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Follarte Means quotes by Edwidge Danticat
#1. There are many possible interpretations of what it means to create dangerously, and Albert Camus, like the poet Osip Mandelstam, suggests that it is creating as a revolt against silence, creating when both the creation and the reception, the writing and the reading, are dangerous undertakings, disobedience to a directive. #Quote by Edwidge Danticat
Follarte Means quotes by Ayn Rand
#2. The businessman who wishes to gain a market by throttling a superior competitor, the worker who wants a share of his employer's wealth, the artist who envies a rival's higher talent - they're all wishing facts out of existence and destruction is the only means of their wish. If they pursue it, they will not achieve a market, a fortune, or an immortal fame - they will merely destroy production #Quote by Ayn Rand
Follarte Means quotes by Ben Fountain
#3. A young man needs to know where he stands in the world, not just as a matter of basic human dignity but as determinants in the ways and means of survival, and what you might hope to gain by application of honest effort - #Quote by Ben Fountain
Follarte Means quotes by Bell Hooks
#4. Fluidity means that our black identities are constantly changing as we respond to circumstances in our families and communities of origin, and as we interact with a wider world. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Follarte Means quotes by John F. Kennedy
#5. The education of our people should be a lifelong process by which we continue to feed new vigor into the lifestream of the Nation through intelligent, reasoned decisions. Let us not think of education only in terms of its costs, but rather in terms of the infinite potential of the human mind that can be realized through education. Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our Nation. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Follarte Means quotes by Leigh Greenwood
#6. I realized a few days ago I didn't know what love was. To me love was helpless, suffocating, painful. It wasn't until [she] came that I realized that love was strong, that it meant standing up for yourself, saying things nobody wanted to hear. I also know it means giving of yourself because it makes somebody else happy. I don't know if I love [her]. For a while I was sure I didn't, but now I'm not sure. I know I need her, that I can't imagine living the rest of my life without her. Is that love? I think it's part of it. I know I want her. She comforts my spirit and body as nothing ever has. That's a part of love, too. I also know I'm never as happy as I am when I'm with her."
"You sound like you're obsessed."
"Maybe that's also part of love. I don't know, but I'm going to learn. It's embarrassing sometimes. I feel like a child. But I learn a little somethign every day. It's like a whole new way of living. It's a willingness to give up control. To make a commitment and have faith it'll work out."
"It sounds like you've gone crazy" [. . .]
"Maybe that's part of it, too. Whatever it is, it's something I want more than I ever thought possible. And [she] is the only one who can teach me. I'm not giving her up, no matter what it costs me."
"Hell [. . .] You are in love with her. #Quote by Leigh Greenwood
Follarte Means quotes by Edmund Burke
#7. There is nothing that God has judged good for us that He has not given us the means to acomplish, both in the natural and moral world. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Follarte Means quotes by Jason Derulo
#8. I've learned how much of an impact that music has on people. I get messages all the time from people telling me what my music means to them and what it has done to them. #Quote by Jason Derulo
Follarte Means quotes by Elizabeth Morgan
#9. He moved closer to her. You did not have to get me anything. The fact that you did means I have been in your thoughts. I am thankful for that. #Quote by Elizabeth Morgan
Follarte Means quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
#10. Sometimes in life you really have to start taking care of yourself even if it means hanging around only those people that really cares about you". #Quote by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Follarte Means quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#11. Mad! Quite mad!' said Stalky to the visitors, as one exhibiting strange beasts. 'Beetle reads an ass called Brownin', and M'Turk reads an ass called Ruskin; and-'
'Ruskin isn't an ass,' said M'Turk. 'He's almost as good as the Opium-Eater. He says we're "children of noble races, trained by surrounding art." That means me, and the way I decorated the study when you two badgers would have stuck up brackets and Christmas cards. Child of a noble race, trained by surrounding art, stop reading or I'll shove a pilchard down your neck! #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Follarte Means quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#12. Perhaps ultimately, spiritual simply means experiencing wholeness and interconnectedness directly, a seeing that individuality and the totality are interwoven, that nothing is separate or extraneous. If you see in this way, then everything becomes spiritual in its deepest sense. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Follarte Means quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#13. Okay, what does 'okay mean?"
"It means, okay, I hear you. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Follarte Means quotes by Homer
#14. Do I know what rhetorical means? #Quote by Homer
Follarte Means quotes by Sebastian Barry
#15. It is not history. But I am beginning to wonder strongly what is the nature of history. Is it only memory in decent sentences, and if so, how reliable is it? I would suggest, not very. And that therefore most truth and fact offered by these syntactical means is treacherous and unreliable. And yet I recognise that we live our lives, and even keep our sanity, by the lights of this treachery and this unreliability, just as we build our love of country on these paper worlds of misapprehension and untruth. Perhaps this is our nature, and perhaps unaccountably it is part of our glory as a creature, that we can build our best and most permanent buildings on foundations of utter dust. #Quote by Sebastian Barry
Follarte Means quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#16. It's a difficult thing to describe theology, what it means and how it disciplines thinking. Certainly, theology is the level at which the highest inquiry into meaning and ethics and beauty coincides with the largest-scale imagination of the nature of reality itself. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Follarte Means quotes by Haruki Murakami
#17. It means leaving behind your physical body. Leaving the cage of your physical flesh, breaking free of the chains, and letting pure logic soar. Giving a natural life to logic. That's the core of free thought. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Follarte Means quotes by Ayn Rand
#18. It's strange. There's your life. You begin it, feeling that it's something so precious and rare, so beautiful that it's like a sacred treasure. Now it's over, and it doesn't make any difference to anyone, and it isn't that they are indifferent, it's just that they don't know, they don't know what it means, that treasure of mine, and there's something about it that they should understand. I don't understand it myself, but there's something that should be understood by all of us. Only what is it? What? #Quote by Ayn Rand
Follarte Means quotes by Joy Browne
#19. A dedication to perfection means that we are doomed always to be just a heartbeat way - from exposure. Perfection is unchanging; lives are ongoing. #Quote by Joy Browne
Follarte Means quotes by Will Durant
#20. Peace is war by other means. #Quote by Will Durant
Follarte Means quotes by Marcel Proust
#21. Ambition is more intoxicating than fame; desire makes all things blossom, possession wilts them; it is better to dream your life than to live it, even if living it means dreaming it, though both less mysteriously and less vividly, in a murky and sluggish dream, like the straggling dream in the feeble awareness of ruminant creatures. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Follarte Means quotes by Albert Camus
#22. You will always win if you make an effort, no matter how much. However, if you failed it means you were too lazy. #Quote by Albert Camus
Follarte Means quotes by Aaron Swartz
#23. What is "this drive"? It's the tendency to not simply accept things as they are but to want to think about them, to understand them. To not be content to simply feel sad but to ask what sadness means. To not just get a bus pass but to think about the economic reasons getting a bus pass makes sense. I call this tendency the intellectual. #Quote by Aaron Swartz
Follarte Means quotes by A.A. Gill
#24. A country scratching a lazy irritation at sagging doorjambs and late trains, whose greatest attribute is a collective, smelly tolerance, where a chap will put up with almost everything, which means he won't care about anything enough to get out of a chair.A country of public insouciance and private, grubby guilt, where you can believe anything as long as you don't believe it too fervently. A country where the highest aspiration is for a quiet life. #Quote by A.A. Gill
Follarte Means quotes by Tony Abbott
#25. I understand that government should live within its means, value the money it holds in trust from you the taxpayer, avoid waste and, above all else, observe the first maxim of good government: namely, do no avoidable harm. #Quote by Tony Abbott
Follarte Means quotes by Gabor Mate
#26. A sense of deficient emptiness pervades our entire culture. The drug addict is more painfully conscious of this void than most people and has limited means of escaping it. The rest of us find other ways of suppressing our fear of emptiness or of distracting ourselves from it. When we have nothing to occupy our minds, bad memories, troubling anxieties, unease or the nagging mental stupor we call boredom can arise. At all costs, drug addicts want to escape spending "alone time" with their minds. To a lesser degree, behavioural addictions are also responses to this terror of the void. #Quote by Gabor Mate
Follarte Means quotes by Jamie Tworkowski
#27. More than anything, my wish for you is this: That when your awful darkest days come, you will know you're not alone. Pain will tell you to keep quiet, but that's a lie. Life is fragile and we all break in different ways. I hope you know you can be honest. I hope you know that you can ask for help. Did you catch that? It is absolutely positively okay to ask for help. It simply means you're human. Help is real and it is possible; people find it every day. #Quote by Jamie Tworkowski
Follarte Means quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#28. Tradition now dictated that anyone could try and pull the couple apart. Whoever succeeded in separating them at their ribbons would be able to sit beside the couple as they feasted in celebration. The field became a tumble of laughing mates and contestants as males tried to remove males and females tried to remove females.
Jacob grabbed his newly healed bride and floated out of the reach of the would-be renders, a cry of protest rising from below them. Gideon and Legna were left unmolested, Gideon's imposing reputation having a quelling effect on the nerves of any who might have approached.
He was kissing his bride when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned and saw Damien arching a challenging brow at him. Legna laughed, delighted as Gideon gave the Prince a dirty look. Her humor lasted about two seconds. That was when Damien's partner in crime tapped Legna's shoulder.
Siena gave the bride a feline grin.
"Oh, you bitch," Legna choked out, laughing in her shock at the excellent maneuver on the Queen's part.
"Uh-uh," the Queen scolded, her collar winking in the firelight. "That's not very diplomatic of you, Ambassador."
"You realize this means war," Legna said archly.
"As if I would settle for anything less," Siena returned.
Legna and Gideon sighed, looking at each other and rolling their eyes. Husband grabbed hold of wife by their joined arms and then they braced their feet. Legna felt slim, strong arms around her waist and shoulders, #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Follarte Means quotes by Paulo Freire
#29. Looking at the past must only be a means of understanding more clearly what and who they are so that they can more wisely build the future. #Quote by Paulo Freire
Follarte Means quotes by Louise Gluck
#30. In the silence of my consciousness I asked myself: why did I reject my life? And I answer Die Erder überwältigt mich: the earth defeats me. I have tried to be accurate in this description in case someone else should follow me. I can verify that when the sun sets in winter it is incomparably beautiful and the memory of it lasts a long time. I think this means there was no night. The night was in my head. #Quote by Louise Gluck
Follarte Means quotes by Thomas Pynchon
#31. It means this War was never political at all, the politics was all theatre, all just to keep the people distracted…secretly, it was being dictated instead by the needs of technology…by a conspiracy between human beings and techniques, by something that needed the energy-burst of war, crying, "Money be damned, the very life of [insert name of Nation] is at stake," but meaning, most likely, dawn is nearly here, I need my night's blood, my funding, funding, ahh more, more…The real crises were crises of allocation and priority, not among firms - it was only staged to look that way - but among the different Technologies, Plastics, Electronics, Aircraft, and their needs which are understood only by the ruling elite…
Yes but Technology only responds (how often this argument has been iterated, dogged, humorless as a Gaussian reduction, among the younger Schwarzkommando especially), "All very well to talk about having a monster by the tail, but do you think we'd've had the Rocket if someone, some specific somebody with a name and a penis hadn't wanted to chuck a ton of Amatol 300 miles and blow up a block full of civilians? Go ahead, capitalize the T on technology, deify it if it'll make you feel less responsible - but it puts you in with the neutered, brother, in with the eunuchs keeping the harem of our stolen Earth for the numb and joyless hardons of human sultans, human elite with no right at all to be where they are - "
We have to look for power sources here, and distr #Quote by Thomas Pynchon
Follarte Means quotes by Justin Cronin
#32. History is more than data, more than facts, more than science and scholarship. These things are merely the means to a greater end. History is a story - the story of ourselves. Where do we come from? How have we survived? How can we avoid the mistakes of the past? Do we matter, and if we do, what is our proper place upon the earth? #Quote by Justin Cronin
Follarte Means quotes by Andrea Cremer
#33. When the Elemental Cross locks the Rift, it will restore the balance of nature, returning all creatures to their true essence."
Shay Frowned. "What does that mean?"
I stared at Anika, stunned as the truth settled into my bones. "It means we'll be wolves. #Quote by Andrea Cremer
Follarte Means quotes by Stephen Robinson
#34. Do you ever get really excited about life and then realize it's just the caffeine? It's really depressing, but that just means you need more coffee." -- Janet Tomalin, Mahogany Slade #Quote by Stephen Robinson
Follarte Means quotes by Mihail Militaru
#35. If we feel that our life has no meaning, that means we are already dead. #Quote by Mihail Militaru
Follarte Means quotes by Daniel J. Levitin
#36. Critical thinking doesn't mean we disparage everything; it means that we try to distinguish between claims with evidence and those without. #Quote by Daniel J. Levitin
Follarte Means quotes by Naomi Oreskes
#37. The philosopher Isaiah Berlin sagely pointed out, liberty for wolves means death to lambs.124 #Quote by Naomi Oreskes
Follarte Means quotes by Emma Donoghue
#38. I say "on principle" [regarding 'lesbian writer'] because whenever you get one of your minority labels applied, like "Irish Writer," "Canadian Writer," "Woman Writer," "Lesbian Writer" - any of those categories - you always slightly wince because you're afraid that people will think that means you're only going to write about Canada or Ireland, you know. #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Follarte Means quotes by Eyden I.
#39. Females are very simple, with them, yes means yes, & no means yes, & no means no, & no means maybe, but maybe means yes, & maybe means no! #Quote by Eyden I.
Follarte Means quotes by Penelope V. Yorke
#40. You are so content with what you settled for that you are not willing to let in anything higher - especially if it means facing an unknown future. #Quote by Penelope V. Yorke
Follarte Means quotes by Matthew Brannon
#41. People are disappointed if you're not entertaining and to be entertaining often means to be drunk. #Quote by Matthew Brannon
Follarte Means quotes by Frithjof Schuon
#42. In order to discredit faith and seduce believers, Kant does not hesitate to appeal to pride or vanity: whoever does not rely on reason alone is a "minor" who refuses to "grow up"; if men allow themselves to be led by "authorities" instead of "thinking for themselves," it is solely through laziness and cowardice, neither more nor less. A thinker who needs to make use of such means - which on the whole are demagogic - must indeed be short of serious arguments. #Quote by Frithjof Schuon
Follarte Means quotes by Lin Yutang
#43. After all the allowances are made for the necessity of having a few supermen in our midst - explorers, conquerors, great inventors, great presidents, heroes who change the course of history - the happiest man is still the man of the middle class who has earned a slight means of economic independence, who has done a little, but just a little, for mankind and who is slightly distinguished in his community, but not too distinguished. #Quote by Lin Yutang
Follarte Means quotes by C.S. Pacat
#44. He didn't reprimand Damen. He didn't seem particularly displeased with barbaric behavior, as long as it was directed outward. Like a man who enjoys owning an animal who will rake others with its claws but eat peacefully from his own hand, he was giving his pet a great deal of license.
As a result, courtiers kept one eye on Damen, giving him a wide berth. Laurent used that to his advantage, using the propensity of courtiers to fall back in reaction to Damen's presence as a means of extricating himself smoothly from conversation.
The third time this happened Damen said, 'Shall I make a face at the ones you don't like, or is it enough to just look like a barbarian? #Quote by C.S. Pacat
Follarte Means quotes by Bell Hooks
#45. I learned that we may meet a true love and that our lives may be transformed by such an encounter even when it does not lead to sexual pleasure, committed bonding, or even sustained contact. The myth of true love-that fairy-tale vision of two souls who meet, join, and live happily ever thereafter-is the stuff of childhood fantasy. Yet many of us, female and male, carry these fantasies into adulthood and are unable to cope with the reality of what it means to either have an intense life-altering connection that will not lead to an ongoing relationship or to be in a relationship. True love does not always lead to happily ever after, and even when it does sustaining love still takes work. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Follarte Means quotes by Hal Lindsey
#46. Parenthetically, in the West's current war against Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, it would be good for the leaders to remember this "Islamic tactic of warfare." According to this "religious" doctrine of Islam, what Muslims say does not have to be true - after all, to them, "War is deception." And the end justifies the means. #Quote by Hal Lindsey

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