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Flirt quotes by Amy Poehler
#1. Here's the thing. Your career won't take care of you. It won't call you back or introduce you to its parents. Your career will openly flirt with other people while you are around. It will forget your birthday and wreck your car. Your career will blow you off if you call it too much. It's never going to leave its wife. Your career is fucking other people and everyone knows but you. Your career will never marry you. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Flirt quotes by Gwen Stefani
#2. Oh yea FORTUNATELY the girls are a lot braver then the guys, they flirt all the time. #Quote by Gwen Stefani
Flirt quotes by Katie MacAlister
#3. I can assure you there's every reason to flirt whenever and wherever possible. It's scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, ease stress, and provide a great lucidity of mind. #Quote by Katie MacAlister
Flirt quotes by Jessica Hawkins
#4. I never intended to flirt, but I liked to make girls smile. #Quote by Jessica Hawkins
Flirt quotes by Ally Carter
#5. Wordlessly, she slipped off her shoes. Gently, she placed a palm on the floor, shifted to stand, but that was when Macey felt another hand pressing down on hers.Hard. Too Hard.
"Just what do you think you're doing ?" Hale hissed in her ear. His fingers burned into her skin. And Macey knew if she was going to take out the gunman, she was first going to have to neutralize the boy beside her.
"Why don't you let me go and I'll show you," she said with only a modicum of flirt in her voice.
"Why don't you put your fancy shoes back on and sit there like a good little girl?"
"First of all, I'm good at a lot of things. Taking orders from bored billionaires isn't one of them. Second of all, he's alone, and I can take him," Macey said.
"No!" Hale said. "You don't know anything about this guy."
"I know he's left handed and has an old injury to his right knee---probably a torn ACL at some point but the details don't matter. And the way he keeps his finger purposefully away from the safety of that gun means he's never fired it. And he doesn't want to."
"You're kinda scary. #Quote by Ally Carter
Flirt quotes by Violet Winspear
#6. These days, young men seemed to flirt with love rather than burn with it. #Quote by Violet Winspear
Flirt quotes by Julie McElwain
#7. She shook off her sense of amazement, and tried to pretend she was watching a period play. There was a lot of flirting going on, plenty of fluttering of ivory fans and eyelashes. It was weird to think that in another two hundred years people would flirt by pole dancing, twerking, and sexting. The #Quote by Julie McElwain
Flirt quotes by Shelby Reed
#8. He looked nearly inconspicuous, a handsome man in faded Levi's and tennis shoes. A Yankees baseball cap covered his dark hair, the bill shadowing his features. Casual. Beautiful. A day's growth of beard on his jaw did little to detract from his excruciating attractiveness.
"She's eight months old, but she knows how to flirt," the baby's mother said. "Let go of the nice man's shirt, Gabbi." She dislodged the child's hand, then told Adrian, "I'm sorry. She must like the colors on your T-shirt."
Eight-month-old Gabbi's big blue eyes were fixed on Adrian's face, not on his T-shirt. Billie released a shaky breath. Good God. Even babies weren't immune. #Quote by Shelby Reed
Flirt quotes by Rikki De La Vega
#9. So I'm guessing," he went on, pointing with his fork, "that you're in a pretty good position to answer the question of where to draw the line between seduction and sexual harassment. Is it how you say things, or what you say?"
She pondered with a quiet hum for a few seconds before explaining: "Some think it has to do with the artistry of delivery, but in fact you can have an eloquent harasser and a clumsy flirt. The difference is the message. Both begin with the same basic premise: 'I desire you.' Where they diverge is in what follows that premise. The harasser says: 'I desire you, and I'm going to keep at you until you give in.' But the seducer's message puts the power into the hands of the person being desired, with the message being: 'I desire you, and if the feeling is mutual, come and get it.' The harasser demands, the seducer invites. That's the difference. #Quote by Rikki De La Vega
Flirt quotes by Julia Quinn
#10. He'd spent his life being a perfect gentleman. He'd never been a flirt. He'd never been a rogue. He hated being the center of attention, but by God, he wanted to be the center of her attention. He wanted to do the wrong thing, the bad thing. He wanted to pull her into his arms and carry her to her bed. He wanted to peel every last inch of her clothing from her body, and then he wanted to worship her. He wanted to show her all the things he wasn't sure he knew how to say. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Flirt quotes by Rysa Walker
#11. Kate has been in here every few days for the past eighteen months or so. Helped him behind the counter on many occasions. They flirt shamelessly with each other, and threaten to leave me and Amelia behind so that they can run off to Niagara Falls together. Jess has asked about Kate each time I've stopped by the past few days. #Quote by Rysa Walker
Flirt quotes by Audre Lorde
#12. I was going to die, sooner or later, whether or not I had even spoken myself. My silences had not protected me. Your silences will not protect you.... What are the words you do not yet have? What are the tyrannies you swallow day by day and attempt to make your own, until you will sicken and die of them, still in silence? We have been socialized to respect fear more than our own need for language."

I began to ask each time: "What's the worst that could happen to me if I tell this truth?" Unlike women in other countries, our breaking silence is unlikely to have us jailed, "disappeared" or run off the road at night. Our speaking out will irritate some people, get us called bitchy or hypersensitive and disrupt some dinner parties. And then our speaking out will permit other women to speak, until laws are changed and lives are saved and the world is altered forever.

Next time, ask: What's the worst that will happen? Then push yourself a little further than you dare. Once you start to speak, people will yell at you. They will interrupt you, put you down and suggest it's personal. And the world won't end.

And the speaking will get easier and easier. And you will find you have fallen in love with your own vision, which you may never have realized you had. And you will lose some friends and lovers, and realize you don't miss them. And new ones will find you and cherish you. And you will still flirt and paint your nails, dress up and party, because, as #Quote by Audre Lorde
Flirt quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#13. If they want to flirt or initiate a friendship, they should carefully avoid giving the impression they are taking the initiative; men do not like tomboys, nor bluestockings, nor thinking women; too much audacity, culture, intelligence, or character frightens them.

In most novels, as George Eliot observes, it is the dumb, blond heroine who outshines the virile brunette; and in The Mill on the Floss, Maggie tries in vain to reverse the roles; in the end she dies and it is blond Lucy who marries Stephen. In The Last of the Mohicans, vapid Alice wins the hero's heart and not valiant Cora; in Little Women kindly Jo is only a childhood friend for Laurie; he vows his love to curly-haired and insipid Amy.

To be feminine is to show oneself as weak, futile, passive, and docile. The girl is supposed not only to primp and dress herself up but also to repress her spontaneity and substitute for it the grace and charm she has been taught by her elder sisters. Any self-assertion will take away from her femininity and her seductiveness. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Flirt quotes by George Saintsbury
#14. But dinner is dinner, a meal at which not so much to eat - it becomes difficult to eat much at it as you grow older - as to drink, to talk, to flirt, to discuss, to rejoice "at the closing of the day". I do not think anything serious should be done after it, as nothing should before breakfast. #Quote by George Saintsbury
Flirt quotes by Shirley Manson
#15. I am not a sexy woman, I'm not beautiful, I'm not a sex kitten, I don't flirt with people, yet I've been tagged more of sex symbol than women who truly are and I that's solely because I don't reveal too much: people are curious. #Quote by Shirley Manson
Flirt quotes by S.E. Jakes
#16. You don't have to flirt, T. I'm not a chick."
"That mean I don't have to buy you dinner afterward?"
"No, I definitely want dinner." Prophet paused. "Maybe I am a chick. #Quote by S.E. Jakes
Flirt quotes by Rick Riordan
#17. I wanted to flirt with with Chiara and steal her from Damien... or perhaps steal Damien away from Chiara, I wasn't sure yet #Quote by Rick Riordan
Flirt quotes by Kim Karr
#18. You're back and forth with me, with your actions, with your emotions. You act like you don't remember me, then spring on me that you do. You flirt with me and then you stop on a dime. You kiss me and then you pull away as soon as I touch you. You're mad then you're not." I don't stop to take a breath or let him speak before finally raising the hand he's holding and letting it go. "You're holding my hand, then . . ." I trail off, not sure of how to finish that thought. Tearing my gaze from his, I try to rein in my emotions, to wipe the flustered girl up off the floor. #Quote by Kim Karr
Flirt quotes by Rick Warren
#19. Your identity is in eternity, and your homeland is heaven. When you grasp this truth, you will stop worrying about "having it all" on earth. God is very blunt about the danger of living for the here and now and adopting the values, priorities, and lifestyles of the world around us. When we flirt with the temptations of this world, God calls it spiritual adultery. The Bible says, "You're cheating on God. If all you want is your own way, flirting with the world every chance you get, you end up enemies of God and his way."6 Imagine #Quote by Rick Warren
Flirt quotes by Kady Cross
#20. Call me Jack, darling. All the pretty girls call me Jack."
Finley rolled her eyes.
Emily grinned at him, bright eyes sparkling. "No doubt they call you many things, some of which they might even repeat in polite company."
"You come here to talk or flirt?" Sam demanded.
Jack smiled. "Unlike you, mate, I'm able to do two fings at once. #Quote by Kady Cross
Flirt quotes by Katherine McIntyre
#21. Go figure, that happened to be his same style of flirtation as well - annoy her half to death until, before she could stop herself, she confessed her deep darks and bonded with him to a degree she never had before. #Quote by Katherine McIntyre
Flirt quotes by Olivia Parker
#22. Splatters of mud stained Rothbury's fine lawn shirt, which clung slickly to the broad expanse of his back like a second skin. Having rolled up his sleeves at the onset of his task, his muscled arms were now streaked with mud and rain as were the tall boots and tight black breeches that hugged the sinewy muscles of his long, undoubtedly strong legs.
Her admiring gaze alighted upon his golden-brown hair, which now looked more brown than golden as it was wet with perspiration and mist. A few locks lay plastered to his neck in wispy whorls.
Charlotte suddenly felt overly warm. Seeing him... wet... somehow embarrassed her. It felt dark, intimate. Truly, if it weren't for the mud- and clothes- she rather thought this would be what he looked like after a bath.
A shiver ran down her arms as her eyes drifted to the dewy trails of rain droplets that ran over his slightly bristled jaw and neck, disappearing in the nest of his loosely tied cravat.
And then her hungry gaze raised... and connected with Rothbury's. All thoughts flew straight out of her head.
Looking at her from over his shoulder, he straightened, his smile twisting with arrogance.
Despite the chill in the air, her cheeks felt as if they were on fire. How long had he been watching her in-depth perusal? Long enough, she supposed, if the heated gleam in his eyes was any indication at all.
She blinked, shaking her head hurriedly, hoping by that action she was silently telling him, "No, I defi #Quote by Olivia Parker
Flirt quotes by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
#23. Men like to flirt with, and sometimes even date a wild child, but those women aren't usually first on their lists for marriage or motherhood. #Quote by Nancy Leigh DeMoss
Flirt quotes by Mika.
#24. I kinda flirt with everything and everyone, no matter if it's a tree or a coffee cup. I can't resist. #Quote by Mika.
Flirt quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#25. I believe it, she's a very good person, kind. There's weariness there, but no bitterness or spite. When you're with a girl like that you feel like a different person. You try to be better, and that's a strain. Men prefer to be friends with her kind, flirt a bit, share confidences. They don't often fall in love with girls like that, but everybody loves them. #Quote by Sergei Lukyanenko
Flirt quotes by Wesley Eisold
#26. I feel there is love and confidence in me somewhere and I want to find it. So far, music is the only medium that's allowed me to flirt with a sense of self-worth, with joy and comfort. #Quote by Wesley Eisold
Flirt quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#27. I can only imagine the sort of havoc Oliver must have wreaked as a boy."
Oliver handed Minerva in, then climbed in to sit beside her. "We weren't that bad."
"Don't listen to him," Minerva exclaimed, her eyes twinkling. "One dull evening, he and his friends went to a ball dressed in the livery of the hired footmen. Then they proceeded to drink up the liquor, flirt and wink at the elderly ladies until they were all blushing, and make loud criticisms of the entertainment. After the lady of the house caught on to their scheme and rounded up some stout young men to throw them out, they stole a small stone cupid she had in her garden and sent her a ransom note for it."
"How the devil do you know that?" Oliver asked. "You were, what, eleven?"
"Twelve," Minerva said. "And it was all Gran's servants could talk about. Made quite a stir in society, as I recall. What was the ransom? A kiss for each of you from the lady's daughter?"
A faint smile touched Oliver's lips. "And she never did pay it. Apparently her suitors took issue with it. Not to mention her parents."
"Good heavens," Maria said.
"Come to think of it," Oliver mused aloud, "I believe Kirkwood still has that cupid somewhere. I should ask him."
"You're as bad as Freddy and my cousins," Maria chided. "They put soap on all the windows of the mayor's carriage on the very day he was supposed to lead a procession through Dartmouth. You should have seen him blustering when he discovered it."
#Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Flirt quotes by Brigid Kemmerer
#28. You boys need anything else?"

Nick started. The older waitress was there beside the table.

He hadn't heard her approach. Worse - he hadn't felt her approach. Would she say something? He should probably start disentangling himself from Adam. His voice wouldn't work and his face felt like his cheeks were going to burn clean off.

"No, thanks," Adam said. He sounded amused.

She ripped a piece of paper from her pad and set it on the table. "You two are just the cutest ever."

Nick froze. She didn't care. They'd been head to head at this table, and she hadn't batted an eye.

Adam winked at her. "Sounds like someone's looking for a tip."

"Here's a tip," she said. "Don't flirt with old married ladies when you've got a sure thing in your arms."

"Am I the sure thing in this scenario?" said Nick.

"I don't know," Adam said. "Are you?"

The waitress laughed and left them with the check.

"She didn't care," said Nick softly. "I know it's stupid, but I thought - "

"What, that people would come out with pitchforks? Flaming torches?"


Adam kissed him on the cheek. "You're adorable. People surprise you sometimes. Especially when you give them the chance."

The words hit Nick hard, the way words you need to hear usually do. He held them in his head for examination later.

When they walked back to Adam's apartment, he re #Quote by Brigid Kemmerer
Flirt quotes by Colleen Hoover
#29. Why are you always so mad?"

She laughs under her breath. "That's easy," she says. "Assholes, stupid customers, a shitty job, worthless parents, crappy friends, bad weather, annoying roommates who don't know how to kiss."

I laugh at the last comment, which I'm sure was supposed to be a dig, but it felt more like an underhanded flirt.

"How are you so happy all the time?" she asks. "You think everything is funny."

"That's easy," I say. "Great parents, being lucky enough to have a job, loyal friends, sunny days, and roommates who starred in porn films. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Flirt quotes by Ally Blake
#30. Yeah, he's just a huge flirt. He flirted with me, every female reporter within eyeshot, some of the men, and a pot plant on the way into his office. It's pathological. #Quote by Ally Blake
Flirt quotes by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
#31. I have always loved being behind the camera. I love how it sets you apart in a crowd, so that you can float at the edges, pausing only occasionally to capture a moment.
In its own way it's easier than writing. As a writer, I have to know people, to talk to them, to barge into silences with a dozen of those little lighthearted quips that lead up to a conversation. And even then, they're guarded around you. Nobody wants their drunken conversation written down somewhere.
Being a photographer is different. People come to you. They smile. They flirt. They make sure you see only their best side. Nobody wants to upset the camera. #Quote by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne
Flirt quotes by Willard R. Espy
#32. All flowers are flirtatious - particularly if they carry hyphenated names. The more hyphens in the name, the flirtier the flower. The one-hyphen flowers - black-eyed Susan; lady-smock; musk-rose - may give you only a shy glance and then drop their eyes; the two-hyphen flowers - forget-me-not; flower-de-luce - keep glancing. Flowers with three or more hyphens flirt all over the garden and continue even when they are cut and arranged in vases. John-go-to-bed-at-noon does not go there simply to sleep. #Quote by Willard R. Espy
Flirt quotes by Salma Hayek
#33. And I highly recommend for all the women in the world, even if they're 71, you can never take for granted that he loves you. It's always good to flirt with him. It's a great sport. #Quote by Salma Hayek
Flirt quotes by Ellie R. Hunter
#34. What would you tempt me with?" I flirt and it feels good.
His mouth lifts at the corner into a devilish grin and he closes the space between us and leans into me.
"Everything I have darlin'," he whispers. #Quote by Ellie R. Hunter
Flirt quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#35. He studied me with his predator's gaze, assessing me from head to toe. I studied him back. He didn't just occupy space; he saturated it. The room had been full of books before, now it was full of him. About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. I couldn't pinpoint his nationality any more than I could his accent; some kind of European crossed with Old World Mediterranean or maybe an ancestor with dark Gypsy blood. He wore an elegant, dark gray Italian suit, a crisp white shirt, and a muted patterned tie. He wasn't handsome. That was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood. He was the kind of man I wouldn't flirt with in a million years. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Flirt quotes by Amy Plum
#36. All this yummy muscleness first thing in the morning is almost too much for me to take," she cooed, and gave him a playful wink as she scooted herself into the front seat. I shook my head. If "Flirt" qualified as a foreign language, my sister and Ambrose would both have PhDs in it. #Quote by Amy Plum
Flirt quotes by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
#37. I knew love was a burden to her. But it was an agreeable burden. She was very delicate. Sometimes I wondered whether she realized to what extent love was an adventure. To her it seemed to be a refuge against the bitterness of the world; to me it wasn't a destination but a stop exposed to winds, to thunders, a stop exposed to storms, a stop among other stops between the first day and the last day in the life of every man and woman. I wished Therese could realize that we were only friends. #Quote by Mbella Sonne Dipoko
Flirt quotes by Gertrude Stein
#38. Bailing the center of a spot and not having an embankment is not the only way to flirt. So soon, so left without a spoon, so august and so strange and taller than every other, it is not astonishing that someone is older. #Quote by Gertrude Stein
Flirt quotes by Henry James
#39. You're a very nice girl, but I wish you'd flirt with me, and me only. #Quote by Henry James
Flirt quotes by Erin McCarthy
#40. I was born without the flirt gene. It's truly awful for me." That was no exaggeration. " I mean, look at how I screwed up last night with Ty. He was flirting and tossing off sexual innuendos, and I just looked at him and said I would not have anal sex with him."
"You what?" Suzanne shrieked so loud that Imogen saw half a dozen other fitness patrons swivel their heads to look at them. "Did he ask you to? At the party?"
"No, of course not." Which was what made it all the more ridiculous. "We were in the car and he was hinting about positions, what was to come, etc., and I just blurted out that I wasn't doing that with him."
"Girl ... " was Suzanne's though on the matter, her expression one of total horror. "Do not bring up the back door unless he's knocking on it. #Quote by Erin McCarthy
Flirt quotes by Frank Zappa
#41. He likes to flirt with all the boys in the class. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Flirt quotes by Oscar Wilde
#42. My dear fellow, the way you flirt with Gwendolen is perfectly disgraceful. It is almost as disgraceful as the way Gwendolen flirts with you. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Flirt quotes by Robyn Carr
#43. Well, what am I supposed to do?"
"Well, you can take a nap, read a little of my book, or close your eyes. Or you could stare
get the thrill of your life."
"She put her hands on her hips. "You really wouldn't care, would you?"
"Not really. A bath is a serious business when it's that much trouble. And it's pretty quick in winter." He started to chuckle.
"What's so funny?" she asked, a little irritated.
"I was just thinking. It's cold enough in here, you might not see that much."
Her cheeks went hot, so she pretended not to understand. "But in summer, you can lay in the tub all afternoon?"
"In summer, I wash in the creek." He grinned at her. "Why don't you comb the snarls out of your hair? You look like a wild banshee."
She stared at him a minute, then said, "Don't flirt with me. It won't do you any good."
-Marcie and Ian #Quote by Robyn Carr
Flirt quotes by Libby Cole
#44. Jay whirled around in outrage. "You, woman, you are a minx, and I am totally out of my depth with you."
His intensity caught her by surprise, thrilling her, leaving her as breathless as if the oxygen had been sucked out of the room. Outwardly, she shrugged as though he had no effect on her. Maybe Holiday Kayla was this bold. Holiday Kayla knew how to flirt, and keep the attention of man this good looking. Normal Kayla wouldn't do any of this, but Holiday Kayla knew it was no big deal. #Quote by Libby Cole
Flirt quotes by Sarina Bowen
#45. I'm not allowed to talk to your teammates?"
"Talk all you want. But flirting ain't allowed, honey."
Seriously? "I'll flirt with whomever I want," I shoot back.
"Aw, you really think that?" He smiles. "That's so sweet. #Quote by Sarina Bowen
Flirt quotes by Thomas Hardy
#46. Why do you ... keep tantalizing me?
I tell you, Tess, I'd take you for a flirt,
For a sit you could catch,
If I didn't know just honest and pure you are. #Quote by Thomas Hardy
Flirt quotes by Amy Webb
#47. A lot of people try to use sarcasm to flirt, and it tends not to read well. Most people who are successful at flirting do so via instant message instead of email. The best way to flirt is to care deeply about whatever your date is saying and to focus all of your attention on him or her. Ask thoughtful questions. Take a keen interest in the conversation. Be enthusiastic. #Quote by Amy Webb
Flirt quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#48. As far as I can make out, women's friendships with each other are based on a gush of lies and pretty speeches that mean nothing. You'd think they were all wolves trying to seduce each other the way they flatter and flirt when they're together. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Flirt quotes by Jessica Alba
#49. There's a lot of pressure on women to fulfill certain fantasies. They expect you to be a little bit of a tart, to flirt with all the men. A lot of women do it. But I'm not doing that. I talk with these guys about their wives and kids right away. When they say inappropriate things, I let them, because boys will be boys, but I'm not looking to participate in their conversations. #Quote by Jessica Alba
Flirt quotes by Becky Wade
#50. And last but not least, do not flirt with me." - Willow
"Flirting is like breathing for me, Willow." - Corbin
"Good. Then maybe when you stop, you'll suffocate." - Willow #Quote by Becky Wade
Flirt quotes by Melina Marchetta
#51. In a kinder world," he whispered, "one I promise you I've seen, men and women flirt and dance and love with only the fear of what it would mean without the other in their lives. #Quote by Melina Marchetta
Flirt quotes by Jodi Picoult
#52. What did he do to you?" Kyrie asks. "Flirt with another girl?" "Call you fat?" Marina suggests. "Talk about his ex?" Ondine says, and the others groan. "We've been there, sister," Marina says. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Flirt quotes by Nicolas Gomez Davila
#53. The most ominous of modern perversions is the shame of appearing naïve if we do not flirt with evil.
(La más ominosa de las perversiones modernas es la vergüenza de parecer ingenuos si no coqueteamos con el mal.) #Quote by Nicolas Gomez Davila
Flirt quotes by Harlan Coben
#54. When I got home, I poured myself one last quick drink. I took a deep sip and let the warm liquor travel to destinations well known. Yes, I drink. But I'm not a drunk. That's not denial. I know I flirt with being an alcoholic. I also know that flirting with alcoholism is about as safe as flirting with a mobster's underage daughter. But so far, the flirting hasn't led to coupling. I'm smart enough to know that might not last. Chloe #Quote by Harlan Coben
Flirt quotes by Katie Price
#55. I used to flirt with girls just to get the guys circling around us. I'm getting out of it now. I have to look after my reputation. #Quote by Katie Price
Flirt quotes by Will Cuppy
#56. Queen Elizabeth was rather a flirt all her life. She finally developed a bad habit of boxing her partners' ears and shouting "god's death, I'll have thy head!" This discouraged some of her more sensitive partners, #Quote by Will Cuppy
Flirt quotes by Pawan Mishra
#57. Many storytellers with possibly more potential than Shakespeare, even though I have not read much of him, could not hit much fame because they treated their stories like their wives. Rather than limiting the emotion only to flirting with their stories, they married them, thus limiting their chances of experimenting. #Quote by Pawan Mishra
Flirt quotes by Claudia Gray
#58. You're going to tell me that last night shouldn't have happened.
No. I'm glad it happened. For too long, I've been telling myself that I could spend all this time with yo and flirt with you and not have it mean anything. It does mean something. You mean something to me. But I'm not in love with you. #Quote by Claudia Gray
Flirt quotes by Janet Evanovich
#59. It wouldn't kill you to flirt a little, so I don't remember this assignment as totally sucking. I'm babysitting a guy who thinks he's a leprechaun, and I'm rescuing a has-been horse. The least you could do I grab my ass once in a while. #Quote by Janet Evanovich
Flirt quotes by Gene Stratton-Porter
#60. You needn't be thinking," he said to the goldfinch, "that because I'm coming down this line alone day after day, it's always to be so. Some of these times you'll be swinging on this wire, and you'll see me coming, and you'll swing, skip, and flirt yourself around, and chip up right spunky: 'SEE ME?' I'll be saying 'See you? Oh, Lord! See her!' You'll look, and there she'll stand. The sunshine won't look gold any more, or the roses pink, or the sky blue, because she'll be the pinkest, bluest, goldest thing of all. You'll be yelling yourself hoarse with the jealousy of her. The sawbird will stretch his neck out of joint, and she'll turn the heads of all the flowers. Wherever she goes, I can go back afterward and see the things she's seen, walk the path she's walked, hear the grasses whispering over all she's said; and if there's a place too swampy for her bits of feet; Holy Mother! Maybe--maybe she'd be putting the beautiful arms of her around me neck and letting me carry her over! #Quote by Gene Stratton-Porter
Flirt quotes by Nathaniel Parker Willis
#61. A flirt is like a dipper attached to a hydrant; every one is at liberty to drink from it, but no one desires to carry it away. #Quote by Nathaniel Parker Willis
Flirt quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#62. You say that like I have a choice. These are the ideas that come to me. These are the ideas that have always come to me. If it can bleed me,eat me, or fuck me, I want to write about it. -L.K. on why she writes about sex and monsters in 'Flirt' Afterword #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Flirt quotes by Neil Gaiman
#63. In my experience, writers tend to be really good at the inside of their own heads and imaginary people, and a lot less good at the stuff going on outside, which means that quite often if you flirt with us we will completely fail to notice, leaving everybody involved slightly uncomfortable and more than slightly unlaid.
So I would suggest that any attempted seduction of a writer would probably go a great deal easier for all parties if you sent them a cheerful note saying "YOU ARE INVITED TO A SEDUCTION: Please come to dinner on Friday Night, Wear the kind of clothes you would like to be seduced in."
And alcohol may help, too. Or kissing. Many writers figure out that they're being seduced or flirted with if someone is actually kissing them. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Flirt quotes by Elizabeth May
#64. Gavin meets us outside the cottage. I notice he's carrying weapons, as if he's been training for this.

He glances at my sword and his lips quirk up. "Now this sight brings back fond memories. Though I admit, I miss the torn dresses. Trousers just don't have the same touch of reckless insanity."

I roll my eyes. "Trust you to flirt with me right before a battle. What happened to Brooding Gavin?"

"Brooding Gavin had a city to protect," he says. "All I have now is my own arse. Oh, and this whisky." He pulls open his coat and the bottle is right there in the inside pocket. He's actually determined to save that shite single malt.

"You're ridiculous," I tell him.

Aithinne, however, brightens when she sees it. "Thank god," she says. "Save a dram for me. I always like a spot of whisky after I murder things."

God help me. Or kill me now. Just put me out of my misery. #Quote by Elizabeth May
Flirt quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#65. To Lovers out there …

In life is not what you do. Is who you do it with. That gives you memories and moments. It is always nice to have someone to share life and life struggles with. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Flirt quotes by Patricia Sprinkle
#66. You never did master a leer.
- Katharine Murray, Death on the Family Tree #Quote by Patricia Sprinkle
Flirt quotes by Julie Anne Long
#67. May I see your dance card?"
"Don't you believe me?" She presented it to him with a flourish.
He ran his fingers down the list of names.
"Hmm ... Waterburn? Bastard. D'Andre. Definitely a worthless bastard. Lord Camber, a thoroughgoing bastard. Lord Michaelson? Bastard. Peter Cheswick? Bast - "
She snatched it from him, laughing.
"I wouldn't dance a waltz with you, anyway, Lord Dryden."
"You might accidentally lock eyes with Lisbeth Redmond, stumble, and fling me across the room to avoid crushing my feet. #Quote by Julie Anne Long
Flirt quotes by Zadie Smith
#68. Romance was beyond me: it required a form of personal mystery I couldn't manufacture and disliked in others. I couldn't pretend that my legs do not grow hair or that my body does not excrete a variety of foul substances or that my feet aren't flat as pancakes. I could not flirt and saw no purpose in flirting. I did not mind dressing up for strangers - when out at college parties or if we went up to London for the clubs - but in our rooms, within our intimacy, I could not be a girl, nor could I be anybody's baby, I could only be a female human. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Flirt quotes by Marsha L. Larsen
#69. The other thing that's happened with writing is that I'm not afraid it will go away. Up until a couple of years ago, I feared that sitting down with paper and pencil revealed too much desire and that for such ambition I would be punished. My vocabulary would contract anorexia, ideas would be born autistic, even titles would not come to flirt with me anymore. I suppose this was tied to that internal judge, the serpent who eats her own tail. She insinuates you're not good enough; you believe her and try less, ratifying her assessment; so you try even less; and on and on. This snake survives on your dying. Finally, now, the elided words of my wisest writing teacher, the poet David Wojahn, make sense. "Be ambitious," he said, "for the work." Not for the in-dwelling editor. That bitch was impossible to please anyway. #Quote by Marsha L. Larsen
Flirt quotes by Kirsty Moseley
#70. Well, he told me you were a flirt who would try and get me into bed, but damn, I didn't realise you'd start before nine in the morning. #Quote by Kirsty Moseley
Flirt quotes by Zayn Malik
#71. Don't call a girl a flirt, she's just trying to be nice. Don't call a girl obsessed when she's just in love. #Quote by Zayn Malik
Flirt quotes by Knut Hamsun
#72. He was quite a Casanova, no doubt about it. He was in a very good mood today and stopped longer than usual. The girls could see he was gloriously drunk.
'Well, Ragna, why do you think I come here so often?' asked Rolandsen.
'I've no idea,' Ragna answered.
'You must think I'm sent by old Laban.'
The girls giggled. 'When he says Laban he really means Adam.'
'I've come to save you,' said Rolandsen. 'You have to beware of the fishermen around here, they're out-and-out seducers!'
'There's no greater seducer than you,' said another girl. 'You've got two kids already. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.'
'How can you talk like that, Nicoline? You've always been a thorn in my flesh and you'll be the death of me, you know damned well. But as for you, Ragna, I'm going to save your soul wether you like it or not! #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Flirt quotes by Derek Landy
#73. Because I'm an English ninja," Tanith replied. "We're just like regular ninjas, except we wear leather and flirt more. #Quote by Derek Landy
Flirt quotes by Trieste Kelly Dunn
#74. As a female, you are often being asked by directors to be warmer, softer, flirt more, smile more etc ... None of those things are bad, and obviously we are capable of a variety of human behavior, but it gets really old having to play into somebody's stereotype or ideal. #Quote by Trieste Kelly Dunn
Flirt quotes by Robin Constantine
#75. Buy the dress. Kiss the wrong boy. Flirt your butt off. #Quote by Robin Constantine
Flirt quotes by Del Shannon
#76. Here she comes that little town flirt, you're falling for her and you're gonna get hurt. #Quote by Del Shannon
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#77. If sleep wasn't necessary, I would have used those 8 hours just to gaze at you. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Heather Morris
#78. Flirt!'s mascara is insane - I don't need false lashes when I wear it. #Quote by Heather Morris
Flirt quotes by Jane Austen
#79. A woman in love with one man cannot flirt with another. #Quote by Jane Austen
Flirt quotes by Victor Hugo
#80. God created the flirt as soon as he made the fool. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Flirt quotes by Cassandra Clare
#81. Magnus, you were trying to flirt with your own plate."
"I'm a very open-minded sort of fellow!"
"Ragnor is not," Catarina said. "When he found out that you were feeding us guinea pigs, he hit you over the head with your plate. It broke."
"So ended our love," Magnus said. "Ah, well. It would have never worked between me and the plate anyway. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Flirt quotes by Rebecca Zanetti
#82. I'm a fucking killing machine, and you're a sweet little hacker who likes to flirt with danger. Baby, I am danger. #Quote by Rebecca Zanetti
Flirt quotes by Alice Munro
#83. I actually had a long career as a flirt ahead of me. It's quite a natural behaviour, once the loss of love makes you give up your ideas of marriage. #Quote by Alice Munro
Flirt quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
#84. I should not have to flirt with someone while I'm trying to threaten someone else with a gun; it was too hard to do both. #Quote by Laurell K. Hamilton
Flirt quotes by Janette Rallison
#85. Colton picked up a glass of cider and tok a sip. "We're not a couple, Olivia and I, so if you want to flirt with me, it's all right." He was teasing, but there was also truth mixed into this game. Perhaps more than he knew, and I felt as though everything inside of me was stretched tight.
I didn't want to face him, so I kept my gaze centered out on the dance floor. "I see. Should I bat my eyelashes or were you thinking along the lines of pointless small talk?"
"Actually, I like the way you keep looking at me."
"I don't keep looking at you."
"Yes, you do."
I didn't look at him, just to prove the point. #Quote by Janette Rallison
Flirt quotes by Jill Shalvis
#86. Dell pulled out his cell phone, speed-dialed a number, and put the phone on speaker. A woman answered with a professionally irritated tone: "What do you need now?"

"Jade," Dell said.

"Nope, it's the Easter Bunny. And your keys are on your desk."

Dell shook his head. "Now darlin', I don't always call you just because I've lost my keys."

"I'm sorry, you're right. You wallet's on your desk, too. As for your little black book, you're on your own with that one, Dr. Flirt. I'm at lunch."

Dell sighed. "What did we say about you and the whole power-play thing?"

"That it's good for your ego to have at least one woman in your life that you can't flash a smile at and have them drop their panties?"

Dell grinned. "I really like it when you say 'panties.' And for the record, I knew where my keys and wallet were."

"No you didn't."

"Okay, I didn't, but that's not why I'm calling. Can you bring burgers and fries for me and Brady? Oh, and Adam, too, or he'll bitch like a little girl."

"You mean 'Jade, will you pretty please bring us burgers and fries?'"

"Yes," Dell said, nodding. "That. And Cokes." He looked at Brady, who nodded. "And don't forget the ketchup."

"You forgot the nice words."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Dell said. "You look fantastic today, I especially love the attitude and sarcasm you're wearing."

Jade's voice went saccharine sweet. "So #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Flirt quotes by Linda Alfiori
#87. When you take care of your appearance and do exercise, you feel more attractive and this boosts your self-steam and confidence. You feel amazing and enjoy your single life because you can flirt and have fun while feeling noticed and admired. #Quote by Linda Alfiori
Flirt quotes by Cory Monteith
#88. I'm pretty goofy and I make a lot of dumb jokes - life is too short to be serious, so I guess that's how I flirt. To be honest, I think I'm too shy and reserved to be a proper old fashioned flirt. #Quote by Cory Monteith
Flirt quotes by Toni Morrison
#89. The flirt whom folks called Life, lead them on. Making them think the next sunrise would be worth it. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Flirt quotes by Tessa Dare
#90. Then he took the teat closest to Sophia and gave it a twist. A fresh stream of milk shot forth, glancing off the rim of the bucket and splashing her slippers.
"Take care!" With a little shriek of laughter, she pushed away from the goat's side. Davy tilted his hand and squeezed the teat again, this time splattering Sophia from crown to chest. Sputtering and wiping milk from her face, she scrambled to her feet. "Davy Linnet," she scolded, towering over both youth and goat. "You're a rascal."
"Am I?" He flashed her a lopsided, innocent grin. Shrugging, he dropped his gaze and emptied the last drops of milk into the pail. "Well, you're blushing."
Sophia made a show of huffing and crossing her arms, but she could not keep the laughter out of her voice. "Never say you've learned nothing from me, Davy. You might have shown me how to milk, but I've taught you to flirt."
"A fair bargain, then." He stood and took the goat by its collar.
"Perhaps. Mind you don't confuse the two talents. Keep your goats straight from your girls."
"That's easily done." Mischief twinkled sharp in his eye. "The goat's don't blush. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Flirt quotes by Louisa May Alcott
#91. No, I drank champagne and romped and tried to flirt, and was altogether abominable," said Meg reproachfully. #Quote by Louisa May Alcott
Flirt quotes by Jodi Picoult
#92. Edward: "Wait
you were trying to hit on me?"
Susan: "Damn straight."
Edward: "The thing is, I'm not. Straight, I mean. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Flirt quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#93. Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, In there stepped a stately Raven of the saintly days of yore. #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Flirt quotes by Elizabeth Bard
#94. I'm not the girl who swings from the chandeliers and screws men because she can, fixing her lipstick in the rear view mirror of a cab hailed at dawn. I'm the girl you call Wednesday for Saturday. The girl who reads Milton for fun and knows a fish fork when she sees one. A flirt maybe, but in that harmless, nineteenth-century, kiss-my-hand-and-ask-me-to-waltz kind of way. Mostly, I'm a thinker, a worrier. Since I'm a New Yorker, you can take that last bit up a notch. It's not that there's no free spirit in me. But it's a free spirit with a five-year plan. #Quote by Elizabeth Bard
Flirt quotes by Ahdaf Soueif
#95. Their relation was that of the sand and water, they touch, they meet, they flirt but they never mingle together. #Quote by Ahdaf Soueif
Flirt quotes by Nalini Singh
#96. I can smell blood, Elena," Dmitri drawled, walking back into the room. "Are you trying to flirt? #Quote by Nalini Singh
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#97. In material things, there are seven wonders; in human beings there is only one wonder - and that's you. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Alessandra Hazard
#98. Tristan sighed, slipping his arms around Zach, too. "You'll never get rid of me." "I'm oddly okay with that." Tristan dug his fingers into his back. "And I'm not Donna. No open relationship bullshit. I don't share." "Neither do I. Not you." Zach nuzzled the spot behind Tristan's ear. He bit Tristan's earlobe. "If you flirt with Nick again, I won't be responsible for the consequences." Tristan #Quote by Alessandra Hazard
Flirt quotes by Katy Perry
#99. There are times I go out and meet people and flirt, but it's not really appropriate to have anything serious. #Quote by Katy Perry
Flirt quotes by Robert Lane Greene
#100. A truly enlightened attitude to language should simply be to let six thousand or more flowers bloom. Subcultures should be allowed to thrive, not just because it is wrong to squash them, because they enrich the wider culture. Just as Black English has left its mark on standard English Culture, South Africans take pride in the marks of Afrikaans and African languages on their vocabulary and syntax.
New Zealand's rugby team chants in Maori, dancing a traditional dance, before matches. French kids flirt with rebellion by using verlan, a slang that reverses words' sounds or syllables (so femmes becomes meuf). Argentines glory in lunfardo, an argot developed from the underworld a centyry ago that makes Argentine Spanish unique still today. The nonstandard greeting "Where y'at?" for "How are you?" is so common among certain whites in New Orleans that they bear their difference with pride, calling themselves Yats. And that's how it should be. #Quote by Robert Lane Greene
Flirt quotes by Eve Langlais
#101. While his patience frayed, in the end, it was Meena who snapped first.
Whether it was the fact a woman touched him, hanging on to his arm, gushing at how beautiful the wedding was, or the fact that Meena couldn't handle the frustration of the last few days, it didn't matter.
With a snarled, "Get your hands off my husband!" Meena sliced through the crowd, skirts hiked. She leaped the last few feet and soared through the air to tackle the lioness at his side, who, as it turned out, was Loni's cousin.
But at the time, all he knew was his new wife was in full-on jealous mode and determined to scalp a wedding guest.
As omega, Leo should have jumped in to calm the hot tempers - and stop the hair pulling. At the very least, he should have definitely pried Meena off the lioness before she got blood on her white dress.
He kind of liked it.
While Leo had dated his fair share of women, he'd never had one show such a possessive side before.
Definitely never had one go after a girl for daring to flirt with him.
He didn't know what it said about him, the fact that he enjoyed her jealous outburst.
Feeling kind of smug about it, he took a moment to bask.
Hers. Yes, he was hers, and she was his, at least on paper.
Perhaps it was time to complete the bond and truly mate so that everyone would know they belonged to each other. Time to claim each other.
First, though, he needed to pry her off the othe #Quote by Eve Langlais
Flirt quotes by Heather Morris
#102. I am thrilled FLIRT! tapped into me to be their new Style Ambassador. I love FLIRT! products because they help me express my own personal style - especially when I want to stand out on set or in the crowd. What could be more fun than getting to play with makeup and fragrance and tell people all about it! #Quote by Heather Morris
Flirt quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#103. An intrepid person does not fear failure; they boldly flirt with disaster. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Flirt quotes by Werley Nortreus
#104. When a female cop pull you over for speeding, to get out of the ticket, talk nice to her, try to flirt or start crying, i bet she will save the ticket for you. #Quote by Werley Nortreus
Flirt quotes by Andy Stanley
#105. Most of us are married to a model of ministry and we flirt with the Great Commission. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Flirt quotes by Elaine Dundy
#106. I soon realized that one of the most important things to find while working in theater was someone to giggle with. To find someone to giggle with I place just below finding someone to flirt with and just above the ability to knit. Those are the only three things to do while waiting to go on. Oh, and crosswords of course, if you can bear them. Anything else breaks the spell. #Quote by Elaine Dundy
Flirt quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#107. Jesper ran a finger up Wylan's forearm, and Wylan flushed a vibrant pink. Matthias couldn't help but sympathize with the boy. He knew what it was to be out of your depth, and he sometimes suspected they could forgo all of Kaz's planning and simply let Jesper and Nina flirt the entirety of Ketterdam into submission. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Flirt quotes by Cara McKenna
#108. A beautiful young clerk might flirt with him as he browsed, but she'd never see what I did. She'd see only his shiny shell, snapped shut to hide a jumble of secondhand parts, ticking not quite as they should, but ticking nonetheless. A bit rusty. A bit erratic, like my heartbeat in the moments before I press his buzzer. #Quote by Cara McKenna
Flirt quotes by Samuel Ibn Naghrillah
#109. War begins like a pretty girl with whom every man wants to flirt and ends like an ugly old woman whose visitors suffer and weep. #Quote by Samuel Ibn Naghrillah
Flirt quotes by William Ritter
#110. I might be better prepared to slay dragons, I decided, than to flirt with boys. #Quote by William Ritter
Flirt quotes by Laurie R. King
#111. Margery," I blurted out in a passion of frustration. "I don't know what to make of you!"

Nor I you, Mary. Frankly, I cannot begin to comprehend the motives of a person who dedicates a large portion of her life to the contemplation of a God in whom she only marginally believes."

I felt stunned, as if she had struck me in the diaphragm. She looked down at me, trying to measure the effect of her words.

Mary, you believe in the power that the idea of God has on the human mind. You believe in the way human beings talk about the unknowable, reach for the unattainable, pattern their imperfect lives and offer their paltry best up to the beingless being that created the universe and powers its continuation. What you balk as it believing the evidence of your eyes, that God can reach out and touch a single human life in a concrete way." She smiled a sad, sad smile. "You mustn't be so cold, Mary. If you are, all you will see is a cold God, cold friends, cold love. God is not cold-never cold. God sears with heat, not ice, the heat of a thousand suns, heat that inflames but does not consume. You need warmth, Mary-you, Mary, need it. You fear it, you flirt with it, you imagine that you can stand in its rays and retain your cold intellectual attitude towards it. You imagine that you can love with your brain. Mary, oh my dear Mary, you sit in the hall and listen to me like some wild beast staring at a campfire, unable to leave, fearful of losing your freedom i #Quote by Laurie R. King
Flirt quotes by Donna Grant
#112. Woman with child? Look at Quinn and Marcail." "Aye, I know," Logan said. "I've no desire to have one of the women attached to me. I might flirt, but I'm staying out of their beds. #Quote by Donna Grant
Flirt quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#113. You two seem to have become fast friends," Linley remarked.
"It's my way with women," Grant said. "They can't resist my charm."
Linley's mouth quirked. "Charm? I've never suspected you of having any."
They were both surprised to hear Vivien's feeble scratch of voice join in the conversation. "That's because... you're not a woman."
Grant stared at her with an unwilling smile. Half dead, she might be, but the instinct to flirt had not left her. And God help him, he was far from immune. "Rallying to my defense, are you?" He reached down to stroke the curve of her cheek with his fingertip. "I'll have to thank you later. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Flirt quotes by George W. S. Trow
#114. A tease is a con. You press a spot because you know that it can be pressed, and while the sucker is feeling the pleasure or the pain resulting from the pressure, you take something from him ... A flirt doesn't do that. A flirt does a dance within the context of giving pleasure. Referring to this, referring to that. And suddenly, following the references, you find a little surprise. Nothing enormous. Nothing like 'Feed on me.' Nothing like that. Something small with a bow on it. It's a pleasure. A surprise, and a *gift*. #Quote by George W. S. Trow
Flirt quotes by Anna Held
#115. For a married woman to flirt is a sin. #Quote by Anna Held
Flirt quotes by Adam Hasner
#116. This is what the election of 2010 was about. We didn't send conservatives to Washington to flirt with Democrat proposals for higher taxes and more debt. We sent leaders to stop them. #Quote by Adam Hasner
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#117. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Where are Angels like you are from? #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Annette J. Dunlea
#118. My problem is I love sex. No joking I really love sex. Life without sex is unbearable for me. As a child my mum says I loved men and hated women. I use to smile at men when I was in the pram and offer them lollipops or sweeties. I guess it is in my genes, my little weakness. I can live without the Valium and Vodka but not my sex. To me my choice is simple men or Paradise and I love them both. I cannot make that choice. It is like there is some evil force driving me to flirt and sleep around. No one man has ever been enough for me and now I have to live like a nun in rehab. I am not bold I am just misunderstood. No, don't laugh it is an illness and an exhausting one I am so tired, so very tired. #Quote by Annette J. Dunlea
Flirt quotes by Jean-Jacques Nattiez
#119. If we compel the composer to write in terms of what the listener is able to hear, we flirt with the danger of freezing the evolution of musical language, whose progressive development comes about through transgressions of a given era's perceptual habits. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Nattiez
Flirt quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#120. Our eyes met and his grin stretched another quarter-inch. Another schoolgirl flip
followed by a very un-schoolgirl wave of heat. He leaned even farther over the boards, lips parting to say something.
"Hey, Kris!" someone yelled behind him. "If you want to flirt with Eve, tell her to meet you in the penalty box. You'll be back there soon enough. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Flirt quotes by Marie Lu
#121. Behold." Magiano spreads his arms in a gesture of pretend triumph. "Revel in its majesty."
I wrinkle my nose. "Are you trying to impress me with a collapsed archway?"
"No faith. No faith at all." He is back to his old self, and it sends a rare thread of joy through my heart. "Follow me," he murmurs. Then he takes a deep breath and dives down, grabbing my hand as he descends. #Quote by Marie Lu
Flirt quotes by Raquel Welch
#122. I'm not imperceptible to masculine charm, but, well, you know, I can flirt. #Quote by Raquel Welch
Flirt quotes by N.M. Silber
#123. Just flirt with him and see what happens - those were famous last words if I ever heard them. #Quote by N.M. Silber
Flirt quotes by Arden Aoide
#124. And he waited. He felt like he was going to throw up. What the fuck was he doing? Hadn't he learned anything? It was one thing to flirt about sex, but this wasn't flirting. This was pulling your heart out of your chest and giving it to someone who might not like blood all over their floor. He'd already put himself out there with the note and now he wasn't even pretending to be subtle. Physical sadist and emotional masochist. #Quote by Arden Aoide
Flirt quotes by Rick Riordan
#125. Brother," Artemis chided. "You do not help my hunters. You do not look at, talk to, or flirt with my Hunters. And you do not call them sweetheart. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Flirt quotes by Randeep Hooda
#126. It's too bad I'm not a flirt. When I'm on the sets, I'm too busy working on my scenes to look at the ladies. #Quote by Randeep Hooda
Flirt quotes by Amy Poehler
#127. Treat your career like a bad boyfriend. Here's the thing. Your career won't take care of you. It won't call you back or introduce you to its parents.Your career will openly flirt with other people while you are around. It will forget you birthday and wreck your car. Your career will blow you off if you call it too much. It's never going to leave its wife.Your career is fucking other people and everyone knows but you. Your career will never marry you. ( ... ) If your career is a bad boyfriend, it is healthy to remember you can always leave and go sleep with somebody else #Quote by Amy Poehler
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#128. The moon is too old, the flower is too old;even the sunset is not enough. The only relevant metaphor for you is your mirror image. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#129. But please, tell me more about Fjerdan girls. "
"They speak quietly. They don't engage in flirtations with every single man they meet. "
"I flirt with the woman too. "
"I think you'd flirt with a date palm if it would pay you any attention. "
"If I flirted with a plant, you can bet it would stand up and take notice. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Flirt quotes by Melissa Foster
#130. order to go to a bar, drink their asses off, flirt with strangers, #Quote by Melissa Foster
Flirt quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#131. Most people sort of enjoy going to work because of the socialisation, a chance to flirt with co-workers and so on, but actually hate the job they do. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Flirt quotes by Tamora Pierce
#132. They aren't expected to understand one another, he replied. The women will learn to flirt over a friend's shoulder, instead of close. The men will see the women as distant and unknowable. Their friends will be only men. The women will see men as strong and unknowable. Their friends will be only women. #Quote by Tamora Pierce
Flirt quotes by Julie Klassen
#133. She looked down, kicking a little clump of grass with her slipper. "I suppose you will look at me differently now."
"How so?"
"Now that you know I am not who you thought I was. Who I thought I was."
"Oh, are you not human after all?" He teased, "Are you actually a woodland water Sprite or famed West Country pixie?"
He took a step nearer.
"You are still Lady Amelia's pride and joy. Still headstrong, still a bruising rider and righter of wrongs, still the bravest and most foolish woman that I know, still determined to lead ever dance, and still and incorrigible flirt. Is that not true?"
She hesitated, torn between offense and amusement. "Yes, I...I suppose it is."
"Then you are still exactly the woman I thought."
"Very funny. #Quote by Julie Klassen
Flirt quotes by Shannen Doherty
#134. If I kind of like a guy, then I'm a fantastic flirt. But with a guy I truly like, I get painfully shy. #Quote by Shannen Doherty
Flirt quotes by Jojo Moyes
#135. But I'm a single mother,' she'd said. 'And, worse, I don't do flirting. I wouldn't know how to flirt with someone if Louisa stood behind them holding up placards. And #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Flirt quotes by P.C. Cast
#136. Can I flirt with another guy to make him jealous?" "Oh no." She laughed, still holding my hands. "That will unleash something you can't handle. You don't mess with men that way. #Quote by P.C. Cast
Flirt quotes by Marian Keyes
#137. You were the one who wanted me to come here with you, so you'd better have the bloody manners to talk to me. If you wanted to flirt with someone then why did you invite me?" "Sorry, Lucy; you're right; forgive me, Lucy." He sounded humble but he certainly did not look it. "And you can knock of that naughty little boy smile," I continued. #Quote by Marian Keyes
Flirt quotes by Scott Adams
#138. Swing your partner, dosey-do, now clap your hands ... uh-oh, that's all the square dance moves I know ... I'll bluff the rest. Slap your partner in the face, Write bad checks all over the place, Flirt with strangers, annoy your spouse, Get a divorce and lose your house, ... uh ... dosey-do. #Quote by Scott Adams
Flirt quotes by Iain M. Banks
#139. As a matter of fact I did flirt with Socialism, in my youth."
"That when you were in university, was it?"
He smiled. "Yes. University. But then I saw how much more comfortable life could be as one of the exploiters rather than one of the exploited. Plus I decided that if the proles were so stupid as to let themselves be exploited, who was I to stand in their way? #Quote by Iain M. Banks
Flirt quotes by Dalina Bradley B.
#140. There is no jealous man, without a flirtatious woman. #Quote by Dalina Bradley B.
Flirt quotes by Gary L. Thomas
#141. Righteousness - true holiness - is seen over time in our persistence. It is relatively easy to "flirt" with righteousness - being occasionally courteous to other drivers (if you happen to be in a good mood), helping someone in need by opening the door for them (if you have time), throwing a few extra bucks into the offering plate (as long as you won't miss them). But this behavior is in reality superficial righteousness. The righteousness God seeks is a persistent righteousness, a commitment to continue making the right decision even when, perhaps hourly, you feel pulled in the opposite direction. #Quote by Gary L. Thomas
Flirt quotes by Patrick Stump
#142. In reply to 'how do I flirt with people?':
Just be yourself and not want anything out of anybody. Desire is the killer of all smoothness. #Quote by Patrick Stump
Flirt quotes by Henry James
#143. She was a coquette; he was sure she had a spirit of her own; but in her bright, sweet, superficial little visage there was no mockery, no irony. Before long it became obvious that she was much disposed towards conversation. #Quote by Henry James
Flirt quotes by Winthrop Mackworth Praed
#144. Hail, blest Confusion! here are met
All tongues, and times, and faces;
The Lancers flirt with Juliet,
The Brahmin talks of races. #Quote by Winthrop Mackworth Praed
Flirt quotes by Lauren Oliver
#145. Why do you flirt with Mr. Daimler? He's a perv, you know."
I'm so surprised by the question it takes me a second to answer. "Mr. Daimler is not a perv."
"Trust me, he is."
"I don't flirt with him, anyway."
Kent rolls his eyes. "Sure."
I shrug my shoulders. "Why so interested?"
Kent goes red and drops his eyes to the floor. "No reason," he mumbles. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Flirt quotes by J.M. Darhower
#146. I'm gonna take a nap, Heaven," he said, wanting away from her to clear his head. He didn't like feeling uncomfortable in his house.
"Haven," she corrected him as he started to walk away.
"I know," he said. "I kinda like Heaven though."
She turned to him, and their eyes met for the first time since he'd walked into the room. "Me, too. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Flirt quotes by Mohamemd Zaki Ansari
#147. Addiction of Narcotics and Addiction of flirt are same,person cant give up Narcotics Addiction neither Flirting Addiction,Doesn't matter,its destroyed self character or all relations.For this Both Addiction person can left all anything,but impossible to leave it. But mind it.Flirting Addiction is more dangerous then narcotics because Narcotics Kills Self and Flirting Addiction Kills Another someone. #Quote by Mohamemd Zaki Ansari
Flirt quotes by Antal Szerb
#148. We were so intimate that it wasn't possible to flirt or fall in love with one another. For love, there has to be a distance across which the lovers can approach one another. The approach is of course an illusion, because love in fact separate people. Love is a polarity. Two lovers are the two oppositely charged poles of the universe. #Quote by Antal Szerb
Flirt quotes by Hanif Abdurraqib
#149. And What Good Will Your Vanity Be When The Rapture Comes"

says the man with a cart of empty bottles at the corner of church
and lincoln while I stare into my phone and I say
I know oh I know while trying to find the specific
filter that will make the sun's near-flawless descent look

the way I might describe it in a poem and the man
says the moment is already right in front of you and I
say I know but everyone I love is not here and I mean
here like on this street corner with me while I turn

the sky a darker shade of red on my phone and I mean
here like everyone I love who I can still touch and not
pass my fingers through like the wind in a dream
but I look up at the man and he is a kaleidoscope

of shadows I mean his shadows have shadows
and they are small and trailing behind him and I know
then that everyone he loves is also not here and the man doesn't ask
but I still say hey man I've got nothing I've got nothing even though I have plenty

to go home to and the sun is still hot even in its
endless flirt with submission and the man's palm has a small
river inside I mean he has taken my hand now and here we are
tethered and unmoving and the man says what color are you making

the sky and I say what I might say in a poem I say all surrender
ends in blood and he says what color are you making the sky and
I say something bright enoug #Quote by Hanif Abdurraqib
Flirt quotes by George Saunders
#150. I have lunch, flirt with some local grandmothers, undercut my flirting by crotching myself on the corner of a table as I leave.
The Great Divider #Quote by George Saunders
Flirt quotes by Sarah Shahi
#151. I'm used to a lot of love scenes. I'm used to something that requires me to kick up my heels and wink-wink, flirt-flirt with a twirl of my skirt. #Quote by Sarah Shahi
Flirt quotes by Caitlin Moran
#152. Ladies, we are at a massive disadvantage in the workplace. Your male peers are flirting with their male bosses constantly. The average workplace is like f*cking Bromancing the Stone. That's basically what male bonding is. Flirting. They're flirting with each other playing golf, they're flirting with each other going to the football, they're flirting with each other chatting at the urinals – and, sadly, flirting with each other in after-hours visits to strip clubs and pubs. They are bonding with each other over their biological similarities. If the only way you can bond with them is over your biological differences, you go for it. Feel pressurised to actually f*ck them if you do? Then don't flirt. Find it an easy way to just crack on? Then crack on – and don't blame other women for doing it. #Quote by Caitlin Moran
Flirt quotes by Anne Stuart
#153. I will give you a little hint," Emma said with a wry smile. "A whore's trick, but a good one. It's a part that you're playing, like a grand actress on the stage. It isn't you. It has nothing to do with you. You're simply using your body in service to something necessary. You can smile and flirt and dance and pretend you're someone entirely different, and it won't matter. You, the real you, will still be safe inside. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Flirt quotes by Joshua Jackson
#154. If girls were going after me, I would not only admit it, but I would probably exaggerate about the swarming masses. I can flirt and have fun, but at the end of the day, I'm not Tom Cruise. Girls are not falling all over me. #Quote by Joshua Jackson
Flirt quotes by Amanda Hocking
#155. Why did you defect now? Why here? There are other troll tribes and hundreds of cities that aren't at war with your King."
"But only the Trylle have Wendy." Loki's smile returned but his eyes ere pained. "And how could I pass on that?"
"She is married, you know," Finn said. "So it might be a good idea if you stopped trying to flirt with her. She's not interested."
"It's up to her to decide who she's interested in," Loki said, with an edge to his voice. "And it's not exactly like you're following your own advice."
"I am her tracker." Finn sat up in bed, but this time I didn't try to stop him. His eyes were burning. "It's my job to protect her."
"No, Duncan is her tracker." Loki pointed to where Duncan stood in the doorway, staring wide-eyed at their confrontation. "And Wendy's stronger than the both of you combined. You're not protecting her. You're protecting yourself because you're a lovesick ex-boyfriend."
"You think you have everything figured out, but you don't know anything," Finn growled. "If it were up to me I'd have you sent back to the Vittra in a flash."
"But it's not up to you!" I snapped. "It's up to me. And this conversation is over. Finn needs to rest, and you are not helping anything, Loki."
"Sorry," Loki said and rubbed his hands on his pants.
"Why don't you go back to your room?" I asked Loki. "I'll be over to talk to you in a minute."
He nodded and got up. "Feel better," Loki said to Finn, and he actually soun #Quote by Amanda Hocking
Flirt quotes by Thea Harrison
#156. Just when I was coping with the idea that I'd necked with a werewolf," she muttered. "Just when I was beginning to flirt with the idea of possibly… possibly inviting sex with a werewolf. I'm trying to imagine how I would tell this story to my best friend. I think it would go something like this: See, I've never seen him in daylight. He's just this werewolf guy."
Beside her, he had stiffened. Very quietly, he said, "Sex? #Quote by Thea Harrison
Flirt quotes by Caroline George
#157. You're different, and I know that's probably the most cliché response ever given, but it's the truth. When I look at you, it's as if I'm reading a novel. No matter how much time I spend studying your pages, there will always be more for me to learn, deeper layers of complexity to baffle me, and plot twists that'll leave me speechless. #Quote by Caroline George
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#158. If I have only one coin left in the world, I will buy a rose to propose to you. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#159. You flirt with everything." She could tell that her eyes were popping
her eyeballs actually felt cold around the edges. "You flirt with old people and babies and everybody in between. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Flirt quotes by Oscar Wilde
#160. The amount of women in London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous. It looks so bad. It is simply washing one's clean linen in public. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Flirt quotes by Mal Peet
#161. Teen authors love to flirt with taboo, to grapple - sensitively - with dark and frightening issues, and there is nothing darker and more frightening than cancer. #Quote by Mal Peet
Flirt quotes by Anthony Hopkins
#162. If you're an alcoholic or a drug addict or something, we flirt with death. We pull ourselves to the brink of destruction and if we're lucky we pull ourselves back. We all have that in us. #Quote by Anthony Hopkins
Flirt quotes by Cassandra Clare
#163. Flirting? We were merely indulging in a little risqué conversation," Magnus said, offended.
"When I begin to flirt, I assure you the entire room will know. My flirtations cause sensations. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Flirt quotes by Cassandra Clare
#164. So it's true what they say about warlocks, then?"
Alec gave him a very unpleasant look. "What's true?"
"Alexander," said Magnus coldly, and Clary met Simon's eyes across the table. Hers were wide, green, and full of an expression that said Uh-oh. "You can't be rude to everyone who talks to me."
Alec made a wide, sweeping gesture. "And why not? Cramping your style, am I? I mean, maybe you were hoping to flirt with werewolf boy here. He's pretty attractive, if you like the messy-haired, broad-shouldered, chiseled-good-looks type."
"Hey, now," said Jordan mildly.
Magnus put his head in his hands.
"Or there are plenty of pretty girls here, since apparently your taste goes both ways, Is there anything you aren't into?"
"Mermaids," said Magnus into his fingers. "They always smell like seaweed."
"It's not funny," Alec said savagely, and kicking back his chair, he got up from the table and stalked off into the crowd. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Flirt quotes by Mignon McLaughlin
#165. Women flirt to keep their stock high, men to get somewhere. #Quote by Mignon McLaughlin
Flirt quotes by David Levithan
#166. I can flirt with the best of them, but only when it doesn't matter. #Quote by David Levithan
Flirt quotes by The Notorious B.I.G
#167. Sky's The Limit"

Good evening ladies and gentlemen
How's everybody doing tonight
I'd like to welcome to the stage, the lyrically acclaimed
I like this young man because when he came out
He came out with the phrase, he went from ashy to classy
I like that
So everybody in the house, give a warm round of applause
For the Notorious B.I.G
The Notorious B.I.G., ladies and gentlemen give it up for him y'all

[Verse 1]
A nigga never been as broke as me - I like that
When I was young I had two pair of Lees, besides that
The pin stripes and the gray
The one I wore on Mondays and Wednesdays
While niggas flirt I'm sewing tigers on my shirts, and alligators
You want to see the inside, I see you later
Here comes the drama, oh, that's that nigga with the fake, blaow
Why you punch me in my face, stay in your place
Play your position, here come my intuition
Go in this nigga pocket, rob him while his friends watching
And hoes clocking, here comes respect
His crew's your crew or they might be next
Look at they man eye, big man, they never try
So we rolled with them, stole with them
I mean loyalty, niggas bought me milks at lunch
The milks was chocolate, the cookies, butter crunch
88 Oshkosh and blue and white dunks, pass the blunts

[Hook: 112]
Sky is the limit and you know that you keep on
Just keep on pressing on
#Quote by The Notorious B.I.G
Flirt quotes by Dianne Duvall
#168. He must have been someone I trusted at one time."
"But you don't now?"
"I can't. Not until I remember how I ended up so badly wounded where you found me. You've seen how strong I am, Susan. How fast I can move. Do you really think an enemy could have gotten the jump on me without a little assistance?"
She hadn't thought of it like that. It was a valid point. "No. I'm still hoping he's a friend though. You need someone you can trust."
Smiling, he touched her cheek. "I already have someone I trust. You."
She clasped his wrists and turned her head, pressing a kiss to his palm. "Flirt."
He winked. "Just wait until I confirm I'm not married. Then I'll take flirting to a whole new level."
"Hell yes, you will," she declared.
He laughed. #Quote by Dianne Duvall
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#169. The blinking of eyes is an involuntary reflex action, provided they eyes are not watching your beauty. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Olly Murs
#170. I'm just an instant flirt with most people. I'm very cheeky. #Quote by Olly Murs
Flirt quotes by Dolly Parton
#171. I love to flirt, and I've never met a man I didn't like. #Quote by Dolly Parton
Flirt quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#172. To Lovers out there …

Being romantic it doesn't mean spending money or buying expensive gifts or doing expensive things, but it means doing what you partner wants, needs, loves and appreciates. Doing what you think it will make them happy. Doing something that will make them feel special. That is being romantic. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Flirt quotes by Lea DeLaria
#173. Straight girls like me. They flirt with me to get whatever they want. Of course it works. #Quote by Lea DeLaria
Flirt quotes by Zayn Malik
#174. It doesn't matter how much you flirt the whole day, at night you'll always end up thinking about the one you truly love #Quote by Zayn Malik
Flirt quotes by Matti Nykanen
#175. As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break others' hearts. You'll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you'll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you've never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone's hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, be a flirt, and smile until your face hurts. Don't be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back. #Quote by Matti Nykanen
Flirt quotes by Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
#176. In order to avoid being called a flirt, she always yielded easily. #Quote by Charles Maurice De Talleyrand
Flirt quotes by Joyce Meyer
#177. Don't ever flirt with sin. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Flirt quotes by Madonna Ciccone
#178. I'll flirt with anyone from garbagemen to grandmothers. #Quote by Madonna Ciccone
Flirt quotes by Karen Hawkins
#179. I plan on flirting shamelessly, so it's a good thing you'll be up here."
"Naturally, I have to distract him while he's playing, and what better way than with a casual flirtation?"
"Distract him some other way!"
"What other way?"
"I don't know.You could ... you could drop something on him." Red squinted thoughtfully. "Yes! Scald him with tea."
"During a game? I want him to finish playing, not leap up and run from the room."
"Then think of something else. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Flirt quotes by M. Leighton
#180. Well, first of all she's gorgeous and - "
"You're gorgeous," he says softly.
My stomach flips over, but I continue. "And she flirts very openly with you."
"I wish you would flirt very openly with me. #Quote by M. Leighton
Flirt quotes by Myself
#181. I almost hit on every women that I like. It's not about being a flirt, it's about living the way how I wish to be. #Quote by Myself
Flirt quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#182. Nina just liked to flirt with everything. He'd once seen her make eyes at a pair of shoes she fancied in a shop window. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Flirt quotes by Dana Schwartz
#183. Despite pledging to play it cool, your flirting instincts are coming out like an X-Men power you haven't learned to control. You are the Rogue of flirting. If a guy over six feet tall gets within touching distance of you, your body involuntarily begins to flirt. The government wants to put you on a registry. #Quote by Dana Schwartz
Flirt quotes by Amy Kuivalainen
#184. Katya didn't know why she did it. Flirting with a volk krovi was just plain dangerous. It didn't matter how cute he was, you just didn't do it. He had a shitty attitude but it kind of heightened his appeal. Katya groaned inwardly at her stupidity.She killed his kind; she didn't flirt with them. #Quote by Amy Kuivalainen
Flirt quotes by Patricia Briggs
#185. Do they always flirt with biblical quotes?" Asil asked Tad.
In long-suffering tones, Tad said, "They can flirt with the periodic table or a restaurant menu. We've learned to live with it. Get a room you guys. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Flirt quotes by Michael Gungor
#186. I used to flirt with fundamentalism, and I had this idea that creation was something that happened. Now I see creation as something that is happening. Hundreds of millions of stars are still being born every day. Creation is an ongoing process. The Artist has not yet cleaned out the brushes. The paint is still wet. Human beings are the small clumps of clay and breath, and we have been handed brushes of our own, like young artist apprentices. The brushes aren't ours, nor the paint or canvas, but here they are in our hands, on loan. What shall we make? #Quote by Michael Gungor
Flirt quotes by Justin Villanueva
#187. It took me a while to realize that I was beginning to flirt with her. The food must have been poisoned. #Quote by Justin Villanueva
Flirt quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#188. Your eyes drooled. I saw them."
He was totally perplexed by this argument. Was he not allowed to speak to anyone? "I'm wearing dark sunglasses. How can you see my eyes?"
"She's jealous, Seth."
He looked at Maahes for an explanation. "Why?"
Lydia broke off into her hand gestures.
"Are you yelling at me, now?"
Maahes laughed. "Oh yeah, kid. She's calling you a lot of names."
That surprised him. "You understand her?"
Maahes gestured back at Lydia in the same language.
For some reason, it angered and hurt him that they'd cut him out of the conversation. "Are you mocking me?"
Lydia flicked her nails at him, then turned and stormed off.
Seth had no idea what he should do. He didn't understand human emotions or relations. Not really. It'd been too long since he had any.
Maahes let out a heavy sigh. "You hurt her feelings, boy. You need to go apologize."
"How did I hurt them?"
"Think about it, Seth. She risked her life to bring you here, to save you from hell, and what do you do the first minute she leaves you alone? You let another woman flirt with you. #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Flirt quotes by Julia Quinn
#189. He gave her his best smile. His
best I-almost-died-so-how-can-you-deny-me smile. Or at least
that's how he hoped it appeared. The truth was, he wasn't a very
accomplished flirt, and it might very well have come across as an Iam-
to-agree-with-me smile. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Flirt quotes by Clara
#190. For the record, if there's anyone who could flirt with a mountain range, it's probably the person standing in front of you. #Quote by Clara
Flirt quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#191. Look, if I don't flirt with you, you should take that as a compliment. I don't always respect myself, but I almost never respect men. They're like flowers all showy, a lot of color and lust. You pick them and throw them on the ground. But you I respect. I always did. From the first day I saw you. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Flirt quotes by Kathryn Smith
#192. By the by, will you be attending the Shewsbury ball Friday evening?"
"I shall, yes." It would be her first. "Will you?"
His smile turned flirtatious. "I plan to now."
Rose blushed like a young girl, even though she knew Eve was behind her probably rolling her eyes. She would definitely wear the Worth gown her mother suggested. "Then I suppose I will see you there."
"I hope you will honor me with the first waltz?"
Gracious, he certainly wasted no time! But Rose knew better than to have any expectations where he was concerned. Grey might not want her, but she wasn't ready to set her cap on the first man to show interest in her.
"If you wish to dance with me, I have no desire to disappoint you." Who was the flirt now?
Kellan bowed over her hand, brushing his lips across her gloved knuckles. "I shall count the days until then. Good day, Lady Rose. Lady Eve."
"Good day, Mr. Maxwell."
Pleased with him as well as herself, Rose watched him walk away, but took pains not to let her contentment show. It would only give the gossips something to twitter over, and she knew better than that.
"Promise me you won't fall victim to his charms, Rose," Eve murmured near her ear.
"You needn't worry, Eve," she replied, patting her friend's hand. "I'm not the green girl I once was."
And that was truth as well, because the girl she once was never would have been so suddenly sure of a man's interest. Nor would she consider using that interest #Quote by Kathryn Smith
Flirt quotes by Olivia Parker
#193. The captain of this sailing vessel has requested a private audience with you in his quarters. It seems you've a treasure map hidden on your person, and I mean to explore every inch of you until it is discovered. #Quote by Olivia Parker
Flirt quotes by Trieste Kelly Dunn
#194. I definitely want to continue working in independent films - and big budget stuff as well - but there's a freedom you have when you're not getting paid. It's easier to say no and there's no pressure to please the powers that be. Also I don't have to hear 'flirt and smile more.' #Quote by Trieste Kelly Dunn
Flirt quotes by E.L. James
#195. I was Mrs. Taylor yesterday." I grin at Taylor, who flushes.

"That has a nice ring to it, Miss Steele," Taylor says matter-of-factly.

"I thought so, too."
Christian tightens his hold on my hand, scowling. "If you two have quite finished, I'd like a debrief." He glares at Taylor, who now looks uncomfortable, and I cringe inwardly. I have overstepped the mark.

"Sorry," I mouth at Taylor, who shrugs and smiles kindly before I turn to follow Christian.

"I'll be with you shortly. I just want a word with Miss Steele," Christian says to Taylor, and I know I'm in trouble.

Christian leads me into his bedroom and closes the door.

"Don't flirt with the staff, Anastasia," he scolds.
I open my mouth to defend myself - then close it again, then open it. "I wasn't flirting. I was being friendly - there is a difference."

"Don't be friendly with the staff or flirt with them. I don't like it."

Oh. Good-bye, carefree Christian. "I'm sorry," I mutter and stare down at my fingers. He hasn't made me feel like a child all day. Reaching down he cups my chin, pulling my head up to meet his eyes.

"You know how jealous I am," he whispers.

"You have no reason to be jealous, Christian. You own me body and soul. #Quote by E.L. James
Flirt quotes by Amit Kalantri
#196. You should praise, criticize and flirt with people right to their face, only then it will make a difference. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Flirt quotes by Anne Frank
#197. That's all I was: a terrible flirt, coquettish and amusing. I had a few plus points, which kept me in everybody's good graces: I was hardworking, honest and generous. I would never have refused anyone who wanted to peek at my answers, I was magnanimous with my candy, and I wasn't stuck-up. Would all that admiration eventually have made me overconfident? #Quote by Anne Frank
Flirt quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel
#198. I am a hopeless, shameless flirt. #Quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Flirt quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#199. Rafe didn't just flirt-he charmed girls right up to the point where they fell for him, then he changed his mind.I called him a player with attention deficit disorder. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Flirt quotes by Dannika Dark
#200. So I flirt with disaster once or twice. Who doesn't?"
He snorted. "You don't just flirt with disaster, you have intercourse with it. #Quote by Dannika Dark

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