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Fun With Veal quotes by Gail Sheehy
#1. In the first phase of shock over, say, your mortgage being called in or your job washed out, it's essential to engage with others and share the fear, release the feelings, do fun things to take your mind off it. #Quote by Gail Sheehy
Fun With Veal quotes by Gina Greenlee
#2. When you feel yourself resisting differences, lean into them, instead,
and have fun with what happens. #Quote by Gina Greenlee
Fun With Veal quotes by Ashlee Vance
#3. Watson continued: Elon is brilliant. He's involved in just about everything. He understands everything. If he asks you a question, you learn very quickly not to go give him a gut reaction. He wants answers that get down to the fundamental laws of physics. One thing he understands really well is the physics of the rockets. He understands that like nobody else. The stuff I have seen him do in his head is crazy. He can get in discussions about flying a satellite and whether we can make the right orbit and deliver Dragon at the same time and solve all these equations in real time. It's amazing to watch the amount of knowledge he has accumulated over the years. I don't want to be the person who ever has to compete with Elon. You might as well leave the business and find something else fun to do. He will outmaneuver you, outthink you, and out-execute you. #Quote by Ashlee Vance
Fun With Veal quotes by Zach Galifianakis
#4. It's fun for me to couple emotion with comedy. I think it helps comedy. I think a lot of times American comedies don't play on emotion too much. #Quote by Zach Galifianakis
Fun With Veal quotes by Simone Elkeles
#5. Brittany Ellis, I'm goin' to prove to you I'm the guy you believed in ten months ago, and I'm gonna be the successful man you dreamed I could be. My plan is to ask you to marry me four years from now, the day we graduate.'And I guarantee you a lifetime of fun, probably one with no lack of fightin', for you are one passionate mamacita ... but I definitely look forward to some great make-up sessions. Maybe one day we can even go back to Fairfield and help make it the place my dad always hoped it would be. You, me, and Shelley. And any other Fuentes or Ellis family member who wants to be a part of our lives. We'll be one big, crazy Mexican-American family. What do you think? Mujer, you own my soul. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Fun With Veal quotes by Carice Van Houten
#6. In the streets, they're very nice. On Twitter, there are people who love to hate me. Sometimes people get mean. I tend to answer like, 'Careful now, know who you're dealing with ... ' They're like, 'I'm sorry! Don't send the Lord of Light after me!' It's fun to play with that. #Quote by Carice Van Houten
Fun With Veal quotes by Raquel Welch
#7. Oh I had crushes on all my leading men, I think. Oh, you know who I really had fun with? In this movie 'Mother, Jugs & Speed,' I really liked working with Harvey Keitel. #Quote by Raquel Welch
Fun With Veal quotes by Jack Kerouac
#8. Sometimes during the night I'd look at my poor sleeping mother cruelly crucified there in the American night because of no-money, no-hope-of-money, no family, no nothing, just myself the stupid son of plans all of them compacted of eventual darkness. God how right Hemingway was when he said there was no remedy for life - and to think that negative little paper-shuffling prissies should write condescending obituaries about a man who told the truth, nay who drew breath in pain to tell a tale like that! ... No remedy but in my mind I raise a fist to High Heaven promising that I shall bull whip the first bastard who makes fun of human hopelessness anyway - I know it's ridiculous to pray to my father that hunk of dung in a grave yet I pray to him anyway, what else shall I do? sneer? shuffle paper on a desk and burp rationality? Ah thank God for all the Rationalists the worms and vermin got. Thank God for all the hate mongering political pamphleteers with no left or right to yell about in the Grave of Space. I say that we shall all be reborn with the Only One, and that's what makes me go on, and my mother too. She has her rosary in the bus, don't deny her that, that's her way of stating the fact. If there can't be love among men let there be love at least between men and God. Human courage is an opiate but opiates are human too. If God is an opiate so am I. Thefore eat me. Eat the night, the long desolate American between Sanford and Shlamford and Blamford and Crapford, eat the hem #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Fun With Veal quotes by Kenn Nesbitt
#9. Homework, I Love You
Homework, I love you. I think that you're great.
It's wonderful fun when you keep me up late.
I think you're the best when I'm totally stressed,
preparing and cramming all night for a test.
Homework, I love you. What more can I say?
I love to do hundreds of problems each day.
You boggle my mind and you make me go blind,
but still I'm ecstatic that you were assigned.
Homework, I love you. I tell you, it's true.
There's nothing more fun or exciting to do.
You're never a chore, for it's you I adore.
I wish that our teacher would hand you out more.
Homework, I love you. You thrill me inside.
I'm filled with emotions. I'm fit to be tied.
I cannot complain when you frazzle my brain.
Of course, that's because I'm completely insane. #Quote by Kenn Nesbitt
Fun With Veal quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#10. I was just thinking if the sex with you is one-tenth as fun as arguing with you. I'll be one happy bastard."

"You'll never find out. You--------"

He kissed me.

~ Jack Travis & Ella Varner #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Fun With Veal quotes by Viola Shipman
#11. You can't schedule fun, and you can't put it off for the future. At some point, you just have to say to heck with everything and dive in headfirst. #Quote by Viola Shipman
Fun With Veal quotes by Elizabeth Kendall
#12. A few of the horrendous facts include: He abducted and killed two women in one day and then took me out to dinner that evening. He raped and murdered women and then slept with me. He took my visiting family out for a fun evening of pizza. He then excused himself, went to a bar in South Seattle, found a young woman, and murdered her. The next day he was his charming self at a family event. One day when he was driving to Utah to go to law school, he called from Nampa, Idaho, to tell me he loved me. I learned later that he abducted a young woman that day and murdered her. #Quote by Elizabeth Kendall
Fun With Veal quotes by Herman Koch
#13. A reader reads a book. If it's a good book, he forgets himself. That's all a book has to do. When the reader can't forget himself and keeps having to think about the writer the whole time, the book is a failure. That has nothing to do with fun. If it's fun you're after, buy a ticket for a roller coaster. That #Quote by Herman Koch
Fun With Veal quotes by George Kell
#14. It was much more fun playing with him than against him. If you wanted one pitcher to start the seventh game of the World Series, which he did in 1945, you'd pick Hal Newhouser. #Quote by George Kell
Fun With Veal quotes by Anonymous
#15. There's no coincidence here; we learn better when we're having fun, and in looking for the fastest ways to learn, I naturally ended up with the most enjoyable methods. My favorite thing about language learning is this: #Quote by Anonymous
Fun With Veal quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#16. I was a surfer so I hung out with people who were surfers and made fun of people who weren't surfers and I listened to surf music and made fun of people who didn't listen to surfer music. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Fun With Veal quotes by Robert   Harris
#17. Everybody tends to heighten his own reality. We start with a private fantasy about our lives and perhaps one day, for fun, we turn it into an anecdote. No harm is done. Over the years, the anecdote is repeated so regularly it becomes accepted as a fact. Quite soon, to contradict this fact would be embarrassing. In time, we probably come to believe it was true all along. And by these slow accretions of myth, like a coral reef, the historical record takes shape. #Quote by Robert Harris
Fun With Veal quotes by Charles Kuralt
#18. It was so much fun to have the freedom to wander America, with no assignments. For 25 or 30 years I never had an assignment. These were all stories I wanted to do myself. #Quote by Charles Kuralt
Fun With Veal quotes by Sean Pertwee
#19. Acting's the best job there is. Pretending to be someone you're not is good fun. It's also a non-ageist profession, and you get to work all over the world with people you admire. #Quote by Sean Pertwee
Fun With Veal quotes by Eddie Montgomery
#20. Well it was a lot fun with John Boy and stuff, but I always knew that I wanted to be on the front of the stage even when I was playing drums. I don't have anything against John Boy, I just wanted to be on the front of the stage. #Quote by Eddie Montgomery
Fun With Veal quotes by Aziz Ansari
#21. When I've really been in love with someone, it's not because they looked a certain way or liked a certain TV show or a certain cuisine. It's more because when I watched a certain TV show or ate a certain cuisine with them, it was the most fun thing ever. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Fun With Veal quotes by Alexander Blok
#22. Hell and damnation, life is such fun with a ragged greatcoat and a Jerry gun! #Quote by Alexander Blok
Fun With Veal quotes by Craig Taylor
#23. I love roundabouts. I absolutely think they're the best invention, and I don't care who invented the pen, the biro; whoever invented the roundabout, they should be up there on that plinth that they've got going on in Trafalgar Square. You can have a little bit of fun with it, you know. Will I go? Will I not go? The other car might go in my lane. There's a bit of a dance going. It's like a samba. Because in this city, sometimes you just come to a sudden gridlock and you think, well I'm waiting for him, he's waiting for me, he's waiting for him, and you've got everyone looking at everyone - who will make the first move? And you begin to move and he begins to move and then you stop, and everyone's being really polite. But every day you get somebody who just doesn't care, a young lad and he doesn't give a monkey's. #Quote by Craig Taylor
Fun With Veal quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#24. Tell me you didn't," she groaned, knowing it would not be the truth. "Please tell me you didn't take advantage of these poor people."

"I didn't," he chirped.


With an irritated sigh he tried to convince her. "Amora, you're not seeing things from an immortal perspective. The people who built this temple…"

"Temple?" she cried, cutting him off. "You forced these people to build you a temple? Why? Because all of a sudden you're God now?"

Perturbed by her interruption, he raised a warning finger. "No, no, Amora, not God. But from their viewpoint I may seem a bit…..god-like."

She rolled her eyes in an exaggerated manner.

"If you would let me finish," he went on, "these particular individuals had no part in the construction of that monument; it was their ancestors who erected it. And I must say, they did a fine job. My likeness has weathered the centuries quite well."

"You're despicable."

He frowned at the insult. "Nobody was forced to build us a temple, Amora. They chose to do so."

"You were that impressive to them, huh?"

"Apparently." His eyes twinkled at the memory. He took a few steps toward the distant city, pulling Eena along. "Come on, let's go have some fun."

"No way." She planted her feet, refusing. Surprisingly it put a stop to him.

"And why not?"

"Because your sudden appearance will upset them! No doubt you'll wa #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Fun With Veal quotes by Kate Meader
#25. She had shaved above the knee, packed her suitcase with her skimpiest lingerie, and the instructions on the Sexy Weekend Fun Box said, "Just Add Texan." What she had not expected was Hunter putting her on a Tex-free diet. #Quote by Kate Meader
Fun With Veal quotes by Gabriel Iglesias
#26. I love Australia. First of all, everyone is so nice. The people are down to Earth, and they like having fun with you. #Quote by Gabriel Iglesias
Fun With Veal quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#27. Just because you believe in something, you cannot expect others to respect for your belief! They may even make fun of it! All you have to do is to be peaceful at any time, with everyone! Something holy for you may be just a rubbish for others! All you have to do is to be peaceful at any time, with everyone! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Fun With Veal quotes by Eve
#28. 'Lip Lock' is a play on words. It sounds flirty and fun. Also, my lips are one of my favorite features. Also, it's like, literally locking the game down with my words because I'm a lyricist. #Quote by Eve
Fun With Veal quotes by Rihanna
#29. I have always loved kids. They are little adults with so much personality, and it is fun to work with that. Whether that means donating school supplies or medication, or [using my celebrity] to get them a bone marrow transplant, I want to help. #Quote by Rihanna
Fun With Veal quotes by Nick Offerman
#30. I can tell you I've crunched the numbers time and time again; it is always more fun to have eight people with one beer than one man with eight beers. #Quote by Nick Offerman
Fun With Veal quotes by Martin Blais
#31. Whatever the country or the venue, whoever I find myself with, I strongly believe that whenever you agree to pay for something, you vote for it. I personally try to be in coherence with my core values (as much as possible) so, since I do not want to vote for animal exploitation in any form or under any circumstance, I do not derogate from my chosen alimentation. I do not un-veganize myself for the time of a meal. Even if it implies eating only bread and drinking only water... And being made fun of by workmates in a convention (be there, done that, got the t-shirt). #Quote by Martin Blais
Fun With Veal quotes by Chris Hardwick
#32. I'm not fun to bowl with. I take it way too seriously. I have high expectations for myself. #Quote by Chris Hardwick
Fun With Veal quotes by Jonah Goldberg
#33. We are all descended from cavemen who broke the skulls of their enemies with rocks for fun or profit. But that hardly mitigates the crimes of a man who does the same thing today. I see no problem judging the behavior of the Islamic State and its apologists from the vantage point of the West's high horse, because we've earned the right to sit in that saddle. #Quote by Jonah Goldberg
Fun With Veal quotes by David Gordon Green
#34. Sundance [festival] is all your Hollywood buds and buddies and rolling out and high-fiving and "Hell, yeah. Here comes the movie," and in Venice, it's very elegant, and respectful ... It's decadence. It's such a fun way to formalize a movie that is for us a down-and-dirty, gritty movie. And to see it with the red carpet, and rolling up in a Maserati. #Quote by David Gordon Green
Fun With Veal quotes by Paula Danziger
#35. Fighting with your best friend is NO fun. #Quote by Paula Danziger
Fun With Veal quotes by Gordon Korman
#36. It was no place for a Kabra, not even a poor one living in exile with a psychopathic cat.
He approached the counter and rand the bell with authority. The clerk turned around.
Evan Tolliver.
"You're Amy's cousin!"
"Yes, I am," Ian confirmed. "I have here a list of items–"
"Have you heard from her?" Evan interrupted. "Is she okay?"
"Her health is excellent."
"No, I mean–"
Ian sighed. "Why should you care? She promises to phone you, and she doesn't. You were nearly arrested, thanks to her. There's a message in there somewhere, don't you agree?"
Evan nodded sadly. "I kind of think so, too. But we were awesome together. She's smart, fun to be with, and not immature like most of the girls in our school. It's as if she has an automatic switch for when it's time to be serious–she can almost be old beyond her years at times. Where do you learn something like that?"
"I have no earthly idea," Ian lied. #Quote by Gordon Korman

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