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Flight Centre Beat quotes by Amanda Ripley
#1. In a series of experiments, safety officials ran regular people through mock evacuations from planes. The trials weren't nearly as stressful as real evacuations, of course, but it didn't matter. People, especially women, hesitated for a surprisingly long time before jumping onto the slide. That pause slowed the evacuation for everyone. But there was a way to get people to move faster. If a flight attendant stood at the exit and screamed at people to jump, the pause all but disappeared, the researchers found. In fact, if flight attendants did not aggressively direct the evacuation, they might as well have not been there at all. A study by the Cranfield University Aviation Safety Centre found that people moved just as slowly for polite and calm flight attendants as they did when there were no flight attendants present. #Quote by Amanda Ripley
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Ian Fleming
#2. In the centre of Bond was a hurricane-room, the kind of citadel found in old-fashioned houses in the tropics. These rooms are small, strongly built cells in the heart of the house, in the middle of the ground floor and sometimes dug down into its foundations. To this cell the owner and his family retire if the storm threatens to destroy the house, and they stay there until the danger is past. Bond went to his hurricane room only when the situation was beyond his control and no other possible action could be taken. Now he retired to this citadel, closed his mind to the hell of noise and violent movement, and focused on a single stitch in the back of the seat in front of him, waiting with slackened nerves for whatever fate had decided for B. E. A. Flight No. 130. #Quote by Ian Fleming
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Annie Proulx
#3. The tide was still on the ebb in that complex swell and fall of water against land, as though a great heart in the centre of the earth beat but twice a day. #Quote by Annie Proulx
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Marcel Proust
#4. The burrowing wasp, which in order to provide a supply of fresh meat for her offspring after her own decease, calls in the science of anatomy to amplify the resources of her instinctive cruelty, and, having made a collection of weevils and spiders, proceeds with marvellous knowledge and skill to pierce the nerve-centre on which their power of locomotion (but none of their other vital functions) depends, so that the paralysed insect, beside which her egg is laid, will furnish the larva, when it is hatched, with a tamed and inoffensive quarry, incapable either of flight or of resistance, but perfectly fresh for the larder ... #Quote by Marcel Proust
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Senta Holland
#5. I feel his intent, his total focus into this moment. He is aiming to reach the centre of my soul. And he will beat me until my soul surrenders and accepts him as her master. #Quote by Senta Holland
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Richard  Adams
#6. Before such people can act together, a kind of telepathic feeling has to flow through them and ripen to the point when they all know that they are ready to begin. Anyone who has seen the martins and swallows in September, assembling on the telephone wires, twittering, making short flights singly and in groups over the open, stubbly fields, returning to form longer and even longer lines above the yellowing verges of the lanes-the hundreds of individual birds merging and blending, in a mounting excitement, into swarms, and these swarms coming loosely and untidily together to create a great, unorganized flock, thick at the centre and ragged at the edges, which breaks and re-forms continually like clouds or waves-until that moment when the greater part (but not all) of them know that the time has come: they are off, and have begun once more that great southward flight which many will not survive; anyone seeing this has seen at the work the current that flows (among creatures who think of themselves primarily as part of a group and only secondarily, if at all, as individuals) to fuse them together and impel them into action without conscious thought or will: has seen at work the angel which drove the First Crusade into Antioch and drives the lemmings into the sea. #Quote by Richard Adams
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Pam Godwin
#7. You have the heart one expects to see at the centre of a fire, bending and twisting like steel, but never breaking. If something happens to mine, yours would be stubborn enough to beat for both of us. #Quote by Pam Godwin
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Graeme Cameron
#8. Her eyes were closed to the sunlight flickering past the window, her ears plugged with tiny white buds, slender fingers tapping a steady moderato beat at odds with the easy sway in her shoulders. I couldn't hear the music, but as I watched, her body coiled around a deep breath, and the rhythm accelerated through the flat of her hand, and then her hips rocked to four powerful chords, and her head dropped loose on her shoulders, and she squeezed her knees together and drew in her feet, her calf muscles tautening and her ankle bones turning and then tendons in the back of her hand thumping time and the cords of her neck pulling the skin tight over her collarbones as her body snaked through what I heard in my head as Hugh Burns's guitar solo in "Baker Street" clear as day. And though confined to her seat, she danced unselfconsciously and without restraint, and every small movement in every small part of her - the life in her - was the most beautiful thing I thought I'd ever seen. I wanted to cup her gently in my hands and carry her home and keep her forever but, mindful of the probability that she might have other ideas, instead I closed my eyes and turned up the music in my head and, in spirit if not quite in body, danced with her instead. #Quote by Graeme Cameron
Flight Centre Beat quotes by E. Nesbit
#9. It is a moment, and it is eternity. It is the centre of the universe and it is the universe itself. The eternal light rests on and illuminates the eternal heart of things. #Quote by E. Nesbit
Flight Centre Beat quotes by April Brookshire
#10. In my car, I asked her, "So, where does Josh live?"

She twisted in her seat, her eyes wide. "What are you going to do?"
"You mean, what are we going to do?"

"We're going to beat him up together?" she guessed, eyes going impossibly wider.

"As romantic as that sounds, princess, we aren't even going to see him. #Quote by April Brookshire
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Eldridge Cleaver
#11. The white youth of today have begun to react to the fact that the American Way of Life is a fossil of history. What do they care if their old baldheaded and crew-cut elders don't dig their caveman mops? They couldn't care less about the old, stiff-assed honkies who don't like their new dances: Frog, Monkey, Jerk, Swim, Watusi. All they know is that it feels good to swing to way-out body-rhythms instead of dragging across the dance floor like zombies to the dead beat of mind-smothered Mickey Mouse music. #Quote by Eldridge Cleaver
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Cassandra Clare
#12. As Emma watched, Jace offered Kit a slim silver dagger with a design of herons in flight etched on the handle. Kit took it carefully, nodding his head. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Ivan Turgenev
#13. A withered maple leaf has left its branch and is falling to the ground; its movements resemble those of a butterfly in flight. Isn't it strange? The saddest and deadest of things is yet so like the gayest and most vital of creatures? #Quote by Ivan Turgenev
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Mary E. Pearson
#14. On a small planet where minute follows minute, day follows day, year follows year, where tradition marches on with a deafening orderly beat-sometimes the order is disturbed by a dreamer, and artist, a scribbler-sometimes the beat is changed by one person at a time. #Quote by Mary E. Pearson
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Lalu Prasad Yadav
#15. For the first time in the history of Bihar, I provided a stable government. Despite being denied funds by the Centre, Bihar survived on its resources. I provided pucca dwellings to half a million Dalit families. #Quote by Lalu Prasad Yadav
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Hannah Moskowitz
#16. So once the zookeeper realized it was the monkeys who stole the bananas, he knew there was only one way he'd be able to get them back."
"How?" I whispered. My throat was so sore.
"Don't talk. He had to beat them in shuffleboard, of course."
"I said don't talk. Monkeys love shuffleboard."
He used a page from a homework assignment he'd failed and a stack of quarters to make a shuffleboard court. I watched the monkeys and the zookeepers have their showdown while I sipped the last of my applejuice.
"Need more?" Graham asked me without looking up, when my straw skidded against the dry bottom of the box.
"Uh uh."
"You're supposed to drink juice."
"I just drank some."
"More, though."
I shook my head.
"Drink more juice or the monkeys are going to kill you. The only thing they love more than shuffleboard is beating up dehydrated sick boys. #Quote by Hannah Moskowitz
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Zhuangzi
#17. If the Tao could be served up, everyone would serve it up to their lords. If the Tao could be offered, there is no one who would not offer it to their parents. If the Tao could be spoken of, there is no one in the world who would not speak of it to their brothers and sisters. if the Tao could be passed on, there is no one who would not pass it on to their heirs. However, it obviously cannot be so and the reason is as follows. If there is no true centre within to receive it, it cannot remain;if there is no true direction outside to guide it,it cannot be received ... #Quote by Zhuangzi
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Martin Freeman
#18. I grew up in the suburbs, so I remember arriving at Waterloo and seeing Big Ben and the coloured lights on top of the Southbank Centre and thinking, 'Wow!' #Quote by Martin Freeman
Flight Centre Beat quotes by M.P
#19. I knew I needed information that only Marchal had if I wanted to avenge my brother. I had to find out about the stone, about the princess and find a way to destroy him. There was no way around it, but that did not make it any less terrifying.
Maybe it would have been better if Marchal did not show up. It was the only thought I had when the prince, still furious, looked in my direction, seeing me for the first time. My heart skipped a beat. My gaze met his, like that of a trapped prey. His gaze seemed to gain even more fury. I leaned back against the trunk of a tree. The man turned toward me. My heart beat frantically. Marchal took me by the arm and arrested me for the dark zone provided by the forest, with no sign of any effort.
"Stop! What do you think you're doing! Let go of me. You can be the prince, but you do not have the right ... "
"I have no right? You are not worthy of the academy or my time! But I will not rest until I find out who you are! You can not fool me!"
I was puzzled. Who I am? What did he mean by that? I felt the need to grab the medallion. Alone with that man, I was more vulnerable than ever.
"I need that stone and it seems like you're willing to risk your life and lose it. You must not confront wizards, nor Cron, nor Colum, nor anyone else! You will be severely penalized for your stupid act of kindness!"
I shuddered. Had Marchal seen what happened to Cron? I opened my eyes.
"I need this stone and since you seem to be t #Quote by M.P
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Jane Cousins
#20. Some instantaneous connection had occurred between them. The very air in the room seemed to crackle with the awareness of it. A wave of heat suffused her body to centre between her legs, suddenly she felt breathless and hyper aware of him. There was no way this man could remain unaffected by the sheer magnitude of the invisible bonds that had just linked them irretrievably together. She wondered what he was thinking behind those beautiful navy blue eyes. Okay so she didn't really expect him to open his mouth and spout poetry or declare his undying love but she certainly wasn't prepared for his next words.
"You aren't going to throw up are you? This is one of my favourite suits. #Quote by Jane Cousins
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Kathleen Brooks
#21. Her heart literally stopped and she felt her fight-or-flight mode kick in. Part of her wanted to hide and cry, while the other part of her wanted to reach for her 9mm and shoot the bastard. #Quote by Kathleen Brooks
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Steven Jay Schneider
#22. You have got to be good in that town if you want to beat the crowd.' So says young John on his first sight of New York City. THE CROWD (1928) #Quote by Steven Jay Schneider
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Kamil Ali
When angels were invented, flight required wings #Quote by Kamil Ali
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Paul Farmer
#24. Statistics no longer frghten us. But pictures of the starving children of Biafra, of Haiti, or of India, with thousands sleeping in the streets, ought to. And this entirely apart from the horrors that befall the poor when they struggle to deliver themselves from their poverty: the tortures, the beheadings, the mothers who someow manage to reach a refuge, but carrying a dead child--a child who could not be nursed in flight and count not be buried after it had died. The catalogue of terrors is endless. #Quote by Paul Farmer
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Beryl Markham
#25. But the soul of Africa, its integrity, the slow inexorable pulse of its life, is its own and of such singular rhythm that no outsider, unless steeped from childhood in its endless, even beat, can ever hope to experience it, except only as a bystander might experience a Masai war dance knowing nothing of its music nor the meaning of its steps. #Quote by Beryl Markham
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#26. Whoever is related to me in the height of his aspirations will experience veritable ecstasies of learning; for I come from heights that no bird ever reached in its flight, I know abysses into which no foot ever strayed. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Michelle Dalton
#27. Butterfly causing a tsunami with on beat of its wing. #Quote by Michelle Dalton
Flight Centre Beat quotes by William S. Burroughs
#28. In exorcism, a verbal argument can never do anything. You can't ever beat the entity in a verbal argument because that's what he wants. It's only through a confront, a non-verbal confront, that anything happens. It has to be non-verbal. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Thomas Jones
#29. I'm a gym rat, I have to admit. I live in the gym, and now that I don't have to get beat up for a living, I can truly enjoy taking care of myself without worrying about breaking my leg or getting paralyzed. #Quote by Thomas Jones
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Wilbur Wright
#30. I confess that in 1901 I said to my brother Orville that man would not fly for fifty years. Two years later we ourselves made flights. This demonstration of my impotence as a prophet gave me such a shock that ever since I have distrusted myself and avoided all predictions. #Quote by Wilbur Wright
Flight Centre Beat quotes by A.E. Via
#31. Day had gotten a little nervous during one session when the doctor asked God how he would handle someone hurting Day now and his lover responded by jerking one side of his leather coat open and pulling his long blade from its sheathe.

"Easy, I'd cut their fucking arm off and beat the shit out of them with it," he'd said.

But Day quickly started laughing and told the concerned doctor that his partner was just playing.

After popping God hard in his stomach, God agreed and said he was indeed joking. When the doctor went back to writing on her legal pad, God mouthed to him, "No I'm not. #Quote by A.E. Via
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Buzz Aldrin
#32. There's a historical milestone in the fact that our Apollo 11 landing on the moon took place a mere 66 years after the Wright Brothers' first flight. #Quote by Buzz Aldrin
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Louis Navellier
#33. I'm from Berkeley, California, so I'm fully trained in socialism and all, but basically what they teach you there is markets are efficient and we can't beat them, so we might as well index. #Quote by Louis Navellier
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Patrick Ness
#34. At least you still hear from him," Mel says gently. "Once in a while."
Henna shakes her head, like that doesn't help, which of course it doesn't. "I think it's why my mom and dad go on all these mission trips. Try to beat some of the darkness out of the world w/their bare hands."
She makes this sound both impressive and a sad, sad, waste of time. There's also pity. They did lose their son. The Silvennoinens are as complicated as anyone else. More, if you count trying to say their last name out loud. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Josh Hartnett
#35. I admire when people take the harder path, not because they are masochistic and want to beat themselves up, but because you actually kind of learn more and I think you grow more. #Quote by Josh Hartnett
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Sorin Cerin
#36. There are not wings of dreams that have not previously dealt with the flight of black thoughts. #Quote by Sorin Cerin
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Hermann Hesse
#37. To whom else should one pay honor, but to Him, Atman, the Only One? And where was Atman to be found, where did He dwell, where did His eternal heart beat, if not within the Self, in the innermost, in the eternal which each person carried within him. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Lapo Elkann
#38. I'm a freestyle creative entrepreneur. Not a businessman. I like to create ventures in which creativity stands at the centre. #Quote by Lapo Elkann
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Veronica Roth
#39. He put his tray down across from Suzao, whose eyes ran up his arm like a skimming hand, counting the kill marks there.
"Remember me?" Akos said.
Suzao was smaller than him, now, but so broad through the shoulders it didn't seem that way when he was sitting. His nose was spotted with freckles. He didn't look much like Jorek, who took after his mother. Good thing, too.
"The pathetic child I dragged across the Divide?" Suzao said, biting down on the tines of his fork. "And then beat to a pulp before we even made it to the transport vessels? Yeah. I remember. Now get your tray off my table."
Akos sat, folding his hands in front of him. A rush of adrenaline had given him pinhole vision, and Suzao was in the very center.
"How are you feeling? A little sleepy?" he said as he slammed the vial down in front of him. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Orhan Pamuk
#40. Not a day passes when the eagle of dark depression doesn't take flight in my soul, said Sunay, infusing his words with mysterious pride. But I cannot catch myself. So hold yourself in. All's well that ends well. #Quote by Orhan Pamuk
Flight Centre Beat quotes by B.G. Bowers
#41. My hand-stitched wings itch
to take flight
to test the winds of change
that inevitably blow
at the end
of a cycle. #Quote by B.G. Bowers
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Vin Diesel
#42. When I'm writing, I'm locking myself in a room. I'm the worst critic in the world. I write something and then I beat myself up. I'm like "Vin, you're retarded, that makes no sense." #Quote by Vin Diesel
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Curtis Tyrone Jones
#43. The weight of your baggage never stops true love from taking flight. #Quote by Curtis Tyrone Jones
Flight Centre Beat quotes by Barry  Lopez
#44. Once I was asked by a seatmate on a trans-Pacific flight, a man who took the liberty of glancing repeatedly at the correspondence in my lap, what instruction he should give his fifteen-year-old daughter, who wanted to be a writer. I didn't know how to answer him, but before I could think I heard myself saying, 'Tell your daughter three things.'

"Tell her to read, I said. Tell her to read whatever interests her, and protect her if someone declares what she's reading to be trash. No one can fathom what happens between a human being and written language. She may be paying attention to things in the world beyond anyone else's comprehension, things that feed her curiosity, her singular heart and mind. Tell her to read classics like The Odyssey. They've been around a long time because the patterns in them have proved endlessly useful, and, to borrow Evan Connell's observation, with a good book you never touch bottom. But warn your daughter that ideas of heroism, of love, of human duty and devotion that women have been writing about for centuries will not be available to her in this form. To find these voices she will have to search. When, on her own, she begins to ask, make her a present of George Eliot, or the travel writing of Alexandra David-Neel, or To the Lighthouse.

"Second, I said, tell your daughter that she can learn a great deal about writing by reading and by studying books about grammar and the organization of ideas, but that if she wishes to write #Quote by Barry Lopez

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