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Friendship Over Pride quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#1. Pride is over-estimation of oneself by reason of self-love. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Richard Wilbur
#2. What is our praise or pride but to imagine excellence and try to make it? What does it say over the door of heaven; but, homo (sapiens) fecit? #Quote by Richard Wilbur
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Ellen Hopkins
#3. Standing Here My entire world far beneath my feet, I should be filled with pride. Instead, I feel overwhelmed by a sense of defeat. Suddenly it comes to me, toes tempted to test the ledge, that there is a way out of this. Clam surety flows through my veins, and as I turn to wave good-bye, I wonder if it will hurt or if a single person will cry at my funeral. I take a deep breath, a final taste of sweet mountain air. I conjure Leona, Emily. Move my feet closer. Closer There's Grandma One, Grandma Two, and their spouses, waiting for me. I see Dad. Cara. Mommy. I screw up my courage, step over #Quote by Ellen Hopkins
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Taya Kyle
#4. Whatever your gift is, bring it to someone else in their time of need. No gift---singing, writing, painting--is too small to share.

Give without expecting to get back.

People's greed will shock you. Their generosity will shock you more.

Be unconcerned with what others think of you. If you are a good person, someone will always love you, and someone will likely hate you, too.

If you punch someone in a bar, get it on video.

Be unapologetic about your faith in God, Country and Family.

Everyone grieves differently. Don't judge. And don't be afraid to ask about a loved one who has passed.

Don't expect perfection from anyone, especially yourself.

Learn when to let go of people who bring only pain.

Time and distance don't change true friendship.

There is far more good in the world than bad.

Don't have the first cigarette.

PTS is not an excuse for murder.

This country has many, many patriots in it; you are not alone.

Look for divinity everywhere--I promise you will see it.

Desperate people do desperate things.

Stress will age you.

Exercise relieves stress better than smoking.

When people lie about you, taking the high road can suck.

Pain does not have to consume you. When it's unavoidable, respect it and let it have its place in your life without letting it take over.

#Quote by Taya Kyle
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Fred Rogers
#5. How great it is when we come to know that times of disappointment can be followed by joy; that guilt over falling short of our ideals can be replaced by pride in doing all that we can; and that anger can be channeled into creative achievements ... and into dreams that we can make come true. #Quote by Fred Rogers
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Rachel E. Carter
#6. Three. I had just made my first, second, and third kill. Before I had even obtained my mage's robes. I bent over and vomited into the grass. There was no pride, no justice, just the appalling sense that I had lost my innocence. That I was a monster. #Quote by Rachel E. Carter
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Paulo Coelho
#7. Closing The Cycle

One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through. Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters - whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

Did you lose your job? Has a loving relationship come to an end? Did you leave your parents' house? Gone to live abroad? Has a long-lasting friendship ended all of a sudden?

You can spend a long time wondering why this has happened. You can tell yourself you won't take another step until you find out why certain things that were so important and so solid in your life have turned into dust, just like that. But such an attitude will be awfully stressing for everyone involved: your parents, your husband or wife, your friends, your children, your sister, everyone will be finishing chapters, turning over new leaves, getting on with life, and they will all feel bad seeing you at a standstill.

None of us can be in the present and the past at the same time, not even when we try to understand the things that happen to us. What has passed will not return: we cannot for ever be children, late adolescents, sons that feel guilt or rancor towards our parents, lovers who day and night relive an affair with someone who has gone away and has not the least intention of coming back.

Thi #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Criss Jami
#8. Humility is by far the most spiritual virtue of the lot. The only way by which one may cease obsessing over himself is to wholly step outside his flesh. But who could do this by himself? And who would really want to under his natural pretense? And even if somehow he could and he succeeded, would not it be artificial? Would not he seem far too aware of his own talents of achieving humility for it to be such? Alternatively, he would need a distraction, something else to love; it is not that the Humbleman thinks poorly of himself, nor highly for that matter, but rather he does not think of himself at all - and this is because he is too busy loving something or someone else to do it. For the humility of this kind 'rears its head' as the most love-driven and free, spiritual of virtues; whereas its opposite, pride, the most self-imprisoning human vice. #Quote by Criss Jami
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Claire Matthews
#9. It was so stupid, and random, but at that second, with the morning sun hitting her auburn hair, and her huge brown eyes fixed on him, the lock flew off the "do-not-allow-yourself-to-even-think-about-it" portion of his brain, and every feeling he ever had for her - feelings he never even realized he had for her - flooded over him like a tidal wave. Love, tenderness, desire - it hit him so hard he had to excuse himself, go to the men's room, rest his forehead against the cool metal of the bathroom stall, breathing heavily, wondering what the hell had just happened. It left him exhausted and spent, as if he'd just run a hundred miles.
And almost a year later, he was still exhausted, spent, frustrated ... and madly in love. #Quote by Claire Matthews
Friendship Over Pride quotes by L. Frank Baum
#10. Now then, Mr. Crab," said the zebra, "here are the people I told you about; and they know more than you do, who live in a pool, and more than I do, who live in a forest. For they have been travelers all over the world, and know every part of it."
"There's more of the world than Oz," declared the crab, in a stubborn voice.
"That is true," said Dorothy; "but I used to live in Kansas, in the United States, and I've been to California and to Australia
and so has Uncle Henry."
"For my part," added the Shaggy Man, "I've been to Mexico and Boston and many other foreign countries."
"And I," said the Wizard, "have been to Europe and Ireland."
"So you see," continued the zebra, addressing the crab, "here are people of real consequence, who know what they are talking about. #Quote by L. Frank Baum
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#11. You will never find the real truth among people that are insecure or have egos to protect. Truth over time becomes either guarded or twisted as their perspective changes; it changes with the seasons of their shame, love, hope or pride. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder
Friendship Over Pride quotes by E.F. Benson
#12. It was getting very clear then (and during this week Riseholme naturally thought of nothing else) that Lucia designed a longer residence in the garish metropolis than she had admitted. Since she chose to give no information on the subject, mere pride and scorn of vulgar curiosity forebade anyone to ask her, though of course it was quite proper (indeed a matter of duty) to probe the matter to the bottom by every other means in your power, and as these bits of evidence pieced themselves together, Riseholme began to take a very gloomy view of Lucia's real nature. On the whole it was felt that Mrs. Boucher, when she paused in her bath-chair as it was being wheeled round the green, nodding her head very emphatically, and bawling into Mrs. Antrobus's ear-trumpet, reflected public opinion.

"She's deserting Riseholme and all her friends," said Mrs. Boucher, "that's what she's doing. She means to cut a dash in London, and lead London by the nose. There'll be fashionable parties, you'll see, there'll be paragraphs, and then when the season's over she'll come back and swagger about them. For my part I shall take no interest in them. Perhaps she'll bring down some of her smart friends for a Saturday till Monday. There'll be Dukes and Duchesses at The Hurst. That's what she's meaning to do, I tell you, and I don't care who hears it."

That was lucky, as anyone within the radius of a quarter of a mile could have heard it. #Quote by E.F. Benson
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Stephen Mitchell
#13. What may appear to be proud ungrateful and headstrong fron the outside may from the inside express an unshakable integrity of character. Pride, if it doesn't step over the line into arrogance, is simply an unprejudiced self-esteem. Ingratitude is the appropriate response to a kindness that has hooks on it. Headstrong is another word for trusting your own heart. #Quote by Stephen Mitchell
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Cassandra Clare
#14. I would die for you. You know that. I would die without you. If it were not for you, I would be dead a hundred times over these past five years. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#15. Where dost thou stand behind them all, my lover, hiding thyself in the shadows? They push thee and pass thee by on the dusty road, taking thee for naught. I wait here weary hours spreading my offerings for thee, while passers-by come and take my flowers, one by one, and my basket is nearly empty.

The morning time is past, and the noon. In the shade of evening my eyes are drowsy with sleep. Men going home glance at me and smile and fill me with shame. I sit like a beggar maid, drawing my skirt over my face, and when they ask me, what it is I want, I drop my eyes and answer them not.

Oh, how, indeed, could I tell them that for thee I wait, and that thou hast promised to come. How could I utter for shame that I keep for my dowry this poverty. Ah, I hug this pride in the secret of my heart.

I sit on the grass and gaze upon the sky and dream of the sudden splendour of thy coming---all the lights ablaze, golden pennons flying over thy car, and they at the roadside standing agape, when they see thee come down from thy seat to raise me from the dust, and set at thy side this ragged beggar girl a-tremble with shame and pride, like a creeper in a summer breeze.

But time glides on and still no sound of the wheels of thy chariot. Many a procession passes by with noise and shouts and glamour of glory. Is it only thou who wouldst stand in the shadow silent and behind them all? And only I who would wait and weep and wear out my heart in vain l #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Megan Thomason
#16. When there's a history between people, it makes for some serious complications - even in something seemingly as simple as friendship. There is no real starting over. There's only trying to minimize the importance of things in the past. And some events are just too life altering to trivialize. #Quote by Megan Thomason
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Rick Riordan
#17. Hubris means deadly pride, Percy. Thinking you can do things better than anyone else ... even the gods.'
'You feel that way?'
She [Annabeth] looked down. 'Don't you ever feel like, what if the world really is messed up? What if we could do it all over again from scratch? No more war. Nobody homeless. No more summer reading homework.'
'I'm listening.'
'I mean, the West represents a lot of the best things mankind ever did - that's why the fire is still burning. That's why Olympus is still around. But sometimes you just see the bad stuff, you know? And you start thinking the way Luke does: "If I could tear this all down, I would do it better." Don't you ever feel that way? Like you could do a better job if you ran the world? #Quote by Rick Riordan
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Fergus McCann
#18. Over the four years we have made massive progress: winning the League Championship (97/98); building the largest club stadium in the UK (60,000 seats); having the largest support (52,000 season book holders) of any club in Britain. This has been achieved by everyone who cares about Celtic working together towards a shared vision of football success and pride in a club which is part of our culture, open to all and a responsible member of the community working to help others where it can. #Quote by Fergus McCann
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Brian D. McLaren
#19. That is what mature faith requires - not pride over how much one sees and understands, but humility, the feeling that one is still a child, certain of so little, still so dependent on God and others, with so much still to learn - including so much more to learn about humility. #Quote by Brian D. McLaren
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Sarwat Chadda
#20. I know Rani. She might call herself queen of the demons, but she's been my friend for hundreds of reincarnations. She's my friend in this one too, but she just doesn't know it yet."
"It must be a most powerful friendship."
Ash stopped. How many times had she saved his life and he hers? Countless times, over more centuries than history knew. "It is. #Quote by Sarwat Chadda
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Alan Ball
#21. I felt pride, wonderful pride, when I was captain. It was an honour to take over from Labby. Anybody who has ever captained a big club, which Everton are, will tell you it's a great honour. #Quote by Alan Ball
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Wayne Gerard Trotman
#22. I have been so very, very fortunate in my life. I've met or been in contact with several of my childhood heroes. I've interacted with people all over this planet, and even though I couldn't possibly hope to remember all their names, I remember a photograph, a poem, a sound, a joke, kind words of encouragement. All is not lost. #Quote by Wayne Gerard Trotman
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Candace Bushnell
#23. If everyone in New York took sides over these petty, insignificant arguments, no one would have any friends at all. #Quote by Candace Bushnell
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#24. When you understand who you are by knowing what God created you to do, you have no room for becoming jealous over what someone else is doing. #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Taylor Rhodes
#25. reining yourself in because why ruin a good thing? why make it weird? and then you say goodbye, with a hug, with a snarky remark, and head home. you climb into bed and imagine them with you. you think about how their hair falls in their face, about how they breathe when they sleep. you think about them waking up and nudging you into consciousness with soft kisses down your torso. you sit in bed and think of all the ways you could make their soul dance. how you know their quirks and it all feels so right, but why? why is this happening? why can't you just be content with what you have now? except even now you have to control the urge to kiss them, even though it is in your nature, even just on the cheek, because what if it breaks the relationship apart at the seams? you may not even mean it sexually or romantically, but what if? and there's always the chance they have felt this way too. but it's only a chance. and why risk it? so you lay there in bed and twist the sheets around your legs and text them back about another person they have feelings toward and coax them into something healthy. you put their happiness before your own. you watch as they stumble and help them rise mightily. you gush over them and try to snuff out the selfishness that builds whenever you see them with someone else. it wouldn't be fair to them to impose your own wants on them and take away a good friendship. it isn't always about you. and yet here you are, writing this. writing this and thinking of som #Quote by Taylor Rhodes
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
#26. You have great power inborn in you, and you used that power wrongly, to work a spell over which you had no control, not knowing how that spell affects the balance of light and dark, life and death, good and evil. And you were moved to do this by pride and by hate. Is it any wonder the result was ruin? You summoned a spirit from the dead, but with it came one of the Powers of unlife. Uncalled it came from a place where there are no names. Evil, it wills to work evil through you. The power you had to call it gives it power over you: you are connected. It is the shadow of your arrogance, the shadow of your ignorance, the shadow you cast. Has a shadow a name? #Quote by Ursula K. Le Guin
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Emile Zola
#27. She would have cursed the Almighty had she been able to shout out a blasphemy. Providence had deceived her for over sixty years, by treating her as a gentle, good little girl, by amusing her with lying representations of tranquil joy. And she had remained a child, senselessly believing in a thousand silly things, and unable to see life as it really is, dragging along in the sanguinary filth of passions. Providence was bad; it should have told her the truth before, or have allowed her to continue in her innocence and blindness. Now, it only remained for her to die, denying love, denying friendship, denying devotedness. Nothing existed but murder and lust. #Quote by Emile Zola
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Augustine Of Hippo
#28. Hence to be happy is nothing but not to be in need, that is, to be wise. But if you seek what wisdom is, reason has already explained and declared this as far as presently possible. For wisdom is nothing but the measure of the soul, that is, that by which the mind is liberated so that it neither runs over into too much nor falls short of fullness. For there is a running over into luxuries, tyrannies, acts of pride, and other such things whereby the souls of unrestrained and unhappy men think they get for themselves pleasure and power. But there is a falling short of fullness through baseness, fear, sorrow, passion, and other things, of whatever kind, whereby unhappy men even admit that they are unhappy. #Quote by Augustine Of Hippo
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Richard Russo
#29. It was hard to imagine him in love. I knew that he and my mother must have once felt passion, since that was what love entailed, but I was grateful that over time the madness had evolved into something more like friendship or a business partnership, something I myself could be an integral part of. Even seeing my father recollect passion was disconcerting. #Quote by Richard Russo
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Carolyn Wells
#30. To take pride in a library kills it. Then, its motive power shifts over to the critical if admiring visitor, and apologies are necessary and acceptable and the fat is in the fire. #Quote by Carolyn Wells
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Nicole Kiefer
#31. I won't do anything Sara; this is not me trying to get into your pants, or to rekindle what we had. This is just me concerned over a friend I know for a long time and don't want to lose to a crazed lunatic. #Quote by Nicole Kiefer
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Mark Twain
#32. TOM!"
No answer.
No answer.
"What's gone with that boy, I wonder? You TOM!"
No answer.
The old lady pulled her spectacles down and looked over them about the room; then she put them up and looked out under them. She seldom or never looked THROUGH them for so small a thing as a boy; they were her state pair, the pride of her heart, and were built for "style," not service
she could have seen through a pair of stove-lids just as well. #Quote by Mark Twain
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Nina George
#33. The feeling that washes over you when another summer nears its end. Or when you recognize that you haven't got your whole life left to find out where you belong. Or the slight sense of grief when a friendship doesn't develop as you thought, and you have to continue your search for a lifelong companion. Or those birthday morning blues. #Quote by Nina George
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#34. At the point where he, today's Ivan Ilyich, began to emerge, all the pleasures that had seemed so real melted away now before his eyes and turned into something trivial and often disgusting.
And the further he was from childhood, the nearer he got to the present day, the more trivial and dubious his pleasures appeared. It started with law school. That had retained a little something that was really good: there was fun, there was friendship, there was hope. But in the last years the good times had become more exceptional. Then, at the beginning of his service with the governor, some good times came again: memories of making love to a woman. Then it became all confused, and the good times were not so many. After that there were fewer still; the further he went the fewer there were.
Marriage. . .an accident and such a disappointment, and his wife's bad breath, and all that sensuality and hypocrisy! And the deadlines of his working life, and those money worries, going on for a year, two years, ten, twenty - always the same old story. And the longer it went on the deadlier it became.
'It's as if I had been going downhill when I thought I was going uphill. That's how it was. In society's opinion I was heading uphill, but in equal measure life was slipping away from me...And now it's all over. Nothing left but to die! #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Mark Twain
#35. I haven't any right to criticize books, and I don't do it except when I hate them. I often want to criticize Jane Austen, but her books madden me so that I can't conceal my frenzy from the reader; and therefore I have to stop every time I begin. Every time I read Pride and Prejudice I want to dig her up and beat her over the skull with her own shin-bone. #Quote by Mark Twain
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Joe Abercrombie
#36. Logen ambled over to him. If you're going to travel with a man, and maybe fight alongside him, it's best to talk, and laugh if you can. That way you can get an understanding, and then a trust. Trust is what binds a band together, and out there in the wilds that can make the difference between living or dying. Building that kind of trust takes time, and effort. Logen reckoned it was best to get started early, and today he had good humour to spare, so he stood next to Luthar and looked out at the park, trying to dream up some common ground in which to plant the seeds of an unlikely friendship. #Quote by Joe Abercrombie
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Rebecca Wells
#37. She longed for porch friendship, for the sticky, hot sensation of familiar female legs thrown over hers in companionship. She pined for the girliness of it all, the unplanned, improvisational laziness. She wanted to soak the words 'time management' out of her lexicon. She wanted to hand over, to yield, to let herself float down the unchartered beautiful fertile musky swamp of life, where creativity and eroticism and deep intelligence dwell. #Quote by Rebecca Wells
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Volga
#38. In our relationship, what is it that you like the most?' Sita had asked Rama one day.
'Protecting you like an eyelid protects the eye. If a thorn pierces your foot, I must pluck it out. I must, myself, kill the wild animals that approach you. The thought that I'm protecting you gives me greater pride and pleasure than sovereignty over Ayodhya,' Rama had said.
'I can protect myself. I can match you in archery,' Sita had said, laughing. Rama's face had fallen.
'As long as I am alive, you will never have to protect yourself. Such a situation must never arise. You must look towards me for protection. You must turn to my strong arms for protection. If you take care of yourself, what am I for? Promise me that you will never do that.'
Sita had placed her hand in Rama's.
Abduction. Waiting in Ashoka Vanam - Sita had no alternative. #Quote by Volga
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Gustave Flaubert
#39. Open them, weak yet proud man, pitiful ant that struggles to crawl over its
speck of dust! You declare yourself free and great, and for all the wretchedness of
your life you hold yourself in high esteem, celebrating – no doubt in a spirit of
derision – your rotten and transient flesh. And then you imagine that this beautiful
life, lived out between a little pride that you call greatness, and that base selfinterest
which is at the heart of your society, will be rewarded by some form of
immortality. Immortality for you – more lascivious than the monkey, more evil
than the tiger, more crawling than the serpent? Come on! Show me a paradise for
the monkey, the tiger, the snake, a paradise of lust, of cruelty and baseness, a
paradise of selfishness – eternity for this dust, immortality for this nothingness.
You boast of being free and of being able to do what you call good and evil?
Doubtless so that you can be denounced more rapidly, for what good can you
possibly do? Is a single one of your gestures produced by anything other than
pride or self-interest? #Quote by Gustave Flaubert
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#40. I hold this to be the highest task of a bond between two people: that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Robert Hotchkin
#41. Pride is all about selfishness. Valuing and preferring ourselves, our agendas, our perspectives over anything or anyone else. Pride is easily o ended ("How dare he say that!"). Pride is easily irritated (" at's not what I said!"). Pride is easily embittered ("I am never speaking to her again!"). Pride has no problem breaking up relationship based on misunderstanding. #Quote by Robert Hotchkin
Friendship Over Pride quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#42. Love, whether it's friendship or more, is like a cup. It fills up drop by drop, until one last drop and the cup is full. The liquid hangs there almost above the rim, hangs there on surface tension alone and you know that one more drop and it will spill over. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton

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