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Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Cheryl Suchacek
#1. Relationships are like flash floods, they happen when you least expect it. Can be as quick as lightning, and they change all that stand before it, and after it,"

WIP Strands of Sollus Book 2 #Quote by Cheryl Suchacek
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Seinfeld 2000
#2. U.S. Presedent Barack Sadam Husene Obame sit in the darkened Oval Ofice at 2 a.m. wearing hes traditienel Kenyan roabe.
He take one last bite of the Chicago style deep dish pizza that he has flown to him every day on the Amerecan tax payer's dime and wipe the grease off his mouth with the U.S. consititutien.
He get up and walk to desk, where he keeps the Kenyan black magic crystle ball. Its black glow iluminate his face.
"Eeny, meeny, miney, mo - which basic U.S. freedoms are next to go?" he say aloud to no one and every one at the same time.
Then he flash that trade mark Bary Obame million doller grin as a crack of lightning sound in the distence. #Quote by Seinfeld 2000
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Hildegard Of Bingen
#3. The dark membrane contained also a dark fire of such horror that I was unable to perceive it properly. The horror buffeted the dark membrane with a massive impact of sounds and storms and sharp stones great and small.2 Whenever the noise arose it set in motion the layer of bright fire, winds and air, thus causing bolts of lightning to presage the sounds of thunder; for the fiery energy senses the first agitations of the thunder within it. #Quote by Hildegard Of Bingen
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Melissa Jensen
#4. Okay.First things first. Three things you don't want me to know about you."
"What?" I gaped at him.
"You're the one who says we don't know each other.So let's cut to the chase."
Oh,but this was too easy:
1. I am wearing my oldest, ugliest underwear.
2.I think your girlfriend is evil and should be destroyed.
3.I am a lying, larcenous creature who talks to dead people and thinks she should be your girlfriend once the aforementioned one is out of the picture.
I figured that was just about everything. "I don't think so-"
"Doesn't have to be embarrassing or major," Alex interrupted me, "but it has to be something that costs a little to share." When I opened my mouth to object again, he pointed a long finger at the center of my chest. "You opened the box,Pandora.So sit."
There was a funny-shaped velour chair near my knees. I sat. The chair promptly molded itself to my butt. I assumed that meant it was expensive, and not dangerous. Alex flopped onto the bed,settling on his side with his elbow bent and his head propped on his hand.
"Can't you go first?" I asked.
"You opened the box..."
"Okay,okay. I'm thinking."
He gave me about thirty seconds. Then, "Time."
I took a breath. "I'm on full scholarship to Willing." One thing Truth or Dare has taught me is that you can't be too proud and still expect to get anything valuable out of the process.
"I'm terrified of a lot things, including lightning, driv #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by @hg47
#5. The thunderstorm she's wearing, the clouds, the lightning flashing down her legs and the sound effects are no big deal. But the 1G rain is a serious engineering problem. For all of us, when we have experienced rain, it has been during a Direct Interface Lifetime, in subjective conditions of 1-Gravity. Lunar rain, at 1/6th Gravity, just doesn't look real. Therefore, her dress has a hollow cylindrical 5K spin-2 graviton Field, to make the rain fall at 1G without weighing her down a metric ton. If it's engineered right, she shouldn't feel a bit heavier. That's almost 6990-megawatts right there. The other 10-megawatts or so is mostly rain choreography. #Quote by @hg47
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Nicholas Ostler
#6. Within twenty-five years of the prophet Muhammad's death in 632, they had conquered all of the Fertile Crescent and Persia, and thrust into Armenia and Azerbaijan. Their lightning advance was even more penetrating towards the west: Egypt fell in 641 and the rest of North Africa as far as Tunisia in the next decade. Two generations later, by 712, the Arabic language had become the medium of worship and government in a continuous band of conquered territories from Toledo and Tangier in the west to Samarkand and Sind in the east. No one has ever explained clearly how or why the Arabs could do this. #Quote by Nicholas Ostler
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#7. The flower that smiles today
Tomorrow dies;
All that we wish to stay
Tempts and then flies;
What is this world's delight?
Lightning, that mocks the night,
Brief even as bright.--

Virtue, how frail it is!--
Friendship, how rare!--
Love, how it sells poor bliss
For proud despair!
But these though they soon fall,
Survive their joy, and all
Which ours we call.--

Whilst skies are blue and bright,
Whilst flowers are gay,
Whilst eyes that change ere night
Make glad the day;

Whilst yet the calm hours creep,
Dream thou - and from thy sleep
Then wake to weep. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Anthony McDonald
#8. Are we all just lightning rods for other people's destinies? Is that what it's all about #Quote by Anthony McDonald
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#9. My very photogenic mother died in a freak accident (picnic, lightning) when I was three, and, save for a pocket of warmth in the darkest past, nothing of her subsists within the hollows and dells of memory, over which, if you can still stand my style (I am writing under observation), the sun of my infancy had set: surely, you all know those redolent remnants of day suspended, with the midges, about some hedge in bloom or suddenly entered and traversed by the rambler, at the bottom of a hill, in the summer dusk; a furry warmth, golden midges. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by L. Penelope
#10. Just as lightning transforms the tree into cinder, so does doubt change progress to stagnation. #Quote by L. Penelope
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Rick Riordan
#11. Grover murmured, "Well, Percy, what have we learned today?"
That three-headed dogs prefer red rubber balls over sticks?"
No," Grover told me. "We've learned that your plans really, really bite! #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Stieg Larsson
#12. Her voice was as rough as sandpaper. As long as Blomkvist lived, he would never forget her face as she went on the attack. Her teeth were bared like a beast of prey. Her eyes were glittering, black as coal. She moved with the lightning speed of a tarantula and seemed totally focus on her prey as she swung the club again, striking Martin in the ribs. #Quote by Stieg Larsson
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Pablo Neruda
#13. Love is a war of lightning,
and two bodies ruined by a single sweetness. #Quote by Pablo Neruda
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Apache Proverb
#14. It is better to have less thunder in the mouth and more lightning in the hand. #Quote by Apache Proverb
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Cory Doctorow
#15. What if I got hit by lightning while walking with an umbrella? Ban umbrellas! Fight the menace of lightning! #Quote by Cory Doctorow
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Rick Riordan
#16. In the center stood a marble alter, where a kid in a toga was doing some sort of ritual in front of a massive golden statue of the big dude himself:Jupiter the sky god, dressed in a silk XXXL purple toga, holding a lightning bolt.
"It doesn't look like that," Percy muttered.
"What?" Hazel asked.
"The master bolt," Percy said.
"What are you talking about?"
"I-" Percy frowned. For a second, he'd thought he remembered something. Now it was gone. "Nothing, I guess. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Victoria Aveyard
#17. Mare of the Stilts died the day she fell onto a lightning shield. Mareena, the lost Silver princess, died in the Bowl of Bones. And I don't know what new person opened her eyes on the Undertrain. I only know what she has been and what she has lost, and the weight of it is almost crushing. #Quote by Victoria Aveyard
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Mark Lawrence
#18. I held my arms wide to the rain. I could feel it beat on me. I didn't have so many years under my belt, but even to me the rain fell like memory. It woke wild nights in me when I stood on the Keep Tower, on the edge above a high fall, near drowned in the deluge and daring the lightning to touch me. #Quote by Mark Lawrence
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
#19. The visitor from outer space made a gift to Earth of a new Gospel. In it, Jesus really was a nobody, and a pain in the neck to a lot of people with better connections than he had. He still got to say all the lovely and puzzling things he said in the other Gospels.
So the people amused themselves one day by nailing him to a cross and planting the cross in the ground. There couldn't possibly be any repercussions, the lynchers thought.
The reader would have to think that, too, since the new Gospel hammered home again and again what a nobody Jesus was.
And then, just before the nobody died, the heavens opened up, and there was thunder and lightning. The voice of God came crashing down. He told the people that he was adopting the bum as his son giving him the full powers and privileges of The Son of the Creator of the Universe throughout all eternity. God said this From this moment on, He will punish horribly anybody who torments a bum who has no connections! #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Meghna Pant
#20. Their marriage hadn't died dramatically. There were no adulterous truants or burst spleens or freakish lightning strikes or splattered brains over the highway. Their marriage had died of neglect and errors and abrasiveness. It died under a long protracted illness for which there was a diagnosis but no remedy. The disease had no name. So how could she explain it to others? #Quote by Meghna Pant
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Rabindranath Tagore
#21. The End"
It is time for me to go, mother; I am going.
When in the paling darkness of the lonely dawn you stretch out your arms for your baby in the bed, I shall say, "Baby is not there!" - mother, I am going.
I shall become a delicate draught of air and caress you; and I shall be ripples in the water when you bathe, and kiss you and kiss you again.
In the gusty night when the rain patters on the leaves you will hear my whisper in your bed, and my laughter will flash with the lightning through the open window into your room.
If you lie awake, thinking of your baby till late into the night, I shall sing to you from the stars, "Sleep, mother, sleep."
On the straying moonbeams I shall steal over your bed, and lie upon your bosom while you sleep.
I shall become a dream, and through the little opening of your eyelids I shall slip into the depths of your sleep; and when you wake up and look round startled, like a twinkling firefly I shall flit out into the darkness.
When, on the great festival of puja, the neighbours' children come and play about the house, I shall melt into the music of the flute and throb in your heart all day.
Dear auntie will come with puja-presents and will ask, "Where is our baby, sister?" Mother, you will tell her softly, "He is in the pupils of my eyes, he is in my body and in my soul. #Quote by Rabindranath Tagore
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Joseph Conrad
#22. The unchanging Man of history is wonderfully adaptable cloth by his power of endurance and in his capacity for detachment. The fact seems to be that the play of his destiny is too great for his fears and too mysterious for his understanding. Were the trump of the Last Judgement to sound suddenly on a working day the musician at his piano would go on with his performance of Beethoven's Sonata and the cobbler at his stall stick to his last in undisturbed confidence in the virtues of the leather. And with perfect propriety. For what are we to let ourselves be disturbed by an angel's vengeful music too mighty for our ears and too awful for our terrors ? Thus it happens to us to be struck suddenly by the lightning of wrath. The reader will go on reading if the book pleases him and the critic will go on criticizing with that faculty of detachment born perhaps from a sense of infinite littleness and wich is yet the only faculty that seems to assimilate man to the immortal gods. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Marouane LAASSAFAR
#23. i want to explode in a cloud and be like a lightning striking the earth i want to lift the world and throw it in the other way maybe create a path so much things to say and i will talk about my life now since my birth day well there is not so much to talk about besides a boring life with issues i was talking to the other day and since then i knew its not worth i named it "Ben", like all names here in this country they beggin with ben and all the power comes from "Ben" "Ben" , i mean "bennani", "ben kirane", "ben jalon", "ben chaquron" i can't understand me and you can't understand these things and i hope none of us will because this could make you another you , and you dont want to be another you but i will be another me anytime facing you , me and you we are we who we were and are like straires we are who we are but we are changng and we will still be who we are because changing is not bad no matter how you look deeply into this you will find it like a trap trying to kill you inside you an let your real you go out from that page you created you dont worry it dosent rhime but maybe it does if you look closely weed eternety and happiness from above can i fuck with your mind a little love #Quote by Marouane LAASSAFAR
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by J.M. Richards
#24. He smiled at me shyly and took a step closer. I froze, heart pounding, as he put one hand on my cheek and leaned toward me. I swallowed, gazing up at him with what I hoped was an expectant (and not alarmed) expression. He bent his head toward mine and ... #Quote by J.M. Richards
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Me
#25. It resembled the Catatumbo Lightning. At some distance from the coast, at a not-to-distant point, some angry god seemed to be unleashing an electric fury on the defenseless sea. Amanda watched with concern the uninterrupted succession of sparks, the sky regurgitating after swallowing the sun. And in the breeze, increasingly intense, she heard the echo of a menacing roar. #Quote by Me
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Natalie Babbitt
#26. The first week of August is motionless, and hot. It is curiously silent, too, with blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with too much color. Often at night there is lightning, but it quivers all alone. There is no thunder, no relieving rain. These are strange and breathless days, the dog days, when people are led to do things they are sure to be sorry for. #Quote by Natalie Babbitt
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Richard Paul Evans
#27. People talk of life's storms as if they are universal experiences. But they're not. Some people hear thunder while others touch lightning. #Quote by Richard Paul Evans
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Norman Mailer
#28. There was the old myth of divine intervention. You blasphemed, and a lightning bolt struck you. That was a little steep too. If punishment is at all proportionate to the offense, then power becomes watered. The only way you generate the proper attitude of awe and obedience is through immense and disproportionate power. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#29. The creative act lasts but a brief moment, a lightning instant of give-and-take, just long enough for you to level the camera and to trap the fleeting prey in your little box. #Quote by Henri Cartier-Bresson
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Michel Leiris
#30. at man's height the mouth utters its cries, tosses forth its oracles, gives vent to its puns. To allow words to come to life, bare themselves, and show us by chance, for the space of a lightning bolt bony with dice, a few of our reasons for living and dying #Quote by Michel Leiris
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Emily C.A. Snyder
#31. But neither could compare with the gargantuan natural edifice that was the mountain upon which Nachtstürm Castle rose. It was a mountain made of the darkness between two lightning bolts. It was made less of earth than Stygian frost. Whole towns fell away as they ascended, as though the ranks of black and frowning conifers waged war against the humans below. Even the path – rather narrow and rarely straight – seemed less made by centuries of pilgrim feet and more by the trace of some careless demon's claw.

It was, in fact, perfect. #Quote by Emily C.A. Snyder
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Lord Dunsany
#32. There are loves that are each one the romance of a lifetime. Such a love must illumine the whole of a man's memories and light up all his years. It goes down time like lightning through the air. The length of it in hours is not to be measured. #Quote by Lord Dunsany
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Marie Coulson
#33. Layla. I don't know how you feel
about me. I hope you feel as deeply as I do, but I knew the moment I saw you how I felt. It hit me like a bolt of lightning right here." He pressed my
palm against his chest, just above his heart. I drew in a sharp breath. "Layla I'm falling for you. I'm deeply, madly and completely head over heels for
you. You're mine and I want to take care of you. Please, let me give you things while I can, let me spoil you and treat you the way you deserve. Like
a queen. My queen. I…" He took a long breath while I held mine in anticipation of his next heart stopping words.
"…I love you Layla. #Quote by Marie Coulson
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Joe Meno
#34. Apples are kissing other apples. Gray cats are kissing other gray cats. Trees are kissing trees. You and I are not kissing. We work in an office together. We are both married to other people. It is okay because we only have ideas, you and I, about whether we should kiss or not. These ideas are both good and bad, probably.
At work, we do not say these words aloud but make elaborate diagrams for one another. You write these words: Kissing you would be like this, and draw a picture of two butterflies being struck by lightning. I stare at it and wonder if you may be right. I do my own drawing and write, Kissing you would be like this, and sketch a picture of a man made of ice kissing a woman who is actually a stove. We have made hundreds of these drawings. We do not actually do any work. #Quote by Joe Meno
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Christina Rossetti
#35. January cold and desolate;
February dripping wet;
March wind ranges;
April changes;
Birds sing in tune
To flowers of May,
And sunny June
Brings longest day;
In scorched July
The storm-clouds fly,
August bears corn,
September fruit;
In rough October
Earth must disrobe her;
Stars fall and shoot
In keen November;
And night is long
And cold is strong
In bleak December. #Quote by Christina Rossetti
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Cami Ostman
#36. A moment later the race began - poof - without any fanfare. There was no horn or gun or even a megaphone. But someone at the starting line must have yelled, "Go!" for everyone began running. Some things, even some of the most life-changing experiences, start that way. No one says, "This (fill in the blank) is going to be one of the most radical rites of passage you will ever travel through, so pay attention." Someone just says, "Okay, go ahead now," and you find yourself in the middle of an unexpected lightning storm with your life flashing before you. #Quote by Cami Ostman
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Mohsin Hamid
#37. Lightning flickered above the city, a crescent moon sneered through a gap in the clouds. The boutique huddled against the storm, a tiny island of light on an unlit street. #Quote by Mohsin Hamid
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by C.S. Lewis
#38. And so to my fool's bed. What was that? No, no, not a girl crying in the garden. No one, cold, hungry, and banished, was shivering there, longing and not daring to come in. It was the chains swinging at the well. It would be folly to get up and go out and call again: Psyche, Psyche, my only love. I am a great queen. I have killed a man. I am drunk like a man. All warriors drink deep after the battle. Bardia's lips on my hand were like the touch of lightning. All great princes have mistresses and lovers. There's the crying again. No, it's only the buckets at the well. "Shut the window, Poobi. To your bed, child. Do you love me, Poobi? Kiss me good night. Good night." The king's dead. He'll never pull my hair again. A straight thrust and then a cut in the leg. That would have killed him. I am the Queen; I'll kill Orual too. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Haruki Murakami
#39. In the instant Miu touched her hair, Sumire fell in love, like she was crossing a field and bang! a bolt of lightning zapped her right in the head. Something akin to an artistic revelation. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by J.M. Richards
#40. For someone who wrote a novel with a superhero named "Dark Lightning," you wouldn't think a thunderstorm would make me so nervous. #Quote by J.M. Richards
Ff13 2 Lightning quotes by Henry Ward Beecher
#41. Loving is like music. Some instruments can go up two octaves, some four, and some all the way from black thunder to sharp lightning. As some of them are susceptible only of melody, so some hearts can sing but one song of love, while others will fun in a full choral harmony. #Quote by Henry Ward Beecher

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