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Fireworks quotes by Yevgeny Zamyatin
#1. I never knew it before but now I know - and you, too, know - that laughter may be of different colors, Laughter is but a distant echo of an explosion within us; it may be the echo of a holiday - red, blue, and golden fireworks - or at times it may represent pieces of human flesh exploded into the air. ... #Quote by Yevgeny Zamyatin
Fireworks quotes by Courtney Peppernell
#2. When we met, there was a pull. Like two magnets unsure of the way we wanted to feel. You told me that night you were afraid of fireworks but loved colors in the sky. And all week I've been wondering if I could be a color you'd want to know. #Quote by Courtney Peppernell
Fireworks quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#3. The stadium went black. A colorful array of fireworks--green, yellow, white--burst into the air. A couple of seconds later, a boom sounded.
Everyone oohed and ahhed.
Even me. I'm a sucker for fireworks.
Jason pulled me closer, and everything I felt for him just seem to swell like those fireworks. It was glorious. Brighter than I'd expected it to be. Bursting forth with all sorts of emotions. Joy because he was mine. Sadness because he would be leaving. A scariness because I didn't know exactly what the future would hold for us.
Red, white, and blue streamers exploded against the black sky. The air popped.
I'd hoped for a summer boyfriend. Pick a boy. Any boy. How dumb was that?
But somehow I'd lucked out. When it came to boyfriends, I'd somehow managed to hit a home run. I was crazy about Jason. And he was crazy about me. And somehow, we'd make it work.
Another explosion of fireworks filled the sky. The colors faded away and then…a burst of red, bang, a burst of white, bang, a burst of blue, bang.
I was sure more followed, because I could hear the distant booms but I was no longer watching the fireworks.
Jason was kissing me, and we were creating our own. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Fireworks quotes by Cherry Adair
#4. Her heartbeat went from fear-frantic to lust-induced, manic tom-tom in a tenth of a second. "Sebastian." A frisson ran from her temple to her toes and the tight place inside her chest unfurled as she breathed his name. "Are you real?"
In response he plunged his fingers into her wet hair. Gripping her head in a hard palm, he took her mouth in a rough, carnal kiss that left nothing to the imagination. She knew precisely what he wanted because ever since that night, she'd been wanting it, too. She responded with equal passion, snaking her hand around to the back of his neck and holding him in place as she thoroughly enjoyed her first real-world kiss in way, way too long.
His mouth left hers, and she whimpered in protest. "Come back; I wasn't done."
"Patience is a virtue." He nibbled her earlobe, making her shudder, then swirled his hot, wet tongue in her ear until she arched her neck with a thick moan. His mouth, tongue, and teeth made her forget where she was for just a little while. Made her forget where she was and what was about to transpire.
Sebastian shifted his head the few inches required to plunder her mouth again. She saw fireworks behind her closed lids as he dragged his firm mouth back and forth across hers before plunging his tongue back to duel with hers.
Dizzy with lust and longing, heart about to burst out of her chest, Michaela couldn't - forgot to - draw a breath and ripped her lips from his to drag in lifesaving oxygen. "You're t-tortu #Quote by Cherry Adair
Fireworks quotes by Marissa Meyer
#5. She loved him more than ever. And not because she'd scoured file after file of reports and summaries and data and photographs. Not because he was the dreamy, untouchable Carswell Thorne that she'd imagined kissing on the banks of a starlit river while fireworks exploded overhead and violins played in the background. Now he was the Carswell Thorne who had given her strength in the desert. Who had come for her when she was kidnapped. Who had kissed her when hope was lost and death was imminent. #Quote by Marissa Meyer
Fireworks quotes by Virginia Woolf
#6. Sometimes he woke with a brain like lead; at others it was as if a thousand wax tapers were alight and people were throwing fireworks inside him. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Fireworks quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
#7. What was important wasn't the fireworks, it was that we were together this evening, together in this place, looking up into the sky at the same time. #Quote by Banana Yoshimoto
Fireworks quotes by Ray Bradbury
#8. We are all ... children of this universe. Not just Earth, or Mars, or this system, but the whole grand fireworks. And if we are interested in Mars at all, it is only because we wonder over our past and worry terribly about our possible future. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Fireworks quotes by Kamand Kojouri
#9. If you ask all the cells
in my body,
they only answer your name.
Follicles push the hair upwards
so they may brush
against your skin.
Nails grow faster as well.
Lungs breathe rapidly
in hopes of inhaling your scent.
Toes curl to smile and
knees form dimples when you are near.
Brain fireworks.
Stomach fills with flies of butter
and swallows, and
swans swoon.
Cattle, rhinos, and walruses too -
there's a stampede when you are near.
I love you from the bottom of my liver
to the tip of my lashes.
One wink from you and heart stops,
like a sneeze. Bless you.
I cannot even begin to tell you
what happens to soul,
for soul is off
flying with its mate. #Quote by Kamand Kojouri
Fireworks quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#10. And though it has been in no way a romantic evening, she embraces me and this time emanates a warmth I'm not familiar with. I am so used to imagining everything happening the way it occurs in movies, visualizing things falling somehow into the shape of events on a screen, that I almost hear the swelling of an orchestra, can almost hallucinate the camera panning low around us, fireworks bursting in slow motion overhead, the seventy-millimeter image of her lips parting and the subsequent murmur of "I want you" in Dolby sound. But my embrace is frozen and I realize, at first distantly and they with greater clarity, that the havoc raging inside me is gradually subsiding and she is kissing me on the mouth and this jars me back into some kind of reality and I lightly push her away. She glances up at me fearfully.
"Listen, I've got to go," I say, checking my Rolex. "I don't want to miss… Stupid Pet Tricks. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Fireworks quotes by Laurelin Paige
#11. Later, getting ready for the evening's fireworks display, Hudson came up behind me as I primped in the bedroom mirror. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed along my neckline. "We've been pu**y-footing around each other all day," he said at my ear. "I'm warning you now that I'm done. It's time for me to start treating you like what you are: Mine."
My breath caught sharply.
"And yes, that means that you'll be fucked later. Hard."
Just like that, our tentativeness was over. And I needed a change of panties. #Quote by Laurelin Paige
Fireworks quotes by Morgan Matson
#12. E had his face turned up to the sky and I watched him, rather than the fireworks. #Quote by Morgan Matson
Fireworks quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#13. That's not how politics works - sometimes things move in a rather imperceptible way. There are no fireworks, and then comes a time when change comes unexpectedly. Sometimes change comes with a lot of fireworks, but not always. #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
Fireworks quotes by Joe Hill
#14. As a school nurse, she had always modeled herself on Mary Poppins, aiming for an air of good-tempered calm, self-assurance, a tolerance for play, but an expectation that the medicine would go down along with the spoonful of sugar. If the kids thought it was possible she might break into song and shoot fireworks from the tip of her umbrella, that was all right with her. Such #Quote by Joe Hill
Fireworks quotes by Keith Robertson
#15. Of course, now that we've made the glorious Fourth safe by banning fireworks," he said, "people take to the highways in droves and kill each other with their automobiles. I suppose I should take you down to the shore today but frankly I'm afraid to. I wouldn't drive anywhere for all the tea in China #Quote by Keith Robertson
Fireworks quotes by Barbara Kyle
#16. The night of the fireworks changed the course of many lives in England, though no one suspected the dark future as hundreds of courtiers stared, faces upturned in delight, at the starbursts of crimson, green, and gold that lit up the terraces, gardens, and pleasure grounds of Rosethorn House, the country home of Richard, Baron Thornleigh. That night, no one was more proud to belong to the baron's family than his eighteen-year-old ward, Justine Thornleigh; she had no idea that she would soon cause a deadly division in the family and ignite a struggle between two queens. Yet she was already, innocently, on a divergent path, for as Lord and Lady Thornleigh and their multitude of guests watched the dazzle of fireworks honoring the spring visit of Queen Elizabeth, Justine was hurrying away from the public gaiety. Someone had asked to meet her in private. #Quote by Barbara Kyle
Fireworks quotes by Isaac Marion
#17. I look down at myself, but I don't need to. I can feel it. My hot blood is pounding through my body, flooding capillaries and lighting up cells like Fourth of July fireworks. I can feel the elation of every atom in my flesh, brimming with gratitude for the second chance they never expected to get. The chance to start over, to live right, to love right, to burn up in a fiery cloud and never again be buried in the mud. I kiss Julie to hide the fact that I'm blushing. My face is bright red and hot enough to melt steel.

Okay, corpse, a voice in my head says, and I feel a twitch in my belly, more like a gentle nudge than a kick. I'm going now. I'm sorry I couldn't be here for your battle; I was fighting my own. But we won, right? I can feel it. There's a shiver in our legs, a tremor like the Earth speeding up, spinning off into uncharted orbits. Scary, isn't it? But what wonderful thing didn't start out scary? I don't know what the next page is for you, but whatever it is for me I swear I'm not going to fuck it up. I'm not going to yawn off in the middle of a sentence and hide it in a drawer. Not this time. Peel off these dusty wool blankets of apathy and antipathy and cynical desiccation. I want life in all its stupid sticky rawness.


Okay, R.

Here it comes. #Quote by Isaac Marion
Fireworks quotes by Chris Isaak
#18. I blow up fireworks all the time, and I love making milkshakes and banana splits. #Quote by Chris Isaak
Fireworks quotes by Julie Johnson
#19. And we were a box of fireworks. A sixty-gallon drum of gasoline. An unstable container of napalm.
One spark, one look, was all it took.
We went up in flames. #Quote by Julie Johnson
Fireworks quotes by Terry Pratchett
#20. Nanny Ogg was about to say: What? You mean not compliant and self-effacing like what you is, Esme? But she stopped herself. You didn't juggle matches in a fireworks factory. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Fireworks quotes by George Watsky
#21. Only one girl has ever really wrapped my stomach into pretzels. She didn't give me butterflies. She gave me pterodactyls
I'm talking terrible internal bruising and the first time I kissed her was like the first time I saw fireworks, which was like the sky first kissing me in the eyeballs #Quote by George Watsky
Fireworks quotes by Anthony Marais
#22. Fireworks: we shoot them off gaily while our dogs hide under the bed. Philosophers are dogs! #Quote by Anthony Marais
Fireworks quotes by Ayokunle Falomo
#23. Today, we'll celebrate Independence Day using the backdrop of the sky as a canvas, the fireworks thrown against it bearing semblance to the drips from the hands of Jackson Pollock but we'll forget that here, in America there are still some who are not free. #Quote by Ayokunle Falomo
Fireworks quotes by Ann Rinaldi
#24. Love is like light and there are two kinds, the bursting fireworks of the moment and the solid, fixed stars that sometimes become obscured in the heavens, but are always there, year after year, for a lifetime. #Quote by Ann Rinaldi
Fireworks quotes by Lynda Rutledge
#25. See, what you do here is you work yourself away from the words, slowly shedding them until there's no more need of them, because you're them and they're you- wordless words. And then, what you want, all you want, are the slow silent white fireworks of Who-What Made It All, calling it whatever you want to until you don't call it anything at all because you don't need to, you just don't need to anymore... #Quote by Lynda Rutledge
Fireworks quotes by Jan Struther
#26. [F]ireworks had for her a direct and magical appeal. Their attraction was more complex than that of any other form of art. They had pattern and sequence, colour and sound, brilliance and mobility; they had suspense, surprise, and a faint hint of danger; above all, they had the supreme quality of transience, which puts the keenest edge on beauty and makes it touch some spring in the heart which more enduring excellences cannot reach. #Quote by Jan Struther
Fireworks quotes by Jonathan Carroll
#27. One splendid summer afternoon Kaspar realized he had never been happier in his life or both of his lives, past and present. Not fireworks-orgasms-and-champagne happy, but on waking in the morning he was glad almost every single day to be exactly where he was. He had never before experienced the feeling of genuine, constant well-being and it was a true revelation. The longer the satisfaction continued, the less he thought about his previous life as a mechanic and the extraordinary things he'd once seen and been able to do. Misery may love company but happiness is content to be alone. The funny irony of his existence now was, as long as he was this happy and content with his lot, Kaspar didn't need to make much of an effort to "walk away" from his mechanic's life because now he was sated with this one both in mind and heart. #Quote by Jonathan Carroll
Fireworks quotes by Robert Bryndza
#28. Thursday 1st January 00:15
TO: [email protected]
Fireworks from the London Eye are bursting above my head filling the garden with reds, yellows and blues, but I am on my own. I don't know where Daniel is. He promised he would be home by eleven.
Happy New Year x #Quote by Robert Bryndza
Fireworks quotes by Tessa Dare
#29. You're worth a thousand of any lady there."
"Let's leave, get you into some proper attire, and find ourselves some dinner." She stroked her fingertips over his brow. "I can tell from the pulsing vein in your forehead, you're hungry."
"I'm always hungry."
"My only regret is that we'll miss the fireworks."
"You want fireworks?" He cocked his eyebrow. "I can give you fireworks."
Well, then. Penny could scarcely wait. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Fireworks quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#30. You can never make this New Year as your best year because your best year is always the year you were born! When the fireworks start, be thankful for your existence and for everything which made this possible! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Fireworks quotes by Zlatan Ibrahimovic
#31. I like fireworks too, but I set them off in gardens or kebab stands. I never set fire to my own house. #Quote by Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Fireworks quotes by Muriel Barbery
#32. When someone that you love's like fireworks suddenly burning out in the sky and everything going black. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
#33. I'm not sure when it began, that descent into the depths of falling without realizing I was doing so. Could it have been when you asked if you could keep me? Could it have been the moment that you said you wanted me to be yours? Was it the moment that you said I had never left, because in some way I'd always been with you? Was it when you said abruptly that I couldn't leave, or that you teased that I hated you because I was leaving you? I'm not sure.

All I know, I became aware that i loved you when you kissed my nose, and my heart stopped. I knew then that I had to get away from you, because if I didn't it would be you, and only you. I became aware of it, when you dipped down to kiss me, and teasingly kissed my cheek instead. In that moment, my heart stopped and I thought, kiss me. I breathed fireworks, and you hadn't even touched me.

I realized, it was already too late. You were in my heart, and I could never get away. It was like I'd stepped into quicksand, and my only lifeline was your hand held out to me, and in that moment I was afraid, but you apologized and said, "Na. I'm sorry, you are stuck with me."

That is the moment, if nothing else were to qualify, that I was irrevocably yours. #Quote by Jennifer Megan Varnadore
Fireworks quotes by Robert Jordan
#34. Rand noticed trees split open as if struck by lightning. "The cold," Lan answered when he asked. "Sometimes the winter is so cold here the sap freezes, and trees burst. There are nights when you can hear them cracking like fireworks, and the air is so sharp you think that might shatter, too. There are more than usual, this winter past." Rand shook his head. Trees bursting? And that was during an ordinary winter. What must this winter have been like? Surely like nothing he could imagine. #Quote by Robert Jordan
Fireworks quotes by Terry Pratchett
#35. We thought the fireworks were marvelous," said Mort. "And I expect they'll soon be able to rebuild the outer wall. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Fireworks quotes by Douglas William Jerrold
#36. Women, somehow, have the same fear of witty men as of fireworks. #Quote by Douglas William Jerrold
Fireworks quotes by Dennis Vickers
#37. Her hair burst from her head like a fireworks shell erupting, framing her face in spray of red-blond energy. #Quote by Dennis Vickers
Fireworks quotes by Donna Augustine
#38. The sizzle I felt being near him was so intense, but I couldn't figure out if they were fireworks or warning flares. #Quote by Donna Augustine
Fireworks quotes by L.A. Witt
#39. We burned the midnight oil making love, even if it was just kissing and touching, for hours. It could be a single candle, Fourth of July fireworks, or anything in between. #Quote by L.A. Witt
Fireworks quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#40. Children were allowed to lie down on the park as it was being moved. This was considered a concession, although no one knew why a concession was necessary, or why it was to children that this concession must be made. The biggest fireworks show in history lit the skies of New York City that night, and the Philarmonic played its heart out.
The children of New York lay on their backs, body to body, filling every inch of the park, as if it had been designed for them and that moment. The fireworks sprinkled down, dissolving in the air just before they reached the ground, and the children were pulled, one millimeter and one second at a time, into Manhattan and adulthood. By the time the park found its current resting place, every single one of the children had fallen asleep, and the park was a mosaic of their dreams. Some hollered out, some smiled unconsciously, some were perfectly still. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Fireworks quotes by Anton Chekhov
#41. I let myself go at the beginning and write with an easy mind, but by the time I get to the middle I begin to grow timid and to fear my story will be too long ... That is why the beginning of my stories is always very promising and looks as though I were starting on a novel, and the middle is huddled and timid, and the end is ... like fireworks. #Quote by Anton Chekhov
Fireworks quotes by Frederick Reines
#42. My early childhood memories center around this typical American country store and life in a small American town, including 4th of July celebrations marked by fireworks and patriotic music played from a pavilion bandstand. #Quote by Frederick Reines
Fireworks quotes by Tommy Cooper
#43. Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off. #Quote by Tommy Cooper
Fireworks quotes by Daniel Keyes
#44. I'm living at a peak of clarity and beauty I never knew existed. Every part of me is attuned to the work. I soak it up into my pores during the day, and at night - in the moments before I pass off into sleep - ideas explode into my head like fireworks. There is no greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem. Incredible that anything could happen to take away this bubbling energy, the zest that fills everything I do. It's as if all the knowledge I've soaked in during the past months has coalesced and lifted me to a peak of light and understanding. This is beauty, love, and truth all rolled into one. This is joy. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Fireworks quotes by Kenya Wright
#45. Moaning, she melted into my arms and molded her body against mine as if giving me permission to take whatever I yearned for.
And I will. I can't think of anything else.
The ocean waves crashed against us. That cool water rose up to our knees. All was forgotten in those sweet kisses - lips gliding against lips, wet tongues twisting and exploring, hungry hands and taunting fingers. Fireworks of lust and need exploded inside me. #Quote by Kenya Wright
Fireworks quotes by Luvelle Raevan
#46. He was amazing. He was addicting. At that moment I knew ... Owen Mycroft wasn't just a male. This music was of another world, his fluid movements were unlike any human on Earth and sparks flew from his eyes. Couldn't anyone else in the room see those fireworks? Was I the only one? I didn't care what he was. I was in his world now. #Quote by Luvelle Raevan
Fireworks quotes by Beth Moore
#47. I didn't have a fireworks moment for my salvation. I had a falling in love with Jesus in Sunday school when I was a very young child. #Quote by Beth Moore
Fireworks quotes by Paula Hawkins
#48. She has her fingers curled tightly around his forefinger and I have hold of her perfect pink foot, and I feel as though fireworks are going off in my chest. It's impossible, this much love. #Quote by Paula Hawkins
Fireworks quotes by Kate Bornstein
#49. I remember one Fourth of July evening in Philadelphia, about a year after my surgery. I was walking home arm in arm with Lisa, my lover at the time, after the fireworks display. We were leaning in to one another, walking like lovers walk. Coming towards us was a family of five: mom, dad, and three teenage boys. "Look it's a coupla faggots," said one of the boys. "Nah, it's two girls," said another. "That's enough outa you," bellowed the father, "one of 'em's got to be a man. This is America! #Quote by Kate Bornstein
Fireworks quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#50. Who needs fireworks when I have you? #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Fireworks quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#51. July 4, the day we celebrate giving our political masters independence from conscience, morality, consequences for evil doing, and basic social and economic reality.
The fireworks are the glowing tears of your children's incinerated futures.
Cheer happy slaves - your only chains are your deluded joys. Cheer and sing, because for you, songs of death are easier than questions of life. #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Fireworks quotes by Gillian Flynn
#52. The day after Independence Day, the sulfur from the fireworks mingling with the ocean salt - summer. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Fireworks quotes by Dennis Vickers
#53. Rang in my ears like Easter morning churchbells in Rome, rumble from an unmuffled Harley, fireworks shells exploding over a Fourth-of-July parade. #Quote by Dennis Vickers
Fireworks quotes by Emery Lord
#54. The morning sun has edged past the horizon line, casting shadows of the leaves like lace on the sidewalk. Flowers burst throughout every inch of the town- fuschia roses crawling over trellises, forsythia blazing like yellow fireworks. As I walk down the sidewalk, the trees undress above me, dropping pale pink petals like a slow burlesque. #Quote by Emery Lord
Fireworks quotes by Lauren Groff
#55. Sometimes I read a biography of some tempestuous artist and find myself longing for fireworks! booze! bloody fights!; I do think that life must be so much more thrilling when you're actively miserable. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Fireworks quotes by Nick Hornby
#56. Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli sets his own house on fire, apparently after letting off fireworks in his bathroom. Two days later City beat United 6–1, and after scoring the first goal Balotelli revealed a T-shirt bearing the question 'Why always me?' This was presumably intended to be rhetorical, but Cheshire Fire and Rescue service, who were at Balotelli's house until 2.45 a.m., could presumably have provided an answer. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Fireworks quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#57. Yet you're helping me. Why? (Arik)
Nothing better to do. Eternity is boring. Really boring. I'm hoping that when you pop the seal on Atlantis, there will be a giant explosion to add some humor and interest to my life. If we're really lucky, Apollymi will come out and thoroughly entertain us with a massive fireworks display. Hell, if she does half of what she did last time, there will be belly rolls aplenty for those of us who hate the Olympians and humanity. (Solin) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Fireworks quotes by Neil Armstrong
#58. I guess we all like to be recognized not for one piece of fireworks, but for the ledger of our daily work. #Quote by Neil Armstrong
Fireworks quotes by Jules Verne
#59. This done, they entered the grotto, of which the floor was strewn with bones, the guns were carefully loaded, in case of a sudden attack, they had supper, and then just before they lay down to rest, the heap of wood piled at the entrance was set fire to. Immediately, a regular explosion, or rather a series of reports, broke the silence! The noise was caused by the bamboos, which, as the flames reached them, exploded like fireworks. The noise was enough to terrify even the boldest of wild beasts. #Quote by Jules Verne
Fireworks quotes by Sam Kean
#60. So if big enough droplets fell far enough fast enough, someone floating right near the metallic hydrogen layer inside Jupiter maybe, just maybe, could have looked up into its cream and orange sky and seen the most spectacular show ever
fireworks lighting up the Jovian night with a trillion streaks of brilliant crimson, what scientists call neon rain. #Quote by Sam Kean
Fireworks quotes by Deborah Blake
#61. Marcus gave her a slow, wicked smile, feeling the smoldering heat rise to the surface like molten lava, irresistible as a force of nature. "If you insist," he whispered, and bent his head to capture her lips with his own. He put all his yearning, all his gratitude for the gifts she'd given him, all that heat bubbling up within him into the kiss, feeling her lips yield beneath his.
She returned his fire with fire, kissing him back with a wild abandon that left them both trembling and enraptured, wrapped around each other in the midst of a crowd, focused only on each other.
Overhead, fireworks lit the sky, but neither of them noticed. #Quote by Deborah Blake
Fireworks quotes by Jenny Colgan
#62. Then when Matt had come along it hadn't been fireworks, passion and fights and drama. It had been low- key, sweet, lovely. But that didn't meant it wasn't the real thing. It never had done. Just because it wasn't suprising hadn't meant it wasn't right. #Quote by Jenny Colgan
Fireworks quotes by Lily Brooks-Dalton
#63. The dream clung to her. Her sleep had been full of Jupiter ever since the survey last week: that overwhelming, unstoppable girth; the swirling patterns of the atmosphere, dark belts and light stripes rolling in circular rivers of ammonia crystal clouds; every shade of orange in the spectrum, from soft, sand-coloured regions to vivid streams of molten vermilion; the breathtaking speed of a ten-hour orbit, whipping around and around the planet like a spinning top; the opaque surface, simmering and roaring in century-old tempests. And the moons! The ancient, pockmarked skin of Callisto and the icy crust of Ganymede. The rusty cracks of Europa's subterranean oceans. The volcanoes of Io, magma fireworks leaping up from the surface. #Quote by Lily Brooks-Dalton
Fireworks quotes by Bill Maher
#64. The car bomb was fertilizer, gasoline, fireworks and propane tanks ... still safer than a Toyota. #Quote by Bill Maher
Fireworks quotes by Julie Anne Peters
#65. Do you love him?"
I jumped out of my skin. She was standing right beside me. "Who?"
Her eyes widened.
"Seth?" I peered over my shoulder at his retreating back. "Um, we've been going together for a long time. A year."
"That's not what I asked."
I couldn't look at her. Couldn't risk her seeing through me, reading me.
"Do you hear bells?" she asked.
I had to smile at that. "Bells?"
"You know, bells. Music, fireworks." She wiggled her eyebrows.
I let out a short laugh. It sounded strangled, same way I felt. "Only in my dreams."
"Oh, yeah?" She arched an eyebrow.
Why did I say that? God.
Cece said softly, "Maybe you should listen to your dreams."
My stomach suffered a major eruption.
She pushed off the locker she'd been balancing against with the sole of her shoe and said, "Think about it."
Like I haven't been. "Do you think about it?" I asked at her back.
She stopped and turned around. "I don't have to. I know." (Chapter13) #Quote by Julie Anne Peters
Fireworks quotes by Lily King
#66. It's always a choice between fireworks and coffee in bed,' Fabiana says. 'It always is. #Quote by Lily King
Fireworks quotes by Dave Morris
#67. 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Shield' were planned right from the start so that their narrative trajectory would come down in a blaze of fireworks. #Quote by Dave Morris
Fireworks quotes by Richard Sibbes
#68. In the small seeds of plants lie hidden both bulk and branches, bud and fruit. In a few principles lie hidden all comfortable conclusions of holy truth. All these glorious fireworks of zeal and holiness in the saints had their beginning from a few sparks. #Quote by Richard Sibbes
Fireworks quotes by Jim Butcher
#69. Walls keep you from seeing things. They help make things less real. Sure, maybe you hear loud, sharp noises outside some nights. But it's easy to tell yourself that those aren't gunshots, that there's no need to call the police, no need to even worry. It's probably just a car backfiring. Sure. Or a kid with fireworks. There might be loud wailing or screams coming from the apartment upstairs, but you don't know that the drunken neighbor is beating his wife with a rolling pin again. It's not really any of your business, and they're always fighting, and the man is scary, besides. Yeah, you know that there are cars coming and going at all hours from your neighbor's place, and that the crowd there isn't exactly the most upright-looking bunch, but you haven't seen him dealing drugs. Not even to the kids you see going over there sometimes. It's easier and safer to shut the door, be quiet, and turn up the TV.
We're ostriches and the whole world is sand. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Fireworks quotes by Andrew James
#70. The lights of London are burning bright across my retinas like we finally got our fireworks and I'm greedily breathing in Thea's perfume as it clings to my receptors and she wraps my soul in a heart-shaped box. #Quote by Andrew James
Fireworks quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#71. Some build their castles 'mid thunderbolts and fireworks. My worlds take shape in silence. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Fireworks quotes by Jean Lorrain
#72. One encounters in the streets, late at night on the evenings of fetes, the most strange and bizarre passers-by. Do these nights of popular celebration cause ancient and forgotten avatars to stir in the depths of the human soul? This evening, in the movement of the sweaty and excited crowd, I am certain that I passed between the masks of the liberated Bythinians and encountered the courtesans of the Roman decadence.
There emerged, this evening, from that swarming esplanade of Des Invalides - amid the crackle of fireworks, the shooting stars, the stink of frying, the hiccuping of drunkards and the reeking atmosphere of menageries - the wild effusions of one of Nero's festivals.
It was like the odour of a May evening on the Basso-Porto of Naples. It was easy to believe that the faces in that crowd were Sicilian. #Quote by Jean Lorrain
Fireworks quotes by Julie Johnson
#73. I felt drunk - on love, on lust. Utterly inebriated by this ludicrous feeling of distorted perfection that was setting off fireworks within my body. Was this insatiable need to be joined as one - not only physically, but emotionally - a mere symptom of infatuation, of teenage lust? Or was it love, this fire burning in my veins, spinning me out of control until I felt so off balance I knew I'd never again be able to stand on my own? #Quote by Julie Johnson
Fireworks quotes by Barbara Brown Taylor
#74. The effort to untangle the human words from the divine seems not only futile to me but also unnecessary, since God works with what is. God uses whatever is usable in a life, both to speak and to act, and those who insist on fireworks in the sky may miss the electricity that sparks the human heart. #Quote by Barbara Brown Taylor
Fireworks quotes by Emma Donoghue
#75. Outside has everything. Whenever I think of a thing now like skis or fireworks or islands or elevators or yo-yos, I have to remember they're real, they're actually happening in Outside all together. It makes my head tired. And people too, firefighters teachers burglars babies saints soccer players and all sorts, they're all really in Outside. I'm not there, though, me and Ma, we're the only ones not there. Are we still real? #Quote by Emma Donoghue
Fireworks quotes by Mindy Kaling
#76. This story didn't end in fireworks, because the truth is, fireworks are something from my twenties. I could have made fireworks, but I chose to make a nuanced memory of a person who is neither a hero nor a villain in my life. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Fireworks quotes by Jarod Kintz
#77. The Chinese used gunpowder to make fireworks for celebrations, and the white man came along and said, Holy shit, we can use this to kill people. What better way to celebrate than that? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Fireworks quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#78. Jesper struck a match and one, two, three, four, five of the rockets Wylan had prepared were screaming toward the sky, exploding in crackling bursts of color. The last was a shimmer of pink. Strontium chloride, Wylan had told him, working away on his collection of fireworks and explosives, flash bombs, weevils, and whatever else was needed. In the dark, it burns red.
Things are always more interesting in the dark, Jesper had replied. He hadn't been able to help it. Really, if the merchling was going to offer those kinds of opportunities, he had a duty to take them. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Fireworks quotes by Lesley Kagen
#79. Can you see the fireworks from Heaven? #Quote by Lesley Kagen
Fireworks quotes by Beryl Dov
#80. Neuroanatomy of Memory [10w]
four syllables that light up the hippocampus
like fireworks. #Quote by Beryl Dov
Fireworks quotes by Kiera Cass
#81. I hit my chest with my fist, accusing my body of failing. I've had eighty years to adjust and never have. Am I broken?
We'll start there. No. You're not broken. You are possibly the most loyal and faithful siren I've ever had.
So, one of the best? Is it bad to tell You that I don't really want to be good at this job?
She swirled around my face and hair, trying to console me. No one with a beating heart could enjoy killing their own.
I'm not human, I argued. I'm less than that.
Kahlen, my sweet girl, you are still human. Your body may be unchanging, but your soul still bends and sways. I assure you, in the deepest part of yourself, you are still connected to humanity.
I kept crying, my tears joining Her waves. Then why can't I cope with any human contact? Elizabeth has had her lovers.
As have many a siren before her. It's not surprising, considering how beautiful you are.
If it's so typical, then why can't I do that?
She laughed, a motherly sound in my head, as if She knew me better than I knew myself. Because you and Elizabeth are very different people. She's looking for passion and excitement. In her dark world, those interludes are like fireworks. You long for relationships, for love. It's why you protect your sisters so fiercely, why you always return to Me even when I don't call, and why you mourn so heavily at taking lives. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Fireworks quotes by John Scalzi
#82. But everyone knows you need fireworks to make independence official. #Quote by John Scalzi
Fireworks quotes by Suzy Davies
#83. In the dusky blue of Autumn, I'll see your face, when fireworks are flying high, high above. The stars in the sky are notes to a musical score. I want to dance with you. There are a thousand colors in your voice #Quote by Suzy Davies
Fireworks quotes by Ramona Wray
#84. Funny how I always thought the world would dilate and then snap back with a loud bang the day a boy happened to me. But there was no explosion, no fireworks, no sudden shift in the tectonic plates of the earth. It was more of a Zen moment - Quiet. Everything was instantly quiet. The world, my mind, the flux of time - all still. And in the middle of it was him. #Quote by Ramona Wray
Fireworks quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#85. You didn't have to go to the fireworks with him. Or - or let him fondle you."
"Fondle?" Raisa raised her eyebrows, "When did I mention fondling? #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Fireworks quotes by Paul Engle
#86. Touch was important. The evening of the Third of July we would go around the neighborhood and look at the fireworks others had bought, taking them out of the brown paper sack and handling them cautiously as if they were precious stones. There was envy when we saw sacks with more in them than we had. #Quote by Paul Engle
Fireworks quotes by Jeff Daniels
#87. I think Michigan keeps you sane and on an even keel through the ups and downs. In Michigan, I do fireworks, shovel snow and live life. #Quote by Jeff Daniels
Fireworks quotes by Tomoko Yamashita
#88. Texting and phone calls, fireworks, blends, café au lait, and music. Yesterday's television. Work and beer. The neighbor's dog, or those strange flowers, the way it smells at Maisen. Those ordinary things I talk about with you. With you... I want to talk about love with you. #Quote by Tomoko Yamashita
Fireworks quotes by Gillian Flynn
#89. I spent the rest of my day picturing how I'd kill Amy. It was all I could think of: finding a way to end her. Me smashing in Amy's busy, busy brain. I had to give Amy her due: I may have been dozing the past few years, but I was fucking wide awake now. I was electric again, like I had been in the early days of our marriage...
Andie had screwed me over, Marybeth had turned against me, Go had lost a crucial measure of faith. Boney had trapped me. Amy had destroyed me. I poured a drink. I took a slug, tightened my fingers around the curves of the tumbler, then hurled it at the wall, watched the glass burst into fireworks, heard the tremendous shatter, smelled the cloud of bourbon. Rage in all five senses. Those fucking bitches. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Fireworks quotes by Amy Garvey
#90. We don't talk after that, not really. And it's not perfect, I mean, there aren't, like, rainbows and fireworks and sirens going off, but it's perfect anyway. Because it's Danny almost toppling over when he wrestles out of his jeans, and it's Danny laughing into the skin of my belly when I hit my head on the wall hard enough that we both hear it crack. And it's Danny who tangles our fingers together when we're almost there, holding on tight, watching my face, and it's Danny who lets me touch and explore and whisper and press smiling kisses into his hair and his cheek later, after. #Quote by Amy Garvey
Fireworks quotes by John Green
#91. The fireworks bangbangbanged in sync with my heartbeat. #Quote by John Green
Fireworks quotes by Jan Struther
#92. In childhood the daylight always fails too soon
except when there are going to be fireworks; #Quote by Jan Struther
Fireworks quotes by Daniel Keyes
#93. Every part of me is attuned to the work. I soak it up to my pores during the day, and at night - in the moments before I pass off into sleep - ideas explode into my head like fireworks. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Fireworks quotes by Cassandra Clare
#94. She looked as the fireworks exploded in a shower of sparks - sparks that painted the clouds overhead as they fell, one by one, in streaking lines of golden fire, like angels falling from the sky. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Fireworks quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#95. You look quite lovely today, Audrey Rose." He stepped forward, staring down at me, and I fought to keep my eyes from fluttering shut. Thomas drew closer until I was convinced my blood would explode from my body like fireworks splattering across the night sky. "Perhaps you should comment on the excellent cut of my suit. I look rather handsome today as well. Don't you think? #Quote by Kerri Maniscalco
Fireworks quotes by Viola Shipman
#96. I didn't just see fireworks, I felt them. I felt like I'd eaten a million lightning bugs when I was with him. He made my soul brighter, and that's all you can ask for when you're in love. #Quote by Viola Shipman
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer Donnelly
#97. Because beautiful things never last. Not roses nor snow ... And not fireworks, either #Quote by Jennifer Donnelly
Fireworks quotes by Isabel Hoving
#98. What's supposed to happen, at the end of a quest? Cheers and accolades, Josh knew; people throw their hats in the air, and you glow with pride as they lift you to their shoulders. What else? Medals, speeches and a great feast, and then a ballad about your exploits, and finally, as the fireworks go off overhead, a soft, clean, fresh bed. #Quote by Isabel Hoving
Fireworks quotes by Richelle E. Goodrich
#99. To Bury A Star"

"I pulled a star from the darkest corner of night and hid it within my bosom. When the Earth beneath my feet gave way, moist and fertile, I knelt to the ground and cupped the radiant treasure in my hands. In a shallow hole I buried it - layer upon layer of black dirt tossed upon the spot until it no longer glowed.

This I did for you, my love. Now, come with me and see what has been born from a single wishing star.

Hand in hand we walk to the same spot of dirt to find the black and fertile soil sucked dry, the color blanched as pale as desert sands. Look how a ring of white fire jumps and dances around the buried starling! We catch our breath, beholding what has sprouted from this magical seed. The illusion of twisted branches glowing in the darkness like tails of comets soaring skyward - tails of baby stars that shoot like fireworks from that ring of fire. Up, up, up they fly to light a neglected corner of the night. From a single wishing star a thousand more have been born.

They are for you, my love - a thousand dreams destined to come true. #Quote by Richelle E. Goodrich
Fireworks quotes by Kim Lehman
#100. Every reader wants the same thing: to open the cover of a book and watch the words explode like fireworks off the page. #Quote by Kim Lehman
Fireworks quotes by Sarah Jio
#101. Past their normal blooming season, the trees had shed many of their blossoms, but the ones that remained were vibrant and showy, like the finale of a fireworks show. Up close, the trees did not disappoint. I stared up in awe at a yellow blossom, touching its petals lightly and breathing in the balmy, lemony scent. #Quote by Sarah Jio
Fireworks quotes by Nadeem Aslam
#102. How keen everyone is to make this world their home forgetting its impermanence It's like trying to see and name constellations in a fireworks display. #Quote by Nadeem Aslam
Fireworks quotes by Elizabeth Heller
#103. How can I compete,
when I know our lips will never meet?
I can't show you that we might just make fireworks in the middle of december....
Three years from now someone will say my name and I hope we'll have a love story you can remember...
Hang up your shoes and settle down before time passes you.
Let me show you honey, that life is beautiful not with one, but two <3 #Quote by Elizabeth Heller
Fireworks quotes by Karen Abbott
#104. Leave the fireworks for those who cast no spark of their own. #Quote by Karen Abbott
Fireworks quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#105. All architecture is great architecture after sunset; perhaps architecture is really a nocturnal art, like the art of fireworks. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Fireworks quotes by Carrie Fisher
#106. i am someone who wants very much to be popular. I don't just want you to like me, I want to be one of the most joy-inducing human beings that you've ever encountered. I want to explode on your night sky like fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve in Hong Kong. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Fireworks quotes by Albert Memmi
#107. A magnificent fireworks began: magnesium flares blindingly white, yellow, and then red, like dying stars; straight bright red streaks of machine-gun fire; elegant and clear lines of bullets traced like fugitive neon light; and scarlet, sinister rugged patches from antiaircraft artillery. Then the noise: after the solemn, promising silence of the flares came the mad disorderly reaction of the inhabitants of the earth to the regular, obstinate sounds of the invisible motors in the sky.
The airplanes replied to the nervous coughing of the machine guns with great battering blows that shook the earth. It was a celebration in honor of death. #Quote by Albert Memmi
Fireworks quotes by J. Sterling
#108. Watching the two of you interact, it was like watching fireworks light up the night sky. You two burn brighter when you're together. #Quote by J. Sterling
Fireworks quotes by Lynne Connolly
#109. Connie threw back her head, opened her mouth and cried to the heavens, as every sensation built and exploded inside her, fireworks and waterfalls, starburst and throbbing heat. #Quote by Lynne Connolly
Fireworks quotes by Edgar Cantero
#110. This was different. It had synths droning and sending saltwater waves under my feet. It had drumbeats bursting like fireworks, rumbling the furniture out of place, and then a crazy, irregular, disharmonious, spiral crescendo of pure electric noise, like a typhoon dragging our bodies into it. It featured brass orchestras and choirs of mermaids and a piano in Iceland, all of them right there, visible, touchable, in Axton House. It shook us, fucked us, suspended us far above the reach of Help bouncing on his hind legs. It spoke of magenta sunsets and plastic patio chairs growing moss under summer storms rolling on caterpillar tracks. It sprinkled a bokeh of car lights rushing through night highways and slapped our faces like the wind at a hundred and twenty miles an hour. It pictured Niamh playing guitar, washed up naked on a beach in Fiji. #Quote by Edgar Cantero
Fireworks quotes by Mark Helprin
#111. We launch our souls from the cannons of art and discipline, and on any one night, hovering over the chimney tops of Europe, halfway to the stars, there are armies of brightly spinning spirits that have risen like fireworks, tethered to the souls of those men and women who, by reflection, mortification, and devotion, effortlessly outdazzle kings. #Quote by Mark Helprin
Fireworks quotes by James Lafferty
#112. I always have the most fun on the Fourth of July. You don't have to exchange any gifts. You just go to the beach and watch fireworks. It's always fun. #Quote by James Lafferty
Fireworks quotes by Kacey Musgraves
#113. I write my songs and just play them, so there are not a whole lot of fireworks. As long as the music comes first, it's OK to have some fireworks. But not the other way around. #Quote by Kacey Musgraves
Fireworks quotes by Danny McBride
#114. I found this bag of fireworks in the men's restroom. Would you guys like to light them off? #Quote by Danny McBride
Fireworks quotes by Garth Risk Hallberg
#115. And she learned that you couldn't stockpile anything that mattered, really. Feelings, people, songs, sex, fireworks: they existed only in time, and when it was over, so were they. #Quote by Garth Risk Hallberg
Fireworks quotes by Daniel Keyes
#116. But what they don't understand is that I'm living at a peak of clarity and beauty I never knew existed. Every part of me is attuned to the work. I soak it up into my pores during the day, and at night-in the moments before I pass off to sleep-ideas explode into my head like fireworks. There is no greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Fireworks quotes by Sherman Alexie
#117. If you kill a black man, the world is silent. You can hear a garage door opening from twenty blocks away. You can pick up a pay phone and only hear the dial tone. Shooting stars sound exactly like the soft laughter of a little girl in Gasworks Park. If you kill a white man, the world erupts with noise: fireworks, sirens, a gavel pounding a desk, the slamming of doors. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Fireworks quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#118. We shall go wild with fireworks ... And they will plunge into the sky and shatter the darkness.
We don't have any fireworks that big #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Fireworks quotes by Lara Zielin
#119. Max's lips part slightly, and mine do the same. His tongue inside my mouth makes fireworks of color burst behind my closed eyelids. We explore and taste each other again and again, until Max finally pulls away. I want more-- I think I could survive on nothing but his mouth for weeks--but I try not to let it show too much. #Quote by Lara Zielin
Fireworks quotes by Monique N. Peterson
#120. Passion is what we live for. The excitement it brings us, the drive we feel to do it, the feeling of emptiness and confusion if we ever lost it. Like a lover, it can cheat and leave us, but also infatuate us. With drool dripping down our chins, we lunge and become one with it so we are inseparable - complete - as our insides begin exploding like fireworks. We claw ourselves onto it like we aren't ever going to let go of that single craving. Sometimes, it feels like we won't.... #Quote by Monique N. Peterson
Fireworks quotes by Maude Julien
#121. That is indeed the best way to dumb down the masses: make them do the same thing over and over; let them have their fireworks every Bastille Day and let them gorge themselves every New Year's Eve. When the body repeats the same action, the mind adopts it and keeps the repetition going day and night, stopping all thought processes. #Quote by Maude Julien
Fireworks quotes by Seamus Dever
#122. My wife Juliana and I first saw Eurovision while on our honeymoon in Greece in 2006, and we were amazed by it. They basically recreate a music video onstage, and pyro cannons, LED video screens, background dancers, fireworks, costume changes, and wind machines are their tools. #Quote by Seamus Dever
Fireworks quotes by Courtney Peppernell
#123. I know life isn't always about bright colors and fireworks. Sometimes the colors aren't always clear, and our days get so hard they hurt. But settle down with me, hold my hand, let me kiss you. All I want is to know you more.
Better than anyone else has before. #Quote by Courtney Peppernell
Fireworks quotes by Graham Greene
#124. I can't say what made me fall in love with Vietnam - that a woman's voice can drug you; that everything is so intense. The colors, the taste, even the rain. Nothing like the filthy rain in London. They say whatever you're looking for, you will find here. They say you come to Vietnam and you understand a lot in a few minutes, but the rest has got to be lived. The smell: that's the first thing that hits you, promising everything in exchange for your soul. And the heat. Your shirt is straightaway a rag. You can hardly remember your name, or what you came to escape from. But at night, there's a breeze. The river is beautiful. You could be forgiven for thinking there was no war; that the gunshots were fireworks; that only pleasure matters. A pipe of opium, or the touch of a girl who might tell you she loves you. And then, something happens, as you knew it would. And nothing can ever be the same again. #Quote by Graham Greene
Fireworks quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#125. A dozen or more boats on the lake swung their rosy and moon–like lanterns low on the water, that reflected as from a fire. In the distance, the steamer twanged and thrummed and washed with her faintly–splashing paddles, trailing her strings of coloured lights, and occasionally lighting up the whole scene luridly with an effusion of fireworks, Roman candles and sheafs of stars and other simple effects, illuminating the surface of the water, and showing the boats creeping round, low down. Then the lovely darkness fell again, the lanterns and the little threaded lights glimmered softly, there was a muffled knocking of oars and a waving of music.

Gudrun paddled almost imperceptibly. Gerald could see, not far ahead, the rich blue and the rose globes of Ursula's lanterns swaying softly cheek to cheek as Birkin rowed, and iridescent, evanescent gleams chasing in the wake. He was aware, too, of his own delicately coloured lights casting their softness behind him. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Fireworks quotes by Marquesate
#126. Opening the door, he nearly did a double take into the mirror behind
Hooch. Hooch, pushing his shades back up onto his head, and re-shouldering the bergan. Hooch, standing in the doorway.
"Been thinking."
Two words, more than usual.
"Been around a bit."
Six, speech worthy of a national holiday.
"Looking for a station now."
Eleven, whole fucking fireworks.
"Central station."
Thirteen, and the heavens came down for Matt.
"You still offering?"
Sixteen, and the world stopped spinning.
Matt stood thinking for a while, not a muscle in his face twitched. Then
stepped aside, gestured the other man to follow him. Closed the door.
"One condition."
Hooch's brows rose for a split second.
Matt broke into a grin at last, which threatened to split his face. "Promise
not to talk too much. #Quote by Marquesate
Fireworks quotes by Amanda Sun
#127. He was fireworks and radiance, glare and tingling frostbite. #Quote by Amanda Sun
Fireworks quotes by Katie McGarry
#128. A burning heat warmed my blood.
It was a slow kiss at first - all I meant it to be, but then Echo touched me. Her hands on my face, in my hair. And then she angled her body to mine. Warmth, enticing pressure on all the right parts, and Echo's lips on mine - fireworks.
She became my world. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Fireworks quotes by Katie Ganshert
#129. He nodded at the pole. "Don't you think the fireworks will scare the fish away?"
"I'm only looking to catch the brave ones. #Quote by Katie Ganshert
Fireworks quotes by Elsa Morante
#130. In his endless journeys of exploration, crawling on all fours around the Urals and the Amazon and the Australian archipelagos which the furniture of the house was to him, sometimes he no longer knew where he was. And he would be found under the sink in the kitchen, ecstatically observing a patrol of cockroaches as if they were wild colts on the prairie. He even recognized a ttar in a gob of spit.
But nothing had the power to make him rejoice as much as Nino's presence. It seemed that, in his opinion, Nino concentrated in himself the total festivity of the world, which everywhere else was to be found scattered and divided. For in Giuseppe's eyes, Nino represented by himself all the myriad colors, and the glow of fireworks, and every species of fantastic and lovable animal, and carnival shows. Mysteriously, he could sense Nino's arrival from the moment when he began the ascent of the stairs! And he would hurry immediately, as fast as he could with his method, toward the entrance, repeating ino ino, in an almost dramatic rejoicing of all his limbs. At times, even, when Nino came home late at night, he, sleeping, would stir slightly at the sound of the key, and with a trusting little smile he would murmur in a faint voice: Ino. #Quote by Elsa Morante
Fireworks quotes by Gene Spafford
#131. Securing an environment of Windows platforms from abuse - external or internal - is akin to trying to install sprinklers in a fireworks factory where smoking on the job is permitted. #Quote by Gene Spafford
Fireworks quotes by Carmen Electra
#132. I love to go get fireworks, even though some of them are illegal. #Quote by Carmen Electra
Fireworks quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#133. I am guilty of many things when it comes to him. But sometimes, illogically, I feel guiltiest for this. I opened the van door, I invited him inside. And while I didn't drive off the road, I instead drove him somewhere bleak and cold and colorless, and left him standing there, where, back where I had collected him, the landscape shimmered with color, the sky fizzed with fireworks, and he stood openmouthed in wonder. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Fireworks quotes by Janette Oke
#134. Sometimes love isn't fireworks, sometimes love just comes softly. #Quote by Janette Oke
Fireworks quotes by Samuel Selvon
#135. Always, from the first time he went there to see Eros and the lights, that circus have a magnet for him, that circus represent life, that circus is the beginning and the ending of the world. Every time he go there, he have the same feeling like when he see it the first night, drink coca-cola, any time is guinness time, bovril and the fireworks, a million flashing lights, gay laughter, the wide doors of theatres, the huge posters, everready batteries, rich people going into tall hotels, people going to the theatre, people sitting and standing and walking and talking and laughing and buses and cars and Galahad Esquire, in all this, standing there in the big city, in London. Oh Lord. #Quote by Samuel Selvon
Fireworks quotes by Charles F. Glassman
#136. Love is not always fireworks and magic. Often we'll experience it in the form of patience, acceptance, loyalty, and mutual respect. #Quote by Charles F. Glassman
Fireworks quotes by Ally Carter
#137. I looked up at the fireworks that filled the sky. It was exactly the kind of moment when Zack liked to show up say something cryptic, and kiss me. #Quote by Ally Carter
Fireworks quotes by Michel Foucault
#138. The ideal is not to build tools but to make bombs, because when you have used up your own bombs, nobody else can use them. And I must add that my dream, my personal dream, is not exactly to build bombs, because I don't like to kill people. I would like to write book-bombs - that means books that are useful just at the moment in which they are written or read by people. Then they would disappear. Books would be such that they would disappear soon after they have been read or used. Books should be a kind of bomb and nothing else. After the explosion, people could be reminded that the books made a very beautiful fireworks display. In later years historians and others could recount that such and such a book was useful as a bomb and was beautiful as fireworks. #Quote by Michel Foucault
Fireworks quotes by Jewel E. Ann
#139. Not every day is a parade with fireworks, but every breath counts. Life is incredibly fucking hard, rarely fair, and always unpredictable. Most days, surviving is as good as it gets. #Quote by Jewel E. Ann
Fireworks quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#140. It's a curious thing that the mental life seems to flourish with its roots in spite, ineffable and fathomless spite. Always has been so! Look at Socrates, in Plato, and his bunch round him! The sheer spite of it all, just sheer joy in pulling somebody else to bits...Protagoras, or whoever it was! And Alcibiades, and all the other little disciple dogs joining in the fray! I must say it makes one prefer Buddha, quietly sitting under a bo-tree, or Jesus, telling his disciples little Sunday stories, peacefully, and without any mental fireworks. No, there's something wrong with the mental life, radically. It's rooted in spite and envy, envy and spite. Ye shall know the tree by its fruit. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Fireworks quotes by Robyn Schneider
#141. She tasted like buried treasure and swing sets and coffee. She tasted the way fireworks felt, like something you could get close to but never really have just for yourself. #Quote by Robyn Schneider
Fireworks quotes by Jen Hatmaker
#142. After Jesus' fast, he began healing, rescuing, redeeming. The Spirit filled up the emptiness Jesus created, launching him into ministry. In some supernatural way the abstinence from food was the catalyst for Jesus' unveiling; the real fireworks were next. #Quote by Jen Hatmaker
Fireworks quotes by Bindu Adai
#143. As I stared at him, elation,excitement, and lust began exploding within me like a fireworks display, rising within and bursting with a range of exquisite emotion that I had never known existed, let alone experienced, leaving me breathless, nervous, and excited. #Quote by Bindu Adai
Fireworks quotes by James Buchan
#144. Financial crises are like fireworks: they illuminate the sky even as they go pop. #Quote by James Buchan
Fireworks quotes by Joshua Donellan
#145. I had an aunt named 'abnormal Shauna' once. But she passed away in an unfortunate cliff-top interpretative dance and fireworks accident. #Quote by Joshua Donellan
Fireworks quotes by Rabih Alameddine
#146. Now I love hoops. I'm a diehard UCLA fan, have been since my freshman year. But basketball is the '1812 Overture.' Pomp and circumstance, fireworks and cannons, lots and lots of fun, and in the end, still Tchaikovsky. #Quote by Rabih Alameddine
Fireworks quotes by Delmore Schwartz
#147. At This Moment Of Time

Some who are uncertain compel me. They fear
The Ace of Spades. They fear
Loves offered suddenly, turning from the mantelpiece,
Sweet with decision. And they distrust
The fireworks by the lakeside, first the spuft,
Then the colored lights, rising.
Tentative, hesitant, doubtful, they consume
Greedily Caesar at the prow returning,
Locked in the stone of his act and office.
While the brass band brightly bursts over the water
They stand in the crowd lining the shore
Aware of the water beneath Him. They know it. Their eyes
Are haunted by water

Disturb me, compel me. It is not true
That "no man is happy," but that is not
The sense which guides you. If we are
Unfinished (we are, unless hope is a bad dream),
You are exact. You tug my sleeve
Before I speak, with a shadow's friendship,
And I remember that we who move
Are moved by clouds that darken midnight #Quote by Delmore Schwartz
Fireworks quotes by Hal Duncan
#148. I'd take you home with me, see, but two of us in the same Behold? Just wouldn't work, ends up in all sorts of squabbles over interior design; and the human, well, one faery in the Behold of the Eye, that just gives them a little twinkle of imagination, but more than one and it's like a bloody fireworks display. They get all unstable and artistic, blinded by the glamour of everything, real or imagined, concrete or abstract. They get confused between beauty and truth and meaning, you see, start thinking every butterfly-brained idea must be true; before you know it they've gone schizo on you and you're in a three-way firefight with all the angels and the demons, them and their bloody ideologies. #Quote by Hal Duncan
Fireworks quotes by Peter Blegvad
#149. Anyone who grew up in the psychedelic '60s probably experienced their share of hypnagogic fireworks. Just as sex got me hooked on anatomy, so drugs were probably what first got me interested in entoptic phenomena, phosphenes, and hypnagogic imagery. #Quote by Peter Blegvad
Fireworks quotes by Heather Demetrios
#150. Everything - the moon, the fireworks, the fields - had an otherworldly beauty, and I shivered, greedy for these bits of loveliness the universe was throwing our way tonight. #Quote by Heather Demetrios
Fireworks quotes by Laura Bradley Rede
#151. I never really appreciated the self-contained miniature universe that is me. I fall in love with my breathing too late, fall in love with it just in time to lose it, walk into the show just in time for the fireworks grand finale. #Quote by Laura Bradley Rede
Fireworks quotes by Lisa Morton
#152. In Britain, the major public holiday used to be Guy Fawkes Day ... that was celebrated on November 5th with things like bonfires and fireworks ... I think that made Halloween seem preferable. The idea of having pumpkins and costumes and parties seemed much more appealing than burning down your neighborhood. #Quote by Lisa Morton
Fireworks quotes by Christopher Moore
#153. Religion in Chinatown, as in most places, is based less on a cogent theology and more on a collection of random fears, superstitions, prejudices, forgotten customs, vestigial animism, and social control. Mrs. Ling, while a professed Buddhist of the Pure Land tradition, also kept waving cat charms, lucky coins, and put great faith in the good fortune of the color red ... and was very much in favor of any tradition, superstition, or ritual that involved fireworks ... #Quote by Christopher Moore
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#154. Graham glanced up at the sky, which was pale and pocked with birds, the whole thing like a negative of yesterday's fireworks display. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Fireworks quotes by Carrie Jones
#155. Pain shoots through my head. fireworks. explosions. all inside my brain. the white world goes dark and i know what's about to happen. i'm the one leaving. i am the one gone. #Quote by Carrie Jones
Fireworks quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#156. The thing I've found about exciting is that it's like fireworks. A big burst of color. It takes your breath away, and then nothing. But something that's always there, while it might not be as exciting, like the stars in the sky, they can still steal your breath. #Quote by Rachel Hawthorne
Fireworks quotes by Ann Aguirre
#157. Sometimes you meet your partner too soon, but love persuades you to leap, trusting that he'll catch you. Life is real and it's right now. Life is fireflies in your palm, gleaming gold, and then setting them free. In the best moments, life is fireworks. Sometimes life is having the rug pulled out from under you and the one you love helping you up. But most of all, life is what happens when you open the door and let beauty in, even if it doesn't fit according to your plans. #Quote by Ann Aguirre
Fireworks quotes by Nikita Gill
#158. throw entire festivals in your name. invite no one but yourself. let there be choirs, let there be lanterns, let there be games, let there be cake, let there be laughter, let there be fireworks. some people make the mistake of spending their lives waiting for other people to celebrate their victories, so they never end up celebrating them at all. don't wait for anyone to decide that you're enough. you've endured every minute up until now - isn't that just remarkable?- isn't it? #Quote by Nikita Gill
Fireworks quotes by David Mitchell
#159. Hate smells of burnt dead fireworks #Quote by David Mitchell
Fireworks quotes by Tamara Hoffa
#160. She had known for a while that Chance would be her first. She hadn't planned it would be tonight. But, it felt right, Fourth of July, fireworks, and her first time. #Quote by Tamara Hoffa
Fireworks quotes by Hunting Prince Dracula, Kerri Maniscalco
#161. I have a feeling you haven't invited me here for kissing. Though it never hurts to ask." He grinned at my ensemble and rubbed his hands together, mischief sparking like fireworks around him. "You're dressed for sneaking about Dracula's castle. Be still my thawing, dark heart. You certainly know how to make a young man feel alive, Wadsworth. #Quote by Hunting Prince Dracula, Kerri Maniscalco
Fireworks quotes by Thomas Ligotti
#162. The embodiment of his mystic precepts, he appeared at any given moment to be on the verge of an amazing disintegration, his particular complex of atoms ready to go shooting off into the great void like a burst of fireworks. #Quote by Thomas Ligotti
Fireworks quotes by Cecil Beaton
#163. Miss Marilyn Monroe calls to mind the bouquet of a fireworks display, eliciting from her awed spectators an open-mouthed chorus of ohs and ahs ... #Quote by Cecil Beaton
Fireworks quotes by Gene Simmons
#164. Kiss is a Fourth of July fireworks show with a backbeat. #Quote by Gene Simmons
Fireworks quotes by Erica Bauermeister
#165. Suddenly she was seeing the buds on the cherry trees around her; she could feel the energy packed within them, a bouquet of fireworks whose fuse had already been lit. She could smell them, too, a subtle essence of pink and lollipops, the sweetness deepened by the scent of the slowly warming earth below them. #Quote by Erica Bauermeister
Fireworks quotes by Sophia Dembling
#166. Extroverts sparkle, introverts glow. Extroverts are fireworks, introverts are a fire in the hearth. #Quote by Sophia Dembling
Fireworks quotes by Franny Billingsley
#167. There are no preconditions for jealousy. You don't have to be right, you don't have to be reasonable. Take Othello. He was neither right nor reasonable, and Desdemona ended up dead. I wouldn't mind Leanne ending up dead. I wouldn't mind exploding her into fireworks of peacock and pearl. #Quote by Franny Billingsley
Fireworks quotes by Georges Rodenbach
#168. The carillon is, after all, the music of the people. Elsewhere, in the glittering capitals, public festivals are celebrated with fireworks, that magical offering that can thrill the very soul. Here, in the meditative land of Flanders, among the damp mists so antagonistic to the brilliance of fire, the carillon takes their place. It is a display of fireworks that one hears: flares, rockets, showers, a thousand sparks of sound which colour the air for visionary eyes alerted by hearing. #Quote by Georges Rodenbach
Fireworks quotes by J. Sterling
#169. Watching fireworks light up the night sky. You two burn brighter when you're together." "Even fireworks burn out," I said, my voice solemn. #Quote by J. Sterling
Fireworks quotes by Emily Henry
#170. Maybe for some people, falling in love is an explosion, fireworks against a black sky and tremors rumbling through the earth. One blazing moment. For me, it's been happening for months, as quietly as a seed sprouting. Love sneaked through me, spreading roots around my heart, until, in the blink of an eye, the green of it broke the dirt: hidden one moment, there the next. #Quote by Emily Henry
Fireworks quotes by Margaret Lazarus Dean
#171. And now the sound comes toward us: bassy, crackly, like a fireworks display that never lets up. The sound goes right through you, and if you have become too emotionally involved in the space program, this sound will make you cry. It's the sound of American exploration, the sound of missiles put to better use than killing or threatening to kill, a sound that means we came in peace for all mankind. #Quote by Margaret Lazarus Dean
Fireworks quotes by Nils Nisse Visser
#172. Well, yeah. Fireworks, the seventh Shy Maiden to dance out of the tree, stuff like that. #Quote by Nils Nisse Visser
Fireworks quotes by Joe Egly
#173. See the magic in small things, then there will be fireworks. #Quote by Joe Egly
Fireworks quotes by Tyra Lynn
#174. It isn't always love at first sight, or all sparks and fireworks and goo-goo gaa-gaa. Love grows, you know. They even write songs about it. #Quote by Tyra Lynn
Fireworks quotes by Emily Henry
#175. Maybe you are Saul's quarter-life crisis, but so what? Maybe he's yours. Or maybe you two are the luckiest people in the world and you've just found your fireworks-in-the-sky, holding-hands-until-you-die Forever Person. Guess what? There are drawbacks either way.
Maybe you break up and it sucks, but then you heal and move on and fall in love again. Or maybe this is it, the last person you'll ever have butterflies for, your last first kiss, but you get to grow up together, start your life together sooner. And you know what else? You don't have to be afraid to walk away either way... #Quote by Emily Henry
Fireworks quotes by James Rozoff
#176. Death is the night sky, the background against which the fleeting fireworks of life are displayed, an empty stage upon which the drama of life is played. #Quote by James Rozoff
Fireworks quotes by Peter Carey
#177. Fireworks made of glass. An explosion of dew. Crescendo. Diminuendo. Silence.
There are drugs that work the same, and while I am not suggesting that our founder purchased the glassworks to get more drops, it is clear that she had the seed planted, not once, but twice, and knew already the lovely contradictory nature of glass and she did not have to be told, on the day she saw the works at Darling Harbour, that glass is a thing in disguise, an actor, is not solid at all, but a liquid, that an old sheet of glass will not only take on a royal and purplish tinge but will reveal its true liquid nature by having grown fatter at the bottom and thinner at the top, and that even while it is as frail as the ice on a Parramatta puddle, it is stronger under compression than Sydney sandstone, that it is invisible, solid, in short, a joyous and paradoxical thing, as good a material as any to build a life from. #Quote by Peter Carey
Fireworks quotes by Kate Morton
#178. It was safe to say that neither had ever known the other sort of love, the sort with fireworks and racing hearts and physical desires. #Quote by Kate Morton
Fireworks quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#179. In her eyes was the reflection of everything that mattered: old diners with neon signs, vinyl records, celluloid film, drive-in movies, Pears soap, department stores, her brother's old blue Camaro car and the smell of coal dust in the rainy sky of a summer lightning storm.
... And all the nice bright colors of the past that she thought were gone for good came flowing back into her life like a wave of nostalgia flooding over her, reds, yellows, blues and greens drenching her gray memories in psychedelic ribbons and glittering fireworks.
... She hoped that the world would always hold those miniscule yet beautiful, deep and mysterious traces of memory. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Fireworks quotes by Ali Smith
#180. What would happen if you did just shut a door and stop speaking? Hour after hour after hour of no words. Would you speak to yourself? Would words just stop being useful? Would you lose language altogether? Or would words mean more, would they start to mean in every direction, all somersault and assault, like a thuggery of fireworks? Would they proliferate, like untended plantlife? Would the inside of your head overgrow with every word that has ever come into it, every word that has ever silently taken seed or fallen dormant? Would your own silence make other things noisier? Would all the things you'd ever forgotten, all layered there inside you, come bouldering up and avalanche you? #Quote by Ali Smith
Fireworks quotes by Peach-Pit
#181. Summer vacation is about watermelons, shaved ice, Popsicles, summer festivals with fireworks, and the ocean!!! That's what summer has been about for elementary school kids since the dawn of time! But no, you're worried about UV rays!"
"Oh my."
-I don't think they had elementary school at the dawn of time- #Quote by Peach-Pit
Fireworks quotes by Hal Duncan
#182. I wanted to do justice to texts that are in verse in their original, so I tried to invest my version with a comparable poetic power; hence even more literary fireworks there. #Quote by Hal Duncan
Fireworks quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#183. Our whole wedding cost 180 bucks. Afterward, we re-heated lasagna for everyone and set off fireworks. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
Fireworks quotes by Akemi Dawn Bowman
#184. Sometimes impulsive is like a bright red warningsign that I'm afraid to go near. But other times it's bubblegum pink and cotton candy blue and bursting with confetti and fireworks and the nostalgic music they play when you step foot into Disneyland.
Sometimes impulsive feels like magic.
It feels good. #Quote by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Fireworks quotes by Cheryl St. John
#185. Look at all those stars. God has fireworks on display all the time, doesn't He? #Quote by Cheryl St. John
Fireworks quotes by Rick Riordan
#186. But Annabeth just smiled and put us in jail. As she was heading back to the front line, she turned and winked.
"See you at the fireworks?"
She didn't even wait for my answer before darting off into the woods.
I looked at Beckendorf. "Did she just ... ask me out?"
He shrugged, completely disgusted. "Who knows with girls? Give me a haywire dragon, any day."
So we sat together and waited while the girls won the game. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Fireworks quotes by AainaA-Ridtz
#187. Don't talk of Life as if its one big package of miseries - it is the very Essence within that passes through both you, and your enemies and every permissible illusion. Once you're opened to, and are awakened to your TRUE NATURE, fireworks light up your path, irrespective whether it is a "Tariqa", or a pathless one! #Quote by AainaA-Ridtz
Fireworks quotes by Criss Jami
#188. Assuming what people want is about as controlled as using fireworks to start a fire. #Quote by Criss Jami
Fireworks quotes by Kenneth Anger
#189. In fireworks are released, all the explosive pyrotechnics of a dream. The inflammable desires, dampened by day under the cold water of consciousness, are ignited at night by the libertarian matches of sleep, and burst forth in showers of shimmering incandescence. These imaginary displays provide a temporary relief. #Quote by Kenneth Anger
Fireworks quotes by Jim Butcher
#190. I didn't have any money or ID. I didn't have a credit card. Hell, I didn't have a business card.
What would it say? 'Harry Dresden, Winter Knight, Targets Slain, No Barbecues, Waterslides, or Fireworks Displays. #Quote by Jim Butcher
Fireworks quotes by Julie A. Rainey
#191. Let me just say that I now know what it feels like to be the last one to show up a party. There is no grand entrance or fireworks. Just a fizzle and lots of weird looks. #Quote by Julie A. Rainey
Fireworks quotes by Mal Peet
#192. What I value in books is lucidity. I want the language to be rich; I love lexical fireworks on the page, but I have to know what it means. I want to be surprised and delighted, not merely baffled. #Quote by Mal Peet
Fireworks quotes by Chris Kilham
#193. Hot Plants enhance sexual experience. They increase sensitivity and make sex more urgent. Men get better erections. Women benefit, too. Your orgasms are like Chinese New Year fireworks. #Quote by Chris Kilham
Fireworks quotes by Nessie Q.
#194. Love is fireworks. It's the first dance. It's the first kiss. It's the first time you make love. It's the first hateful word. It's the first fight. It's the first tear you shed. It's the first time you made up. #Quote by Nessie Q.
Fireworks quotes by Chelsea Fine
#195. I always thought losing my virginity would be a memorable event with fireworks and theme music and maybe a parade afterward. But no. #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Fireworks quotes by Jennifer E. Smith
#196. Today was a day for sailing and drinking, for bobbing out under the blazing sun until the sky flipped over into dark and the fireworks were sent scribbling out over all of it. #Quote by Jennifer E. Smith
Fireworks quotes by Karl Barth
#197. The enterprise of Adolf Hitler, with all its clatter and fireworks, and all its cunning and dynamic energy, is the enterprise of an evil spirit, which is apparently allowed its freedom for a time in order to test our faith in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. #Quote by Karl Barth
Fireworks quotes by Jerome K. Jerome
#198. One example of a solid but inexplicable fact, ruling all human affairs - your fireworks won't go off while the crowd is around. #Quote by Jerome K. Jerome
Fireworks quotes by James S.A. Corey
#199. People always whispered when they were hiding. Wrapped in a space suit and surrounded by vacuum, Gomez could have been lighting fireworks inside his armor and no one would have heard it, but he whispered. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Fireworks quotes by S.E. Sever
#200. Some people are like fireworks: alluring from a distance, but fatal close up #Quote by S.E. Sever

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