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Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Jennifer Lawrence
#1. I guess my main worry is that people will start hating what I hate about myself. I worry that everyone will think I am really annoying and just want me to shut up. Which would make so much sense because I annoy myself ... I guess I want people to know that if they are annoyed with me, I get it, it's totally cool. Please forgive me. #Quote by Jennifer Lawrence
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#2. We've known his family forever. He doesn't seem to care about the scandal in ours, and he's an excellent shot-"
"That would certainly be at the top of my list of requirements for a husband," Minerva broke in, eyes twinkling. "'Must be able to hit a bull's-eye at fifty paces.'"
"Fifty paces? Are you mad? It would have to be a hundred at least."
Her sister burst into laughter. "Forgive me for not knowing what constitutes sufficient marksmanship for your prospective mate." Her gaze grew calculating. "I heart that Jackson is a very good shot. Gabe said he beat everyone today, even you."
"Don't remind me," Celia grumbled.
"Gabe also said he won a kiss from you."
"Yes, and he gave me a peck on the forehead," Celia said, still annoyed by that. "As if I were some…some little girl."
"Perhaps he was just trying to be polite."
Celia sighed. "Probably.
I didn't kiss you "properly" today because I was afraid if I did I might not stop.
"The thing is…" Celia bit her lower lip and wondered just how much she should reveal to her sister. But she had to discuss this with someone, and she knew she could trust Minerva. Her sister had never betrayed a confidence. "That wasn't the first time Jackson kissed me. Nor the last."
Minerva nearly choked on her chocolate. "Good Lord, Celia, don't say such things when I'm drinking something hot!" Carefully she set her cup on the bedside table. "He kissed you?" She seized Celia's free hand. "More than o #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Michael  Grant
#3. I've helped you when I could, Caine. I've done all of it. I kept you alive and changed your filthy crap-stained sheets when the Darkness held you. I betrayed Jack for you. I've betrayed everyone for you. I ate…God forgive me, I ate human flesh to stay with you, Caine!"
Something flickered in Caine's cold gaze.
"I won't stay with you for this, #Quote by Michael Grant
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Angela Elwell Hunt
#4. Tell me," he said, leaning forward with his elbows braced on his knees, "tell me how you were able to find peace about your situation. How did you forgive the man who hurt you?"

She studied him. Apparently he'd been thinking long and hard about something that disturbed him. The corners of his mouth were tight, and his eyes slightly shiny. Had he been putting himself through this sort of stressful heart searching every night?
"I struggled, yes." She closed her hands to resist the impulse to stroke his cheek. "But when I saw Buddy sitting there, I realized he had already paid a price. And I'm not his judge-I will never be. He has to answer to God, not only for what he did to me, but for how he treated everyone. Knowing that I'm only a tiny piece of the picture-knowing that, I could smile and let it go. I don't really think about him anymore, and I don't hate him. Truthfully, I mostly feel sorry for him."
Erik hung his head. "It sounds so easy when you say it. So sensible."
"I'm not saying what worked for me will for everyone-I mean, "I'm not much of an expert."
Aren't you?" His mouth twisted in wry amusement. "Let me see-instead of being angry at that church for running me off, I need to realize they've paid a price?
"They lost you as a minister. And who knows? Maybe what they did soured other people in town. #Quote by Angela Elwell Hunt
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Dianna Skowera
#5. Lost

In black as solid as a mire
In a land no one would die for
In a time I was lost
To anyone who ever loved me
The world set itself on fire
And the sky collapsed above me

In a place no one could call home
In a place I breathed and slept
In a battle no one understood
That continued all the same
I sat defenseless and alone
With the insignificance of my name

In the midst of the Lord's birth
On a night meant to be peaceful
In a country of the Prophet
Where women don't live free
I spoke to God from the shaking Earth
And prayed my mother would forgive me

In a city without power
In a desert torn by religion
In a bank between two rivers
We added up the decade's cost
And glorified the final hour
Of a war that everyone had lost

In the dust of helplessness
In a concrete bunker
In a fate I chose myself
I waited without remorse
To fight again as recompense
For wasted lives and discourse

-an original poem about an attack on our base in Iraq during the Arab Spring #Quote by Dianna Skowera
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Pope Francis
#6. We all carry our sins with us. But the Lord wants to hear us say to him, "Forgive me, help me to walk, change my heart!" And the Lord can change your heart. In the Church, the God we encounter is not a merciless judge but is like the Father in the Gospel parable. You may be like the son who left home, who sank to the depths, farthest from the Gospel. When you have the strength to say, "I want to come home," you will find the door open. God will come to meet you because he is always waiting for you - God is always waiting for you. God embraces you, kisses you, and celebrates. That is how the Lord is, that is how the tenderness of our heavenly Father is. The Lord wants us to belong to a Church that knows how to open her arms and welcome everyone, that is not a house for the few, but a house for everyone, where all can be renewed, transformed, sanctified by his love - the strongest and the weakest, sinners, the indifferent, those who feel discouraged or lost. #Quote by Pope Francis
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by John Green
#7. That which came together will fall apart imperceptibly slowly, and I will forget, but she will forgive my forgetting, just as I forgive her for forgetting me and the Colonel and everyone but herself and her mom ... I know now that she forgives me for being dumb and scared and doing the dumb and scared thing. I know she forgives me, just as her mother forgives her. #Quote by John Green
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Lewis B. Smedes
#8. Forgiving is an affair strictly between a victim and a victimizer. Everyone else should step aside ... The worst wounds I ever felt were the ones people gave to my children. Wrong my kids, you wrong me. And my hurt qualifies me to forgive you. But only for the pain you caused me when you wounded them. My children alone are qualified to forgive you for what you did to them. #Quote by Lewis B. Smedes
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Kristan Higgins
#9. Forgiveness is difficult," she said, making me feel small-hearted and brittle. "You don't have to trust Adam again, not right away, but it does mean you have to accept what's happened and start to take steps away from the infidelity." So once again, the burden is on me. Planning the wedding, though it was a genuine joy, was on me. Once we figured out why we couldn't get pregnant, the burden was on me, too, with those horrible shots that made me so hormonal I had to go into the bathroom at work and cry, and everyone knew and was so nice, which made me cry more. All Adam had to do was switch to wearing boxers and have more sex. The pregnancy - me again. I'm the one with a four-inch scar and a pooch of skin. The house decorating, painting, hiring people to overhaul the plumbing and electric… me. His mother's birthday - also mine to remember. Holidays, vacations, weekend plans, all mine. And while I would never call my girls a burden, the huge responsibility of raising them is 99 percent mine. And now the future of our marriage is on me. I have to forgive him. I have to accept his apology. I have to get past this. That first night, I lay stiffly next to him. He gave me a meaningful basset-hound look and said, "Thank you, Rachel," and it was all I could do not to flip him off. #Quote by Kristan Higgins
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Robert Bly
#10. AGAPE Today no one has come to inquire, nor have they wanted anything from me this afternoon. I have not seen a single cemetery flower in so happy a procession of lights. Forgive me, Lord! I have died so little! This afternoon everyone, everyone goes by without asking or begging me anything. And I do not know what it is they forget, and it is heavy in my hands like something stolen. I have come to the door, and I want to shout at everyone: - If you miss something, here it is! Because in all the afternoons of this life, I do not know how many doors are slammed on a face, and my soul takes something that belongs to another. Today nobody has come ; and today I have died so little in the afternoon! Translated by John Knoepfle #Quote by Robert Bly
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Jim Bakker
#11. I feel like God has forgiven me of so much, that I will forgive everyone who has hurt us. #Quote by Jim Bakker
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by E. Jamie
#12. Bree stared down at Bernardo's still form. The monitor was the only sound in the room apart from his deep breathing. Alessandro had gone down to the cafeteria with Will and Gianni to grab something to eat before they left for home. Bree lied and told him that she wanted to check in with Tina and her mother Roxanna for a few minutes before they left. Even unconscious, the son of a bitch was formidable and Bree felt nervous around him. "Why don't you do everyone a favour and just die already?" Bree said. No response. Bree sneered and shook her head, turning to leave. "You could always smother me with a pillow," a groggy voice said behind her, making her heart nearly stop. Bree whirled around wide-eyed and met Bernardo's dark gaze. She forced herself to shrug and crossed her arms. "Do you think Alessandro would forgive you for murdering his father?" Bernardo asked. They both knew the answer to that. #Quote by E. Jamie
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#13. Let me be sinful before everyone, but so that everyone will forgive me, and that is paradise. Am I not in paradise now? #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Riley Hart
#14. I only… I want to know what it is like to be normal. To spend a day and a night with my lover where we do not have to hide, where we can just be like everyone else. Where I could hold your hand and dance with you and…" He shook his head. "I sound foolish. Forgive me."
"No." Cassius fingered Merrick's hair. "You do not sound foolish. It is my dream as well."
"We shall dream together, then."
Cassius nodded before he leaned down, pressing his lips upon the prince's. Merrick's tongue sneaked into his mouth, and Cassius welcomed it, sucked it, offered his own to Merrick. He pulled Cassius on top of him as their tongues continued to tangle and Cassius fingered Merrick's hair. His hands cupped Cassius's buttocks as they fed each other, quenched each other's thirst with the pleasure of the moment.
They kissed until Cassius's jaw hurt and he leaned far enough away that he could look down at the prince again. He touched a lock of his hair. "Please do not cut it," Cassius asked #Quote by Riley Hart
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by John Green
#15. She will forgive my forgetting, just as I forgive her for forgetting me and the Colonel and everyone but herself and her mom in those last moments she spent as a person. #Quote by John Green
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#16. Oh! in his rapture he was weeping even over those stars, which were shining to him from the abyss of space, and "he was not ashamed of that ecstasy." There seemed to be threads from all those innumerable worlds of God, linking his soul to them, and it was trembling all over "in contact with other worlds." He longed to forgive everyone and for everything, and to beg forgiveness. Oh, not for himself, but for all men, for all and for everything. "And others are praying for me too," echoed again in his soul. But with every instant he felt clearly and, as it were, tangibly, that something firm and unshakable as that vault of heaven had entered into his soul. It was as though some idea had seized the sovereignty of his mind
and it was for all his life and for ever and ever. He had fallen on the earth a weak boy, but he rose up a resolute champion, and he knew and felt it suddenly at the very moment of his ecstasy. And never, never, his life long, could Alyosha forget that minute. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by CLAMP
#17. We are battling to save the Earth! We were given special powers to defeat the demons! Even if the world is destroyed, we will survive! And then we will salvage those who remain! We are different from everyone else! We are different from those idiots who don't have our special powers!"

"I don't care what kind of stupidity you choose to utter or for whom you choose to cause trouble. That has nothing to do with me. But if you dare to harm one hair on Subaru-kun's head…I'm afraid I won't forgive that. #Quote by CLAMP
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Debasish Mridha
#18. The best Morning Prayer for endless peace would be, "Today I will forgive everyone for their mistakes. Today I will love everyone without judging them. Today I will be kind to everyone even if they do not deserve it. Today I will be a fountain of peace to create waves of joy around me. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by -Raeju
#19. I just need a rest, im tired about being an asshole and making everyone bad, i really hope that everyone have a very goood life, you know... when i think about kill myself i feel peace, i tried to make good things in my life and all of that is a fucking mistake, i cant even look at people at the face, i have lost confidence and i am always sad, shit, i really hope that god forgive's me and everyone that i love, i know that i have people that love's me but i cant keep doing this, i already hate me. #Quote by -Raeju
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#20. I have lost my mind is spells and I do not dare to think what I may do in those spells. May God forgive me and I hope everyone else will forgive me even if they cannot understand. My position is too awful to endure and nobody realizes it. What an end to a life in which I tried always to do my best. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Louise Hay
#21. Forgiving makes me feel free and light. I forgive everyone, including myself #Quote by Louise Hay
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Buddhadeva Bose
#22. I will not forgive. I will inflict and invite suffering-all our lives. As Bunni grows up she'll hear from her mother that her father is cruel,capricious, tyrannical person. Bunni won't love me. Everyone will take her side, because she is a woman, I won't be able to say a thing, ever. I will have to keep my mouth shut my entire life. I must maintain my wife's honour. And we call women the weaker sex! How deadly is the strength of frailty, and men-if they're gentlemen- how incredibly helpless! #Quote by Buddhadeva Bose
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#23. Life is messy, Ren. It's not easy and it's definitely not for the timid. Everyone has a past. Things that stab them right between the eyes. Old grudges. Old shame. Regrets that steal your sleep and leave you awake until you fear for your own sanity. Betrayals that make your soul scream so loud you wonder why no one else hears it. In the end, we are all alone in that private hell. But life isn't about learning to forgive those who have hurt you or forgetting the past. It's about learning to forgive yourself for being human and making mistakes. Yes, people disappoint us all the time. But the harshest lessons come when we disappoint ourselves. When we put our trust and our hearts into the hands of the wrong person and they do us wrong. And while we may hate them for what they did, the one we hate most is ourself for allowing them into our private circle. How could I have been so stupid? How could I let them deceive me? We all go through that. It's humanity's brotherhood of misery. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#24. When I finished, Dr. Fellows said, "And this was a vision you had Corey?"
"Are you sure?"
She lowered her voice. "Is it possible that Derek... influenced this vision of yours?"
"What? No."
"Absolutely not," I said. "Derek's the one who cut it short. Accidentally, but still. And if by influence, you mean 'talked us into telling a lie to get everyone out tonight,' then I don't appreciate the insinuation, Dr. Fellows."
Her brows shot up to meet her hairline. Tori smirked and leaned back onto her pillow.
"Well, Maya, I don't know you yet, so you'll forgive me if I question you."
"I don't blame you. You don't know us. But you do know Derek and, sorry, but persuasion doesn't seem to be the guy's strong suit."
"She has a point, Lauren," Tori said.
Dr. Fellows shot her a look, which Tori met with a cool gaze.
"Also," Tori said, "I really think you'd know your niece better than that. I wouldn't put it past Derek to lie to get us out of here, but no way would Chloe let him pull others into the scheme." #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Russell Brand
#25. If you feel how I felt, I have been taught a few techniques that might help you. Here's one for a kick-off: You have to forgive everyone for everything. You can't cling on to any blame that you may be using to make sense of the story of your life. Even me with my story of one nan that I love and another that I don't - that story is being used to maintain a certain perspective of mine, a perspective that justifies the way I am, and by justifying the way I am I ensure that I stay the same. I'm no longer interested in staying the same; I'm interested in Revolution, that means I have to go back and change the story of my childhood. #Quote by Russell Brand
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Kinley MacGregor
#26. I'm not moping. (Ewan)
Oh, forgive me. See, where I come from an upside-down smile means you're frowning, and if you're frowning while withdrawn from everyone and everything, it means you're moping. I guess here in your cave, the world is backward and a frown means you're happy. (Nora) #Quote by Kinley MacGregor
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Larissa Ione
#27. She rounded on him. "You wouldn't, you giant ass." To be honest, she didn't understand, either. But that didn't stop her from putting several days' worth of fear and stress on the table. "I'm scared, okay? I'm lost. I don't know where I am, and everyone here looks at me like they want to eat me or torture me. Maybe both. I want to go home, but then I don't want to go home because everything I thought I knew is one big lie. The people I trusted have turned against me, and even my own brother is afraid to help me." She paused to take a breath, fresh fuel for her tirade. "I should hate you, but instead, I'm attracted to you, which is beyond twisted, especially since I know that after I get Neriya back, I'm probably going to die." She dashed away tears with the back of her hand. "So forgive me if I'm a little emotionally unstable right now." She sniffed. "Ass. #Quote by Larissa Ione
Forgive Me Everyone quotes by Hilary Duff
#28. Rayna beamed as she hugged everyone good-bye and accepted their wishes for a long and happy relationship. Sage looked dazed.
"How did it go?" I asked.
"I think your mother just arranged peace in the Middle East while brokering a marriage deal for Rayna and me."
"I'm not surprised. How many kids are you having?"
"Four. But we can't start until she's twenty-six, three years after the wedding. Oh, and we're honeymooning at the minister's beach house in Tel Aviv."
"That's nice. I'll have to pop in for a visit."
Sage just shook his head, still shell-shocked.
"Piri forgive you yet?" Ben grinned.
"I don't think so. She put an inch of garlic on everything she served me."
"Don't take it personally. There's lots of garlic in Hungarian food," I assured him.
"Including my chocolate torte," Sage added.
"Okay, you can take that personally," I admitted. #Quote by Hilary Duff

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