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Fired Up quotes by Noah Galloway
#1. Proper procedure for invading a house is to take a four-man team and "stack" it outside the door. That means the men are essentially in a line--numbered on through four. Number four comes around to check that no one has booby-trapped the house. He nods to number one. Number one then leans back on number two, number two leans back on number three, number three then pushes back forward on number two, number two pushes back on number one, number one nods to number four, and number four kicks in the door. Number one runs in, followed by two, three, and four. Everyone makes sure that the room is clear and then everyone stacks back in place for the next door. This is the way you move strategically and stealthily through the house until all is secure and any targets are apprehended.
We arrived at our target house and Jerry was all fired up to knock in the door. We are all stacked up and I was number one, so I was the point man and Jerry was number four so he was the door kicker. We were all ready to roll until all of a sudden I saw something and held my hand up to motion, STOP! Then I put my finger next to my mouth and motioned for everyone to shush. There was a broken window in the door. I reached in through the jagged, broken glass and without making a sound I turned the knob. I just opened the door. I could see the look on Jerry's crestfallen face. I had ruined Jerry's moment. #Quote by Noah Galloway
Fired Up quotes by Gabby Douglas
#2. I love listening to Lil' Wayne, Drake, and Eminem to get me fired up! #Quote by Gabby Douglas
Fired Up quotes by George Takei
#3. If leadership requires a fired-up sense of purpose and imagination, it also demands a profound connection to the society to be led. Like it or not, this is our culture, and we should embrace and celebrate it, even while we strive to refine and shape it. #Quote by George Takei
Fired Up quotes by David J. Anderson
#4. There are two things I enjoy most about my work. First, I get to work with interesting and enthusiastic people who are also fired up about science. Second, every once in a while I have moments in which I suddenly understand the solution to a problem that I've been working on - those are great moments. #Quote by David J. Anderson
Fired Up quotes by Andrea Camilleri
#5. The inspector sat down on a stair, fired up a cigarette, and entered an immobility contest with a lizard. #Quote by Andrea Camilleri
Fired Up quotes by David Corn
#6. Obama has not accomplished a key mission: sell his own successes and keep his own (political) troops fired up and ready to go. #Quote by David Corn
Fired Up quotes by Peter Hammill
#7. The crucial question one comes back to is the examination; without that experience is meaningless. And I think it's true that society is becoming more and more passive, less and less fired up with enthusiasm, in many spheres. #Quote by Peter Hammill
Fired Up quotes by David Pogue
#8. My little self-analysis is that consumer technology is the closest thing we have to magic. You push a button and something happens at your command. The things that get me fired up the most have always been the things that seem the most magical. #Quote by David Pogue
Fired Up quotes by Willard Scott
#9. I get all fired up about aging in America. #Quote by Willard Scott
Fired Up quotes by Jami Alden
#10. Jesus, you're beautiful," he murmured and she felt the warmth of his breath on her face and yes, he was going to kiss her. His mouth came down on hers, hot and fierce. She parted her lips and licked into his mouth, loving the way he shuddered and groaned at the contact.
Her response was fast, ferocious, startling in its intensity. One kiss and she was fired up, more turned on than she could ever remember being. #Quote by Jami Alden
Fired Up quotes by Anonymous
#11. He also offered a novel and, to my mind, worthy suggestion, that the league could benefit from replacing some of the tired heavy metal that is pumped into arenas with a little old-school Michael Jackson. "That would get me fired up," he said. #Quote by Anonymous
Fired Up quotes by Jules Olitski
#12. I work day and night without sleep. The paintings keep me fired up. #Quote by Jules Olitski
Fired Up quotes by Bear Grylls
#13. I was soon discharged from the rehab center and sent back to the SAS. But the doctor's professional opinion was that I shouldn't military parachute again. It was too risky. One dodgy landing, at night, in full kit, and my patched-up spine could crumple.
He didn't even mention the long route marches carrying huge weights on our backs.
Every SF soldier knows that a weak back is not a good opener for life in an SAS squadron.
It is also a cliché just how many SAS soldiers' backs and knees are plated and pinned together, after years of marches and jumps. Deep down I knew the odds weren't looking great for me in the squadron, and that was a very hard pill to swallow.
But it was a decision that, sooner or later, I would have to face up to. The doctors could give me their strong recommendations, but ultimately I had to make the call.
A familiar story. Life is all about our decisions. And big decisions can often be hard to make.
So I thought I would buy myself some time before I made it.
In the meantime, at the squadron, I took on the role of teaching survival to other units. I also helped the intelligence guys while my old team were out on the ground training.
But it was agony for me. Not physically, but mentally: watching the guys go out, fired up, tight, together, doing the job and getting back excited and exhausted. That was what I should have been doing.
I hated sitting in an ops room making tea for intelligence officers.
I tried #Quote by Bear Grylls
Fired Up quotes by Jules Olitski
#14. I worked like a crazyman. I worked day and night, often days and nights at a time - without sleep. Gallons of coffee kept me awake; the paintings kept me fired up. #Quote by Jules Olitski
Fired Up quotes by Scott Woods
#15. It's not a cold that you can get over. There is no anti-racist certification class. It's a set of socioeconomic traps and cultural values that are fired up every time we interact with the world. It is a thing you have to keep scooping out of the boat of your life to keep from drowning in it. I know it's hard work, but it's the price you pay for owning everything. #Quote by Scott Woods
Fired Up quotes by Mike Carey
#16. I think Louisville will be fired up for this game. They might be in revenge mode. But, this time of the year records, don't mean much. Anything can happen. #Quote by Mike Carey
Fired Up quotes by Bobby Adair
#17. My hands felt electrically charged. My blood was ready to burst from my veins and my heart was beating a manic rhythm. I was frightened out of my wits but I was catching a familiar, addictive adrenaline wave. I was ready to taunt the reaper. #Quote by Bobby Adair
Fired Up quotes by Ree Drummond
#18. Well, uh," I said playfully. "Thanks for taking my brother to the mall." Mike fired up the diesel engine.
"No problem," Marlboro Man said, leaning in for a kiss. "I'll see you tonight." We had a standing date.
"See you then." Mike laid on the horn.
Marlboro Man headed toward his pickup, then stopped midway and turned toward me once again. "Oh, hey--by the way," he said, walking back toward the front step. "You wanna get married?" His hand reached into the pocket of his Wranglers.
My heart skipped a beat. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Fired Up quotes by Julianna Guill
#19. My cheerleader part in 'Fired Up!' is really funny. #Quote by Julianna Guill
Fired Up quotes by Dany Heatley
#20. Every country gets fired up to play us. They played well. I thought when it was 2-1 that we had some chances to make it 3, 4-1. He made some saves and we just missed some shots. They got a break on their second, and the third period I thought we had a lot of chances, he made some big saves. We got it done in the shootout. #Quote by Dany Heatley
Fired Up quotes by B.P. Smythe
#21. With the front casing removed, he fired up the boiler and showed him the colour of the gas flame. 'It should normally burn blue, but due to corrosion, the flame is blue to orange, which is a tell-tale sign of leaking carbon monoxide. #Quote by B.P. Smythe
Fired Up quotes by Coach Dave
#22. Get Fired Up About Your Life Because If You Don't Who Will? #Quote by Coach Dave
Fired Up quotes by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
#23. Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out Training Crazy Dogs from Over-the-Top to Under Control Laura VanArendonk Baugh CPDT-KA KPACTP Copyright 2013 Laura VanArendonk Baugh Cover design by Laura VanArendonk Baugh and Alena Van Arendonk Author portrait by Elemental Photography Technical editing by Casey Lomonaco Interior photos pages 25, 67, 77 by Alena Van Arendonk #Quote by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Fired Up quotes by J. C. Hutchins
#24. Declare war on passivity. Hush the inner voice that insists you're over the hill, past your prime, unworthy of attaining those dreams. Disbelief is now the enemy, as is the notion of settling. Get hungry- hyena hungry. Get fired up. Find your backbone, and your wings. Flap 'em. It's the only way you'll be able to fly. #Quote by J. C. Hutchins
Fired Up quotes by Jenson Button
#25. In the car and in front of the camera I tend to be very calm but behind the scenes I can get fired up and passionate, I just don't see the need to shout my mouth off in public. #Quote by Jenson Button
Fired Up quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
#26. Young people, some of whom are not born into the faith, are being fired up by preachers using basic Islamic scripture and mobilized to wage jihad by radical imams who represent themselves as legitimate Muslim clergymen. #Quote by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Fired Up quotes by Cindi Madsen
#27. You don't even know me," I said.
"And whose fault is that?"
Two creases formed between Jake's eyebrows.
"Yeah, Cinderella screwed me over." Without any more explanation, I got into my car, pulled the door closed, and fired up the engine. #Quote by Cindi Madsen
Fired Up quotes by Karrie Webb
#28. I think anyone that isn't fired up right now shouldn't probably be out here. #Quote by Karrie Webb
Fired Up quotes by Nick Pageant
#29. fired up my e-reader to get lost in Easter Lust. It's a story about a bunny rabbit shifter who meets a chicken shifter. They come together, fall in love, and then, tragically, discover they're both submissive bottoms. #Quote by Nick Pageant
Fired Up quotes by Joe Dubuque
#30. I know he's going to be fired up. He's going to try to get some revenge for the NCAA finals. He's probably been looking forward to this match since last March. #Quote by Joe Dubuque
Fired Up quotes by Julie James
#31. Taylor held a finger up to Val and Kate. "Hold that thought for a second while I get this."
As she headed into the living room, she overheard Kate mumble to Val, "Hold what thought? I haven't understood a word she's said yet."
Taylor unlocked her front door and opened it. Before she could react, Jason barreled right in, all fired up.
"Where have you been?? I tried calling you - is your cell phone off? I need you to tell me who the hell I can sue. I just met with Marty - we got back the mock-ups for the new publicity posters the studio's going to use to promote Inferno ."
Jason stormed into the kitchen, so engrossed in his rant he didn't notice Valerie and Kate. He opened Taylor's fridge and helped himself to a bottled water.
"And get this," he fumed angrily, "the dumbasses who designed the posters have me pictured in this scene where I'm putting out a fire with all these other firemen. But if you look at the poster from the side, the water from the hose of one of the other firefighters looks like it's shooting right out of my crotch. And the best part is, they want to put this poster over the theater entrance for the premiere. I can just see it - " He gestured grandly to the air. " 'Come see Inferno! Get pissed on by Jason Andrews!'"
With that, he threw Taylor a wink. "It should be right up your alley."
Finished with his rant, Jason took a sip of water. Then he finally noticed Kate and Val. He smiled charmingly.
"Oh. People. Hello."
#Quote by Julie James
Fired Up quotes by Mario Andretti
#32. The first time I fired up a car, felt the engine shudder and the wheel come to life in my hands, I was hooked. It was a feeling I can't describe. I still get it every time I get into a race car. #Quote by Mario Andretti
Fired Up quotes by Starhawk
#33. It happens over and over again - a group of people come together, fired up with passion to create change. They begin with huge inspiration and enthusiasm - and a year later, it's all foundered in the mire of conflict. We could have changed the world ten times over - if we didn't have to do it together with other people, those irritating, self-righteous, controlling, fluff-brained, clueless idiots who are our friends and allies. #Quote by Starhawk
Fired Up quotes by Vee Hoffman
#34. Sobriety had happened at a strange time in my sex life, and maybe I wouldn't have held onto it had it not been for both of the men involved in the transition. But sobriety made me realize, in lonely moments and long introspective jags, that while sex wasn't the only thing that I was good at, it was still something I enjoyed. The difference was choosing the people I invited to the playground, so to speak. If Eren had been any less fired up than he was, pushing firmly and slowly into me, watching my face for silent cues while I pushed my head back into the bed, stretching my neck and growling, reacquainting myself with the feeling of being filled, it wouldn't have been right.

But it was right. I'd chosen well. I almost laughed when he was completely inside of me and I got swept up in the truth of the matter, the reasonably overwhelming knowledge that yeah, this was something I might not fuck up. And god, I loved sex. God, I loved not having to feel like I was hiding inside of its fortress. #Quote by Vee Hoffman
Fired Up quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#35. So I finished my coffee, stood up, and went down the hall to the little room that Rita calls Dexter's Study. I sat and fired up my laptop, and as it started up I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to get back in touch with my Inner Tiger. Almost immediately I felt it stretch and purr and rise up to rub against my hand. Nice kitty, I thought with gratitude, and it showed me its fangs in a happily wicked smile. I smiled back, opened my eyes, and we went to work. First #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Fired Up quotes by Jesse Andrews
#36. Theory: People always get fired up when an unattractive girl an unattractive dude are dating each other. #Quote by Jesse Andrews
Fired Up quotes by Bill Hybels
#37. You're a leader. It's your job to keep your passion hot. Do whatever you have to do, read whatever you have to read, go wherever you have to go to stay fired up. And don't apologize to anybody. #Quote by Bill Hybels
Fired Up quotes by Josh Turner
#38. 'All Over Me' is a song that I really got fired up the first time I heard it: it just really moved and it really had a lot of energy. #Quote by Josh Turner
Fired Up quotes by Bette Lee Crosby
#39. A man's pride will cause him to do things you never dreamed possible. He got fired up about being right and blocked out everything else. #Quote by Bette Lee Crosby
Fired Up quotes by Trinie Dalton
#40. Her son must have folded her up, shoved her in, fired up the stove, and burned her into an ashen pile, ideal for fertilizer. That's why our tree kicked ass. #Quote by Trinie Dalton
Fired Up quotes by Howard Stern
#41. Okay, well, I guess I'm still a kid. Because when I get really angry and fired up and I feel like my back is up against the wall, I will say vicious things. #Quote by Howard Stern
Fired Up quotes by Michael Phelps
#42. I like to get in my own world. When I'm getting ready for a meet, I always have headphones on, listening to rap music to get myself fired up #Quote by Michael Phelps
Fired Up quotes by Rachel Maddow
#43. I don't feel passionately about politics, i'm not a political person. Is it easy for me to get fired up about someone's position on climate change? No, it's not. On most of these issues, I can see both sides. #Quote by Rachel Maddow
Fired Up quotes by Kristen Ashley
#44. I was so fired up to protect myself from you playin' games with my heart, I played yours. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Fired Up quotes by Kirsty Eagar
#45. Anna's one of those people who get fired up about injustices in the world; quick to quiver with rage because other people don't ignite like she does. #Quote by Kirsty Eagar
Fired Up quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
#46. I've learned that no matter how inspired, fired up and motivated you might be, the dark clouds will always set in #Quote by Bernard Kelvin Clive
Fired Up quotes by Madeline Sheehan
#47. There it is, darlin',"He said softly, his lips curling slowly in a sexy grin. "Nothin'like seein' a pretty girl gettin' all fired up. #Quote by Madeline Sheehan
Fired Up quotes by Steve Nash
#48. I want my kids to have passion for life, to really have a passion for life. I think when you have a passion for something, you can overcome obstacles, if you float through life without having anything to hold on to or get you fired up emotionally and to focus on, I think it's really hard to overcome things. #Quote by Steve Nash
Fired Up quotes by Gabrielle Reece
#49. If you want to stay fit, surround yourself with a couple of chicks who are fired up, so that the one day you're not, you can feed off their energy. #Quote by Gabrielle Reece
Fired Up quotes by David Ramsey
#50. Focused intensity is required to win. I can't stress enough that people who took control of their finances and worked their way out of debt got mad. They got sick and tired of being sick and tired! They said, "I've had it!" and went ballistic to change their lives. There is no intellectual exercise where you can academically work your way into wealth; you have to get fired up - There is no energy in logic; this is behavior and motivation modification, and it works. #Quote by David Ramsey
Fired Up quotes by J.R. Ward
#51. She got her phone again and went into the received-calls log and fired up Rehvenge's number. She took a deep breath and a long pull on the latte. And hit send.
Destiny had a 518 area code.
Who knew.

-Ehlena's thoughts #Quote by J.R. Ward
Fired Up quotes by Troy Glaus
#52. I try to stay on an even keel. I get really fired up on occasion, but staying relaxed and under control bodes better for my game than getting out of control. #Quote by Troy Glaus
Fired Up quotes by Dave Ramsey
#53. Be intense, passionate, and fired up, but about things that matter, things that change your life and your legacy. #Quote by Dave Ramsey
Fired Up quotes by G.S. Jennsen
#54. Coordinates streamed into her mind while she yanked on her environment suit, foregoing every safety check she'd ever learned.

'Alex, we will try to help him together, but it is far too dangerous - '

She grabbed the module she used to access the circuitry of the ship, bypassed Valkyrie and fired up the Caeles Prism.

'Alex - '

She opened a wormhole in the middle of the cabin, set its exit point at the coordinates Valkyrie had provided, and ran through it. #Quote by G.S. Jennsen
Fired Up quotes by Sibylla Matilde
#55. Rhys looked over at her with a naughty grin. "I lied, sweetheart. Completely and totally. You are all fired up and hot as fucking hell. There's no way I'm just going to drop you off and leave right now. Your ass is mine. #Quote by Sibylla Matilde
Fired Up quotes by Lleyton Hewitt
#56. Oh, I get pretty fired up on the court. I try to play with a lot of emotion, especially when I'm playing in front of a large crowd. I want to go out and do my best, and to do that, I have to play with the most energy possible. #Quote by Lleyton Hewitt
Fired Up quotes by Ree Drummond
#57. What does one wear to a ranch early in the morning? I wondered. I was stumped. I had enough good sense, thank God, to know my spiked black boots--the same boots I'd worn on basically every date with Marlboro Man thus far--were out of the question. I wouldn't want them to get dirty, and besides that, people might look at me funny. I had a good selection of jeans, yes, but would I go for the dark, straight-leg Anne Kleins? Or the faded, boot-cut Gaps with contrast stitching? And what on earth would I wear on top? This could get dicey. I had a couple of nice, wholesome sweater sets, but the weather was turning warmer and the style didn't exactly scream "ranch" to me. Then there was the long, flax-colored linen tunic from Banana Republic--one I loved to pair with a chunky turquoise necklace and sandals. But that was more Texas Evening Barbecue than Oklahoma Early-Morning Cattle Gathering. Then there were the myriad wild prints with sparkles and stones and other obnoxious adornments. But the last thing I wanted to do was spook the cattle and cause a stampede. I'd seen it happen in City Slickers when Billy Crystal fired up his cordless coffee grinder, and the results weren't the least bit pretty.
I considered cancelling. I had absolutely nothing to wear. Every pair of shoes I owned was black, except for a bright yellow pair of pumps I'd bought on a whim in Westwood one California day. Those wouldn't exactly work, either. And I didn't own a single shirt that wouldn't loudly bro #Quote by Ree Drummond
Fired Up quotes by Wendy Minks
#58. I really dislike waking up all fired up and dealing with stupidity. #Quote by Wendy Minks
Fired Up quotes by Nick Woodman
#59. Keeping people fired up starts with having a really clear vision for what the company is aiming to do. #Quote by Nick Woodman
Fired Up quotes by Linda Woolverton
#60. I really get fired up with female protagonists. I can really feel the difference in myself when I am writing a script that has a woman at the center. #Quote by Linda Woolverton
Fired Up quotes by J.R. Ward
#61. Standing at the foot of the grand staircase, Wrath finished prepping for the meeting with the glymera by drawing a Kevlar vest onto his shoulders.
"It's light."
"Weight doesn't always do you better," V said as he fired up a hand-rolled and snapped his gold lighter shut.
"You sure about that."
"When it comes to bulletproof vests, I am." Vishous exhaled, the smoke momentarily shading his face before it floated upward to the ornate ceiling. "But if it'll make you feel better, we can strap a garage door on your chest. Or a car, for that matter."

-Wrath & Vishous #Quote by J.R. Ward
Fired Up quotes by Vonnie Davis
#62. Driving a stolen plane will be nothing compared to the ride with a fired-up Scot. #Quote by Vonnie Davis
Fired Up quotes by James C. Collins
#63. if you have the right people on the bus, the problem of how to motivate and manage people largely goes away. The right people don't need to be tightly managed or fired up; they will be self-motivated by the inner drive to produce the best results and to be part of creating something great. #Quote by James C. Collins
Fired Up quotes by Kristi Cook
#64. Look, I'm sorry, Jemma. It took me forever to get there, what with all the flooding and everything. And then I was trying to clean stuff up and…well, I guess the time just got away from me."
I try to pull away, but he tightens his grip. "I didn't mean to scare you," he says.
"Well, you did scare me." I manage to pull one hand loose, and I use it to whack him in the chest. "Idiot!"
"I'm fine, okay? I'm here."
"I wish you weren't!" I yell, fired up now. "I wish you were lying in a ditch somewhere!" I stumble backward, my heel catching on the porch's floorboards.
"You don't mean that," Ryder says, sounding hurt.
He's right; I don't. But I don't care if I hurt his feelings. I'm too angry to care. Angry and relieved and pissed off and…and, God, I'm so glad he's okay. I thump his chest one more time in frustration, and then somehow my lips are on his--hungry and demanding and punishing all at once.
I hear him gasp in surprise. His mouth is hot, feverish even, as he kisses me back. The ground seems to tilt beneath my feet. I stagger back toward the door, dragging him with me without breaking the kiss. Ryder's tongue slips between my lips, skimming over my teeth before plunging inside. And…
Oh. My. God. No one's ever kissed me like this. No one. His hands and his tongue and his scent and his body are pressed against mine…It's making me light-headed, dizzy. Electricity seems to skitter across my skin, raising gooseflesh in its wake. I cling to h #Quote by Kristi Cook
Fired Up quotes by J.R. Ward
#65. V's smile didn't last long. "Don't get your romantic side fired up about me and Jane, buddy.
She's human."
Butch's jaw dropped and he pulled a bobble. "No, really? That's such a shocker! And here I thought she
was a sheep."
V shot Butch a fuck-ya stare. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Fired Up quotes by Francesca Annis
#66. Some actors get fired up by the sound of the audience. I just want to retreat. #Quote by Francesca Annis
Fired Up quotes by William Powers
#67. Someday, it will be hard to remember why we were once so fired up about 3G connectivity and the wonders of mobile broadband. Seamless, lightning-fast connectedness will be a given everywhere on Earth, and today's gadgets will be quaint museum pieces. At that point, all we'll care about is what kind of life these devices have created for us. And if it isn't a good life, we'll wonder what we did wrong. #Quote by William Powers
Fired Up quotes by Marc Andreessen
#68. I'm a firm believer that most people who do great things are doing them for the first time. Returning to my theory of hiring, I'd rather have someone all fired up to do something for the first time than someone who's done it before and isn't that excited to do it again. You rarely go wrong giving someone who is high potential the shot. #Quote by Marc Andreessen
Fired Up quotes by Randall Cunningham
#69. In previous years I was so fired up at times I made little mistakes. So I kept telling myself to be patient, relax, play like you do in practice. What I've been doing in practice will carry over into the game. #Quote by Randall Cunningham
Fired Up quotes by Gregory S. Lamb
#70. When fiction collides with reality, it's time to get fired up. There are great stories being generated out there by real events and people-plenty of fuel for exciting fiction. #Quote by Gregory S. Lamb
Fired Up quotes by Mark Merrill
#71. You need to calm down.'
Saying this to a man who may already be fired up is like adding gasoline to the fire. #Quote by Mark Merrill
Fired Up quotes by Dayron Robles
#72. I am very fired up to run in New York. #Quote by Dayron Robles
Fired Up quotes by Peter Matthiessen
#73. Yessir, they's big money involved in this park fight, that's the story. Dyer's the mouthpiece for them east coast developers that has fought that park idea for years; them boys are workin day and night to grab that real estate before all them nature-lovers and such get the Glades nailed down by the federl gov'mint. You ain't seen all that stuff in the papers? Gettin the public fired up against the feds for wastin half of Florida on this big green nothin? Stead of sellin off that land and cuttin taxes? #Quote by Peter Matthiessen
Fired Up quotes by Tara Sivec
#74. My dick instantly springs to life inside my jeans. I can't help it. When Lucy gets fired up, I get turned on. It's like some Pavlov's dog shit. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Fired Up quotes by Frances Dunn Butterfoss
#75. Our communities basically want the same things - safe, clean environments; affordable, adequate housing and transportation; educational opportunities; accessible, quality health care; meaningful work at a fair wage; and equitable services for everyone. So, in the spirit of warmth and energy that our campfire metaphor brings, I invite each of you to be the spark that ignites your community to be safer, healthier, and fairer - and fired up for change. #Quote by Frances Dunn Butterfoss
Fired Up quotes by James K.A. Smith
#76. We have created youth ministry that confuses extroversion with faithfulness. We have effectively communicated to young people that sincerely following Jesus is synonymous with being 'fired up' for Jesus, with being excited for Jesus, as if discipleship were synonymous with fostering an exuberant, perky, cheerful, hurray-for-Jesus disposition like what we might find in the glee club or at a pep rally. #Quote by James K.A. Smith
Fired Up quotes by Heidi Joy Tretheway
#77. Maybe some people think we're too different, but maybe we're not," Joshua said. "Maybe we're two sides of the same coin."
"Like, 'You complete me'?" Melina asked, snickering. She couldn't resist quoting the corny line.
"No, not like that," Joshua said. "Like, you challenge me. You get me fired up. We're like steak and horseradish."
"That's such as dude thing to say," Melina laughed. "What am I?"
Joshua grinned devilishly. "The hot one, of course! #Quote by Heidi Joy Tretheway
Fired Up quotes by Jane McGonigal
#78. Game developers know that people have more fun when they're in large groups. They feel more fired up when the challenges are more epic. #Quote by Jane McGonigal
Fired Up quotes by Hiromi Kawakami
#79. The number of kiwis was increasing by the minute. When I looked about me, there were dozens of them, all identical, and each one fired off a question to me in turn. #Quote by Hiromi Kawakami
Fired Up quotes by Albert Camus
#80. But I fired four shots more into the inert body, on which they left no visible trace. And each successive shot was another loud, fateful rap on the door of my undoing. #Quote by Albert Camus
Fired Up quotes by Andy Goldsworthy
#81. Once the fired stone is out of the kiln, it is still possible to mentally reconstruct it in its original form. #Quote by Andy Goldsworthy
Fired Up quotes by Jane Fonda
#82. I never wanted to be an actor. My dad was an actor, and he never brought joy home, so I didn't view it as something that I would want to do. But I got fired as a secretary, and then I started studying, I started doing it just to earn money. And it took me a long time to learn to love it. And what I loved was telling a story. I tried to avoid making plays or films that weren't telling a story that I felt was important. I discovered in the process that it makes you more empathic because you have to enter someone else's reality and learn to see through many other people's eyes. #Quote by Jane Fonda
Fired Up quotes by A.A. Milne
#83. Did I miss?" you asked.
"You didn't exactly miss," said Pooh, "But you missed the balloon."
"I'm so sorry," you said, and you fired again, and this time you hit the balloon and the air came slowly out, and Winnie-the-Pooh floated down to the ground. #Quote by A.A. Milne
Fired Up quotes by Jan Mckingley Hilado
#84. In life, it is important that we act fast. If you don't act fast and act now, someone else will do exactly what you have thought of doing. Someone else would have fired while you were spending time aiming. #Quote by Jan Mckingley Hilado
Fired Up quotes by Sylvester Stallone
#85. Halloween is the only time people can become what they want to be without getting fired. #Quote by Sylvester Stallone
Fired Up quotes by Mindy McGinnis
#86. Another low moan rose from the grass. "That was a good shot," Mother said, nodding toward it.
"Not good enough."
Mother shrugged. "It was dark." She rose and stretched out her stiff body, a sign that she truly felt safe. "You'll get better."
Another cry. Mother licked her finger, tested the wind, and fired once into the night.
Silence fell. #Quote by Mindy McGinnis
Fired Up quotes by Rich Mullins
#87. Love is a virtue and not a feeling. It is fed and fired by God- not by the favorable response of the beloved. Even when it doesn't seem to make a dime's worth of difference to the ones on whom it is lavished, it is still the most prized of all virtues because it is at the heart of the very character of God. #Quote by Rich Mullins
Fired Up quotes by Frank Oz
#88. Jim (Henson) should have ****in fired me several times ... #Quote by Frank Oz
Fired Up quotes by Mary Lindsey
#89. Maybe you should mind your own business.'
'You are my business. My job. You are what I do.'
I whipped around to face him. 'Well if I'm your job, your fired. You creep me out. #Quote by Mary Lindsey
Fired Up quotes by J.D. Vance
#90. We'll get fired for tardiness, or for stealing merchandise and selling it on eBay, or for having a customer complain about the smell of alcohol on our breath, or for taking five thirty-minute restroom breaks per shift. We talk about the value of hard work but tell ourselves that the reason we're not working is some perceived unfairness: Obama shut down the coal mines, or all the jobs went to the Chinese. These are the lies we tell ourselves to solve the cognitive dissonance - the broken connection between the world we see and the values we preach. We #Quote by J.D. Vance
Fired Up quotes by Michelle Franklin
#91. I believe someone made a grievous mistake when summer was created; no novitiate or god in their right mind would make a season akin to hell on purpose. Someone should be fired. #Quote by Michelle Franklin
Fired Up quotes by Chris Rock
#92. Just to be clear, Ray Rice was not fired for beating his wife. He was fired because a video of him beating his wife was released. #Quote by Chris Rock
Fired Up quotes by The Rev
#93. I spilt paint all over the bar, they almost fired me. #Quote by The Rev
Fired Up quotes by Alice Barrett
#94. Getting fired is hard. #Quote by Alice Barrett
Fired Up quotes by Tzvi Freeman
#95. All that can be cherished from this world, all that makes life worth living is that which is mined from its bowels through your own toil, fashioned from its clay by your own craft, fired in the kiln of your heart. Oh, how precious, how delightful a feast, the life that has been forged by its own master! #Quote by Tzvi Freeman
Fired Up quotes by Kelly Braffet
#96. Did you blame the men who fired the guns, the men who built the guns, or the men who invented the guys? Did you blame the men who had put those particular guns in the hands attached to those particular trigger fingers? When Nick's plane crashed into the ocean off Honduras at a speed which turned the ocean to unyielding stone, was it Western Mountain's fault, for sending him out?Nick's, for going? Anne's, for letting him? Did you blame the human beings who had made such a world possible, or the world that had made such human beings possible?
The answer, she thought, lying now in her missing daughter's bed (Was it Miranda, for pushing a limit any time she saw one? Anne again, for uprooting her so callously, for failing in some way to adequately console her after her father's death?), was that you had two choices: you could blame everybody, or you could blame nobody. #Quote by Kelly Braffet
Fired Up quotes by Ryuhei Kitamura
#97. Producers say things that they would like to see in the movie but they don't see the full picture. In the end if you ignore everything the producers say, of course, you get fired; but then if you listen to a producer on everything then it's like 'Hey - why don't you direct your own movie?' #Quote by Ryuhei Kitamura
Fired Up quotes by Robert T. Kiyosaki
#98. You already know the end result ... laid off, fired, no retirement, no benefits, no security and certainly no comfort. #Quote by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Fired Up quotes by Alan W. Powers
#99. Good teachers get fired; great teachers, killed--Socrates, Christ, and Giordano Bruno. #Quote by Alan W. Powers
Fired Up quotes by Fagles Robert
#100. The armies massing ... crowding thick-and-fast
as the swarms of flies seething over the shepherds' stalls
in the first spring days when the buckets flood with milk-
so many long-haired Achaeans swarmed across the plain
to confront the Trojans, fired to smash their lines #Quote by Fagles Robert
Fired Up quotes by Carol Bartz
#101. I've just been fired over the phone by Yahoo's chairman of the board #Quote by Carol Bartz
Fired Up quotes by Donald Trump
#102. You must work well with others and be loyal to your team. Disloyalty is the worst of all traits. I seldom use the words "You're fired!" in business, unless somebody is really scum and stole from me. #Quote by Donald Trump
Fired Up quotes by Lee Child
#103. Never forgive, never forget. Do it once and do it right. You reap what you sow. Plans go to hell as soon as the first shot is fired. Protect and serve. Never off duty. #Quote by Lee Child
Fired Up quotes by Alex Pareene
#104. I love insults, devastating takedowns, things that could be described by Twitter hacks as 'shots fired,' and funny ad hominem attacks. #Quote by Alex Pareene
Fired Up quotes by Sunday Adelaja
#105. Getting fired from work gives you the zeal to make your own inventions #Quote by Sunday Adelaja
Fired Up quotes by Ilona Andrews
#106. So you got fired?"
"I quit."
"When I quit the Order, you told me I was besmirched."
"That's because you quit in a huff over some silliness like trying to save people's lives. I quit to maximize my earning potential. Don't you know being a hero is a losing bet? The pay is shit and people hate you for it." Luther looked at Curran. "Who is the male specimen?"
Curran offered Luther his hand. "Lennart."
Luther grabbed Curran's hand and smelled it. "Shapeshifter, feline, probably a lion, but not the run-of-the-mill African Simba. You've got an odd scent about you." He glanced at me. "Why do you always hang out with weirdos? #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Fired Up quotes by Sebastian Junger
#107. Each Javelin round costs $80,000, and the idea that it's fired by a guy who doesn't make that in a year at a guy who doesn't make that in a lifetime is somehow so outrageous it almost makes the war seem winnable. #Quote by Sebastian Junger
Fired Up quotes by John Parker
#108. Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here. #Quote by John Parker
Fired Up quotes by Michael Shanks
#109. So already, you go from not having a job and thinking you're going to get fired after the pilot, to knowing that you've got a guaranteed job for 4 years. #Quote by Michael Shanks
Fired Up quotes by Barbara Kruger
#110. One thing I learned working at magazines was that if you couldn't get people to look at a page or a cover, then you were fired. It was all about how you create arresting works, and by arresting I mean stop people, even for a nano-second. #Quote by Barbara Kruger
Fired Up quotes by Sarah Jessica Parker
#111. I'm always nervous before a job! I always think I'm going to be fired, I always think I can't do it. I always think I'm going to disappoint somebody, myself included. #Quote by Sarah Jessica Parker
Fired Up quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#112. Lady pranced and scraped her front hooves on the ice and then lowered her head and looked at us. I inhaled sharply and Leif fired the gun. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Fired Up quotes by Jimmy Carter
#113. My proudest accomplishment was that I never dropped a bomb, fired a bullet, or shot a missile. #Quote by Jimmy Carter
Fired Up quotes by Johanna Lindsey
#114. Highwaymen?" she asked, and couldn't hide the hopeful note from her tone.
"In the middle of the day?"
"So they're desperate."
Being robbed wouldn't be pleasant, but it would actually be preferable compared to an angry criminal running them down from his stolen property.
"That would be the logical assumption, Becca,if we didn't just leave the house of a confirmed mass murderer."
"So you did find the evidence you were after?"
"It's in the book I asked you to smuggle out. Considering how quickly we left,my guess would be that Mary Pearson immediately mentioned to her husband that she'd put you in their bedroom, and that I entered it as well. Samuel would have gone straight upstairs in that case to check on the imcriminating ledger he'd carelessly left lying on the desk."
"And found it gone," she said with a resigned sigh.
"Don't sound so aggrieved. We'll be fine."
She could have screamed at him like a harpy for that ridiculous assessment. With two more shots fired at them, her fear was rising fast. It had been the same back at the Pearson house. The moment Rupert had warned that he'd disabled one of the servants,meaning they could be found out at any moment, her nausea had abruptly ended. Incredible. Did the sudden rush of fear do that? Not that she was going to seek out things to frighten her just to get through this pregnancy a little easier, but it as an interesting side effect. She could at least test the theory at home by having #Quote by Johanna Lindsey
Fired Up quotes by Kimberly Derting
#115. Violet turned in time to see Jay coming in. His grin was mischievous and wicked at the same time. She practically leaped into his arms as he closed the door behind him.
He laughed against the top of her head. "I missed you too."
She lifted her face to his, and he kissed her, his arms pulling her closer.
"I just came to say good night," he said between hungry kisses.
"So say it."
He kissed her again, and then again, but he never said good night...or good-bye.
"Good night," she finally whispered when his lips left hers.
She was grateful ever single day that Jay had only been grazed by the first shot fired that night. Grateful that the wounded officer-the killer-in the hallway had been too dazed to fire straight. And even more grateful that her uncle had come around the corner in time to fire the second shot...the deadly one.
Jay watched her, reading the thoughts clearly on her face. And then he smiled and lifted her into his arms, kissing her lightly on her forehead, her cheeks, her nose. "Maybe I can stay for a little while," he breathed as he finally found her lips.
Violet knew that everything was going to be all right no.
Jay was safe. The killer was dead.
She curled into Jay as he pulled her down against his shoulder.
Everything was better than all right-it was perfect. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Fired Up quotes by Tom T. Hall
#116. I have had hundreds of people work for me over the years, and I don't think I ever fired anybody. #Quote by Tom T. Hall
Fired Up quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#117. Most of my childhood was spent clinging to the feathers of a dulled arrow blindly fired across a starless night. #Quote by Brian K. Vaughan
Fired Up quotes by Vi Keeland
#118. You're fired," he groaned as he buried his face in my hair. "So fucking fired. #Quote by Vi Keeland
Fired Up quotes by Steven Wright
#119. I used to be an airline pilot. I got fired because I kept locking the keys in the plane. They caught me on an 80 foot stepladder with a coat hanger. #Quote by Steven Wright
Fired Up quotes by Bobby Bowden
#120. There's a saying in my business that there are two kinds of coaches - those who have been fired and those who haven't been fired yet. That's kind of like prostate cancer. Every man will have it if he lives long enough. #Quote by Bobby Bowden
Fired Up quotes by Dave Mustaine
#121. When I left New York, after getting fired from Metallica, all I remember is that I wanted blood. Theirs. #Quote by Dave Mustaine

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