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Female Beauty quotes by Mary A. Kassian
#1. The Bible presents a grace-soaked, spectacular vision for female beauty. It insists that the King is enthralled - ENTHRALLED! - with the beauty of every woman who puts her faith in Him. We #Quote by Mary A. Kassian
Female Beauty quotes by Robert Galbraith
#2. She was black, too, or rather, a delicious shade of café au lait, and this, we were constantly told, represented progression an industry concerned merely with surfaces. (I am dubious: could it not be that, this season, café au lait was the 'in' shade? Have we seen a sudden influx of black women into the industry in Landry's wake? Have our notions of female beauty been revolutionised by her success? Are black Barbies now out-selling white?) #Quote by Robert Galbraith
Female Beauty quotes by Erin Bowman
#3. It shows damn near everything. I's been hiding my breasts for so long, I half forgot I had 'em. #Quote by Erin Bowman
Female Beauty quotes by Bayard Taylor
#4. So far as female beauty is concerned, the Circassian women have no superiors. They have preserved in their mountain home the purity of the Grecian models, and still display the perfect physical loveliness, whose type has descended to us in the Venus de Medici. #Quote by Bayard Taylor
Female Beauty quotes by Neil Young
#5. What's female beauty, but an air divine, thro' which the mind's all gentle graces shine? They, like the sun, irradiate all between; the body charms because the soul is seen. #Quote by Neil Young
Female Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
#6. A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but an obsession about female obedience. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Female Beauty quotes by Penny Reid
#7. Magazines wanted Jessica Rabbit - the animated character - not real women. Heck, even supermodels weren't good enough anymore. Real women didn't sell magazines. Unrealistic and unhealthy images of female beauty sold magazines. #Quote by Penny Reid
Female Beauty quotes by Camille Paglia
#8. Charisma is the numinous aura around a narcissistic personality. It flows outward from a simplicity or unity of being and a composure and controlled vitality. There is gracious accommodation, yet commanding impersonality. Charisma is the radiance produced by the interaction of male and female elements in a gifted personality. The charismatic woman has a masculine force and severity. The charismatic man has an entrancing female beauty. Both are hot and cold, glowing with presexual self love. #Quote by Camille Paglia
Female Beauty quotes by Philip Roth
#9. Now, I'm very vulnerable to female beauty, as you know. Everybody's defenseless against something, and that's it for me. I see it and it blinds me to everything else. #Quote by Philip Roth
Female Beauty quotes by David J. Normoyle
#10. Her face was a tapestry of moonlight and shadow. #Quote by David J. Normoyle
Female Beauty quotes by Auliq Ice
#11. Females in general are embodiment of alluring mysteries that is beyond mortal capacity to decipher or understand. #Quote by Auliq Ice
Female Beauty quotes by Monica Sjoo Barbara Mor
#12. The witch-burnings did not take place during the "Dark Ages," as we commonly suppose. They occurred between the fifteenth and eighteenth centuries– precisely during and following the Renaissance, that glorious period when, as we are taught, "men's" minds were being freed from bleakness and superstition. While Michelangelo was sculpting and Shakespeare writing, the witches were burning. The whole secular "Enlightenment," in fact, the male professions of doctor, lawyer, judge, artist, all rose from the ashes of the destroyed women's culture. Renaissance men were celebrating naked female beauty in their art, while women's bodies were being tortured and burned by the hundreds of thousands all around them. #Quote by Monica Sjoo Barbara Mor
Female Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
#13. A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty, but an obsession about female obedience. Dieting is the most potent political sedative in women's history; a quietly mad population is a tractable one. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Female Beauty quotes by Thomas C. Foster
#14. And romance is just the place for creating mythic figures doing mythic things. Like carving 'civilzation' out of the wilderness. Like showing us what a hero looks life, a real, American, sprung-from-the soil, lethal-weapon-with-leggings, bona fide hero. And for a guy who never marries, he has a lot of offspring. Shane. The Virginian. The Ringo Kid. The Man with No Name. Just think how many actors would have had no careers without Natty Bumppo. Gary Cooper. John Wayne. Alan Ladd. Tom Mix. Clint Eastwood. Silent. Laconic. More committed to their horse or buddy than to a lady. Professional. Deadly. In his Studies in Classic American Literature, D.H. Lawrence waxes prolix on Natty's most salient feature: he's a killer. And so are his offspring. This heros can talk, stiltedly to be sure, but he prefers silence. He appreciates female beauty but is way more committed to his canoe or his business partner (his business being death and war) or, most disturbingly, his long rifle, Killdeer. Dr. Freud, your three-o'clock is here. Like those later avatars, he is a wilderness god, part backwoods sage, part cold-blooded killer, part unwilling Prince Charming, part jack-of-all-trades, but all man. Here's how his creator describes him: 'a philosopher of the wilderness, simple-minded, faithful, utterly without fear, yet prudent.' A great character, no doubt, but hardly a person. A paragon. An archetype. A miracle. But a potentially real person--not so much. #Quote by Thomas C. Foster
Female Beauty quotes by Robertson Davies
#15. Female beauty in an important Minor Sacrament which cannot be received too often; I am no sure at all that the neglect of it does not constitute a sin of some kind. #Quote by Robertson Davies
Female Beauty quotes by Vasily Grossman
#16. Astra is a beauty. ( ... ) Astra is so beautiful that I have no wish to describe her beauty. I will say only that her beauty is the expression of her soul. Her beauty lives in her quiet walk, in her shy movements, in her always-lowered eyelids, in her barely perceptible smile, in the soft outline of her girlish shoulders, in the chastity of her poor, almost beggarly clothing, in her thoughtful grey eyes. She is a white water lily in a pond shadowed by the branches of trees, born amid still, contemplative water. ( ... ) The world of modest female beauty finds its expression in Astra. As for what may lie hidden in the depths of these waters, no-one can say unless he breaks the water's smooth surface, walks barefoot through the cutting sedge and treads the silty, sucking mud - now cold, now strangely warm. But I only stand on the shore, admiring the lily from a distance #Quote by Vasily Grossman
Female Beauty quotes by Fanny Kemble
#17. Modesty is a diamond setting to female beauty. #Quote by Fanny Kemble
Female Beauty quotes by Erin McKean
#18. You don't owe prettiness to anyone. Not to your boyfriend/spouse/partner, not to your co-workers, especially not to random men on the street. You don't owe it to your mother, you don't owe it to your children, you don't owe it to civilization in general. Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked 'female'. #Quote by Erin McKean
Female Beauty quotes by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
#19. His fierce appreciation of female beauty, the unrelenting desire he felt for their company, the pleasure he both derived and sought to give, had led him in and out of quite a few bedroom doors. #Quote by Roy L. Pickering Jr.
Female Beauty quotes by Henry Miller
#20. ...whenever in my life I have gazed too long upon Beauty, particularly the beauty of the female, I have always experienced the sensation of fear. Fear, and a touch of horror too. #Quote by Henry Miller
Female Beauty quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
#21. Before marriage it is their business to please men; and after, with a few exceptions, they follow the same scent, with all the persevering pertinacity of instinct. Even virtuous women never forget their sex in company, for they are for ever trying to make themselves AGREEABLE. A female beauty and a male wit, appear to be equally anxious to draw the attention of the company to themselves; and the animosity of contemporary wits is proverbial. #Quote by Mary Wollstonecraft
Female Beauty quotes by Warren Farrell
#22. Framework, ( ... ) addiction to female beauty and sex; deprivation of the beautiful woman and sex with her until the man guarantees economic security in return; ( ... #Quote by Warren Farrell
Female Beauty quotes by Maureen Corrigan
#23. The Unfortunate Importance of Beauty is a farcical fictional meditation on female beauty structured as a mash-up of an old episode of Friends, a fairy tale and a murder mystery. #Quote by Maureen Corrigan
Female Beauty quotes by Habeeb Akande
#24. There is nothing more attractive than confidence, once she sees her own beauty, everyone else will. #Quote by Habeeb Akande
Female Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
#25. We are in the midst of a violent backlash againist feminism that uses images of female beauty as political weapons against women's advancement. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Female Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
#26. The more legal and material hindrances women have broken through, the more strictly and heavily and cruelly images of female beauty have come to weigh upon us ... During the past decade, women breached the power structure; meanwhile, eating disorders rose exponentially and cosmetic surgery became the fastest-growing specialty ... pornography became the main media category, ahead of legitimate films and records combined, and thirty-three thousand American women told researchers that they would rather lose ten to fifteen pounds than achieve any other goal ... More women have more money and power and scope and legal recognition than we have ever had before; but in terms of how we feel about ourselves physically, we may actually be worse off than our unliberated grandmothers. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Female Beauty quotes by Ernest Becker
#27. Erwin Strauss, in his brilliant monograph on obsession, similarly earlier showed how repulsed Swift was by the animality of the body, by its dirt and decay. Straus pronounced a more clinical judgment on Swift's disgust, seeing it as part of the typical obsessive's worldview: "For all obsessives sex is severed from unification and procreation....Through the...isolation of the genitals from the whole of the body, sexual functions are experienced as excretions and as decay." This degree of fragmentation is extreme, but we all see the world through obsessive eyes at least part of the time and to some degree; and as Freud said, not only neurotics take exception to the fact that "we are born between urine and feces." In t his horror of the incongruity of man Swift the poet gives more tormented voice to the dilemma that haunts us all, and it is worth summing it up one final time: Excreting is the curse that threatens madness because it shows man his abject finitude, his physicalness, the likely unreality of his hopes and dreams. But even more immediately, it represents man's utter bafflement at the sheer non-sense of creation: to fashion the sublime miracle of the human face, the mysterium tremendum of radiant female beauty, the veritable goddesses that beautiful women are; to bring this out of nothing, out of the void, and make it shine in noonday; to take such a miracle and put miracles again within it, deep in the mystery of eyes that peer out-the eye that gave even the dry Darwi #Quote by Ernest Becker
Female Beauty quotes by Andrea Bocelli
#28. What is beautiful enchants me. I mean not just physical beauty but a wider concept of beauty. There is beauty in poetry and in great musical or singing performances. There is beauty everywhere if you can just see it. #Quote by Andrea Bocelli
Female Beauty quotes by Sanober Khan
#29. the nights would be orphaned
without the sound of crickets chirping. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Female Beauty quotes by John Steinbeck
#30. A study of animal communities has this advantage: they are merely what they are, for anyone to see who will and can look clearly; they cannot complicate the picture by worded idealisms, by saying one thing and being another; here the struggle is unmasked and the beauty is unmasked. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Female Beauty quotes by Robert Venturi
#31. Disharmony that comes from circumstances that are valid has tension, poignancy, quality, and beauty. #Quote by Robert Venturi
Female Beauty quotes by Margot Lee Shetterly
#32. There was virtually no aspect of twentieth-century defense technology that had not been touched by the hands and minds of female mathematicians. #Quote by Margot Lee Shetterly
Female Beauty quotes by Winston Churchill
#33. Tidiness is a virtue, symmetry is often a constituent of beauty ... #Quote by Winston Churchill
Female Beauty quotes by Patricia Sun
#34. We have magnificent brains, but we use a great deal of our brilliance to keep ourselves stuck and ignorant, to keep ourselves from not shining. We are so afraid of our beauty and radiance and brilliance because it scared the adults around us when we were children. #Quote by Patricia Sun
Female Beauty quotes by DeRay Mckesson
#35. In fighting to help this country, this world. To be one that is worthy of the beauty of your life, you will undoubtedly experience pain – the normal pain of life and the pain of struggle. But pain is not who you are. You are, and have always been, more than your pain. #Quote by DeRay Mckesson
Female Beauty quotes by Jewel
#36. The truth is that no one can keep you captive. No one can keep you unhappy. No one can keep you abused. Our lives rise to the level we accept. I do believe we can rise from the screaming blood of our losses, of extreme pain, physically debilitating emotion, psychological neglect, and apathy, and not merely survive, but thrive. We do not need to let our histories or our losses define us except in the way we choose. We can use them as fuel to create real depth, beauty, connectedness, and compassion in our lives. Our stories can make us exceptional people, not damaged ones. If we choose to be truthful with ourselves. And if we choose to digest and release the pain rather than try to avoid it. This is how pain accumulates and creates more pain, leading to neurosis, pathology, and brittleness of spirit. #Quote by Jewel
Female Beauty quotes by Max De Pree
#37. In addition to all of the ratios and goals and parameters and bottom lines, it is fundamental that leaders endorse a concept of persons. This begins with an understanding of the diversity of people's gifts and talents and skills. Recognizing diversity gives us the chance to provide meaning, fulfillment and purpose, which are not to be relegated solely to private life any more than such things as love, beauty and joy. The art of leadership lies in polishing and liberating and enabling those gifts. #Quote by Max De Pree
Female Beauty quotes by Naomi Wolf
#38. You could see the signs of female aging as diseased, especially if you had a vested interest in making women too see them your way. Or you could see that a woman is healthy if she lives to grow old; as she thrives, she reacts and speaks and shows emotion, and grows into her face. Lines trace her thought and radiate from the corners of her eyes as she smiles. You could call the lines a network of 'serious lesions' or you could see that in a precise calligraphy, thought has etched marks of concentration between her brows, and drawn across her forehead the horizontal creases of surprise, delight, compassion and good talk. A lifetime of kissing, of speaking and weeping, shows expressively around a mouth scored like a leaf in motion. The skin loosens on her face and throat, giving her features a setting of sensual dignity; her features grow stronger as she does. She has looked around in her life and it shows. When gray and white reflect in her hair, you could call it a dirty secret or you could call it silver or moonlight. Her body fills into itself, taking on gravity like a bather breasting water, growing generous with the rest of her. The darkening under her eyes, the weight of her lids, their minute cross-hatching, reveal that what she has been part of has left in her its complexity and richness. She is darker, stronger, looser, tougher, sexier. The maturing of a woman who has continued to grow is a beautiful thing to behold. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Female Beauty quotes by Cynthia Rylant
#39. And I love being a writer because I want to leave something here on earth to make it better, prettier, stronger. I want to do something important in my life, and I think that adding beauty to the world with books like The Relatives Came or Waiting to Waltz or Henry and Mudge and the Forever Sea really is important. Every person is able to add beauty, whether by growing flowers, or singing, or cooking luscious meals, or raising sweet pets. Every part of life can be art. I am so grateful to be a writer. I hope every child grows up and finds something to do that will seem important and that will seem precious. Happy living and, especially, happy playing. #Quote by Cynthia Rylant
Female Beauty quotes by Shih Cheng Yen
#40. Cultivating True Beauty

Physical beauty
that comes from keeping up appearances
can only be maintained temporarily,
but beauty that takes
authenticity and sincerity as its foundation
is timeless and eternal.

Whether we are young or old,
if people give rise to joy upon seeing us,
then this is true beauty.

So, if we want to embody true beauty,
we must first cultivate purity and wisdom
in our hearts.
Only the beauty that emanates
from the truth and goodness of our hearts
can be called true beauty. #Quote by Shih Cheng Yen
Female Beauty quotes by Saadi
#41. A little beauty is preferable to much wealth. #Quote by Saadi
Female Beauty quotes by Robert Glasper
#42. I think there's beauty in repetition. And that's part of my culture and African culture as well: repeated things, mantra. It's spiritual, it's meditation, it's Buddhism, it's praying, it's all these things. #Quote by Robert Glasper
Female Beauty quotes by Richard Laymon
#43. the remnants of her Georgia drawl always sounded a bit sad. She made him think of an aging Scarlett O'Hara torn from Tara's halls but clinging to her pride and, with the help of a beauty parlor, her flaming hair. #Quote by Richard Laymon
Female Beauty quotes by Melanie Charlene
#44. Take the time to observe the simple and ponder upon the seemingly insignificant. You'll find a wealth of depth and beauty. #Quote by Melanie Charlene
Female Beauty quotes by Amanda Harter
#45. Scars will forever show in our hearts, on our skin or in our soul, but it is up to us to show the world their true beauty #Quote by Amanda Harter
Female Beauty quotes by John Geddes
#46. Beauty is not symmetry of parts- that's so impotent -as Mishima says, beauty is something that attacks, overpowers, robs, & finally destroys ... #Quote by John Geddes
Female Beauty quotes by Robert Mapplethorpe
#47. Beauty and the devil are the same thing. #Quote by Robert Mapplethorpe
Female Beauty quotes by Caroline Criado Perez
#48. There is a better way. And it's a pretty simple one: we must increase female representation in all spheres of life. #Quote by Caroline Criado Perez
Female Beauty quotes by Alexandra Elle
#49. When you are truly stunning, gorgeous and beautiful, you won't have to prove that to anyone visually. #Quote by Alexandra Elle
Female Beauty quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#50. You're beautiful to me, Jamie," I said softly, at last. "So beautiful, you break my heart. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Female Beauty quotes by Phoebe Robinson
#51. ...women are conditioned to waste hours, days, weeks, months (although, truth be told, it's most likely years) doubting, undermining, and ultimately hating parts, if not all, of themselves based solely on "problems" with their bodies that can be solved by buying products from an industry that invented these problems in the first place. How fucking convenient. And when all is said and done, what is the prize for this self-torture? Fitting neatly within society's destructive narrative about the female body. #Quote by Phoebe Robinson
Female Beauty quotes by Sri Chinmoy
#52. What is realisation? Realisation is my conscious and constant sailing with my Inner Pilot in His Golden Boat towards the uncharted land, where sooner than at once beauty, divinity and Immortality seeds grow into the richest harvest. #Quote by Sri Chinmoy
Female Beauty quotes by Anonymous
#53. When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, then look to those who have been given less. #Quote by Anonymous
Female Beauty quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#54. I feel that beauty and femininity are ageless #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Female Beauty quotes by Sally Rooney
#55. He tells her that she's beautiful. She has never heard that before, though she has sometimes privately suspected it of herself, but it feels different to hear it from another person. #Quote by Sally Rooney
Female Beauty quotes by Francis A. Schaeffer
#56. A Christian should use these arts to the glory of God, not just as tracts, mind you, but as things of beauty to the praise of God. An art work can be a doxology in itself. #Quote by Francis A. Schaeffer
Female Beauty quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#57. I find beauty in every sacred moment. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Female Beauty quotes by Lao-Tzu
#58. Thirty spokes
Share one hub.
Make the nothing therein appropriate, and you will have the use of the cart. #Quote by Lao-Tzu
Female Beauty quotes by Jennifer Freitag
#59. What is wit? she thought. What is cunning, what is beauty, what are love's pleas and hate's rages? They all come to dust, and the devil is by far a better player than I. #Quote by Jennifer Freitag
Female Beauty quotes by Sylvia Plath
#60. I woke to the sound of rain. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Female Beauty quotes by Jacqueline Diamond
#61. Beauty reflected in a pool may be a little blurred, but it can be as beautiful in its own way as the original. #Quote by Jacqueline Diamond
Female Beauty quotes by Helen Keller
#62. We need limitations and temptations to open our inner selves, dispel our ignorance, tear off disguises, throw down old idols, and destroy false standards. Only by such rude awakenings can we be led to dwell in a place where we are less cramped, less hindered by the ever-insistent External. Only then do we discover a new capacity and appreciation of goodness and beauty and truth. #Quote by Helen Keller
Female Beauty quotes by Al Aronowitz
#63. Janis Joplin has one of the most distinguished female voices of the decade. It is a voice that has been aged in Southern Comfort and cured with Kahlua and milk. It is a voice that cuts you like a razor, but you can still hear the innocence in it, a claim to purity that soars out of the garbage of her throat, carrying evil harmonies. #Quote by Al Aronowitz

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