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Favorite quotes by John Woo
#1. When I made 'Hard Boiled,' I had no idea that it would be released to an international audience. I just wanted to make a film to team up my two favorite actors, Tony Leung and Chow Yun-Fat. #Quote by John Woo
Favorite quotes by Daniel H. Wilson
#2. Johannes Cabal would kill me for saying this, but he's my favorite Zeppelin-hopping detective. The fellow has got all the charm of Bond and the smarts of Holmes
without the pesky morality. #Quote by Daniel H. Wilson
Favorite quotes by Deepak Chopra
#3. One person's enemy is another person's best friend. My favorite food might give you a rash. #Quote by Deepak Chopra
Favorite quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#4. I love shopping in New York just because you walk around and find a little store you've never saw before, and you're like, 'Oh what's that? This is my new favorite place.' I love that about New York. #Quote by Zoe Kravitz
Favorite quotes by Anonymous
#5. My favorite text message: I'll be there in 5 minutes ... if not, read this again. #Quote by Anonymous
Favorite quotes by Rick Riordan
#6. I like both Greek and Egyptian. More Greek stories have survived, so we know more about them. They've always been my favorite. On the other hand, I like the Egyptian stories because they're not as commonly known and they have an exotic flavour. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Favorite quotes by Jessica Brody
#7. When my phone chimes with a text message on Monday morning, I'm still in that dreamy state between sleep and awake where you can pretty much convince yourself of anything. Like that a teen Mick Jagger is waiting in your driveway to take you to school. Or that your favorite book series ended with an actual satisfying conclusion, instead of what the author tried to pass off as a satisfying conclusion. #Quote by Jessica Brody
Favorite quotes by Thom Yorke
#8. Space Jam is my favorite movie. Don't ask me why, it just is. #Quote by Thom Yorke
Favorite quotes by Gary Oldman
#9. My favorite meal would have to be good old-fashioned eggs, over easy, with bacon. Many others, but you can't beat that on a Sunday morning, especially with a cup of tea. #Quote by Gary Oldman
Favorite quotes by Julie Klausner
#10. Frances McDormand is my favorite actor. I don't know if that's relevant. But she's a person who plays people. In other words, not everything has to be an over-the-top Broadway musical to get my attention, but it certainly helps. #Quote by Julie Klausner
Favorite quotes by Tom Araya
#11. To fans in a festival setting it's like a picnic. You want to have a good time with your friends in that crowd. And in the background you hear the band play, 'Oh, that's my favorite song!' everyone is there to enjoy the afternoon and that's about it. #Quote by Tom Araya
Favorite quotes by Kelli O'Hara
#12. Sunday's my favorite day - that one matinee in the middle of the day! #Quote by Kelli O'Hara
Favorite quotes by Michelle Phan
#13. Flipboard is really fun because it's like a digital magazine that lets you curate your favorite things and follow your favorite people. I do Instagram but not Vine. I love Vine, but I don't have time to browse through it. So when I'm on YouTube, I'll look up the 'best of Vine' compilations. #Quote by Michelle Phan
Favorite quotes by Adam Cole
#14. I'm so glad you brought that up Jay Lethal as a performer has grown into, I'll say this even though I'm wrestling him this Friday, he's one of my favorite wrestlers in the game right now. He's unreal. He's amazing in the ring. It doesn't matter who he's wresting. He's unreal on the microphone. #Quote by Adam Cole
Favorite quotes by Chris Stokes
#15. Growing up, my favorite group was New Edition. I loved the opportunity to do the remix to Bobby Brown's song 'Get Away'. I told myself that I would have my own group like New Edition one day. #Quote by Chris Stokes
Favorite quotes by Vin Scully
#16. One of my favorite expressions ever uttered by a player is Roy Campanella's line about how, in order to be a major-league player, you have to have a lot of little boy in you. #Quote by Vin Scully
Favorite quotes by Bellamy Young
#17. I did love 'Dirty Sexy Money' quite a lot. I loved my tenure at 'Scrubs' quite a lot. 'ER' might have been my favorite guest star thing. 'We Were Soldiers' meant a lot to me. #Quote by Bellamy Young
Favorite quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#18. Consider the oddity of those drug commercials on television. Fifteen seconds of the purported therapeutic effort, followed by about 45 seconds of a rapidly muttered list of horrific possible side effects. When the ad is over, I can't remember a thing about what the pill is supposed to do, except perhaps cause nausea, liver damage, projectile vomiting, a nasty rash, a four-hour erection, and sudden death. Sudden death is my favorite because there is something comical about it being a side effect. What exactly is the main effect in that case? Relief from abdominal bloating? #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Favorite quotes by Veronica Rossi
#19. Can you believe I have a favorite cave? #Quote by Veronica Rossi
Favorite quotes by Haruki Murakami
#20. On any given day, something can come along and steal our hearts. It may be any old thing: a rosebud, a lost cap, a favorite sweater from childhood, an old Gene Pitney record. A miscellany of trivia with no home to call their own. Lingering for two or three days, that something soon disappears, returning to the darkness. There are wells, deep wells, dug in our hearts. Birds fly over them."
-from "Pinball, 1973 #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Favorite quotes by Anna M. Aquino
#21. I looked up at the wall. My bachelor's degree had been in History. Films like Back to the Future and Quantum Leap had been some of my favorite programs. Could time travel really be possible? This seemed too unreal. #Quote by Anna M. Aquino
Favorite quotes by Jamie Bell
#22. I love documentaries. It's actually my favorite medium of film. #Quote by Jamie Bell
Favorite quotes by Elle Kennedy
#23. My first morning back, and I'm in such a terrific mood that I start the day off right by blasting Nappy Roots in the kitchen while I scarf down some cereal. The loud strains of "Good Day" draw the others from their bedrooms, and Garrett is the first to appear, clad in boxers and rubbing his eyes.

"Morning, Sunshine," he mumbles. "Please tell me you made some coffee."

I point to the counter. "Go nuts."

He pours himself a cup and plops down on one of the stools. "Did cartoon chipmunks dress you this morning?" he grumbles. "You're scarily chipper."

"And you're scarily grumpy. Smile, dude. It's our favorite day of the year, remember? #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Favorite quotes by Robin Zander
#24. Each record is sort of like a brand new baby, where it's your favorite thing at that moment in time. #Quote by Robin Zander
Favorite quotes by Sanford Levinson
#25. There is nothing wrong with someone who receives less than a majority of the vote being elected a representative. This is almost by definition the result in a system of proportional representation that elects multiple representatives from the same geographical unit and adopts voting rules that allow numerical minorities without the voting clout ever to win a race in a single-member district to elect a favorite in a multimember district. The designof multi-member institutions, like legislatures, offers many possibilities for creativity if one's desire is to maximize the number of people who feel some sense of genuine linkage with their putative "representatives. #Quote by Sanford Levinson
Favorite quotes by Tahereh Mafi
#26. This was the only way I could see you.'
'By coming to kill me?' He almost smiles. He drops my wrists and instead wraps his free hand around my waist, pulling me close. And then, a whisper against my ear: 'This might be my favorite way to die. #Quote by Tahereh Mafi
Favorite quotes by Christine Teigen
#27. My favorite fall meal has to be a simple roasted chicken. Ina Garten does a fabulous one. There is just something about roasting your own chicken and vegetables that screams 'fall' and 'home' to me. #Quote by Christine Teigen
Favorite quotes by Chelsea Kane
#28. My favorite place in the world is this store called My Sister's Closet in Arizona and it's the greatest secondhand shop in the world. #Quote by Chelsea Kane
Favorite quotes by Julie Buxbaum
#29. I think about my dad's favorite expression: People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. What is my house made of? Paper, I decide. Like in a pop-up book. Easily collapsible. #Quote by Julie Buxbaum
Favorite quotes by Danielle Dutton
#30. I sense people expect something to show for ten years. But I do feel like it is dense. Some of my own favorite books are slim, but there's a lot of weight and power in them. #Quote by Danielle Dutton
Favorite quotes by Lorelei James
#31. I can't admit publicly that some of my bestselling songs are my least favorite ones to perform ... because I wasn't in a good place when I wrote them. #Quote by Lorelei James
Favorite quotes by Anne Lamott
#32. I love memoirs. They are probably my favorite literary form, along with biographies. The more confessional, the better. There is so, so, so little truth in the popular culture, and I am starved and grateful for any I can find. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Favorite quotes by Carrie Brownstein
#33. I like to connect with people through my work. That's my favorite way - meetings of the minds, fans at a show. Those are nice mediated ways of hanging out. #Quote by Carrie Brownstein
Favorite quotes by Allison Williams
#34. One of my favorite things to do is to play music really loud and dance my butt off in the morning. I'll do it alone in my apartment. You can't have a bad day after that. #Quote by Allison Williams
Favorite quotes by Ashley Jeffery
#35. If you have something to hide, I'm your worst nightmare. I'm a living, breathing, and walking lie detector. I can smell you down to the type of soap you use, your morning ritual, and the last time you took a hand and stroked your favorite body part. Everything leaves behind a scent ... Everything. #Quote by Ashley Jeffery
Favorite quotes by Bella Andre
#36. As a lifelong romance reader (who devours up to a book a day when my writing schedule permits!), my favorite romances have always been about families. I love following brothers and sisters and cousins from book to book, not only for the pleasure of watching them fall in love, but also to watch each of their love stories grow deeper and richer throughout the series. #Quote by Bella Andre
Favorite quotes by Charles Bukowski
#37. My old man

16 years old
during the depression
I'd come home drunk
and all my clothing–
shorts, shirts, stockings–
suitcase, and pages of
short stories
would be thrown out on the
front lawn and about the

my mother would be
waiting behind a tree:
"Henry, Henry, don't
go in . . .he'll
kill you, he's read
your stories . . ."
"I can whip his
ass . . ."

"Henry, please take
this . . .and
find yourself a room."

but it worried him
that I might not
finish high school
so I'd be back

one evening he walked in
with the pages of
one of my short stories
(which I had never submitted
to him)
and he said, "this is
a great short story."
I said, "o.k.,"
and he handed it to me
and I read it.
it was a story about
a rich man
who had a fight with
his wife and had
gone out into the night
for a cup of coffee
and had observed
the waitress and the spoons
and forks and the
salt and pepper shakers
and the neon sign
in the window
and then had gone back
to his stable
to see and touch his
favorite horse
who then
kicked him in the head
and killed him.

the story held
meaning for him
when I had written it
I had no idea
of what I was
writi #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Favorite quotes by David Leslie Johnson
#38. In college, one of my favorite classes was a six-week class watching horror movies. 'The Bad Seed' was one of them and was the first time I had seen it, and I really fell in love with it. #Quote by David Leslie Johnson
Favorite quotes by Anthony Jeselnik
#39. My favorite sport is football. I'm a die hard Steelers fan. Favorite players were Hines Ward and Greg Lloyd. #Quote by Anthony Jeselnik
Favorite quotes by M. Kirin
#40. You're writing someone's 'future' favorite book. #Quote by M. Kirin
Favorite quotes by Sanober Khan
#41. may my faith always be
at the end of the day

like a hummingbird...returning
to its favorite flower. #Quote by Sanober Khan
Favorite quotes by Ang Lee
#42. Even the favorite reviews, the audience response is the movie is too slow, deliberately slow. But for the Chinese audience, the biggest complaint is it happens too quick. I think the historical background that build into our genes is different. American people has never been occupied. The deep sadness and sentimentality, the cultural background that relates to melodrama that we relate to and grow up with, the propaganda, I didn't imagine the difference is so big. It's a very interesting cultural phenomenon. #Quote by Ang Lee
Favorite quotes by Molly O'Keefe
#43. It's funny what memory does, isn't it? My favorite holiday tradition might not have happened more than once or twice. But because it is such a good memory, so encapsulating of everything I love about the holidays, in my mind it happened every year. Without fail. #Quote by Molly O'Keefe
Favorite quotes by Adam Cole
#44. My all-time favorite match that I've ever had was against Kyle O'Reilly in 2012, the 'hybrid fighting rules match' where we were bleeding buckets all over the place. And it was really a match that took my career to the next level. #Quote by Adam Cole
Favorite quotes by Morgan Saylor
#45. I like records. My favorite is Simon and Garfunkel. #Quote by Morgan Saylor
Favorite quotes by Liam Gallagher
#46. My favorite album would have to be something from The Beatles. #Quote by Liam Gallagher
Favorite quotes by Walt Disney Company
#47. You little fool. You thought you could defeat the most powerful being on Earth. #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Favorite quotes by Dean Wareham
#48. My favorite Luna disc is our third, 'Penthouse,' a sparkly, moody album that works from track one all the way to track 11. Tom Verlaine of Television and Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab make guest appearances. I am also fond of the final Luna album, 'Rendezvous.' #Quote by Dean Wareham
Favorite quotes by Ashley Tisdale
#49. My favorite subject was English or creative writing. We did poems and making a magazine, and I did one on celebrities. I called it 'Celebrity Life Magazine.' I interviewed my good friend Kaley Cuoco. #Quote by Ashley Tisdale
Favorite quotes by Marilyn Monroe
#50. Personally, I react to Marlon Brando. He's a favorite of mine. #Quote by Marilyn Monroe
Favorite quotes by Temple Grandin
#51. But my favorite of Einstein's words on religion is "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." I like this because both science and religion are needed to answer life's great questions. #Quote by Temple Grandin
Favorite quotes by George R R Martin
#52. Tommen looked back to Ser Kevan. "Can I seal them now, Great-Uncle?" Pressing his royal seal into the hot wax was his favorite part of being king, so far. #Quote by George R R Martin
Favorite quotes by Todd English
#53. My favorite thing is Spaghetti with white clam sauce anywhere on the Amalfi Coast or the Tuscan Coast. #Quote by Todd English
Favorite quotes by Naomi Klein
#54. My favorite sign says, 'I care about you.' In a culture that trains people to avoid each other's gaze, to say 'Let them die,' that is a deeply radical statement. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Favorite quotes by Margaret Mitchell
#55. Gerald's sharp blue eyes noticed how efficiently his neighbors' houses were run and with what ease the smooth-haired wives in rustling skirts managed their servants. He had no knowledge of the dawn-till-midnight activities of these women, chained to supervision of cooking, nursing, sewing and laundering. He only saw the outward results, and those results impressed him. The urgent need of a wife became clear to him one morning when he was dressing to ride to town for Court Day. Pork brought forth his favorite ruffled shirt, so inexpertly mended by the chambermaid as to be unwearable by anyone except his valet. #Quote by Margaret Mitchell
Favorite quotes by Jasper Johns
#56. Merce is my favorite artist in any field, #Quote by Jasper Johns
Favorite quotes by Frank Beddor
#57. Should is my all time least favorite word. It's this sort of guilt inducing, finger wagging word that we use to beat up others and ourselves. #Quote by Frank Beddor
Favorite quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#58. - Don't you own anything pink?
She looked down at her bike shorts and camouflage T-shirt. - What's wrong with this?
- Nothing, if you're planning to invade Cuba. #Quote by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Favorite quotes by Tony Oller
#59. My favorite parable for living a positive and influential life is the Golden Rule: 'Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.' #Quote by Tony Oller
Favorite quotes by Donna Mills
#60. One of my favorite movies is The Little Foxes. #Quote by Donna Mills
Favorite quotes by Ed Asner
#61. The free access to information is not a privilege, but a necessity for any free society. One of my favorite things to do as a young man was wander through the stacks of my hometown library. I'd just browse until I found something interesting. Libraries have definitely changed my life. #Quote by Ed Asner
Favorite quotes by Scott Weiland
#62. I really didn't get obsessed with Bowie until my freshman year in high school. I remember listening to 'Starman' and thinking it sounded like it was a song for kids, like a lullaby. The Thin White Duke is my favorite look that he created. #Quote by Scott Weiland
Favorite quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#63. Okay," I said,hoping I sounded confident, like taking the life force out of ghouls was one of my favorite hobbies, right up there with knitting and sudoku. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Favorite quotes by Rainn Wilson
#64. My Favorite Kid President Quotes "Create something that will make the world more awesome." "Treat everybody like it's their birthday." "If you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough." "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." "Give the world a reason to dance!" "Us humans are capable of war and sadness and other terrible stuff. But also CUPCAKES!" "Love changes everything so fill the world with it!" "Grown-ups who dream are the best kinds of grown-ups." "Don't be IN a party. BE a party." And my personal favorite, "Mail someone a corn dog. #Quote by Rainn Wilson
Favorite quotes by Colleen Hoover
#65. Dear Ellen,
"Just keep swimming."
Recognize that quote, Ellen? It's what Dory says to Marlin in Finding Nemo.
"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."
I'm not a huge fan of cartoons, but I'll give you props for that one. I like cartoons that can make you laughter, but also make you feel something. After today, think that's my favorite cartoon. Because I've been feeling like drowning lately, and sometimes people need a reminder that they just need to keep swimming. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Favorite quotes by Jeannette Walls
#66. My favorite books all involved people dealing with hardships. #Quote by Jeannette Walls
Favorite quotes by James Gray
#67. At least in America, the narrative is I'm a Cannes favorite. But, in fact, I've had my best experience in Venice, both with the audience and the jury. #Quote by James Gray
Favorite quotes by Jojo Moyes
#68. I wish your sister was here. It seems wrong to have a celebration without her. Not to me, it didn't. Just for once, I was quite enjoying being the focus of attention. It might sound childish, but it was true. I loved having Will and Dad laughing about me. I loved the fact that every element of supper - from roast chicken to chocolate mousse - was my favorite. I liked the fact that I could be who I wanted to be without my sister's voice reminding me #Quote by Jojo Moyes
Favorite quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#69. Why do you think I picked you?"

"Because I'm no trouble?"

"Because you're a dreamer and to me, your dreams taste like molten honey."

Imagine how that would scald your mouth!

"Not my mouth. It's my favorite treat. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Favorite quotes by Charlaine Harris
#70. I settled opposite him in my favorite chair, low enough that my feet can touch the floor, wide enough to curl up inside, with a little table beside it just big enough to hold a book and a coffee cup. #Quote by Charlaine Harris
Favorite quotes by Jodi Picoult
#71. As a kid, his favorite toy had been a snow globe, that held a small town of gingerbread buildings and peppermint streets. He'd wanted so badly to live there that one day he'd smashed the glass ball - only to find out that the houses were made of plaster, the candy stripes painted on. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Favorite quotes by Mary Schmich
#72. You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people's maps will be the same. #Quote by Mary Schmich
Favorite quotes by Matthea Harvey
#73. Some of my favorite poems are "confessional" poems written in the voices of aliens ("Southbound on the Freeway" by May Swenson" and "Report from the Surface" by Anthony McCann), sheep ("Snow Line" by John Berryman) or a yak ("The Only Yak in Batesville, Virginia" by Oni Buchanan). #Quote by Matthea Harvey
Favorite quotes by Chloe Neill
#74. Catcher pulled out his phone,rose,and walked away from the table to make the call.
"I'm going to advise Chuck of our little breakthrough. Good job, Mallocake."
We all looked at Mallory.
"Did he just call you Mallocake ?"
She blushed to the roots of her blue hair, shrugged one shoulder.
"It's a nickname"
It was also my all-time favorite snack food- a log-shaped chocolate cake with a marshmallow center. They were absolutely delectable. And that was kind of adorable, especially for someone like Catcher, who made Eeyore seem like an optimist. #Quote by Chloe Neill
Favorite quotes by Anne Kent Rush
#75. Would you like a back rub?' Who can resist this offer? A back rub is a priceless gift of caring. High on everybody's list of favorite things, a back run refreshes you for the day's tensions. It offers a respite from physical strain, from taking care of others, and from life's stresses and responsibilities. #Quote by Anne Kent Rush
Favorite quotes by Taron Egerton
#76. If I could play any superhero ... my favorite superhero is Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield is wonderful at doing it to the point that I don't think I should play it. #Quote by Taron Egerton
Favorite quotes by Kerry Ellis
#77. The thing about Stephen Schwartz is that, while it may be difficult to learn - it's a little bit like[Stephen] Sondheim; Sondheim is quite difficult to learn - but, once you have it in you: it never leaves you. It becomes some of your favorite music; it really does. #Quote by Kerry Ellis
Favorite quotes by Mardi Oakley Medawar
#78. The workroom radio, tuned to FM 88.9, emitted Muddy Waters's throaty warbling. A rez station, WOJB did its best to hit every level of musical taste. Absolute bite-ya-in-the-ass blues was aired only during the wee hours.

Tracker's favorite time and music. #Quote by Mardi Oakley Medawar
Favorite quotes by Minhal Mehdi
#79. Just imagine you are dying tomorrow. Everyday. You will be much kinder to the world, there will be more love in you. That way. #Quote by Minhal Mehdi
Favorite quotes by Edward Bernays
#80. We have voluntarily agreed to let an invisible government sift the data and high-spot the outstanding issues so that our field of choice shall be narrowed to practical proportions. From our leaders and the media they use to reach the public, we accept the evidence and the demarcation of issues bearing upon public questions; from some ethical teacher, be it a minister, a favorite essayist, or merely prevailing opinion, we accept a standardized code of social conduct to which we conform most of the time. #Quote by Edward Bernays
Favorite quotes by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
#81. The only thing I find difficult to watch - horror movies - not that I don't like them. Like 'The Shining,' it's one of my favorite movies, but it's terrifying. I feel like I've watched a marathon afterwards. #Quote by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Favorite quotes by Tiesto
#82. My favorite all-time artist ... I would say, I think that must be Sigur Ros, I love that band. It's like going to the stars for me. When I put the music from Jonsi or Sigur Ros on, it's so relaxing, it's warm and it never gets boring to listen to, you always hear new things. Yeah, that must be my favorite band. #Quote by Tiesto
Favorite quotes by Ann Beattie
#83. If you could have a book called My Favorite Six Stories, I don't think I'd have trouble doing that. #Quote by Ann Beattie
Favorite quotes by Chris Kirkpatrick
#84. I think my favorite place to eat dinner is the movie theater. Dirty dogs, a big thing of nachos and a Cherry Coke - and I'm good. #Quote by Chris Kirkpatrick
Favorite quotes by Anonymous
#85. You are your own favorite hobby. You're an expert on you. #Quote by Anonymous
Favorite quotes by Linda Fiorentino
#86. They're my favorite two words these days: Oscar reject. #Quote by Linda Fiorentino
Favorite quotes by Cassandra Peterson
#87. People come up to me at conventions and say, 'I was such an outcast, I felt like such a geek, and when I saw you, you made me feel like such a normal person.' It's my favorite thing to hear, because that's how I felt when I was a kid. If Goth would've been around, I would've definitely been Goth. But there wasn't such a thing, so I was just weird. #Quote by Cassandra Peterson
Favorite quotes by Tucker Max
#88. Whatever your favorite food is, if you eat it every day for a month, you're going to get sick of it. #Quote by Tucker Max
Favorite quotes by Michelle Cuevas
#89. Cloud root beer floats and moon grilled cheeses. But their favorite food is stardust. #Quote by Michelle Cuevas
Favorite quotes by Aslaug Magnusdottir
#90. I worked as President of House of Waris for a year and a half, and Waris is one of my favorite people. He is not only a talented designer but also a warm and genuine person and a pleasure to work with. #Quote by Aslaug Magnusdottir
Favorite quotes by Tina Majorino
#91. OK, I love 'The King and I.' I'm a huge Yul Brynner fan. I love the scene where they danced after the big banquet; that's one of my favorite scenes in a movie of all time. It's romantic and sweet and wonderful. #Quote by Tina Majorino
Favorite quotes by Buddy Hackett
#92. A comic, you have to be looking down at him. My favorite rooms, the audience is above the stage, stadium-style. #Quote by Buddy Hackett
Favorite quotes by Tia Mowry
#93. Growing up, dinner was when we would sit down, the whole family, and we would talk about our days and just create memories with one another. Now some of my favorite memories are eating and making food with my son. #Quote by Tia Mowry
Favorite quotes by Jennifer Coburn
#94. At forty-two, I was still holding up pretty well, but my once effortlessly lean body now look as though it belonged in a Dove firming cream ad -- the one where they give women permission to have thighs. When I unbuttoned my jeans at night, I swore I heard the same sound that Pillsbury dough made when I twisted the cylindrical container. My hair was beginning to gray, and when I smiled, the parentheses around my mouth remained. My least favorite position in yoga class was the downward dog because, as I hung my head downward, I always felt the skin from my face was about to splatter against my mat like a pancake batter hitting the griddle. So being called the top model by a young Italian was a wonderful souvenir, though cheaper than the toys sold outside the Pantheon in Rome. #Quote by Jennifer Coburn
Favorite quotes by David Cross
#95. Back when the Bible was written, then edited, then rewritten, then rewritten, then re-edited, then translated from dead languages, then re-translated, then edited, then rewritten, then given to kings for them to take their favorite parts, then rewritten, then re-rewritten, then translated again, then given to the pope for him to approve, then rewritten, then edited again, the re-re-re-re-rewritten again ... all based on stories that were told orally 30 to 90 years AFTER they happened.. to people who didnt know how to write ... so ... #Quote by David Cross
Favorite quotes by Patricia MacLachlan
#96. Melinda Pratt rides city bus number twelve to her cello lesson, wearing her mother's jean jacket and only one sock. Hallo, world, says Minna. Minna often addresses the world, sometimes silently, sometimes out loud. Bus number twelve is her favorite place for watching, inside and out. The bus passes cars and bicycles and people walking dogs. It passes store windows, and every so often Minna sees her face reflection, two dark eyes in a face as pale as a winter dawn. There are fourteen people on the bus today. Minna stands up to count them. She likes to count people, telephone poles, hats, umbrellas, and, lately, earrings. One girl, sitting directly in front of Minna, has seven earrings, five in one ear. She has wisps of dyed green hair that lie like forsythia buds against her neck.

There are, Minna knows, a king, a past president of the United States, and a beauty queen on the bus. Minna can tell by looking. The king yawns and scratches his ear with his little finger. Scratches, not picks. The beauty queen sleeps, her mouth open, her hair the color of tomatoes not yet ripe. The past preside of the United States reads Teen Love and Body Builder's Annual.

Next to Minna, leaning against the seat, is her cello in its zippered canvas case. Next to her cello is her younger brother, McGrew, who is humming. McGrew always hums. Sometimes he hums sentences, though most often it comes out like singing. McGrew's teachers do not enjoy McGrew answering questions in hu #Quote by Patricia MacLachlan
Favorite quotes by Beyonce Knowles
#97. I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I can have whatever I want. Usually it's pizza, which is my favorite indulgence. #Quote by Beyonce Knowles
Favorite quotes by Jordin Sparks
#98. When I go out clubbing I can dance 'til three o'clock in the morning with just a water bottle in my hand. I love dancing to anything with a good beat really. My favorite song to dance to at the moment is probably Drake's 'Best I Ever Had.' #Quote by Jordin Sparks
Favorite quotes by Chloe Hart
#99. Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite little ball of hate. #Quote by Chloe Hart
Favorite quotes by Jennifer Egan
#100. I listened to classic rock and roll, and punk rock. 'Goon Squad' provides a pretty accurate playlist of my teenage years, though it leaves out 'The Who,' which was my absolute favorite band. #Quote by Jennifer Egan
Favorite quotes by Meghan Trainor
#101. My uncle is from Trinidad, so, ever since I was 7, I grew up listening to Soca, the genre that's from there. It's my favorite sound. #Quote by Meghan Trainor
Favorite quotes by Joanne Fluke
#102. My favorite cookie is the cookie I'm eating at the moment. #Quote by Joanne Fluke
Favorite quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#103. Whereas other clubs served the eternal beefsteak and apple tart, the lavish buffet at Jenner's was constantly replenished with ever-more artful dishes... hot lobster salad, casserole of pheasant, prawns on pillowy beds of pureed celery root, quail stuffed with grapes and goat cheese and served in pools of cream sauce. And Evie's favorite- a sticky flourless almond cake topped with raspberries and a thick layer of meringue. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Favorite quotes by Rick Riordan
#104. My success would depend on me. Alas, me was my least favorite person to depend on. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Favorite quotes by Natalie MacMaster
#105. I am a very musical person. I love music, and I don't just love Cape Breton fiddling, although it's my favorite. #Quote by Natalie MacMaster
Favorite quotes by B. J. Porter
#106. There's two different disks recorded at two different shows. And they're two very different shows. The San Francisco disk was in front of 450 people and was a real professional show where people did their best stuff. So to some people that's going to be their favorite disk. #Quote by B. J. Porter
Favorite quotes by Jarod Kintz
#107. For your birthday I'll give you 100 copies of your least favorite author's book, and they'll all be autographed. Now, should I sign the cover, or the inside flap? #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Favorite quotes by Robert M. Gates
#108. Self-discipline is central to the leadership of institutions and to reforming them. A favorite saying of mine is "Never miss a good chance to shut up." I won't tell you how many times in a congressional hearing I just wanted to scream. How often in the White House Situation Room I wanted to say, "That's the dumbest idea I ever heard." How often in a briefing at the CIA or the Pentagon I wanted to tell someone where to stick his PowerPoint slides. Senior leaders want to blow off steam-shout at people- all the time. But to be an effective leader, you have to suppress those urges. #Quote by Robert M. Gates
Favorite quotes by Denise Duhamel
#109. I just didn't get it -
even with the teacher holding an orange (the earth) in one hand
and a lemon (the moon) in the other,
her favorite student (the sun) standing behind her with a flashlight.
I just couldn't grasp it -
this whole citrus universe, these bumpy planets revolving so slowly
no one could even see themselves moving.
I used to think if I could only concentrate hard enough
I could be the one person to feel what no one else could,
sense a small tug from the ground, a sky shift, the earth changing gears.
Even though I was only one mini-speck on a speck,
even though I was merely a pinprick in one goosebump on the orange,
I was sure then I was the most specially perceptive, perceptively sensitive.
I was sure then my mother was the only mother to snap,
"The world doesn't revolve around you!"
The earth was fragile and mostly water,
just the way the orange was mostly water if you peeled it,
just the way I was mostly water if you peeled me.
Looking back on that third grade science demonstration,
I can understand why some people gave up on fame or religion or cures -
especially people who have an understanding
of the excruciating crawl of the world,
who have a well-developed sense of spatial reasoning
and the tininess that it is to be one of us.
But not me - even now I wouldn't mind being god, the force
who spins the planets the way I spin a globe, #Quote by Denise Duhamel
Favorite quotes by Chris Coons
#110. I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America were largely untrue #Quote by Chris Coons
Favorite quotes by Matthew Perry
#111. My favorite six words in recovery are: trust God, clean house, and help others. #Quote by Matthew Perry
Favorite quotes by Bob Krist
#112. There is an answer to this question, and for anyone who is well and truly afflicted with wanderlust, it is obvious. My favorite place is always the NEXT place--the place I haven't been yet. #Quote by Bob Krist
Favorite quotes by Kresley Cole
#113. What's your favorite place to visit?" He absently answered, "Wherever you are."
"Bowen, five things about you can't all be about me."
But you're the only good thing that I've got. #Quote by Kresley Cole
Favorite quotes by Cecily Strong
#114. I've never been an impressionist. I was doing Sofia Vergara and Elizabeth Dole. I'm sometimes so low-confidence and self-aware, so characters that are confident and ignorant and wrong are my favorite. #Quote by Cecily Strong
Favorite quotes by Love The Stacks Bookstore
#115. Sometimes I just want to shout, "READ ALL MY FAVORITE BOOKS! #Quote by Love The Stacks Bookstore
Favorite quotes by Hans F. Sennholz
#116. We are ever aware that politics is an ugly struggle that determines 'who gets what, when, and how.' It is the favorite occupation of people who serve special interests, who have axes to grind, and public careers to advance. It is a game in which benefits are bestowed according to political skill and connection, rather than merit. #Quote by Hans F. Sennholz
Favorite quotes by Fred Armisen
#117. I would really like to do a movie. Schedule-wise I don't know when exactly, but I think it would be great to do a Portlandia movie. Some of my favorite television shows have done it and they've been great. Like Monty Python. I think it would be great. #Quote by Fred Armisen
Favorite quotes by Fran Drescher
#118. Well, my favorite color I guess I would say yellow. #Quote by Fran Drescher
Favorite quotes by Craig Lancaster
#119. I think that people who stand up for what they believe in, no matter how unpopular, should be celebrated, not cast aside. #Quote by Craig Lancaster
Favorite quotes by Adam Gidwitz
#120. A tale dark and Grimm is my favorite book of all time because it gives me the chills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Quote by Adam Gidwitz
Favorite quotes by Amazon
#121. Just as with a traditional book, you can also highlight favorite passages, add notes, and create bookmarks. #Quote by Amazon
Favorite quotes by Rick Riordan
#122. I pressed PLAY and started up Chiron's favorite
the All-Time Greatest Hits of Dean Martin. Suddenly the air was filled with violins and a bunch of guys moaning in Italian.
The demon pigeons went nuts. They started flying in circles, running into each other like they wanted to bash their own brains out. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Favorite quotes by Johann Kaspar Lavater
#123. Kiss the hand of him who can renounce what he has publicly taught, when convicted of his error; and who, with heartfelt joy, embraces the truth, though with the sacrifice of favorite opinions. #Quote by Johann Kaspar Lavater
Favorite quotes by Helen Fielding
#124. Reminded of favorite poem by Wendy Cope which goes:
At Christmas little children sing and merry bells jingle.
The cold winter air makes our hands and faces tingle.
And happy families go to church and cheerily they mingle,
And the whole business is unbelievably dreadful if you're single. #Quote by Helen Fielding
Favorite quotes by Shannon Stacey
#125. One of my favorite quotes is:
... If I strike you it ain't going to be in your fancy. #Quote by Shannon Stacey
Favorite quotes by Mark Wilson
#126. Get tae fuck, son. #Quote by Mark Wilson
Favorite quotes by Joyce Rachelle
#127. Oh you cut your hair! What happened? Are you going through a breakup or something?"

"My favorite character died. #Quote by Joyce Rachelle
Favorite quotes by Malcolm McDowell
#128. My favorite actor who played villains - who could play anything, really - was Jimmy Cagney. #Quote by Malcolm McDowell
Favorite quotes by R. Chandler Thompson
#129. Cool! me too!"); } else { System.out.println(userInput + "? My favorite color is better! I like blue!"); } System.out.println("What is your favorite #Quote by R. Chandler Thompson
Favorite quotes by Mo Rocca
#130. It's one of my favorite things to do, watch TV and stretch. I'm so flexible. I can put my legs behind my head. I want to be the most flexible person in the world. #Quote by Mo Rocca
Favorite quotes by Bob Dylan
#131. My favorite politician was Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, who reminded me of Tom Mix, and there wasn't any way to explain that to anybody. #Quote by Bob Dylan
Favorite quotes by Laura Lam
#132. I was just thinking how the purr of a contented cat is one of my favorite sounds in the world. There's something so comforting about it, isn't there? #Quote by Laura Lam
Favorite quotes by Karl Pilkington
#133. I love nature - it's probably my most favorite thing. I don't watch much telly, the telly hardly goes on, but the things I do watch are sort of nature programs, and something about the oceans and the amount of weird fish that's in there. #Quote by Karl Pilkington
Favorite quotes by Juicy J
#134. I love Linkin Park; that's one of my favorite groups, that I went to all their concerts. I love those guys, man. They do, like, pop-rock, know what I'm saying? #Quote by Juicy J
Favorite quotes by Peace Gypsy
#135. Mother Earth, one of my absolute favorite places ... where the sounds, the energy, the beauty and the Life pounds into your every fiber of being, letting you Know that you are alive. I will always respect and honor this gift of creation that we call our home. #Quote by Peace Gypsy
Favorite quotes by Rachel DeWoskin
#136. In 2002, after the huge success of Who Moved my Cheese? a management manual that sold 1.6million copies in China, there was a rush of books inspired by it.

Titles included Whose Cheese Should I Move?; Can I Move Your Cheese?; Who Dares to Move my Cheese?; I Don't Bother to Move Your Cheese; Agitating, Alluring Cheese; No One Can Move My Cheese! The New Allegory of Cheese; Make the Cheese by Yourself!; A Piece of Cheese: Reading World Famous Fairy Tales; Management Advice 52 from the Cheese; and No More Cheese!

Finally, there was my personal favorite: Chinese People Eat Cheese? - Who Took My Meat Bun? #Quote by Rachel DeWoskin
Favorite quotes by Alfonso Cuaron
#137. Space fascinated me because I'm from the generation that saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon live on TV. I was 7 at the time. Also, 'Lost in Space' was one of my favorite shows on TV back then. #Quote by Alfonso Cuaron
Favorite quotes by Sara Shepard
#138. She felt like Lady in Lady and the Tramp, one of Hanna's favorite movies as a kid. When Jim Dear and Darling had a new baby, they kicked Lady to the curb. Except Hanna didn't even have a scruffy bad-boy stray she could run off with because her supposed boyfriend was going to be hundreds of miles away soaking up sunshine on a nude beach with a skank. #Quote by Sara Shepard
Favorite quotes by Gail Carson Levine
#139. My favorite of my books is DAVE AT NIGHT, because it's loosely based on my father's childhood in an orphanage. #Quote by Gail Carson Levine
Favorite quotes by Owen   Johnson
#140. Brockhurst, the champion of individualism, was soon launched on his favorite topic.

"The great fault of the American nation, which is the fault of republics, is the reduction of everything to the average. Our universities are simply the expression of the forces that are operating outside. We are business colleges purely and simply, because we as a nation have only one ideal - the business ideal."

"That's a big statement," said Regan.

"It's true. Twenty years ago we had the ideal of the lawyer, of the doctor, of the statesman, of the gentleman, of the man of letters, of the soldier. Now the lawyer is simply a supernumerary enlisting under any banner for pay; the doctor is overshadowed by the specialist with his business development of the possibilities of the rich; we have politicians, and politics are deemed impossible for a gentleman; the gentleman cultured, simple, hospitable, and kind, is of the dying generation; the soldier is simply on parade."

"Wow!" said Ricketts, jingling his chips. "They're off."

"Everything has conformed to business, everything has been made to pay. Art is now a respectable career - to whom? To the business man. Why? Because a profession that is paid $3,000 to $5,000 a portrait is no longer an art, but a blamed good business. The man who cooks up his novel according to the weakness of his public sells a hundred thousand copies. Dime novel? No; published by our most conservative publishers - one #Quote by Owen Johnson
Favorite quotes by Demetri Martin
#141. One of my favorite clothing patterns is camouflage. Because when you're in the woods it makes you blend in. But when you're not it does just the opposite. It's like "hey, there's an asshole." #Quote by Demetri Martin
Favorite quotes by Taylor Momsen
#142. One of my first favorite records was the debut Garbage album, which I heard when I was very young. Shirley Manson is a great female vocalist and performer and I admire her for that. #Quote by Taylor Momsen
Favorite quotes by Jenny Han
#143. And then I had a thought, clear as day. I would never be somebody's favorite again. I would never be a kid again, not in the same way. That was all over now. She was really gone. #Quote by Jenny Han
Favorite quotes by Aaron Ciechanover
#144. Towards the end of the military service, I had to make what I assume has been the most important decision in my career: to start a residency in clinical medicine, in surgery, which was my favorite choice, or to enroll into graduate school and start a career in scientific research. It was clear to me that I was heading for graduate school. #Quote by Aaron Ciechanover
Favorite quotes by Tom Scholz
#145. I stay very much undercover and behind the scenes - most places I go, people don't know how important I am. But I will admit that my favorite piece of clothing to wear out is an old T-shirt from a Boston tour that does have a Boston logo. But that doesn't change anything. #Quote by Tom Scholz
Favorite quotes by Ted Allen
#146. My whole problem is that all of my favorite things at Thanksgiving are the starches, and everyone is trying to go low-carb this year, even a green vegetable has carbs in it. #Quote by Ted Allen
Favorite quotes by Alice Morse Earle
#147. The grape Hyacinth is the favorite spring flower of my garden - but no! I though a minute ago the Scilla was! and what place has the Violet? the Flower de Luce? I cannot decide, but this I know - it is some blue flower. #Quote by Alice Morse Earle
Favorite quotes by Sinead O'Connor
#148. My favorite way of working is if somebody gives me a piece of music, because I'm quite limited as a player, so it's my favorite thing if somebody gives me a piece of music, and then I can write lyrics and melodies. #Quote by Sinead O'Connor
Favorite quotes by Tom Rachman
#149. Obituaries were among my favorite to write because they have elements no other news stories have - a story from start to finish with a proper conclusion. #Quote by Tom Rachman
Favorite quotes by Blake Mills
#150. My favorite experiences have all been finding myself at one point in a timeline and going in both directions, just discovering at my own pace. If I could admit to be playing some kind of long game, and strategizing this, I would. #Quote by Blake Mills
Favorite quotes by Brendon Urie
#151. My favorite electric guitar would have to be my Duesenberg. I've named her 'Dolores,' and she sings like an operatic menace. #Quote by Brendon Urie
Favorite quotes by Matthew Zapruder
#152. Keats's odes are among my favorite poems ever. As are Neruda's. So yes, I think my poems are odes, though I really just see those titles as ways of more or less orienting the poem. I've never thought about this until now, but I guess you could say that one effect of all the titles, their pervasiveness in the book, might be to once again, as so many other things do, put into question the meaning of the word "for," which I suppose is one of the great human questions: what is all this for? Why, and for whom, are we doing whatever we are doing? #Quote by Matthew Zapruder
Favorite quotes by Ryan Lochte
#153. Abe Lincoln is my favorite president of all time - and he pulls off that top hat pretty well. #Quote by Ryan Lochte
Favorite quotes by Anthony Marra
#154. A good mixtape didn't just gather together a bunch of love songs, but instead created an emotional narrative specific to your affection. The stories in most of my favorite collections are collected more like songs on a mixtape than, say, collected like spare change. By which I mean they are in conversation with each other and work to become larger than their parts. #Quote by Anthony Marra
Favorite quotes by Kim Holden
#155. Men are such simple creatures. The pretty ones are my favorite, their egos so fun to crush into sparkly dust. #Quote by Kim Holden
Favorite quotes by Beau Bridges
#156. My favorite roles usually have to do with the story, if it's a good story I usually enjoy doing the character. #Quote by Beau Bridges
Favorite quotes by Robin Bielman
#157. His smile, a little mischievous around the edges, had her melting into the sand. Then his lips brushed hers, and the stars collided. She cupped his face in her hands and shut her eyes.
Kissing had always ranked high on her list of favorite things to do, but Bryce took it to a whole new level. Forget about his mouth on her fingertips, this linked to all her happy zones and more.
He'd literally swept her off her feet and his kiss quickened the beat of her heart. His lips were soft and warm and hungry. His kiss moved through her like warm honey, filling all the places inside her that had been cold for so long.
He slid his tongue along the seam of her lips, licking her before he pressed further. She willingly opened to him, stroked his tongue, kissed him harder. He groaned. He tasted like champagne and everything good as he delved deeper and committed a full-on assault inside her mouth. His hand gripped her waist. They sank further into the sand.
She clutched his shoulders, smoothed her palms down his back. He pulled gruffly away, nipped at her ear. "You have no idea how much I want you," he said. #Quote by Robin Bielman
Favorite quotes by Alyxandra Harvey
#158. What's going on, miscreant?" Logan stood in the doorway, wearing his favorite frock coat as usual, but there were rips in his jeans.
I lifted my eyebrows at his pants. "Holes?" He was impeccable about his fancy goth clothes.
"Isabeau," he admitted ruefully. "The Hounds are a great tribe, but they have no sense of fashion."
"So she tore your jeans?"
He grinned. "No, she tore at a Hel-Blar. I just happened to get in the way."
I grinned back at him. "Cool." Have I mentioned? Our girlfriends are fierce. #Quote by Alyxandra Harvey
Favorite quotes by Diane Arbus
#159. I always thought of photography as a naughty thing to do - that was one of my favorite things about it, and when I first did it, I felt very perverse. #Quote by Diane Arbus
Favorite quotes by Cornelia Funke
#160. Look. (Grown-ups skip this paragraph.) I'm not about to tell you this book has a tragic ending, I already said in the very first line how it was my favorite in all the world. But there's a lot of bad stuff coming. William Goldman, The Princess Bride #Quote by Cornelia Funke
Favorite quotes by Ernest Cline
#161. The ability to mute my peers was one of my favorite things about attending school online, and I took advantage of it almost daily. The best thing about it was that they could see that you'd muted them, and they couldn't do a damn thing about it. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Favorite quotes by Leslie Parry
#162. But this dagger – this was her first. Her favorite. The same one that had sliced off the boy's toe on the beach and sent it rolling through the sand. #Quote by Leslie Parry
Favorite quotes by Mark Hoppus
#163. Ideally, each week, I'd like to have rad, intelligent, creative, funny guests with different takes on the world of music. I will ask them all what their favorite blink-182 song is, and what they like best about me as a person. #Quote by Mark Hoppus
Favorite quotes by Bear Grylls
#164. My favorite moments? Where it's all going swimmingly, the sun's out and I've got a fire going and a nice snake on the barbecue. #Quote by Bear Grylls
Favorite quotes by Junot Diaz
#165. Sure, I liked girls but I was always too terrified to speak to them unless we were arguing or I was calling them stupidos, which was one of my favorite words that year. #Quote by Junot Diaz
Favorite quotes by Jarod Kintz
#166. Not only am I not my dad's favorite child - I'm his only child. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Favorite quotes by Aldous Huxley
#167. Successfully (whatever that may mean) or unsuccessfully, we all overact the part of our favorite character in fiction. #Quote by Aldous Huxley
Favorite quotes by Guy Gavriel Kay
#168. I never answer, because I can't, which is my favorite among my own books. #Quote by Guy Gavriel Kay
Favorite quotes by Debra Anastasia
#169. She watched with a crashing surge of pride as he reached up and pulled the mask off - he was in full sunlight. The orangey red light of the setting sun outlined him. Poughkeepsie's dusk set the mood. No matter how much Blake healed, Livia had a feeling nighttime would always be their favorite. He disappeared from view, but she knew he was strong. So much stronger so much sooner than she could ever have hoped. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Favorite quotes by B.B. King
#170. I don't have a favorite song that I've written. But I do have a favorite song: 'Always on My Mind,' the Willie Nelson version. If I could sing it like he do, I would sing it every night. I like the story it tells. #Quote by B.B. King
Favorite quotes by Michael Jai White
#171. My favorite TV couple is Edith and Archie Bunker. Because they were such individuals that I can't imagine anyone else playing them. And I think that Archie was one of the greatest characters ever on television. Even with his flaws, you loved him. #Quote by Michael Jai White
Favorite quotes by Jason Day
#172. 'Golf Digest' had all the old school swings, and my favorite swing, ever, was Nick Faldo's swing. And it had all the greats, Ernie Els and Nick Faldo and all that stuff, and I had the pictures of their swing sequences on my wall. #Quote by Jason Day
Favorite quotes by Ilana Glazer
#173. It's interesting, gender versus race. I think people say that to women more: 'Oh, you're my favorite female.' They wouldn't say 'favorite black comic.' #Quote by Ilana Glazer
Favorite quotes by Lou Reed
#174. The baby sits in front of MTV watching violent fantasies, while Dad guzzles beer with his favorite sport only to find his heroes all coked up. #Quote by Lou Reed
Favorite quotes by Jess Walter
#175. I wake at 5 or 5:30 most mornings, make myself a latte and grab a cookie, write until 10 or 11, go have my favorite meal, 'second breakfast,' or grab coffee with friends, or play basketball. Then, around noon, I begin apologizing via email for the manuscripts I can't get to. #Quote by Jess Walter
Favorite quotes by Lloyd Alexander
#176. We don't need to have just one favorite. We keep adding favorites. Our favorite book is always the book that speaks most directly to us at a particular stage in our lives. And our lives change. We have other favorites that give us what we most need at that particular time. But we never lose the old favorites. They're always with us. We just sort of accumulate them. #Quote by Lloyd Alexander
Favorite quotes by Ridley Pearson
#177. My favorite novel is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' because of its broad sweep, its tackling of big issues in ways that even young minds can make sense of and for the heart of the characters, who span a wide range of ages. I reread it every year. #Quote by Ridley Pearson
Favorite quotes by Tara Sivec
#178. I don't give a rat's ass what Garrett's favorite color is. And for the record, I have a vagina, so I'm well aware of the fact I can look hot without looking slutty. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Favorite quotes by Reggie Lee
#179. I think that one of my favorite movie roles has been a film that I did with Jason Statham that was out last year called 'Safe.' I played the main bad guy in that. #Quote by Reggie Lee
Favorite quotes by Matt Goulding
#180. I can tell right away by looking at you what you want to eat," he says. "I can tell how many brothers and sisters you have."
After divining my favorite color (blue) and my astrological sign (Aquarius), Nakamura pulls out an ivory stalk of takenoko, fresh young bamboo ubiquitous in Japan during the spring. "This came in this morning from Kagumi. It's so sweet that you can eat it raw." He peels off the outer layer, cuts a thin slice, and passes it across the counter.
First, he scores an inch-thick bamboo steak with a ferocious santoku blade. Then he sears it in a dry sauté pan until the flesh softens and the natural sugars form a dark crust on the surface. While the bamboo cooks, he places two sacks of shirako, cod milt, under the broiler. ("Milt," by the way, is a euphemism for sperm. Cod sperm is everywhere in Japan in the winter and early spring, and despite the challenges its name might create for some, it's one of the most delicious things you can eat.)
Nakamura brings it all together on a Meiji-era ceramic plate: caramelized bamboo brushed with soy, broiled cod milt topped with miso made from foraged mountain vegetables, and, for good measure, two lightly boiled fava beans. An edible postcard of spring. I take a bite, drop my chopsticks, and look up to find Nakamura staring right at me.
"See, I told you I know what you want to eat."
The rest of the dinner unfolds in a similar fashion: a little counter banter, a little product display, then back to #Quote by Matt Goulding
Favorite quotes by Jeff Kirby
#181. Here's my favorite line from this book, spoken after a mother asked the coach how good this year's team was going to be. "Won't know for twenty years," the coach responded. "That's when we'll know what kind of husbands and fathers they'll be. That's when we know what kind of men they'll be. #Quote by Jeff Kirby
Favorite quotes by Abby Jimenez
#182. You realize that repeatedly bringing me my favorite coffee is comparable to feeding a stray cat, right? You might never get rid of me now. #Quote by Abby Jimenez
Favorite quotes by J.A. Redmerski
#183. You can do this, Adria. Don't wolf-out on me, especially not in my lap, alright? These are my favorite jeans. #Quote by J.A. Redmerski
Favorite quotes by Pablo
#184. There's a Chinese proverb that says "Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you & embracing those that strengthen you" Your mind is like a Ferrari (Or your favorite car) it is Awesome! ... but if you put sand on the gas tank it won't run. Don't put sand (negativity) on your mind. Think positive, encouraging, uplifting thoughts, & the negative will soon evaporate. #Quote by Pablo
Favorite quotes by St. Lucia
#185. I'm a huge Hayao Miyazaki fan. He might be my favorite director of all time - the beauty that he sees in the world and the attention to detail. I try and focus on that while making music: trying to use as many real instruments as possible, have it feel as tactile and tangible as possible. #Quote by St. Lucia
Favorite quotes by Derek Bok
#186. Freshly minted Ph.Ds typically teach the way their favorite professors taught. #Quote by Derek Bok
Favorite quotes by Ed Begley, Jr.
#187. My favorite form of transportation is walking. I live in a neighborhood where you can walk to restaurants, banks, and shops. #Quote by Ed Begley, Jr.
Favorite quotes by John Elway
#188. I don't know if I like being the sentimental favorite. #Quote by John Elway
Favorite quotes by Brea Grant
#189. 'The Invisibles' by Grant Morrison is my favorite series of all time. #Quote by Brea Grant
Favorite quotes by Edward Norton
#190. I thought Rounders was a comic movie in its way. First time I directed a movie, I wanted to do a comedy. I don't like things that are superficially one thing or another, mainly. My favorite comedies are really smart, too, and have a lot of levels to them as well. #Quote by Edward Norton
Favorite quotes by Colleen Hoover
#191. This girl. This baby girl is my life. Her mother is my life. These girls are both my life. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Favorite quotes by Anna Banks
#192. What's Toraf's favorite color?"
She shrugs. "Whatever I tell him it is."
I raise a brow at her. "Don't know, huh?"
She crosses her arms. "Who cares anyway? We're not painting his toenails."
"I think what's she's trying to say, honey bunches, is that maybe you should paint your nails his favorite color, to show him you're thinking about him," Rachel says, seasoning her words with tact.
Rayna sets her chin. "Emma doesn't paint her nails Galen's favorite color."
Startled that Galen has a favorite color and I don't know it, I say, "Uh, well, he doesn't like nail polish." That is to say, he's never mentioned it before.
When a brilliant smile lights up her whole face, I know I've been busted. "You don't know his favorite color!" she says, actually pointing at me.
"Yes, I do," I say, searching Rachel's face for the answer. She shrugs.
Rayna's smirk is the epitome of I know something you don't know. Smacking it off her face is my first reflex, but I hold back, as I always do, because of the kiss I shared with Toraf and the way it hurt her. Sometimes I catch her looking at me with that same expression she had on the beach, and I feel like fungus, even though she deserved it at the time.
Refusing to fold, I eye the buffet of nail polish scattered before me. Letting my fingers roam over the bottles, I shop the paints, hoping one of them stands out to me. To save my life, I can't think of any one color he wears more often. He doesn't have #Quote by Anna Banks
Favorite quotes by Bill Wyman
#193. When I record in a studio I don't use an amp. I go directly into the board, so I can get that very fat, full sound - which is my favorite sound. #Quote by Bill Wyman
Favorite quotes by Salman Rushdie
#194. She was my ground, my favorite sound,
my country road, my city street,
my sky above, my only love,
and the ground beneath my feet #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Favorite quotes by Kristoffer Polaha
#195. I liken actors and movies and TV shows to football teams. We all have our favorite ones. #Quote by Kristoffer Polaha
Favorite quotes by Haley Joel Osment
#196. My favorite place is Central Park because you never know what you're going to find there. I also like that when I look out the windows of surrounding hotels, it's seems like I'm looking out over a forest. #Quote by Haley Joel Osment
Favorite quotes by Shane Claiborne
#197. Sometimes people call folks here at the Simple Way saints. Usually they either want to applaud our lives and live vicariously through us, or they want to write us off as superhuman and create a safe distance. One of my favorite quotes, written on my wall here in bold black marker, is from Dorothy Day: Don't call us saints; we don't want to be dismissed that easily #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Favorite quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#198. Truth be told, actually, my favorite director of the Movie Brats was not Scorsese. Loved him. But my favorite director of the Movie Brats was Brian de Palma. I actually met De Palma right after I'd done 'Reservoir Dogs,' and I was very beside myself. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Favorite quotes by Page Hamilton
#199. People are always going to have favorite albums or songs and you know that's more the listener's personal bias than basing it on anything musical or actual. I'm the same way as a listener. #Quote by Page Hamilton
Favorite quotes by Jaime Pressly
#200. The process of doing films is not my favorite, but I love television. Television is a quicker turnaround. You shoot more during the day, which makes me feel more productive. It would be like, 'I did five scenes today and ten pages.' That's television. #Quote by Jaime Pressly

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