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Frustration quotes by Gary Snyder
#1. And our conservationist-environmentalist-moral outrage is often (in its frustration) aimed at the logger or the rancher, when the real power is in the hands of people who make unimaginably larger sums of money, people impeccably groomed, excellently educated at the best universities - male and female alike - eating fine foods and reading classy literature, while orchestrating the investment and legislation that ruin the world. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Frustration quotes by Harvey Milk
#2. I cannot prevent anyone from getting angry, or mad, or frustrated. I can only hope that they'll turn that anger and frustration and madness into something positive, so that two, three, four, five hundred will step forward, so the gay doctors will come out, the gay lawyers, the gay judges, gay bankers, gay architects I hope that every professional gay will say 'enough', come forward and tell everybody, wear a sign, let the world know. Maybe that will help. #Quote by Harvey Milk
Frustration quotes by Anonymous
#3. My mind was speaking, but my vocal cords were silent. I exhaled in frustration. "Freezed," I finally spouted out. My thoughts froze, just like the rest of me. #Quote by Anonymous
Frustration quotes by Helen Fielding
#4. A woman has her needs. What good is a mother to her poor children if she's suffering from low self-esteem and sexual frustration? If you don't get laid soon, you will literally close up. More importantly, you will shrivel. And you will become bitter. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Frustration quotes by Iman
#5. I started the cosmetics in 1994 after I stopped modeling, out of my frustration as a woman of color not finding what I needed. #Quote by Iman
Frustration quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#6. Istanbul is certainly in the process of transforming itself into an attractive cultural, tourist and financial center. But there are also millions of sad stories in this giant sea of immigration, poverty, misery and contradictions. So much anger, frustration and fury. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Frustration quotes by Bruce Weinstein
#7. Practicing gratitude in the moment of frustration can really be a game changer. #Quote by Bruce Weinstein
Frustration quotes by Michelle Obama
#8. ...The need to situate someone inside his or her ethnicity and the frustration that comes when it can't be easily done #Quote by Michelle Obama
Frustration quotes by Laarni Venus Marie
#9. Somewhere, somehow, maybe I can find someone who can make my heart beat again.. For everyday that I pine for your love, and for every single time you reject me, I start to die deep inside.. That throbbing pain has slowly turned into numbing emptiness.. #Quote by Laarni Venus Marie
Frustration quotes by Harold S. Kushner
#10. Nursing a grudge only perpetuates the offender's power over you. He continues to live in your head, reinforcing your frustration, polluting your imagination with thoughts of getting even. Don't let him get away with that. He may or may not deserve forgiveness, but you deserve better than to waste your energy being angry at him. Letting go is the best revenge. Forgiveness is the identifying marker of the stronger party to the dispute. It is truly a favor you do yourself, not an undeserved gesture to the person who hurt you. Be kind to yourself and forgive. #Quote by Harold S. Kushner
Frustration quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#11. How destiny plays games so thrilling,
both stay in the same building.
His books declared for the best seller of the year,
and she lives in the apartment to his but upstairs.
He is making fame, she has committed suicide severe.

The same window of the tall building instigated,
such varied colors.

In the woman-frustration and fear.
In the man- an inspiration so rare.
They share the same height, same sight,
of the same building.
From which,
one flew like kite and the other down right. #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Frustration quotes by Helen Fisher
#12. Barriers tend to intensify romance. It's called the 'Romeo and Juliet effect.' I call it 'frustration attraction.' #Quote by Helen Fisher
Frustration quotes by Tarryn Fisher
#13. Sometimes I hate him. When he does the dishes, he shakes off each one before setting it in the drying rack. Water flies everywhere. A couple of drops always hit me in the face. I have to leave the room to avoid smashing a plate against his head. #Quote by Tarryn Fisher
Frustration quotes by Tullian Tchividjian
#14. Christmas is the beachhead of God's campaign against sin and sadness, darkness and death, fear and frustration. #Quote by Tullian Tchividjian
Frustration quotes by Susanna Clarke
#15. It is the right of a traveller to vent their frustration at every minor inconvenience by writing of it to their friends. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Frustration quotes by Caroline Knapp
#16. If only we lived in a culture in which internal measures of satisfaction and success - a capacity for joy and caring, an ability to laugh, a sense of connection to others, a belief in social justice - were as highly valued as external measures. If only we lived in a culture that made ambition compatible with motherhood and family life, that presented models of women who were integrated and whole: strong, sexual, ambitious, cued into their own varied appetites and demands, and equipped with the freedom and resources to explore all of them. If only women felt less isolated in their frustration and fatigue, less torn between competing hungers, less compelled to keep nine balls in the air at once, and less prone to blame themselves when those balls come crashing to the floor. If only we exercised our own power, which is considerable but woefully underused; if only we defined desire on our own terms. And - painfully, truly - if only we didn't care so much about how we looked, how much we weighed, what we wore. #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Frustration quotes by Billy Marshall Stoneking
#17. Character is not purchased with a dance in the street. It's expensive and hard to come by. Though it is the heir of disappointment, betrayal and frustration, it is not the inheritance that matters but what you do with it. No one ever developed their character by arranging their experiences in such a way that only 'good' things are allowed to happen. #Quote by Billy Marshall Stoneking
Frustration quotes by Andy Partridge
#18. You know, I was such a big Beatles fan, and when I'd buy a new album I'd invariably hate it the first time I heard it 'cause it was a mixture of absolute joy and absolute frustration. I couldn't grasp what they'd done, and I'd hate myself for that. #Quote by Andy Partridge
Frustration quotes by Barbara Elsborg
#19. Taylor and Niall are watching their personal assistant prospects waiting to be interviewed.
"Leave them sitting there until one of them shows some initiative." Niall said.
Ten minutes ticked slowly by.
"I give in," Niall said. "They're all idiots."
Taylor laughed. "I'm intrigued now. How long are they going to sit there?"
"I suspect until they drop dead."
Five more minutes before Taylor heard Niall exhale in frustration, and then the door of the living room flew open and a chicken burst in.
"What the f**k?" Taylor gasped.
"Hi, everyone," the chicken said in a perky voice. "Thank goodness, I'm not too late. I had difficulty getting across the road." She laughed and then sighed when no one else joined in. They sat staring at her in mute shock. #Quote by Barbara Elsborg
Frustration quotes by Derek Rydall
#20. You have to feel your own personal truth with a little 't' – your sadness, rage, frustration for example -- in order to get to the Truth with a big 'T'. #Quote by Derek Rydall
Frustration quotes by Cari Beauchamp
#21. Adding to her frustration was the much more frequent attention being given to her gender. Throughout the twenties, Frances was hailed as "one of the most famous scenario writers" or "highest paid scenarist" and now The Big House was promoted in the Los Angeles Examiner under the headline "Woman Writes Film Plot of Penitentiary. #Quote by Cari Beauchamp
Frustration quotes by Alan Perlis
#22. In computing, turning the obvious into the useful is a living definition of the word 'frustration'. #Quote by Alan Perlis
Frustration quotes by Alicia Cook
#23. It's one thing to have a support system in your life
to cheer you on during the instances when
everyone is rooting for you. However, it's another
thing entirely to look back in your darkest
moments and still see them standing in your
corner, encouraging you to stay in the ring and
FIGHT, when the odds aren't in your favor and all
you want to do is throw in the towel.
Not many people in this life will be on your side
even when they aren't on your side. Even less who
momentarily will slam doors out of frustration but
never actually lock you out.
Unconditional love; the definition of sister. #Quote by Alicia Cook
Frustration quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#24. For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Frustration quotes by R. Carlos Nakai
#25. A birth we embark on a good journey, seeking a destination of happiness. The journeys on our life-road facilitate development of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states-of-being, into a way of true power and wisdom. The Heart-center power, expressed as happiness and love, will guide us upward on a path away from frustration, bitter toil and travail. These journeys are directed inward, not outwardly in material mementos of ego and possession. The lesson is relearning that which has been suppressed and forgotten, in ourselves, since our earliest childhood. #Quote by R. Carlos Nakai
Frustration quotes by Prem Jagyasi
#26. We must remember that the more self-centered our life is, the more prone we are to unhappiness and frustration. #Quote by Prem Jagyasi
Frustration quotes by Jessica N. Watkins
#27. Frustration. I was actually upset that I didn't love this man as much as he loved me. #Quote by Jessica N. Watkins
Frustration quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#28. ... every therapist must develop enough personal maturity, clinical wisdom, and capacity for good judgment to effectively and safely conduct psychotherapy, an imperative that is especially important in the treatment of this population. The emotion dysregulation and insecure and disorganized attachment of complex trauma clients elicit strong emotional reactions from others, even those in their support network, including therapists. Reactions can range from sympathy, sorrow, fear, and guilt to frustration, impatience, anger/rage, hostility, and disgust or contempt. #Quote by Christine A. Courtois
Frustration quotes by Joey Ramone
#29. When I was a kid growing up in the '60s, music was an outlet for enlightenment, frustration, rebellion. It was more about individualism. Today it's just like a big business. #Quote by Joey Ramone
Frustration quotes by Petra Hermans
#30. Resistence is a result
of personal frustration and failure. #Quote by Petra Hermans
Frustration quotes by Suzanne Collins
#31. Most rats read. Our frustration is, we cannot hold a pen to write. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Frustration quotes by Katie Ruggle
#32. Frowning, she warmed up the scone she'd saved for Callum. "I could get a pop-up camper to pull behind my truck. When I get a truck, of course. That way, I could move my house every few days and experience different views."

"You're not living in a camper." He bit into the scone and chewed angrily.

"Excuse me." The female half of the eavesdropping couple took a step closer to the counter. "Are there any more of those scones?"

Lou pasted a regretful smile on her face. "Sorry, no. This was the last one."

"I didn't see it in the display." The woman scowled. "I specifically asked if you had any scones, and you said you were out."

"I had to hold this one back. It was defective."

"Defective?" Her eyes darted between Lou's expression of fake sympathy and the small bite of scone Callum hadn't eaten yet. "It looked fine."

"I licked it." Lou heard Callum choke on the last piece of scone, but she couldn't look at him or she would start laughing. If his airway was blocked, he was going to have to give himself the Heimlich.

The woman's suspicious expression didn't ease. "Why did you let him eat it then?"

"Oh, his tongue is in my mouth all the time," Lou said sweetly, and Callum's coughing increased. "I didn't think he'd mind my germs."

With a sound of frustration, the woman stormed out of the shop, followed closely by the male half of the couple. The bells rang merrily as the door c #Quote by Katie Ruggle
Frustration quotes by Derek Landy
#33. This is all very regrettable, though it isn't really, and I wish to assure you that I, in no way, derive any personal satisfaction from any of this, even though I so obviously do. If you feel the need to vent any more of your frustration, please feel free to do so, as I intend to build a collage of this moment and I'd like some more amusing anecdotes to go along with it. #Quote by Derek Landy
Frustration quotes by Jody Hedlund
#34. They're savages." "They're young boys, human beings - in need of your kindness and goodwill." "And I am showing them kindness, in the kitchen." Eli shook his head in frustration. Why were his supporters willing to throw their money at missions but not willing to truly love the people they were bent on saving? #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Frustration quotes by Verghese Kurien
#35. It made the sheer incompetence of my colleagues at the research creamery in Anand even more intolerable to me. I could see that they had no interest in doing anything, not even the most elementary of jobs. They employed twenty people to run two small roller-dryers when in any other country twenty such roller-dryers were run by one man. I was the new dairy engineer to the Government of India Research Creamery and I realised very soon that I had no work at all. My frustration at this deadening job began rising and I started to write to the Ministry of Agriculture in Delhi every month, submitting my resignation, saying that I was drawing a salary of Rs 350 for doing no work and instead of wasting government money I should be allowed to go. After some eight months of this they must have felt that I was becoming a nuisance and they finally wrote back accepting my resignation. #Quote by Verghese Kurien
Frustration quotes by Roy Bennett
#36. Never let fear hold you captive.
Never let self-doubt hold you captive.
Never let frustration hold you captive. #Quote by Roy Bennett
Frustration quotes by John August
#37. Preacher is a great frustration because I thought it was done, and then it got put in the press notes for the [Frankenweenie] junket and everyone started asking about it again. Preacher could be filmed, at any point. It's sort of ready to go, but it's lacking a green light. At some point, that green light might come, but it may never come. So, I have to allow for the fact that I've done everything I can, and whatever happens with it, happens with it. #Quote by John August
Frustration quotes by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
#38. Passion without purpose leads to frustration.
Purpose without passion leads to procrastination.
Passion with purpose leads to success. #Quote by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman
Frustration quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#39. I seek to sensitize and clarify the essential elements of my soul. I will leave striving for the flags of fame and fortune behind and go where the soul beckons without fearing the decisive outcome. I will travel in a world without boundaries and embrace danger and awe. I will stand as a witness to comedy, beauty, and tragedy and apply the principles of artistic and ascetic forms of awareness to overcome the inherent frustration of enduring a fundamentally painful human existence. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Frustration quotes by R.A. Salvatore
#40. These were the companions who justified my principles, who gave me the strength to continue against any foe, real or imagined. These were the companions who fought the helplessness, the rage, and frustration.
These were the friends who gave me my life. #Quote by R.A. Salvatore
Frustration quotes by Byron Katie
#41. Hurt feelings or discomfort of any kind cannot be caused by another person. No one outside me can hurt me. That's not a possibility. It's only when I believe a stressful thought that I get hurt. And I'm the one who's hurting me by believing what I think. This is very good news, because it means that I don't have to get someone else to stop hurting me. I'm the one who can stop hurting me. It's within my power.
What we are doing with inquiry is meeting our thoughts with some simple understanding, finally. Pain, anger, and frustration will let us know when it's time to inquire. We either believe what we think or we question it: there's no other choice. Questioning our thoughts is the kinder way. Inquiry always leaves us as more loving human beings. #Quote by Byron Katie
Frustration quotes by Steve Maraboli
#42. It's a lack of clarity that creates chaos and frustration. Those emotions are poison to any living goal. #Quote by Steve Maraboli
Frustration quotes by Doug Flutie
#43. My biggest frustration with the Heisman is it's become the MVP of the national champion, or a team going to the National Championship game. That's what it's turned into. If you're not undefeated, you're out of the running. #Quote by Doug Flutie
Frustration quotes by Brie Larson
#44. I'm sure that there's frustration that comes with wanting to just have a normal mom. But, I don't really know if they see it as any different than any other problem you might have with a parent. I think everybody can think about one thing that their parents used to do, all the time, that would embarrass you. #Quote by Brie Larson
Frustration quotes by Nathaniel Philbrick
#45. The moment any of them gave up on the difficult work of living with their neighbors--and all of the compromise, frustration, and delay that inevitably entailed--they risked losing everything. #Quote by Nathaniel Philbrick
Frustration quotes by Sarah Vowell
#46. One of the slight variances between the Stalwarts and their fellow Republicans the Half-Breeds is that the Half-Breeds, partly out of frustration with the Civil War sainthood of Grant, were clean-shirt guys more interested in stumping for mild civil service reform - a platform whose merit would make for a less stirring campaign song. A bureaucrat should pass a test, hurrah, hurrah! #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Frustration quotes by Irene Hunt
#47. I found lines that mirrored an ache and longing I had so often felt when the beauty around my woods cathedral was too intense, when the need to grasp and keep loveliness left me with a sense of desolate frustration. #Quote by Irene Hunt
Frustration quotes by Tessa Dare
#48. Do you know why I always keep a shilling in my pocket? Because everything I am today, everything I've earned- it all started there. I was once worth a single shilling. Now I'm worth hundreds of thousands of pounds."
"No, you aren't."
"Shall I produce the bank ledgers to prove it?"
"Ledgers are meaningless. I have a sum placed on me, you know. A dowry of forty thousand. And yet if I were to lose my virtue, some would deem me worthless."
"You could never be worthless."
"I could certainly drive down the price of your house. You never miss a chance to remind me."
He shook his head. "That's not the point."
"Here is the point." She stepped into his path, forcing him to meet her eyes. Man-eating sharks and all. "No one can be reduced to numbers in a ledger, or a stack of banknotes, or a single silver coin. We are humans, with souls and hearts and passion and love. Every last one of us is priceless. Even you."
She set her frustration aside and took his face in her hands.
He needed to hear this. Everyone needed to hear it, including her. Perhaps that was why she spoke the words so often, to so many creatures. Simply to hear them echo back.
"Gabriel Duke. You are priceless. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Frustration quotes by Jean Sasson
#49. My voice thick with frustration, I declared that if men and women could only meet each other under normal circumstances, that delusions of instant love would be more infrequent. While I do believe that great attractions lead to genuine love, such as it had with my sister, Sara, and her husband, Assad, such a happy outcome is rare. When men and women rarely have the opportunity to enjoy the other's company in ordinary social occasions, spontaneous emotions are quick to rise to the surface, often ending in terrible personal tragedies. #Quote by Jean Sasson
Frustration quotes by Elisa Albert
#50. For as long as wimmin have had the temerity to experience feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, and deep resentment, patriarchal society has denied them these feelings, and, in fact, punished them heartily for feeling anything at all. #Quote by Elisa Albert
Frustration quotes by Jan Jansen Easy Branches
#51. Money causes a lot of frustration and sadness in the world but also remains at the same time a powerful weapon #Quote by Jan Jansen Easy Branches
Frustration quotes by Steve Ovett
#52. You find out a lot about yourself through athletics. If you're cut out to be a winner or a failure or a quitter, athletics will bring it out of you. You're always stripping yourself down to the bones of your personality. And sometimes you just get a glimpse of the kind of talent you've been given. Sometimes I run and I don't even feel the effort of running. I don't even feel the ground. I'm just drifting. Incredible feeling. All the agony and frustration, they're all justified by one moment like that. #Quote by Steve Ovett
Frustration quotes by Frederick Lenz
#53. When you allow desire, anger and frustration to dominate you, you are losing power. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Frustration quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#54. You're getting better, my lady."
"Don't patronize me."
"No, really, Your Highness. When you started painting five years ago, I could never tell what it was you were trying to depict."
"And this is a painting of ."
Ashe paused. "A bowl of fruit?" he asked hopefully.
Sarene sighed in frustration.
"Beautifully - which is more than I can say for the painting." He paused for a
moment. "It's a horse, right?"
Sarene scowled.
"A house?" he asked.
"It is not a bowl of fruit either, my lord," Ashe said. "I already tried that."
"Well, she said it was one of the paintings in this room," Lukel said. "All we
have to do is keep guessing until we find the right one."
"Brilliant deduction, Master Lukel." Ashe said. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Frustration quotes by Robyn Young
#55. Robert held back in the press, letting others go after the rebels fleeing before the charge. Their orders were to slaughter anyone found in the streets to provoke a quick surrender, after which mercy would be granted to those left alive. He had seen death throughout his life, but the duel he'd had with Guy was the closest he'd come to ending someone's life and even then there had been rules imposed. There were no such boundaries here. The freedom to kill was a dizzying, precipitous feeling. But the veteran knights were pushing in behind him, forcing the issue. With a snarl of frustration at his own hesitation, Robert fixed on one man darting away down an alley and spurred his horse out of the crush in pursuit. #Quote by Robyn Young
Frustration quotes by Larry Howes
#56. I worked as a title searcher for almost 25 years. It took awhile for it to become fulfilling because it doesn't pay a whole lot, takes a long time to learn, and in the years of learning there are endless frustrations. And then it creeps up on you that you're able to solve problems, answer questions and rebut any challenges to your work. #Quote by Larry Howes
Frustration quotes by Richard Helms
#57. It was my angry, Dickensian novel, I suppose. It was cathartic - I expended a lot of frustration on that one. #Quote by Richard Helms
Frustration quotes by Jada Pinkett Smith
#58. The War on Men Through the Degradation of Woman" - "How is man to recognize his full self, his full power through the eye's of an incomplete woman? The woman who has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only. The woman who has been silenced so she may forget her spiritual essence because her words stir too much thought outside of the pleasure space. The woman who has been diminished to covering all that rots inside of her with weaves and red bottom shoes.

I am sure the men, who restructured our societies from cultures that honored woman, had no idea of the outcome. They had no idea that eventually, even men would render themselves empty and longing for meaning, depth and connection.

There is a deep sadness when I witness a man that can't recognize the emptiness he feels when he objectifies himself as a bank and truly believes he can buy love with things and status. It is painful to witness the betrayal when a woman takes him up on that offer.

He doesn't recognize that the [creation] of a half woman has contributed to his repressed anger and frustration of feeling he is not enough. He then may love no woman or keep many half women as his prize.

He doesn't recognize that it's his submersion in the imbalanced warrior culture, where violence is the means of getting respect and power, as the reason he can break the face of the woman who bore him 4 four children.
< #Quote by Jada Pinkett Smith
Frustration quotes by Art Alexakis
#59. My frustration has always been that I'm a Christian, but I don't buy into, never have bought into, the belief that Jesus and God are these men who just dictate that this is how you have to live your life or you are going to burn in hell. #Quote by Art Alexakis
Frustration quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#60. Delicate, hauntingly uncertain music floated out of the house. Vane heard it as he walked up from the stables. The lilting strains reached him, then wrapped about him, about his mind, sinking into his senses. They were a siren's song- and he knew precisely who was singing.
Halting on the graveled drive before the stable arch, he listened to the moody air. It drew him- he could feel the tug as if it was physical. The music spoke- of need, of restless frustration, of underlying rebellion. #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Frustration quotes by Christine A. Courtois
#61. The act of consciously and purposefully paying attention to symptoms and their antecedents and consequences makes the symptoms more an objective target for thoughtful observation than an intolerable source of subjective anxiety, dysphoria, and frustration. In ACT, the act of accepting the symptoms as an expectable feature of a disorder or illness, has been shown to be associated with relief rather than increased distress (Hayes et al., 2006). From a traumatic stress perspective, any symptom can be reframed as an understandable, albeit unpleasant and difficult to cope with, reaction or survival skill (Ford, 2009b, 2009c). In this way, monitoring symptoms and their environmental or experiential/body state "triggers" can enhance client's willingness and ability to reflectively observe them without feeling overwhelmed, terrified, or powerless. This is not only beneficial for personal and life stabilization but is also essential to the successful processing of traumatic events and reactions that occur in the next phase of therapy (Ford & Russo, 2006). #Quote by Christine A. Courtois
Frustration quotes by Deborah Harkness
#62. Tabitha strutted into the house through the cat door. With a look of complete devotion, she dropped a tiny, dead field mouse at Matthew's feet.
"Merci, ma petite," Matthew said gravely. "Unfortunately, I am not hungry at present." Tabitha yowled in frustration and hauled her offering off to the corner, where she punished it by batting it between her paws for failing to please Matthew. #Quote by Deborah Harkness
Frustration quotes by Vikram Seth
#63. Revision has its own peculiar pleasures and its own peculiar frustrations. The ground rules are already established; the characters already exist. You don't have to bring the characters to life, but you do have to make them more convincing. #Quote by Vikram Seth
Frustration quotes by Peter Kreeft
#64. The deepest healing is the healing of the deepest wound. The deepest wound is the frustration of the deepest need. The deepest need is the need for meaning, purpose, and hope. #Quote by Peter Kreeft
Frustration quotes by Peter Hook
#65. My big frustration in New Order was that they played the same tracks all the time. #Quote by Peter Hook
Frustration quotes by Joyce Cary
#66. What I say to an artist is, 'When you can't paint - paint. #Quote by Joyce Cary
Frustration quotes by Chuck Noll
#67. A life of frustration is inevitable for any coach whose main enjoyment is winning. #Quote by Chuck Noll
Frustration quotes by Timothy Keller
#68. Just because you cannot realize your highest aspirations in work does not mean you have chosen wrongly, or are not called to your profession, or that you should spend your life looking for the perfect career that is devoid of frustration ... You should expect to be regularly frustrated in your work even though you may be in exactly the right vocation. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Frustration quotes by Alan Watts
#69. Any systems approaching perfect self-control also approaches perfect self-frustration. #Quote by Alan Watts
Frustration quotes by David Benatar
#70. Only an unsatisfied preference is bad. In other words, he argues that although it is good to have fulfilled whatever desires one might have, one is not better off having a fulfilled desire than having no desire at all. By way of example, consider the case in which we 'paint the tree nearest to Sydney Opera house red and give Kate a pill that makes her wish that the tree nearest to Sydney Opera House were red'*. Professor Fehige plausibly denies that we do Kate any favour in doing this. She is no better off than had we done nothing. What matters is not that people have satisfied desires but that they do not have unsatisfied ones. It is the avoidance of frustration that is important.

* Fehige, Christoph, 'A Pareto Principle for Possible People', 513–14. #Quote by David Benatar
Frustration quotes by Abigail Roux
#71. Not everything needs to be planned, Zane," Ty answered with a tinge of frustration. "Not everything needs a why or how. #Quote by Abigail Roux
Frustration quotes by Steve Ballmer
#72. As a shareholder I have expressed my frustration with not getting more information about revenue and margins from the cloud. #Quote by Steve Ballmer
Frustration quotes by Brenda Rothert
#73. No phone. She shook her head with frustration at how utterly and completely reliant she was on the thing. Her train left in seven minutes, and running - in heels - was the only way she'd make it. If she didn't fall and break any bones on the way. "The charger!" she cried, #Quote by Brenda Rothert
Frustration quotes by Jessica Fortunato
#74. I screeched with frustration, which in hindsight is never okay when there are people trying to kill you. #Quote by Jessica Fortunato
Frustration quotes by Chirag Tulsiani
#75. Deny a man pleasure, the possession of woman's body and he will show you his true colors.
He will dismiss his frustration onto her, forcibly abuse her, offend her all at the cost of his desires, the fulfillment of his this basic appetite. And if you are not yet convinced then award him the opportunity of having her unconscious and observe what he does henceforth.
He would consider the situation to be in his favor and make most of it.
No, he wouldn't be tender then, you are mistaken, he would be insidious much like a wild animal set loose, unleashed and untameable that is what he would really be.
Or lure a woman with the riches of the world and she will prove to you, her infidelity. And that is how people are, antagonistic when forced to come in terms with denial, authoritative if the situation demands them to be and hypocrites, their naked faces unanimously declaring a common color, black. #Quote by Chirag Tulsiani
Frustration quotes by Katja Millay
#76. When you look at her what do you feel? ... Joy, fear, frustration, longing, friendship, anger, need, despair, love, lust?"
"Yes, what?"
"All of it. #Quote by Katja Millay
Frustration quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#77. I grant you that frustration is a very mild form of fear, yet it is fear nonetheless. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Frustration quotes by C.S. Lewis
#78. I think I am beginning to understand why grief feels like suspense. It comes from the frustration of so many impulses that had become habitual. Thought after thought feeling after feeling action after action had H. for their object. Now their target is gone. I keep on through habit fitting an harrow to the string then I remember and have to lay the bow down. So many roads lead through to H. I set out on one of them. But now there's an impassable frontier-post across it. So many roads once now so many culs de sac. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Frustration quotes by Elaine N. Aron
#79. Some of you may be struggling with discovering your vocation and feeling a little frustrated that your intuition is not helping you more. Alas, intuition can also stand in your way because it makes you aware of too many inner voices speaking for too many different possibilities. #Quote by Elaine N. Aron
Frustration quotes by Susanne Katherina Langer
#80. In human life, art may arise from almost any activity, and once it does so, it is launched on a long road of exploration, invention, freedom to the limits of extravagance, interference to the point of frustration, finally discipline, controlling constant change and growth. #Quote by Susanne Katherina Langer
Frustration quotes by Sherri Rifkin
#81. I'm not the settling-down type, I'm afraid. I think I'm cursed with a touch of Dating ADD. #Quote by Sherri Rifkin
Frustration quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#82. If life is nothing more than a journey to death, autumn makes sense but spring does not. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Frustration quotes by Ronda Rousey
#83. The kind of hope I'm talking about is the belief that something good will come. That everything you're going through and everything you've gone through will be worth the struggles and frustrations. The kind of hope I'm talking about is a deep belief that the world can be changed, that the impossible is possible. #Quote by Ronda Rousey
Frustration quotes by Nic Pizzolatto
#84. I enjoy a third act, and I like stories with ending. A lot of my frustration with serialized storytelling is a lot of shows don't have a third act. They have an endless second act, and then they find out it's their last year and often have to hustle to invent a third act, but they were never necessarily organically meaning to begin with. #Quote by Nic Pizzolatto
Frustration quotes by Arthur W. Frank
#85. The demand being made of me was to treat the breakdown as if fear and frustration were not a part of it, to act as if my life, the whole life, has not changed. #Quote by Arthur W. Frank
Frustration quotes by Chetan Bhagat
#86. I've told you the four thunderstorms – disappointment, frustration, unfairness and isolation. You cannot avoid them, as like the monsoon they will come into your life at regular intervals. You just need to keep the raincoat handy to not let the spark die #Quote by Chetan Bhagat
Frustration quotes by Charmaine Smith Ladd
#87. Change the way you think and you will change the way you feel. #Quote by Charmaine Smith Ladd
Frustration quotes by Jess Michaels
#88. No!" he cried and his face pinched with frustration and pain. "I don't want to hear more reasons why we shouldn't be together. No more confessions to explain why you want to run away from what we share."
"Julian," she attempted to interrupt again, but he held up a trembling hand.
His dark gaze held hers. "I have moved heaven and earth to bring you back to me. I refuse to let you leave again. You are mine and you shall be mine for the rest of my life. Not as my mistress, but as my wife. And if you don't say yes, I shall be forced to drag you into Hyde Park and make love to you in plain view of everyone. Then you will have to accept my proposal in order to save your reputation." His face softened. "I love you, Cecilia. #Quote by Jess Michaels
Frustration quotes by Dave Eggers
#89. But the grind has begun. The windows don't open, and even the availability of near-constant jokes about Jews and Mormons fails to stem the tide of frustration, decay. We've reached the end of pure inspiration, and are now somewhere else, something implying routine, or doing something because people expect us to do it, going somewhere each day because we went there the day before, saying things because we have said them before, and this seems like the work of a different sort of animal, contrary to our plan, and this is very very bad. #Quote by Dave Eggers
Frustration quotes by Marjorie Pay Hinckley
#90. We each do the best we can. My best may not be as good as your best, but it's my best. The fact is we know when we are doing our best and when we are not. If we are not doing our best, it leaves us with a gnawing hunger and frustration. But when we do our best, we experience a peace. #Quote by Marjorie Pay Hinckley
Frustration quotes by Maxwell Perkins
#91. If you are not discouraged about your writing on a regular basis, you may not be trying hard enough. Any challenging pursuit will encounter frequent patches of frustration. Writing is nothing if not challenging. #Quote by Maxwell Perkins
Frustration quotes by E.C. Riegel
#92. Money power cannot be separated from democratic power without miscarriage and ensuing frustration - political and economic. Democracy implies the sovereignty of man; and, since man cannot be sovereign without the money power, there can not be democracy under the political money system. #Quote by E.C. Riegel
Frustration quotes by Peter Weir
#93. There was a point of frustration, where I thought I should just take a film, even though I didn't want to. I was impatient with being at home. But I hung on to the approach I've always had, which is to wait for a project that I could contribute something unique to. #Quote by Peter Weir
Frustration quotes by N. Michaels
#94. Why do you fight it?" I whisper.
"Because this is wrong. I lost my head for a moment. I'd blame the alcohol but that would be a lie. #Quote by N. Michaels
Frustration quotes by Esther Verhoef
#95. Wonderful art can spring from misery,I'm the last person to deny that.I'd go even further:the best works of art of all time are probably stemmed from the deep human sorrow or hellish frustration,the death of a loved one or a divorce and yes:jealousy.Heartache and impotence as the man-spring for making the unverifiable verifiable and for giving it face.How romantic,beautiful and especially useful pain and misery can be. #Quote by Esther Verhoef
Frustration quotes by Renee Roszel
#96. "What kind of a snake would marry a woman and not bother to tell her about it? His anguish touched her, and she felt another stabbing pain in her heart, but she tried to overlook it. "Well?" she demanded. "What kind of a lying snake would do such a thing?"

He closed his eyes, shaking his head. When he met her gaze again, Lucy saw bleak frustration and pain in his eyes, his vulnerability laid bare. " snake so blindly in love he could not help himself," he admitted in a rusty whisper #Quote by Renee Roszel
Frustration quotes by Rajneesh
#97. When you make sex to a person, woman or man, you think it unites you. For a moment it gives you the illusion of unity, and then a vast division suddenly comes in. That's why after every sex act, a frustration, a depression sets in. One feels that one is so far away from the beloved. Sex divides, and when love goes deeper and deeper and unites more and more, there is no need for sex. Your inner energies can meet without sex, and you live in such a unity. #Quote by Rajneesh
Frustration quotes by Shane Stevens
#98. They're just the little people. Unknown all their lives and forgotten as soon as they die. If anyone talks about them, they're simply called the victim. But the killers, that's something else! They don't work or pay taxes or obey the law or live quiet lives of frustration. That's not news. Instead they kill. That makes them special. Charles Manson will be remembered and written about a hundred years from now, just as Jack the Ripper is remembered a hundred years after his crimes. Everybody wants a little recognition. More things are done for sheer recognition than for money or sex, as far as I can see. But the only ones who get it are the killers. Who knows all the names of Manson's victims? Or Jack the Ripper's victims? Or Charles Starkweather's victims? Or Caryl Chessman's victims? Who cares? They were just people. #Quote by Shane Stevens
Frustration quotes by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
#99. Tis obvious that you're easily…" She paused, searching for a more sarcastic and descriptive word than "encouraged."
"Aroused?" he queried.
Erienne gasped. "Certainly not!"
"Have you changed your mind? You said at a twitch of a skirt…"
"I know what I said!"
"The subject seems to be on your mind quite a bit, my lady."
"I wonder why," she retorted with unmistakable satire. It was impossible to ignore the manly feel of him against her.
"Because you lust after my body?" he asked, feigning innocence.
Erienne caught her breath in outrage. "I am a married woman, sir!"
He heaved a laborious sigh. "Here we go again!"
"Oh, you buffoon! Why don't you leave me alone?"
"Did I ask you to follow me?" he protested.
She groaned aloud in frustration. "I'm sorry I did!"
"Were you bruised?" He snuggled her closer against his body. "You feel all right to me."
"Christopher, if I weren't so afraid of this horse, I'd slap you," she threatened.
"Why? I only inquired of your health."
"Because you make free with your hands! Now, stop that!" She threw away the hand that had settled on her thigh. "Don't you ever get tired of playing the rake?"
"The sport warms and excites me, madam," he said, chuckling in her ear.

-Erienne & Christopher #Quote by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Frustration quotes by Donna Tartt
#100. My hopes for a relationship with her were wholly unreal, whereas my ongoing misery, and frustration, were an all-too-horrible reality. Was groundless, hopeless romantic obsession any way to waste the rest of my life? #Quote by Donna Tartt
Frustration quotes by Lemony Snicket
#101. Frustration is an interesting emotional state, because it tends to bring out the worst in whoever is frustrated. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Frustration quotes by Eric Hoffer
#102. Starting out from the fact that the frustrated predominate among the early adherents of all mass movements and that they usually join of their own accord, it is assumed:
1) that frustration of itself, without any proselytizing prompting from the outside, can generate most of the peculiar characteristics of the true believer;
2) that an effective technique of conversion consists basically in the inculcation and fixation of proclivities and responses indigenous to the frustrated mind. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Frustration quotes by Haim Ginott
#103. When gentle persuasion [of children] falls on deaf ears, we resort to ridicule and rebuke. Then we return to threats and punishment. This is the modus operandi of a mutual frustration society. #Quote by Haim Ginott
Frustration quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#104. There had been a time when words had been the only place he could find solace. No book ever lost patience with him or told him to sit still. When his tutors had thrown up their hands in frustration, it was the library that had taught Nikolai military history, strategy, chemistry, astronomy. Each spine had been an open door away whispering, Come in, come in. Here is the land you've never seen before. Here is a place to hide when you're frightened, to play when you're bored, to rest when the world seems unkind. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Frustration quotes by Dick Latvala
#105. The mindset of the people who put the shows on and those who go buy a ticket is so fundamentally different. The band themselves don't have a sense of things, and I found this out after a lot of years of pain and frustration. #Quote by Dick Latvala
Frustration quotes by Mike Greenberg
#106. Golf is a game of endless failure and frustration. #Quote by Mike Greenberg
Frustration quotes by Dalai Lama
#107. Unless we possess high spiritual qualifications, there is no doubt that the events life throws upon us will give rise to frustration, emotional turmoil, and other distorted states of consciousness. These imperfect states of mind in turn give rise to imperfect activities, and the seeds of suffering are ever planted in a steady flow. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Frustration quotes by Amnesty International
#108. The vast majority of arrests carried out by the military appear to be entirely arbitrary, often based solely on the dubious word of a paid informant. Military sources repeatedly told Amnesty International that the informants are unreliable and often provide false information in order to get paid.

One officer said: "The military uses civilian informants to get information and arrest suspects. Most of these informants are liars. They give false information to the soldiers who are desperate to simply shoot and kill. Many of the soldiers don't know about investigations. The soldiers take these rash actions mainly out of frustration, especially after seeing their colleagues killed. #Quote by Amnesty International
Frustration quotes by Parker J. Palmer
#109. Under stress, an unexercised heart will explode in frustration or fury. If the situation is especially tense, that exploding heart may be hurled like a fragment grenade toward the source of its pain. But a heart that has been consistently exercised through conscious engagement with suffering is more likely to break open instead of apart. Such a heart has learned how to flex to hold tension in a way that expands its capacity for both suffering and joy. #Quote by Parker J. Palmer
Frustration quotes by Radhanath Swami
#110. Sex could be a gift of God, but when it becomes an obsession, it plunders all intelligence and people are driven to abominable acts to satisfy their lust. When passion is frustrated, people lose all good sense. #Quote by Radhanath Swami
Frustration quotes by Tracy Morgan
#111. Growing up in the ghetto is pretty hard. It's poverty; it's frustration. #Quote by Tracy Morgan
Frustration quotes by David Guterson
#112. Well, I think it's extraordinarily fun to write, and I look forward to it every day, but that doesn't mean I think it's easy. There's a difference between the two. It's fun in the way all worthwhile things are fun – there's difficulty attached to it. I think that a writer has to accept a certain amount of frustration. It's inherent in the task, and you have to simply persevere. It's part of the definition of the work. #Quote by David Guterson
Frustration quotes by L. H. Cosway
#113. Kiss me, Jack," I begged, forcing myself to ask for what I truly wanted for once. "I can't," he replied with a sigh of frustration. "Please," I whimpered desperately. "When I kiss you, it will be everywhere. When I kiss you, I won't stop there. If I taste you, I'll want to taste everything. #Quote by L. H. Cosway
Frustration quotes by Steven Pinker
#114. A linguistically informed literary criticism is the key to resolving conflict and frustration, from psychotherapy and law to philosophy and politics. Call this the messianic theory. It is based on the idea that TO THINK IS TO GRASP A METAPHOR-the metaphor metaphor. #Quote by Steven Pinker
Frustration quotes by Susan L. Taylor
#115. The path to realizing our dreams is never smooth. Invariably we encounter bends, turns, detours, and roadblocks. Sometimes our frustrations make us want to give up the journey, but frustrations signal the need to pause for introspection and redirection. Frustrations are promptings from God to search our souls even more deeply to find our power and purpose, and to live it. Frustrations tell us that our thoughts and actions are not yet in harmony with our desires. #Quote by Susan L. Taylor
Frustration quotes by Alec Baldwin
#116. Well, actors get very frustrated with giving control to other people. They have their own ideas and wants for their characters. Warren Beatty once told me that he thought actors ended up directing out of frustration. If you have a strong sense of how to communicate a film, you should direct. The problem is that it is a huge commitment. I'd rather direct a play than a film due to the time. A movie can tie you up for a year or more. #Quote by Alec Baldwin
Frustration quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#117. Advertising tries to stimulate our sensuous desires, converting luxuries into necessities, but it only intensifies man's inner misery. The business world is bent on creating hungers which its wares never satisfy, and thus it adds to the frustrations and broken minds of our times. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Frustration quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#118. I believed ... No. I knew we had an attraction. Then you left and I realized you were taking what you felt for me and giving it to another woman. A woman you didn't even know. And I wanted - needed - " Anna threw up her hands in frustration. "I wanted to be the one you-you swived with. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Frustration quotes by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
#119. Boredom is a blessing when it leads you to wisdom. And boredom is a curse when it leads you to frustration and depression. #Quote by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Frustration quotes by Shannon McKenna
#120. I have a counteroffer. I'll tell you the job description I really want."
Raine's throat tightened in frustration. If he was going to keep it on this level, it was up to her to force them to the next one. As always.
Seth looked down at his feet. She saw his Adam's apple bob, once. Twice. He met her eyes, with the look of a man who was facing the firing squad. "Full-time lover," he said hoarsely. "Father of your children. Companion in adventure, champion, guardian, protector, helpmeet, mate. Love of you life. Forever. #Quote by Shannon McKenna
Frustration quotes by Phillip C. McGraw
#121. Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration #Quote by Phillip C. McGraw
Frustration quotes by William Howard Taft
#122. There is no "but" in it. The way to be an administration Senator is to vote with the Administration. #Quote by William Howard Taft
Frustration quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#123. We minimize our anger, calling it frustration, impatience, exasperation, or irritation, words that don't convey the intrinsic social and public demand that 'anger' does. We learn to contain our selves: our voices, hair, clothes, and, most importantly, speech. Anger is usually about saying "no" in a world where women are conditioned to say almost anything but "no. #Quote by Soraya Chemaly
Frustration quotes by Bhante Vimalaramsi
#124. Every time meditators try to control their thoughts or feelings, they are identifying personally (atta) with it and this causes more pain and frustration. #Quote by Bhante Vimalaramsi
Frustration quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#125. His punch knocked her back a meter into the wall. His fist had moved of his own volition, carrying a rage and frustration all its own.

To his dismay, she didn't fall. People so small as her always fell.

No tears pooled in her eyes; instead they flared golden amber as she rubbed her jaw and pushed off the wall to stand rigid straight. A peculiar smile danced across her lips as blood trickled from the corner of her mouth and down her chin. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Frustration quotes by Noha Alaa El-Din
#126. So New Year, I have too many hopes in you..

I hope you lead me safely to the shore.
I hope you can be nice to me, just nice and nothing more.
I hope you vanquish this tornado of sores.

I don't ask the sun to be always shining.
I don't ask the day to be much longer.
I don't ask the guiding stars to be brighter.
I don't ask for more flowers or more powers.
I don't ask the sky to be clear from clouds,
so no rain of misery and frustration to be found.

All I ask for is some peace around.
All I ask for is some peace of mind.

So New Year, I have too many hopes in you.
My wishes are infinite, what are you going to do?
Don't disappoint me, I suppose... you already know! #Quote by Noha Alaa El-Din
Frustration quotes by Debasish Mridha
#127. My heart is aching for the people of Nice, Italy. I am so sad that I have no words to express my frustration. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Frustration quotes by Hiromi
#128. The beautiful thing about music is that even so-called negative emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, when they come through the filter of music, they all become beautiful. #Quote by Hiromi
Frustration quotes by Ashley Montagu
#129. Any form of corporal punishment or 'spanking' is a violent attack upon another human being's integrity. The effect remains with the victim forever and becomes an unforgiving part of his or hier personality
a massive frustration resulting in a hostility which will seek expression in later life in violent acts towards others. The sooner we understand that love and gentleness are the only kinds of called-far behavior towards children, the better. The child, especially, learns to become the kind of human being that he or she has experienced. This should be fully understood by all caregivers. #Quote by Ashley Montagu
Frustration quotes by Petra Hermans
#130. A criminal was already lost
by lost anger and frustration.
Petra Hermans
September 25, 2016
Amen #Quote by Petra Hermans
Frustration quotes by Robert Musil
#131. He who is allowed to do as he likes will soon run his head into a brick wall out of sheer frustration. #Quote by Robert Musil
Frustration quotes by George Steiner
#132. It took 10 months for me to learn to tie a lace; I must have howled with rage and frustration. But one day I could tie my laces. That no one can take from you. I profoundly distrust the pedagogy of ease. #Quote by George Steiner
Frustration quotes by Eric Hoffer
#133. Poverty when coupled with creativeness is usually free of frustration. This is true of the poor artisan skilled in his trade and of the poor writer, artist, and scientist in the full possession of creative powers. Nothing so bolsters our self-confidence and reconciles us with ourselves as the continuous ability to create; to see things grow and develop under our hand, day in, day out. The decline of handicrafts in modern times is perhaps one of the causes for the rise of frustration and the increased susceptibility of the individual to mass movements. #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Frustration quotes by Tessa Dare
#134. Julian," she said huskily, "you were right the other morning. You know me so well. I'm not made for illicit affaires, all that sneaking around to avoid discovery." In the dark, her hands crept up to his shoulders, then his face. Her finger teased through his hair. "Why should we hide at all? Let all London see us together. I don't care what anyone says or thinks. I love you, and I want the world to know."
He wanted to weep. For joy, for frustration. She was so brave, his beautiful Lily, and the situation was so damned unfair. It wasn't her fault that she made these heartrending declarations at a moment when their lives were probably in danger and he couldn't possibly reciprocate. That fault was his, for choosing to live the way he had and making the decisions he'd made. He didn't deserve her, didn't deserve her love. He most certainly didn't merit those warm brushes of her lips against his skin. But damned if he could bring himself to stop them.
"We're in love, Julian. Isn't it wonderful?"
"No," he murmured as she kissed him again. "It's not wonderful. It's a disaster."
Her lips grazed his jaw, then his throat. "I can feel you speaking, and I know you're probably making some valiant protest. But you know I can't hear those words. Your body is making an altogether different argument, and I'm listening to it." Her fingers crept inside his waistcoat, splaying over the thin lawn of his shirt. "Take your heart, for example."
Yes, take it. Take it and keep #Quote by Tessa Dare
Frustration quotes by Kimberly Derting
#135. What are you thinking about?" Jay asked as he plopped down next to her.
She blinked, wondering if she was wearing her frustration on her face. "Nothing," she lied, pushing her salad around her plate.
She wasn't sure why she didn't just tell him.
"Doesn't look like nothing," Jules interrupted from across the table.
Violet cast a quick glare at her friend for inconveniently pointing out the obvious.
"What?" Jay asked, nudging Violet with his shoulder. "Tell me."
Violet hesitated, suddenly embarrassed over her new insecurity. Yet, inside her head, she bitterly referred to Mike as "Jay's boyfriend."
Ironically, though, it was Mike who saved Violet from having to confess those very thoughts, when he slid into an open space on the other side of the table. "What'd I miss?" His lazy smile reached all the way into his tawny-colored eyes, and even the dimples on his cheek made a fleeting appearance.
Violet could see the draw for Chelsea; he was sort of stunning to look at.
So then what was Jay's excuse? She jokingly hoped it wasn't the adorable dimple too. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Frustration quotes by William H. Whyte
#136. Their attitude toward another aspect of organization shows the same bias. What of the "group life", the loss of individualism? Once upon a time it was conventional for young men to view the group life of the big corporations as one of its principal disadvantages. Today, they see it as a positive boon. Working with others, they believe, will reduce the frustration of work, and they often endow the accompanying suppression of ego with strong spiritual overtones. They will concede that there is often a good bit of wasted time in the committee way of life and that the handling of human relations involves much suffering of fools gladly. But this sort of thing, they say, is the heart of the organization man's job, not merely the disadvantages of it. "Any man who feels frustrated by these things," one young trainee with face unlined said to me, "can never be an executive". #Quote by William H. Whyte
Frustration quotes by Rick Scott
#137. I've built companies, I've created jobs, I know the frustration of small businesses with higher taxes. #Quote by Rick Scott
Frustration quotes by Craig Ferguson
#138. I took the sleeper out of Glasgow, and as the smelly old train bumped out of Central Station and across the Jamaica Street Bridge, I stared out at the orange halogen streetlamps reflected in the black water of the river Clyde. I gazed at the crumbling Victorian buildings that would soon be sandblasted and renovated into yuppie hutches. I watched the revelers and rascals traverse the shiny wet streets. I thought of the thrill and danger of my youth and the fear and frustration of my adult life thus far. I thought of the failure of my marriage and my failures as a man. I saw all this through my reflection in the nighttime window.
Down the tracks I went, hardly aware that I was going further south with every passing second. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Frustration quotes by Nalini Singh
#139. She moaned. "We can't just keep having sex." "Why not? We've got months of frustration built up. #Quote by Nalini Singh
Frustration quotes by Rajneesh
#140. There is no failure in life. It all depends how you take things. If you are desiring too much - you want to reach too high, and you cannot - then there is frustration and failure. But if you are not desiring anything and you are perfectly happy wherever you are, life is moment-to-moment victory. #Quote by Rajneesh
Frustration quotes by Christopher Moore
#141. Jody screamed at him: a high, explosive, unintelligible expulsion of pure inhuman frustration
a Hendrix high note sampled and sung by a billion suffering souls in Hell's own choir. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Frustration quotes by Norman Vincent Peale
#142. The antidote to frustration is a calm faith, not in your own cleverness, or in hard toil, but in God's guidance. #Quote by Norman Vincent Peale
Frustration quotes by Jody Hedlund
#143. Where's Ben?" she asked after another painful swallow. The angle of the light in the room signaled morning. She'd survived the first horrible night of the illness. That was something for which to be grateful. "He didn't want to go. But your mama kicked him out yesterday." Phoebe bounded to the hearth fire and removed another pot of steaming water she had dangling from a gridiron that belonged to the kitchen. Susanna fought a wave of dizziness and frustration. "But don't you worry none." Phoebe returned to the bedside with the steaming pot, the scent of sassafras and rum drifting under the canopy of her bed. "It's gonna take a pack of wolves to keep that man from coming back to see you. #Quote by Jody Hedlund
Frustration quotes by Brian Tracy
#144. The day that you stop learning is the day that you start decreasing your rewards and start suffering from frustration and lower levels of satisfaction. #Quote by Brian Tracy
Frustration quotes by Tucker Elliot
#145. Boston got Roberts on the July 31 trade deadline - exchanging prospect Henri Stanley for the fleet-footed outfielder. Roberts fittingly got 86 at bats for Boston, but it was his speed on the bases that the Red Sox sought - and it was his speed that brought to an end 86 years of frustration for the Fenway Faithful. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Frustration quotes by Quinn Loftis
#146. I don't know what it is. There are no mating signs other than the urging of my wolf and how I react in her presence," Decebel explained. The frustration he had been feeling was evident in the way his body tensed as he talked. "I can't hear her thoughts, my markings haven't changed – yet the idea of another male near her makes me crazy. She's all I think about. Her scent has become a part of me, and I have a ridiculous urge to make sure she has my scent on her. #Quote by Quinn Loftis
Frustration quotes by David Adjaye
#147. The houses [my first project in London] were reactions to the condition of the city and my frustrations with the norms that were being played out. In a way they were slightly subconscious but reactions to that condition and a way to posit new possibilities within certain pervasive norms. #Quote by David Adjaye
Frustration quotes by Jack Campbell
#148. I need to stop getting into situations where all my options are potentially bad. #Quote by Jack Campbell
Frustration quotes by Mallory Ortberg
#149. I'm of the belief that dating "potential" is almost always an exercise in frustration. #Quote by Mallory Ortberg
Frustration quotes by Angela Eschler
#150. Joseph was not impervious to frustration and impatience. Cried he from the filthy confines of Liberty Jail, "O God, where art thou?" (D&C 121:1). The pain evident in that cry reveals a student still learning from the Master Teacher. #Quote by Angela Eschler
Frustration quotes by Alcoholics Anonymous
#151. The greatest enemies of us alcoholics are resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration, and fear. #Quote by Alcoholics Anonymous
Frustration quotes by Herman Koch
#152. The dilemma I was faced with was one every parent faces sooner or later: you want to defend your child, of course; you stand up for your child, but you mustn't do it all too vehemently, and above all not too eloquently - you mustn't drive anyone into a corner. The educators, the teachers, will let you have your say, but afterwards they'll take revenge on your child. You may come up with better arguments - it's not too hard to come up with better arguments than the educators, the teachers - but in the end, your child to going to pay for it. Their frustration at being shown up is something they'll take out on the student. #Quote by Herman Koch
Frustration quotes by L.H. Cosway
#153. It's times like these that I wished I owned a vibrator. Christ, I feel like I didn't even own a libido until Jay came into my life. Now my mind is just a churning bucket of frustration and sexual thoughts. #Quote by L.H. Cosway
Frustration quotes by Stephenie Meyer
#154. That I wasn't mad at you. Can't you see that Bella?" He was suddenly intense, all trace of teasing gone. "Don't you understand?"
"See what?" I demanded, confused by his sudden mood swing as much as his words.
"I'm never angry with you - how could it be? Brave, trusting . . . warm as you are."
"Then why?" I whispered, remembering the black moods that pulled him away from me, that I'd always interpreted as well-justified frustration - frustration at my weakness, my slowness, my unruly human reactions . . .
He put his hands carefully on both side of my face. "I infuriate myself," he said gently. "The way I can't seem to keep from putting you in danger. My very existence puts you at risk. Sometimes I truly hate myself. I should be stronger, I should be able to-"
I placed my hand over his mouth. "Don't."
He took my hand, moving it from his lips, but holding it to his face.
"I love you," he said. "It's a poor excuse for what I'm doing, but it's still true."
It was the first time he'd said he loved me - in so many words. He might not realize it, but I certainly did. #Quote by Stephenie Meyer
Frustration quotes by Rick Riordan
#155. She hissed in frustration. "I hate eidolons. I thought Piper made them promise to stay away." "Oh ... " Frank said, like he'd just had his own daily happy thought. "Piper made them promise to stay off the ship and not possess any of us. But if they followed us, and used other bodies to attack us, then they're not technically breaking their vow. ... " "Great," Leo muttered. "Eidolons who are also lawyers. Now I really want to kill them. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Frustration quotes by George Saunders
#156. I'm not sure I would call it agony but there is a kind of cyclic frustration. You get one story right and then here comes another one. When does that end? What I'm trying to do is get it to end right now, by recognizing that that cycle is writing. That is: trying to understand the frustrations and setbacks (and agony) as part of a bigger chess game you are playing with art itself. #Quote by George Saunders
Frustration quotes by Teresa Mummert
#157. This has been fun, but I have a date. Don't give yourself a paper cut, Kettle." He turned to leave, and I groaned with frustration.
"It's a Kindle, you idiot. There is no paper. #Quote by Teresa Mummert
Frustration quotes by Karen Henson Jones
#158. I have known tragedy, extreme physical difficulty, and the frustration of just trying to make my life "work." I was in an abyss so deep that I wondered if I could ever get out of it. #Quote by Karen Henson Jones
Frustration quotes by Chris Dietzel
#159. Maybe that's why I get frustrated sometimes, because there's no one to blame for how our lives have turned out. I wouldn't change any of the things I've done, but at the same time I wish things were different than they are. I have no regrets, but there's also no satisfaction in where I am. #Quote by Chris Dietzel
Frustration quotes by Deborah Tannen
#160. If women are often frustrated because men do not respond to their troubles by offering matching troubles, men are often frustrated because women do. #Quote by Deborah Tannen
Frustration quotes by Adam Phillips
#161. Satisfaction is no more the solution to frustration than certainty is the solution to skepticism. #Quote by Adam Phillips
Frustration quotes by Ilona Andrews
#162. I'm counting to ten in my head."
"Is it helping?"
"It doesn't help me with you either. I used to life weights to alleviate frustration, but someone blowtorched my weight bench. How did you do it, by the way?"
"I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Frustration quotes by John J. Robinson
#163. focusing blame, painting pictures of the better life possible, stirring the pot to the boiling point. Their hope is to turn distress and frustration into anger, to turn anger into action, then to provide the plans and leadership to divert and direct that angry action, with a view to taking ultimate control. We have seen this pattern used effectively and often in recent history. Unfortunately, Wat Tyler was cut down before his demands were made clear, so we may never be able to clearly pinpoint the goals of the Great Society, or its true leadership. #Quote by John J. Robinson
Frustration quotes by Hani Soubra
#164. Sometimes, especially under severe repressive regimes, the victimized adores the torturers out of a total absence of resistance. In these sad cases, tyranny and oppression become institutional and an accepted practice in the community. As a result, anger and frustration is piled up, and will be released on the streets at the first opportunity. #Quote by Hani Soubra
Frustration quotes by James Frey
#165. I am as you see me. I am happy and able because I allow myself to be happy. I learned young that being active breeds more activity. That the gift of studying is knowledge. That seeing grants sight. That if you don't feel anger, you won't be angry. Sadness and frustration, even tragedy, are inevitable, but that doesn't mean that happiness isn't there for us, for all of us. My secret is that I choose to be the person that I want to be. That I don't believe in destiny or predetermination, but in choice, and that each of us chooses to be the person we are. Whatever you want to be you can be; whatever you want to do you can do; wherever you want to go you can go. The world, and the life ahead, is ours for the taking. The future is unwritten, and you can make it whatever you want it to be. #Quote by James Frey
Frustration quotes by Diane Kruger
#166. Yeah, to me, acting is very therapeutic. I get out a lot of anger and frustration. #Quote by Diane Kruger
Frustration quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#167. The boom produces impoverishment. But still more disastrous are its moral ravages. It makes people despondent and dispirited. The more optimistic they were under the illusory prosperity of the boom, the greater is their despair and their feeling of frustration. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Frustration quotes by Jose N Harris
No failure in Life, whether of love or money, is ever really that simple; it usually involves a type of a shadowy betrayal, buried in a secret, mass grave of shared hopes and dreams.

That universal mass grave exists in a private cemetery that most... both those suffering from the loss, but especially those committing the betrayal, refuse to acknowledge its existence.

When you realize you've been deeply betrayed, fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's anger and frustration. Then disspointment and disilussionment.

Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate effects and consequences of betrayal on our hearts and spirits; and on trust and respect for our fellow brothers and sisters.

In writing, there are only really a few good stories to tell, and in the end, and betrayal and the failure of love is one of the most powerful stories to tell.

Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise- by trading in our integrity and failing to treat life and others in our life, with respect and dignity. That's really where the truest and the most tragic failures comes from... they come making the choice to betray another soul, and in turn, giving up a peice of your own. #Quote by Jose N Harris
Frustration quotes by Homer
#169. I'm satisfied. It's straight, ... but it's just so hot, and I'm just so fraustrated. #Quote by Homer
Frustration quotes by Prakhar Srivastav
#170. Eyes can shed tears to reduce its pain while blubbering but what about my hearts, it does not have such capability ... it only wept into frustration and frustration #Quote by Prakhar Srivastav
Frustration quotes by Peter Allison
#171. This tree, though, had not been fed on, so it was apparent that the culprit was a bull (elephant) who was filled with testosterone but no outlet for it, so he pushed over trees. It's a great release for a bull and a way of showing his strength after a female has rejected him. If human males had the same ability, global deforestation would be complete by now. #Quote by Peter Allison
Frustration quotes by Miles Watson
#172. It is no easy thing to be in your mid-twenties and realize that, holy shit, this is it, this is as good as it gets, and from here it's all downhill, the fun's over, the hijinks have jinked their last, nothing lies ahead but drudgery and toil and a sagging belly and death. It's harder yet when a stupid bitch, a numbfuck cunt, one of those horrible sweet-smelling OMG types who wouldn't talk to you in high school and sure as fuck won't talk to you now, takes position on your elbow with a cell phone jammed into her cheek, yammering away. Because who wants to listen to the stream of shit coming out of her mouth? Gossip about friends. Gossip about enemies. Gossip about celebrities. Gossip about gossip. Not a thought in her head. Not a fact. Nothing of interest. Nothing of worth. Just an avalanche of verbal rubbish. The Patriots took on the Redcoats, the Blue fought the Gray, the National Guard stormed the beaches of Normandy, so this submoronic cretin could stand here in her designer boots and talk about what happened at the club last night. #Quote by Miles Watson
Frustration quotes by Robert Greene
#173. The only real impediment to this is yourself and your emotions - boredom, panic, frustration, insecurity. You cannot suppress such emotions - they are normal to the process and are experienced by everyone, including Masters. What you can do is have faith in the process. #Quote by Robert Greene
Frustration quotes by Heather King
#174. Know that every mother occasionally feels "at the end of her rope." When you reach the end of your rope, don't add guilt to your frustration. No one said motherhood was going to be easy. #Quote by Heather King
Frustration quotes by Pedro Martinez
#175. Every time I feel mad or something, I run somewhere. It gets my frustrations away. I run and run and run. #Quote by Pedro Martinez
Frustration quotes by Larry Kirshbaum
#176. I'm sure in a lot of publishing houses that there is a frustration that people feel, that they're not in control, that they are puppets and the corporate bosses are manipulating the strings. #Quote by Larry Kirshbaum
Frustration quotes by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
#177. We don't always know the details of our future. We do not know what lies ahead. We live in a time of uncertainty. We are surrounded by challenges on all sides. Occasionally discouragement may sneak in to our day; frustration may invite itself into our thinking; doubt might enter about the value of our work. In these dark moments Satan whispers in our ears that we will never be able to succeed, that the price isn't work the effort, and that our small part will never make a difference. He, the father of all lies, will try to prevent us from seeing the end from the beginning. #Quote by Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Frustration quotes by Edward T. Hall
#178. Perhaps the most devastating and damaging thing that can happen to someone is to fail to fulfill his potential. A kind of gnawing emptiness, longing, frustration, and displaced anger overwhelms people when this occurs. Whether the anger is turned inward on the self, or outward towards others, dreadful destruction results. #Quote by Edward T. Hall
Frustration quotes by Anna M. Aquino
#179. I feel as if I've gone past the lukewarm stage that Jesus talked about in the book of Revelations and am slowly dwindling on cold. Deep down I want to change, but I don't know how. I'm the pastor. I'm supposed to know how. I hide my frustration with an obsession for Ohio State football and hours at the I Sold It on eBay internet cafe around the corner from the church. #Quote by Anna M. Aquino
Frustration quotes by Rachel Caine
#180. Claire hated to say it, but she knew the answer, in her heart. "Because he feels something for me, and he wanted to give me a chance to live. Like him. With him. But I refused."
Shane turned and looked at her, a blank expression on his face that turned quickly into ... something else. Claire was glad Myrnin had gotten out while he still could. "Great," he said. "I knew it."
"It's not like that. He's - " She shook her head in frustration. "It's not like he's in love with me or anything; it's more complicated than that. I don't even think he understands it, exactly."
"Yeah, he only loves you for your mind," Shane said ... #Quote by Rachel Caine
Frustration quotes by Alessandra Torre
#181. My journey in this relationship hasn't been as difficult as hers, but there were times I struggled. Thank God I didn't walk away when I suspected an affair. Thank God my heart kept an iron grip on her and wouldn't let me move. The frustration, the unknowing, the jealousy… it was grueling, but reinforced one of the first things I said to Lana: 'It was worth it as soon as I saw you'.

And it was. It was more than worth it. It was the start of my life, the day my heart started beating.

I love this woman. I will always love her, as will every part of my soul. #Quote by Alessandra Torre
Frustration quotes by Herbert Marcuse
#182. The happy consciousness is shaky enough a thin surface over fear, frustration, and disgust. #Quote by Herbert Marcuse
Frustration quotes by Alexander Theroux
#183. The particular source of frustration of women observing their own self-study and measuring their worth as women by the distance they kept from men necessitated that a distance be kept, and so what vindicated them also poured fuel on the furnace of their rage. One delight presumed another dissatisfaction, but their hatefulness confessed to their own lack of power to please. They hated men because they needed husbands, and they loathed the men they chased away for going. #Quote by Alexander Theroux
Frustration quotes by Amit Ray
#184. There are two types of seeds in the mind: those that create anger, fear, frustration, jealousy, hatred and those that create love, compassion, equanimity and joy. Spirituality is germination and sprouting of the second group and transforming the first group. #Quote by Amit Ray
Frustration quotes by Donna Barr
#185. Guys always think tears are a sign of weakness. They're a sign of FRUSTRATION. She's only crying so she won't cut your throat in your sleep. So make nice and be grateful. #Quote by Donna Barr
Frustration quotes by Dawn Jayne
#186. What are they fighting about?"
Saba listened for a moment and closed her eyed in frustration. "They're arguing scripture."
"Your brother is arguing scripture? With an angel? #Quote by Dawn Jayne
Frustration quotes by Shoshana Zuboff
#187. Our dependency is at the heart of the commercial surveillance project, in which our felt needs for effective life vie against the inclination to resist its bold incursions. This conflict produces a psychic numbing that inures us to the realities of being tracked, parsed, mined, and modified. It disposes us to rationalize the situation in resigned cynicism, created excuses that operate like defense mechanisms ("I have nothing to hide"), or find other ways to stick our heads in the sand, choosing ignorance out of frustration and helplessness. In this way, surveillance capitalism imposes a fundamentally illegitimate choice that twenty-first century individuals should not have to make, and its normalization leaves us singing in our chains. #Quote by Shoshana Zuboff
Frustration quotes by Laini Taylor
#188. This was not the frustration one feels at waking from a sweet dream. It was the desolation of having found the place that fits, the one true place, and experiencing the first heady sigh of rightness before being torn away and cast back into random, lonely scatter. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Frustration quotes by Dalai Lama
#189. Distrust brings frustration and fear. So therefore, the lonely feeling automatically come. So, lonely feeling is not creation of environment, but creation of your own mental attitude. #Quote by Dalai Lama
Frustration quotes by Louise Erdrich
#190. Our baby gives herself to me completely. There is no hesitation, no reservation, no holding back, no coldness, no craft, no tremor or fear in her love. Although our relationship may encompass tears, frustration, even fury, it is an utterly reliable bond. As it grows, her love is literally unadulterated. Her love is wholly of the child, pure in its essence as children are in their direct passions. Children do not love wisely, but perhaps they love the best of all. #Quote by Louise Erdrich
Frustration quotes by Ryan Smith
#191. Sometimes having no money for a long time feels like a voice inside your head that grows louder and more obnoxious the longer you're without it. #Quote by Ryan Smith
Frustration quotes by William, Saroyan
#192. This sense of being out of time has driven thousands of people from their homes into moving-picture theaters where new universes appear before them, with emphasis on man and his major problem: a thing called, conveniently, love. The Sunday midnight shows do a thriving business, and the people go back to their homes, sick with the sickness of frustration; it is this that makes the city so interesting at night: the people emerging from the theaters, smoking cigarettes and looking desperate, wanting much, the precision, the glory, all the loveliness of life: wanting what is finest and getting nothing. It is saddening to see them, but there is mockery in the heart: one walks among them, laughing at oneself and at them, their midnight staring. #Quote by William, Saroyan
Frustration quotes by Michael A. Singer
#193. Wise beings do not want to remain a slave to the fear of pain. They permit the world to be what it is instead of being afraid of it. They wholeheartedly participate in life, but not for the purpose of using life to avoid themselves. If life does something that causes a disturbance inside of you, instead of pulling away, let it pass through you like the wind. After all, things happen every day that cause inner disturbance. At any moment you can feel frustration, anger, fear, jealousy, insecurity, or embarrassment. If you watch, you will see that the heart is trying to push it all away. If you want to be free, you have to learn to stop fighting these human feelings. #Quote by Michael A. Singer
Frustration quotes by Leanne Payne
#194. Desire is a mighty force, one of your most divine attributes! Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye have received them and ye shall have them! See the Godlike quality of desire. For it is part of the Atomic energy of the soul. The Kingdom of Heaven within you is operated through desire. Do not quench it or crush
it or suppress it. Rather offer it to Me. Offer Me your most elementary desires, your craving for happiness, for love, for self-expression, for well-being, for success, for joy, on any level of your being-offer these freely and without shame to Me and I will transmute them so that you shall achieve release and fulfillment and complete freedom from frustration.2 #Quote by Leanne Payne
Frustration quotes by Suzanne Wright
#195. Trey sighed in frustration. Why did she have to be right? All he wanted was revenge. Was that really that bad? He didn't think so #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Frustration quotes by Willem Dafoe
#196. That's a frustration sometimes, that certain directors that I'd like to work with, they just aren't doing stories that I'm sort of castable in. Not always, but sometimes I have that frustration. #Quote by Willem Dafoe
Frustration quotes by Frederick Lenz
#197. Your mind is turbulent because you're filled with desires, frustrations. You want too many things. You are afraid of too many things. It is necessary to overcome both attraction and repulsion to still the mind. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Frustration quotes by Sherri Thomas
#198. Insecurities. We've all experienced career setbacks, but it's not the setback itself that keeps us from moving forward in our career. It's how you internalize the setback that can stop you from moving forward. Whether the setback was a result of company cutbacks, unmet goals, misaligned expectations, personality clashes or circumstances beyond your control there are always lingering feelings of shock, devastation, anger, frustration, rejection, embarrassment, anxiety and a loss of self-identity. If I have no job, then who am I? #Quote by Sherri Thomas
Frustration quotes by Arthur Miller
#199. There is a kind of perverse unity forming among us, born, I think, of the discontent of all classes of people with the endless frustration of life. #Quote by Arthur Miller
Frustration quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#200. At times I have long conversations with God. Sometimes I ask questions. I admit that there are also times when I let out my frustrations, fears, and anxieties in less than honorable ways. No matter what I pray about or how I pray about it, the result I always get is comfort. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant

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