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Fowls Birds quotes by Janet Turpin Myers
#1. I learned that adults were not soaring gods, but rather back-yard birds with broken wingtips.
When you are thirteen, about to free-fall into the real world, discovering the broken wingtips is terrifying. #Quote by Janet Turpin Myers
Fowls Birds quotes by Washington Irving
#2. It was Shakespeare's notion that on this day birds begin to couple; hence probably arose the custom of sending fancy love-billets. #Quote by Washington Irving
Fowls Birds quotes by Wendell Berry
#3. And now above and beyond the birds' song, Andy hears a more distant singing, whether of voices or instruments, sounds or words, he cannot tell. It is at first faint, and then stronger, filling the sky and touching the ground, and the birds answer it. He understands presently that he is hearing the light; he is hearing the sun, which now has risen, though from the valley it is not yet visible. The light's music resounds and shines in the air and over the countryside, drawing everything into the infinite, sensed but mysterious pattern of its harmony. From every tree and leaf, grass blade, stone, bird, and beast, it is answered and again answers. The creatures sing back their names. But more than their names. They sing their being. The world sings. The sky sings back. It is one song, the song of the many members of one love, the whole song sung and to be sung, resounding, in each of its moments. And it is light. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Fowls Birds quotes by Linda Hogan
#4. [T]he old stories of human relationships with animals can't be discounted. They are not primitive; they are primal. They reflect insights that came from considerable and elaborate systems of knowledge, intellectual traditions and ways of living that were tried, tested, and found true over many thousands of years and on all continents.

But perhaps the truest story is with the animals themselves because we have found our exemplary ways through them, both in the older world and in the present time, both physically and spiritually. According to the traditions of the Seneca animal society, there were medicine animals in ancient times that entered into relationships with people. The animals themselves taught ceremonies that were to be performed in their names, saying they would provide help for humans if this relationship was kept. We have followed them, not only in the way the early European voyagers and prenavigators did, by following the migrations of whales in order to know their location, or by releasing birds from cages on their sailing vessels and following them towards land, but in ways more subtle and even more sustaining. In a discussion of the Wolf Dance of the Northwest, artists Bill Holm and William Reid said that 'It is often done by a woman or a group of women. The dance is supposed to come from the wolves. There are different versions of its origin and different songs, but the words say something like, 'Your name is widely known among the wolves. You are #Quote by Linda Hogan
Fowls Birds quotes by Robert Browning
#5. Like dogs in a wheel, birds in a cage, or squirrels in a chain, ambitious men still climb and climb, with great labor, and incessant anxiety, but never reach the top. #Quote by Robert Browning
Fowls Birds quotes by Natalie Jeremijenko
#6. Information is not just something you download from the Web. The way trees grow and where birds choose to live are much better signs of water quality than all the data being collected by the EPA. #Quote by Natalie Jeremijenko
Fowls Birds quotes by Scott Sipprelle
#7. bird's nest of curly salt-and-pepper #Quote by Scott Sipprelle
Fowls Birds quotes by C.J. Milbrandt
#8. Do you mean that Zane is some kind of bird magnet? #Quote by C.J. Milbrandt
Fowls Birds quotes by Grady Hendrix
#9. By the power of Phil Collins, I rebuke you!" she said. "By the power of Phil Collins, who knows that you coming back to me is against all odds, in his name I command you to leave this servant of Genesis alone...
By the power of The Thorn Birds - she cried - by the sacred strength of My Sweet Audrina and Forever...
By the power of lost retainers and Jamaica and bad cornrows and fireflies and Madonna, by all these things I rebuke you #Quote by Grady Hendrix
Fowls Birds quotes by Douglas Clegg
#10. the one of insane geometries, of orange lightning, of fire that rained from trees like leaves falling, of the birds rising from the water their impossibly pure white wings spreading across the burning sky. As #Quote by Douglas Clegg
Fowls Birds quotes by Harald Zur Hausen
#11. As a child, I remember my own intensive interest in biology, birds, other animals and flowers and was determined at an early age to become a scientist. #Quote by Harald Zur Hausen
Fowls Birds quotes by George R R Martin
#12. Catelyn had never liked this godswood.
She had been born a Tully, at Riverrun far to the south, on the Red Fork of the Trident. The godswood there was a garden, bright and airy, where tall redwoods spread dappled shadows across tinkling streams, birds sang from hidden nests, and the air was spicy with the scent of flowers. #Quote by George R R Martin
Fowls Birds quotes by Robert Lowell
#13. The Poet
His teeth splayed in a way he'd notice and pity
in his closest enemies or friends.
Youth held his eye; he blinked at passing beauties,
birds of passage that could not close the gap.
His wife was high-blooded, he counted on her living
she lived, past sixty, then lived on in him,
and often when he plotted lines, she breathed
her acrid sweetness past his imaginings.
She was still a magnificent handle of a woman
did she have her lover as a novelist wished her?
hating someone nearer, she found her voice
no wife so loved; though Hardy, home from cycling,
was glad to climb unnoticed to his study
by a circling outside staircase, his own design. #Quote by Robert Lowell
Fowls Birds quotes by Anna Kavan
#14. While I am watching the birds I believe I am comparatively immune from the assaults of life. The very indifference to humanity of these wild creatures affords me a certain safeguard. Where all else is dangerous, hostile and liable to inflict pain, they alone can do me no injury because, probably, they are not even aware of my existence. The birds are at once my refuge and my relaxation. #Quote by Anna Kavan
Fowls Birds quotes by Gene Wolfe
#15. He saw then that there was a lens at one end, disguised as a dewdrop in the throat of an asphodel. Gently he took the egg in his hands, closed one eye, and looked. The light of the interior was not, as he had half expected, gold tinted, but brilliantly white, deriving from some concealed source. A world surely meant for Earth shone within, as though seen from below the orbit of the moon - indigo sea and emerald land. Rivers brown and clear as tea ran down long plains. His mother said, "Isn't it pretty?" Night hung at the corners in funereal purple, and sent long shadows like cold and lovely arms to caress the day; and while he watched and it fell, long-necked birds of so dark a pink that they were nearly red trailed stilt legs across the sky, their wings making crosses. #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Fowls Birds quotes by Attar Of Nishapur
#16. When they had understood the hoopoe's words,
A clamour of complaint rose from the birds:
'Although we recognize you as our guide,
You must accept - it cannot be denied -
We are a wretched, flimsy crew at best,
And lack the bare essentials for this quest.
Our feathers and our wings, our bodies' strength
Are quite unequal to the journey's length;
For one of us to reach the Simorgh's throne
Would be miraculous, a thing unknown.
[...] He seems like Solomon, and we like ants;
How can mere ants climb from their darkened pit
Up to the Simorgh's realm? And is it fit
That beggars try the glory of a king?
How ever could they manage such a thing?'

The hoopoe answered them: 'How can love thrive
in hearts impoverished and half alive?
"Beggars," you say - such niggling poverty
Will not encourage truth or charity.
A man whose eyes love opens risks his soul -
His dancing breaks beyond the mind's control.
[...] Your heart is not a mirror bright and clear
If there the Simorgh's form does not appear;
No one can bear His beauty face to face,
And for this reason, of His perfect grace,
He makes a mirror in our hearts - look there
To see Him, search your hearts with anxious care. #Quote by Attar Of Nishapur
Fowls Birds quotes by Roger Zelazny
#17. Dwelling beside a body of water is tonic for the weary psyche. Sea smells, sea birds, seawrack, sands - alternately cool, warm, moist and dry - a taste of brine and the presence of the rocking, slopping bluegraygreen spit-flecked waters, has the effect of rinsing the emotions, bathing the outlook, bleaching the conscience. #Quote by Roger Zelazny
Fowls Birds quotes by Alphonse De Lamartine
#18. But Nature too, shakes off her sleep today; By May's mild sun we see reviv'd her frame, Around my window Venus' birds proclaim, The month most cherish'd backwards bends his way! #Quote by Alphonse De Lamartine
Fowls Birds quotes by Karen Ranney
#19. The room smelled of lemon wax and the perfume she wore, something delicate and unassuming, not truly mirroring the complex woman she was. She would wear something hinting of roses, or more exotic blooms, a scent that teased the senses.
She hated the mirrors, so he had them removed. He found another desk in the attics, one more suited for a study, but she'd been overjoyed when first viewing it. There was enough space in the sitting room, and that's where it rested, beneath the window looking out over Huntly's glen.
He wished this view of the lake. She would have liked the sight of the birds soaring over the trees or the pale light of dawn reflected in the water. #Quote by Karen Ranney
Fowls Birds quotes by Charles Dickens
#20. The day happened to be Sunday, and when I looked on the loveliness around me, and thought how it had grown and changed, and how the little wild flowers had been forming, and the voices of the birds had been strengthening, by day and by night, under the sun and under the stars, while poor I lay burning and tossing on my bed, the mere remembrance of having burned and tossed there, came like a check upon my peace. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Fowls Birds quotes by Knut Hamsun
#21. I was happy and faint, the animals came up close and looked me over, there were beetles on the leafy trees and blister beetles crawling on the path. Hello there! I thought. The mood of the forest flowed back and forth through my senses, I wept for love of it and was perfectly happy, dissolved in thanksgiving. Sweet forest, my home, may God's peace be with you, it comes straight from my heart.... I stop, turn in all directions and, weeping, call birds, trees, rocks, grass, and ants by name, I look about me and name them one after the other. I look up toward the mountains and think, Yes, I'm coming! as if answering a call. There, high up, the merlin nested, I knew of its nests. But the thought of the nesting merlins up in the mountains took my fantasy far away. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Fowls Birds quotes by Cliff James
#22. Have you ever wondered why we bury and cremate our dead? Nothing to do with hygiene, it's just so we don't have to see the reality of death. You know, the Zoroastrians used to leave their dead in open places for the birds to eat. Now that's a far more honest way to go, don't you agree? Everyone can see what happens. It makes us live our lives more potently. That's how I want to go, at my end: openly. Not ashamed of death, but embracing it. #Quote by Cliff James
Fowls Birds quotes by Jesse R. Page
#23. Birds danced in an emerald sky. #Quote by Jesse R. Page
Fowls Birds quotes by Joseph Conrad
#24. History repeats itself, but the special call of an art which has passed away is never reproduced. It is as utterly gone out of the world as the song of a destroyed wild bird. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Fowls Birds quotes by John Flanagan
#25. Evanlyn smiled grimly as she thought how once she might have objected to the cruelty of the bird's death. Now, all she felt was a sense of satisfaction as she realized that they would eat well today.
Amazing how an empty belly could change your perspective, she thought. #Quote by John Flanagan
Fowls Birds quotes by Bob Hope
#26. My father told me all about the birds and the bees, the liar - I went steady with a woodpecker till I was twenty one. #Quote by Bob Hope
Fowls Birds quotes by Douglas Adams
#27. The term "fed up" actually comes from falconry. When you train a falcon, you train it by hunger, using it as a tool to manipulate the bird's psychology. So when the bird has had too much to eat, it won't cooperate and gets annoyed by any attempts to tell it what to do. It simply sits in the top of a tree and sulks. It is "fed up". #Quote by Douglas Adams
Fowls Birds quotes by Karen Foxlee
#28. If you ever shoot a great magical owl with an arrow, you should remember this, Ophelia. Everything is connected. If you touch the ground, you touch the tops of trees. If you touch the trees, you touch the wings of birds. #Quote by Karen Foxlee
Fowls Birds quotes by Diane Ackerman
#29. For most people in the [Jewish] Ghetto [of Warsaw] nature lived only in memory
no parks, birds, or greenery existed in the Ghetto
and they suffered the loss of nature like a phantom-limb pain, an amputation that scrambled the body's rhythms, starved the senses, and made basic ideas about the world impossible for children to fathom. #Quote by Diane Ackerman
Fowls Birds quotes by J.K. Rowling
#30. DUMBLEDORE: How was it?
NEWT: They're still convinced that you sent me to New York.
DUMBLEDORE: You told them I didn't?
NEWT: Yes. Even though you did.
A beat. DUMBLEDORE inscrutable, NEWT wanting answers.
NEWT: You told me where to find that trafficked Thunderbird, Dumbledore. You knew that I would take him home and you knew I'd have to take him through a Muggle port.
DUMBLEDORE: Well, I've always felt an affinity with the great magical birds. There's a story in my family that a phoenix will come to any Dumbledore who is in desperate need. They say my great-great-grandfather had one, but that it took flight when he died, never to return.
NEWT: With all due respect, I don't believe for a minute that's why you told me about the Thunderbird. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Fowls Birds quotes by Charles Stanley
#31. The Bible tells us that God will meet all our needs. He feeds the birds of the air and clothes the grass with the splendor of lilies. How much more, then, will He care for us, who are made in His image? Our only concern is to obey the heavenly Father and leave the consequences to Him. #Quote by Charles Stanley
Fowls Birds quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
#32. From the tiny birds of the air and from the fragile lilies of the field, we learn the same truth, which is so important for those who desire to live a life of simple faith: God takes care of His own. He knows our needs. He anticipates our crises. He is moved by our weaknesses. He stands ready to come to our rescue. And at just the right moment, He steps in and proves Himself as our faithful heavenly Father. #Quote by Charles R. Swindoll
Fowls Birds quotes by Nicola Furlong
#33. The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon, The Song of the Birds for Mirth, One is Nearer God's Heart in a Garden, Than Anywhere Else on Earth. #Quote by Nicola Furlong
Fowls Birds quotes by Annie G. Rogers
#34. Little birds of thought die in her throat. #Quote by Annie G. Rogers
Fowls Birds quotes by Reginald Dwayne Betts
#35. For you: anthophilous, lover of flowers,
green roses, chrysanthemums, lilies: retrophilia,
philocaly, philomath, sarcophilous - all this love,
of the past, of beauty, of knowledge, of flesh; this is
catalogue & counter: philalethist, negrophile, neophile.
A negro man walks down the street, taps Newport
out against a brick wall & stares at you. Love
that: lygophilia, lithophilous. Be amongst stones,
amongst darkness. We are glass house. Philopornist,
philotechnical. Why not worship the demimonde?
Love that - a corner room, whatever is not there,
all the clutter you keep secret. Palaeophile,
ornithophilous: you, antiquarian, pollinated by birds.
All this a way to dream green rose petals on the bed you love;
petrophilous, stigmatophilia: live near rocks, tattoo hurt;
for you topophilia: what place do you love? All these words
for love (for you), all these ways to say believe
in symphily, to say let us live near each other. #Quote by Reginald Dwayne Betts
Fowls Birds quotes by Rebecca Solnit
#36. Fairy tales are about trouble, about getting into and out of it, and trouble seems to be a necessary stage on the route to becoming. All the magic and glass mountains and pearls the size of houses and princesses beautiful as the day and talking birds and part-time serpents are distractions from the core of most of the stories, the struggle to survive against adversaries, to find your place in the world, and to come into your own.

Fairy tales are almost always the stories of the powerless, of youngest sons, abandoned children, orphans, of humans transformed into birds and beasts or otherwise enchanted away from their own lives and selves. Even princesses are chattels to be disowned by fathers, punished by step-mothers, or claimed by princes, though they often assert themselves in between and are rarely as passive as the cartoon versions. Fairy tales are children's stories not in wh they were made for but in their focus on the early stages of life, when others have power over you and you have power over no one.

In them, power is rarely the right tool for survival anyway. Rather the powerless thrive on alliances, often in the form of reciprocated acts of kindness -- from beehives that were not raided, birds that were not killed but set free or fed, old women who were saluted with respect. Kindness sewn among the meek is harvested in crisis...

In Hans Christian Andersen's retelling of the old Nordic tale that begins with a stepmother, "The Wild Sw #Quote by Rebecca Solnit
Fowls Birds quotes by Philip K. Dick
#37. I could see why she felt attracted to Sam K. Barrows. Birds of a feather, or rather lizards of a scale. #Quote by Philip K. Dick

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