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Freshening Industries quotes by Sheila Kamerman
#1. What we have seen in the way of adaptation and adjustment seems to indicate that families are adjusting parenting to the world ofwork, rather than the labor markets and industries responding to the parenting and family needs of their employees. #Quote by Sheila Kamerman
Freshening Industries quotes by Jean-Paul Marat
#2. Don't be deceived when they tell you things are better now. Even if there's no poverty to be seen because the poverty's been hidden. Even if you ever got more wages and could afford to buy more of these new and useless goods which industries foist on you and even if it seems to you that you never had so much, that is only the slogan of those who still have much more than you. Don't be taken in when they paternally pat you on the shoulder and say that there's no inequality worth speaking of and no more reason to fight because if you believe them they will be completely in charge in their marble homes and granite banks from which they rob the people of the world under the pretence of bringing them culture. Watch out, for as soon as it pleases them they'll send you out to protect their gold in wars whose weapons, rapidly developed by servile scientists, will become more and more deadly until they can with a flick of the finger tear a million of you to pieces. #Quote by Jean-Paul Marat
Freshening Industries quotes by Woody Harrelson
#3. The giant industries that are polluting our planet as well as violating human rights worldwide are the ones nearest and dearest to the hearts of American politicians. #Quote by Woody Harrelson
Freshening Industries quotes by Warren Buffett
#4. We have embraced the 21st century by entering such cutting-edge industries as brick, carpet, insulation and paint. Try to control your excitement. #Quote by Warren Buffett
Freshening Industries quotes by Harold Innis
#5. The effect of the discovery of printing was evident in the savage religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Application of power to communication industries hastened the consolidation of vernaculars, the rise of nationalism, revolution, and new outbreaks of savagery in the twentieth century. #Quote by Harold Innis
Freshening Industries quotes by Frantz Fanon
#6. Colinialism hardly ever exploits the whole of a country. It contents itself with bringing to light the natrual resources, which it extracts, and exports to meet the needs of the mother country's industries, thereby allowing certain sectors of the colony to become relatively rich. But the rest of the colony follows its path of under-development and poverty, or at all events sinks into it more deeply. #Quote by Frantz Fanon
Freshening Industries quotes by Walter Isaacson
#7. This is a book about the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh, retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize but did reimagine. In addition, he opened the way for a new market for digital content based on apps rather than just websites. Along the way he produced not only transforming products but also, on his second try, a lasting company, endowed with his DNA, that is filled with creative designers and daredevil engineers who could carry forward his vision. In August 2011, right before he stepped down as CEO, the enterprise he started in his parents' garage became the world's most valuable company. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Freshening Industries quotes by Iain Duncan Smith
#8. Due to the reliance on the old heavy industries in many parts of the country, it makes perfect sense that we need to spend more money per head of population on welfare support in Scotland. #Quote by Iain Duncan Smith
Freshening Industries quotes by Gregg L. Witt
#9. Youth culture is constantly evolving and Gen Z in particular is disrupting industries, says Witt. Gen Z represents an unprecedented group of innovation and entrepreneurship. This group is focused on niche interests and if brands don't recognize this now and get on board, they are going to be left behind. It's also important for brands to adopt a global mindset, as some of the most significant growth is taking place in countries that are either developing or underdeveloped. #Quote by Gregg L. Witt
Freshening Industries quotes by Angela Merkel
#10. More reforms will give more impetus to German industries to invest in India. German companies want to be treated on par with Indian companies, and creation of an equitable market is crucial for investments. #Quote by Angela Merkel
Freshening Industries quotes by Sharon Gannon
#11. It is a testament to the effectiveness of advertising campaigns funded by the animal-user industries that a diet that is bad for us and harmful to the planet is thought of as "normal" and a diet that promotes health, happiness, and well-being is thought of as alternative, abnormal, or faddish. In fact, these days it is relatively easy to find vegetarian options in many restaurants and supermarkets, though you may have to ask. #Quote by Sharon Gannon
Freshening Industries quotes by Ha-Joon Chang
#12. It takes time and experience to absorb new technologies, so technologically backward producers need a period of protection from international competition during this period of learning. Such protection is costly, because the country is giving up the chance to import better and cheaper products. However, it is a price that has to be paid if it wants to develop advanced industries. #Quote by Ha-Joon Chang
Freshening Industries quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#13. To the second end, we hold that minimum wage commissions should be established in the Nation and in each State to inquire into wages paid in various industries and to determine the standard which the public ought to sanction as a minimum; and we believe that, as a present installment of what we hope for in the future, there should be at once established in the Nation and its several States minimum standards for the wages of women, taking the present Massachusetts law as a basis from which to start and on which to improve. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Freshening Industries quotes by Ingrid Newkirk
#14. Since we can't count on the meat, egg, and dairy industries to protect animals from the most egregious forms of cruelty, what can we, as consumers, do? Opting out of paying someone to allow animals to die in a barn fire or at the slaughterhouse seems pretty reasonable. #Quote by Ingrid Newkirk
Freshening Industries quotes by Michael J. Saylor
#15. The industries that fall first are the industries that either produce electromechanical items that are now inferior to their software substitutes, or the industries that produce a mechanically created service that's now inferior. #Quote by Michael J. Saylor
Freshening Industries quotes by Susan Cain
#16. A mountain of recent data on open-plan offices from many different industries corroborates the results of the games. Open-plan offices have been found to reduce productivity and impair memory. They're associated with high staff turnover. They make people sick, hostile, unmotivated, and insecure. Open-plan workers are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and elevated stress levels and to get the flu; they argue more with their colleagues; they worry about coworkers eavesdropping on their phone calls and spying on their computer screens. They have fewer personal and confidential conversations with colleagues. They're often subject to loud and uncontrollable noise, which raises heart rates; releases cortisol, the body's fight-or-flight "stress" hormone; and makes people socially distant, quick to anger, aggressive, and slow to help others. #Quote by Susan Cain
Freshening Industries quotes by Frances Perkins
#17. You can always get sympathy by using the word small. With little industries you feel as you do about a little puppy. #Quote by Frances Perkins
Freshening Industries quotes by James Hansen
#18. You can't turn on your television without seeing these advertisements about clean coal, clean tar sands and the claim that there's more jobs associated with fossil fuels than other industries. That's of course not true. But they're hammering that into the voters' heads. #Quote by James Hansen
Freshening Industries quotes by Gar Alperovitz
#19. First, the very idea that there should be any serious kind of health insurance for Americans (beyond tiny elites) simply did not have much reality until World War II - and it was (again) the war that gave it reality. With wartime labor scarce, wage-price controls were enacted to keep bidding wars in check. Corporations, unable to offer more pay, tried to compete with benefits instead. The modern idea of widespread employer-provided health insurance developed as a strategy to attract wartime workers, and continued in many industries after the war, especially during the boom era. #Quote by Gar Alperovitz
Freshening Industries quotes by George Santayana
#20. It is war that wastes a nations wealth, chokes its industries, kills its flower, narrows its sympathies, condemns it to be governed by adventurers, and leaves the puny, deformed, and unmanly to breed the next generation. #Quote by George Santayana
Freshening Industries quotes by Jerry Vlasak
#21. There are two main goals behind ALF actions. The first is obviously to remove as many animals as possible from fur farms, vivisection labs, and other areas of abuse. The second is to cause as much economic damage to these industries and persons as possible. #Quote by Jerry Vlasak
Freshening Industries quotes by Marissa Mayer
#22. There are probably industries where gender is more of an issue, but our industry is not one where I think that's relevant. #Quote by Marissa Mayer
Freshening Industries quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
#23. Buying and selling securities on the Stock Exchange do not start new industries. Big business never starts anything new. It merely absorbs, consolidates and profits at the expense of others. #Quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt
Freshening Industries quotes by Martin L. Gross
#24. Nominally, there is one executive for every eight federal employees, a ratio that would bankrupt many private industries. #Quote by Martin L. Gross
Freshening Industries quotes by Fredric Jameson
#25. In most of the European countries - France stands out in its resistance to this particular form of American cultural imperialism - the national film industries were forced onto the defensive after the war by such binding agreements. #Quote by Fredric Jameson
Freshening Industries quotes by Tim Wu
#26. Industries, unlike organisms, have no organic limits on their own growth; they are constantly in search of new markets, or of new ways to exploit old ones more effectively; as Karl Marx unsympathetically observed, they 'nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connexions everywhere. #Quote by Tim Wu
Freshening Industries quotes by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
#27. Europe should stick to an open economy, to competition and we should refuse protectionism. It will not save one single job in the long run to protect non-competitive industries. #Quote by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Freshening Industries quotes by Marvin Ammori
#28. The current FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, is highly regarded, but some distrust him because he is the former head lobbyist of both the cable and wireless phone industries. He's also made some statements suggesting he doesn't understand or opposes network neutrality. #Quote by Marvin Ammori
Freshening Industries quotes by Greg Fitzsimmons
#29. I love when problems have simple solutions. Cold medicine. Umbrellas. Condoms. Tax incentives & subsidies attracting favored industries. #Quote by Greg Fitzsimmons
Freshening Industries quotes by Darynda Jones
#30. Can you find out how owns C and R industries? They bought the old abandoned mental asylum downtown."
"That old thing? What are they going to do with it?"
"I don't know. I was hoping their overcompensating sign would say, but it just says 'private property' and shouts lots of threats in capital letters, all of which I plan to completely ignore later. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Freshening Industries quotes by Ivanka Trump
#31. I have always admired women that have a strong sense of self, complemented by femininity. I especially appreciate the presence of these women in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as real estate. #Quote by Ivanka Trump
Freshening Industries quotes by Michael Parenti
#32. Only by establishing military supremacy were the European and North American colonizers able to eliminate the crafts and industries of Third World peoples, control their markets, extort tribute, undermine their cultures, destroy their villages, steal their lands and natural resources, enslave their labor, and accumulate vast wealth. #Quote by Michael Parenti
Freshening Industries quotes by George Gilder
#33. A policy of subsidizing failures will end in an economy strewn with capital-guzzling industries long past their time of profitability - old companies that cannot create jobs themselves, but can stand in the way of job creation. #Quote by George Gilder
Freshening Industries quotes by Benjamin Graham
#34. Perhaps many of the security analysts are handicapped by a flaw in their basic approach to the problem of stock selection. They seek the industries with the best prospects of growth, and the companies in these industries with the best management and other advantages. The implication is that they will buy into such industries and such companies at any price, however high, and they will avoid less promising industries and companies no matter how low the price of their shares. This would be the only correct procedure if the earnings of the good companies were sure to grow at a rapid rate indefinitely in the future, for then in theory their value would be infinite. And if the less promising companies were headed for extinction, with no salvage, the analysts would be right to consider them unattractive at any price. #Quote by Benjamin Graham
Freshening Industries quotes by Chris LoPresti
#35. For example, you could build many companies based on applying the cutting edge predictive analytics and data mining techniques commonly used at consumer web startups, quantitative hedge funds, etc., to less advanced industries. #Quote by Chris LoPresti
Freshening Industries quotes by Leland Stanford
#36. The employer class is less indispensable in the modern organization of industries because the laboring men themselves possess sufficient intelligence to organize into co-operative relation and enjoy the entire benefits of their own labor. #Quote by Leland Stanford
Freshening Industries quotes by Martin Amis
#37. Always, endeavor, Slick, to keep a fix on the addiction industries: you can't lose. The addicts can't win. Dope, Liquor, gambling, anything video--these have to be the deep-money veins. Nowadays the responsible businessman keeps a finger on the pulse of dependence. What next? All projections are targeting the low-energy domestic stuff, the schlep factor. People just can't hack going out any more. They're all addicted to staying at home. Hence the shit-food bonanza. Swallow your chemicals, swallow them fast, and get back inside. Or take the junk back with you. Stay off the streets. Stay inside. With pornography... #Quote by Martin Amis

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