamentalism. #Quote by Moby
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Alice Schwarzer
#34. If I read the Bible, I can also find a few harsh verdicts. Every religion can be abused. We're not talking here about religion and faith. We are talking about the politicization of Islam, and, by the way, it is first and foremost exerting pressure on the majority of peaceful Muslims who live here in Germany. #Quote by Alice Schwarzer
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#35. Devote yourself to reading of Scriptures. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Neel Burton
#36. Just as Prometheus delivered stolen fire to man, so Eve, and the serpent, delivered man into self-consciousness, setting him up, were it not for his short lifespan, as rival to God. At the same time, man's self-consciousness removed him from nature into a life of toil, doubt, fear, guilt, shame, blame, enmity, loneliness, and frailty - and the product of this separation, the fruit and flower of this exile, is, of course, culture. 'God,' said the writer Victor Hugo, 'made only water, but man made wine. #Quote by Neel Burton
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Isaac Asimov
#37. The bible must be seen in a cultural context. It didn't just happen. These stories are retreads. But, tell a Christian that
No, No! What makes it doubly sad is that they hardly know the book, much less its origins. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by D. A. Carson
#38. No one believes more strongly than I do that every Christian should be a theologian. In that sense, we all need to work it out. I want all Christians who can read, to read their Bibles and to read beyond the Bible - to read the history and theology. #Quote by D. A. Carson
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Gary DeMar
#39. Why is it that the Rev. Jesse Jackson can quote the Bible in support of his pet causes, but conservative ministers and lay people must argue purely on secular grounds for their social and political agenda? ... It seems that mixing religion and politics is acceptable as long as the road turns to the left. #Quote by Gary DeMar
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Simi Sunny
#40. In my philosophy, I think churches should not argue and be greedy with money. I think different churches like the synagogues, mosques, and Christian/Catholic churches should focus on bringing peace in the world and not compete. I know in today's world, people are defending one religion to another and try to show off. Has God, Jesus, or the disciples mentioned about competition in the Bible? I don't think so. Because if we compete, we turn to selfish needs and be greedy. So whatever religion you're in, have faith in it as much as you can and help others. Because in every religion I know, you have to give back the poor and have peace in your mind. #Quote by Simi Sunny
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Nicki Minaj
#41. Self-righteous and entitled but they swearin' on the bible that they love you when really they no different from your rivals. #Quote by Nicki Minaj
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Randy Alcorn
#42. After his wife died, in great pain C. S. Lewis realized, "If I had really cared, as I thought I did, about the sorrows of the world, I should not have been so overwhelmed when my own sorrow came."3 Our own suffering is often our wake-up call. But even if you aren't now facing it, look around and you'll see many who are.
Suffering and evil exert a force that either pushes us away from God or pulls us toward him.
Unfortunately, most evangelical churches - whether traditional, liturgical, or emergent - have failed to teach people to think biblically about the realities of evil and suffering. A pastor's daughter told me, "I was never taught the Christian life was going to be difficult. I've discovered it is, and I wasn't ready."
On the other side of death, the Bible promises that all who know him will fall into the open arms of a holy, loving, and gracious God - the greatest miracle, the answer to the problem of evil and suffering. He promises us an eternal kingdom on the New Earth, where he says of those who come to trust him in this present world of evil and suffering, "They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain" (Revelation 21:3–4) #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#43. From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another. JOHN 1:16 JUNE 14 Health and prosperity can be yours. I realize that you may regard this as a very extravagant assertion - a big order, so to speak; but please remember that I do not make this assertion on my own authority. I have this on the authority of the wisest Book ever written. The Bible isn't as fearful of promising big things as some of the more timid, halfhearted preachers of the gospel. The Bible makes superlative promises, because its promises are inspired by a loving and omnipotent God. But the Bible is also very subtle. And it points out that the blessings of health and prosperity are not easily given or easily received. Parenthetically, I want to say that by prosperity, the Bible does not mean merely material affluence; it means to enter abundantly into the blessings of God's grace. And it tells us that health and prosperity come to us when our soul is in harmony with #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Charles Spurgeon
#44. The observant man recognizes many mysteries into which he can not pretend to see, and he remembers that the world is too wide for the eye of one man. But the modern sophists are sure of everything, especially if it contradicts the Bible. #Quote by Charles Spurgeon
Fundamentalist Bible quotes by Max Lucado
#45. What we realize is number one, people want to know what the Bible says. In their heart, they want to know the Bible but it is just hard to understand the big picture of it. And number two, they want to know where they plug in. #Quote by Max Lucado

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