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Feeling Clingy quotes by L.J.Smith
#1. A bright haze seemed to lie over everything, and she had a feeling of unreality, but the scene itself looked almost unbelievably wholesome, like something out of a commercial. Just your average family sitting down to eat turkey, she thought. One slightly flustered aunt, worried that the peas will be mushy and the rolls burnt, one comfortable uncle-to-be, one golden-haired teenage niece and her baby sister. One blue-eyed boy-next-door type, one spritely girlfriend, one gorgeous vampire passing the vegetables. A typical American household. #Quote by L.J.Smith
Feeling Clingy quotes by E.B. White
#2. All poets who, when reading from their own works,m experience a choked feeling, are major. For that matter, all poets who read from their own works are major, whether they choke or not. #Quote by E.B. White
Feeling Clingy quotes by Gagabriel
#3. i felt like i was wanting you more than ever..
I want to fall asleep with the pure sound of your heart beat,
wrapped around your warm arms, feeling your skin against mine
and wake up with the sound of your sweet voice and a beautiful smile
on a saturday morning.
I want to kiss you from head to toe and drown in your carefree laugh
I want the entirety of you and love you endlessly.....
when i wake up this morning and pondered of my wants
it break my heart to realise that my simple wants
are nowhere near achievable.... #Quote by Gagabriel
Feeling Clingy quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#4. It is a well-worn truth that cops grow callous, a cliché so tattered that it is even common on television. All cops face things every day that are so gruesome, brutal, and bizarre that no normal human being could deal with them on a daily basis and stay sane. And so they learn not to feel, to grow and maintain a poker-faced whimsy toward all the surprising things their fellow humans find to do to each other. All cops practice not-feeling, and it may be that Miami cops are better at it than others, since they have so many opportunities to learn. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Feeling Clingy quotes by Wilferd Peterson
#5. A person is alive only to the degree that he or she is aware. To make the most of life we must constantly strive to be aware of the importance of being aware. Be aware of your senses and use them: So often we are distracted and unconscious of the riches our senses can pour into our lives. We eat food without tasting it, listen to music without hearing it, smell without experiencing the pungency of odors and the delicacy of perfumes, touch without feeling the grain or texture, and see without appreciating the beauty around us. #Quote by Wilferd Peterson
Feeling Clingy quotes by Danny Elfman
#6. It often feels like a tremendous amount of work is required to get an idea moving forward, like pushing a train uphill. But at a certain point, the thing takes on its own momentum, and takes unexpected turns. So it's that feeling of holding on, rather than pushing it, that is the most exciting thing. It's that need to occasionally bounce off the walls, letting anything happen for any reason, and having nothing to guide you that is the joy. #Quote by Danny Elfman
Feeling Clingy quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#7. We aren't born with a ready-made conscience. As we pass through life, we hurt people and people hurt us, we act compassionately and others show compassion to us. If we pay attention, our moral sensitivity sharpens, and these experiences become a source of valuable ethical knowledge about what is good, what is right and who I really am.
Humanism thus sees life as a gradual process of inner change, leading from ignorance to enlightenment by means of experiences. The highest aim of humanist life is to fully develop your knowledge through a large variety of intellectual, emotional and physical experiences. In the early nineteenth century, Wilhelm von Humboldt – one of the chief architects of the modern education system – said that the aim of existence is 'a distillation of the widest possible experience of life into wisdom'. He also wrote that 'there is only one summit in life – to have taken the measure in feeling of everything human'. This could well be the humanist motto. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Feeling Clingy quotes by Kate Atkinson
#8. feeling that always came with the rain and the dark. She'd just #Quote by Kate Atkinson
Feeling Clingy quotes by Dale Carnegie
#9. It never hurts a fool to appear before an
audience, for his capacity is not a capacity for feeling. #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Feeling Clingy quotes by Hermann Hesse
#10. All the books of the world full of thoughts and poems are nothing in comparison to a minute of sobbing, when feeling surges in waves, the soul feels itself profoundly and finds itself. Tears are the melting ice of snow. All angels are close to the crying person. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Feeling Clingy quotes by Vera Nazarian
#11. Relief is a great feeling.
It's the emotional and physical reward we receive from our bodies upon alleviation of pain, pressure and struggle. A time to bask in the lack of the negative.
And yet, think about it - relief is really the status quo, a negation of the suffering, a nothing in itself. It is the way things were before the pressure and struggle began.
So, is it a step back? A regression?
Or is it an opportunity to regroup, start over, and move in a different direction?
Use your moment of relief well. #Quote by Vera Nazarian
Feeling Clingy quotes by Frederick Douglass
#12. No man can be truly free whose liberty is dependent upon the thought, feeling and action of others, and who has himself no means in his own hands for guarding, protecting, defending and maintaining that liberty #Quote by Frederick Douglass
Feeling Clingy quotes by Denise Austin
#13. Fake it until you make it! When you're feeling bad, get dressed up - soon your inside will catch up with your outside #Quote by Denise Austin
Feeling Clingy quotes by William Somerset Maugham
#14. Immediately after Mrs. Carey's death Emma had ordered from the florist masses of white flowers for the room in which the dead woman lay. It was sheer waste of money. Emma took far too much upon herself. Even if there had been no financial necessity, he would have dismissed her. But Philip went to her, and hid his face in her bosom, and wept as though his heart would break. And she, feeling that he was almost her own son - she had taken him when he was a month old - consoled him with soft words. She promised that she would come and see him sometimes, and that she would never forget him; and #Quote by William Somerset Maugham
Feeling Clingy quotes by Amy A. Bartol
#15. Oh, I'm so going to put a knife in the other side of your chest, I think, feeling stabby. #Quote by Amy A. Bartol
Feeling Clingy quotes by Joe Hill
#16. But Jakob had the gift of confession, could talk about how he wanted to touch her and be with her, with all the daring and athletic skill he brought to riding a unicycle or walking on a tightrope. He was small and compact and muscular, and also intellectually muscular, mentally something of an acrobat. Sometimes she felt that those intellectual acrobatics were a bit tiring; at those times she felt less as if they were feeling everything together, more as if she were simply his audience, someone to applaud his latest leap through the burning hoop of existentialism and his backflip onto the trampoline of nonconformity. But #Quote by Joe Hill
Feeling Clingy quotes by Kent Allan Rees
#17. Though they only take a second to say, thank yous leave a warm feeling behind that can last for hours. #Quote by Kent Allan Rees
Feeling Clingy quotes by Rachel Caine
#18. What's with the disco lights?" Michael said, rolling down the window between the driver's compartment and the back.
Eve turned around, and her face brightened. "You like it? I thought it looked really cool. I saw it in a movie, you know, in a limo."
"It's cool," Michael said, and smiled at her. She smiled back. "Can't wait to lie here and watch it with you."
Claire said, "You don't have to wait; it's working now. Look
Oh. Never mind." She blushed, feeling stupid that she hadn't gotten that one in the first second. Eve winked at her. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Feeling Clingy quotes by Johnny Truant
#19. as our lives become less and less genuine, we require bigger and bigger thrills to scare us, for just a moment, into feeling human again. #Quote by Johnny Truant
Feeling Clingy quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#20. I count everything. Even numbers, odd numbers, multiples of 10. I count the ticks of the clock i count the tocks of the clock I count the lines between the lines on a sheet of paper. I count the broken beats of my heart I count my pulse and my blinks and the number of tries it takes to inhale enough oxygen for my lungs. I stay like this I stand like this I count like this until the feeling stops. Until the tears stop spilling, until my fists stop shaking, until my heart stops aching. There are never enough numbers. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Feeling Clingy quotes by Peter Lerangis
#21. In a whirlwind, Reagan quickly knocked off fifty more push-ups, flipped, and did thirty crunches, then turned and landed a kick that dented the metal door. "I'm feeling sick, too, and look at me. What if Babe Ruth had said 'Time to Rest'? Or Michael Phelps? Or Neil Armstrong? Come on, guys–what are we?"
"Hungry," Natalie said.
"Sleepy," Alistair added.
"Grumpy," Fiske said.
"Sneezy," Phoenix piped up.
"Shot," Nellie said. #Quote by Peter Lerangis
Feeling Clingy quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#22. Do you think it will always be this way?"
"I mean, when do we start feeling like the world belongs to us?"
I wanted to tell him that the world would never belong to us. "I don't know," I said. "Tomorrow. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Feeling Clingy quotes by Jennifer Lopez
#23. The best part of having two babies at once, a son and a daughter, is mostly everything. You're just having that feeling of love inside you all the time and motherhood is such a fulfilling place to be. I kind of wish it would have happened to me earlier in my life. #Quote by Jennifer Lopez
Feeling Clingy quotes by Gian Kumar
#24. Our mind is mysterious, a wonderful force, which emits our thoughts, aggressively residing and thriving in our egoistic self. Remove all thought and there will be no mind, world, perception, sensation, feeling, conscious experience or anything at all. #Quote by Gian Kumar
Feeling Clingy quotes by Lady Gaga
#25. Sometimes I get this gut feeling about people - maybe I sense a hidden agenda or that they care for the money more than the message. I wish that I'd listen to that feeling instead of waiting for the truth to rear its ugly head. I'm a smart girl. I'm loyal. But sometimes I'm too loyal. I'm not loyal enough to myself. #Quote by Lady Gaga
Feeling Clingy quotes by Erin O'Connor
#26. Sometimes, very quietly and graciously, you can inspire other people by showing them that there's a different way and many perceptions of beauty. You may not be feeling it inside, but if you display it like you mean it, then it can give permission to be kind to ourselves and embrace our individuality. #Quote by Erin O'Connor
Feeling Clingy quotes by Stephen Osborne
#27. The room was deathly quiet. Maybe because I was holding my
breath. You know that feeling you get when you know you're doing
something that you shouldn't be doing but you're doing it anyway? I
felt that if someone were to sneak up behind me and go "Boo" that
my heart would say "Fuck it" and just stop beating.
I told myself to think of something else. Think of that gorgeous
young man who had served us at dinner. Think of how he'd look
naked. Okay, maybe don't think of that. The only thing worse than
being found in someone else's room rifling through their things would
be to be found in someone else's room pleasuring yourself. #Quote by Stephen Osborne
Feeling Clingy quotes by Amos Bronson Alcott
#28. Enthusiasm imparts itself magnetically and fuses all into one happy and harmonious unity of feeling and sentiment. #Quote by Amos Bronson Alcott
Feeling Clingy quotes by Jennifer Egan
#29. As Ted sat, feeling the evolution of the afternoon, he found himself thinking of Susan. Not the slightly different version of Susan, but Susan herself - his wife - on a day many years ago, before Ted had begun folding up his desire into the tiny shape it had become. On a trip to New York, riding the Staten Island Ferry for fun, because neither one of them had ever done it, Susan turned to him suddenly and said, "Let's make sure it's always like this." And so entwined were their thoughts at that point that Ted knew exactly why she'd said it: not because they'd made love that morning or drunk a bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse at lunch - because she'd felt the passage of time. And then Ted felt it, too, in the leaping brown water, the scudding boats and wind - motion, chaos everywhere - and he'd held Susan's hand and said, "Always. It will always be like this. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Feeling Clingy quotes by Guillaume Musso
#30. Now he could say for sure that he'd never known a feeling stronger than that of being at one with another person - that rare feeling of not being alone anymore. #Quote by Guillaume Musso
Feeling Clingy quotes by Luis Suarez
#31. I want to be remembered for the good things - for winning the Champions League, for winning five of the first six trophies at Barcelona. I could win another Champions League and I want to go on making history. It goes back to the feeling of more responsibility at Liverpool. I felt I had to suffer more to not be criticised but here the responsibility falls on others too and I can enjoy it more. #Quote by Luis Suarez
Feeling Clingy quotes by Cate Blanchett
#32. I love those moments on stage, on screen and in life when you dispense with language, when you sort of transcend it in a way, and certainly the experience of falling in love, I think, defies words, which is why poets, painters, musicians, actors have tried to describe that feeling, writers have just tried to put words to that. #Quote by Cate Blanchett
Feeling Clingy quotes by A. Zukowski
#33. I like being with you. It surprised me because I wasn't expecting that given our age gap." I gape at him. What is my reason? Why am I taken by Ali? I'd invited him to come out to the bar. I scratch my head. I've allowed myself to follow my heart, and for him to breakthrough my defences. "I like you." Is it enough reason to ignore my escort's professional code? Ali smiles. "It's enough for now. Don't you think?" I should ask him 'enough for what?' but I'm afraid of the answer. This something that I'm feeling urges me to stay on the pavement outside the bar, to listen to him talk about his life, and be the one who comforts him when he needs. Why am I doing this? Am I expecting the same from him? Someone who cares about me, despite what a fuck-up I am? I shake my head to get rid of my confusing thoughts #Quote by A. Zukowski
Feeling Clingy quotes by Meg Jay
#34. Most twentysomethings yearn for a feeling of community, and they cling to their strong ties to feel more connected. Ironically, being enmeshed with a group can actually enhance feelings of alienation, because we - and our tribe - become insular and detached. Over time, our initial feeling of being part of a group becomes a sense of disconnection with the larger world. #Quote by Meg Jay
Feeling Clingy quotes by Howard Schultz
#35. Large or small, our actions forge our futures, hopefully inspiring others along the way.

Entrepreneurs must love what they do to such a degree that doing it is worth sacrifice and, at times, pain. But doing anything else, we think, would be unimaginable.

In times of adversity and change, we really discover who we are and what we're made of.

Effective leaders share two intertwined attributes: an unbridled level of confidence about where their organizations are headed, and the ability to bring people along.

Fixing moments, like mopping a dirty floor, only provides short-term satisfaction. But take the time to understand the cause of the problem - like how to keep a floor from getting so dirty in the first place - solves, and maybe eliminates, a problem.

How leaders embody the values they espouse sets a tone, an expectation, that guides their employees' behaviors.

While I would not want to constantly battle against the odds, the raw feeling of accomplishing something that others did not think possible, or leading people beyond where they thought they could go, is extremely gratifying. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Feeling Clingy quotes by David Macklovitch
#36. I guess that's a big problem with working with computers - you've got the luxury to keep tweaking the songs until the last second and beyond. So I don't think I'll ever have that feeling, unless I'm the one finishing the track. #Quote by David Macklovitch
Feeling Clingy quotes by Michael  Grant
#37. I want my mom," a little boy cried out suddenly.
Every voice fell silent. The boy had said what they were all feeling.
Caine hopped down from the car and went to the boy. He knelt down and took the boy's hands in his own. He asked the boy's name, and reintroduced himself. "We all want our parents back," he said gently, but loudly enough to be overheard clearly by those nearest. "We all want that. And I believe that will happen. I believe we will see all our moms and dads, and older brothers and sisters, and even our teachers again. I believe that. Do you believe it, too?"
"Yes." The little boy sobbed.
Caine wrapped him in a hug and said, "Be strong. Be your mommy's strong little boy."
"He's good," Astrid said. "He's beyond good."
Then Caine stood up. People had formed a circle around him, close but respectful. "We all have to be strong. We all have to get through this. If we work together to choose good leaders and do the right thing, we will make it."
The entire crowd of kids seemed to stand a little taller. There were determined looks on faces that had been weary and frightened.
Sam was mesmerized by the performance. In just a few minutes' time, Caine had infused hope into a very frightened, dispirited bunch of kids.
Astrid seemed mesmerized too, though Sam thought he detected the cool glint of skepticism in her eyes.
Sam was skeptical himself. He distrusted rehearsed displays. He distrusted charm. But it was hard not to thi #Quote by Michael Grant
Feeling Clingy quotes by Deepak Chopra
#38. Compassion is the feeling of shared suffering. When you feel someone else's suffering, there is the birth of understanding. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Feeling Clingy quotes by David Bowie
#39. Strangely, some songs you really don't want to write. I didn't like writing 'Heathen'. There was something so ominous and final about it. It was early in the morning, the sun was rising and through the windows I could see two deer grazing down below in the field. In the distance a car was driving slowly past the reservoir and these words were just streaming out and there were tears running down my face. But I couldn't stop, they just flew out. It's an odd feeling, like something else is guiding you, although forcing your hand is more like it. #Quote by David Bowie
Feeling Clingy quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#40. And yet; and yet; sometimes, as at this moment, at dusk, in the wind, we catch, with a sixth sense we don't know we have, glimpses of that larger world - vast shapes of cosmic significance, a sense of everything holy to dimensions beyond sense or thought or even feeling - this visible world of ours, lit from within, stuffed vibrant with reality. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Feeling Clingy quotes by Natalie Standiford
#41. I had no cause to be happy. I felt sad with a good reason, and it wouldn't be right to mess with that feeling. I thought I ought to just stay sad for a while. #Quote by Natalie Standiford
Feeling Clingy quotes by B.J. Novak
#42. I can't even handle love, there's no way I can handle it being taken away. I won't survive it. Please. Please. Please!
I said that I had something to say to her, which made her listen in a way that she didn't when I simply said things without the preface. Even though the preface meant nothing, it calmed her, just as it calmed real people, for the same no-reason.
I told her what people tell people. That this was what it felt like when love was taken away - but that it wasn't the truth, it was just a feeling. It would pass. It would take time.
She would recharge.
She didn't believe me.
No one ever believes it, I said. That's part of what the feeling is. #Quote by B.J. Novak
Feeling Clingy quotes by George Eliot
#43. Whatever else she might be, she was not disagreeable. She was not coldly clever and indirectly satirical, but adorably simple and full of feeling. She was an angel beguiled. It would be a unique delight to wait and watch for the melodious fragments in which her heart and soul came forth so directly and ingenuously. #Quote by George Eliot
Feeling Clingy quotes by Ehsan Sehgal
#44. The hatred is not a feeling; it is a poisoning disease of mental and heart. One should eliminate before it outbreaks since it undermines the prestige, pride and national image. #Quote by Ehsan Sehgal
Feeling Clingy quotes by Richelle Mead
#45. I forced the rest of the cup down out of respect to Dimitri, even though I had a feeling that if he were here, he'd be shaking his head at me. #Quote by Richelle Mead

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