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Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Samantha Towle
#1. Sweetheart, the baby keeps you up all night , it's definitely a boy. He winks. #Quote by Samantha Towle
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Bill Moyers
#2. David Rockefeller is the most conspicuous representative today of the ruling class, a multinational fraternity of men who shape the global economy and manage the flow of its capital. Rockefeller was born to it, and he has made the most of it. But what some critics see as a vast international conspiracy, he considers a circumstance of life and just another day's work ... In the world of David Rockefeller it's hard to tell where business ends and politics begins #Quote by Bill Moyers
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by R.K. Lilley
#3. Sweetheart, listen carefully, when I say that I don't need anybody but you, what I mean is that I never have. I need you. I've never needed anyone or anything the way I need you. I need you in a way that would break me if I lost you. Being with you makes every part of my life better. Every second I get with you is the best second of my life. I'm not good at expressing myself, not like you are, but I treasure this thing between us. Don't think I don't. #Quote by R.K. Lilley
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by B.R. Ambedkar
#4. Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. What does social democracy mean? It means a way of life which recognizes liberty, equality and fraternity as the principles of life. #Quote by B.R. Ambedkar
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Tammara Webber
#5. As soon as we hit campus freshman year, Kennedy had pledged his father's fraternity. Despite my boyfriend's need for cliquish affiliation, I'd never shared that aspiration. He didn't seem to mind when I said I preferred not to rush any sororities, as long as I supported his future-politician need for brotherhood. He told me once he sort of liked that I was a GDI girlfriend.

"A GDI? What's that?"

He'd laughed and said, "It means you're goddamned independent. #Quote by Tammara Webber
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by K. Bromberg
#6. When he speaks, his voice is chillingly cruel. "I've fucked you, Rylee, and now I'm done with you! I told you that's all I was good for, sweetheart #Quote by K. Bromberg
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Daisy Goodwin
#7. the postal official, said, 'Pray continue, Mr Hill.' Hill took a deep breath. 'In answer to your question, Ma'am, as to why the postage should cost the same no matter the distance travelled, I say this: should a girl in Edinburgh writing to her sweetheart in London pay more than the one who lives in Ealing? Should the merchant in Manchester pay more to write to #Quote by Daisy Goodwin
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Ramana Maharshi
#8. By happy fraternity amongst themselves, the embodied beings get the supreme peace. Then all this earth shines like one house. When the men, the embodied beings treat each other with equal
respect and have good brotherly feelings amongst themselves, great peace and harmony abound. Then all this earth shines like one house. The whole world shines like the one dwelling house of
the entire human family. #Quote by Ramana Maharshi
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Darynda Jones
#9. Where you just possessed?" Cookie asked after a long moment, awe softening her voice. "'Cause let me tell you, sweetheart, if that was possession, I'm selling my soul. #Quote by Darynda Jones
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Rebecca Zanetti
#10. We're having a problem right now, sweetheart."
She swallowed, the fine line of her delicate throat moving. "Let go."
"I'd like to." He lied. "But you keep pushing. Just how far do you intend to take this. #Quote by Rebecca Zanetti
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by James Whitcomb Riley
#11. As one who cons at evening o'er an album all alone,
And muses on the faces of the friends that he has known,
So I turn the leaves of Fancy, till in shadowy design
I find the smiling features of an old sweetheart of mine. #Quote by James Whitcomb Riley
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Kristi Cook
#12. Hey, Ben," she says, ignoring the rest of us. "You want to dance?"
Ben's cheeks turn the same scarlet as Rosie's dress. He and Ryder exchange a pointed look while Lucy and I just stand there gawking.
"Go on, man," Ryder says, nudging him. "You look great, Rosie," he adds. "Nice dress."
She smiles up at him, her blue eyes seeming to glitter beneath the disco-ball lighting. "Thanks. You don't look so bad yourself." She glances from Ryder to me and back to Ryder again. "The two of you…You looked good together up there."
"I know, right?" Lucy nods, and I shoot her a "what are you doing?" glare. She ignores it. "Maybe these two should stop the hating and listen to their parents."
An awkward silence follows. Finally, Ben seems to remember why Rosie came over in the first place. "Um, you want to go dance?"
"Yeah. I love this song."
Ben nods. "Okay. Catch you guys later."
Rosie's smile seems genuine as she follows Ben to the dance floor. I hope that means she's finally figured out what a sweetheart he is.
As soon as they're gone, Lucy lets out a low whistle. "Whoa, did that just happen?"
"I think it did," I say, watching as Rosie wraps her arms around Ben's neck. She must have said something funny, because he throws his head back and laughs.
Lucy shakes her head in amazement. "I swear, it's like we're in some kind of alternate universe tonight."
"Well, in that case, how about you and me, Luce?" Mason says with a cocky grin. #Quote by Kristi Cook
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Wald Wassermann
#13. Perhaps more than anything else, I want you to remember that I always love you and that you are always loved. It is the only thing that really matters. Let this then be the only thing you remember;
Sweetheart, I love you. #Quote by Wald Wassermann
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Cassandra Clare
#14. I tell so many lies, sweetheart," he said. "which one specifically? #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Krista Ritchie
#15. I notice Ryke sitting on the edge of the bed with Daisy lounging drunkenly across his lap. "Big bad wolf ... " She reaches up to touch his hair but her arm sags limply next to her. "Eat me."
It's a provocative, intoxicated statement that I do my best to block out.
Ryke lowers his head to her, kissing Daisy once ... twice and then he says, "Every fucking day, sweetheart. #Quote by Krista Ritchie
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Kristen Ashley
#16. Frannie, sweetheart," Noc whispered, #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by A.E. Via
#17. A hot shower, and a little food might help how he felt. But he doubted anything could take away the vision he kept having of Day flying over the bed and slamming into his dresser. God squeezed his eyes shut. Fuck. I'm so sorry, sweetheart.

Too much happened in that room at one time. God wasn't seeing straight. Genesis was beating the hell out of him. Day had violated his trust. His hood neighbors had barged into his home and choked his baby brother. God had so much medication coursing through him, he'd reacted without thinking.

Now he wanted to call Day so badly, but he needed to let things cool off between them. Then he'd have to figure out how he was going to make it up to him. #Quote by A.E. Via
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Kirsten Prout
#18. I have my sweetheart Yorkshire terrier, Tabasco, along with two cats, Romeo and Jasmine. Yes, I am both a Shakespeare and Disney addict. #Quote by Kirsten Prout
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Jasinda Wilder
#19. What is the word for this kind of underwear? Boxings? Something like that? I cannot think of it."
"Boxings? Oh, god, Rania. That's funny. Boxers. They're called boxers, sweetheart. #Quote by Jasinda Wilder
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Joanna Wylde
#20. Just let me be strong for you for a minute, okay?" He said softly. "You've held on for a long time, sweetheart. Nobody can say you haven't been strong. But it's been a hell of a night, so why don't you let me hold you and help you right now, okay? #Quote by Joanna Wylde
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Josh Young
#21. I knew that I wanted to meet girls, so I joined a fraternity, and I did yoga. #Quote by Josh Young
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Ben H. Winters
#22. The dream that I've been having, about my high-school sweetheart, is not really about my high-school sweetheart, when you get right down to it. It's not a dream about Alison Koechner and our lost love and the precious little three-bedroom house in Maine we might have built together, had things gone a different way. I am not dreaming of white picket fences and Sunday crosswords and warm tea.
There's no asteroid in the dream. In the dream, life continues. Simple life, happy and white-picket lined or otherwise. Mere life. Goes on.
When I'm dreaming of Alison Koechner, what I'm dreaming of is not dying. #Quote by Ben H. Winters
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Katey Hawthorne
#23. A kiss, then Brady said, "Hey, sweetheart."

As he pulled away, I turned, grinning ear to ear. "Hey, Brady - "

I halted when I saw his shirt, mostly because I was laughing too hard to continue. My face went hot, from 98.6 to 200 degrees in a second flat. It wasn't the only part of my anatomy to react, either.

The shirt was white and clinging, hot as hell on him, of course. But stenciled in spray paint across the chest in the usual blocky lettering were the words FUCK ME, ETIENNE.

"Tried to convince the band to change our name, but they didn't go for it. I settled for the shirt. #Quote by Katey Hawthorne
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by George Brett
#24. I'm a ballplayer. I know how hard the game is ... and anybody that makes it in the Hall of Fame, I support. They become a member of our special fraternity. #Quote by George Brett
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Various
#25. quite as heavily upon his noble steed. His friends and the above-mentioned fraternity chuckled and winked behind his back, but although Mr. P. heard them chuckle and knew that they were winking, his belief #Quote by Various
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Molly Newman
#26. Oh sweetheart, I know what failure is...But as hard as it is, you have to lean in to those feelings. You hadn't have much failure in your life, Sarah. It takes practice to get good at it. It hurts like holy hell, but it's important. It's the door that will lead you into your future. #Quote by Molly Newman
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by CeeLo Green
#27. I'm like Shrek. Shrek's a nice guy, but people keep alienating him, like they did with me in my younger life. I'm very loving and kind and generous - I'm a sweetheart! #Quote by CeeLo Green
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Kate  McCarthy
#28. What are you trying to say, Fin?"
Fin looked at him, her eyes filling with tears. "That it doesn't matter if you live a billion years, or just a short handful like Jake. It's how bright you burn while living them that really matters, and Jake burned so bright it hurt my eyes."
Overwhelmed, Ryan buried his face in her neck, breathing her in. "You're so beautiful," he whipered hoarsly. Pulling back, he cupped her face in his hands and looked at her fiercely. "You burn just as bright sweetheart."
Her eyes were wide and so full of love it made his heart ache. "So do you, Ryan," she replied softly. #Quote by Kate McCarthy
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#29. Forgetting herself entirely, Pandora let her head loll back against Gabriel's shoulder. "What kind of glue does Ivo use?" she asked languidly.
"Glue?" he echoed after a moment, his mouth close to her temple, grazing softly.
"For his kites."
"Ah." He paused while a wave retreated. "Joiner's glue, I believe."
"That's not strong enough," Pandora said, relaxed and pensive. "He should use chrome glue."
"Where would he find that?" One of his hands caressed her side gently.
"A druggist can make it. One part acid chromate of lime to five parts gelatin."
Amusement filtered through his voice. "Does your mind ever slow down, sweetheart?"
"Not even for sleeping," she said.
Gabriel steadied her against another wave. "How do you know so much about glue?"
The agreeable trance began to fade as Pandora considered how to answer him.
After her long hesitation, Gabriel tilted his head and gave her a questioning sideways glance. "The subject of glue is complicated, I gather."
I'm going to have to tell him at some point, Pandora thought. It might as well be now.
After taking a deep breath, she blurted out, "I design and construct board games. I've researched every possible kind of glue required for manufacturing them. Not just for the construction of the boxes, but the best kind to adhere lithographs to the boards and lids. I've registered a patent for the first game, and soon I intend to apply for two more."
Gabriel absorbed t #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Thomas Hood
#30. She stood breast-high amid the corn Clasp'd by the golden light of morn, Like the sweetheart of the sun, Who many a glowing kiss had won. #Quote by Thomas Hood
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by John Smith
#31. Your aim's as bad as your cooking sweetheart ... and that's saying something! #Quote by John Smith
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Charles Baudelaire
#32. A sweetheart is a bottle of wine, a wife is a wine bottle. #Quote by Charles Baudelaire
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Claire North
#33. Throne of my lonely niche, my wealth, my love, my moonlight.

My most sincere friend, my confidant, my very existence, my Sultan, my one and only love.

The most beautiful among the beautiful…

My springtime, my merry faced love, my daytime, my sweetheart, laughing leaf…

My plants, my sweet, my rose, the one only who does not distress me in this world…

My Constantinople, my Caraman, the earth of my Anatolia
My Badakhshan, my Baghdad and Khorasan

My woman of the beautiful hair, my love of the slanted brow, my love of eyes full of mischief…

I'll sing your praises always

I, lover of the tormented heart, Muhibbi of the eyes full of tears, I am happy. #Quote by Claire North
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Allegra Goodman
#34. In the kitchen, her family nibbled Helen's lemon squares. Melanie urged brownies on the nurses. "Take these," she told Lorraine. "We can't eat them all, but Helen won't stop baking."
"Sweetheart," Lorraine said, "everybody mourns in her own way."
Helen mourned her sister deeply. She arrived each day with shopping bags. Her cake was tender with sliced apples, but her almond cookies crumbled at the touch. Her pecan bars were awful, sticky-sweet and hard enough to break your teeth. They remained untouched in the dining room, because Helen never threw good food away. #Quote by Allegra Goodman
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Casey McQuiston
#35. Give yourself away sometimes, sweetheart, There's so much of you. #Quote by Casey McQuiston
Fraternity Sweetheart quotes by Dion Fortune
#36. A school of esotericism usually arises in connection with some special realization of the Truth, which it sometimes stresses beyond its due proportion to life as a whole, but there will never be found any teaching which has the power to hold together a body of earnest seekers which has not a spark of the divine fire at its heart; therefore respect should be given to all how seek in sincerity, however far from the goal they may appear to be, and all who are engaged in the great Quest should rather try to see the vision which a brother has glimpsed than the special errors to which he has fallen victim. #Quote by Dion Fortune

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