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Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Karen Lynch
#1. The doorbell rang, making me and Roland jump. Nikolas opened the door to admit Chris whose good-natured smile did not falter even when he saw our grim faces. Then he saw Remy. I didn't think I had ever seen someone's eyes go that round before. Roland shoved a glass of Nate's whiskey into Chris's hand while Nikolas brought him up to speed on all he had missed. #Quote by Karen Lynch
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by George Will
#2. Children who open their lunchboxes and find mothers' handwritten notes telling them how amazingly bright they are tend to falter when they encounter academic difficulties. #Quote by George Will
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Suzanne Falter-Barns
#3. We must be unafraid to be utterly honest, to honor our gut feelings, and to say and do the unpopular when necessary. We have to give up our addiction to other people's opinions and surrender to the freedom of acting with strength and courage. #Quote by Suzanne Falter-Barns
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Max Lucado
#4. We (Christians) are always in the presence of God. There is never a non-sacred moment! His presence never diminishes. Our awareness of His presence may falter, but the reality of His presence never changes. #Quote by Max Lucado
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Ellen Glasgow
#5. The afternoon slipped away while we talked
she talked brightly when any subject came up that interested her
and it was the last hour of day
that grave, still hour when the movement of life seems to droop and falter for a few precious minutes
that brought us the thing I had dreaded silently since my first night in the house. #Quote by Ellen Glasgow
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by John Cassian
#6. No just man suffices unto himself for the winning of justification. The divine mercy must always hold out a hand to his footsteps as they falter and almost stumble, and this is so because the weakness of his free will may cause him to lose balance, and if he falls he may perish forever. #Quote by John Cassian
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Countee Cullen
#7. Ever at Thy glowing altar Must my heart grow sick and falter, Wishing He I served were black. #Quote by Countee Cullen
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Albert Camus
#8. What's natural is the microbe. All the rest - health, integrity, purity (if you like) - is a product of the human will, of a vigilance that must never falter. The good man, the man who infects hardly anyone, is the man who has the fewest lapses of attention. #Quote by Albert Camus
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#9. Never lose faith in your opportunity to lift those who are in need, to give strength to those who are weak, to give encouragement to those who falter by the way. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Laury Falter
#10. You," he whispered his eyes warm and fixated on me, "hold my heart captive."
I nodded solemnly before murmuring my reply. "And I'll never let it go. #Quote by Laury Falter
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Damian Barr
#11. Equal marriage makes a huge impact, because people see gay people being allowed to be happy," he says. "And these events involve families – and not just families but caterers and florists and hotels. And all these people are forced to accept that here are two people who are in love and want to build a family together . . . But I'm not complacent. Progress can falter, and rights can be taken away, and people can be repressed again very easily. #Quote by Damian Barr
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Ronald Reagan
#12. The task that has fallen to us as Americans is to move the conscience of the world, to keep alive the hope and dream of freedom. For if we fail or falter, there'll be no place for the world's oppressed to flee to. This is not a role we sought. We preach no manifest destiny. But like the Americans who brought a new nation into the world 200 years ago, history has asked much of us in our time. Much we've already given; much more we must be prepared to give. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Emma Restall Orr
#13. There is no transcendent creator in animism, no god who set the clocks ticking and decides which ones to fix when they falter; nothing exists outside of nature. In other words, my philosophy does not require that I believe in something I cannot experience directly. #Quote by Emma Restall Orr
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
#14. Tell a wise person, or else keep silent,
because the mass man will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive,
what longs to be burned to death.
In the calm water of the love-nights,
where you were begotten, where you have begotten,
a strange feeling comes over you,
when you see the silent candle burning.
Now you are no longer caught
in the obsession with darkness,
and a desire for higher love-making
sweeps you upward.
Distance does not make you falter.
Now, arriving in magic, flying,
and finally, insane for the light,
you are the butterfly and you are gone.
And so long as you haven't experienced
this: to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on the dark earth. #Quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Jim Rohn
#15. The more obstacles you face and overcome, the more times you falter and get back on track, the more difficulties you struggle with and conquer, the more resiliency you will naturally develop. There is nothing that can hold you back, if you are resilient. #Quote by Jim Rohn
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Mario Puzo
#16. We are a family, and the loyalty of the family must come before anything and everyone else. For if we honor that commitment, we will never be vanquished-but if we falter in that loyalty we will all be condemned. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by David McCullough
#17. The loyalty of those around Truman was total and would never falter. In years to come not one member of the Truman White House would ever speak or write scathingly of him or belittle him in any fashion. There would be no vindictive "inside" books or articles written about this President by those who worked closest to him. They all thought the world of Harry Truman then and for the rest of their lives, and would welcome the chance to say so. For #Quote by David McCullough
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#18. You do not fear. You do not falter. You do not yield. You go in, you get her, and you come out again. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Dale Carnegie
#19. The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today, makes the strongest falter. ... Why even try it? #Quote by Dale Carnegie
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Kevin DeYoung
#20. The Bible can no more fail, falter, or err, than God himself can fail, falter, or err. #Quote by Kevin DeYoung
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Isabelle Guzman
#21. Standing at the edge of time
Almost falling down to the dark abyss
As I near the end of mine
I reminisce the things I will miss

The smiles and laughter
Running around without a care
The time when my grin will never falter
Being so free, willing my soul to bare

Heartaches, heartbreaks and tears
Now I know better and to myself I will never lie
Because in woe, I learned to love and never fear
Those were the best and worst moments of my life

As the memories rush back to me
I look down and now I feel relieved
Because when it is time
Everything will be fine when I leave #Quote by Isabelle Guzman
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
#22. When incomes and bonuses decrease, revenues falter, and businesses stumble, it's more important than ever to give - not necessarily more, but in a way that matters more. When incomes are down and wallets are stretched, the effectiveness of our giving is what really counts. #Quote by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Laury Falter
#23. Then we spoke the words together. "For all eternity, my life. #Quote by Laury Falter
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Frederick William Faber
#24. For right is right, since God is God and right the day must win. To doubt would be disloyalty, to falter would be sin. #Quote by Frederick William Faber
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Carew Papritz
#25. Dream Bravely.
Find fearlessness inside of you. Dare, and fear will falter. Challenge, and fear will flee. This is the beginning of your dream-making. #Quote by Carew Papritz
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Harold B. Lee
#26. The one who confidently looks forward to an eternal reward for his efforts in mortality is constantly sustained through his deepest trials. When he is disappointed in love, he does not commit suicide. When loved ones die, he doesn't despair; when he loses a coveted contest, he doesn't falter; when war and destruction dissipate his future, he doesn't sink into a depression. He lives above his world and never loses sight of the goal of his salvation. #Quote by Harold B. Lee
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Jana Kramer
#27. I have too much drive and determination to let anything falter me. Because I know that life's short and there's so much that I wanna do, and I can't do anything that might hold me back or get stuck in. #Quote by Jana Kramer
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Starhawk
#28. Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free. #Quote by Starhawk
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by General T. Michael Moseley
#29. Airman's Creed

I am an American Airman.
I am a Warrior.
I have answered my Nation's call.

I am an American Airman.
My mission is to fly, fight, and win.
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
A tradition of honor,
And a legacy of valor.

I am an American Airman.
Guardian of freedom and justice,
My nation's sword and shield,
Its sentry and avenger,
I defend my country with my life.

I am and American Airman.
Wingman, Leader, Warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never falter,
And I will not fail. #Quote by General T. Michael Moseley
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#30. Wait and hope, as I did while they took your arm off. I held my hand over your heart all through that final morning, so I could warn the surgeon of its faltering."

"Did it falter?"

"Not once. Nor will it falter now. Fly free, my brave one, my sunbird. Take back the sky. Do not be afraid. #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Karina Halle
#31. I am not your enemy. Okay? You can go on thinking that all you want but it's not true. I am not your enemy. I'm barely even your boss. I am your equal and you are mine."
"I am not yours," she says but her words falter.
"You very much are. #Quote by Karina Halle
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Nelson Mandela
#32. I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended. #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Nixon Waterman
#33. Do not falter or shrink; But just think out your work, And just work out your think. #Quote by Nixon Waterman
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Suzanne Falter-Barns
#34. How many of us give up along the way because we'll never be the expert that so-and-so is? #Quote by Suzanne Falter-Barns
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Augelicht
#35. we can make a promise to someone but the one who grant it is allah swt,
plan and never falter, #Quote by Augelicht
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Jill Falter
#36. I hate most bugs. Bugs fall into two categories as far as I'm concerned: Butterflies - which I want to play with, take pictures of them to post on my FB timeline, and smile if I'm lucky enough that they flutter over and land on my arm. They're so cute I'd kiss their little faces. All other insects - which I declare outright war on, spraying them with the kinds of biological/chemical weapons that we thought the Iraqis had, smashing them with sticks, and crushing their multi-legged bodies beneath my sneakers. #Quote by Jill Falter
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Nelson Mandela
#37. It was during those long and lonely years that my hunger for the freedom of my own people became a hunger for the freedom of all people, White and black. I knew as well as I knew anything that the oppressor must be liberated just as surely as the oppressed. A man who takes away another man's freedom is a prisoner of hatred, he is locked behind the bars of prejudice and narrow-mindedness. I am not truly free if I am taking away someone else's freedom, just as surely as I am not free when my freedom is taken from me. The oppressed and the oppressor alike are robbed of their humanity.
When I walked out of prison, that was my mission, to liberate the oppressed and the oppressor both. Some say that has now been achieved. But I know that that is not the case. The truth is that we are not yet free; we have merely achieved the freedom to be free, the right not to be oppressed. We have not taken the final step of our journey, but the first step on a longer and even more difficult road. For to be free is not merely to castoff one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. The true test of our devotion to freedom is just beginning.
I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter; I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrou #Quote by Nelson Mandela
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Pearl S. Buck
#38. Fear alone makes man weak. If you are afraid, your hands tremble, your feet falter, and your brain cannot tell hands and feet what to do. #Quote by Pearl S. Buck
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
#39. When it comes to dreams, one may falter, but the only way to fail is to abandon them. #Quote by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Sappho
#40. Peer of gods he seemeth to me, the blissful
Man who sits and gazes at thee before him,
Close beside thee sits, and in silence hears thee
Silverly speaking,
Laughing love's low laughter. Oh this, this only
Stirs the troubled heart in my breast to tremble!
For should I but see thee a little moment,
Straight is my voice hushed;
Yea, my tongue is broken, and through and through me
'Neath the flesh impalpable fire runs tingling;
Nothing see mine eyes, and a noise of roaring
Waves in my ears sounds;
Sweat runs down in rivers, a tremor seizes
All my limbs, and paler than grass in autumn,
Caught by pains of menacing death, I falter,
Lost in the love trance. #Quote by Sappho
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Jon Skovron
#41. As youth and innocence give way to experience, doubt clouds the mind. Those who find renewed purpose in the complexity will thrive instead of falter. - #Quote by Jon Skovron
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Sarah Knowles Bolton
#42. - Paddle Your Own Canoe

Voyager upon life's sea,
To yourself be true,
And whatever your lot may be,
Paddle your own canoe.
Never, though the winds may rave,
Falter or look back;
But upon the darkest wave
Leave a shining track.
Paddle your own canoe.

Nobly dare the wildest storm,
Stem the hardest gale,
Brave of heart and strong of arm
You will never fail.
When the world is cold and dark,
Keep your aim in view;
And toward the beacon work,
Paddle your own canoe. ...

..Would you crush the giant wrong,
In the world's free fight?
With a spirit brave and strong,
Battle for the right.
And to break the chains that bind
The many to the few
To enfranchise slavish mind,-
Paddle your own canoe.

Nothing great is lightly won,
Nothing won is lost,
Every good deed, nobly done,
Will repay the cost.
Leave to Heaven, in humble trust,
All you will to do:
But if succeed, you must
Paddle your own canoe. #Quote by Sarah Knowles Bolton
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Carlos Ghosn
#43. When your results are good, you are obviously going to have a lot of press. And when you start to falter a little bit, you are going to have some criticism, and there is nothing abnormal in that. #Quote by Carlos Ghosn
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by George W. Bush
#44. We will not waver; we will not tire; we will not falter, and we will not fail. Peace and Freedom will prevail. #Quote by George W. Bush
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Stephen King
#45. You will not falter, because you will have the Everlasting Arm of the Lord God of Hosts to lean on. Yes. With God's help you will stand. #Quote by Stephen King
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Hillary Clinton
#46. Being human, we are imperfect. That's why we need each other. To catch each other when we falter. To encourage each other when we lose heart. Some may lead; others may follow; but none of us can go it alone. #Quote by Hillary Clinton
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Howard W. Hunter
#47. Why face life's burdens alone, Christ asks, or why face them with temporal support that will quickly falter? To the heavy laden it is Christ's yoke, it is the power and peace of standing side by side with a God that will provide the support, balance and the strength to meet our challenges and endure our tasks here in the hardpan field of mortality. #Quote by Howard W. Hunter
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Karina Halle
#48. Because he was so, so wrong about hearts and buildings being different. They are the same. They are structures that keep us safe, that shield us from the elements. And the minute they start to falter, everything else is at risk. A heart can be condemned, just as a building can be. A heart can be destroyed by a sledgehammer disguised as rejection, by a bulldozer masquerading as a careless word. A heart can be blasted to pieces and ruined to the ground. #Quote by Karina Halle
Faulter Vs Falter quotes by Debra Holland
#49. Pepe absently thought, happy beyond words that he was actually holding hands with Lucia.
Passing a stall with a particularly pungent odor of manure made Pepe falter, realizing a barn wasn't the most romantic place to propose. Then he remembered the Savior born on this very night so long ago, and he figured if God could choose a stable for such an important miracle, he could too. #Quote by Debra Holland

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