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Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. Vacations are the best time to find your true self deep inside. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by John O'Donohue
#2. For Someone Awakening To The Trauma of His or Her Past:

For everything under the sun there is a time.
This is the season of your awkward harvesting,
When the pain takes you where you would rather not go,

Through the white curtain of yesterdays to a place
You had forgotten you knew from the inside out;
And a time when that bitter tree was planted

That has grown always invisibly beside you
And whose branches your awakened hands
Now long to disentangle from your heart.

You are coming to see how your looking often darkened
When you should have felt safe enough to fall toward love,
How deep down your eyes were always owned by something

That faced them through a dark fester of thorns
Converting whoever came into a further figure of the wrong;
You could only see what touched you as already torn.

Now the act of seeing begins your work of mourning.
And your memory is ready to show you everything,
Having waited all these years for you to return and know.

Only you know where the casket of pain is interred.
You will have to scrape through all the layers of covering
And according to your readiness, everything will open.

May you be blessed with a wise and compassionate guide
Who can accompany you through the fear and grief
Until your heart has wept its way to your true self.

As your tears fall over that wounded #Quote by John O'Donohue
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Bruce Springsteen
#3. ...this, this life, this "everything" you know is a mere paper construction. You, my TV dinner-sucking, glazed-eyed friends, are living in ... the matrix ... and all you have to do to see the real world, God and Satan's glorious kingdom on Earth, all you have to do to taste real life is to risk being your true self... to dare... to watch... to listen... to all the late-night staticky-voiced deejays playing "race" records blowing in under the radar, shouting their tinny AM radio manifesto, their stations filled with poets, geniuses, rockers, bluesmen, preachers, philosopher kings, speaking to you from deep in the heart of your own soul. Their voices sing, "Listen... listen to what this world is telling you, for it is calling for your love, your rage, your beauty, your sex, your energy, your rebellion... because it needs you in order to remake itself. In order to be reborn into something else, something maybe better, more godly, more wonderful, it needs us.

This new world is a world of black and white. A place of freedom where the two most culturally powerful tribes in American society find common ground, pleasure and joy in each other's presence. Where they use a common language to speak with... to be with one another. #Quote by Bruce Springsteen
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Baptist De Pape
#4. Deepak Chopra: 'Every child has played hide-and-seek. And you know when you play hide-and-seek, there is a part of you that doesn't want to be found out and there is another part of you that wants to be found. So we lose oursleves and ultimately we find ourselves. That's the play of life.'

In a way you spend your whole life playing hide-and-seek- On the one hand, you hope not to be found, because you are comfortable with the personality you've assumed. On the other hand, you want to be found, because, deep down, your personality chafes against your true self. To resolved this discrepancy, align your personality with you soul. #Quote by Baptist De Pape
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Stephen Richards
#5. Your core, lying deep within you, is what makes you what you are. Some call it the soul, the Higher Self, the true self, the being and so on. The name is unimportant once you realize that you are more than your looks and outward appearance. #Quote by Stephen Richards
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Dennis Merritt Jones
#6. Inherent in every living thing is an insatiable hunger, the innate desire to express life by freely and fully being "what" it was uniquely created to be. To personalize this, consider the possibility that there was a time when you were a "what" before you were a "who." If you can wrap your mind around that possibility, then, the question to explore is, what were you before you became a who - and why did you become the who you uniquely are when there are so many other "who"s on the planet you might have been? While this may seem like a bit of a paradoxi- cal tongue twister, it is the quintessential question that requires exploration if you are to follow your true North Star back to your point of origin, where you'll find your authentic self waiting to weave itself into the fabric of your human life today and every day. #Quote by Dennis Merritt Jones
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Alpha Four
#7. Abandon the feeble perception of yourself you currently espouse and wake up your true self lying neglected deep within. #Quote by Alpha Four
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Beverly Engel
#8. As you recover, you will find yourself letting go of many of your negative beliefs. You will discover that many of the so-called truths you were raised with and forced to believe are not truths at all. With this perspective, you will come to see, for example, that the names you were called as a child are simply not true. You are not 'stupid,' 'lazy,' 'ugly,' or a 'liar'. You can discover just who you really are. You can let go of your pretenses and masks and discover who the real person is underneath. #Quote by Beverly Engel
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Israelmore Ayivor
#9. If you don't know your maker, you may travel miles to find your true self to no avail. Your maker knows you; to know yourself, know your maker! #Quote by Israelmore Ayivor
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Tessa Emily Hall
#10. The next time you find yourself ashamed of your reflection, put on your new lens. Not the lens of the world, but the lens of the Word. The only lens that will reveal your true reflection. #Quote by Tessa Emily Hall
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Hugo Hamilton
#11. Maybe you have to live under cover for a while before you can find your true character. #Quote by Hugo Hamilton
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Tom Ford
#12. I think that the older you get, the more you become your true, essential self. You find the things that make you happy. You whittle away the parts of yourself that mean less to you. #Quote by Tom Ford
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Ken Wilber
#13. To the extent that you actually realize that you are not, for example, your anxieties, then your anxieties no longer threaten you. Even if anxiety is present, it no longer overwhelms you because you are no longer exclusively tied to it. You are no longer courting it, fighting it, resisting it, or running from it. In the most radical fashion, anxiety is thoroughly accepted as it is and allowed to move as it will. You have nothing to lose, nothing to gain, by its presence or absence, for you are simply watching it pass by.

Thus, any emotion, sensation, thought, memory, or experience that disturbs you is simply one with which you have exclusively identified yourself, and the ultimate resolution of the disturbance is simply to dis-identify with it. You cleanly let all of them drop away by realizing that they are not you--since you can see them, they cannot be the true Seer and Subject. Since they are not your real self, there is no reason whatsoever for you to identify with them, hold on to them, or allow your self to be bound by them.

Slowly, gently, as you pursue this dis-identification "therapy," you may find that your entire individual self (persona, ego, centaur), which heretofore you have fought to defend and protect, begins to go transparent and drop away. Not that it literally falls off and you find yourself floating, disembodied, through space. Rather, you begin to feel that what happens to your personal self - your wishes, hopes, desires, hurts - #Quote by Ken Wilber
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Eva
Mindful breathing is a basic wonderful pleasure for life. Breathing calms our body and mind to unify our soul within the present moment. Breathing is a supreme gift from Mother Nature, giving universal pranic energy which one guides within.

Intentions, wishes and dreams can come true. Not necessarily all at once, but herein lies the splendour of life's journey. The secret tonic to success is belief and imagination, blended with confidence to open your heart and follow your dreams.

Savadhyaya is the practice of inward reflection, honest self-observation and learning. Whatever you do, wherever you are, find contentment and simply be there, because that's exactly where you need to be. #Quote by Eva
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Gangaji
#15. All of the searching, all of the struggling, all of the efforting to find your true self is naturally revealed in open, relaxed simplicity. #Quote by Gangaji
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Stephen Richards
#16. You will find your horizons expanding and your thought processes becoming more creative. That is true mind power! #Quote by Stephen Richards
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Deepak Chopra
#17. Being fully in the present, you experience the timeless. In the timeless, you find your true self. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Anne Lamott
#18. I've heard it said that every day you need half an hour of quiet time for yourself, or your Self, unless you're incredibly busy and stressed, in which case you need an hour. I promise you, it is there. Fight tooth and nail to find time, to make it. It is our true wealth, this moment, this hour, this day. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#19. For most things in life, you need time: to learn a new skill, build a house, become an expert, make a cup of tea ... Time is useless, however, for the most essential thing in life, the one thing that really matters: self-realization, which means knowing who you are beyond the surface self - beyond your name, your physical form, your history, your story.
You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can find yourself is in the Now.
Spiritual seekers look for self-realization or enlightenment in the future. To be a seeker implies that you need the future. If this is what you believe, it becomes true for you: you will need time until you realize that you don't need time to be who you are. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Abhishek Kumar
#20. FIND YOU OWN TRUE SELF & GIVE LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE TO THAT TRUE SELF!! Keep YOURSELF HAPPY, it's all that really matters. #Quote by Abhishek Kumar
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#21. No matter how much you cry, the tears will dry. No matter how many nightmares, flashbacks, visions, or terrors you endure, they will pass. To weather these in order to find your true self and the happiness you deserve, that is not a risk. To waste the time you have in this body, never showing your soul to yourself or anyone else, living in fearful misery – that is really the most dangerous thing you can do. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
#22. The final option to have your book completed is to hire a ghost writer. The challenge with this option is that it is important to note that your voice IS an integral part of your branding. When you hire someone else, what your readers will ultimately get is their voice. When they see you later at your website or on your social media, your voice will not be the same. This will trigger a feeling of inconsistency when relationships need to be built upon trust and authenticity. Your audience will eventually come to think you are not the "real deal" and will find another to replace you. Finally, your book is a springboard and launching pad to greater things such as speaking, interviews, a product line, etc. Will your ghost writer be available for all of that as well? How will you be able to "ghost write" your way through an interview? Hence the reason I stress speaking in your own voice. You may think you are not perfect, but your authenticity will speak in volumes to your followers and they will be customers for life if they see your true being. #Quote by Kytka Hilmar-Jezek
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Peter Marshall
#23. One day, Methodist circuit rider Jesse Lee downtime self accosted by two lawyers:
"You are a preacher, sir?"
"Yes, I generally pass for one," replied Lee.
"You preach very often, I suppose?"
"Generally every day; frequently twice a day, or more."
"How do you find time to study, when you preach so often?"
"I study when writing," said Lee. "And read when resting," he added, maintaining a smile, though he could see now where they were heading.
The first lawyer feigned incredulity. "But do you not write your sermons?"
"No, not very often, at least."
"Do you not often make mistakes preaching extemporaneously?" the second lawyer queried.
Lee nodded. "I do, sometimes."
"Well, do you correct them?"
"That depends on the character of the mistake. I was preaching the other day, and I went to quote the text, 'All liars shall have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone,' and by mistake I said, 'All lawyers shall have their part--'"
The first lawyer interrupted him. "What did you do with that? Did you correct it?"
"Oh, no, it was so nearly true I didn't bother."
"Humph!" said one of the lawyers looking at the other, "I don't know whether you are more a knave than a fool!"
Neither," replied Lee smiling, and looking at the one on his right and the one on his left, "I'd say I was just between the two. #Quote by Peter Marshall
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Debasish Mridha
#24. When you're calling for God,
whom you are calling?
When you trying to find the God
whom you're looking for?
When you're thinking about God
whom you're thinking of?
When you're praying for God,
for whom are you praying for?
You're calling for your true self.
You're looking for your true self.
You're thinking of your true self
and you're praying to you to reveal your true self.
You're the truth, you're the God, you're eternal. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Ted Dekker
#25. Always remember you have been given the power to forgive any offense, and in so doing, remove it from your awareness as far as the east is from the west. True Vision is his gift, allowing you to see no blame; forgiveness is your truest purpose in the life. Seventy times seven, always leaving the old self in a watery grave and rising to find no fault. That's grace, that's true baptism and that's good news ... #Quote by Ted Dekker
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Holland Roden
#26. If you manifest your true self through nature and your normal surroundings, I find that the most eerie. Like when you see birds suddenly start flying in a different direction or when you see moths forming weird shapes, I think that's the weirdest way to let yourself be known. #Quote by Holland Roden
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Andrew Cohen
#27. The secret of enlightenment is the absolute, unequivocal conviction that it exists.

What does that mean? It means you have discovered an unshakable confidence in the fact of nonduality - in the perennial mystical revelation that IT IS . . . and I AM THAT. A confidence in that which can never be seen or known is the very ground of the enlightened state. Being is ungraspable, it's unknowable, it's ever elusive, and yet it is the only place you can find true confidence in life. Why? Because it is the very source of life itself.

The conscious experience of Being, which is what enlightenment is, has always been the ultimate answer to the most fundamental spiritual questions: Who am I? and Why am I here? Those who have tasted enlightened awareness find that in that experience, any trace of existential doubt and all the questions that go along with it instantaneously disappear. It's not even that they are answered, but rather, the questions lose their meaning. When you locate the nonrelative, or absolute, nature of consciousness in the depths of your own self, it is experienced as a clarity that is empty of content; a weightiness that is full of nothing in particular; a profound knowing that dissolves all questions. In that questionless state, you find yourself profoundly rooted and radically free, supported by an absolute confidence in the knowing of no-thing that changes everything. The experience of that empty ground is the answer - the one answer that alway #Quote by Andrew Cohen
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Mac MacKenzie
#28. The comfort and nostalgia of the past you once knew does not exist anymore, but in the subjective experiences of your memory. You can not go back; you can not live there anymore, for you are here.
You are now.
If you linger in the past, you find you are really nowhere at all. A ghost trapped between two worlds. A shadow of your True self.
And who knows the future, except God, the great 'I Am'?
So, why not create fond memories today? #Quote by Mac MacKenzie
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by M.J. Arlidge
#29. There are countless moments in the average life when you have to decide whether to open yourself up or bury yourself deep. In love, at work, among your family, with friends, there are moments when you have to decide whether you are ready to reveal your true self. #Quote by M.J. Arlidge
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#30. True happiness cannot be found in things that change and pass away. Pleasure and pain alternate inexorably. Happiness comes from the Self and can be found in the Self only. Find your real Self and all else will come with it. #Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Robert Adams
#31. You must want to be free. It must become first with you before anything else. Everything that you've done all your life, is only a game, a game you're playing with your self, only it seems to be real. The only reality is the Self and you are That. Why look for anything else? Everything else will take care of itself. You've got to abide in the Self, just in the Self. Everything else will take care of itself in a beautiful way. You are boundless space, like the ocean, like the sky, all-pervasive. This is your real nature. But for some reason you believe you are a body, confined to a small space. This is not you. It's illusion. You are all-pervading absolute reality. This is your true nature. This is who you really are.
Just by thinking about these things all the time, something begins to happen to you, something wonderful. Do not think about the weather, or about the day's work or your problems. For all the thinkers, who thinks? Find out who has the problems? Find out who you really are, who am I? It's up to you to awaken from this mortal dream. You can keep on going like you are right now, with the good things and the bad things. Yet you live in a universe of dualities, which means for every good there is a bad. For every bad there is a good. It's a false world in which you live. You need to awaken to this truth.
Be aware of yourself, always. The world goes through its own karma. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. You belong to God. Everything you see is God. #Quote by Robert Adams
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Panache Desai
#32. Your true value can only be sourced from your soul. #Quote by Panache Desai
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Anonymous
#33. Chap in the cagoule." "What's a cagoule?" "Eleven? Do I hear eleven? Big fat man with the shameless wig? No? Still with the chap in the lightweight, knee-length anorak of French origin, very popular with bearded prannies who wear ethnic shoes, get off on Olde English folk music and have girlfriends called Ros who run encounter groups where you can find your true self and be at one with the cosmos. Eleven still with you, sir." "Well!" said the chap in the cagoule. "I don't know if I want it now." "Oh go on," said Ros, his girlfriend. "Twelve," said a new voice. #Quote by Anonymous
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#34. Being is not only beyond but also deep within every form as its innermost invisible and indestructible essence. This means that it is accessible to you now as your own deepest self, your true nature. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Debasish Mridha
#35. When you will learn to recognize your true self, you will find the true beauty and the magic of life. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Erika Tamar
#36. I think it'll be interesting. The Aborigines certainly are, Lizabeth said. They have a tradition called the walkabout. It's a challenge for boys when they come of age. I don't know about the girls-the book didn't say. And grown men walkabout, too, when they're troubled.
What's a walkabout?
The book said it's to find your true self, but I don't really know what that means Lizabeth said. #Quote by Erika Tamar
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Stefan Molyneux
#37. To be yourself is in many ways, is to be inconvenient to others. Only placaters and appeasers get along with other people all the time and that's not really getting along with anyone. That's just self erasure.

To be alive, to be in a relationship is to constantly court inconvenience to others and out of that inconvenience can come enormous growth. I simply work as an imperasist. Empiricism comes first. So, I speak things that are inconvenient to others but, true for me. I observe their response. It's incredibly easy to find out the truth in your relationships. All you do is speak the truth. You speak the truth about what's on your mind to those around you and their true natures will be revealed in about 5 seconds.

You have honesty in your relationships. You speak the truth about your experience, thought's, and feelings in your relationships and then you do not control how other people respond. Your as honest as can be and you simply observe how they respond. It's like that spray you use to see the lasers in the room. Honesty reveals everything.

OK So, if these people constantly sacrifice my happiness, security, and mental health for the sake of their petty emotional selfish needs then I could choose to stay in those relationships if I want. I mean, I could choose to continue to hire an employee who steals from me everyday. I just have to be aware that he's stealing from me everyday. #Quote by Stefan Molyneux
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Mohsin Ali Shaukat
#38. Confusion is like a delusion, it's like dust covering the mirror of your real potentials and identity followed by your true belief system by turning it out into negative one which makes your self-image blur so you feel low and dull to perform anything bigger, somehow it kills the fruits of all your efforts unexpectedly, it has an ability to blow the flame of your passion..... there are a lot of sources you will find around, stay away from anyone who makes you confuse, anything, person, ideology or belief any source that makes you feel like that, stay away from it, leave it and live your real life."
– Mohsin Ali Shauk #Quote by Mohsin Ali Shaukat
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#39. Being is accessible to you now as your own deepest self, your true nature. But don't seek to grasp it with your mind. Don't try to understand it. You can know it only when the mind is still. When you are present, when your attention is fully and intensely in the Now, Being can be felt, but it can never be understood mentally. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Mooji
#40. I come to call you Home.
Those who resonate with my words and follow them internally, will find that place and know It's completeness, its joy and fullness.
I have come to call you away from suffering, from fear and from a life of sorrow and into your own, divine Being.
I did not come here to give you decorative stories, to excite your imagination, or sign you up for some long program but to show you how available Truth is, and to remind you that you are never separate from It.
No person on this planet is apart from the Truth in the Heart and yet the world is so vast and varied in expression.
The greatest good and greatest evil is here.
In this forest of duality and complexity you must find your way Home.
You must win your Self back. Wisdom and trust will be your compass.
Many voices came to call us but we are here today because we are freshly called by the voice of God, Love, Truth.
Do not come half way home, but fully home.
I know the voice that called you is true and Truth and that where you are being called to is also Real.
It is inside your own Heart.
It is what gives me the strength to be here.
I love to see the beings being set free from the hypnosis of conditioning; from fears, false projection and the grip of ego.
And I know that to be liberated is not difficult.
It requires only openness and the sincere desire to be free.
I don't need to hear anything about your past.
Your stories a #Quote by Mooji
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Lisa McMann
#41. When you stop comparing yourself to him, you will find your true self. Be your own strong. #Quote by Lisa McMann
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by SARK
#42. A Gift for You
I send you ...
The gift of a letter from your wise self. This is the part of you that sees you with benevolent, loving eyes. You find this letter in a thick envelope with your name on it, and the word YES written boldly above your name.
My Dear,
I am writing this to remind you of your 'essence beauty.' This is the part of you that has nothing to do with age, occupation, weight, history, or pain. This is the soft, untouched, indelible you. You can love yourself in this moment, no matter what you have, or haven't done or been.
See past any masks, devices, or inventions that obscure your essence.
Remember your true purpose, WHICH is only Love.
If you cannot see or feel love, lie down now and cry; it will cleanse your vision and free your heart.
I love you; I am you. #Quote by SARK
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by RZA
#43. Find your true self. The old question, asked in many ages, "Who am I?" Once you figure out who am I, and you know who am I, then you have that knowledge of self. #Quote by RZA
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Carol M. Tanzman
#44. That's when I understand why I dance. For some people, it's the only way to make sense of the past, to get to the meaning behind the present. To find your true self. #Quote by Carol M. Tanzman
Find Your True Self Deep Inside quotes by Debasish Mridha
#45. You will find your true spirit when you lose your egocentric, self-centered desires and fill your mind with pure love and non-judgmental thoughts. #Quote by Debasish Mridha

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