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Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Scott Cawthon
#1. Welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced. #Quote by Scott Cawthon
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Julianne Donaldson
#2. I'm gratified to know that I provide you with so much entertainment," I said, my voice sharp with sarcasm. His eyes lit up, just as they had at the inn when I had started my game. "Are you really?" he asked. He leaned closer. "In that case, I will tell my mother that you plan to entertain us all with a song later." I gasped. "You'd never." He smiled broadly, then turned to his mother and said, "Mother, I have discovered that Miss Daventry is an accomplished singer. You must persuade her to perform for us later. #Quote by Julianne Donaldson
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Laura Linney
#3. The entertainment industry is terrified of silence. #Quote by Laura Linney
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Meghan Daum
#4. We use our gadgets for distraction and entertainment. We use them to avoid work while giving the impression that we're actually working hard. #Quote by Meghan Daum
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Aml Ameen
#5. They think America is like a major league in entertainment. For me personally being here for the past year-and-a-half, I know some of the arguments and discrepancies African American actors have with the opportunities here. #Quote by Aml Ameen
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Joe Hill
#6. Charles Talent Manx the Third at your service, my dear! CEO of Christmasland Enterprises, director of Christmasland Entertainment, president of fun! Also His Eminence, the King Shit of Turd Hill, although it doesn't say that on my card. #Quote by Joe Hill
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Bob Dylan
#7. Someone showed me a picture and I just laughed, dignity never been photographed. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Gloria Estefan
#8. I thought it would be lovely to use [pet bulldog] Noelle as an example to teach the importance of being who you are. For me it's important to inspire children in a positive way, and at times they understand more messages through entertainment than when one is talking to them directly. #Quote by Gloria Estefan
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Toba Beta
#9. I prefer truth-based entertaining idealism. #Quote by Toba Beta
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Kathy Ireland
#10. Twelve million children in the United States face hunger every day. Bringing an end to this terrible situation is a passion I share with my friends in the entertainment industry. Together we can end hunger. #Quote by Kathy Ireland
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Liberace
#11. I feel that if entertainment is that important, the media, then it's my duty, not only to mankind but to God, to fulfill the promise that I carry on this work. If someone, for instance, can forget their pains and their ills and their strife by watching any performer then I think this work is worthwhile. #Quote by Liberace
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Robert Benchley
#12. It was one of those plays in which all of the actors unfortunately enunciated very clearly. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Peter London
#13. An image, a dance step, a song may function from time to time as entertainment, but the root and full practice of the arts lies in the recognition that art is power, an instrument of communion between the self and all that is important, all that is sacred. #Quote by Peter London
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Bret Easton Ellis
#14. Everyone I know who is successful has issues with their father, regardless of whether it was sports or business or entertainment. #Quote by Bret Easton Ellis
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#15. People love gossip. It's the biggest thing that keeps the entertainment industry going. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by David Wilkerson
#16. Yet, tragically, many today still eat at the table of demons, serving their own lustful appetites, and then attempt to come to the Lord's table and feast with the righteous. This leads only to spiritual sickness and death because these deceived ones do not discern the true Bread of God.
These sickly sheep have become so spiritually weak and diseased by sin that they cannot eat strong meat. Instead, the prefer to nibble at the husks of ear-tickling teachings. They gravitate toward lightness and entertainment rather than the genuine Word. Their spiritual appetites have become dull as a result of eating too much junk food. #Quote by David Wilkerson
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Courtney Summers
#17. When this is over, society will need entertainment to get past it. We'll make movies about it, hundreds of movies, and in every one of them, we'll be the heroes and the love interests and best friends and winners and we'll watch these movies until we are so far removed from our own history, we'll forget how it really felt to be here. #Quote by Courtney Summers
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Peter Facinelli
#18. Twitter for me is a form of entertainment for the followers and it's also a source of information. I try to tweet things that I think might make people smile, or to share information that I want to get across, like an event like this that can inspire other people to get involved. I try to mix it up. I think that is a reflection of me - a family man, an actor, and a philanthropist. #Quote by Peter Facinelli
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Nancy O'Dell
#19. I do a lot of work with the Red Cross, too. As a reporter, before I went to entertainment news, I tended to follow natural disasters. I went to Charleston, South Carolina, after Hurricane Hugo. I went to Miami the year after they were recovering from Hurricane Andrew. I came to California when they were recovering from a big earthquake. I've seen the Red Cross and how they stay there years after a natural disaster. They're not just there when a disaster is happening. #Quote by Nancy O'Dell
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Milton Friedman
#20. Universities exist to transmit knowledge and understanding of ideas and values to students not to provide entertainment for spectators or employment for athletes. #Quote by Milton Friedman
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Ma Huateng
#21. On all open platforms, regardless of whether it's Facebook or the Apple App Store, the largest segment is entertainment and games. It's the largest revenue segment. And it's the same for Tencent. #Quote by Ma Huateng
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#22. But what if the universe was always there, in a state or condition we have yet to identify - a multiverse, for instance, that continually births universes? Or what if the universe just popped into existence from nothing? Or what if everything we know and love were just a computer simulation rendered for entertainment by a superintelligent alien species? These philosophically fun ideas usually satisfy nobody. Nonetheless, they remind us that ignorance is the natural state of mind for a research scientist. People who believe they are ignorant of nothing have neither looked for, nor stumbled upon, the boundary between what is known and unknown in the universe. What we do know, and what we can assert without #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Kevin Systrom
#23. A platform is the base from which something big happens. In our case, we're an entertainment platform in the sense that there are people signing up like MTV, Burberry, folks like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. And why? Because it's their channel to control their entertainment to their fans. #Quote by Kevin Systrom
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Ernest Shackleton
#24. My good friend the Governor said I could settle down at Port Stanley and take things quietly for a few weeks. The street of that port is about a mile and a half long. It has the slaughterhouse at one end and the graveyard at the other. The chief distraction is to walk from the slaughterhouse to the graveyard. For a change one may walk from the graveyard to the slaughterhouse. #Quote by Ernest Shackleton
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Pat Conroy
#25. Again, I know that story is suspect in the high precincts of American fiction, but only because it brings entertainment and pleasure, the same responses that have always driven puritanical spirits at the dinner table wild when the talk turns to sexual intercourse and incontinence. #Quote by Pat Conroy
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Richard Thompson
#26. Well, first of all it's entertainment. That stops us becoming too pretentious or thinking we're great artists. #Quote by Richard Thompson
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Daryl Gregory
#27. I met him in the hospital.' I saw the eyebrow raise in my peripheral vision. 'Yeah, that hospital. He believes that powerful telepaths are secretly in charge of the planet, and that they're possessing people for their own entertainment.' 'Powerful telepaths...' Lew said. 'Slan,' I said. Lew burst out laughing. 'You mean you didn't know that Slan was nonfiction?' I said. 'Bertrum belongs to an organization that believes that Van Vogt intentionally--' 'What did you say--Van Vaht? It's Van Voh.' 'No, it's not. You've gotta pronounce the T at least.' 'What, Van Vote? Don't be an idiot. I bet you still say Submareener.' 'My point--,' I said. 'And Mag-net-o.' '--is that Bertrum thinks Van Voggatuh used fiction to cloak the truth.' 'As opposed to say, your friend, P.K. Dick, and Whitley Strieber, and--' 'Streeber.' 'And L. Ron Hubbard, who just made shit up and said it was the truth.' 'Exactly.' Lew nodded. 'I find your ideas intriguing and I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter. What's the name of this fine organization?' 'It gets better,' I said. "The Human League." 'No way.' 'I'm not sure they realized the name was taken.' 'My god, Lew said. 'It's the perfect cover for an elite fighting force -- an eighties New Wave band! This is so Buckaroo Banzai. #Quote by Daryl Gregory
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Bob Hope
#28. Television is the box they buried entertainment in. #Quote by Bob Hope
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Kliph Nesteroff
#29. Movies, vaudeville, burlesque, the local stock companies - all survived together. Then radio came in. For the first time people didn't have to leave their homes to be entertained. #Quote by Kliph Nesteroff
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Randy Alcorn
#30. By eroding their sense of shame we've made immorality normal, not only in the world but also in the forbidden squadron.
...their new Christian friends recommended some of the movies Fletcher had been wondering if he should now avoid. I was delighted one of them said, "This is a great movie--only one sex scene, and the f-word's only used a few times."
'Titanic' is one of my favorites. How many Christian young people have watched it in their own homes? Think of it, Squaltaint. Suppose someone in the youth group said to the boys, 'There's an attractive girl down the street. Let's get together and go look through her window and watch her undress and lay back on a couch and pose naked from the waist up. Then this girl and her boyfriend will get in a car and have sex--let's get as close as we can and listen to them and watch the windows steam up.'
The strategy would never work. They'd know immediately it was wrong. But you can get them to do exactly the same thing by using a television instead of a window. That's all is takes! Think of it, Squaltaint. Every day Christians across the country, including many squadron leaders, watch women and men undress and commit acts of fornication and adultery the Enemy calls an abomination.
We've made them a bunch of voyeurs! Churches full of peeping toms. #Quote by Randy Alcorn
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Dustin Diamond
#31. Stand-up in general is the most raw form of entertainment. There is no pyrotechnics or back-up dancers, it's just live and die by your jokes, that's it. #Quote by Dustin Diamond
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Lennie James
#32. I'm not setting 'Jericho' up to be anything other than what it is, which is, you know, a piece of good, well thought-out, well put-together TV and entertainment. #Quote by Lennie James
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Renee Olstead
#33. Growing up in the entertainment industry, I've had a lot of people tell me I'm not good enough. #Quote by Renee Olstead
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Bill Maher
#34. People have romantic notions about television. In the highest realms they think it's some sort of art medium, and it's not. Others think it's an entertainment medium, it's not that either. It's an advertising medium. It's a method to deliver advertising like a cigarette is a method to deliver nicotine. #Quote by Bill Maher
Fazbear Entertainment quotes by Ian Buruma
#35. Islam may soon become the majority religion in countries whose churches have been turned more and more into tourist sites, apartment houses, theatres, and places of entertainment. The French scholar Olivier Roy is right: Islam is now a European religion. #Quote by Ian Buruma

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