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Friends Support Each Other quotes by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
#1. fam•i•ly
[fam-uh-lee,, fam-lee] - noun
result of two people falling love • a group of people who love and support each other through the good and bad times • one of life's greatest blessings #Quote by The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-day Saints
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Ken Robinson
#2. Public schools were not only created in the interests of industrialism - they were created in the image of industrialism. In many ways, they reflect the factory culture they were designed to support. This is especially true in high schools, where school systems base education on the principles of the assembly line and the efficient division of labor. Schools divide the curriculum into specialist segments: some teachers install math in the students, and others install history. They arrange the day into standard units of time, marked out by the ringing of bells, much like a factory announcing the beginning of the workday and the end of breaks. Students are educated in batches, according to age, as if the most important thing they have in common is their date of manufacture. They are given standardized tests at set points and compared with each other before being sent out onto the market. I realize this isn't an exact analogy and that it ignores many of the subtleties of the system, but it is close enough. #Quote by Ken Robinson
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Julie Berry
#3. A toast," Smooth Kitty cried, feeling almost giddy, "to self-government. Saint Etheldreda's School for Young Ladies will be run by young ladies from this point forward. Hear, hear!" Great applause.

"To independence!" added Pocked Louise. "No fussy old widows telling us when not to speak, and how to set the spoons when an Earl's niece comes to supper. And telling us to leave scientific experiment to the men." Teacup toasts in support of Louise.

"To freedom!" chimed in Disgraceful Mary Jane. "No curfews and evil eyes and lectures on morals and propriety." Loud, if nervous, cheering.

"To womankind," proclaimed Stout Alice. "Each of us girls free to be what she wishes to be, without glum and crotchety Placketts trying to make us into what we're not." Tremendous excitement.

"To sisterhood," said Dear Roberta, "and standing by each other, no matter what. #Quote by Julie Berry
Friends Support Each Other quotes by William Shawcross
#4. After she married the Duke of York, she immediately transformed his life, bringing him love, understanding, sympathy and support for which he had always craved. She inspired him, she calmed him and she enabled him for the first time in his life to believe in himself. Her sense of humor awoke his own, her natural gaiety lightened him. Their marriage was a rare union in which each complemented and enhanced the other. #Quote by William Shawcross
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Robert Peate
#5. Persons like you say, 'I'm an individual, therefore I oppose any power over me.' That right there does not follow. How about 'I'm an individual, therefore I notice and understand my place in the grand scheme of things'? I've heard of persons who don't feel small in the vastness of Nature or intimidated by its challenges, and that strikes me as a lack of perspective. If all you can see is yourself, you're not seeing very far. How about, 'I'm an individual, therefore I notice and understand that my success depends on others' success, because we're all interconnected'? That does not negate my individuality or threaten my freedom. We support each other on a team. Your problem is you don't know we're all on the same team, because you're too busy holding the ball, saying, 'Mine!', and not playing the game with good sportsmanship. Yeah, good sportsmanship. Ever heard of that? #Quote by Robert Peate
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Richelle Mead
#6. What we had was love. We were like two halves of a whole, always ready to support each other. Neither of us was perfect, but that didn't matter. With him, I could defeat this rage that filled me. He believed I was stronger than it. And I was. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Josh Redman
#7. She was lost.
Stumbling around the uneven floors and precarious book towers falling against each other for support, Alice realised she would have to do the unthinkable and talk loudly in a bookshop.
Maybe even shout.
Where were the staff?
Where were all the people who had ever read or owned these volumes? Where were the writers who created them? She walked on carefully through this purgatory of print, assuming the stoic reserve of a war widow seeking a lost husband among the silent names blurring past. #Quote by Josh Redman
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Genghis Khan
#8. Not even a mighty warrior can brake a frail arrow when it is multiplied and supported by its fellows. As long as you brothers support one another and render assistance to one another, your enemies can never gain the victory over you. But if you fall away from each other your enemy can brake you like frail arrows, one at a time. #Quote by Genghis Khan
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Steve Goodier
#9. None of us lives in isolation. We're in it together. And some conflict along the way is inevitable. But our highest priority, when all is said and done, has to be commitment to each other –- sticking together. #Quote by Steve Goodier
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Muhammad Asad
#10. Islam appears to me like a perfect work of architecture. All its parts are harmoniously conceived to complement and support each other; nothing is superfluous and nothing lacking; and the result is a structure of absolute balance and solid composure. #Quote by Muhammad Asad
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#11. We are sinners. But we should not take the failure to live up to this high moral standard as an authoritative objection to the truth. We should try to do as much good as we can and to support and put up with each other. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Candace Bushnell
#12. Sometimes I want to be on 'The Real Housewives of New York.' I want to remind them to figure out how to get along and support each other. #Quote by Candace Bushnell
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Shozan Jack Haubner
#13. In the Buddhist view, I depend on you for my existence. All things depend on each other, equally. Welcome to the doctrine of dependent origination. It's teeter-totter metaphysics - I arise, you arise; you arise, I arise. Forget about our presumed Maker, the divine machinist in the sky. Take a look at this moment right now. You are you because you are not something else; therefore, what you are not - the chair beneath you, the air in your lungs, these words - births you through an infinity of opposites. It's like the ultimate Dr. Seuss riddle: Without all the things that are not you, who would you be you to? There's no Higher Power in this system to grab on to for support; we are all already supporting each other. Pull a person or people the wrong way and you immediately redefine yourself in light of what you've done to your neighbor. #Quote by Shozan Jack Haubner
Friends Support Each Other quotes by David Foster Wallace
#14. The depressed person shared that she could remember, all too clearly, how at her third boarding school, she had once watched her roommate talk to some boy on their room's telephone as she (i.e., the roommate) made faces and gestures of entrapped repulsion and boredom with the call, this popular, attractive, and self-assured roommate finally directing at the depressed person an exaggerated pantomime of someone knocking on a door until the depressed person understood that she was to open their room's door and step outside and knock loudly on it so as to give the roommate an excuse to end the call. The depressed person had shared this traumatic memory with members of her Support System and had tried to articulate how bottomlessly horrible she had felt it would have been to have been that nameless pathetic boy on the phone and how now, as a legacy of that experience, she dreaded, more than almost anything, the thought of ever being someone you had to appeal silently to someone nearby to help you contrive an excuse to get off the phone with. The depressed person would implore each supportive friend to tell her the very moment she (i.e., the friend) was getting bored or frustrated or repelled or felt she (i.e., the friend) had other more urgent or interesting things to attend to, to please for God's sake be utterly candid and frank and not spend one moment longer on the phone than she was absolutely glad to spend. The depressed person knew perfectly well, of course, she assured the #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Adolf Hitler
#15. During the boisterous years of my youth nothing used to damp my wild spirits so much as to think that I was born at a time when the world had manifestly decided not to erect any more temples of fame except in honour of business people and State officials. The tempest of historical achievements
seemed to have permanently subsided, so much so that the future appeared to be irrevocably delivered over to what was called peaceful competition between the nations. This simply meant a system of mutual exploitation by fraudulent means, the principle of resorting to the use of force in self-defence being formally excluded. Individual countries increasingly assumed the appearance of commercial undertakings, grabbing territory and clients and concessions from each other under any and every kind of pretext. And it was all staged to an accompaniment of loud but innocuous shouting. This trend of affairs seemed destined to develop steadily and permanently. Having the support of public approbation, it seemed bound eventually to transform the world into a mammoth department store. In the vestibule of this emporium there would be rows of monumental busts which would confer immortality on those profiteers who had proved themselves the shrewdest at their trade and those administrative officials who had shown themselves the most innocuous. The salesmen could be represented by the English and the administrative functionaries by the Germans; whereas the Jews would be sacrificed to the unprofita #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Gary Shteyngart
#16. Life for young American college graduates is a festive affair. Free of having to support their families, they mostly have gay parties on rooftops where they reflect at length upon their quirky electronic childhoods and sometimes kiss each other on the lips and neck. #Quote by Gary Shteyngart
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Jennifer Saunders
#17. The reason they keep it so tight is that no one liked them, so that without each other, actually, they couldn't exist. They support each other. They support their flaws and everything else. #Quote by Jennifer Saunders
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Miranda Kenneally
#18. Ty:
Damn, he's fine.
Damn, he's a good quarterback.
Damn, he's nice and sweet.
Damn, he's a good kisser.
Damn, he's buff.
Damn, he's great to his family.
Damn, now that I know about Henry,
I'm not sure Ty and I are right for each other.
I love the way his curls flop around and hang across his forehead.
I love how he never just lets me win. I have to earn it.
I love how he touches me just because.
I love his loyalty.
I love how when we sleep head-to-toe,
he always finds a reason to sleep head-to-head instead.
I love his unconditional support.
I love his spontaneity and crazy sense of humor.
I love his stupid dances.
I love....him. #Quote by Miranda Kenneally
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
#19. Learn to look at your body as a river in which every cell is a drop of water. In every moment, cells are born and cells die. Birth and death support each other. #Quote by Thich Nhat Hanh
Friends Support Each Other quotes by William J. Clinton
#20. Ultimately, the best strategy to ensure our security and to build a durable peace is to support the advance of democracy elsewhere. Democracies don't attack each other. #Quote by William J. Clinton
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Adrian Grenier
#21. People, instead of competing, they can actually support each other, in music. #Quote by Adrian Grenier
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Rachel Higginson
#22. It was impossible to breathe at this point. This man, this brilliant talented, gorgeous man had just poured out his heart tome, and I was going to die before I could respond because I'd stopped breathing. He continued "At some point, we'll fight. In the future, things might get difficult. I'm never going to be an easy person to get along with. But Vera, on the other hand, we can fight for each other. Life will likely get difficult whether we're together or not, so why not tackle it together? And I might be an asshole, but I'm an asshole that cares a very great deal for you. In fact, I might even love you."

Basically it was impossible to breathe now. I had probably turned purple. "You what?"

His hands moved up my forearms, gripping for support. Whether it was for him or me, I didn't know.

"I love you, Vera. I do. I love you. #Quote by Rachel Higginson
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Donalyn Miller
#23. Exposing students to lots of books and positive reading experiences while building a network of other readers who support each other provides students with tools that last beyond the classroom setting. #Quote by Donalyn Miller
Friends Support Each Other quotes by William Donelson
#24. Safe Spaces
The courage needed to come forward in today's society is far beyond what should be. We all need to create safe, private and protected spaces for each other to open into, absolute honesty without fear, to feel love and respect and unconditional support. To be able to create a safe space for others is a blessing and a joy. #Quote by William Donelson
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Liz Becker
#25. My son regressed. I have my own thoughts on that, just as all parents do. It doesn't mean that I would ever think of another parent as ignorant or stupid if they think differently about their own child.

If we are to be a community, then we need to be heard as a community and not as warring factions. Support each other. #Quote by Liz Becker
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Redzel Romulo
#26. I find out in a relationship each person should support each other; they should lift each other up.
When the sadness come's they make sure to put smile on each other face. And that's the best thing to do. #Quote by Redzel Romulo
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Mary Mattingly
#27. Ideally I envision a future where people are supporting themselves and each other using the things we already have - perhaps a place where one can fully support oneself with the help of others within smaller, sustainable communities. Being interdependent instead of relying mostly on machines for the things we need. #Quote by Mary Mattingly
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Frederick Lenz
#28. Sisterhood is powerful. Woman can support each other as women, in their pursuit for enlightenment or anything else, without fear. But as long as she's still in the commodities exchange market, buying and selling, she must fear the competition. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Brooke Desserich
#29. It's funny how you never know how much you can handle until it gets worse. And just when you get used to that, it happens again. But somehow, even with this experience you find a way to make it work because that is how you cope. Not because you deserve it or because you need the experience to set priorities, but because it's the human thing and it is life. And through this experience we will grow, find out what the holiday means and learn to expect more of each other. Together we will use this struggle to make us stronger as a family and support each other when we break down. That is what a family does and how we cope. #Quote by Brooke Desserich
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Yvette Cooper
#30. We all support the idea of a strong marriage, we all clearly like a good party. Call us hopeless romantics, call it the triumph of hope over experience - most of us think when people love each other and want to make that long-term commitment, that is a wonderful thing. So why would we stop a loving couple getting married just because they are gay? #Quote by Yvette Cooper
Friends Support Each Other quotes by David Hyde Pierce
#31. I don't have the time to tell you all the things I've learned from this cast. It's an extraordinary ensemble because we all support each other so well. #Quote by David Hyde Pierce
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Amy Christine Parker
#32. This day is a big step. And it isn't the first one you've had to take the last few months. Your world's grown bigger and that can be terrifying and unsettling, but you aren't alone. We're here for you. To listen. To offer support when you need it. I hope that after we get to know each other a little bit, you will feel comfortable approaching me. My goal is to help you have the smoothest transition possible to our school. #Quote by Amy Christine Parker
Friends Support Each Other quotes by David Clayton
#33. To the degree that each part of our life will support and complement every other and all are ordered to our ultimate goal, our lives will be beautiful. According to St. Thomas Aquinas, one of the essential attributes of beauty is due proportion, which means that all parts are in harmony with each other. Another attribute of beauty is integrity, which means that the overall purpose of the thing is in harmony with what it is meant to be, which for the Christian is the love of God. The final attribute is clarity - it must be radiant and perceptible by others. When people see a life well lived, they are drawn by its beauty and then beyond to the source to which it points, and to which that life is ordered: God. #Quote by David Clayton
Friends Support Each Other quotes by C.S. Lewis
#34. Don't you understand anything? Isn't it absolutely essential to keep a fierce Left and a fierce Right both on their toes and each terrified of the other? That's how we get things done. Of course we're non-political. The real power always is. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
#35. And so when the generation, which itself desired to level and to be emancipated, to destroy authority and at the same time itself, has, through the scepticism of the principle association, started the hopeless forest fire of abstraction; when as a result of levelling with this scepticism, the generation has rid itself of the individual and of everything organic and concrete, and put in its place 'humanity' and the numerical equality of man and man: when the generation has, for a moment, delighted in this unlimited panorama of abstract infinity, unrelieved by even the smallest eminence, undisturbed by even the slightest interest, a sea of desert; then the time has come for work to begin, for every individual must work for himself, each for himself. No longer can the individual, as in former times, turn to the great for help when he grows confused. That is past; he is either lost in the dizziness of unending abstraction or saved for ever in the reality of religion. Perhaps very many will cry out in despair, but it will not help them--already it is too late...Nor shall any of the unrecognizable presume to help directly or to speak directly or to teach directly at the head of the masses, in order to direct their decisions, instead of giving his negative support and so helping the individual to make the decision which he himself has reached; any other course would be the end of him, because he would be indulging in the short-sighted compassion of man, instead of obeying the order #Quote by Søren Kierkegaard
Friends Support Each Other quotes by Germany Kent
#36. The one thing that I like to share with journalists is that we are not in competition with each other. We are here to support one another. #Quote by Germany Kent

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