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Festivities Event quotes by Debasish Mridha
#1. When you try to forget, you will never be able to do it. It will only create a stronger memory. You can't erase an event or memory from your memory box or hippocampus. The memory will only get stronger. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Festivities Event quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#2. When did having a life become an event you had to schedule? #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Festivities Event quotes by Douglas Coupland
#3. My life is neither a disaster nor supernatural, yet it is an unlikely event. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Festivities Event quotes by Robert J. Samuelson
#4. We have arrived at socialized medicine in America. I do not report this as either a good or bad event but simply as something that has happened with hardly anyone realizing it. This is the first result - and probably the most important - of the national health care debate launched last week by President Clinton. Our politics and economy will never again be the same. #Quote by Robert J. Samuelson
Festivities Event quotes by Olivia Wilde
#5. Not everything has to be a couples' event. #Quote by Olivia Wilde
Festivities Event quotes by Mary Augusta Ward
#6. Learn the lesson of your own pain
learn to seek God, not in any single event of past history, but in your own soul
in the constant verifications of experience, in the life of Christian love. #Quote by Mary Augusta Ward
Festivities Event quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#7. I have already expressed the conviction which I entertain as to the latter event. *r I do not imagine that the white and black races will ever live in any country upon an equal footing. But I believe the difficulty to be still greater in the United States than elsewhere. #Quote by Alexis De Tocqueville
Festivities Event quotes by Dylan Penn
#8. You're at a party or an event, and you're interacting with other people, but there's no shame in getting your camera out and getting your perfect angle. It's bizarre to me. #Quote by Dylan Penn
Festivities Event quotes by James Redfield
#9. One of the things I think we're learning to do as the twelfth insight emerges is to be discerning without being judgmental, because condemning someone certainly feels like a comic event that brings other things back on you. #Quote by James Redfield
Festivities Event quotes by Travie McCoy
#10. People ridicule you for the silliest thing, like what you wore to an event. At the end of the day, I'm just being me - if that's not good enough for you, tell me what is. Usually people don't have an answer. #Quote by Travie McCoy
Festivities Event quotes by David Bentley Hart
#11. Again, the "distance" between being and nonbeing is qualitatively infinite, and so it is immaterial here how small, simple, vacuous, or impalpably indeterminate a physical state or event is: it is still infinitely removed from non-being and infinitely incapable of having created itself out of nothing. #Quote by David Bentley Hart
Festivities Event quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
#12. Imagine going to Mexico with a notebook and trying to figure out the average wealth of the population from talking to people you randomly encounter. Odds are that, without Carlos Slim in your sample, you have little information. For out of the hundred or so million Mexicans, Slim would (I estimate) be richer than the bottom seventy to ninety million all taken together. So you may sample fifty million persons and unless you include that "rare event," you may have nothing in your sample and underestimate the total wealth. #Quote by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Festivities Event quotes by Hyrum W. Smith
#13. A goal is a planned event #Quote by Hyrum W. Smith
Festivities Event quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#14. We can think of Lent as a time to eradicate evil or cultivate virtue, a time to pull up weeds or to plant good seeds. Which is better is clear, for the Christian ideal is always positive rather than negative. A person is great not by the ferocity of his hatred of evil, but by the intensity of his love for God. Asceticism and mortification are not the ends of a Christian life; they are only the means. The end is charity. Penance merely makes an opening in our ego in which the Light of God can pour. As we deflate ourselves, God fills us. And it is God's arrival that is the important event. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Festivities Event quotes by Winston Graham
#15. Music, she thought, perhaps could be a continuing process, like life, a shedding of one skin as fast as another grew. Instead every tune seemed to exist with its notes firmly rooted in an event or an emotion or a period of time. #Quote by Winston Graham
Festivities Event quotes by Gerald Edelman
#16. Hayek made a quite fruitful suggestion, made contemporaneously by the psychologist Donald Hebb, that whatever kind of encounter the sensory system has with the world, a corresponding event between a particular cell in the brain and some other cell carrying the information from the outside word must result in reinforcement of the connection between those cells. These day, this is known as a Hebbian synapse, but von Hayek quite independently came upon the idea. I think the essence of his analysis still remains with us . #Quote by Gerald Edelman
Festivities Event quotes by Sherryl Woods
#17. The man can kiss like it's an Olympic event and he's going for the gold. #Quote by Sherryl Woods
Festivities Event quotes by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
#18. The foodstuff, carbohydrate, is essentially a packet of hydrogen, a hydrogen supplier, a hydrogen donor, and the main event during its combustion is the splitting off of hydrogen. #Quote by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Festivities Event quotes by Craig Nova
#19. The truth for a novelist isn;t the same as the facts . . . When a writer is successful in using a story taken from experience, it is not told exactly the way it happened, but in the way that reveals, through all one's beliefs, hopes, and fear, how the event should have happened. #Quote by Craig Nova
Festivities Event quotes by Jeremy Irons
#20. A trip to the mainland was a big event and happened maybe once a year, although now you can get across in a speed boat in seven minutes but then it was a long way away. #Quote by Jeremy Irons
Festivities Event quotes by Thucydides
#21. As for him who envies or even fears us (and envied and feared great powers must always be), and who on this account wishes Syracuse to be humbled to teach us a lesson, but would still have her survive in the interest of his own security, the wish that he indulges is not humanly possible. A man can control his own desires but he cannot likewise control circumstances; and in the event of his calculations proving mistaken, he may live to bewail his own misfortune, and wish to be again envying my prosperity. An idle wish, if he now sacrifice us and refuse to take his share of perils which are the same in reality, though not in name, for him as for us; what is nominally the preservation of our power being really his own salvation. #Quote by Thucydides
Festivities Event quotes by Mark M. Bello
#22. Kevin wants to get his message out to the public while he has the media's attention. Everyone will be watching his trial, a huge media event, and he wants the trial to be about bullying and his own experience with bullies . . . #Quote by Mark M. Bello
Festivities Event quotes by Richard B. Hays
#23. God has chosen to save the world through the cross, through the shameful and
powerless death of the crucified Messiah. If that shocking event is the
revelation of the deepest truth about the character of God, then our whole way
of seeing the world is turned upside down… all values are transformed… God
refuses to play games of power and prestige on human terms. #Quote by Richard B. Hays
Festivities Event quotes by Rebecca Sparrow
#24. But opposites attract, as they say, and that's certainly true when it comes to Emma Marchetta and me. She's the beauty and I'm the brains. She loves all forms of reality television, would donate a kidney if it meant she could pash Andrew G, is constantly being invited out to parties and other schools' semi formals, and likes any movie featuring Lindsay Lohan. I, on the other hand, have shoulder-length blonde hair, too many freckles and - thanks to years of swimming the fifty-metre butterfly event - swimmer's shoulders and no boobs. In other words, I look like an ironing board with a blonde wig.

- Cat #Quote by Rebecca Sparrow
Festivities Event quotes by Stuart Dybek
#25. In 'Labor Day Hurricane, 1935,' Douglas Trevor vividly recreates a historical event. While that is the only story in A THIN TEAR IN THE FABRIC OF SPACE in the historical past, many of the other stories juxtapose fact-both historical and scientific-with narration to an engaging effect, one that distinguishes the voice of this new writer. #Quote by Stuart Dybek
Festivities Event quotes by R.C. Sproul
#26. had gone to heaven. Enoch was "translated" and Elijah was "taken up." One could "ascend" a ladder (Jesus had told Nathanael that he would see angels ascending and descending on the Son of Man, and Jacob beheld a ladder in his midnight dream at Bethel) or one could "ascend" to Jerusalem, moving to a higher elevation from sea level. The term could be used figuratively to refer to the elevation of a king to his royal office. But no one ever had "ascended to heaven" in the sense in which Jesus was speaking. The ascension of Jesus was the supreme political event of world history. He ascended #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Festivities Event quotes by John Adams
#27. My best wishes, in the joys, and festivities, and the solemn services of that day on which will be completed the fiftieth year from its birth, of the independence of the United States: a memorable epoch in the annals of the human race, destined in future history to form the brightest or the blackest page, according to the use or the abuse of those political institutions by which they shall, in time to come, be shaped by the human mind. #Quote by John Adams
Festivities Event quotes by William Sitwell
#28. If we agree that good food is more important than many so-called 'important things in life,' and surely no one would dismiss lightly an event which occurs at least twice a day, and which is conducive to happiness or bad temper," he wrote in his book What Shall We Have Today?, "then we must admit that a cook is an important person in the household, since she dispenses gifts either precious or intolerable. #Quote by William Sitwell
Festivities Event quotes by Flann O'Brien
#29. I cannot say whether there is fur on my wife's legs for I have never seen them nor do I intend to commit myself to the folly of looking at them. In any event and in all politeness -nothing would be further from me than to insult a guest- I deem the point you have made as unimportant because there is surely nothing in the old world to prevent a deceitful kangaroo from shaving the fur from her legs, assuming she is a woman? #Quote by Flann O'Brien
Festivities Event quotes by J.B. Snow
#30. Birthday parties and events will be thrown for the child to elicit admiration and attention from others. However, the child will be punished, berated and humiliated in the middle of the party in front of an audience if they behave against the expectations of the self-absorbed mother. The party only serves to generate additional narcissistic supply for the mother, not a pleasurable event for the child. Events are scheduled, changed, and cancelled in order to exert and announce control over the child. They make it very apparent to the child that the mother can both give pleasure and take pleasure away by these means. #Quote by J.B. Snow
Festivities Event quotes by John Fiske
#31. We shall be inclined to pronounce the voyage that led to the way to this New World as the most epoch-making event of all that have occurred since the birth of Christ. #Quote by John Fiske
Festivities Event quotes by Dahi Tamara Koch
#32. The only valuable acknowledgement is the acknowledgement you grant yourself. #Quote by Dahi Tamara Koch
Festivities Event quotes by Camille Lucy
#33. We may never understand all of life, but trusting that each event is as it should be is helpful. And all you can do. Stay strong in your vision of what you want for yourself and live with intention and action to become that. Everything will unfold naturally and easily. Now is all you have. It's all anyone has. The next moment is unpredictable and never promised to us in these bodies. #Quote by Camille Lucy
Festivities Event quotes by Adam Cole
#34. We're more than ready to deliver. When the pressure is on, I think that's when the Ring of Honor roster does the best. Not only the main event, the entire roster feels the pressure and are ready to deliver. #Quote by Adam Cole
Festivities Event quotes by Carl Jung
#35. Synchronistic phenomena prove the simultaneous occurrence of meaningful equivalences in heterogenous, causally unrelated processes; in other words, they prove that a content perceived by an observer can, at the same time, be represented by an outside event, without any causal connection. From this it follows either that the psyche cannot be localized in time, or that space is relative to the psyche. #Quote by Carl Jung
Festivities Event quotes by Michael Marshall
#36. I don't find it surprising that super-old people are so odd and grumpy. Half their friends are dead, they feel like shit most of the time, and the next major event in their lives is going to be their last. They #Quote by Michael Marshall
Festivities Event quotes by Lois Lowry
#37. He had waited a long time for this special December. Now that it was almost upon him, he wasn't frightened, but he was ... eager, he decided. He was eager for it to come. And he was excited, certainly. All of the Elevens were excited about the event that would be coming so soon. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Festivities Event quotes by Armando Iannucci
#38. I started quite young at school, compering a charity event at an old people's home. I would do stand up and impressions and enjoyed the laughter. It's very addictive. It's a lovely sensation to say something and hear a whole room laugh. #Quote by Armando Iannucci
Festivities Event quotes by Don DeLillo
#39. And what do you remember, finally, when everyone has gone home and the streets are empty of devotion and hope, swept by river wind? Is the memory thin and bitter and does it shame you with its fundamental untruth--all nuance and wishful silhouette? Or does the power of transcendence linger, the sense of an event that violates natural forces, something holy that throbs on the hot horizon, the vision you crave because you need a sign to stand against your doubt? #Quote by Don DeLillo
Festivities Event quotes by George Vecsey
#40. Hockey suffers from being compared to itself in ways that other sports are not. Every four years, some of us fawn over Olympic hockey, a great event with bigger rinks, minimal goonishness and national pride in addition to the heightened skills of veritable all-star squads. #Quote by George Vecsey
Festivities Event quotes by Stephen Baker
#41. Decades ago, I'm told, my sister-in-law...was stepping out of the shower in the bathroom of her all-women's dorm, and she heard the call "Men on the floor!" At many schools, this would have been a non-event, but she was in a highly conservative religious college. She was naked. She had only a small towel to cover herself, and there were men prowling the hallways. She could hear them. She waited, but they didn't go away. So she began to think about which part of her body to cover with the towel. It barely fit across her bottom or her top. It certainly didn't cover both. She had to make a choice. Finally, she had an inspired idea. She threw the towel over her head and scampered naked to her room. Given the options, it was more important for her to cloak her identity than her body. #Quote by Stephen Baker
Festivities Event quotes by Aberjhani
#42. The birth of a true poet is neither an insignificant event nor an easy delivery. Complications generally begin long before the fated soul carries its dubious light into whatever womb has been kind enough to volunteer the intricate machinery of its blood and prayers and muscles for a gestation period much longer than nine months or even nine years. #Quote by Aberjhani

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