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Fradeani Mauro quotes by Greg Mauro
#1. Don't think about bringing an idea that you are not willing to become responsible to personally carry out! #Quote by Greg Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Mauro Lannini
#2. Romeo and Juliet"

The world is full of girls! Of all different kinds and shapes and sizes. They're all big question marks, incognito and unknown. They're a page in a book that's never been written or perhaps yet read. They're a title that's never been chosen, a language that's never been understood. Yet perhaps a treasure that hasn't been discovered.

Will any of this ever be revealed? That is even a bigger question mark. Yet, adventurous men, the brave and the naive ones, still pursue their endeavor toward their unknown dreams.

Will there ever be another Romeo and Juliet?
Or are we all Romeos and Juliets at the end? #Quote by Mauro Lannini
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Philip Mauro
#3. If peace is to come to earth through change in man's environment, instead of through change in man himself, it will never come. -- Philip Mauro in "The Number of Man the Climax of Civilization #Quote by Philip Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Ilona Andrews
#4. Hello, Consort,' Mauro boomed. He got to his feet, spread his arms, and curtsied. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Ilona Andrews
#5. We need a bigger gun."
"We need a shower," Raphael said.
"Gun first. Shower later."
Ten minutes later I walked into the Order's office. A group of knights standing in the hallway turned at my approach: Mauro, the huge Samoan knight; Tobias, as usual dapper; and Gene, the seasoned former Georgia Bureau of Investigations detective. They looked at me. The conversation died.
My clothes were torn and bloody. Soot stained my skin. My hair stuck out in clumps caked with dirt and blood. The reek of a dead cat emanated from me in a foul cloud.
I walked past them into the armory, opened the glass case, took Boom Baby out, grabbed a box of Silver Hawk cartridges, and walked out.
Nobody said a thing. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
#6. Life is supposed to be messy. Being human means you will get our heart broken and your fingernails dirty. #Quote by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Jeff Mauro
#7. I love sandwiches. Let's face it, life is better between two pieces of bread. #Quote by Jeff Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Mauro Lannini
#8. Feel"

Hello everyone, how are y'all doing Y'all seem busy
Don't mean to disturb you, is it me or y'all look dizzy

Can you hear the ocean screaming, can you see the wind in your hair
I know it all seems scattered here and there

Do I sound odd to you, Do you already have a name for me
Where do I belong to, How hard is it for everyone to agree

Can anyone hear me I see all of your vague faces
Coming from all different places
Unconsciously robbed of own your rights,
I wish I could make you all feel despite of all your races

Touch the ground, grab a stone and y'all know you're not alone
Have a mind of your own

Time ticks on
Each hour closer the death
Love, feel what are you waiting upon
Don't waste one breath. #Quote by Mauro Lannini
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Mauro Morandi
#9. I understood that the most beautiful, dangerous, adventurous and gratifying journeys of all is the one inside yourself, whether you're sitting in the living room or under a canopy here in Budelli. That's why staying at home and doing nothing can be really hard for many. #Quote by Mauro Morandi
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Shawn Anthony Levy
#10. I'm not sure that I could give notes to someone that I revere. That's a general challenge of directing, giving notes to someone you revere. The other big contribution to this, which most people I show footage to take note of is Mauro Fiore's cinematography is unbelievable. #Quote by Shawn Anthony Levy
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
#11. Our lives are specks of dust wasted in worry. Only one six billionth of it is about you. #Quote by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Mauro Lannini
#12. True soul"

From the world desired by all
Down the street I walk up to a different kind of soul

Why are you looking at me like that, I feel something
I feel your love, your life, your pain,

you're from the no longer existent world whats your life goal, you're not here in vain

I'm here and alive and you rock to feel me the way you do, all I want is be whole

Several have strolled down my road but none have reached as deep into my soul

Love me truly, love me now, love me forever and I'd show you my true soul

God will give us a gift of life that will bond us from herein on into infinity

Let it be the birth of our true souls. #Quote by Mauro Lannini
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
#13. I have to believe we have the option to change who we are and where we are going, anytime. This is what gives us room to hope. Every breath has the potential to begin a new era. #Quote by Kaitlyn Jane Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
#14. To live is to change, and to live thoroughly is to change completely, and to change completely is to grow perfectly. #Quote by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
#15. There are three things I like about cannoli; they are a wonderfully greedy pleasure known the world over, their cameo appearance in The Godfather was made famous by Corleone family capo, "Fat Pete" Clemenza, and they don't use their celebrity status to tell me how to live my life. #Quote by Anthony P. Mauro, Sr
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Daniele Mauro
#16. The beauty of the past lies in-between the perpetual unhappiness of the future and of those who live it. #Quote by Daniele Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Jeff Mauro
#17. You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal. #Quote by Jeff Mauro
Fradeani Mauro quotes by Terri Mauro
#18. When adults interpret sensory integration problems as deliberate behavioral choices, things can spiral out of control quickly. If a child legitimately cannot find a way within his neurological capabilities to do something a parent or teacher is insisting on - and lacks any sort of useful vocabulary for explaining why he can't - there is very little option but to explode in fear and frustration. Understanding that a child is trying his best and needs help to overcome challenges is an important first step in helping kids with sensory integration disorder. #Quote by Terri Mauro

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