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Fifties quotes by Patti Smith
#1. The heavy scent of perfume and the red slashes of lipstick, so strong in the fifties, revolted me. For a time I resented her. She was the messenger and also the message #Quote by Patti Smith
Fifties quotes by Mac Barnett
#2. I read The Stinky Cheese Man as an adult. I missed that book when I was a kid. I grew up mostly with books bought at yard sales, picture books from the fifties to 1975, which is really a lucky thing. #Quote by Mac Barnett
Fifties quotes by Anne Hathaway
#3. When I was in my early twenties, parts would be written for women in their fifties, and I would get them. And now I'm in my early thirties, and I'm like, 'Why did that 24-year-old get that part?' I was that 24-year-old once. I can't be upset about it; it's the way things are. #Quote by Anne Hathaway
Fifties quotes by Robert C. Solomon
#4. Back in those days, in the fifties and sixties, countries had balance of payment's deficits or surpluses, those were reflected much more than today in movements of reserves among countries. #Quote by Robert C. Solomon
Fifties quotes by Alan Moore
#5. He never looks at comics these days, even though they've become fashionable to the point where adults are allowed to read them without fear of ridicule. Ironically, in David's view, this makes them a lot more ridiculous than when they were intended as a perfectly legitimate and often beautifully crafted means of entertaining kids. At age thirteen, David's idea of heaven was somewhere that comics were acclaimed and readily available, perhaps with dozens of big budget movies featuring his favourite obscure costumed characters. Now that he's in his fifties and his paradise is all around him he finds it depressing. Concepts and ideas meant for the children of some forty years ago: is that the best that the twenty-first century has got to offer? When all this extraordinary stuff is happening everywhere, are Stan Lee's post-war fantasies of white neurotic middle-class American empowerment really the most adequate response? #Quote by Alan Moore
Fifties quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#6. Young women today, as in the fifties, find themselves entering the big world and having to make choices. #Quote by Robert Gottlieb
Fifties quotes by George Orwell
#7. As a whole the world is more primitive today than it was fifty years ago. Certain backward areas have advanced, and various devices, always in some way connected with warfare and police espionage, have been developed, but experiment and invention have largely stopped, and the ravages of the atomic war of the Nineteen-fifties have never been fully repaired. #Quote by George Orwell
Fifties quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#8. Said: "We all spend our twenties and thirties trying so hard to be perfect, because we're so worried about what people will think of us. Then we get into our forties and fifties, and we finally start to be free, because we decide that we don't give a damn what anyone thinks of us. But you won't be completely free until you reach your sixties and seventies, when you finally realize this liberating truth - nobody was ever thinking about you, anyhow." They aren't. They weren't. They never were. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Fifties quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#9. Towards the end of his life he became a Liberal of the type common in the forties and fifties. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Fifties quotes by Eva Longoria
#10. I'm really a very fifties housewife. #Quote by Eva Longoria
Fifties quotes by Dave Barry
#11. During bomb drills, we students were told to crouch under our desks. Apparently the desks used in classrooms in the fifties were made of an exceptionally missile-resistant variety of wood. During the Cold War years I often wondered why it never occurred to our defense planners to protect the entire nation from nuclear attack by simply covering it, from sea to shining sea, with a huge Strategic Classroom Desk. #Quote by Dave Barry
Fifties quotes by Warren Farrell
#12. It evolved from my experience in the fifties, growing up during the McCarthy era, and hearing a lot of assumptions that America was wonderful and Communism was terrible. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Fifties quotes by Nastassja Kinski
#13. I love oldies just kind of sweet, slinky, Fifties music. The slow stuff. And Billie Holiday. #Quote by Nastassja Kinski
Fifties quotes by Kim Cattrall
#14. I feel sometimes and in some ways like Linda Romanoli and Monica Velour; I feel marginalized because I'm in my fifties. If you went online and you look at some of the blogs, which one can do on a lonely night, it's pretty startling what people will say about you just because you're in your fifties. #Quote by Kim Cattrall
Fifties quotes by Caitlin Flanagan
#15. What the altar-bound of today end up buying from their numberless vendors is a dog's breakfast of bridal excess - part society wedding of the twenties, part Long Island Italian wedding of the fifties. It's The Philadelphia Story and The Wedding Singer served up together in one curious and costly buffet. #Quote by Caitlin Flanagan
Fifties quotes by Rupert Dreyfus
#16. I like to judge people and it was clear to me that Colin's life has been about as exciting as a cluster headache. You can tell this just from his humour tumour which runs through every conversation you have with him. I got the impression that Colin had arrived at his early fifties resenting the fact that he's spent his entire career worshiping at the altar of Dynasty PLC. But he is now so indoctrinated by the world of corporate banking that he's forgotten how to express the real him.

This is what a life working for large corporations does to people. The workplace is a place not to be you; it's a place to be the corporate you. The you that doesn't really exist. We all see this corporate you and pretend that it's a normal part of life. But we know that something isn't quite right. We know that the real you is slowly fading away like old wallpaper. The corporate you is a myth; just like Icarus. And yet we are powerless against it. All of us are powerless against the wrath of the corporate world. #Quote by Rupert Dreyfus
Fifties quotes by Steve Sailer
#17. Racism is to the current era what unAmericanism was to the Fifties: a curse word that provides a handy substitute for logical thought. #Quote by Steve Sailer
Fifties quotes by V.S. Naipaul
#18. In my late thirties the dream of disappointment and exhaustion had been the dream of the exploding head: the dream of a noise in my head so loud and long that I felt with the brain that survived that the brain could not survive; that this was death. Now, in my early fifties, after my illness, after I had left the manor cottage and put an end to that section of my life, I began to be awakened by thoughts of death, the end of things; and sometimes not even by thoughts so specific, not even by fear rational or fantastic, but by a great melancholy. This melancholy penetrated my mind while I slept; and then, when I awakened in response to its prompting, I was so poisoned by it, made so much not a doer (as men must be, every day of their lives), that it took the best part of the day to shake it off. And that wasted or dark day added to the gloom preparing for the night. #Quote by V.S. Naipaul
Fifties quotes by Michelle McNamara
#19. The male victims were born in the forties and fifties, a generation for whom therapy was mostly an alien concept. In the police files, gender roles are rigid and unambiguous. Detectives ask the women where they shop and the men about the locking mechanisms on the doors and windows. They drape blankets over the women's shoulders and ferry them to the hospital. The men are asked what they saw, not what they felt. Many of the male victims had military experience. They had toolsheds. They were doers and protectors who'd been robbed of their ability to do and protect. Their rage is in the details: one husband chewed the bindings off his wife's feet. #Quote by Michelle McNamara
Fifties quotes by Justin Bog
#20. The woman with the cat complex is named Mrs. Alice Plesher, but she doesn't reveal her first name to him and Sai only finds out by accident, later. Mrs. Plesher calls the paper and is put through to Sai. He has no idea why although he could guess the new guy gets all of the reporter-on-the-beat drudgery assignments until proven worthy. Alice speaks haltingly as if hardened by age and her voice reveals a rasp. Sai pictures her in a long house dress from the fifties, wide pink and white stripes fading with age
a smock of beige over the dress, a multitude of cats clinging to the fabric like stick-ons. #Quote by Justin Bog
Fifties quotes by Stephen King
#21. you know how some women that age can be really beautiful?" "Yes," I said. I was thinking of Christy's mother, who didn't fully come into her looks until she was in her fifties. #Quote by Stephen King
Fifties quotes by Twyla Tharp
#22. The art of these Fifties movies was in sustaining forever the moment before sex. #Quote by Twyla Tharp
Fifties quotes by Dave Eggers
#23. Street traders, unabashed about being wealthy, about being single and aggressive and possibly dangerous. He was a free-spending global titan in his early fifties who #Quote by Dave Eggers
Fifties quotes by John Lahr
#24. Like the tail fins on fifties American cars or the parabolic shapes of Populuxe furniture, 'West Side Story' incarnates the dream of momentum in the golden age of the twentieth century. #Quote by John Lahr
Fifties quotes by Lester Bangs
#25. All the proliferating falsifications of what I and everyone I know experienced once in what it is now so convenient to call the "fifties" or "sixties," as if life was really measured or lived in arbitrary decades, when the history books are sold like comix. #Quote by Lester Bangs
Fifties quotes by Ian McEwan
#26. Be wary of too much calm, particularly in your mid-fifties. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Fifties quotes by Nguyen Cao Ky
#27. During the Fifties, political and military activities in Vietnam were heavily influenced by the French, who as recent colonial masters, made all-important decisions. #Quote by Nguyen Cao Ky
Fifties quotes by Anne Waldman
#28. Growing up in the fifties, having to wear a dog tag, having to take shelter in a bomb shelter. That turned me toward the road, I did not want to live in fear of that, I was gong to work somehow against what that vision was, and what that horror was. It was poetry, art, music. #Quote by Anne Waldman
Fifties quotes by Carrie Fisher
#29. In the Fifties, my parents were known as 'America's sweethearts'. Their pictures graced the covers of all the newspapers. They were the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of their day. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Fifties quotes by Ron Brackin
#30. Re: Full Disclosure
Sharing with parents all the ways we tricked them as a child is no more amusing to them when we are in our fifties than it would have been had they caught us in the act. #Quote by Ron Brackin
Fifties quotes by Ed Fischer
#31. Kenny, in his late fifties, noticed that senior citizens get free coffee at a local cafe. He asked, "How old do you have to be to be a senior citizen?" The waiter looked at him for a few seconds and without saying a word, poured him a cup of coffee. #Quote by Ed Fischer
Fifties quotes by Debbie Harry
#32. From the first time I set eyes on Marilyn, I thought she was just wonderful. On the silver screen, her lovely skin and platinum hair were luminescent and fantastic. I loved the fantasy of it. In the fifties, when I grew up. Marilyn was an enormous star, but there was such a double standard. The fact that she was such a hot number meant that many middle-class women looked down on her as a slut. And since the publicity machine behind her sold her as a sex idol, she wasn't valued as a comedic actor or given credit for her talent. I never felt that way about her, obviously. I felt that Marilyn was also playing a character, the proverbial dumb blonde with the little-girl voice and big-girl body, and that there was a lot of smarts behind the act. My character in Blondie was partly a visual homage to Marilyn, and partly a statement about the good old double standard. #Quote by Debbie Harry
Fifties quotes by Neal Stephenson
#33. [The thief-taker] was conspicuous by his age, I should estimate he is in his middle fifties, and by a bearing, I am tempted to call it dignity, wanting in the others. He has a good head of hair, only a bit thin on top, blond going grey, and sea green eyes. He has an excellently carved set of teeth, but displays them rarely. He has a trim figure, unusual in a profession that consists largely of loitering around taverns, but any illusion that he is especially fit is dispelled when he begins to move, for he is a little bit halt, and a little bit lame, stiff in the joints and given to frequent sighs and grimaces that hint at pains internal. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Fifties quotes by Frank Zappa
#34. I think the music of the Fifties is really good. I suspect it's much better musically than much of what's available now. Not in terms of production, but in terms of content. #Quote by Frank Zappa
Fifties quotes by Randal Kleiser
#35. We wanted a supporting cast that would appeal to Baby Boomers who grew up in the fifties. #Quote by Randal Kleiser
Fifties quotes by Kiki Dee
#36. My older brother had a lot of Elvis on vinyl, and really, that was my first introduction to music during the Fifties. #Quote by Kiki Dee
Fifties quotes by Margaret Atwood
#37. The fifties was chosen for the visual and audio aspects, because that was the decade in which the most people had self-identified as being happy. Which is one of the goals here: maximum possible happiness. Who wouldn't tick that box? When #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Fifties quotes by Kim Cattrall
#38. I'm so lucky to have a career in my fifties. And to still have the desire to do it. I don't think about retirement. #Quote by Kim Cattrall
Fifties quotes by Bruno Mars
#39. 'Doo-wop' is a very special word for me. Because I grew up listening to my dad who, as a Fifties rock & roll head, loved doo-wop music. #Quote by Bruno Mars
Fifties quotes by Harper Lee
#40. Cal had told her all girls had it, it was natural as breathing,, it was a sign they were growing up, and they had it until they were in their fifties. At the time, Jean Louise was so overcome with despair at the prospect of being too old to enjoy anything when it would finally be over, she refrained from pursuing the subject. #Quote by Harper Lee
Fifties quotes by Rich Cohen
#41. You have to leave town to claim your life, to birth yourself, to take possession of the world. If you do not leave town, sooner or later, ten minutes from now, if not ten years hence, you wake to find you were never alive, that your town exists against a nothing background. You have to leave your town before you can claim it - this is something my father and his friends came to realize in the fifties, when it seemed the entire borough was packing up and moving off. Dead or out of town. Dead or out. Out or dead of town. Dead town out of. And of course, years later, when they did try to come back, when they stood on the corner and closed their eyes, they realized the old town was gone, had died while they were off living their lives. #Quote by Rich Cohen
Fifties quotes by Frederick Barthelme
#42. I expect I knew better than to try to recapture the experience now, in my mid-fifties, when time went so fast that I wouldn't have time, wouldn't , or couldn't, allow myself the time, to savor it. I counted that inability as another of the losses of getting older, which goes too slow at first, leaving you aching to speed things up, and then goes too fast when it's way too late to slow things down. And all the time, young or old, you're looking at people on the other side of the equation, riddled with envy. #Quote by Frederick Barthelme
Fifties quotes by Tom Petty
#43. You get into your late fifties, people start falling like flies all around you. I don't take life for granted any more. I'm really glad to be here. #Quote by Tom Petty
Fifties quotes by Liane Moriarty
#44. He worked on it for over fifteen years before he died in his fifties of complications caused by pneumonia. #Quote by Liane Moriarty
Fifties quotes by Stephen King
#45. So I turned on the tube (throwback slang from the Nifty Fifties; televisions no longer have tubes) and channel-surfed for awhile. On #Quote by Stephen King
Fifties quotes by Daphne Oz
#46. I have so many girlfriends in their twenties who live in a white box apartment, having mediocre meals with mediocre friends, waiting for the life they want to hit them in their forties or fifties. They are settling in the now - what's the point? #Quote by Daphne Oz
Fifties quotes by Justine Larbalestier
#47. I was wowed by Margo Jefferson's memoir, Negroland, which is about growing up black and privileged in Chicago in the fifties and sixties. It was a window into an alien world. Obviously, I'm not black, but what was really alien to me was her family's focus on respectability. I was never taught when to wear white gloves, what length skirt is appropriate. #Quote by Justine Larbalestier
Fifties quotes by Larry Hagman
#48. If I really had to pinpoint my happiest days out of the United States, I'd choose those Fifties military days in Britain, particularly my time in South Ruislip. I had a ball. #Quote by Larry Hagman
Fifties quotes by Ruben Blades
#49. Tango was very popular in Panama at the time when I was growing up. In the Fifties in Panama, the radio stations played all types of music. #Quote by Ruben Blades
Fifties quotes by Tony Kushner
#50. Oh you only think you know all I know. I don't even know what all I know. Half the time I just make it up, and it still turns out to be true! We learned that trick in the fifties. Tomorrow, #Quote by Tony Kushner
Fifties quotes by Hunter S. Thompson
#51. I guess that's one of the things about growing up in the fifties - it never occurred to me that you wouldn't be at least as successful as your parents. #Quote by Hunter S. Thompson
Fifties quotes by Simone Elkeles
#52. You think you've never been wrong before?"-alex
"sure i have why just last week I bought bobbi brown sandwash petal lip gloss when the pink blossom color would have looked so much better with my complexion. needless to say the purchase was a total disaster"- brittney
"ill bet"-alex.
"havent you ever been wrong before?"-brittany
"absolutely. last week, when i robbed that bank over by the walgreens, I told the teller to hand over all the fifties he had in the till. what i really should have asked for was the twenties 'cause there were way more twenties than fifties"- alex
"what a disaster"- brittany #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Fifties quotes by Luke Barr
#53. Child was a new kind of celebrity: She was a woman in her fifties, and she played herself on television. She was real. She made mistakes. Of course she was a masterful cook, but when things went wrong, she embraced the opportunity to use her mistakes to teach - here's what you should do if this happens. #Quote by Luke Barr
Fifties quotes by Rowan Atkinson
#54. Apart from the fact that your physical ability starts to decline, I also think someone in their fifties being childlike becomes a little sad. You've got to be careful. #Quote by Rowan Atkinson
Fifties quotes by Patty Carothers And Amy Brewer
#55. An upbeat song played over the loudspeaker, and everyone's attention focused on the Jumbotron above the basketball court.
"It's time for the Bulls' Kiss Cam. So, pucker up for your sweetie and kiss them."
The camera found an older couple in their fifties. The man pulled his wife, I assumed, in for a quick peck on the lips.
"Aww. That is so sweet," Trina said. She proceeded to yank poor Owen to his seat in case the spotlight landed on them. She'd do just about anything to get on television, even if it meant not kissing Owen tonight to do so.
"That is so staged," I said and sneaked a quick peek at my phone, seeing if he messaged me back. He didn't.
"Really?" she countered and slapped my arm. Once I glanced her way, she pointed towards the large screen looming above.
On the screen was Sebastian and me as the camera had just so happened to find us. It stayed there zooming closer. And closer. And closer.
"Come on," the announcer called out, prodding us. "Just one kiss won't hurt."
He had no idea what he was asking. A kiss would initiate feelings I couldn't avoid any longer.
I momentarily forgot how to breathe as the song, "Kiss the Girl" from the Little Mermaid hummed at my lips. Not the best choice, but still. Everything became much worse once my giant moved into view, smiling my favorite smile.
Sebastian inched closer; eyebrow cocked to dare me."No pressure or anything."
I was quiet for a moment before whispering, "Game #Quote by Patty Carothers And Amy Brewer
Fifties quotes by George Mikes
#56. Travel' is the name of a modern disease which became rampant in themid-fifties and is still spreading. The disease - its scientific name is travelitis furiosus - is carried by a germ called prosperity. #Quote by George Mikes
Fifties quotes by David Gerrold
#57. The fifties are a peaceful time, a quiet sleeping time between two noisy bursts of years, a blue and white time filled with sweet yellow days, music and bright smelling memories. #Quote by David Gerrold
Fifties quotes by Nora Ephron
#58. Food became, for dinner parties in the sixties, what abstract expressionism had been in the fifties. #Quote by Nora Ephron
Fifties quotes by Jethro Father In Law To Moses
#59. Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens #Quote by Jethro Father In Law To Moses
Fifties quotes by Sarra Manning
#60. He was old-fashioned looking, Grace decided. Not just the suit, which made him look as though he should be taking the air in one of those fifties movies on the French Riviera, but as if he was the second male lead in one of those same films. Not matinee-idol handsome enough to get the girl, but good enough to be the best friend of the one who got the girl. Or the arch nemesis of the one who got the girl who had his comeuppance ten minutes before the credits began to roll. #Quote by Sarra Manning
Fifties quotes by Bell Hooks
#61. Most men and women born in the fifties or earlier were socialized to believe that marriages and/or committed romantic bonds of any kind should take precedence over all other relationships. Had I been evaluating my relationships from a standpoint that emphasized growth rather than duty and obligation, I would have understood that abuse irreparably undermines bonds. All too often women believe it is a sign of commitment, an expression of love, to endure unkindness or cruelty, to forgive and forget. In actuality, when we love rightly we know that the healthy, loving response to cruelty and abuse is putting ourselves out of harm's way ... Women who would no more tolerate a friendship in which they were emotionally and physically abused stay in romantic relationships where these violations occur regularly. Had they brought to these bonds the same standards they bring to friendship they would not accept victimization. #Quote by Bell Hooks
Fifties quotes by Elle Fanning
#62. I love all vintage-everything, really. I love fashion. I've always loved it. And the fifties, I've always loved. #Quote by Elle Fanning
Fifties quotes by Alice Steinbach
#63. It used to surprise me, the intensity with which I still remembered these distant memories. But when I entered my fifties ... I understood their enduring clarity ... In the end, what adds up to a life is nothing more than the accumulation of small daily moments. #Quote by Alice Steinbach
Fifties quotes by Diane Di Prima
#64. In the fifties ... we were so busy being cool that we didn't know how to say the word love #Quote by Diane Di Prima
Fifties quotes by Anne Taylor Fleming
#65. It was a lot to carry out of a childhood
all those textured layers of thwarted dreams rumbling under the fifties patina
but a lot of us did it. In those manicured lives and choreographed marriages there was an often-pronounced loneliness, an emptiness that we would try to fill with our own accomplishments. And our role, the one we would have so much trouble trying to shed later, was simply to be the best little girls in the world, the high- achieving, make-no-waves, properly behaved little kittens. #Quote by Anne Taylor Fleming
Fifties quotes by Patricia Briggs
#66. ...The Arabs I rode herding cattle with your father in the fifties and sixties would do a full day's work for twenty years, seven days a week, and retire sound." He snorted. "The drive now is for pretty lawn ornaments. The Arabian horses were originally bred as weapons of war, and now they are artwork. #Quote by Patricia Briggs
Fifties quotes by Romola Garai
#67. I get nonplussed by all the Fifties retro-revival aesthetic. Would we really want to be in our pinnies in our kitchen weeping? I find the kitchen, housewifey aesthetic repugnant. #Quote by Romola Garai
Fifties quotes by Christoph Waltz
#68. There is quite an important director in Germany who I think in the early fifties over here, and then went back, and he said something that's absolutely true. And it's more important to repeat that today than it ever was. Not for you, but for us over there it is important. He said, 'In America they make movies like art, and sell it like commodities. We make make movies like commodities and sell them like art.' #Quote by Christoph Waltz
Fifties quotes by David Foster Wallace
#69. This might be one way to start talking about differences between the early postmodern writers of the fifties and sixties and their contemporary descendants. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Fifties quotes by Sara Marie Hogg
#70. Don't ever forget where you came from--especially if you don't even know where you are going. #Quote by Sara Marie Hogg
Fifties quotes by Bruce McCall
#71. Here's a simple way to abolish golf's elitist and exclusionary image and make it a truly all-American sport: ditch that fifties-Republican-martini-drinker's green Brooks Brothers-style sport jacket and make the winner of the Masters slip on something in, say, black leather with plenty of metal studs. #Quote by Bruce McCall
Fifties quotes by Robert Hobkirk
#72. You ever see that movie The Graduate?"
"No, but I've heard of it."
"It's a classic. Check it out some time. It takes place in the sixties or maybe the fifties. The protagonist is this college kid who has just graduated. He's curious about how to make it in the world. This older guy, a businessman or something, has one word of advice for him – 'plastics.'
"Plastics was the next big thing for his time, but for my time it was algorithms. All you need to know is the keyword, just one word, for your time and jump in the river of change. Let it carry you along to where we all want to go to the sea of a big bank account and all that goes with it. What's the word for your time, Tommy? If you find out, you're almost there." - Tommy's Exodus by Robert Hobkirk #Quote by Robert Hobkirk
Fifties quotes by Margaret Atwood
#73. Then they'd brought in some top designers to consult on an overall look and feel. The fifties was chosen for the visual and audio aspects, because that was the decade in which the most people had self-identified as being happy. Which is one of the goals here: maximum possible happiness. Who wouldn't tick that box? #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Fifties quotes by John Malkovich
#74. In New York in the Forties or Fifties, everybody's in a suit, an overcoat and a hat. #Quote by John Malkovich
Fifties quotes by Robert Gottlieb
#75. When I was at Cambridge in the early fifties, there was a school nearby for training Army officers in Russian, and some imaginative genius came up with the idea of putting on Russian plays with the students to improve their language skills. #Quote by Robert Gottlieb
Fifties quotes by Philip Treacy
#76. The classic hat image was during the Forties and Fifties, and Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of that; she was the ultimate celebrity of excess and glamour, and she worked major sun hats. #Quote by Philip Treacy
Fifties quotes by Richard Dreyfuss
#77. I didn't understand 3-D in the fifties and I can't say I get it now either. I just don't see what the big deal is. #Quote by Richard Dreyfuss
Fifties quotes by Dolores Hayden
#78. Malls in the late forties and early fifties were risky. Suburban customers still believed in making major purchases in the central business districts of cities and towns, where they expected to find the greatest selection of merchandise and the most competitive prices. After the tax laws of 1954, this changed. Shopping mall developers were among the biggest beneficiaries of accelerated depreciation, and they most often located projects where the older strips met the new interchanges of major projects. With the new tax write-offs, over 98 percent of malls made money for their investors. #Quote by Dolores Hayden
Fifties quotes by Rick Perlstein
#79. Here's an irony of the history of conservatism's relationship with business and business's relationship with conservatism: 'Wall Street' used to be the right-wing industrialists of the forties and fifties' greatest term of derision. (Wall Street was the place that humiliated them by forcing them, hat in hand, to beg for capital). #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Fifties quotes by Camille Paglia
#80. I want a revamped feminism. Putting the vamp back means the lady must be a tramp. My generation of the Sixties rebels wanted to smash the bourgeois codes that had become authoritarian totems of the Fifties ... Thirty years later, we're still stuck with the ["nice" girl]. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Fifties quotes by Aziz Ansari
#81. Wouldn't it be cool to be single in a bygone area? I take a girl to a drive-in movie, we go have a cheeseburger and a malt at the diner, and then we make out under the stars in my old-timey convertible. Granted, this might have been tough in the fifties given my brown skin tone and racial tensions at the time, but in my fantasy, racial harmony is also part of the deal. #Quote by Aziz Ansari
Fifties quotes by Theresa Sjoquist
#82. In my small way I became an integral part of the pottery movement, and added fuel to the fire which consumed New Zealand and and swept pottery to the forefront of the of the fifties and sixties. #Quote by Theresa Sjoquist
Fifties quotes by Lily Gardner
#83. There were men in their fifties, men who take a stab at fitness, men who try. They may not look young, but they still look viable. Lammers wasn't one of those. Lammers was one of those crack-in-the-ass guys ten months pregnant with a beer baby. #Quote by Lily Gardner
Fifties quotes by John Szarkowski
#84. One of the leading uses of photography by the mass media came to be called photojournalism. From the late 'twenties' to the early 'fifties' what might have been the golden age of this speciality - photographers worked largely as the possessors of special and arcane skills, like the ancient priests who practiced and monopolized the skills of pictography or carving or manuscript illumination. In those halcyon days the photographer enjoyed a privileged status. #Quote by John Szarkowski
Fifties quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#85. The sun had gone down behind the tall apartments of the movie stars in the West Fifties, and the unclear voices of children, already gathered like crikets on the grass, rose through the hot twilight. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Fifties quotes by Lauren Blakely
#86. Mr. Offerman clasps his hand on top of hers. "It's a good hobby for you, dear. It gets you out of the kitchen."
I straighten my spine. Are we in the fifties here? "Out of the kitchen? #Quote by Lauren Blakely
Fifties quotes by George Orwell
#87. Beyond the late Fifties everything faded. When there were no external records that you could refer to, even the outline of your own life lost its sharpness. You remembered huge events which had quite probably not happened, you remembered the details of incidents without being able to recapture their atmosphere, and there were long blank periods to which you could assign nothing. Everything had been different then. #Quote by George Orwell
Fifties quotes by Patrick Ness
#88. The indie kids, huh? You've got them at your school, too. That group with the cool-geek haircuts and the charity shop clothes and names from the fifties. Nice enough, never mean, but always the ones who end up being the Chosen One when the vampires come calling or when the alien queen needs the Source of All Light or something. They're too cool to ever, ever do anything like go to prom or listen to music other than jazz while reading poetry. They've always got some story going on that they're heroes of. The rest of us just have to live here, hovering around the edges, left out of it all, for the most part. #Quote by Patrick Ness
Fifties quotes by Jack Nicholson
#89. I began to think that the finest modern writer was the screen actor. This was in the spirit of the Fifties where a very antiliterary literature was emerging - Kenneth Patchen and others. I kind of believed what Nietzsche said, that nothing not written in your blood is worth reading; it's just more pollution of the airwaves. #Quote by Jack Nicholson
Fifties quotes by Neil Gaiman
#90. S'why I looove America: City Center's in ruins, there's a fifties creature on the loose, and a man can still get drunk. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Fifties quotes by Joe Perry
#91. I know that some of the great painters and some of the great artists didn't even start to 'peak', as you say, till they were in their fifties and sixties. And God knows, history is full of artistic people that weren't even recognized till they were dead and gone. #Quote by Joe Perry
Fifties quotes by Miranda Hart
#92. The only acceptable hobby, throughout all stages of life, is cookery. As a child: adorable baked items. Twenties: much appreciated spag bol and fry-ups. Thirties and forties: lovely stuff with butternut squash and chorizo from the Guardian food section. Fifties and sixties: beef wellington from the Sunday Telegraph magazine. Seventies and eighties: back to the adorable baked items. Perfect. The only teeny tiny downside of this hobby is that I HATE COOKING.
Don't get me wrong; I absolutely adore the eating of the food. It's just the awful boring, frightening putting together of it that makes me want to shove my own fists in my mouth. It's a lovely idea: follow the recipe and you'll end up with something exactly like the pretty picture in the book, only even more delicious. But the reality's rather different. Within fifteen minutes of embarking on a dish I generally find myself in tears in the middle of what appears to be a bombsite, looking like a mentally unstable art teacher in a butter-splattered apron, wondering a) just how I am supposed to get hold of a thimble and a half of FairTrade hazelnut oil (why is there always the one impossible-to-find recipe ingredient? Sesame paste, anyone?) and b) just how I managed to get flour through two closed doors onto the living-room curtains, when I don't recall having used any flour and oh-this-is-terrible-let's-just-go-out-and-get-a-Wagamama's-and-to-hell-with-the-cost, dammit. #Quote by Miranda Hart
Fifties quotes by Bob Dylan
#93. When I was growing up - say in the fifties - the thirties to me didn't even exist. I couldn't even imagine them in any kind of way, so I don't expect anyone growing up now is gonna even understand what the sixties were all about, anymore than I could the thirties or twenties. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Fifties quotes by Richard Williams
#94. Every few years, in the world of sport, someone ascends to the most rarefied of all levels - the one at which it becomes news not when they win, but when they lose. It must have been like that in the early Fifties, when a tubby Italian called Alberto Ascari was stitching together nine Grand Prix wins in a row, a record not even Fangio, Clark or Senna could match. Or when the great Real Madrid side of Alfredo Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskas won the first five European Cup finals, between 1956 and 1960. Or when Martina Navratilova dominated Wimbledon's Centre Court, winning nine ladies' singles titles in thirteen years. The current Australian cricket team is in just such a run at present, having just completed nine consecutive victories, putting them four wins away from establishing an all-time record. And then there is Tiger Woods. #Quote by Richard Williams
Fifties quotes by Sally Potter
#95. Between the postwar fifties - domesticity, people happy to be alive after the Second World War, wanting to build a home, make a family, make a nest. Women were pushed back into the home after having been active in the Second World War. It was a big Doris Day moment for women, which didn't suit all women. #Quote by Sally Potter
Fifties quotes by Mario Vargas-Llosa
#96. He was a man in the prime of his life, his fifties ... broad forehead, aquiline nose, penetrating gaze, the very soul of rectitude and goodness. #Quote by Mario Vargas-Llosa
Fifties quotes by Cybill Shepherd
#97. You know, women have a history of just being - we've been told all our lives not to say - in the fifties you couldn't say birth or even be pregnant hardly on television - and then gradually things have changed. #Quote by Cybill Shepherd
Fifties quotes by Pete Seeger
#98. I fought for peace in the fifties. #Quote by Pete Seeger
Fifties quotes by Aravind Adiga
#99. Go to the tea shop anywhere along the Ganga, sir, and look at the men working in that tea shop - men, I say, but better to call them human spiders that go crawling in between and under the tables with rags in their hands, crushed humans in crushed uniforms, sluggish, unshaven, in their thirties or forties or fifties but still "boys." But that is your fate if you do your job well - with honesty, dedication, and sincerity, the way Gandhi would have done it, no doubt. #Quote by Aravind Adiga
Fifties quotes by Hal Blaine
#100. I started out playing big bands shows and different things. I was with several different small bands and groups, doing comedy and singing, emceeing, and I got a break with a very big star of the late fifties whose name was Tommy Sands ... #Quote by Hal Blaine
Fifties quotes by Francesca Annis
#101. It's funny, this thing about happiness. It's a commodity that was imported from America in the Fifties. I see myself simply as living my life ... I feel it's pushing your luck to define how happy you are. #Quote by Francesca Annis
Fifties quotes by David Halberstam
#102. He hated House members who longed only to run for the Senate, and senators who longed only to run for the presidency. He was appalled by what he felt television had done to the Senate by the mid-fifties. It had become a major launching platform for presidential campaigns. He thought television had ruined the Senate as a serious body. All they do there is preen and comb their hair and run for President. It's like a presidential primary over there, #Quote by David Halberstam
Fifties quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#103. I think we ought to find something else to do," said Mandy. "But Alecto my love, you're the first person to notice my retro diner kitchen. When my parents saw it, they thought I was creating a weird art project."
"I like it. It's got that let's-drown-ourselves-in-better-days type ambiance," Alecto declared, his gray eyes narrowed. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Fifties quotes by John McPhee
#104. Wood was the main source of energy in the world until the eighteen-fifties, and it still could be. Roughly a tenth of the annual growth of all the trees on earth could yield alcohol enough to run everything that now uses coal and petroleum - every airplane, every industry, every automobile. #Quote by John McPhee
Fifties quotes by Rick Perlstein
#105. Fifties advertising was a dogmatic art, to the point of pretending to be a science. #Quote by Rick Perlstein
Fifties quotes by Jane Green
#106. My husband has a cousin who discovered, in his fifties, that the man he thought was his father was actually not, and that he had not only a father he had never met, but brothers. #Quote by Jane Green
Fifties quotes by Dennis Hopper
#107. When we're out of the eighties, the nineties are gonna make the sixties look like the fifties! #Quote by Dennis Hopper
Fifties quotes by Katey Sagal
#108. The reason people are watching women in their mid-fifties is because a lot of those women feel great and have different, interesting stories to tell. #Quote by Katey Sagal
Fifties quotes by Zachary M. Schrag
#109. Hoping to settle the wheelchair matter once and for all, Graham dragged his chief of construction, his chief of architecture, and a film crew out to Dulles Airport, whose escalators were approximately the same width as those planned for Metro. There he produced a variety of braces and crutches. As the cameras rolled, Graham rode up and down the escalators using one aid after another, climaxing by riding both directions in a wheelchair, facing up each time. Graham clearly believed he had proved beyond doubt that 'it is entirely possible, easily and safely, for wheelchair travelers to use escalators.' His aides watched in disbelief; a fit and fearless major general in his fifties hardly represented the disabled population, whatever braces he strapped to his legs. All he had proved, concluded the WMATA architect Sprague Thresher, was that 'if everybody who had to use a wheelchair was Jack Graham, we wouldn't need elevators. #Quote by Zachary M. Schrag
Fifties quotes by Carolyn McCray
#110. The hotel looked as though it had been built back in the fifties, when everything seemed designed to be quickly turned into a bomb shelter. #Quote by Carolyn McCray
Fifties quotes by Arthur Bradford
#111. I've worked in several different places, most of my experience comes from spending eight summers at a camp for adults with a wide range of disabilities. For six years I spent every summer living in a small cabin with five men with Downes Syndrome. It was just me and these five guys, all in their forties and fifties. We had such a great time. #Quote by Arthur Bradford
Fifties quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#112. If a man knows the law, find out, though he live in a pine shanty, and resort to him. And if a man can pipe or sing, so as to wrap the imprisoned soul in an elysium; or can paint a landscape, and convey into souls and ochres all the enchantments of Spring or Autumn; or can liberate and intoxicate all people who hear him with delicious songs and verses; it is certain that the secret cannot be kept; the first witness tells it to a second, and men go by fives and tens and fifties to his doors. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fifties quotes by Umberto Eco
#113. Once you reach your fifties, you have to stop being interested in the present and write only on Elizabethan poets. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Fifties quotes by Dick Van Dyke
#114. In my early fifties, I was going through a phase where few things felt right and I was trying to figure out those that did. It was not uncommon. In your twenties, you pursue your dreams. By your late thirties and early forties, you hit a certain stride. Then you hit your fifties, you get your first annoying thoughts of mortality, you begin more serious questioning of not just the meaning of your life but of what's working, what's not working, and what you still want, and all of a sudden you don't know which way is up. You thought you knew but don't. You just want to get to where life feels okay again. #Quote by Dick Van Dyke
Fifties quotes by Dylan McDermott
#115. My dad was kind of a pool shark and had a Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin thing going on. I've always been fascinated by the fifties because of him. There was a hip, cool, anything-goes atmosphere back then, but looking good was still a priority. #Quote by Dylan McDermott
Fifties quotes by James Gleick
#116. The Fifties and Sixties were years of unreal optimism about weather forecasting. Newspapers and magazines were filled with hope for weather science, not just for prediction but for modification and control. Two technologies were maturing together: the digital computer and the space satellite. #Quote by James Gleick
Fifties quotes by David Foster Wallace
#117. Irony and cynicism were just what the U.S. hypocrisy of the fifties and sixties called for. That's what made the early postmodernists great artists. The great thing about irony is that it splits things apart, gets up above them so we can see the flaws and hypocrisies and duplicates. The virtuous always triumph? Ward Cleaver is the prototypical fifties father? "Sure." Sarcasm, parody, absurdism and irony are great ways to strip off stuff's mask and show the unpleasant reality behind it. The problem is that once the rules of art are debunked, and once the unpleasant realities the irony diagnoses are revealed and diagnosed, "then" what do we do? Irony's useful for debunking illusions, but most of the illusion-debunking in the U.S. has now been done and redone. Once everybody knows that equality of opportunity is bunk and Mike Brady's bunk and Just Say No is bunk, now what do we do? All we seem to want to do is keep ridiculing the stuff. Postmodern irony and cynicism's become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. Few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what's wrong, because they'll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. Irony's gone from liberating to enslaving. There's some great essay somewhere that has a line about irony being the song of the prisoner who's come to love his cage. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Fifties quotes by Bonnie J Morris
#118. Right now, many female activists in their forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, and eighties are gazing thoughtfully into the glowing embers of lesbian culture. For us, this is still an active campfire where we gather and warm ourselves; one which, we hope, will not fade away into forgotten ash, but instead retain hot coals to stoke new fires. Such images of heat and spark have always served to symbolize shifts in leadership; think of that other fire-based metaphor, the passing of the torch - presumably, to a next generation. What does it mean if that next generation is disdainful of the torch, welcomes its dousing, or lacks the data or the will to learn how it was lit and carried forward in the first place? #Quote by Bonnie J Morris
Fifties quotes by Jerry Della Femina
#119. I came into advertising in 1961. I had been turned down for jobs on the Ford account in the late Fifties as 'not their type.' If it hadn't been for Bill Bernbach, I would now be sitting in some luncheonette, continuing my life as a messenger. #Quote by Jerry Della Femina
Fifties quotes by Jess Lourey
#120. In walked a woman whose attitude was certainly in its fifties if she was not. #Quote by Jess Lourey
Fifties quotes by David Kynaston
#121. It's nice to watch television but it's even nicer when you've got a drink in your hand,' Gregory Ratcliffe, a Birmingham shopkeeper, told Reynolds News. 'Makes it more intimate somehow. Gives you the feeling that you're in a posh cabaret. #Quote by David Kynaston
Fifties quotes by Laura Bradley Rede
#122. Listen, I have been through Hell in the last few hours. I have been chased and clawed and bitten by vampires - twice! One of them being you! And my leg is torn and my mind is blown and I'm wearing somebody else's pants! I need to sleep, I need to eat, I need to wear my own damn clothes, and what I don't need is for some vampire to smile at me all amused like I'm the wife in a fifties sitcom! #Quote by Laura Bradley Rede
Fifties quotes by Gunnar Myrdal
#123. Toward the middle and end of the Fifties, West European countries became somewhat more important as providers of aid to underdeveloped countries. It was partly due to the prodding of the United States that these countries, as they regained economic viability, should shoulder their share of the aid burden. #Quote by Gunnar Myrdal
Fifties quotes by Miles Davis
#124. A lot of people ask me where music is going today. I think it's going in short phrases. If you listen, anybody with an ear can hear that. Music is always changing. It changes because of the times and the technology that's available, the material that things are made of, like plastic cars instead of steel. So when you hear an accident today it sounds different, not all the metal colliding like it was in the forties and fifties. Musicians pick up sounds and incorporate that into their playing, so the music that they make will be different. #Quote by Miles Davis
Fifties quotes by Brent Saltzman
#125. You only get one life. And before you know it, it'll be over. You'll go to sleep one day in your twenties, then wake up in your fifties. The purpose of life isn't to sit around waiting for something to happen on a wing and prayer; you have to make it happen. You can spend your whole life searching for unsolved mysteries or waiting for someone to fall in love with you, but at the end of your life you'll realize you've wasted your time. You've missed all of the beauty in the world in search of a vague dream or an answer to a question that has none. The purpose of life isn't to wait for things to fall into your lap. The purpose of life is to live. #Quote by Brent Saltzman
Fifties quotes by Trevor Scott
#126. and thread, and even bandages, because he knew those at the clinic would not be sterile. The hospital was one of those communist-built structures of steel and glass, slapped up in the fifties, that could have been designed by a four-year-old. The workmanship was so shoddy that the cement abutments and window ledges were already crumbling. Probably not #Quote by Trevor Scott
Fifties quotes by Sara Sheridan
#127. One of the great things about the Fifties is there are so many secrets - people who've come back from the war and done these terrible things that they don't want to think about, or can't say what they did because they signed the Official Secrets Act. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Fifties quotes by Andrew Neff
#128. 5-4-10 Tuesday 8:00 A.M.
Made a large batch of chili and spaghetti to freeze yesterday. And some walnut fudge! Relieved the electricity is still on.
It's another beautiful sunny day with fluffy white clouds drifting by. The last cloud bank looked like a dog with nursing pups.
I open the window and let in some fresh air filled with the scent of apple and plum blossoms and flowering lilacs. Feels like it's close to 70 degrees. There's a boy on a skate board being pulled along by his St. Bernard, who keeps turning around to see if his young friend is still on board.
I'm thinking of a scene still vividly displayed in my memory. I was nine years old. I cut through the country club on my way home from school and followed a narrow stream, sucking on a jawbreaker from Ben Franklins, and I had some cherry and strawberry pixie straws, and banana and vanilla taffy inside my coat pocket. The temperature was in the fifties so it almost felt like spring. There were still large patches of snow on the fairways in the shadows and the ground was soggy from the melt off.
Enthralled with the multi-layers of ice, thin sheets and tiny ice sickles gleaming under the afternoon sun, dripping, streaming into the pristine water below, running over the ribbons of green grass, forming miniature rapids and gently flowing rippling waves and all the reflections of a crystal cathedral, merging with the hidden world of a child. Seemingly endless natural sculptures.
Then th #Quote by Andrew Neff
Fifties quotes by Wayne Grady
#129. In Windsor in the forties, and even up into the fifties and sixties, if you were black, you had to sit in the balcony of the theatres, and you couldn't buy property in most places. #Quote by Wayne Grady
Fifties quotes by Dov Davidoff
#130. Vegas; one of the few places still encouraging men in their fifties to dress like their in a boy-band from the 80's. #Quote by Dov Davidoff
Fifties quotes by Kenneth Tynan
#131. I see in the papers that the singer, Frank Ifield, popular in the fifties, is planning a comeback. I remember reviewing his debut at the Palladium under the insane misapprehension that he was blind. (I had him confused with a blind vocalist who bore a similar name.) I watched agape with admiration while he strolled around the stage with every appearance of knowing where he was going, and I burst into spontaneous applause as he strode down to within a foot of the orchestra pit without the least sign of fear. By the end of his act I was misty with tears at the thought of his courage. I often wonder what he thought when he read the review in which I congratulated him on the gallantry with which he had overcome the handicap of sightlessness. #Quote by Kenneth Tynan
Fifties quotes by John Varvatos
#132. Music and fashion have had a kind of incestuous relationship since the Fifties. It started with people like Elvis Presley and pop icons like James Dean. Then it exploded in the MTV days. Now, with the Internet, it's instantaneous. #Quote by John Varvatos
Fifties quotes by Ann Druyan
#133. Well, I actually grew up in the sixties. I feel very lucky, actually, that that was my slice of time that I was dealt. Let's remember that the real motivation in the sixties, and even in the fifties, was the Cold War. #Quote by Ann Druyan
Fifties quotes by Anne Hull
#134. Since the nineteen-fifties, rural Florida has marketed itself to Northerners and Midwesterners as an unexplored paradise of citrus and mermaids. #Quote by Anne Hull
Fifties quotes by Edgar Winter
#135. I think The Doors are one of the classic groups, and I think we're all tempted to feel like the time in which we grew up was somehow special, but I really do believe that there were two golden eras in music: The Forties and Fifties of big band, jazz and swing, and the Sixties and Seventies of rock. To me, they're really unparalleled. #Quote by Edgar Winter
Fifties quotes by Mircea Eliade
#136. Hesse's Journey to the East (1951) in the fifties anticipated the occult revival of the late sixties. But who will interpret for us the amazing success of Rosemary's Baby and 2001? I am merely asking the question. #Quote by Mircea Eliade
Fifties quotes by Victor Hugo
#137. Poor old Jean Valjean, of course, loved Cosette only as a father; but, as we noted earlier, into this fatherly love his lonely single status in life had introduced every other kind of love; he loved Cosette as his daughter, and he loved her as his mother, and he loved her as his sister; and, as he had never had either a lover or a wife, as nature is a creditor that does not accept nonpayment, that particular feeling, too, the most indestructible of all, had thrown itself in with the rest, vague, ignorant, heavenly, angelic, divine; less a feeling than an instinct, less an instinct than an attraction, imperceptible and invisible but real; and love, truly called, lay in his enormous tenderness for Cosette the way a vein of gold lies in the mountain, dark and virginal.
We should bear in mind that state of the heart that we have already mentioned. Marriage between them was out of the question, even that of souls; and yet it is certain that their destinies had joined together as one. Except for Cosette, that is, except for a child, Jean Valjean had never, in all his long life, known anything about love. Serial passions and love affairs had not laid those successive shades of green over him, fresh green on top of dark green, that you notice on foliage that has come through winter and on men that have passed their fifties. In short, and we have insisted on this more than once, this whole inner fusion, this whole set, the result of which was lofty virtue, had wound up making Jea #Quote by Victor Hugo
Fifties quotes by John Banville
#138. O my friends!- to be queer was very bliss. The fifties was the last great age of queerdom. All the talk now is of freedom and pride (pride!), but there young hotheads in their pink bell-bottoms, clamouring for the right to do it in the streets if they feel like it, do not seem to appreciate, or at least seem to wish to deny, the aphrodisiac properties of secrecy and fear #Quote by John Banville
Fifties quotes by Rosamund Pike
#139. I think I'll be flavor of the month when I'm in my fifties. #Quote by Rosamund Pike
Fifties quotes by Daniel Wallace
#140. Then there was a woman, in her mid-fifties about, who in almost every respect was perfectly normal. But this was the way with these people: in so many respects they were normal, there was just that one thing, that one terrible thing. #Quote by Daniel Wallace
Fifties quotes by John Major
#141. In housing in the fifties in Britain and the sixties, we pulled down the terraces - destroyed whole communities and replaced them with tower blocks and we built walkways that became rat-runs for muggers. That was the fashionable opinion. But it was wrong. #Quote by John Major
Fifties quotes by John Caudwell
#142. I'm known for value for money. I was brought up to be frugal, and it's definitely a factor in my success. I was born in the Fifties, which was a frugal era, and my family had to be very careful with money out of necessity. #Quote by John Caudwell
Fifties quotes by Laura Poitras
#143. I was in correspondence with an anonymous source for about five months and in the process of developing a dialogue you build ideas, of course, about who that person might be. My idea was that he was in his late forties, early fifties. I figured he must be Internet generation because he was super tech-savvy, but I thought that, given the level of access and information he was able to discuss, he had to be older. #Quote by Laura Poitras
Fifties quotes by Alice Walker
#144. I think that wealthy white people would like to have a country that resembles the Fifties, when all the minorities were tucked away in ghettos and paid in very low wages but on the surface it was very bright and shiny and free and the rest of the world would look on it longingly. #Quote by Alice Walker
Fifties quotes by Katie  King
#145. There are also generational knowledges in play, accessed and skilled within a history of televisual experiments in educational entertainment. For US academics schooled in the fifties, sixties, and seventies some old TV shows haunt this vignette as well. Two are Walter Cronkite's You Are There (CBS, 1953–57) and Steve Allen's Meeting of Minds (PBS, 1977–81). During the mid-century decades either or both could be found on the TV screen and in US secondary school classrooms. Even now the thoughtfully presentist You are There reenactments can be viewed on DVDs from Netflix; you can be personally addressed and included as Cronkite interviews Socrates about his choice to poison himself with hemlock rather than submit to exile after ostracism in ancient Athens. Cronkite's interviews, scripted by blacklisted Hollywood writers, were specifically charged with messages against McCarthy-style witch hunts that were "felt" rather than spoken out. #Quote by Katie King
Fifties quotes by Erica Jong
#146. I know so many women in their fifties, sixties and seventies who delight in being on their own. It's amazing. They don't see any stigma attached to it. We don't need a man to prove our identity anymore. #Quote by Erica Jong
Fifties quotes by Stephen King
#147. When I was a teenager, I looked at over-fifties with pity and unease: they walked too slow, they talked too slow, they watched TV instead of going out to movies and concerts, their idea of a great party was hotpot with the neighbors and tucked into bed after the eleven o'clock news. But - like most other fifty-, sixty-, and seventysomethings who are in relative good health - I didn't mind it so much when my turn came. Because the brain doesn't age, although its ideas about the world may harden and there's a greater tendency to run off at the mouth about how things were in the good old days. #Quote by Stephen King
Fifties quotes by Elif Batuman
#148. The ferry back to Budapest was full of reveling women in their fifties. Elbows linked, they danced, stomped, sang, and coughed. In the bar, they banged bottles against the counter. The few men in their party were slumped at the tables, heads buried in their arms. Only two were sitting upright, addressing a salami of durable appearance with a pocketknife. #Quote by Elif Batuman
Fifties quotes by Tana French
#149. there are deep stubborn veins of nostalgia for the 1950s (even among people my age; in much of Ireland the fifties didn't end until 1995, when we skipped straight to Thatcher's eighties), #Quote by Tana French
Fifties quotes by Richard Rodriguez
#150. Most, I loved James Baldwin's essays. There was to a Baldwin essay a metropolitan elegance I envied, a refusal of the livid. In Baldwin I found a readiness to rise to prophetic wrath, something like those ministers, and yet, once more, to bend down in tenderness, to call grown men and women "baby" (a whiff of the theater). Watching Baldwin on television - I will always consider the fifties to have been a sophisticated time - fixed for me what being a writer must mean. Arching eyebrows intercepted ironies, parenthetically declared fouls; mouthfuls of cigarette smoke shot forth ribbons of exactitude. #Quote by Richard Rodriguez
Fifties quotes by Farley Granger
#151. Barbara and I had arrived early, so I got to admire everyone's entrance. We were seated at tables around a dance floor that had been set up on the lawn behind the house. Barbara and I shared a table with Deborah Kerr and her husband. Deborah, a lovely English redhead, had been brought to Hollywood to play opposite Clark Gable in The Hucksters. Louis B. Mayer needed a cool, refined beauty to replace the enormously popular redhead, Greer Garson, who had married a wealthy oil magnate and retired from the screen in the mid-fifties. Deborah, like her predecessor, had an ultra-ladylike air about her that was misleading. In fact, she was quick, sharp, and very funny. She and Barbara got along like old school chums. Jimmy Stewart was also there with his wife. It was the first time I'd seen him since we'd worked for Hitchcock. It was a treat talking to him, and I felt closer to him than I ever did on the set of Rope. He was so genuinely happy for my success in Strangers on a Train that I was quite moved. Clark Gable arrived late, and it was a star entrance to remember. He stopped for a moment at the top of the steps that led down to the garden. He was alone, tanned, and wearing a white suit. He radiated charisma. He really was the King. The party was elegant. Hot Polynesian hors d'oeuvres were passed around during drinks. Dinner was very French, with consommé madrilène as a first course followed by cold poached salmon and asparagus hollandaise. During dessert, a lemon soufflé, and cof #Quote by Farley Granger
Fifties quotes by Sara Sheridan
#152. Writing about the 1950s has given me tremendous respect for my mother's generation. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Fifties quotes by Rik Mayall
#153. Other people get moody in their forties and fifties - men get the male menopause. I missed the whole thing. I was just really happy. #Quote by Rik Mayall
Fifties quotes by Gary Oldman
#154. At 23 it was all about acting. Today it's getting my kids to school, making sure that they've done their homework. I'm in my fifties, and I'm turning into a square. #Quote by Gary Oldman
Fifties quotes by Robert Klein
#155. In the fifties I had dreams about touching a naked woman and she would turn to bronze or the dream about hot dogs chasing donuts through the Lincoln Tunnel. #Quote by Robert Klein
Fifties quotes by Rosemary Clooney
#156. I felt trapped and fabricated in the fifties living up to other people's expectations. #Quote by Rosemary Clooney
Fifties quotes by Derek Landy
#157. She had been a teenager once, and she knew that, despite the apparent contradictions, a person's teenage years lasted well into their fifties. #Quote by Derek Landy
Fifties quotes by Camille Paglia
#158. Hollywood movies of the Fifties, like The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur, with their epic clash of pagan and Judeo-Christian cultures, tell more about art and society than the French-infatuated ideologues who have made a travesty of the best American higher criticism. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Fifties quotes by Camille Paglia
#159. Our major universities are now stuck with an army of pedestrian, toadying careerists, Fifties types who wave around Sixties banners to conceal their record of ruthless, beaver-like tunneling to the top. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Fifties quotes by Drew Waters
#160. I love taking on challenges. I think one of the funnest things in acting is creating a character - wrapping yourself around a character and bringing him to life. I love a lot of different genres. I'm not a big horror guy by any means but I love the challenge. But the fifties and sixties is where I feel the most comfortable. #Quote by Drew Waters
Fifties quotes by Elizabeth Hardwick
#161. The fifties - they seem to have taken place on a sunny afternoon that asked nothing of you except a drifting belief in the moment and its power to satisfy. #Quote by Elizabeth Hardwick
Fifties quotes by Marie Winn
#162. A decline in supervision is not the entire story. Even in the fifties there were undersupervised children ... who nevertheless did not become pregnant at thirteen ... and who did not smoke anything stronger than an occasional Camel or Lucky Strike ... It took a combination of unsupervised children and a permissive, highly charged sexual atmosphere and an influx of easily acquired drugs and the wherewithal to buy them to bring about precocious experimentation by young and younger children. This occurred in the mid-seventies. #Quote by Marie Winn
Fifties quotes by Charles Stross
#163. An important factor to note is that it's rare for anyone to sell a first novel written before they turned 30-35; long-format fiction tends to require a bunch of experience of human life that takes time to acquire. So your average mid-career novelist is in their forties to fifties! #Quote by Charles Stross
Fifties quotes by Emma Chase
#164. MARRIAGE. The final frontier. Steven went first. He was kind of our test subject. Like those monkeys that NASA sent off into space in the fifties, knowing they'd never make it back alive. #Quote by Emma Chase
Fifties quotes by Andie MacDowell
#165. The riskiest thing I have done in my fifties is to do a Polish accent for a new film. I had a great time working on it and two wonderful people to guide me. A dialect coach that I have known for thirty years and a Polish actor. #Quote by Andie MacDowell
Fifties quotes by Robyn Davidson
#166. You have to remember that I was an Australian girl of the Fifties and Sixties. For Australians at that time, it was imperative to get out of the country and discover the world. #Quote by Robyn Davidson
Fifties quotes by Pierce Brosnan
#167. The forties are very cool and very pastoral. The fifties look like they're pastoral, and then you get a bit more turbulence. #Quote by Pierce Brosnan
Fifties quotes by Gillian Flynn
#168. Vickery, a slim fellow in his early fifties, had already sweated through his uniform. His shirt clung to his chest, and his pants puckered out in back where an ass should have been. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Fifties quotes by Julie Schumacher
#169. Now in my middle fifties, an irrelevant codger, I find it discomfiting to see this generation dancing to the music of apocalypse and carrying their psychic burdens in front of them like infants in arms. #Quote by Julie Schumacher
Fifties quotes by David Graeber
#170. In America, the fifties were the heyday of a certain ideal of the one-income patriarchal family, and among the more affluent, the ideal was often achieved. Women with no access to their own income or resources obviously had no choice but to spend a great deal of time and energy understanding what their menfolk thought was going on. #Quote by David Graeber
Fifties quotes by Michael Morpurgo
#171. When I was growing up in the Forties and Fifties, you could hide your children from the difficulties of life, but today you can't separate children's contact with the adult world today. #Quote by Michael Morpurgo
Fifties quotes by Augusten Burroughs
#172. I knew that if I wrote a new book every six months or every year, if I continued to read great books, eventually I would write something worthy of publication. I understood I might be in my forties or my fifties or even my sixties, but I felt confident that it would happen. #Quote by Augusten Burroughs
Fifties quotes by Hannah Arendt
#173. These are the fifties, you know. The disgusting, posturing fifties. #Quote by Hannah Arendt
Fifties quotes by Lemmy Kilmister
#174. The only time I've seen any rebellion was in the fifties, sixties and early seventies. The rest of it you can keep. #Quote by Lemmy Kilmister
Fifties quotes by Pierre Boulez
#175. Certainly I was a bully. I'm not ashamed of it at all. The hostility of the establishment to what you were able to do in the Forties and Fifties was very strong. Sometimes you have to fight against your society. #Quote by Pierre Boulez
Fifties quotes by Joe Queenan
#176. Books did not need to be beautiful back in the Fifties, because nothing else was beautiful back then. Books were simply there: you read them because they were diverting or illuminating or in some way useful but not because the books themselves were aesthetically appealing. #Quote by Joe Queenan
Fifties quotes by Anne Taylor Fleming
#177. That, of course, was the thing about the fifties with all their patina of familial bliss: A lot of the memories were not happy, not mine, not my friends'. That's probably why the myth so endures, because of the dissonance in our lives between what actually went on at home and what went on up there on those TV screens where we were allegedly seeing ourselves reflected back. #Quote by Anne Taylor Fleming
Fifties quotes by Stephen King
#178. If a writer knows what he or she is doing, I'll go along for the ride. If he or she doesn't ... well, I'm in my fifties now, and there are a lot of books out there. I don't have time to waste with the poorly written ones. #Quote by Stephen King
Fifties quotes by Gabor Mate
#179. I was diagnosed with ADHD in my mid fifties and I was given Ritalin and Dexedrine. These are stimulant medications. They elevate the level of a chemical called dopamine in the brain. And dopamine is the motivation chemical, so when you are more motivated you pay attention. Your mind won't be all over the place. So we elevate dopamine levels with stimulant drugs like Ritalin, Aderall, Dexedrine and so on.

But what else elevates Dopamine levels? Well, all other stimulants do. What other stimulants? Cocaine, crystal meth, caffeine, nicotine, which is to say that a significant minority of people that use stimulants, illicit stimulants, you know what they are actually doing? They're self-medicating their ADHD or their depression or their anxiety. So on one level (and we have to go deeper that that), but on one level addictions are about self-medications.

If you look at alcoholics in one study, 40% of male adult alcoholics met the diagnostic criteria for ADHD? Why? Because alcohol soothes the hyperactive brain. Cannabis does the same thing. And in studies of stimulant addicts, about 30% had ADHD prior to their drug use. What else do people self-medicate? Someone mentioned depression. So, if you have been treated for depression, as I have been, and you were given a SSRI medication, these medications elevate the level of another brain chemical called serotonin, which is implicated in mood regulation. What else elevates serotonin levels temporarily in the brain? #Quote by Gabor Mate
Fifties quotes by Gian Carlo Menotti
#180. The creation of Spoleto was a social experiment. Because I've always suffered guilt from being a Catholic, when I was in my fifties I felt a need of being needed. #Quote by Gian Carlo Menotti
Fifties quotes by Christopher Moore
#181. There's sort of a progression going back to the fifties: Bubbles, Boom Boom, and Blaze begat Bambi, Candy, and Jewel, who begat Sunshine, Brandy, and Cinnamon, who begat Amber, Brittany, and Brie, who begat Reagan, Morgan, and Madison. Madison is a stripper name. #Quote by Christopher Moore
Fifties quotes by Martin Freeman
#182. I wasn't like a Fifties dad. #Quote by Martin Freeman
Fifties quotes by Patton Oswalt
#183. We're rewarding either the reality or the appearance of youth, which is why you have all these people in their fifties trying to act like they're seventeen. You know, it's great to be young. Be young. By all means, be young. But always remember that youth is also kinda dumb, and doesn't know a lot yet. #Quote by Patton Oswalt
Fifties quotes by Jodi Picoult
#184. Ross believed in past lives. Moreover, he believed that the person you fell in love with in each life was the same person you fell in love with in the life before, and the one before that. Sometimes, you might miss her - she'd be reborn in post-World War I generation, and you wouldn't come back until the fifties. Sometimes, your paths would cross and you wouldn't recognize each other. Get it right - that is: fall madly, truly, deeply - and perhaps there'd be an eternity carved out solely for the two of you. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Fifties quotes by Charlaine Harris
#185. If this were the fifties, she'd be checking Sam's collars for lipstick stains. (Did people do that anymore? Why did women kiss collars, anyway? Besides, Sam almost always wore T-shirts.) #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Fifties quotes by Robert Jay Lifton
#186. When I was still in my psychiatric residency training in New York City, I was subjected to the doctor draft of that time, during the early fifties, at the time of the Korean War. #Quote by Robert Jay Lifton
Fifties quotes by Steven Magee
#187. In western societies many people become sick in their thirties, develop serious medical conditions in their forties and are disabled in their fifties. #Quote by Steven Magee
Fifties quotes by R. O. Blechman
#188. In the mid-fifties, a revolution occurred and a new word entered the vocabulary of commercial art. Concept ... But the change was not entirely good. Our gain was also a loss ... There was great value in something well observed and carefully delineated. If the head and heart were often absent, there was something to be said for the presence of a hand. #Quote by R. O. Blechman
Fifties quotes by James Harvey
#189. Living in the fifties America was in many ways like living in a public space that's suddenly emptied out, a theater after closing, or a classroom after school. The emptiness could feel liberating, but it could also make you feel blank and vaguely nostalgic. #Quote by James Harvey
Fifties quotes by Mary Augusta Ward
#190. How little those who are schoolgirls of today can realize what it was to be a schoolgirl in the fifties or the early sixties of the last century! #Quote by Mary Augusta Ward
Fifties quotes by Rose Byrne
#191. Here in L.A. the standard of beauty is kind of ridiculous. I want to be doing this when I'm in my fifties and sixties and this isn't what I'm going to look like. #Quote by Rose Byrne
Fifties quotes by Orson Scott Card
#192. I am especially grateful, however, to have known the fifties, before we began to poison our own civilization - or at least before the effects of the poison began to be felt. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Fifties quotes by Anne Taylor Fleming
#193. We were the daughters of the post-World War II American dream, the daughters of those idealized fifties sitcom families in which father knew best and mother knew her place and a kind of disappointment, and tense, unspoken sexuality rattled around like ice cubes in their nightly cocktails. #Quote by Anne Taylor Fleming
Fifties quotes by David Halberstam
#194. One reason that Americans as a people became nostalgic about the fifties more than twenty-five years later was not so much that life was better in the fifties (though in some ways it was), but because at the time it had been portrayed so idyllically on television. #Quote by David Halberstam
Fifties quotes by Anne Lamott
#195. The whole game in the fifties and early sixties was for no one to know who you really were. We children were witness to the total pretense of how our parents wanted the world to see them. We helped them maintain this image, because if anyone outside the family could see who they really were deep down, the whole system, the ship of your family, might sink. We held our breath to give the ship buoyancy. We were little air tanks. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Fifties quotes by Jennifer Senior
#196. Back in the fifties, women were told to master the differences between oven cleaners and floor wax and special sprays for wood; today they're told to master the differences between toys that hone problem-solving skills and those that encourage imaginative play. This subtle shift in language suggests that playing with one's child is not really play but a job, just as keeping house once was. Buy Buy Baby is today's equivalent of the 1950s supermarket product aisle, and those shelves of child-rearing guides at the bookstore are today's equivalent of Good Housekeeping, offering women the possibility of earning a doctorate in mothering. #Quote by Jennifer Senior
Fifties quotes by Geoffrey Rush
#197. I suddenly became aware over the last couple of years that I'm in my sixties. I never thought about it. I thought I'd better start acting my age or find roles that are going to be interesting to me in the sexagenarian repertoire, because it's not what you do in your forties or fifties. #Quote by Geoffrey Rush
Fifties quotes by Jennifer James
#198. Studies of people who report high well-being in their fifties and sixties indicate that they have lived lives that involved personal risks. They are not people whose lives have been calm and predictable. A life under tight control sometimes produces quiet desperation. High well-being is a life that has depth and quality. Risks, losses, problems, and tragedy add pain to a life. That pain becomes a teacher. We learn; the pain gives us no choice. #Quote by Jennifer James
Fifties quotes by Sara Sheridan
#199. I'm drawn to the 1950s for lots of reasons - everything from the fashion to the increasing sense of freedom and modernity that builds throughout the decade. #Quote by Sara Sheridan
Fifties quotes by Joe Bob Briggs
#200. The fifties were when people started coming down on "juvenile delinquents," "hoodlums," "vandals"
anybody that was young, wore a motorcycle jacket, and didn't act polite around older people. #Quote by Joe Bob Briggs

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