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Fortune 500 quotes by Sharad Vivek Sagar
#1. I sometimes wonder how powerful are those Fortune 500 CEOs who can can't even change the way that list looks (leave aside how the world looks). And, I wonder what message do we send to our young girls, in classrooms across the world, who work as hard as our young boys but see only 20 CEOs out of those 500 who look like them. #Quote by Sharad Vivek Sagar
Fortune 500 quotes by Patti Stanger
#2. I was a VP of marketing, I was regional sales manager in fashion, and marketing director in communications and product development. I was always a corporate Fortune 500 girl. #Quote by Patti Stanger
Fortune 500 quotes by Maelle Gavet
#3. The Priceline Group is a truly globally-scaled digital e-commerce Fortune 500 company operating world-class brands. I look forward to contributing to the Group by identifying new opportunities and operating synergies that enhance its already strong track record as a global digital pioneer. #Quote by Maelle Gavet
Fortune 500 quotes by Mark Dever
#4. A church is not a Fortune 500 company. It's not simply another nonprofit organization, nor is it a social club. In fact, a healthy church is unlike any organization that man has ever devised, because man didn't devise it. #Quote by Mark Dever
Fortune 500 quotes by John W. Thompson
#5. My friends and family are amazed I've done so well. I was not a model student. No one expected that I'd build a Fortune 500 company at Symantec. #Quote by John W. Thompson
Fortune 500 quotes by Marianne Williamson
#6. The fact is, there are Fortune 500 companies that have been founded during recessions. #Quote by Marianne Williamson
Fortune 500 quotes by Seth Godin
#7. Twenty years ago, the top 100 companies in the Fortune 500 either dug something out of the ground or turned a natural resource (iron ore or oil) into something you could hold. Today, fewer than half of the companies on the list do that. The rest make unseemly profits by trafficking in ideas. #Quote by Seth Godin
Fortune 500 quotes by Ernie Lindsey
#8. their father left for the gym and never came back. She'd been wined and dined with some incredible offers from Fortune 500 companies, but LightPulse was her home, the house she'd helped build, and she had no intention of leaving. Even if #Quote by Ernie Lindsey
Fortune 500 quotes by Mikko Hypponen
#9. How many of the 'Fortune' 500 are hacked? 500. #Quote by Mikko Hypponen
Fortune 500 quotes by James Surowiecki
#10. If you thought the advent of the Internet, the spread of cheap and efficient information technology, and the growing fragmentation of the consumer market were all going to help smaller companies thrive at the expense of the slow-moving giants of the Fortune 500, apparently you were wrong. #Quote by James Surowiecki
Fortune 500 quotes by Guy Kawasaki
#11. It's a very valuable skill to succeed in life whether you work for a startup or a Fortune 500 company. #Quote by Guy Kawasaki
Fortune 500 quotes by Anonymous
#12. A study of Fortune 500 companies from research organization Catalyst found that those with the highest representation of women on their boards of directors performed significantly better than those with the lowest representation of women. #Quote by Anonymous
Fortune 500 quotes by Daniel Finkelstein
#13. Last year, the journalist Malcolm Gladwell conducted a survey of chief executive officers of Fortune 500 companies for his book Blink. He discovered that while in the US population 14.5 per cent of all men are 6ft (1.83m) or taller, among CEOs of Fortune 500 companies the proportion is 58 per cent. And while 3.9 per cent of American adults are 6ft 2in or taller, almost a third of the CEOs were that tall. #Quote by Daniel Finkelstein
Fortune 500 quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#14. Most Internet business theorists are really looking at preserving the necks of giant, Fortune 500 companies, rather than promoting the digital, peer-to-peer economy that actually wants to happen. #Quote by Douglas Rushkoff
Fortune 500 quotes by Abdul Kalam
#15. We need to create brand institutions. In the fortune 500 companies, 5 Indian companies are named while 15 are from China though we have similar kind of populations. #Quote by Abdul Kalam
Fortune 500 quotes by Dan Alatorre
#16. Take what fame or fortune comes your way. My first bestseller was a cookbook, so remember to be open to trying new things. From that experience I learned things about marketing a book that benefitted me greatly and, combined with my sales management experience with Fortune 500 companies, I was able to launch a string of bestsellers. #Quote by Dan Alatorre
Fortune 500 quotes by Nancy Snow
#17. Current public diplomacy and foreign policy making reduces the role of American citizens to mere spectators. The USIA's model of democracy and the free market is promoted as the superpower version of economic globalization, packaged and ready for shipping to clients throughout the world. In this version, foreign capital flows freely while the movement of people, particularly the world's poor, is strictly controlled. Such a commercial package speaks first and foremost for government 'partners,' the Fortune 500 corporations, which are the primary beneficiaries as well as the bankrollers of the American political process. This is a packaged story of America that is incomplete and undemocratic. Where do workers and communities fit into the story? How do private citizens play a part in building dialogue across cultures? #Quote by Nancy Snow
Fortune 500 quotes by Paul Hawken
#18. I doubt very much that the chief executives of any of the Fortune 500 corporations can name five edible plants, five native grasses, or five migratory birds within walking distance of their homes, or name the soil series upon which their house sits. And I would contend that if you don't know where you are, you are in fact nowhere at all. #Quote by Paul Hawken
Fortune 500 quotes by Michael Milken
#19. Small and mid-sized companies in this country historically have been responsible for creating the overwhelming majority of new jobs in the private sector. One of the most-common misconceptions about our private enterprise system is that large companies, such as the Fortune 500, are integral to the process of job creation in this country. The truth is quite the opposite. #Quote by Michael Milken
Fortune 500 quotes by Carmelo Anthony
#20. The NBA's a Fortune 500 company. That's how you look at it. And all the other Fortune 500 companies out there in the world, you don't see their CEOs and COOs going to work with white tees and baggy clothes and stuff like that. So I have to take that same approach. #Quote by Carmelo Anthony
Fortune 500 quotes by Lynda Resnick
#21. Most Fortune 500 companies began as small start-ups whose entrepreneurial founders slowly developed the infrastructure, hired the staff, sourced manufacturers or built their own factory, and created distribution, sales, and marketing plans. #Quote by Lynda Resnick
Fortune 500 quotes by Pablo
#22. It makes no sense to compare yourself with others because there will always be better & worse people than you out there. Each person has his own path to make. You are where you are now. Could you reach for the stars & have everything you want? realistically no. You may not win Olympic Gold in London 2012 , or be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company etc but you most definitely have the capacity to make YOUR life as the Masterpiece it could really be. The choice is yours ... #Quote by Pablo
Fortune 500 quotes by Zhang Jindong
#23. China has the best opportunities. A domestic market with 1.3bn people will help create more Fortune 500 retailers. #Quote by Zhang Jindong
Fortune 500 quotes by Marie Forleo
#24. One way to get a life and keep it is to put energy into being an S&M (success and money) queen. I first heard this term in Karen Salmansohn's fabulous book The 30-Day Plan to Whip Your Career Into Submission. Here's how to do it: be a star at work. I don't care if you flip burgers at McDonald's or run a Fortune 500 company. Do everything with totality and excellence. Show up on time, all the time. Do what you say you will do. Contribute ideas. Take care of the people around you. Solve problems. Be an agent for change. Invest in being the best in your industry or the best in the world!
If you've been thinking about changing professions, that's even more reason to be a star at your current job. Operating with excellence now will get you back up to speed mentally and energetically so you can hit the ground running in your new position. It will also create good karma. When and if you finally do leave, your current employers will be happy to support you with a great reference and often leave an open door for additional work in the future.
If you're an entrepreneur, look at ways to enhance your business. Is there a new product or service you've wanted to offer? How can you create raving fans by making your customer service sparkle? How can you reach more people with your product or service? Can you impact thousands or even millions more?
Let's not forget the M in S&M. Getting a life and keeping it includes having strong financial health as well. This area is #Quote by Marie Forleo
Fortune 500 quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#25. Your dad was in a street gang? My adopted dad was an accountant for a big Fortune 500 corporation. Him, me, and my adopted mom lived in the suburbs in an English Tudor house with a gigantic basement where he fiddled with model trains. The other dads were lawyers and research chemists, but they all ran model trains. Every weekend they could, they'd load into a family van and cruise into the city for research. Snapping pictures of gang members. Gang graffiti. Sex workers walking their tracks. Litter and pollution and homeless heroin addicts. All this, they'd study and bicker about, trying to outdo each other with the most realistic, the grittiest scenes of urban decay they could create in HO train scale in a subdivision basement #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Fortune 500 quotes by Jackie Warner
#26. I'm not running a Fortune 500 company here. I'm not a bank controller. I run a gym. You have to expect a certain amount of sex. We're dealing with bodies, and trainers are very into being beautiful, so you're going to have people who are attracted to each other. #Quote by Jackie Warner
Fortune 500 quotes by Ralph Nader
#27. Ninety-seven percent of the CEOs of the Fortune 500 are white men, and what they do radiates all the way down into poor areas and cities around our country. Like predatory lending and misallocation of municipal services. These guys get municipal service, poor areas don't. So they run the economy into the ground, and who suffers the most? The poor pay more and they die earlier. #Quote by Ralph Nader
Fortune 500 quotes by Warren Farrell
#28. We always look at the 'Fortune 500,' and we say, men in power, but we don't look at the glass cellar as opposed to the glass ceiling and say, men also are the homeless, men are also the ones that are the garbage collectors. Men are also the ones dying in construction sites that aren't properly supervised for safety hazards. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Fortune 500 quotes by Kate Klise
#29. Many adult book authors supplement their income by teaching at the college level. Full-time professors fare well, but pay for adjunct professors is notoriously shabby. Children's book authors have a sweeter deal. We're invited by schools, libraries, law firms, and Fortune 500 companies to share our best writing tips and strategies. #Quote by Kate Klise
Fortune 500 quotes by Clara Shih
#30. Nearly 7 in 10 Fortune 500 companies have a corporate Facebook page, and more than that have active Twitter accounts. #Quote by Clara Shih
Fortune 500 quotes by Nancy Pelosi
#31. Women are leaders everywhere you look - from the CEO who runs a Fortune 500 company to the housewife who raises her children and heads her household. Our country was built by strong women and we will continue to break down walls and defy stereotypes. #Quote by Nancy Pelosi
Fortune 500 quotes by John J. Sarno
#32. When a chief executive says, 'people are our most important asset' he (almost always 'he' since by 2008, only 12 of the Fortune 500 companies had CEOs who were women)is really speaking of a small percentage of the firm's employees. Everyone else is merely labor cost. #Quote by John J. Sarno
Fortune 500 quotes by Shawn Achor
#33. Fortune 500 companies are still using incentive programs that were proven ineffective almost a generation ago. #Quote by Shawn Achor
Fortune 500 quotes by Richard MacDonald
#34. I never had a job. I bought my first house within a year of getting out of school, and I built a custom one four and a half years later. The Art Center didn't teach much about business, but I learned a lot from the Fortune 500 companies that were my clients. #Quote by Richard MacDonald
Fortune 500 quotes by Sela Ward
#35. If I wasn't an actress I would run a fortune 500 company. #Quote by Sela Ward
Fortune 500 quotes by William Dickstein
#36. The Fate Gene A latent Ch05En gene destines someone for greatness. Maybe you'll be a rock star, or CEO of a Fortune 500. You might save somebody's life, or give birth to the greatest supporting actress of all time. Maybe you'll be a superhero. Those #Quote by William Dickstein
Fortune 500 quotes by Allen Zadoff
#37. There was some violence a year ago. An important kid got shot during an attempted kidnapping while on spring break in Mexico. The Fortune 500 went security crazy. Now rich kids like Jack need a commando team to take a dump. #Quote by Allen Zadoff
Fortune 500 quotes by John Geiger
#38. It doesn't matter if you work at a fast food joint or if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Your job title does not define your purpose. The size of your paycheck does not make you worthy. What makes you valuable is your contribution to the world and the legacy that you leave behind. Stop defining yourself by what you do, and start defining yourself by who you are! #Quote by John Geiger
Fortune 500 quotes by Daniel Schorr
#39. Good journalism is being criminalized or otherwise rendered perilous to its best practitioners. Attack a government agency like the CIA, or a Fortune 500 member ... , or the conduct of the military in Southeast Asia and you find yourself in deep trouble, naked and often alone. #Quote by Daniel Schorr
Fortune 500 quotes by William Wordsworth
#40. As generations come and go, Their arts, their customs, ebb and flow; Fate, fortune, sweep strong powers away, And feeble, of themselves, decay. #Quote by William Wordsworth
Fortune 500 quotes by Mark Kurlansky
#41. Cherokee faction of fewer than 500 people in a nation of 17,000 who were agreeable to removal. #Quote by Mark Kurlansky
Fortune 500 quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#42. No man is satisfied with his fortune, but every man is satisfied with his wit. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Fortune 500 quotes by Peter Wohlleben
#43. Of all the plants, trees have the largest surface area covered in leaves. For every square yard of forest, 27 square yards of leaves and needles blanket the crowns. Part of every rainfall is intercepted in the canopy and immediately evaporates again. In addition, each summer, trees use up to 8,500 cubic yards of water per square mile, which they release into the air through transpiration. This water vapor creates new clouds that travel farther inland to release their rain. As the cycle continues, water reaches even the most remote areas. This water pump works so well that the downpours in some large areas of the world, such as the Amazon basin, are almost as heavy thousands of miles inland as they are on the coast.

There are a few requirements for the pump to work: from the ocean to the farthest corner, there must be forest. And, most importantly, the coastal forests are the foundations for this system. If they do not exist, the system falls apart. Scientists credit Anastassia Makarieva from Saint Petersburg in Russia for the discovery of these unbelievably important connections. They studied different forests around the world and everywhere the results were the same. It didn't matter if they were studying a rain forest or the Siberian taiga, it was always the trees that were transferring life-giving moisture into land-locked interiors. Researchers also discovered that the whole process breaks down if coastal forests are cleared. It's a bit like if you were using a #Quote by Peter Wohlleben
Fortune 500 quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#44. People that are conceited of their own merit take pride in being unfortunate, that themselves and others may think them considerable enough to be the envy and the mark of fortune. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Fortune 500 quotes by Buddy Rice
#45. I don't think you'll understand the true repercussions of what the 500 does for you until years down the road. #Quote by Buddy Rice
Fortune 500 quotes by Joe Haldeman
#46. My back pay came to $892,746,012. Not in the form of bales of currency, fortunately; on Heaven they used an electronic credit exchange, so I carried my fortune around in a little machine with a digital readout. To buy something you punched in the vendor's credit number and the amount of purchase; the sum was automatically shuffled from your account to his. The machine was the size of a slender wallet and coded to your thumbprint. #Quote by Joe Haldeman
Fortune 500 quotes by Arthur Golden
#47. Every man has his destiny. But who needs to go to a fortune-teller to find it? Do I go to a chef to find out if I'm hungry? #Quote by Arthur Golden
Fortune 500 quotes by Jules Verne
#48. And whichsoever way thou goest, may fortune follow. #Quote by Jules Verne
Fortune 500 quotes by Stephen King
#49. Me go! let me go and you can have everything you've ever wanted - money, fame, fortune, #Quote by Stephen King
Fortune 500 quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#50. At the risk of repetition let me say again that my plea is not for immunity to, but for the most unsparing exposure of, the politician who betrays his trust, of the big business man who makes or spends his fortune in illegitimate or corrupt ways. There should be a resolute effort to hunt every such man out of the position he has disgraced. Expose the crime, and hunt down the criminal; but remember that even in the case of crime, if it is attacked in sensational, lurid, and untruthful fashion, the attack may do more damage to the public mind than the crime itself. #Quote by Theodore Roosevelt
Fortune 500 quotes by Uell Stanley Andersen
#51. No matter the barbs of fate that frustrate you, no matter how stacked against you the cards of fortune ... There is a liberating law in the universe, and you can become the highest of the high, wisest of the wise. #Quote by Uell Stanley Andersen
Fortune 500 quotes by Jen Turano
#52. I have yet to be reunited with my fortune, and I'm now missing a chunk of hair from my spat with the nanny. #Quote by Jen Turano
Fortune 500 quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#53. There is something to be said for jealousy, because it only designs the preservation of some good which we either have or think wehave a right to. But envy is a raging madness that cannot bear the wealth or fortune of others. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Fortune 500 quotes by Helene Cixous
#54. I wished that that woman would write and proclaim this unique empire so that other women, other unacknowledged sovereigns, might exclaim: I, too, overflow; my desires have invented new desires, my body knows unheard-of songs. Time and again I, too, have felt so full of luminous torrents that I could burst-burst with forms much more beautiful than those which are put up in frames and sold for a stinking fortune. And I, too, said nothing, showed nothing; I didn't open my
mouth, I didn't repaint my half of the world. I was ashamed. I was afraid, and I swallowed my shame and my fear. I said to myself: You are
mad! #Quote by Helene Cixous
Fortune 500 quotes by Eric Greitens
#55. Fortune will play her hand. And when she stands between us and flourishing, all we can do is live our best life. One #Quote by Eric Greitens
Fortune 500 quotes by Jeffrey Archer
#56. The popularity of an individual in life often only manifests itself in death. #Quote by Jeffrey Archer
Fortune 500 quotes by Robert Fortune
#57. Sometimes, as is the case of peach and plum trees, which are often dwarfed, the plants are thrown into a flowering states, and then, as they flower freely year after year, they have little inclination to make vigorous growth. #Quote by Robert Fortune
Fortune 500 quotes by Adolf Hitler
#58. If Germany hadn't had the good fortune to let me take power in 1933, Europe to-day would no longer exist. The fact is that since I've been in power, I've had only a single idea: to re-arm. That's how I was able, last summer, to decide to attack Russia.
Confronted with the innumerable populations of the East, we cannot exist except on condition that all Germanics are united. They must compose the nucleus around which Europe will federate. On the day when we've solidly organised Europe, we shall be able to look towards Africa. And, who knows? perhaps one day we shall be able to entertain other ambitions.
There are three ways of settling the social question. The privileged class rules the people. The insurgent proletariat exterminates the possessing class. Or else a third formula gives each man the opportunity to develop himself according to his talents. When a man is competent, it matters little to me if he's the son of a caretaker. And, by the way, I'm not stopping the descendants of our military heroes from going once more through the same tests.
I wouldn't feel I had the right to demand of each man the supreme sacrifice, if I hadn't myself gone through the whole 1914-18 war in the front line.
Turning towards the Danish guest, the Fuehrer commented:
For you, things are easier than they were for us. Our past helps you. Our beginnings were wretched. And if I'd disappeared before we were successful, everything would at once have returned into oblivion. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Fortune 500 quotes by Ben Jonson
#59. Minds that are great and free, should not on fortune pause: 'Tis crown enough to virtue still, her own applause. #Quote by Ben Jonson
Fortune 500 quotes by Sting
#60. A lot of people approach risk as if it's the enemy when it's really fortune's accomplice. #Quote by Sting
Fortune 500 quotes by Shelley Berman
#61. The most unusual salesman I ever met is a fellow who made a modest fortune purveying lightning rods. But he suddenly lost interest in his work. He got caught in a storm with a bunch of samples in his arms. #Quote by Shelley Berman
Fortune 500 quotes by Michelle Moran
#62. In Egypt, there is a saying: When good fortune looks down upon us, it does so in threes, one for each part of the Eye of Horus. His upper lid, his lower lid and the eye itself. #Quote by Michelle Moran
Fortune 500 quotes by Plutarch
#63. In human life there is constant change of fortune; and it is unreasonable to expect an exemption from the common fate. Life itself decays, and all things are daily changing. #Quote by Plutarch
Fortune 500 quotes by Tessa Dare
#64. Lady Penelope Campion- the aging, frazzled, unsightly spinster who...
Who wasn't any of those things. Not by a mile. As fortune would have it, Lady Penelope Campion turned out to be a fair-haired, blue-eyed beauty.
In his mind's eye, he could still see her sprawled across his bed in her dressing gown. Like an all-grown-up Goldilocks, having crept into his house uninvited to test the mattress. Too soft, too hard...?
He didn't know her opinion, but Gabe's reaction was the latter. His cock was in its usual morning prime, standing at full mast. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Fortune 500 quotes by M.L. Chesley
#65. What to do with you, lass. What to do with you. You will either get me killed or earn me a bloody fortune. #Quote by M.L. Chesley
Fortune 500 quotes by Frank Stella
#66. Scarlatti [Kirkpatrick] started writing sonatas when he was 66 and the idea that he ran off 500 or so after he was 66 was just too much for me to resist. It's just great. #Quote by Frank Stella
Fortune 500 quotes by Wilson Mizner
#67. I've had ample contact with lawyers, and I'm convinced that the only fortune they ever leave is their own. #Quote by Wilson Mizner
Fortune 500 quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#68. We Poets exist for this very purpose. We set men free from their desires.

I don't understand you. You talk in riddles.

What? You don't understand me? And yet you have been reading my poems all this while! -- There is renunciation in our words, renunciation in the metre, renunciation in our music. That is why fortune always forsakes us; and we, in turn always forsake fortune. We go about, all day long, initiating the youths in the sacred cult of fortune-forsaking.

What does it say to us?

It says:
'Ah brothers, don't cling to your goods and chattels,
And sit ever in the corner of your room.
Come out, come out into the open world.
Come out into the highways of life.
Come out, ye youthful Renouncers. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Fortune 500 quotes by Dustin Hoffman
#69. Look at the studio filled with glamorous merchandise. Fabulous and exciting bonus prizes. Thousands of dollars in cash. Over $150,000 just waiting to be won as we present our big bonanza of cash on Wheel Of Fortune. #Quote by Dustin Hoffman
Fortune 500 quotes by Cameron Mackintosh
#70. I think the worst thing that could have happened to me would have been having a hit at 20. I don't know what that would have done to me. But instead, I had to scrape a living for years. And my first show, which opened in 1969, lost over £45,000, an absolute fortune then. #Quote by Cameron Mackintosh
Fortune 500 quotes by John Selden
#71. Patience is the chiefest fruit of study; a man that strives to make himself different from other men by much reading gains this chiefest good, that in all fortunes he hath something to entertain and comfort himself withal. #Quote by John Selden
Fortune 500 quotes by Kelly Link
#72. As if our happiness, our good fortune, might rub off, contestants ask us for a light: they brush up against us in the halls, pull strands of hair off our clothing. Whenever we leave our bed, our room
not often
two or three are sure to be lurking just outside our door. #Quote by Kelly Link
Fortune 500 quotes by Rohinton Mistry
#73. Daughter-in-law is just a word. Call her anything you like. The hand of good fortune is not fussy about words. #Quote by Rohinton Mistry
Fortune 500 quotes by Livy
#74. Good fortune and a good disposition are rarely given to the same man. #Quote by Livy
Fortune 500 quotes by Tana French
#75. About your easy heads my prayers
I said with syllables of clay.
What gift, I asked, shall I bring now
Before I weep and walk away?
Take, they replied, the oak and laurel.
Take our fortune of tears and live
Like a spendthrift lover. All we ask
Is the one gift you cannot give. #Quote by Tana French
Fortune 500 quotes by Giovanni Boccaccio
#76. Kissed mouth don't lose its fortune, on the contrary it renews itself just as the moon does. #Quote by Giovanni Boccaccio
Fortune 500 quotes by H.L. Dietrich
#77. We are all victims, Anselmo.
Our destinies are decided
by a cosmic roll of the dice,
the winds of the stars,"
the vagrant breezes
of fortune that blow from
the windmills of the gods. #Quote by H.L. Dietrich
Fortune 500 quotes by H.G.Wells
#78. It is well to understand how empty space is. If, as we have said, the sun were a ball nine feet across, our earth would, in proportion, be the size of a one-inch ball, and at a distance of 323 yards from the sun. The moon would be a speck the size of a small pea, thirty inches from the earth. Nearer to the sun than the earth would be two other very similar specks, the planets Mercury and Venus, at a distance of 125 and 250 yards respectively. Beyond the earth would come the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, at distances of 500, 1806, 3000, 6000, and 9500 yards respectively. #Quote by H.G.Wells

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