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Free The People quotes by Yann Martel
#1. If you went to a home, kicked down the front door, chased the people who lived there out into the street and said, "Go! You are free! Free as a bird! Go! Go!"
do you think they would shout and dance for joy? They wouldn't. Birds are not free. The people you've just evicted would sputter, "With what right do you throw us out? This is our home. We own it. We have lived here for years. We're calling the police, you scoundrel. #Quote by Yann Martel
Free The People quotes by Jacqueline Woodson
#2. I am born as the South explodes, too many people too many years enslaved, then emancipated but not free, the people who look like me keep fighting and marching and getting killed so that today - February 12, 1963 and every day from this moment on, brown children like me can grow up free. Can grow up learning and voting and walking and riding wherever we want. I am born in Ohio but the stories of South Carolina already run like rivers through my veins. #Quote by Jacqueline Woodson
Free The People quotes by William Kristol
#3. If we free the people of Iraq, we will be respected in the Arab world ... and I think we will be respected around the world. #Quote by William Kristol
Free The People quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#4. Freedom for the government is enslavement for the people. When the government is free the people are enslaved. When the government is contained then the people are free. #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Free The People quotes by Ian Hislop
#5. In Britian we have a free press. It's not a pretty press, but it's free. The people who can't bear the Daily Mail, they say: 'you should ban it'. No no, no no, you don't ban it ... you don't buy it. #Quote by Ian Hislop
Free The People quotes by John Kramer
#6. Not by prayers alone will a captive be freed, but by another man's prayers matched by his deeds. #Quote by John Kramer
Free The People quotes by Glennon Doyle
#7. I am beginning to unlearn what I used to believe about control and love. Now I think that maybe control is not love. I think that control might actually be the opposite of love, because control leaves no room for trust - and maybe love without trust is not love at all. I am beginning to play with the idea that love is trusting that other people Feel, Know, and Imagine, too. Maybe love is respecting what your people feel, trusting that they know, and believing that they have their own unseen order for their lives pressing through their own skin.
Maybe my role with the people I love is not imagining the truest, most beautiful life for them and then pushing them toward it. Maybe I'm just supposed to ask what they feel and know and imagine. And then, no matter how different their unseen order is from mine, ask what I can do to support their vision.
Trusting people is terrifying. Maybe if love is not a little scary and out of our control, then it is not love at all.
It is wild to let others be wild. #Quote by Glennon Doyle
Free The People quotes by Shinjo Ito
#8. You may have seen people praying to an image as if it had special power. Perhaps they're wishing for the well-being of their family, for material prosperity, or to recover from illness. But this way of practicing faith only leads to a dead end. Buddha images should serve as inspirations to cultivate the infinite loving kindness latent in the buddha within us. #Quote by Shinjo Ito
Free The People quotes by Rich Gaspari
#9. Going to the gym was never about 'working out' like it is for most people. To me, It was a matter of life or death. It was either me or the weights-and I was going to win. I've always had that competitive streak, whether it was in the gym, on the stage, or In anything else I did. #Quote by Rich Gaspari
Free The People quotes by Erin Morgenstern
#10. I have read for countless people on innumerable subjects and the most difficult thing to understand within the cards is always the timing. I knew that, and still it surprised me. How long I was willing to wait for something that was only a possibility. I always thought it was just a matter of time but I was wrong. #Quote by Erin Morgenstern
Free The People quotes by Ameya Agrawal
#11. The day people will start using their learner's instincts instead of the survival instincts in the education, our society will no longer be a place where education kills your knowledge. #Quote by Ameya Agrawal
Free The People quotes by Linda Kaplan Thaler
#12. I've never written a song that's hopeless. I'm not a hopeless person. I'm crazily optimistic. I crazily see the good in people. - singer Michael Stipe of R.E.M. Focusing on the tiniest details, finding magic in even the smallest inspirations, embracing the briefest moments-that's where passion is. #Quote by Linda Kaplan Thaler
Free The People quotes by Aleksandra Mir
#13. "Hello" is always presented as a linear narrative, a singular chain, sometimes in a loop. But the reality of making it is that connections are naturally sprawling all over the place, so I am free to edit any way I want. #Quote by Aleksandra Mir
Free The People quotes by Cameron Diaz
#14. I think people get freaked out about getting married and spending 20 or 30 years sleeping with the same person, but if that's the case, don't do it. Have someone for 5 years and another person for another 5 years. #Quote by Cameron Diaz
Free The People quotes by Mark Driscoll
#15. We believe that the local church is a community of regenerated believers who confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and that the universal church is all of God's people in all times and places. #Quote by Mark Driscoll
Free The People quotes by Mick Jagger
#16. It's a real buzz, even in front of 20 people, to make a complete fool of yourself. But people seemed to like it. And the thing is, if people started throwing tomatoes at me, I wouldn't have gone on with it. #Quote by Mick Jagger
Free The People quotes by Maureen Johnson
#17. Idea meets execution. Feeling becomes action.
I don't know why people find this idea so hard to get. I mean, you can throw any two people together, it doesn't mean they'll fall in love. Everyone knows this. No one quite understands how it works. It's just those people, where they are in their lives, how circumstance throws them together. Sure, it's happened before, but never quite in that way. Maybe they seem to come together all wrong. Maybe they've loved others. Maybe they don't always do right by each other ... but it's still there, the love. The event. And no one would dare criticize it just because it's common, it's a little asymmetrical, and anyone can do it. It is unique. It is theirs. It is beautiful. They have made something that has been made a million times before and has also never existed before that moment. #Quote by Maureen Johnson
Free The People quotes by Isaac Hayes
#18. I influence people, hopefully on the positive side. #Quote by Isaac Hayes
Free The People quotes by Natalie Portman
#19. The best thing you can hope for, when you make a movie and you put your soul into it, is that people respond to it well. #Quote by Natalie Portman
Free The People quotes by Toni Morrison
#20. I'm always annoyed about why black people have to bear the brunt of everybody else's contempt. If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we're demons. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Free The People quotes by Felicia Day
#21. Now that we've transitioned to more Smart TVs, where people are broadcasting their cable box, I hope that Geek & Sundry is something that people will click on in the future, knowing that they're going to get content that they love. #Quote by Felicia Day
Free The People quotes by David Foster Wallace
#22. As he finally sheds his body's suit,
finds his gut and throat again and newly whole, clean and unimpeded, free, catapulted home over fans and the Convexity's glass palisades at desperate speeds, soaring north, sounding a bell-clear and nearly maternal alarmed call-to-arms in all the world's well-known tongues. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Free The People quotes by Jacques Ellul
#23. The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries abandoned the idea of spiritual or intellectual happiness in order to have this material happiness, consisting of a certain number of essential consumer goods. And hence, in the nineteenth century, happiness was linked to a well-being obtained by mechanical means, industrial means, production. The new thing that Saint-Just spoke about was that, in the past, happiness could appear as a very vague, very distant prospect for humanity, whereas now, people seemed to be within reach of the concrete, material possibility of attaining it. That was why happiness was to become an absolutely essential image for the nineteenth-century bourgeoisie, and for modern society. Happiness was attainable thanks to industrial development, and this image of happiness brought us fully into the consumer society. #Quote by Jacques Ellul
Free The People quotes by Will Smith
#24. Never lie to people, because the people you are able to lie to, are the people who trust you. #Quote by Will Smith
Free The People quotes by Marsden Wagner
#25. Humanizing birth means understanding that the woman giving birth is a human being, not a machine and not just a container for making babies. Showing women-half of all people-that they are inferior and inadequate by taking away their power to give birth is a tragedy for all society. #Quote by Marsden Wagner
Free The People quotes by David Whyte
#26. You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in. Give up all the other worlds Except the one in which you belong. #Quote by David Whyte
Free The People quotes by Rick Moranis
#27. The decision in my case to become a stay-at-home dad, which people do all the time, I guess wouldn't have meant as much to people if I had had a very simple kind of make-a-living existence and decided I needed to spend more time at home. #Quote by Rick Moranis
Free The People quotes by Unknown, Joey Potter- Dawson's Creek
#28. That's just the way life is, and you have no control over it. Like suddenly people who you think are always going to be there disappear. You know? People die and they move away and they grow up. #Quote by Unknown, Joey Potter- Dawson's Creek
Free The People quotes by Christopher Rice
#29. I think dragging someone out of the closet who isn't necessarily engaged in anti-gay activities can have a destructive effect on them and on us. I don't want unwilling gay people advocating on my behalf; I think that's a challenge. #Quote by Christopher Rice
Free The People quotes by Annie Leonard
#30. Turns out, people's brains are not nearly as powerful a motivator as our hearts. Facts, data, and economic models don't move people to courageous action the way that powerful stories can. #Quote by Annie Leonard
Free The People quotes by Anne Lamott
#31. Nah. But on the first day of class, when I saw that guy nailed to the plus sign, I knew these people weren't fooling around.' " Lank #Quote by Anne Lamott
Free The People quotes by Mercedes Lackey
#32. Every time people give me presents, it just makes trouble."
He thought of his Naming Day party, and the gift from his Uncle Alfrin that had actually started all this. "Especially if it's books. Someone gave me a book as a present once."
"Then you'll know exactly what to do with these. Come on. Don't be shy. You'll hurt my feelings. #Quote by Mercedes Lackey
Free The People quotes by Sarah Addison Allen
#33. There was a mood of magic and frenzy to the room. Crystalline swirls of sugar and flour still lingered in the air like kite tails. And then there was the smell-the smell of hope, the kind of smell that brought people home. #Quote by Sarah Addison Allen
Free The People quotes by Todd Rundgren
#34. It's great if you can afford to carry a string section on the road with you, but most people are used to the idea of just a keyboard player creating those string sounds. #Quote by Todd Rundgren
Free The People quotes by The 100
#35. These people are monsters".
And so am i #Quote by The 100
Free The People quotes by Daniel Goleman
#36. People who are optimistic see a failure as due to something that can be changed so that they can succeed next time around, while pessimists take the blame for the failure, ascribing it to some characteristic they are helpless to change. #Quote by Daniel Goleman
Free The People quotes by Benjamin Harrison
#37. When and under what conditions is the black man to have a free ballot? When is he in fact to have those full civil rights which have so long been his in law? #Quote by Benjamin Harrison
Free The People quotes by James Rozoff
#38. It is a single paradigm, and single paradigms, no matter how helpful in and of themselves, can be dangerous. They become the thing they are supposed to represent in the mind of the believer. In religion, it is known as idolatry, worshipping the statue that is merely the representation of the real. Most people only give themselves so much to a single point of view, whether they admit it to themselves or not. To believe, to truly believe, is to do. When one accepts a single paradigm, he becomes a true believer. There is nothing quite so rare ... or so dangerous. #Quote by James Rozoff
Free The People quotes by Denzel Washington
#39. The poorest people are the sweetest people. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Free The People quotes by Sai Marie Johnson
#40. I used to think that other people defined the boundaries of life. Rushing in to impress others, and get them to like me gnawed at me in the back of my mind. Criticism came as a horrifying blade straight into my heart. Now I see that they were self-imposed limitations. While obstacles were always present the fundamental truth behind this epiphany is one words cannot even describe. I was my own propellant, and the moment I realized it my entire world changed. #Quote by Sai Marie Johnson
Free The People quotes by Mark Manson
#41. As a teenager, I told everybody that I didn't care about anything, when the truth was I cared about way too much. Other people ruled my world without my even knowing. I thought happiness was a destiny not choice. I thought love was something that just happened, not something you worked for. #Quote by Mark Manson
Free The People quotes by John Sculley
#42. One thing about Apple is they have these fanboys - as I always say, 'Sell to the people who love us.' For example when they came up with iPad mini, everyone who had an iPad went out and bought a mini as well. #Quote by John Sculley
Free The People quotes by Henri Nouwen
#43. To be a minister means above all to become powerless, or in more precise terms, to speak with our powerlessness to the condition of powerlessness which is so keenly felt but so seldom expressed by the people of our age. #Quote by Henri Nouwen
Free The People quotes by Suzanne Johnson
#44. My own tears caught me by surprise, and I turned away before he could see them. Everyone leaves. If I've learned one thing in life that it was that. They might die. They might betray your trust. They might stay until I've got too hard or inconvenient. But in the end, the people you cared about always leave. #Quote by Suzanne Johnson
Free The People quotes by Tyrese Gibson
#45. I think the worst thing you can do is take an arrogant approach and not give people enough content to wrap their heads around. #Quote by Tyrese Gibson
Free The People quotes by Wallace Shawn
#46. I see myself as a citizen of the planet. Even as a child, I always found it mindless to root for your own team. I was puzzled by the fact that people said their own team was better than other teams simply because it was theirs. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Free The People quotes by Dennis Kucinich
#47. Let's help people in this country with the resources we have. #Quote by Dennis Kucinich
Free The People quotes by Allison Grodner
#48. You put a group of people in that come from a variety of backgrounds and who are out there in the world with different opinions and different ways of expressing themselves online. It's hard to say. #Quote by Allison Grodner

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