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Famous Quotes About Fruitarianism

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Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#1. I'm not one of those fruitarians who advise people to make fruit an arbitrary percentage of their diet and then the rest, greens, nuts and seeds. Nor am I one of those fruitarians obsessed with calorie counting, and analysing the handful of separately classified scientific elements purportedly microscopically available within each fruit. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#2. Remember at all time that just as your life is precious to you, so too is all life precious to those living one. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#3. Think of a nectarine, what we eat is the precious, sweet, nectar flesh that surrounds the stone/seed of the plant. The seed is clearly separate from the flesh. The flesh is the thing that is, so to say, given karmically freely. Think of a melon, what we eat is the deliciously tasting flesh of the melon. Not the seeds in the centre which generally get left out of the digestive experience. (Yes, I'm aware that some cultures roast them, but fresh out of the fruit they are none too appealing in my eyes). Think of a papaya, we eat the life giving, juicy, vibrantly colourful, sweet flesh of the papaya. the small black seeds get released back into nature. Or should. Think of an apple. The flesh is savoured, the core, discarded. I could continue ad infinitum. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#4. Eden fruitarianism is about exposing denial, it's about recognising the invalidity of feeble excuses, it's about unveiling meaningless pretexts, and it's about taking responsibility for all of our actions, facing the consequences of them with honesty and integrity, and finally, and of most significance, it's about making whatever changes are necessary in recognition of our shortcomings. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#5. Eden Fruitarianism is the solution to the dilemma of the screaming carrot. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#6. Our bodies should be seen as temporary sacred temples of the soul and our duty to keep our individual one clean. Both internally and externally. Internally this is done by eating the right food; fruit. Thus avoiding any foods that sludge and sully the interior (especially animal products and cooked foods of any kind!). Externally, regular bathes in water will normally suffice, but all fruits can also be massaged into the skin with benefits. The skins of mangos and papaya feel especially pleasant, as does a head/hair bath in lemon juice #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#7. We all enter this world as potential barefoot fruitarians. Fruit has that up front mixture of appeals, vibrant colours, the tantalising textures and deliciously sweet flavours that provided corruption and addiction are not already imbued, are instinctively appealing to all children. But alas it's a path few of us are privileged enough, or permitted to embark upon at such an early age. Instead, it rarely takes too long following nascence, before we find ourselves as involuntary shod omnivores. Rarely is such a state of affairs ever cross-examined. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Mango Wodzak
#8. Out in the field, sitting on the grass, the hard-core omnivores are hunched around and over the cadaver of a creature they've courageously downed, greedily feasting on its flesh, while furtively looking around in all directions.. one of them has thrown in a few wilted sprigs of asparagus and a bucketful of ketchup to sweeten the deal.

The vegetarians have caught an animal, chased her baby over to the omnivores, and are suckling from her nipples, while others feast on a basket of gathered birds eggs.

The vegans have just ploughed through a mono crop of wheat, and soy and are enjoying their tofu burgers.

Meanwhile those radical fruitarian extremists are in the cherry trees, looking on in wide-eyed bewilderment.. #Quote by Mango Wodzak
Fruitarianism quotes by Richard Parry
#9. Vegetarianism was the order of the day, while some comrades also experimented with fruitarianism. As for beverages, tea and coffee were avoided in preference to water, and alcohol was completely shunned. Besides tuberculosis, the other killer disease of the working class was chronic alcoholism. The anarchist attitude was that alcohol dulled the
senses of workers to their exploitation and was therefore another weapon in the arsenal of Capitalism; alcoholism was a sort of materialized form of the Christian-induced altitude of resignation. #Quote by Richard Parry

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