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Famous Last Words quotes by Del Close
#1. I'm tired of being the funniest person in the room. #Quote by Del Close
Famous Last Words quotes by Jessica Dubroff
#2. Do you hear the rain? Do you hear the rain? #Quote by Jessica Dubroff
Famous Last Words quotes by Dylan Thomas
#3. I've just had eighteen straight whiskies. I think that's the record. #Quote by Dylan Thomas
Famous Last Words quotes by John Sedgwick
#4. They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance. #Quote by John Sedgwick
Famous Last Words quotes by David Crosby
#5. It can't happen here is number one on the list of famous last words. #Quote by David Crosby
Famous Last Words quotes by Alexander Pope
#6. Here am I, dying of a hundred good symptoms. #Quote by Alexander Pope
Famous Last Words quotes by Noel Coward
#7. Goodnight my darlings, I'll see you tomorrow. #Quote by Noel Coward
Famous Last Words quotes by Andrew Peterson
#8. Well "I do" are the two most famous last words. The beginning of the end. But to lose your life for another I've heard is a good place to begin. #Quote by Andrew Peterson
Famous Last Words quotes by Gary Cooper
#9. I'm just glad it'll be Clark Gable who's falling on his face and not Gary Cooper. #Quote by Gary Cooper
Famous Last Words quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#10. Even in the valley of the shadow of death, two and two do not make six. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Famous Last Words quotes by Oscar Wilde
#11. And now, I am dying beyond my means. (Said while sipping champagne on his deathbed.) #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Famous Last Words quotes by Charles Dickens
#12. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Famous Last Words quotes by Charles Darwin
#13. I am not the least afraid to die #Quote by Charles Darwin
Famous Last Words quotes by Cardinal Richelieu
#14. Did you think I was immortal? #Quote by Cardinal Richelieu
Famous Last Words quotes by Anne Boleyn
#15. The executioner is, I believe, very expert; and my neck is very slender #Quote by Anne Boleyn
Famous Last Words quotes by Bing Crosby
#16. That was a great game of golf, fellers. #Quote by Bing Crosby
Famous Last Words quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#17. Why not? After all, it belongs to him. #Quote by Charlie Chaplin
Famous Last Words quotes by Saadi
#18. Better is the sinner who hath thoughts about God, than the saint who hath only the show of sanctity. #Quote by Saadi
Famous Last Words quotes by N.M. Silber
#19. Just flirt with him and see what happens - those were famous last words if I ever heard them. #Quote by N.M. Silber
Famous Last Words quotes by Francois Rabelais
#20. I owe much; I have nothing; the rest I leave to the poor. #Quote by Francois Rabelais
Famous Last Words quotes by Mother Teresa
#21. Jesus, I love you. Jesus, I love you. #Quote by Mother Teresa
Famous Last Words quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
#22. hat was then Now Johannes Cabal and Joey Granite stood before Billy Butler and said nothing. The smell of smoke said it all for them. Butler smiled nastily. "Oh. It's - " As famous last words go, they lacked a certain something. "Uppercut, Joey," said Cabal. Joey Granite delivered an uppercut of surpassing science and pugilistic artistry. It was a thing of beauty and kinetic poetry that might be long admired among people who enjoy watching other people beat the living daylights out of one another. It was also powerful enough to lift a small building off its foundations. Anything up to a branch library would have tottered and fallen. Billy Butler, despite a bit of a gut, simply wasn't in the same league weight-wise. By some miracle, his head stayed on his body, but there was little doubt that the police would be making enquiries long before he hit the ground again. "Let us leave, Joey," said Cabal as Butler vanished through the cloud base. #Quote by Jonathan L. Howard
Famous Last Words quotes by Lady Jane Grey
#23. Lord, into thy hands I commend my spirit! #Quote by Lady Jane Grey
Famous Last Words quotes by Edmund Gwenn
#24. Yes, it's tough, but not as tough as doing comedy. #Quote by Edmund Gwenn
Famous Last Words quotes by Emma Chase
#25. How many rooms does it have?"

"Five hundred eighty-seven, not including the staff bedrooms." He leans up and licks the shell of my ear, making the wet and quivering plan come to fruition. His next words almost make me come on the spot. "And I want to fuck you in every one of them by the end of the summer."

"That's ambitious," I tease, nuzzling him. "Do you plan on stopping to feed me?"

His hand skims down my back, cradling my ass. "You'll be well taken care of, I promise."

I promise. You know what that is? Yep - Famous. Last. Words. #Quote by Emma Chase
Famous Last Words quotes by J. Lynn
#26. You can not drop astronomy. To get through this semester, I must live vicariously through you and hear about Cam at least three days a week."
"I'm not going to drop the class-" Even though I sort of wanted to. "-But I doubt I'm going to have anything to tell you. It's not like we're even going to talk again."
Jacob let go of my arm and sat back, eyeing me. "Famous last words, Avery. #Quote by J. Lynn
Famous Last Words quotes by John Eric Erichsen
#27. The abdomen, the chest, and the brain will forever be shut from the intrusion of the wise and humane surgeon. #Quote by John Eric Erichsen
Famous Last Words quotes by Barbara Graham
#28. Good people are always so sure they're right. #Quote by Barbara Graham
Famous Last Words quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#29. After this, he'd probably be going to zoos, climbing the enclosure, saying, 'Here, watch this...' Famous last words, as yet another unfit human is removed from the gene pool. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Famous Last Words quotes by James K. Polk
#30. I love you Sarah. For all eternity, I love you. #Quote by James K. Polk
Famous Last Words quotes by Pope John Paul II
#31. Let me go to the house of the Father. #Quote by Pope John Paul II
Famous Last Words quotes by Roman Abramovich
#32. We'll only use as much category theory as is necessary. Famous last words ... #Quote by Roman Abramovich
Famous Last Words quotes by Kerstin Gier
#33. Don't be scared," said a voice behind me.
Those must certainly fall into the category of Famous Last Words, the sort that are the last thing you hear before your death. (Along with "it isn't loaded" and "he only wants to play.") Of course I was terrible scared. #Quote by Kerstin Gier
Famous Last Words quotes by Lupe Velez
#34. To Harald, may God forgive you and forgive me, too, but I prefer to take my life away and our baby's before I bring him with shame or killing him, Lupe. [Suicide note.] #Quote by Lupe Velez
Famous Last Words quotes by Pietro Perugino
#35. I am curious to see what happens in the next world to one who dies unshriven. #Quote by Pietro Perugino
Famous Last Words quotes by Carroll Absolom Bryant
#36. I want my famous last words to be more famous rather than last. #Quote by Carroll Absolom Bryant
Famous Last Words quotes by Alfred The Great
#37. I desire to leave to the men that come after me a remembrance of me in good works. #Quote by Alfred The Great
Famous Last Words quotes by Fernando Pessoa
#38. I know not what tomorrow will bring. #Quote by Fernando Pessoa
Famous Last Words quotes by Kristin Miller
#39. If I ever fall in love with a werewolf," Veronica said, as she stared at a drunken wedding guest being escorted out of Seward Park, "shoot me."
"Famous last words. #Quote by Kristin Miller
Famous Last Words quotes by Tina St. John
#40. No further issues with Corinne Bishop or her kin in Detroit?" "Hunter didn't seem to be concerned," Gideon replied. "Said he had the situation under control." Lucan grunted, wry despite the weight of the discussion previously under way. "Where've I heard that line before? Famous last words from more than one of us over the course of the past year and a half. #Quote by Tina St. John
Famous Last Words quotes by Karl Wiggins
#41. Did you ever hear what happened to Oliver Cromwell's head? It was originally lashed to the roof of Westminster Hall as a potent warning not to mess with the government of the day, but in 1685 a violent storm blew it off its perch and a captain of the guard had it away and hid it up his chimney, where it stayed until he admitted the crime on his death bed.

So can you picture the scene? Cromwell died in 1658. 27 years later this geezer nicks his head and shoves it up his chimney. He's about to croak it, the whole family's gathered around his death bed, everybody's in tears and they're all wondering if he'll come out with any famous last words. Perhaps, "Farewell, my children, forever. I go to your father," or maybe, "Let us pass over the river and rest under the shade of the trees," or even, "Don't let it end like this, tell them I said something."

Not this fucking joker! No! What does he say? He says, "Here Jackie, the sausages tasted a bit off tonight. Did I ever tell you I nicked Oliver Cromwell's head and shoved it up the chimney? It's still there," and he draws back the veil of his earthly life and succumbs to eternal peace.

They all look at each other, "What did he fucking say?"

"He said he nicked Oliver Cromwell's head."

"What do you mean; he nicked Oliver Cromwell's head?"

"That's what he said, don't blame me!"

"Fuck's sake!"

"Well, do you think we should look?"

"Don't ta #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Famous Last Words quotes by Kate Brian
#42. I wanted to tell you both that I'm leaving for Korea," Megan announced. "In about half an hour."
Evan's jaw dropped and Doug froze in his tracks. He turned around slowly and plastered a smile on his face. "Finally," he said.
"Yeah, well, before I go, there's something I want to say to you guys," Megan said.
"Famous last words?" Doug asked sarcastically. #Quote by Kate Brian
Famous Last Words quotes by Robert Alton Harris
#43. You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the Grim Reaper. #Quote by Robert Alton Harris
Famous Last Words quotes by Theodore L. Cuyler
#44. The Princess Elizabeth, of England, was found dead with her head resting on her Bible, open at these words, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." So may we all fall asleep at last when the day's work for Jesus is over, and wake up in heaven to find ourselves in the delicious rest that remaineth for the people of God. #Quote by Theodore L. Cuyler
Famous Last Words quotes by Kristy Cambron
#45. We think we know what we want, don't we? We always believe we know better than God. We have our entire journey plotted out. We may have even packed our bags and purchased a ticket, but God always has His own plans. And His plans are infinite in wisdom." Sophie smiled on the last words and took a sip of tea. "He was here, you know. #Quote by Kristy Cambron
Famous Last Words quotes by Owen Wister
#46. Well, he took dying as naturally as he took living. Like a man should. Like I hope to." Again he looked at the pictures in his mind. "No play-acting nor last words. He just told good-by to the boys as we led his horse under the limb #Quote by Owen Wister
Famous Last Words quotes by Wayne Dyer
#47. Beginning today, make the decision to love and accept yourself just the way you are. Say your name followed by the words "I love you" and make this your daily mantra, repeating it often, especially during times of stress. Let it be your first thought upon arising and the last you think before falling asleep at night. This simple act of self-courtship can profoundly change your world. Try it for yourself and see. Make a personal decision to be in love with the most beautiful, exciting, worthy person ever - you. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Famous Last Words quotes by Roxy Sloane
#48. I tried to slow my racing heartbeat. I didn't want to alarm her. "Mom, it's just, the last time I was here you thought I was your best friend." She smiled. "You are my best friend. You have been ever since you were this high. You and I have always been in this together." I drank in her words like the parched ground swallows rain. I reached out and took her cool hands in mine. "I've missed you so much," I said, trying to contain the flood of emotion washing over me. "There's so much I've wanted to share with you. To talk with you about." "Why don't you start with why you're so sad?" she said, in that tone that would not be denied. #Quote by Roxy Sloane
Famous Last Words quotes by Billy Corgan
#49. It's about the girlfriend who left me last year. I tried to put all my anger in those words, even though I'm just as much to blame for the break-up. 'Soma' is based on the idea that a love relationship is almost the same as opium: it slowly puts you to sleep, it soothes you, and gives you the illusion of sureness and security. Very deceivable. #Quote by Billy Corgan
Famous Last Words quotes by John Updike
#50. Writers take words seriously - perhaps the last professional class that does - and they struggle to steer their own through the crosswinds of meddling editors and careless typesetters and obtuse and malevolent reviewers into the lap of the ideal reader. #Quote by John Updike
Famous Last Words quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#51. At last evil and corruption take over," Mearth laughed icily, her eyes filled with a wild glow. "Someday you'll become so unstable that you'll kill anyone you've ever cared about in your life, and when that happens I only hope that you leave any outsider witnesses alone as you fade out of the world." Alecto froze for a moment, completely silent, setting the camera down on the fence and thinking things over. Mandy could see him clearly now that he was on the video, but he looked obscure. "What's on your corrupted mind, pretty little Sydney Tar Ponds?" Mearth asked, dropping the wire cutters and stepping closer to him.

"I hate you," he answered icily.

"Oh, no you don't, you just think you hate me," Mearth insisted, her voice kind, caring, almost loving. "You didn't mean to try and kill me, you've been worn-out by life, you've been alive a very long time, your mind is a storm and your usual insight is gone." Mandy was inclined to agree with Mearth; he looked like a storm, his eyes had dark shadows under them, he was limping when he walked, he was shivering and coughing and his head was leaning to one side slightly. Nonetheless, he still seemed to be able to reason, because when he noticed Mearth's falsely cheerful words he glared at her hatefully, smoke trailing from his cigarette. "I'm going to tell Cheryl what you've done, all those times you tried to kill me, I'll tell her and she'll know what you did," he threatened.

"No Sydney Tar Ponds, yo #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Famous Last Words quotes by Lemony Snicket
#52. In any case, this is how all our stories begin, in darkness with our eyes closed, and all our stories end the same way, too, with all of us uttering some last words - or perhaps someone else's - before slipping back into darkness as our series of unfortunate events comes to an end. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Famous Last Words quotes by Richelle Mead
#53. Dad told Uncle Seth not to screw things up," she informed me as we washed our hands. "He said even if Uncle Seth is famous, him getting a woman like you defies belief."
I laughed and smoothed down the skirt of my dress. "I don't know about that. I don't think your dad gives your uncle enough credit."
Brandy gave me a sage look, worthy of someone much older. "Uncle Seth spent last Valentine's Day at a library. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Famous Last Words quotes by Eknath Easwaran
#54. The Sufis advise us to speak only after our words have managed to pass through three gates. At the first gate, we ask ourselves, 'Are these words true?' If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go. At the second gate, we ask, 'Are the necessary?' At the last gate, we ask, 'Are they kind?' #Quote by Eknath Easwaran
Famous Last Words quotes by John Steinbeck
#55. Pa said, "Won't you say a few words? Ain't none of our folks ever been buried without a few words."
Connie led Rose of Sharon to the graveside, she reluctant. "You got to," Connie said. "It ain't decent not to. It'll jus' be a little.
The firelight fell on the grouped people, showing their faces and their eyes, dwindling on their dark clothes.All the hats were off now. The light danced, jerking over the people.
Casy said, It'll be a short one." He bowed his head, and the others followed his lead. Casy said solemnly, "This here ol' man jus' lived a life an' just died out of it. I don't know whether he was good or bad, but that don't matter much. He was alive, an' that's what matters. An' now his dead, an' that don't matter. Heard a fella tell a poem one time, an' he says 'All that lives is holy.' Got to thinkin', an' purty soon it means more than the words says. An' I woundn' pray for a ol' fella that's dead. He's awright. He got a job to do, but it's all laid out for'im an' there's on'y one way to do it. But us, we got a job to do, an' they's a thousan' ways, an' we don' know which one to take. An' if I was to pray, it'd be for the folks that don' know which way to turn. Grampa here, he got the easy straight. An' now cover 'im up and let'im get to his work." He raised his head. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Famous Last Words quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
#56. At the Minsk tractor factory I was looking for a woman who had served in the army as a sniper. She had been a famous sniper. The newspapers from the front had written about her more than once. Her Moscow girlfriends gave me her home phone number, but it was old. And the last name I had noted down was her maiden name. I went to the factory where I knew she worked in the personnel department, and I heard from the men (the director of the factory and the head of the personnel department): "Aren't there enough men? What do you need these women's stories for? Women's fantasies…" The men were afraid that women would tell about some wrong sort of war. I visited a family…Both husband and wife had fought. They met at the front and got married there: "We celebrated our wedding in the trench. Before the battle. I made a white dress for myself out of a German parachute." He had been a machine gunner, she a radio operator. The man immediately sent his wife to the kitchen: "Prepare something for us." The kettle was already boiling, and the sandwiches were served, she sat down with us, but the husband immediately got her to her feet again: "Where are the strawberries? Where are our treats from the country?" After my repeated requests, he reluctantly relinquished his place, saying: "Tell it the way I taught you. Without tears and women's trifles: how you wanted to be beautiful, how you wept when they cut off your braid." Later she whispered to me: "He studied The History of the Great Patriot #Quote by Svetlana Alexievich
Famous Last Words quotes by R.L. Mathewson
#57. I'm honoured beyond words that I was your first." And last, but she didn't know that yet. #Quote by R.L. Mathewson
Famous Last Words quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#58. Last words are only words. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Famous Last Words quotes by Vance Havner
#59. The last word of our Lord to the church was not the Great Commission. The last thing He said to the church was 'Repent.' He said that to five out of seven. #Quote by Vance Havner
Famous Last Words quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#60. Inside the church, the bondsmaids were walking slowly down the aisle,
with the little petal girls. Trinity turned to give Mimi her last words of
motherly advice: 'Walk straight. Don't slouch. And for heavens's sake,
smile! It's your bonding!?' Then she too walked through the door and
down the aisle. The door shut behind her, leaving Mimi alone.
Finally, Mimi heard the orchestra play the first strains of the 'Wedding
March.' Wagner. Then the ushers opened the doors and Mimi moved to the threshold. There was an appreciative gasp from the crowd as they took in the sight of Mimi in her fantastic dress. But instead of acknowledging her triumph as New York?s most beautiful bride, Mimi looked straight ahead, at Jack, who was standing so tall and straight at the altar. He met her eyes and did not smile.
'Let's just get this over with.'
His words were like an ice pick to the heart. He doesn't love me. He has
never loved me. Not the way he loves Schuyler. Not the way he loved Allegra. He has come to every bonding with this darkness. With this regret and hesitation, doubt and despair. She couldn't deny it. She knew her twin, and she knew what he was feeling, and it wasn't joy or even relief.
What am I doing?
"Ready" Forsyth Llewellyn suddenly appeared by her side. Oh, right, she
remembered, she had said yes when Forsyth had offered to walk her
down the aisle.
Here goes nothing. As if in a daze, Mimi took his arm, Jack #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Famous Last Words quotes by W.G. Sebald
#61. In this little booklet, which had belonged to a maternal great-uncle of ... mine, who spent some time working as an office clerk in northern Italy towards the end of the last century, everything seemed arranged in the best of all possible ways, quite as though the world was made up purely of letters and words and as if, through this act of transformation, even the greatest of horrors were safely banished, as if to each dark side there were a redeeming counterpart, to every evil its good, to every pain its pleasure, and to every lie a measure of truth. #Quote by W.G. Sebald
Famous Last Words quotes by Ivan Klima
#62. Jerkish". That was the name of a language of 225 words, developed in Atlanta for mutual communications between humans and chimpanzees - and there was no doubt (...) that more and more unfortunate creatures would be able to talk to each other in jerkish. It occurred to me immediately that at last a language had been found in which the spirit of our age could speak, and because that language would spread rapidly from pole to pole, to the east and the west, it would be the language of the future. #Quote by Ivan Klima
Famous Last Words quotes by Cora Reilly
#63. nothing but a testament of his ownership of me. A daily reminder of the golden cage I'd be trapped in for the rest of my life. Until death do us part wasn't an empty promise as with so many other couples that entered the holy bond of marriage. There was no way out of this union for me. I was Luca's until the bitter end. The last few words of the oath that men swore when they were inducted into the mafia could just as well have been the closing of my wedding vow: "I enter alive and I will have to get out dead." I should have run when I still had the chance. #Quote by Cora Reilly
Famous Last Words quotes by Samuel Beckett
#64. Cascando"

why not merely the despaired of
occasion of

is it not better abort than be barren

the hours after you are gone are so leaden
they will always start dragging too soon
the grapples clawing blindly the bed of want
bringing up the bones the old loves
sockets filled once with eyes like yours
all always is it better too soon than never
the black want splashing their faces
saying again nine days never floated the loved
nor nine months
nor nine lives

saying again
if you do not teach me I shall not learn
saying again there is a last
even of last times
last times of begging
last times of loving
of knowing not knowing pretending
a last even of last times of saying
if you do not love me I shall not be loved
if I do not love you I shall not love

the churn of stale words in the heart again
love love love thud of the old plunger
pestling the unalterable
whey of words

terrified again
of not loving
of loving and not you
of being loved and not by you
of knowing not knowing pretending

I and all the others that will love you
if they love you

unless they love you #Quote by Samuel Beckett
Famous Last Words quotes by Paul Torday
#65. In this country faith is absolute and universal. The choice, if there is a choice, is made at birth. Everyone believes. For these people, God is a near neighbour.
I thought of Sundays at home when I was a child, buttoned up in an uncomfortable tweed jacket and forced to go to Sunday communion. I remember mouthing the hymns without really singing, peering between my fingers at the rest of the congregation when I was supposed to be praying, twisting in my seat during the sermon, aching with impatience for the whole boring ritual to be over.
I can't remember when I last went to church. I must have been since Mary and I were married but I can't remember when. I don't know anyone who does go to church now. It's extraordinary, isn't it? I know I live amongst scientists and civil servants, and Mary's friends are all bankers or economists, so perhaps we are not typical. You still see people coming out of church on Sunday morning, chatting on the steps, shaking hands with the vicar, as you drive past on your way to get the Sunday papers, relieved you are too old now to be told to go. But no one I know goes any more. We never talk about it. We never think about it. I cannot easily remember the words of the Lord's Prayer.
We have moved on from religion.
Instead of going to church, which would never occur to us, Mary and I go to Tesco together on Sundays. At least, that is what we did when she still lived in London. We never have time to shop during the week and Satur #Quote by Paul Torday
Famous Last Words quotes by Pleasefindthis
#66. Only the things you do have real, lasting value, not the things you get for the things you do. You will, at some point, realise that no trophy loves you as much as you love it, that it cannot pay your bills (even if it increases your salary slightly) and that it won't hold your hand tightly as you say your last words on your deathbed. Only people who love you can do that. #Quote by Pleasefindthis
Famous Last Words quotes by Joseph Conrad
#67. I ask myself whether his rush had really carried him out of that mist in which he loomed interesting if not very big, with floating outlines - a straggler yearning inconsolably for his humble place in the ranks. And besides, the last word is not said, - probably shall never be said. Are not our lives too short for that full utterance which through all our stammerings is of course our only and abiding intention? ... There is never time to say our last word - the last word of our love, of our desire, faith, remorse, submissions, revolt.
... My last words about Jim shall be few. I affirmed that he achieved greatness. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Famous Last Words quotes by Muhammed Hanif
#68. Red birds are real. The reason we don't see them is because we don't want to. Because if we see them, we'll remember. When someone dies in a raid or a shooting or when someone's throat is slit, their last drop of blood transforms into a tiny red bird and flies away. And then reappears when we are trying hard to forget them, when we think we have forgotten them, when we think we have learned to live without them, when we utter those stupid words that we have 'moved on'."
Red birds #Quote by Muhammed Hanif
Famous Last Words quotes by Michele Sinclair
#69. So if it wasn't fear or embarrassment,then it had to have been pride spurring her abrupt departure...and her parting words. At least,it better have been,because whether Bronwyn knew it or not, he was the last man she would ever know or touch. #Quote by Michele Sinclair
Famous Last Words quotes by Melanie Shankle
#70. But my personal favorite words of wisdom came from Gulley during the last thirty minutes of the trip, when she broke up a backseat scuffle by declaring, 'When you lick the person sitting next to you, there's a good chance you're going to get punched.'
I believe the only reason that gem is missing from the book of Proverbs is because Solomon must never have traveled with three kids in the back of his chariot. #Quote by Melanie Shankle
Famous Last Words quotes by Peter B. Lockhart
#71. Make no mistake dear reader, this Depression was deliberately visited upon the world by the corrupt enemy within the halls of power in the United States of America, who with their poison words of deceit, have in the name of free enterprise and prosperity, by the destruction of regulations put into place after the last Depression, have repeated history with this one. #Quote by Peter B. Lockhart
Famous Last Words quotes by James Dashner
#72. For a long time they just sat there, holding hands, no words spoken, in their minds or aloud. He felt the slightest hint of peace, as fleeting as it was, and tried to enjoy it for however long it might last. #Quote by James Dashner
Famous Last Words quotes by Cardinal Mazarin
#73. Oh my poor soul, what is to become of you? - Where do you go? #Quote by Cardinal Mazarin
Famous Last Words quotes by Katherine Applegate
#74. I'm not sure you understand. That box might be taking you to a place where there are other elephants," I say. "A place with more room, and humans who care about you." But even as I say these words, I remember with a shudder the last box I was in. "I don't want a zoo," Ruby says. "I want you and Bob and Julia. This is my home." "No, Ruby," I say. "This is your prison. #Quote by Katherine Applegate
Famous Last Words quotes by Kate Forsyth
#75. Seasickness ... is caused ... by the disturbance ... to the inner ear " he said. " You just need ... to ... look ... at ... the horizon ... " His last words disappeared as he vomited violently over the side of the boat. "What's wrong " "Doctor Death is seasick. #Quote by Kate Forsyth
Famous Last Words quotes by George Steiner
#76. Pornographers subvert this last, vital privacy; they do our imagining for us. They take away the words that were of the night and shout them over the roof-tops, making them hollow. #Quote by George Steiner
Famous Last Words quotes by Edwin O'Connor
#77. And while he spoke of my mother often and fondly to me, he always did so incompletely, in a strangely peripheral way, so that I grew up with a picture of her that was really little more than an outline. Was this unfair, an injustice to me? It must seem so, and I suppose in a way it was. And yet we all have within ourselves those private spaces that are uniquely our own and that we cannot share. This was my father's: the heart of his grief, which he chose not to expose. It was only now, in these last months before his death, that the outline was filled in, that without preliminary or explanation, my father suddenly began to talk of my mother as he had never talked before, in words and phrases lit with a bursting lyrical warmth and love that had been stored up and held within him all this time, and that was now released because, I think, he knew his own time was so short, and because he did not for a moment doubt that very soon now he would be joined to her again...

So there was a feeling of joy here. #Quote by Edwin O'Connor
Famous Last Words quotes by Amy Jarecki
#78. The first time Christina and Lachlan Meet
...Christina wasn't about to stop fighting - not until she took her last breath. Boring down with her heels, she thrashed. "Get off me, ye brute." She would hold her son in her arms this day if it was the last thing she did. And by the shift of the crushing weight on her chest, she only had moments before her life's breath completely whooshed from her lungs.
The very thought of dying whilst her son was still held captive infused her with strength. With a jab, she slammed the heel of her hand across the man's chin. He flew from her body like a sack of grain. Praises be, had the Lord granted her with superhuman strength? Blinking, Christina sat up.
No, no. Her strike hadn't rescued her from the pillager.
A champion had.
A behemoth of a man pummeled the pikeman's face with his fists. "Never. Ever." His fists moved so fast they blurred. "Harm. A. Woman!"
Bloodied and battered, the varlet dropped to the dirt.
A swordsman attacked her savior from behind.
"Watch out," she cried, but before the words left her lips the warrior spun to his feet. Flinging his arm backward, he grabbed his assailant's wrist, stopped the sword midair and flipped the cur onto his back.
Onward, he fought a rush of English attackers with his bare hands, without armor. Not even William Wallace himself had been so talented. This warrior moved like a cat, anticipating his opponent's moves before they happened.
F #Quote by Amy Jarecki
Famous Last Words quotes by Chris Voss
#79. It's almost laughably simple: for the FBI, a "mirror" is when you repeat the last three words (or the critical one to three words) of what someone has just said. Of the entirety of the FBI's hostage negotiation skill set, mirroring is the closest one gets to a Jedi mind trick. Simple, and yet uncannily effective. By #Quote by Chris Voss
Famous Last Words quotes by Wes Moore
#80. I sat back, allowing Wes's words to sink in. Then I responded, I guess it's hard sometimes to distinguish between second chances and last chances. #Quote by Wes Moore
Famous Last Words quotes by Elizabeth Wein
#81. Kiss me, Hardy!' Weren't those Nelson's last words at the Battle of Trafalgar? Don't cry. We're still alive and we make a sensational team. #Quote by Elizabeth Wein
Famous Last Words quotes by Chief Joseph
#82. Good words do not last long unless they amount to something. #Quote by Chief Joseph
Famous Last Words quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#83. Holly smiled weakly. Gerry would know exactly how she was feeling, he would know exactly
what to say and he would know exactly what to do. He would give her one of his famous hugs
and all her problems would melt away. She grabbed a pillow from her bed and hugged it tight.
She couldn't remember the last time she hugged someone, really hugged someone. And the
depressing thing was that she couldn't imagine ever embracing anyone the same way again. #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Famous Last Words quotes by Ernest Renan
#84. True Christianity, which will last forever, comes from the gospel words of Christ not from the epistles of Paul. The writings of Paul have been a danger and a hidden rock, the causes of the principal defects of Christian theology. #Quote by Ernest Renan
Famous Last Words quotes by Libba Bray
#85. Do you ever feel that way?"
I search for the words. "Restless. As if you haven't really met yourself yet. As is you'd passed yourself once in the fog, and your heart leapt - 'Ah! There I Am! I've been missing that piece!' But it happens too fast, and then that part of you disappears into the fog again. And you spend the rest of your days looking for it."
He nods, and I think he's appeasing me. I feel stupid of having said it. It's sentimental and true, and I've revealed a part of myself I shouldn't have.
"Do you know what I think?" Kartik says at last.
"Sometimes, I think you can glimpse it in another. #Quote by Libba Bray

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