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Foodist Network quotes by David Chiles
#1. Show your netiquette, to become cyber friends with those you have met, on the internet. #Quote by David Chiles
Foodist Network quotes by Sukant Ratnakar
#2. The human mind is an open network of complex softwares working together. #Quote by Sukant Ratnakar
Foodist Network quotes by Vincent Nichols
#3. Among young people, often a key factor in them committing suicide is the trauma of transient relationships. They throw themselves into a friendship or network of friendships, then it collapses and they're desolate. #Quote by Vincent Nichols
Foodist Network quotes by Eric Andre
#4. Bill Cosby spoke out against The Simpsons and there was this kind of evangelical, right-wing sect that was against The Simpsons. Fox was a new network at the time, though, so they were going to take risks. #Quote by Eric Andre
Foodist Network quotes by Ibrahim Ibrahim
#5. The discipline of AutoQuotery is based on generating axiomatic entries that technically provide a mechanism to serve later on as a network of neural synapses between the very same lexemes it is utilizing. However, those lexical atomic units are signed differently -by the AutoQuoter- from their usages in the dictionary and therefore behave semantically in a wave-like pattern and syntactically in a particle-like pattern within the boundaries of the produced Quotery Lexicon itself. As time passes by, the semantics attain a standing-waves state mimicking thereby the dictionary; and almost ends up putting the synapses in an idle state when no more signals are being transferred between the lexemes. Philosophy would insist that an idle state cannot be reached, while Reason would emphasize -as a response- that such a perception is only pedagogically sensed when engaging (by studying, practicing or teaching) in the AutoQuotery discipline. #Quote by Ibrahim Ibrahim
Foodist Network quotes by John C. Wright
#6. Rhadamanthus said, "We seem to you humans to be always going on about morality, although, to us, morality is merely the application of symmetrical and objective logic to questions of free will. We ourselves do not have morality conflicts, for the same reason that a competent doctor does not need to treat himself for diseases. Once a man is cured, once he can rise and walk, he has his business to attend to. And there are actions and feats a robust man can take great pleasure in, which a bedridden cripple can barely imagine."

Eveningstar said, "In a more abstract sense, morality occupies the very center of our thinking, however. We are not identical, even though we could make ourselves to be so. You humans attempted that during the Fourth Mental Structure, and achieved a brief mockery of global racial consciousness on three occasions. I hope you recall the ending of the third attempt, the Season of Madness, when, because of mistakes in initial pattern assumptions, for ninety days the global mind was unable to think rationally, and it was not until rioting elements broke enough of the links and power houses to interrupt the network, that the global mind fell back into its constituent compositions."

Rhadamanthus said, "There is a tension between the need for unity and the need for individuality created by the limitations of the rational universe. Chaos theory produces sufficient variation in events, that no one stratagem maximizes win-loss ratios. Then again #Quote by John C. Wright
Foodist Network quotes by Jason Calacanis
#7. When it comes to individual bloggers, they have many choices now that include blogging for a network or going solo. #Quote by Jason Calacanis
Foodist Network quotes by Aaron Sorkin
#8. When I write something, I want the best director to direct it. And that's not going to be me. So when David Fincher comes along and wants to direct 'The Social Network,' when Bennett Miller comes along and wants to direct 'Moneyball,' or when Danny Boyle wants to direct 'Jobs'? Hallelujah. I want them directing it. #Quote by Aaron Sorkin
Foodist Network quotes by David Chiles
#9. Tether smartphones with laptops when you need a connection. Turn off updates to avoid exceeding plan data. #Quote by David Chiles
Foodist Network quotes by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
#10. At Camellia Network, we believe if we can create a way of identifying every young person aging out of foster care, defining what they need, and giving a community of supporters a simple and clear way to fulfill those needs, we can produce radically improved outcomes for youth. #Quote by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Foodist Network quotes by Michael Shanks
#11. With network shows, writers can be so protective of every syllable. #Quote by Michael Shanks
Foodist Network quotes by Anonymous
#12. phone network of the company, Foreman #Quote by Anonymous
Foodist Network quotes by Alexei Navalny
#13. Foreign countries should impose sanctions against Putin's corrupt network. #Quote by Alexei Navalny
Foodist Network quotes by Robin Leach
#14. I've known Emeril for more than 20 years from when I featured him on 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' from his days at Commander's Palace in New Orleans and from when I helped start the Food Network where he subsequently hosted an amazing 2,000-plus shows. #Quote by Robin Leach
Foodist Network quotes by Tim Harford
#15. other tendency emerges because we rarely like the idea of standards that are inconsistent and uneven from place to place. It seems neater and fairer to provide a consistent standard for everything, whether it's education, the road network or the coffee at #Quote by Tim Harford
Foodist Network quotes by Nina Blackwood
#16. I have two syndicated radio shows though United Stations Radio Network. #Quote by Nina Blackwood
Foodist Network quotes by Toni Morrison
#17. Solitude, competitiveness and grief are the unavoidable lot of a writer only when there is no organization or network to which he can turn. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Foodist Network quotes by Scott Lynch
#18. Calo had dark liquor-colored skin and hair like an inky slice of night; the tautness of the flesh around his dark eyes was broken only by a fine network of laugh-lines (though anyone who knew the Sanza twins would more readily describe them as smirk-lines). An improbably sharp and hooked nose preceded his good looks like a dagger held at guard position. #Quote by Scott Lynch
Foodist Network quotes by Noelle Scaggs
#19. Being aware is a lot more than just reading a couple of news articles and talking about it on your preferred social network. #Quote by Noelle Scaggs
Foodist Network quotes by John Dye
#20. Love and Trust God, It's a life time commitment!!! #Quote by John Dye
Foodist Network quotes by George Pataki
#21. We have a reliable computerized network devoted to counterterrorist activities. #Quote by George Pataki
Foodist Network quotes by Hank Azaria
#22. I had kind of sworn off network TV a while ago. #Quote by Hank Azaria
Foodist Network quotes by Kate Micucci
#23. I used to be obsessed with game shows. When the Game Show Network became popular in the late '90s, I was all about reruns of 'The Price Is Right.' I knew all the prices from the '70s. #Quote by Kate Micucci
Foodist Network quotes by Kara Swisher
#24. Equipped with two cell phones - one for work and another for home - I like to think of myself as a kind of 21st-century digital pioneer, ready to network, fax, page, e-mail and - oh, yes - talk at will. #Quote by Kara Swisher
Foodist Network quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#25. As far as I understand it, and it's impossible not to understand it, you yourself, at the beginning and then again, very eloquently - albeit too theoretically - have been developing a picture of a Russia covered with an endless network of knots. For their part, each of the active groups, by proselytizing and branching out ad infinitum, has the task, through systematic denunciatory propaganda of constantly undermining the authority of the local authorities, creating confusion in the villages, fostering cynicism, scandals and an utter lack of belief in anything at all, a burning desire for something better, and finally, using fires as a measure that appeals primarily to the common people, to throw the country, at a designated moment, if necessary, even into a state of despair. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Foodist Network quotes by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
#26. The task of the modern individual is to move appropriately and effectively from disengaged spectator to attentive perceiver in order to slide easily into the social order. The starer, in contrast, is an undisciplined spectator arrested in an earlier developmental stage or one resistant to the attentiveness of the modern networker. The starer is a properly attentive spectator befuddled, halted in mid-glance, mobility throttled, processing checked, network run amuck ... So the challenge of proper looking is converting the impulse to stare into attention, which is socially acceptable. (21-22) #Quote by Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Foodist Network quotes by Sean Parker
#27. A million dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A billion dollars. #Quote by Sean Parker
Foodist Network quotes by Nathan Fillion
#28. You want to put out a TV show? If you have the money to do it on your own, by yourself, and you have a TV network, you can do it by yourself. But the nature of the beast is, art needs finance. That's how this industry works. So until the Internet becomes our source of entertainment - and watch it, I believe it will - this is how things go. #Quote by Nathan Fillion
Foodist Network quotes by James Bridle
#29. Catch-22 exemplifies the dilemma of rational actors caught up within the machinations of vast, irrational systems. Within such systems, even rational responses lead to irrational outcomes. The individual is aware of the irrationality but loses all power to act in their own interest. Faced with the roiling tide of information, we attempt to gain some kind of control over the world by telling stories about it: we attempt to master it through narratives. These narratives are inherently simplifications, because no one story can account for everything that's happening; the world is too complex for simple stories. Instead of accepting this, the stories become ever more baroque and bifurcated, ever more convoluted and open-ended. Thus paranoia in an age of network excess produces a feedback loop: the failure to comprehend a complex world leads to the demand for more and more information, which only further clouds our understanding - revealing more and more complexity that must be accounted for by ever more byzantine theories of the world. More information produces not more clarity, but more confusion. #Quote by James Bridle
Foodist Network quotes by Danny Boyle
#30. The individual will to survive is often seen as just that, an individual thing. In fact, it's sort of a gene we all carry and like a network of computers it all contributes in some way to when it's individually needed. #Quote by Danny Boyle
Foodist Network quotes by Jurgen Habermas
#31. I consider Bush's decision to call for a war against terrorism a serious mistake. He is elevating these criminals to the status of war enemies, and one cannot lead a war against a network if the term war is to retain any definite meaning. #Quote by Jurgen Habermas
Foodist Network quotes by Temitope Owosela
#32. I love when people tell me that I cannot do something because I do not have the skills, knowledge, network.

I haven't paid my dues by doing some of these sorry ass jobs; where I am making minimum wage; knowing with the minimum wage is full of shit; and, not worth living with.

I love when people try to make me second guess what I want or what God is telling me what to do. I love it, when people will say that with the lack of effort; there is no way that I can make it in life.

I love when people try to control me; and, thinking that they have full power over me; but, in fact they have 0 power over me. If Lucifer thinks he has control over me; he must guess again. So, therefore people have (infinite *10 to the power of infinite) control over me. Because I will fight the good fight of faith with God on my side to make sure that I am going to be successful, happy, joyous and peaceful within myself with God in my life and the people that He will put in my life.

So, I am saying, "It's better for you to be on my side or suffer the consequence (those of you that will talk against my destiny) because I am too strong to give up or give in."

My strength comes from the power of defying the rules of nature to achieving goals. I am a lover and not a fighter; but, I will love to fight for what I love. #Quote by Temitope Owosela
Foodist Network quotes by Italo Calvino
#33. Every silence consists of the network of minuscule sounds that enfolds it."

- from "The Adventure of a Poet #Quote by Italo Calvino
Foodist Network quotes by Bow Wow
#34. I'm coming for Ryan Seacrest - I want to be the black Ryan Seacrest for BET. I want to host, I want to produce, I want to do everything for the network. #Quote by Bow Wow
Foodist Network quotes by Jeremy Hammond
#35. As a result of the Stratfor hack, some of the dangers of the unregulated private intelligence industry are now known. It has been revealed through Wikileaks and other journalists around the world that Stratfor maintained a worldwide network of informants that they used to engage in intrusive and possibly illegal surveillance activities on behalf of large multinational corporations. #Quote by Jeremy Hammond
Foodist Network quotes by David Limbaugh
#36. Fox News seems much more conservative than it is because no other television network over the past half-century has been anything but decidedly liberal. When the media norm is liberal, liberals equate liberalism with objectivity and deviations from it as bias, just as liberals preach tolerance toward all ideas - except conservative ones. Their self-delusion is surreal. #Quote by David Limbaugh
Foodist Network quotes by Roger Scruton
#37. Cognitive states of mind are seldom addictive, since they depend upon exploration of the world, and the individual encounter with the individual object, whose appeal is outside the subject's control. Addiction arises when the subject has full control over a pleasure and can ponder it at will. It is primarily a matter of sensory pleasure, and involves a kind of short-circuiting of the pleasure network. Addiction is characterized by a loss of the emotional dynamic that would otherwise govern an outward-directed, cognitively creative life. #Quote by Roger Scruton
Foodist Network quotes by Edward Alden
#38. CFR's Renewing America initiative - from which this book arose - has focused on those areas of economic policy that are the most important for reinforcing America's competitive strengths. Education, corporate tax policy, and infrastructure, for example, are issues that historically have been considered largely matters of domestic policy. Yet in a highly competitive global economy, an educated workforce, a competitive tax structure, and an efficient transportation network are all crucial to attracting investment and delivering goods and services that can succeed in global markets. The line between domestic economic policy and foreign economic policy is in many cases now almost invisible. Building a more competitive economy for the future requires that our political leaders - not just in Congress and the White House but also in state and local governments - understand how their policy choices can affect the choices of companies that can now invest almost anywhere in the world. #Quote by Edward Alden
Foodist Network quotes by Colin Ward
#39. The anarchist conclusion is that every kind of human activity should begin from what from what is local and immediate, should link in a network with no centre and no directing agency, hiving off new cells as the original grows. #Quote by Colin Ward
Foodist Network quotes by Jay Leno
#40. ESPN has announced that they are launching a 3-D sports network. Industry analysts say this will absolutely revolutionize the way Americans don't watch soccer. #Quote by Jay Leno
Foodist Network quotes by Mark Curtis
#41. The standard argument is that civilian deaths in Afghanistan were the regrettable consequence of military action that was needed to destroy Al Qaida bases and thus prevent further terrorist attacks. But this is a spurious argument since it is obvious that Al Qaida is a decentralised network. The counterargument – that bombing Afghanistan has made it more likely that terrorists will attack – is equally plausible. Most of the September nth hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, #Quote by Mark Curtis
Foodist Network quotes by Nicholas Ostler
#42. As well as being the banners and ensigns of human groups, languages guard our memories too. Even when they are unwritten, languages are the most powerful tools we have to conserve our past knowledge, transmitting it, ever and anon, to the next generation. Any human language binds together a human community, by giving it a network of communication; but it also dramatizes it, providing the means to tell, and to remember, its stories. #Quote by Nicholas Ostler
Foodist Network quotes by Gerard De Nerval
#43. How have I been able to live so long outside Nature without identifying myself with it? Everything lives, moves, everything corresponds; the magnetic rays, emanating either from myself or from others, cross the limitless chain of created things unimpeded; it is a transparent network that covers the world, and its slender threads communicate themselves by degrees to the planets and stars. Captive now upon earth, I commune with the chorus of the stars who share in my joys and sorrows. #Quote by Gerard De Nerval
Foodist Network quotes by Winona LaDuke
#44. I think of some of my friends who have passed to the spirit world but are who here with me when I go to events and when I walk in my own community. My sisters, Ingred, my sister Marsha, and my sister Nielock. All cofounders of the Indigenous Women's Network with me. All long time women activists in the native community. #Quote by Winona LaDuke
Foodist Network quotes by Rachael Ray
#45. When I do a 30-minute meal, for instance, on Food Network, that's my food you see at the end of the show and it's not perfect. And if sometimes things break or drop or the pasta hits the wall when I'm draining it, they never stop tape. They just kind of let me go with it. #Quote by Rachael Ray
Foodist Network quotes by Margaret Bald
#46. Forbes did, in fact, break new ground for women...She was an irrepressible and independent traveler who took risky and difficult trips, braved the hostility of the colonial officials and bureaucrats of the British empire, and invaded the male sphere of exploration, using charm, chutzpah--and her extensive network of establishment connections--to get where she wanted to go. (From the Sahara to Samarkand: Selected Travel Writings of Rosita Forbes, 1919-1937) #Quote by Margaret Bald
Foodist Network quotes by Ingrid  Paulson
#47. I thought about the way I felt in Astrid's presence, the unity. I was a part of something that was larger than myself, a network of shared energy and camaraderie that flowed between the Valkyries. #Quote by Ingrid Paulson
Foodist Network quotes by Leslie Feinberg
#48. What is the bedrock on which all of our diverse trans populations can build solidarity? The commitment to be the best fighters against each other's oppression. As our activist network grows into marches and rallies of hundreds of thousands, we will hammer out language that demonstrates the sum total of our movement as well as its component communities.

Unity depends on respect for diversity, no matter what tools of language are ultimately used. This is a very early stage for trans peoples with such diverse histories and blends of cultures to form community. Perhaps we don't have to strive to be one community. In reality, there isn't one women's, or lesbian, gay, bi community. What is realistic is the goal to build a coalition between our many strong communities in order to form a movement capable of defending all our lives. #Quote by Leslie Feinberg

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