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Freelon African American quotes by Zadie Smith
#1. A little white woman, . . . [a] tiny little white woman I could fit in my pocket.' . . . 'And I don't know why I'm surprised. You don't even notice it – you never notice. You think it's normal. Everywhere we go, I'm alone in this… this sea of white. I barely know any black folk any more, Howie. My whole life is white. I don't see any black folk unless they be cleaning under my feet in the fucking café in your fucking college. Or pushing a fucking hospital bed through a corridor . . . 'I gave up my life for you. I don't even know who I am any more.' . . . 'Could you have found anybody less like me if you'd scoured the earth? . . . My leg weighs more than that woman. What have you made me look like in front of everybody in this town? You married a big black bitch and you run off with a fucking leprechaun? #Quote by Zadie Smith
Freelon African American quotes by James Fox
#2. Yoga class is intimate even just from the standpoint of taking off your socks. Exposing your bare feet can be a big deal. You may be an African American next to a Caucasian or a Latino. But once practice begins and we drop in, separation dissolves. #Quote by James Fox
Freelon African American quotes by Deborah L. Parker
#3. Our stories are timeless and tested. They are about us, a people of tremendous strength.Our songs are full of love and life - and the ups and downs of both. They are soulful with the rhythms of a heart that is in sync with nature and wonderment. Our struggles are real and rugged. They beckon our memory to the highest callings of the spirit, to help us rejoice and to overcome. #Quote by Deborah L. Parker
Freelon African American quotes by Booker T. Washington
#4. Remember that everyone's life is measured by the power that individual has to make the world better-this is all life is. #Quote by Booker T. Washington
Freelon African American quotes by Michael N. Castle
#5. Delaware State is no longer a college for African Americans without other choices, it is a university of choice. #Quote by Michael N. Castle
Freelon African American quotes by Marcus Garvey
#6. What you do to-day that is worthwhile, inspires others to act at some future time. #Quote by Marcus Garvey
Freelon African American quotes by Bernice Johnson Reagon
#7. The first job I had with the Smithsonian was as a field researcher among African American communities in Southwest Louisiana and Arkansas for the festival. #Quote by Bernice Johnson Reagon
Freelon African American quotes by Edward Snowden
#8. When it comes to cyber conflicts between, say, America and China or even a Middle Eastern nation, an African nation, a Latin American nation, a European nation, we have more to lose. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Freelon African American quotes by Mildred D. Taylor
#9. Although there are those who wish to ban my books because I have used language that is painful, I have chosen to use the language that was spoken during the period, for I refuse to whitewash history. The language was painful and life was painful for many African Americans, including my family.
I remember the pain. #Quote by Mildred D. Taylor
Freelon African American quotes by Michael Eric Dyson
#10. Michael Jackson fundamentally altered the terms of the debate about African American music. Remember, he was a chocolate, cherubic-faced genius with an African American halo. He had an Afro halo. He was a kid who was capable of embodying all of the high possibilities and the deep griefs that besieged the African American psyche. #Quote by Michael Eric Dyson
Freelon African American quotes by Jewelle L. Gómez
#11. This week I was watching the Rachel Maddow Show (you'd love her: she's funny and brilliant and just happens to be a stunning butch), and she was interviewing the outgoing attorney general, Loretta Lynch, about the country's post election future. The entire show was like a burst of hope so bright I almost had to put on sunglasses. The African American attorney general, prim and plump, sat perched on a barstool talking to a white butch lesbian who has her own national television news show! The event was being recorded in the Stonewall Inn, the site of one of the first places where queer people fought back against police violence! (I was so nervous about being a lesbian in 1969, I hid the tiny newspaper clipping from you.) Simply that the interview was happening made me remember that there are people in the world who are not such egotistical, political careerists as to believe that human rights don't matter. Then, as if just showing up wasn't enough, Attorney General Lynch spoke a truth that is hard to remember from our short-lived perspective: "History is bigger than one turn of the electoral wheel." During your eighty-eight years on this plane, you saw numerous turns of the wheel, and many of them did not land on a prize. Still, toward the end of your life, you took me in and bestowed not just a roof and clothes and food but the gift of your history and the knowledge that we find hope inside ourselves. #Quote by Jewelle L. Gómez
Freelon African American quotes by Wanda Sykes
#12. I have a well-balanced show. It's 50/50 on men/women, and also African-American/white writers, it's the same thing. I have four African-American writers, and four non-African-American writers. #Quote by Wanda Sykes
Freelon African American quotes by Rand Paul
#13. It is impossible for African-Americans not to feel like their government is particularly targeting them. #Quote by Rand Paul
Freelon African American quotes by Bernie Sanders
#14. I think Donald Trump is totally unfit to be president of the United States. Let's not forget, this guy was one of the leaders of the so-called birther movement, which was an effort to delegitimize the presidency of the first African-American president we have ever had. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Freelon African American quotes by Edward E. Baptist
#15. And everyone who teaches about slavery knows a little dirty secret that reveals historians' collective failure: many African-American students struggle with a sense of shame that most of their ancestors could not escape the suffering they experienced. #Quote by Edward E. Baptist
Freelon African American quotes by Ed Gillespie
#16. The highest percentage of African Americans own their own homes today than ever in our nation's history. #Quote by Ed Gillespie
Freelon African American quotes by Debi Thomas
#17. I got a bronze medal and I can't complain about that, the only African-American to get a medal in the Winter Olympics. #Quote by Debi Thomas
Freelon African American quotes by David Horowitz
#18. Everybody knows - but no one wants to say - that the Democratic Party has become the party of special interest bigots and racial dividers. It runs the one-party state that controls public services in every major inner city, including the corrupt and failing school systems in which half the students - mainly African American and Hispanic - are denied a shot at the American dream. #Quote by David Horowitz
Freelon African American quotes by M.
#19. Here are a few tips (from A Critique of Ally Politics):

Slow down: Don't try to fix it. Don't rush to find an answer or act out of your guilt. Remember that many of your comrades have been doing this work for a long time and experience the kind of oppression you're learning about more acutely than you. It didn't start with you and isn't going to end with you.

Keep it internal: Don't take up too much space with your thoughts and emotions. Be sensitive to the fact that folks are in a variety of places in relation to what you're working through; don't force conversations on others, especially through the guise of public organizing.

Write about it: Give yourself the unedited space to feel all the things you need to, but know that it may hurt others if you share your feelings unthinkingly.

Read about it: Look for resources from people of a variety of political ideologies and experiences of identity to challenge yourself and get the widest range of input.

Listen to older people: Listening to stories from your eighty-year-old African American neighbor when you're working through questions around racism will likely be though provoking, regardless of their political ideology or your life experience. Don't underestimate what a little perspective can do for you.

Don't make your process the problem of your comrades: Be careful not to centralize yourself, your stake in fixing the problem, or your ego. Work it out on your ow #Quote by M.
Freelon African American quotes by Clarence Page
#20. Most African Americans, if given a chance, would have chosen to be 'just Americans' ever since the first of us was brought here to Jamestown colony in 1619, a year before the Mayflower landed. But that choice has never been left up to us. #Quote by Clarence Page
Freelon African American quotes by Michaela Angela Davis
#21. Black women have been cultured to compare not connect. #Quote by Michaela Angela Davis
Freelon African American quotes by Rush Limbaugh
#22. Take that bone out of your nose and call me back (to an African American female caller). #Quote by Rush Limbaugh
Freelon African American quotes by Mark McMorris
#23. My intention is not to repudiate an African American identity but perhaps to resist how labels take hold, or to make it as slow a process as possible. That's more my sense of it. #Quote by Mark McMorris
Freelon African American quotes by Eddie Johnson
#24. Fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Only Fools despise wisdom and discipline.
Proverbs 1:7 NLT #Quote by Eddie Johnson
Freelon African American quotes by Johnny Otis
#25. Society wants to categorize everything, but to me it's all African-American music. #Quote by Johnny Otis
Freelon African American quotes by Mitch McConnell
#26. America is ready to elect its first African American President, especially one with light-skin and and no Negro dialect. #Quote by Mitch McConnell
Freelon African American quotes by John Edgar Wideman
#27. What basketball expresses is what jazz expresses. Certain cultural predispositions to make art. All African-American art has a substratum, or baseline, of improvisation and spontaneity. You find that in both basketball and jazz. #Quote by John Edgar Wideman
Freelon African American quotes by Terry McMillan
#28. I don't live my life as a writer. I'm a mother, an African-American woman, and I do everything that everybody else does - cook and a little bit of cleaning. #Quote by Terry McMillan
Freelon African American quotes by John Henrik Clarke
#29. The acceptance of the facts of African-American history and the African-American historian as a legitimate part of the academic community did not come easily. Slavery ended and left its false images of black people intact. #Quote by John Henrik Clarke
Freelon African American quotes by Johnnetta B. Cole
#30. There are not many of us African American Sister Presidents, and those of us who are in this field do not have an easy time of it. Why the story goes that one Black woman college president died and went to hell, and it was two weeks before she realized that she wasn't still on the job. #Quote by Johnnetta B. Cole
Freelon African American quotes by Zora Neale Hurston
#31. He was a glance from God. #Quote by Zora Neale Hurston
Freelon African American quotes by Tim Cahill
#32. The blues style - moody or rollicking or boastful or bashful - developed in the Delta around 1900 and was, for a time, exclusively African-American. That isn't the case anymore. #Quote by Tim Cahill
Freelon African American quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
#33. Unfortunately there was one thing that the white South feared more than Negro dishonesty, ignorance, and incompetency, and that was Negro honesty, knowledge, and efficiency. #Quote by W.E.B. Du Bois
Freelon African American quotes by Cara Santa Maria
#34. Ultimately, the main reason that you want more women in the sciences is the same reason you want more gay men in the sciences. It's the same reason you want more Latinos or African Americans; it's because if you come at a problem from a different perspective, you will be offering a creative vision that wasn't there before. #Quote by Cara Santa Maria
Freelon African American quotes by Pero Gaglo Dagbovie
#35. What these thinkers, chroniclers, and interpreters have written about, how they have theorized their scholarly endeavors, and their approaches and methodologies have inevitably been informed and shaped by the times in which they existed. #Quote by Pero Gaglo Dagbovie
Freelon African American quotes by William J. Clinton
#36. African Americans watch the same news at night that ordinary Americans do. #Quote by William J. Clinton

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